Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on September 25, 1889 · Page 1
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 25, 1889
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i Goal, Lumber m& Salt Ohsm STERLING, ILLINOIS, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 1889. NUMBER 190, fHf»rg» <K*^"B»W CLOUD fl.OKriN4.SOAI" RAPPERS (UK6E SIZE) 5 EUROPE WORRIED. The All-Arnerican Congress Unpopular Over There. A. W&1L OF AGONY I'ROM AUSTRIA SMASHED ONE MORE RECORD. Itliif;Mm> O« 1-2- 0. & N. W. TIME TABLE, OOlNOItABT. OOINaWMT. Atlan'ioEx ..... 2:42 ».m Paclflo Ex ...... 2:22 a.m. Bternnel > a»...6:M ft. m. SterlinffFiuia.BrOU p.m. l.lmiteU taas. 8 :52 a. m. LIiultGd Tas3. 1 :05 p. m. Denver . 8:10».m. Denver 8:53 FJHTMBT TBAINS THAT CABBY FASTOHQEBS OOINOEABT. OOIMOWKBT. No jo ...... g.)5 p. in. No. 8B...» ...... -7:«o a, m. N3l4«"'.H ..... «:&0 ?• m. No. 17- ----- 10:52 a. 111. f? 1 ^ Version of tho Monroe TJoctrhio At- trlbntoil to Uhllnc: "^mrrloa lor tho North Anif>H<;:tnV— Uoclo flnlii Alter n. Bljf Trnilo Thnt tlio Old VTorlil Nort Sf.nops—Tho Fntnrn of tho %Vorltlntj Clasaea In Europe Threatened. KEW YOIIK, 8opt. 25.—A Washington City Bpccial to a morning paper SHTB: Tho Btatu drpnrtment is receiving ju3t now from our roprisi'iitalivw in Europe n great many interesting extracts from European journal** <'X[M'esslng some alarm over tho effect upon European trade of the coming conference of American nations. Some of them are almost hysterical in their appeals to the Fonlh American republics to distrust our advances nnd continue to trade in Europe. Europe is waking up to the pos- lible results of tho congress in earnest.'' "la Temps," of Paris, has b^cn publishing n Berlcs of articles oxprt'sMng the gravest fears as to tiro consequences of tho congress It ileclarra that it I* inUjn !i?d to Conn a zollver- Bin among all tho American states, which, while fostering their comtnorco among themselves, will practically ex-hide that of Europe. Tho paper goes on to urge tho English nnd French merchants to make every effort to prevent tho realiz-ition of this dOIUG BABT. I OOISO WEST. . 8-raasenger 6^0 a.m. 36-r»f«cnge.r 4:M p.m. 7fl-FrelghU._.«:4B p.m.|4l— Freight — B:00a.m ABBIVJt FBOM WEST. 85—FiutsenKer 10 ^u iun. 42-Freight. 8:80p.m. ABMVB FBOM BAST. 7» -Pft8seneer...9:00p.m, 7T-Freight...... 9:tOa.m Passenger No. 80 connects with trains ei weit on.Cllnton Branch: with 0. B.I *£.•«•.•.£ M Kock Island east and west; with main line for points west. Council Bluffs, Omaha and beyond and for Kansas City and points beyond. -SPECIALTIES.- The Finest, Mofct Durable., and holds Its shape , thebestofany whip.ln the market. Tho Easiest Dumpfd, Easiest Kun- nlng and Latest Improved Sweeper made. » Fancy Patent, per saclt, 81.60. Two sacks J2.80 Halfratent, " 1-40. " " W Some of the oldest resldentslot this city claim.tills to be the test flour they ever used In the State ol Illinois.} CJream of" Fa-tent, , Daisy and. IMlnn. R oiler in stoc'fee. Tin A Good Stock of Tomato Cans, Very Cheap. Also a few dozen ofj MAW'cuss FRUIT MS AI JELL I1BLERS LEFT AT , L. L. JOHNSON'S. AQCHABTCB. result, nnd to induce the llispmio-Amorl 0:1118 to ndlirro to tlmlr niininnl »ys cm. : J83 An Ansfrlnni r»pol r Alnrmml. Ono of tha Insist. lUmiiiHiniciillon* iwelvD 1 (t the state department is from Minister Prod Grant, dated Aug. b, IS'iO, It is along article from The Vienna "FremJemblntt," tho organ of tho minister of foreign affairs bf Austro-Hungnry. It says: Tho Unit'.