Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 17, 1912 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 17, 1912
Page 2
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.YE Practice Ec^£iy • Uui7 garments that hare been ..t;clegate<l to the uitic, jcould be made to serve a riirlher term of usefulness by usins sonic of our good dyos.. A FINK ASS0KT1IENT OF that are easy to use and the results will exceed your oxpecta-. .tions. Will color silk, woolen, , cotton or linen.goods. 1 Full directions with each packOfTc. See what you nrcU and make your Fclections now. »C: DRUG ^'STORE Tke Bexall Store, WEST SIBK OF SQUAKE. THIXk" IMFPY TIIOI«;ilTS; Think happy Jhuui ;liiH! Think 8unshin^[nll tho day; Refuse to lei ill irifihiK worrivs stay. Crowd Ihi'm w"li tliouKlilit of linisli- tor from .voiir nilnit. Think of till" goiiil, for>;« t the bud you And. Think of th<> sun briilud ih<> clouds; . I . the Jilue And not the griiy skies thiit today you . . • view. '/Think of the kindness, not thi- meanness shown The true friends, not th«> false ones you have known; The Jov nn<l not the hatred of the strife. " The sweetness, not the bitterness of . life. * Think happy thouphts! "'Think happy thiniphts! This is true happiness! . That life Is sad that feeds on its ilis- tress; That mind is glooniy that subsists on gloom. And is as dismal as a curtained room. Where dally comes the sunshine lui' to find It cannot enter ihrouRh (he close- drawn blind. Fling up ihe curtains of your miml today And lot the morninc sunshine in to - ' play: Itwell vin the ioys ,.nd not the sorrows here •jtaster your tho'iKhts and .vou have mastereii fear. Think h.-ijjpy thouphts! —lietroii Fre«> I'rcss. At the mpfSinp of the Mothers' Club yesterday afternoon it was decided lo hold an all day meetinp at the Chap el on Friday of next week. It was thought best to do this on acconiit of the great amount of work which th members have on hand, k basket dtTi ner will be servofl in the Sunday school room at noon. » •!••«>•:• Mrs. W. T. Watson has returned from Kmporia where she has boon visiting her niece. Miss Lucilo Copo- .-Isnd, who is attending school there. * • * —Renieniher the lerture on'Chris- Han Science at tiie ftrand Sunday af- • ternnon at ;! o'eloek. i; Slia Vetie. IMla BaU. Agnei Mc- K«oii, Cleone Stajbbtns. Eleanor Vincent and Marinita^fe, Mr. and Mr». Carl W. Nauj who havaJ been spending the auramer In Engla' visiting relative* are noW'. on their way home and are expected to arrive in lola on the first of November. Members-ot-fit-Ttmotiiy 'B churoh, of. which Mr. Nan Sector, are planning a pleasant bbme-cbming for them Tomorrow night the choir will meet at the church to prepare music for the first service, November 3. • • • •> . On the second of November the members of Circle No. !> of the Bletho- dist Indies' Aid society will serve dinner'in the Y. M. C. A. —Handsome Cutaway Suits worth IS.i.OO, on sale at the .\cw York Store- for $16.95. I • * + The dance season will soon open and the shops about town are showing some beautiful thbigs in the Way of party dresses and all the little trimmings that go with them. Many of the dresses are of chiffon, either bordered or in plain colors, while others arc^ of more practical but none the less^beautiful silks. Trimmings, hair ornaments and scarfs are nearly nil sparkling with now drop bends or rhinestones. • + •> Tomorrow afternoon at the FIfa* Methodist church the members of the KtiworiJi l ^viKiios of Trinity and First iliurehes will entertain the old people, sixty-live years or older, of both ehnrehes. Keglnntng at half past two there will he n sacn'd service at whicii Ur. 11. M. i'owell will preach. This wilt be followed by a social hour after which dinner will be sorvecl In the primary room. The young p »H)plp have spent, much time and thoiight on this an devery tliiiig for comfort and pleasure