Covina Argus from Covina, California on April 18, 1908 · Page 2
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 2

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 18, 1908
Page 2
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COVINA A City Among the Orange Groves TIIK COVJNA V.IU,A TRACT Is absolutely tlie most beautiful suburban tract on the to- flay. Kvery lot a bargain. Tin': COVINA VILLA TRACT 1* in tin 1 iicart of Covinn.. Fronts on the electric line. Only 35 minutes from Los Angeles. THiC COVIXA VILLA TRACT Will be supplied with the purest mountain water, piped to every lot. Klectric lights. Streets graded and oiled. Cement walks. TIIK COVJNA VILLA TRACT Combines every essential city convenience and coveted country comfort. Hi<rh and Grammar Schools. TIIK COVINA VILLA TRACT Prices ranye from $200 to $600 and can be bought on small payments. THE CO VIM A VILLA TRACT Lots are the best investment on the~market today. They possess every element to insure profitable returns. J. L. /Vl ATT HEWS AGENT J. B. COULSTON CHAS. NICHOLI S2OO arid up Every IS/Todern Improvement ss^ssssssssssssssssssssswssssss^^ City Business. Minutes of roffuliir mooting nl' l.he board of r.niHl.ccH of City of Onvimi, April 14, 1008. MornlxirH prr«He,ni,: Lahou, Hvuna, I'ot.l.or nnd Moxki.y. Aliiiul.OH of foriiior inool.iritf reiul and approved. Dornands woro now road and on motion wore rotoi-rod to fliuiiKtu (imri- inittuo, and on thoir approval the. word nllowod and (loo. L. following billH ordorod paid: *'2r>; Austin Warrior, «:t7.fl'L; Philip JJoaparto 8r>2.i>r> and 82'.',. HO; Hntnhi- HOII JJros., 8!); A. (1. (Jutit, »in.7f); Jolm Hinilli, 8'l.fiO Chun. Ohovin, $l.'Jf) .1. 0. HiiUihiiiNon, 8(15. (lit; I. C. Fairlv, 8ISH; A. Fairly, SHH ; .JnhiiHon .fc SIM; , SIM. DO; I. O. Kairly, 8 HI. HO; O. C. Lo^no, iUifi; Paoitlii Li^ht mid Power Co., S.'il ; \V. I'l. .Mount, 7. On account ol' some of the reports not lining in, the clerk could not (jet lii.4 hooks; all ready for the imnnttl | Hell lenient. The or^an'r/al ion of the new hoard was •JIOH! pound until the' ne.vl meeting. Ihe chair appointed! it ler and : have a in 11 reiiorl. i Special eoiumit,lee, .'. 11 orney Sun i decs, reporleil as follows on the clcc ' On Trip Around the World. Mr. C. VV. (.liithrio of Low Anglos will ^ivo a HorioH of illtistrtitod !<!<:- tun-H at, the Urethron Church, niiiK Monday evoninf,'i tho iiOl.h, at Mr. (iut.hrin t.onk his-1 rip, c,ovorint{ forty two thousand miles, in oom- piuiy wit.h n parl.y of o.vpuriem'cd l.ravelerH and looturorH. They visited all p'aeeH oi note or hiHtorieal 1'itmo in Kuropu, Northern Africa, Palon- tine, China, India, Japan, and tho Islands. All tho Hildas aro from pht.tos taken hy himself and party; some taken in KuphratoH valley, tho cradle of tho human race, of thn ruins of Uahy- lon, havo not, boon niven Jont, before. [ 'I'hey are plioloH of tho palaces and |em|iles that, have lain buried for these centuries 1 , but. aro now lioinn brought (o ll^ht, by the recent, exca valioiiH eonduoloil under the direction of I'rof. llobleway of London. A! r. (iiil hrie is meeting with mark eil Mieeess in his work, having tMven his lectures to ainiosl all the laiye Summer Excursion Rates. Suimnur Pxonrsiou rates to Pacific CodHt will be, made from Eastern territory for coming KC'asori. Basis will ho one faro rate of sixty dollars from Missouri .Hiver; sixty-suvoii from St. Lonia; seventy-two fifty from Chicago. JIUIB first to Septum her thirtioth. Tickets at same rates will hu Hold from same territory to San Francisco and Los An- Kides and San Di Fleet Celoliration. n for Battleship Sale dates April fourth and fifth and April (wonty- fli'th and twenty-sixth. Same faroa will also lit 1 adopted for usual lOaHt- liound oxcnrsionti from Pacific Coast. Was On Mis Heels. # V>-1 Vour Checking Recount IN THE # # * * * * * * * * * # # # Jesse I'- Morris of Skippers, Va., had a close call in 'he spring of I'Jdd. He says: "An attack of pneumonia left me so weak and with such a fearful ;-)(f coiiuh tnat my friends declared con- .%. si i mpt ion had ill'..', and deal h was on rny j ^j heels. Then I was persuaded io try Dr. i .^ Kind's New Discovery. It helped me j ,', lv, and after takinii two and Trustees K\;ms, .