•d States ftovernmont has invited toll tho Rovcrnnients of the now world to take part in a coiiRresH to be held in Washington Under the watchword "United America," iincl. especially " united against Europe." Uniform welKht«, measures, and coinage aro to be Introduced; n oonrt of arbitration appointed to settle nil dini.utes. between Amwi- bun slates I'lKToarhmontH of Kurononn states hi connection with American attaint nru to ho Jointly opimsal, ami the most important of nil, a, uniform tariff rate gf customs duties. Is to be established.' "America-for North Americana." Europe ships a Inrtfo part of its manufactures to South America, and our own Austrian producers wi 11 know the value of their Hrnzlllan and Argentine customers, who pur- chuso their rhino, slaM, paper, fancy gonds, shoes and other articles exported to th-isa countries. If those porta should ho closed to us by tariff »ntea n« high as those of tho United State* a lame part of our workmen »ml a still larKO." part of Gorman, French and English laboring men would bo in danger of losing their omplriyment. •, There Is, therefore, every reason for reflect- lm? seriously regarding this, matter, nnd for not dlsmlflsin" it as being too far removed. It Would bo a serious loss to Europe If tho politicians of WashinRlon (mould succeed in uniting the whole American continent not In a tliiKle free territory, but In a territory sur- rounclo 1 by insurmountable customs barriers. "America for American" is the Monroe dno- trliic. "America for the North Americans" is the doctrine of Blalno \Ve cininot believe that tho people of Mexi; 0, Brazil, tho La Plato and other Latin status will ever submit to this. A Mutter ot Lllo or Dentil. Tho statements are matlo strong and earnest because of tho dapenden ;o of European manufacturers on foreign markets. In the United States we do not feel the shutting up of a foreign market much, but In Europe it is iu many cases a matter of commercial life or death,, nnd for this reason they see the necessity of prompt action to counteract this commercial movement. These comments of papers in two of the principal capitals of Europe are not tho only ones that could be quoted, but they are enough to show that tho commercial Interests of Europe aro waking up to tho Importance of this congress,' and are attempting by all means, fair aiid unfair, to prejudice it throughout all tho Europ3an cou ntri<?s. IMPEACHED HIS OWN TESTIMONY.. A Doctor Given a Practical Illustration That Aitonlsliei Him. HAKTFORD, Conn., Sept. 25.—In tho trial yesterday of W. J. Soudor for the murder of John Galvin by striking Galvln on the head with a peu-knife, Dr. J. a Carter testified that such a wound as it is claimed caused Golvln's death could not be inflicted with a knife in the l-ands of an ordinarily strong map. - (&£ Demonstrated His Own MUtako. He was handed a pen-knife and*a skull and Invited to-illustrate-tbe- truth of bis teatl-. mony. Ho struck 'several blows, ono of which penetrated the skull, causing much the same kind ot wound as the state claims was inflicted upon Galvln. This practioJ Illustration by tho witness of his own testimony caused quite a sensation. •I 1 l-l MIIlM 111 OI!l«T i-portllirr Note'V BROOKLYN-, T*. Y., Sept. -">.