has been arranged. Persoiuil invl tat Ions have been Issued to as many as j>oB8iblo but all people sixty-ilvi yi<ars or older are Invited. For those who are unable to walk automobiles will be sent and comfortable rocking chairs^wlU be provided in the church. The church and tables are to l)e deco-, rated with a\iniinn flowers and folV ;ige. Tlie help and mercy depnrtnientt of (he league have made all the arrangements. •> •:• • —non"t miss the Suit Sale at tlu N 'i 'W York Store. • •> Mrs. W. K. Lyons has returned fron- an extended visit with her danght'ii in Oklahoma City. « •> Mrs. Mary W. Gepman. of Tlrooklyi \. Y., is in the city at the home of hei cojisin .Mrs. H. P. Wicks. • •> •> Tomorrow night at the Y. M. C. A ihore will bo a reception for students of the school and business i-ol lege and the teachers of both schools The guests are invited for half past seven. Thisj is "the second of a series of ontertainnienis which are to be giv. en throughout the winter. V <Mr-, and Mrs. H. A. Hall drove ii- their auto from their home in .loplin Mo., and were guests of Mr. and Mrs .1. W. I'rimiiicr for i day or two. i • • • Mr. arid Mrs. R. S. Aspinall cole iirated their 2.Sth. wedding ann- versary with a dinner last night. Pinl ; roses decorated the dining table anr' white roses |Wcre used in the parlor ; The guests were Mr. and Mrs. Carter Mr. and Mrs. Port and son. Mr. and . Mrs. MeN>'ii and Mr. and Mrs. Russell ADV^TOBEII^H BIG SNA Atgot'Langc'a OeMHpf.o" o 'lj^* counter With a Fifty-Stx Foot Boa Constrictor. I Ct"o|iyiiK!it tjy iu».ers hug. t;o.. .\. V.l The wife of the PnigrosUve eundi- datn for goverivor of (he Stati- ot .Vew Vork Is one of the most netive woman workers in the cair.palgn. Slie is a Kmgresslvu In every si -nse of the word, riiis snapshot was taken while Mrs otraus was heln.t; gr<'ete<I by filend.i ind wcll-wislicrs at an open air meeting the olhor <lay. The lola Music Club PUKSKNTS EstiierMayPliiinl) l.N Song Recital Tuesday, October 22nd .\T TIIK FlIi.sT .M. K. CiiritrU Tickets at Hurrell'a ' In bl8 new book. "In the Amazdn Jungles," (Putnam). Ajgot Lange telto of ais encounter with a fifty-six fool boA constrictor: "On" a soft muddr sand b.-;r. half bidden by dead brancli- \f^, 1 beheld a somewhat cone shape^ maas about seven feet In height From the base of this came the neck and head of tlie snake, fiat -on the ground, with beady eyes staring at uf as Sir-e slowly advanced and stoppe«L The anake was coiled, forming ad enormous pile of round, scaly mon- •troslty. large enough to crush us ad to death at once. We bad stopped at a distance of about fifteen fectfroii him, and looked at each other. I fdi as If, I were spellbound, unable t^ move a step farther or even to think or act-on my own initiative. ! ~The snake atlU made no move, but In the clear moonlight I could see it^ body expand and contract fn breatV- ing; Its yellow eyes seeming to rad^ ate a phflspborescent light I felt no fear, nor any inclinat on to rctrea^ yet I was now facing a beast that few men had ever succeeded in seeing. Thus we stood looking at each other, scarcely moving an eyelid; while thf l^cat silent monster looked at us.. t slid my right hand down to the hblr •ter of my automatic pistol, tlie Dmin, IiUger, and slowly removed the safe 'tr Inrk, at the same time staring Into th« faces of the man. In this manner I was less under the spell of the mes^ uierlsm of the sniike, and could' to some extent think and act. "I wheeled around while I still held eonlrol of my faculties, and, percelv; Ing a slight movement of the snake 's colls. I fired point blank at the head, tctdng go the entire chamber of sofi nose bullets. Instantly the other men woke up from their trance and In their turn fired, emptjing their Winchester^ Into the huge head,. which by this time was raised, to a great height ,i>ove us, loudly his.sing in j agony. . "Our wild yelling echoed \ through no deep forest. The snake uncoiled Vtself and writhing with pain made for the water's edge. Hy this time 'we Wore -eiicved of (he lerriblc sns- j>ense, but we took care to keep at a respectful distrance from the strug- giiup reptile and the powerfnl lashing of the tall, which would h£vc \-iIlcd a man with one blow."' This alphiibci for beginning suffra- .uettes appeare;l in an issue of Oio Topeka Opital this week: A for aiMondmcrl there is only one \\ is for ballot .