\lo\ley u.ul I' a committee lu iii--pei't. the hoo|;s eont;rei;al ions in i.o.s Angeles and Pasadena, and hie. liif-'h te;,l imonhils from I heir pasiorn. j The Itrelhren Chureh has a lai't;o I .seat inn capacity, and their neopln 'are very desirous |o have yon come 'and this rare educatoinal lieal, I | a lial I hoi t les I was a well man a^ain. I \ 1 found out that Ne-v Discovery is the bi-st remedy for coughs and liiii^' dis- in all the world." Sold under nmu'.'iutee at C. 1-'. Clapp's di ti:; .'.tore. .-'DC mid ,-l.oo. Trial Im'.tle free. Thai '(ho I'ncilic Linhl and power i Company expected to have installed | the ,'i'J candle power lii;hlrt in Co ! vimi on or befoie May 1st, I'.ltlri; that the supplies' lor the same had heen ordered lonj,' a^o and thai they had been dcliivnd in arrival, but as soon as received would he duly in slalled us per the understanding with the city board of trustees. Also that holm- loyal ipiesliolis had arisen delaying the contract for the lUdilini! which, however, do"s not delay the lights I hemsi'l\ i s. Treasurer's report showed balance on hand ol tfilhfi!!. ;'i7. Mr. l''arm<-r came before I h and pi esenl ed ma)> and plat adilil ion to Co\ ina, reipu-.-t i It he aeei'pled. The same cepled. The !' ,,il>l ina.h' i ,1 ,?.! 1 lor i in ii^-e i inelit. ]'i-| it ioi 1 -U'lii-i \\, ,rt Ii, ('lilt'- -o Mrs. I. I. Cook, Ci-Ilient sidc'Aalk he U\ eilile hit U i i O ( st reels- u as i en i \ ed and lile, hut 11 ua-, decide' the < *\\ Hers ,,n I Jji- ,~li eel the \\alk by private eonliaet, \\a) ljL-inj4 (uirdi tliu eiu-apesl. IO Visit the Battleships. Kesiuenls of this city contemplu linn a visit to the hatlleships of Ad up mind I'Aiitis thai Ihe Koiiilh Division, nun of the Alabama, Illinois, Kear and Kelillicky, which slops at dondo heach, has the only llilrteen inch k'uns iii the Heel; ihal \dn,iral Sperr.V, \\llo is to lake the I'.eet around the \\orld, is in coiinnand, and [hat I he boat w i 11 he only _,'i cents 1 ASSESSMENT NOTICE. .• of the Covina C.iraee and Machine Shop Association, location of principal place ol liii.stncss, I'ovina, Lo.s Angeles I'ountv, California. Notice is hereby j^ivcn that at a regular ineelinj; of the hoard of directors ft the Covina t/ar.i^e and Machine Sh ip Association, held •*- * * * * * Covina National Bank A XI) YOCK SAVINGS ACCOUNT IX THK i A pril l.s, l'»dS, an a-,>e.-,.sment of liv<- dollars i per share was levied upon the capital ' k' 1 ' i stock of the coi'poi at imi, pa \ p a hie nn- lie I mcdiately in lawlul money of the Cnited Slates, to the .secretary of the corporation at his ollice in Coviua, LO.S .Xn^cle.s i'oiinlv. l'a ii torn ia. Any stock upon which this assessment s-hall icmain unpaid on Mon- I Mas , P-'iS, will lie United States Savings Bank * * * -*• * * * * * * EVERYTHING IN HARDWARE Fine Builders' Hardware of ail kinds, Tools, Paints, Oils, Glass, Stoves, Heaters and Ranges, Gas and Gasoline Stoves, Tinware, Graniteware, Rubber Hose, Cutlery, Gloves, House- Furitvishing Goods. Hardware the fare for launch Irip to ' 'hiv, the llth das , ii i i ,- . . .1 , (Ifliin ueiH and advertised lors.ilcat boat \s 111 he on 1 v _,i cents lor the i ,. • . . - pnouc action and unless jiavillent is ;u,I his Ihal 1 1 i ps. ( It her hi aches ai e j.; >iH cents for launch trips. Th hoiiis will oiido than ai l I .os An^eie. i: m Si v 1 r,,aduu\, ies, in .-laud closer in at lie an.y nilu-i pi-rt. Cars and li and Ai teu i , I Convention. .1. 1'la'l. and askiiiL' ihal a l-nl in - ,n ( H i us dii^-e and Italia placed on to I l • p 11 - -! to J III ill thai Kl\ ersiile A) ill -s. Hihsch. < ' 'o.-. al '.' !!il a. ill. , until l-'riday, Mav Mib. Dt M< I'l nl> ol I line -l ihc i i iii . Dr. Ki 'i :\ -.. t ne r, h.i blc jui i'i I iii - do i U u it :i,-ut _; i i ndiiit; or -; l ipi.i.;. C. !•'. I lap]>' .s ui iix; * ».«- * *- *r * * Will give you entire satisfaction. Why not open one now? tn < h ik< .1. Ii. Ci ICI.STON, l>rcs. DK. .1. D. K'KI-:i), \'ice-l'rcs. \'. i ». i:\tJI.ISH, Casliier J . I {. C, ,olinan j. L. Ma;-.hews i»-, MiKer .1. N. Maurcr li. H. Wh.itc * i *i *i *l * * : V * . * * -* * # * ' * * * * # : # I # : * DEPOSIT MONEY /VGEINT BRING FRIENDS FROM THE EAST north of Isalt Lake City, in -the I. nited J- oiiey for sann- tie deposited with any age Pomona Office is Nearest to Covina l-'or - -\ceKcnt service, beautiful sc<-nerv. thn-Liifh s!cepinf, r cars fro -a^i-. St. l.,,nis St. I'aul, Kan -a-> I'ity, < im-iiui, and Denver via Sa ' ' ki' Cn\ and the Shurt Line to LOS A nij ur ! 'ricnda trai'cl VIA SALT LAKE ROUTE Subscribe for the Hrps.

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