— Thn winning h NT-"3 «t Gr;ivcfi<'ir] ypHt-r.lny v^i>ro M follows: Gregory, ";i mil", 1:1.1, Tampon, 1Jf[ mile-?, I:."!, 1 .;; U'duiro, »i mile, 1:1-" V. The event of the- ilny wns'lho \\£ mile.;, in which Kingston, [Uri'lnnd, Ttnnvnnd L-<i Angflrs run. KiiurAto-i won in 2:(WJ, beating tho reconl, R'icvlami wns seeoir.l nn i Ijos Angi?l"s Inat. Tiio nt.hcr winners were Cracksman, 1 mil", 1:-U'£; M'rldnn. % milo, 1:01?;; Fowl H.>t, % mill', 1 :OP£. LonisviU.R, Sjpt, 2.") —Tho Joek-'y club races vestal day Wf*vo captured in UK.? following ordi-r: Aunt Kuto, ,'j mile, 0:51; Blue Maid, \i mil', 0:50);: \Vnry, I I-10 miles, 1:48*^; Kwrmp I'Vx, J.i mile, 1:17; Blnrnoy Stone, Jr., 1 mile, 1:4. r i;. Lucy P., % niile, ClIICAOO, Sept. 2.-..—At tho West Bldo park races yesterday tho winners wore: Eiley, Ji mile, 1:10'^; Deppo, % mile, 1:OUJf; Big Thro?. 1 l-lli limes, l:4!l; SpaUing, 1 mile, 1:4!J<; Ruby, % mile, 1:03. . The BB«O Hull Afjgre>ri>lion». CHICAGO, Sept. 25.—Tho basa bail scores In the L-<nguo yesterday nero: At Cleveland — Cclovlnnl II, Philadelphia 5; nt PltbibiirK—Pitt-sbtirg IS, Washington fi—eight Innings, dirknossjat Chi-' cago—Bo.stou 7, C'l'ci^) li; nt In Han-ipolis —Indianapolis 12, Now York 10—jix innings, darkness. American nss'c'ation: At Brooklyn—Columbus, 0, Brooklyn 10; Ath-. lotic-Italtlinoro cnuii>, nt linttiinore, cnllml in the third Inning—ruin; Athletic 2, Baltl- moro 0. "Western league: At Minneapolis—Minneapolis 1"), Denver 1—seven Innings; nt St. Paul—Kt Pfttill, Omnhn 5. Tho Mihvan- koe-Sioux City gnino nt Mrlwaukoa was fllvpn to Sioux City, 9 t<>0, bccaui) Milwaukee ol.j ctnil to a decision of the umpire, and rofiiHpd to play- Tho Oiiliibu Teaen Tn HB Sold. OMAHA, Nob., Sept. i'ft.--At a soi-wl meeting cf the president and dlriirtora of tliu Omaha Base Ball association yesterday It was decided to accept the rroposition ol Messrs. Sodon, Coiiunt, and BillinKS, ot Boston, for the sale of tho entire Omaha team to that cit3\ Tho probnblo result will 1» that Omaha will hiivo no team next year. DIIUNKATHISPOST Grave Charge Against a Rock Island Engineer. FIVE PEOPLE INSTANTLY KILLED, Patron Full* to Low or Ml* Time. CLEVELAND, O,, Sept. 25.—At yesterday's meeting of the Ohio Association of Trotting Horse Breeders at tho Cleveland Driving park Patron, 2:14.1^, wns driven to beat his record, but failed to dona Time, 2:10. Two Oront Trottem Mtticlirel. BOSTON, Sept. '&— A match for $3,500 a slilo has boon arranged by tho owners of tho trotting stallions Alcyron and Nelson. The race wilt tako place at Fluetwood park, Now York, somo tinu in October. NICE STATE OF AFFAIRS. Jail An Ohio Town "WUIcli Needs Bettor Accommodation*. COLUMBUS, O., Sept 25.—A special to The Press from Washington Court House, Ohio, Bays: Tho town of Loesburg, several milot south of this city, baa been in a state of excitement for Several days over tho outrage of a colored girl by a drunken prisoner in tho town jail. Marshal Dooloy, of Lees, burg, arrested a colored girl named Annie Blanton, of Hillsboro, for disorderly conduct, and, it is alleged, put her m tho sams cell with a drunken Irishman named Mike Kennedy. Dooley eays his (eason for placing the girl in the same coll with Kennedy is that there was but one cell In the jail. When seen at tho cell Kennedy was almost nnked. Judge Gardner, of Hlllsboro, and 8. H. Beard, of Lecsburg, hove been retained as counasl by tho colored girl to bring suit for damages against Mai-shal Dooloy, and a big sensation is promised. THE "NO" DECISIVE. A Renr Km! Colllnlon Drmollslics a Pn«- Kcncer Cnr with Frightful Ki-inlti—A Ilnirn VTonmleil, One of Whom, « liojr. Will IJlo—A nnr«UiiR Holler Sonelei Fonr Person* to Eternity—Drwiilful IJonth of l» New York Sheriff. CHICAGO, Bupt. 25.