Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 21, 1974 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 21, 1974
Page 10
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Pago TYn SIDt OUNCES ItOl'K (AUK.) STAR By GILL FOX "Where did she get HIM? From Dial-A-Joke?" OUT OUR WAY ByNEGCOCHRAN THERE MUST BE AM V STOP THINJIOWG OF WAYS TO \ EA5'ER WAY.' /W.VBE A I AVOlP WORK.' IT'S YOUR BEP- ) KOLLER IM EACH HAWP L ROOM AMP I'M GIVIMG YOU A S. TO PO IT TWICE AS FAST \ A LI FT--NOW GET dOlUGBE-) --OR HITCH FOUR ROLLERS Kr-, FORE 1 WALK OFF THE / TOGETHER ANC DO IT IN OMB-FOURTH TH TIME--OR... JOB AMP LEAVE IT AUL TO YOU WHY MOTHERS C3ET OUR BOARDING HOUSE By MAJOR HOOPLE VOU PULLARPS MI5SEP THE CLUES! 1 REA.LIZEP THKT THE STRANGE VACATION CAMP WAS ACTUALLY A LABORATORY FOR SOCIAL SCIENTISTS PROBING TrtE MYSTERIES OF HUMAN BEHAVIOR! OF COURSE, AS A CONSULTING PSYCHOLOGIST 1 KNEW THE PATA WOULP BE 'COMPR0MI5EP lp J EVE N' v HINTEP THAT YOU WERE BEING GOADED PROVOKE A RESPONSE PO YOU THINK I SHOULD WRITE A JOURNAL ARTICLE? i"-^^! Ill ' 1, I97< by MA 'lit 1 M Htg US PJI OH HEY RE V/EARING E^RPLUSS= 8-t/ Groceries Answer to Previous Puzzle ACROSS 58 Hcluclancc measure DOWN 1 Commotion 2 Assam silkworm 3 Side with 4 Place again 5 Wood inset 6 Comfortable 7 Female sheep 8 Hunt for food 9 Arabian ruler 10 Direction 11 Vcry'Fr.) 19 Time zone (ab.t 20 Made docile 24 Ujhenfirin's bride 25 One who makes do 1 Beverage 4 Oriental foodstuff 8 Pickled 12<31obe 13 Sufficient (BrchaiO 14 Persian lentmaker 15 Expire 16 American wild plum 17 Go upward 18 Hot breakfasl cereal 20 Small fruit pies 22 Citrus fruit 21 Pigpen 23 Steer meat 22 Dally 23 Ked vegetable 26 Rest period (2 wds.) 30 Large deer 31 Milk fat (Fr.) 33 56 (Roman) 34 Compass point 35 Was sick 36 Southern general 37 Potato or other starches 39 European region 40 Eastern state (ab.) 41 201 (Roman) 43 Flying toys 46 Yellow vegetables 50 Space 51 Sire (coll.) 52 Seven (Roman) 53 Fast season 54 Scotland native 55 Building addition 56 Being (Latin) 57 Musical quality 2G Telegrams (ab) 27 Spanish jar 28 Iris layer 29 Row 31 Walking sticks 43 Kindol cabbage 44 Angers 45 Decimals 46 Bad (comb, form) 32 Iranian coin 47 Above 38 Form a notion 48 Baked clay 39 Courtesy title - : — 41 Fattened rooster 42 Packing case piece 49 Door part 51 Attention getting sound "Dexter didn't really ask me for a date. What he said was that he needed five dollars and he'd do almost anything to get it!" BLONDIE PLASH GORDON Wednesday. August 21. 1974 By DAN BARRY The l)oss grumps that none of us ever truly take time off from work. rr WILL PcT\^ yOU . NO SOOP ALREAPV TO TR/ HELP BY A THE w RETAINING BEAM ...WHICH W/U TAKE YOU INlTO , CU5TOPX/ SO YOU'RE WAY AHEAD OF REMEMBER, FLASH GORDON / WE SECURITY POLICE CAN 'HEAR' VOUP? THOUSHTS / THE BORN LOSER ByARTSANSOM ALLEY OOP ByDAVEGRAUE TH' FIRST THING I'LL HAFTA DO IS PICK UP TH'TRAIL OF THOSE TWO OASPERS I SAW.. ...THEY HAD TO COME BACK THIS WAY AFTE^ THEY DUMPED THATSOLF BAG/ I... YEP/ THERE'S \ ,,,NOW LET'S SEE WHAT WHERE THEY 1 THEY'RE UP TO.' © 1974 by NEA, Inc , T.M. Reg. U S Pal Off. CAPTAIN EASY By CROOKS A LAWRENCE SOMETHING OF All THE BAKE FA CEP, IMPUDENT FRAUDS:,.,so VOU'RE THOSE AMERICAN MINIMS MEM, KEENE ANP CHESTER, EH? I JUST PHONED CLAREMONT 0 SUCH OR YOUR OWN NWIWES, LIKELY;...WELL, WE'LL FIND OUTi...LET A1E SEE YOUR ER... M-M-MAVgE WE SOT THE HOTEL'S NAME MIXED UP! By CHIC YOUNG There's nothing like a cold shower to make you have the water heater fixed. How can anyone possibly be both "high" and "dry"? HE ISNT HANDSOME, HE ISN'T RICH AND HE ISN'T ROMANTIC I GUESS I'M A LUCKY WOMAN TO WAVE JULIUS DITHERS FOR A HUSBAND, AFTER ALL, WELL, WHAT IS HE, CORA? YOU COULD TELL ME EEK&MEEK By HOWIE SCHNEIDER WINTHROP By DICK CAVAUf FRANK AND ERNEST ByBOBTHAVES MIGHTY Mite BUGS BUNNY By HEIMDAHL & STOFFEL THERE'S NOT MUCH DEMAND PER ONE-MAN BANDS, , -SYLVESTER, BUT LET'S HEAR. IT/ r—7 STOP THAT HORRIBLE RACKET OR I'LL CALL THE BUILDING MANAGER/ I THINK I C'N &QOK. YA INTA A NEW TEEN-AGE CLUB THAT JUST OPENED UP/ I THINK f'LU . MAKE OUT I A WIU.,, AND r~ IMSOIN0TO 7 INSIST... / -^ '~\_^S c= I I9M n NEA. Inc. 1 M Rig U.S Pal OK ...THAT/AY BO&Y MU&TBE QIVENTO MEPICAL, SCIENCE. I W3DLPNT- TOEND/JPIN SOMEBODY© i PIL-UOW- CAMPUS CUTTER By LARRY LEWIS I CAN'T TAKE TIME Y NJO PROBLE^.S/R j VOU ^ s " m ">«»-«« '»•»'••"•' TO 8E /MOVEDj THIS ) DREW OUR F/RST-STRiNI<3 REPORT IS OUE BY A MOVING 75AMI FIVE O'CLOCK J J -COACH AL INTERIOR LINE STALWARTS j PRISCIUA'SPOP TODAY YOU'RE^ GETTING THE DELUXE LUNCH) DELUXE-? WMAT'S SO DELUXE ABOUT A MASHED POTATO I POTATOES \ LATE-LY \^t

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