-iiv.l it shall be won I r for fhiltl labor, for CbiMren. th. e:ii:sr, 1) for Demoeraey when all make oiii' in • '"^^B- the Methodist church and lola poo- K for election the lifh of .Vnvember Pie are promised a musical treat such ^ franchise, we want, pleas- as they bare never had before. ! remember. .> .J. .> . f G IS for povernnieni by all the peo- • • : The members of the Miisie rlub nre ' busy placing the season tickets for ; the lhr «H> concerts which are to be given this winter by famous artists. The first coiicen by Miss Ksther May Plumb, occurs next Tuesday nipht ' nlo. —Xovelties Iff* Ijidie« :ind Mi.=?es | Suits for $S ,!i,-., worth $2 "MH>. •'^'o* i j,,™,!^ York Store. II is for health standard high as a 1 is for innufuce. better direct. .7 i-! for lusiice. the wonun "xyect. K isTor Kansas, to have suffrage to.^ 1, is for I.,epislalnre wliiih put it to you. y is *^or Men-fn'k who II give us Mrs. R. A. Kwinp assisted by Mrs. .Tohn Henderson, will entertain the Curront Events club at the Richard Ewing'farm we^t of the river next Monday afternoon, f The members' will i , . meet at the Eyler istore on the south i'"^J'",'"''^' , , , side of the square jnd from there will ! ^y^^/'"" ""^^-^r'ai"''--^ '""'l' I n oiiportu'ii'y most cle .irly peen. Miss Mable Vezie has come here i is for politics, w. 11 help keep from Denver to sbend a two weeks \ ^' , . »• • . vacation wi.h her'parents and othor j Q for questtors, no h -iITragists relatives. She was accyompanied by "J^ go to the farm inl hayracks. •:- 4- Mable Vezie has come her aunt Mps. J. Ross, of Manltpu. A social c'uh was orpauir.ed last night at a meeting at the, home of Miss Vila Ray liy a group of girls who Uvp in the north jwrt of town. If is fleirlaom Sflver The pieces you present the. bride today will in time be hand-' ed'down as cherished heirlooms, and the importance of .careful selection cannot be over-enipha- stzed. • • The recognized superlJU'ity of Merchant Silver, the nnequaled diversity of stock, and the reasonable prices prevailing are the Important factors in making Merchant Silver the logical choice- the ring and our hats are in S':tTrri'--e. :<iid Sw-alsho): H is here. . S *s for ;irrt Sphere. T taxes with representations, yoi; liejir. r is for union, united we stand. X is their X-ample in homes, out- sid«' too. Y yon surely will now .vote to am"nd. V. :-i-s: Willi which yon will work to the end. ' —.Mar.aarct Johnson Hrand'iiiburg At the meetinp of the district conference of ,the Methodist church at Neosho Falls this week. Rev. H. M. l'ow<-!i of fbe local church debated with Rev. K. W. Spencer, of Paola on the much talked of. question or raising the conference line. Mr. Powell had the negjitive side of the question and won. Miss nianche Thompson, who has Wn working in CoUinsvllle, Miss Ruby Keiley. of Independence, Miss Bertha Martin of Pleasanton and Miss Mable Veiie, who Is here from I>enver spending her vacation, will all be the guesU, of Miss Gracp Thompson on Sunday. Rev. J. E. Myler. who celebrated his ninety-sixth birthday last Sunday and was stricken ill on the same day, was not so well yesterday and last night. He Is sUil bedfast but slightly Imjiroved today, G. E. Brown, of Yates Center is In tb^ city on business. ESTIIKK PLIMR. .Miss Plimib is a contralto pf uniis iial talent and ability anil in addition :o her profound vocal abilities, she possesses nio.