—A rear ond collision on tin. Chicago, R«ek Island and' Pacific railroad, ot Washington Heights, twelve miles from this city, at 0 o'clock night, resulted In the death of flvo persona and so - voro injury of a dozen others. A suburban pa&onsor train, while standing still, was crashed into by a fast freight train, and tho renr coach of tho passenger trai ri was entirely demolished. Those in tho car who were not instantly killed by tho collision Buffered terribly from escaping steam before they could bo rescued. The Killed nnd Wonnilci!. Tho following is re list ot tho killed and injured. Killed: Miss Sadie Kelly, on employe of the Rock Island company; Mrs. Brown, FroJ Huodnor and Jay McKonzle, of Washington Heights; a woman yot unidentified. \Voundel: Ous Mulgnhoy, a boy of Auburn pork, badly scolded and will dio; Edward Smith, jr., bndly scalded from waist down; Mr. O'Connor, Daniel Law- roiu-e, Anton Schoror and Jacob Kuon, badly BcaMod; Mr. Wboelor, badly cut; Gottlieb Klein, scalded; Parker Horadas, cut while rescuing hU sister; Mrs. Steele, slightly injm-od. , Tim Collision DoRortbocl. Somo of thoso Injured are in a serious "ciiritllHoiuJnit It Is thought that all will recover pxco|it~Mulp;abey. The fatal train was lun'lud with Biilmrbanltovohiofly residents of Morgan Park, Wasliiughtim Heights, and Blue Island. Tho fmight tnitir was running at the rate of fifteen or twenty miles nn hour and tho engine plowed clour through the rear car of the passenger train with its twenty-flvo or thirty passengers, stopping only when it reached tho forward track. Tho oiiRineBr, Both Twombloy, reversed his engine just before the shock and jumped, followed by bis uramaii. Tworn- bly was badly hurt. Tho passongers in tho two forward cars did not realize that anything had happened, although tho entire train was pushed forward nearly 200 foot by tho force of the shock. > The Engineer Drunk. Tho uninjured passengers and trainmen had hardly begun tho work of rescuing thoso who had not been kllloii, when it was discovered that the demolished car was on fin). The flames were quickly extinguished, how- over, nnd tho work of rescuing the living and dead was resumed. Engineer Twornbley is no doubt responsible for tho accident. It is said that ho wns drunk when he boarded his engine, and that he was drunk when picked up, half conscious, after ho had leaped from tho cab of hjs engine. Dnmnjre by the Florida Storm. JACKSONVILLE:, Flo.",' Sept.' 25.—Reports from various localities in tho stato indicate that Monday's storm was a disastrous ono to property, although no further loss of Hfo is reported. At West Jacksonville four houses were blown down, and two churches damaged. At Switzerland, Panama park, Scotland, May port, Now Borlin, and several small sottlemcnts on thn .St. Johns rivor, houses and trees wore blown down.- At Sand Hill hospital, made memorable by tho epidemic of 18»3, the main building was wrecked and the whole scouo is ono of ruin. The total damage by tho storm throughout the whole area will aggregate fully ?40,000. GEORGE FRANCIS !N JAIL. Tlio Kcri-ntrio Train In n ItnMem Hmfll* feir n Sprnrlty Itnbl. BOKTOS, S-'pt. '..'5. —Go'Tg" Frnnivs Train wn-i nrrpst^'l nt lh<i Tn'inont lions? hero yostnnlny on a suit, fnr d-lit br.--:i?ht by Oscar M" R(.illor, or Tolmlo. Tho d.-bt is ?I/KW, B?.id to hnvo b"on contrhcto I tinny years ngo. Spilk-r belongs in Tol«lo. Mr. Trn-'n says thut in I'ST'J hn Runrant",'d $1.) for John A. Lnnr, editor of Thn Tolcd.) Bun, to buy typo with. I.f-nt told him ho would !iot IK) cnl PI! upon In pny tho amount, nnd simply risked him to guarantee it, ft-piller, Trnin sura, is a pawnltnikor, nnd he advanced some ol tho nnivy. In l s "ii Iu cot judgment-against Train, in Toledo for ?I(K), nnd four years Inter wnnt* 1 ;! to s'-tik', Train says, for $. r >0. Train saj-s Lint told him that ho had paid it nil, that S.jilior thin ROt judgment for $"J'M, aivl now vom's comf-s with tho "fl,(;00. When asked if ho interned to pny the amount, Trnin snid: "Of course I'll go to jnil." Trnin was nrrnixtied in tho municipal court vtBterdny oftornoon. He refused the nssistniiee'of tiny la« yers and presented his own cnse, making a vpry humorous nditress. As ho refnsi'd to tukn tho poor debtor's oath •or furnish any bonds ho wns committed to tha county jiil. Ho nrcopto.l his fatn philosophically nnd sail! ho would have tho ad- vnntngo of Kiivlying tho workings of Massa- after thirteen amount swollen to A 8 B R E V I AT t. D TELE G R A M Tin' FivniM Iv.v until ih"v Imvi: In 1.1, howi>v«r. Tho Rte_>Vi.>i1'.'r.-'H nv-vit'-'r Elinon He ia not very nt tho Ivi^t Iivlir. df t out, on jti;riin strike, Tho nrw Hi uh'., wns il.' iti-1 I'riniy'tein nt liuoua Vi^ln. lrov'l hy tiro Tue-:«l«y mom' VOLCANIC PYROTECHNICS. A-Mrxlcnn Vulcuno .tlitkhiR n MnBlllflcont ljut Alftitnlne l-liplny. CITY OF MEXICO, Sept ~5 —Steven Hoaton, an railroal contractor, now in this city from Colirai, wn>. an eyo- witiR'ss of tho lat:i eruption of tho volcano of Colimn, which is thirty miloi north of the city of tho same natno. This volcano has its crator at an elevation of 12,!)OJ foot above the foa level, and is vory active, intermit^ ti-ntly throwing \ip a column of smok) ami red-hot ashes hundreds of foot into tho air. These spasmodic eruptions occur nb-mt tan (irtwclvo»s n day, and aro followed by Tpporta Kiiiulnr_i') Jho ill«chargo.._nf artillery . ---------- -: '.""__-..- 7 A llrllllnnt nnil AwTill riiniiomnnon. A Tow days Iwforn the imrlhqiiiik.s lant month the volcano vomited forth a djnso black smoke Unit hung lik', a pall over the' country for mile.i nroimd. This phenomenon lasted for KL>VI> -al day* and was nccnrnpnnl >d nt interval') by showers of rod hot ashed which dosceuded upon its s : do.' It is not known whether or not liny lava is being thrown out, ns the rod hot ashes mako investigation impossible.. At night tho sn.Mun eruptions present, thoapwanince of flrowoKis on a gigantic tcalo. These sudden spurts illuiiiiiintii th' country for milas around, and tho npfCtai:le t^ » fjr;i!nl p;it». ADJT GEN, VANCE'S REPORT. M»J, £T3] SUCCES80K8 TO O. A. Oliver. BOOKS, STATIONEEY and Wall Paper. ISKJJJSK KKW VOBK STOHB, Ut lot Applegate'B Patent Electric Juitlco fluid In Chicago. CHICAGO, Sopt 25,—Justice Field, of the United Statos sui>romo court, stopped over here yesterday for a few hours, and snid that Deputy Marssbal Nagle did not accompany Urn further tuan Tacoma. Tlie justice did Hot know what to expect from Mrs. 