-st grai -i 'ftil and (lueen ly presence. I'/ r-: We are showing a beautiful line oif Plush Coats in all the latest models—all tailored in the very finest way. Your style and size is here. The I rush is now on for these Coats and we are pre­ pared to meet it. We anticipated a big Plush Coat season and bought large quantities for our five big stores and we were able lo secure them at very low prices. The saving on these Coats is from ^y.Oi) io $7.ri() on a coat. If y<^u compare our prices and our qualities with olhers, you are sure to buy here. .1 i nr. O. 1.. Garlinghoi'sc started to take a party to .\eosho F:ills yesterday to attend the district conference which is in session there, but an urgent jiro- fessional call by phono at Piiiua made it " We Pay Your Mileage 101 E. Madison Ave. DEAU .VT MiK OF 1(1.1. I citizens since tliat time, but failed to ft ain 't no use to holler so git.into ibo ! rally. . collar, and hustle for the dollar and I'ual ],«rdeli. (VIonj's Oldest C'ltbsen,' . — - read the Oaily News."—Y. Passes .Vway. j A bi^ for news siil>scribers is iinnle .' • Colony, Kas. Oct. Ifi—Paul l4ird-by the Wakeeney Neivs in the follow- Mrs. J. A. Woods, of Lawrence, who ell, T >;5 years of age. and for several ing language: "The frost is on the has been here visiting friends, return- years in destitute circumstances, andlchigger and the kids are gettin' big- ed home this afternoon. with no known relatives, died in his'ger.and we must begin ti> figger how little hut in the west part of town j to keep 'em .ill in shoes: with the I Mrs. Oessie .Jefford, of Dewey, Okla., imlay. He was stricken with. aiK >-l horses all a dyin' and the politicians^ arrived here this afternoon for a brief plexy in the butcher shop Sunday and lyiri", and the stacks of hooks were | visit with her niece; Mrs. Aldo F\m- isional call bv nhono at Piqua made plexy in tne uuicner S.UMI OUIUOI .. an.. - -- — , - - necoL^y for ^he party ti return, carried to his home and cared for by . buyln' it gives a-man the .blues: well, ston. = Houflto Make' I Better Cough Syrup than ^ You Can Buy A Famll}- Snppljr, SaTtaar 92 aad Faltr <iaarajitced. A full pint of cou;rh ;«yruii—as much, as Vou could liiiy for ^ISM —lan easily be made at home. Vou will find nothinp that takes hold of an ol>stinate ciiipn. more quickly, usually <;ndinf; it inside of 2-t hours. Excellent, too. for croup,'' whooping coni-'h, -^jrc lungs, astliraa, hoarseness and other thniat, troubles. iiix one pint uf granulated sugiu- with ^2 pint of warm water, .-wid stir for 2 m.inutcs. Put S',-j ounces of I'inex (fifty cents' worth) in a pint bottle, then add the Sugar Syrup. It kc-ps perfectly. Take a teaspooaful every oue, twu or three hours. This is just laxative enough to help cture a cough. Also f^timuUlos the apiic-: tite, which is usually upset by a cough.. The taste is plea$ant. The effect of pine and sugar syrup on the inflamed; membranes is well'known.- Pincx is the'most valuable concentratpd compound of'Xorwav whita pine extracL rich in ^loiacol and all the natural heal in? pi no elements. Other prepara-' tions will not work in this formula. The Pinev and Sugar Symn recipe is now msed bv thnns;ind<( of housewivea, tliroivrlieut iha I'nited State* and Can-! ada. The plnn has l>ern imitated, butt the old siirecssful formula has never been equaled. «•' A ffuaranty of sbs >1ttie satisfaction, or. money ipromptiv refunded, p>es with this recipe. V-lur drugtrf^t has Pinex, or will f »t it for mu. If not, send to The inex Co., Ft. Wavne^ Ind. J A. Martin, of Plainvllle. Kas., who has been here on business, relumed home this afternoon. If =with the= The 2 T months additional is offered this week only as an inducement to to you to join now. The special installment off er is good only until Saturday night. Do Let This 1" % - "Pi

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