'Terry, but said she was a desperate woman, and desperate characters frequently resort to desperate methods. "There is only one point of interest growing out of that matter, which remains a matter of interest That is the probability of legislation by the government and the Itatoa to, protect the judiciary. In Kentucky wo have read of a judge being killed and another horsewhipped by defeated liti- jauts. I am not, however, prepared to express any opinion a» to wlmt legislation-will bo enacted for tho protection of tuo judge.-). BIl»!i lilnlne Will Woil I>umro.«.oli. AUGUSTA, Me., Bopt. B5.~The rumnr of Miss Margaret .lilaiiio's enjitgemeut to Wnl- tor L Duiurusch is conflriiioil: Mis*'I!la'm>, whn, with lu-r young slsti-r Hultio, stopped over in town a Cow lioui's Mou l.vy ni;;!i on ttiuir way to nttond Eaiiimiis' wuililiiijf, tresly m-c-epttt.l Ui« coogralulutioiu of htr frieuds arid roiiiiivi'B hero. Itlglit Iluii. Kmltll'il l.ibornl Gill. LEBDS, 8<-pt. ^5.—Tlio Nowg saya it is lonniad ihdt llu pei-iiuu w!io anonymously paid the owt oCoivctiug a church at I'orlasa r>-cuntly, anioiiiitlii? to $110,U!0. is Ri^ht ilnn. Wiiiinni Utnry Smltb, first lord of the tri.-ttt.ui-y. ^_ Tho N*jv«jr**nk Mfolott. UINUOM &.-t>t. as.—A •Wurner Finally Announces His Deo- lluatlon. KANSAS Crrr, Sept 25.—Maj. Warner arrived from Washington yesterday morning. In an interview he replied to the question: "Will you accept tbo position of commissioner of pensions? "by saving: "No, I will not." When asked to state his reasons for declinius he refused to talk. He also said ho did not know whom the president was considering for the place or who was likely to receive tho appointment. Republican Lengne Meetings, .fmsBtmo, Sept. 25.—The stato Republican league mot in convention here yesterday with n largo attendance, Edwin B. Stewart, ot Philadelphia, presiding, Mr. Stewart mado no speech, and after the -preliminary- business -was -disposedof—tba committee oh resolutions reported a typical Republican platform, ono plank Iwln? a demand that tha uesr<»s of thn south bo pro- tooted in their rights by tho nation. Mr. Stewart was r.'-oleetetl president, and speeches were made by Gen. Hastings, Hon. John Dul/.ell and others. ' SAHATOOA., N. Y., Sept. Al—President Hodord called tlia Btuto Republican league to order yesterday, and made u vigorous speech, lauding tho work of th» league io tho last campaign. Appropriate resolutions were adopted and E. A. McAlpinu, of West Chester, elected president for the ensuing year. General Miuiimrnr Ewliis ttMlgno. ;, IiKl.,Sopt. 85.—General Man- agerEwing.of the Mi;c toy lla^s,yostorday tendered his resignation, to take effect S.-pt 80. Maj. Ewing will occspt tho position o4 cashier of a new bank to bo established at Indianapolis by Josophus Collett and other Indiana capitalists. TUo duties of genoral manager will be assumed by President -MuckeyJ 0r-tha.llma. bjius. : Sympathy for tlio l'e>pe, MUNICH, S-'pt 25.—Tho- Koman Catholic congress in session here yesterday, comprise* 6,000'delegates, fteolutlons wer» adopted ex- precslng sympathy with tho pope in his trials, and declaring that tho dignity of tho functions of Christ's vicar demand the restoration of bU temporal power. Tho popa selngraphed bis blewiug upon the labor of the tongress. Shot and Killed His Uncle. MOOIUIKAD, Minn., 8opt !33.—F. J. Bcbreiiwr «na lust night shot twice and killed by his nephew John F. Schrolbor, who til boitova.1 to bj ia«»ie. It i» believed tb»y quarrel til ovor muuisy matters. Tho niur- tl»rer was rap to Purga Panic In a Shoe Factory. ELMIRA, N. Y., Sept. 25.—The SCO em- ployes of J. Richardson & Co'.'s shoe factory were thrown into a panic yesterday morning by an explosion of gns which had leaked Int6 the basement of the building from a street main. Engineer Piorson and a foreman named Jener wore seriously burned. The explosion shook the entire building and blew out all tho gloss on tho east side. Ovor 100 girls escaped by means of tho Ore escapes or jumped from the windows to the roofs of the adjoining buildings. Aside from minor bruises suffered by a number ot the em- ployes no one but tho two men named were injured. Literally Ground to Plocea. PATEMON, N. J., Sept 25.— Nicholas C. Domarest, sheriff ot Bergon county, and one of tha-bost- known politicians in northern Now Jersey, was struck by an Erie express train at Rutherford Park at 5 o'clock last evening and literally ground to pieces. His team of horses escaped without a scratch, but the buggy was demolished. Mr. Demurest was attempting to cross in front of tho train, and it is claimed that he disregarded the flagman's warning. Flro In tho Redwood Forestii* SAW FitASOisco, Sept. 25. — Extensive fires aro raging iu tho Redwood .forests, San Matoo county, south of this city. A number of saw-mills are in danger. The flumes are spreading, despite tho efforts of largo numbers of., men to check them, and have already done, great damage. A forest Orb is also In progress near Santa Rosa, north of hero. The country is Very dry, and a disastrous conflagration Is feared. Muilfl lilt* Ljiat ABOonBtoa. UTICA, N. Y., Sept. 2!).—It was reported lost night that Professor Walrath, of Ilion, who made a balloon ascension and para- Tjhnte jninp-Rt Cooperstowiij-yesterday afternoon, cania down in Otsosjo luku ami was drownoJ. A message from Cooperstowu at 9 o'clock stated that at that hour nothing had been beard from the aeronaut. It is stated that his parachute did not work right, A Holler Explosion Kills Four Slrn. BERLIN, Pu., Sapt 25.—The builor in Frlt» Bro's. saw-mill, near horo, burst yes- torday, killing John Fritz, E I ward I'riM, Oliver Ross mid David Bitlu-r, all young men of this vicinity. Two men name-.! Brant were luidly hurt, but may recover. It I» Jint I'livennblo tn tho Minors of tlio Spring Valleiy UcRiein. trrHiNOFiKi.D. Ills., 8.ipt. 25.—In his report to tho governor on tho Spring Valley coal striko and its results, -Adjt,. Gen. Vance has little to say in favor of tho minors. Tho sickness and destitution among them and their fnmilion, ho snys, hnvo been grently ex- ngK'-'e'a'li.'d. - He flints evidence of a sentiment of hostility toward both mine owners and miners nnionp; citiz.'ns not engaged in thp»:i pursuits', because they did not compromise tholr differences. Whilo Mr. Bc&U's propcsils wero regarded as unfair and insincere, there is a strong conviction that tho mines cannot bo operated profitably at tho prices demanded by tho minors. The hitter aro criticised for tholr willingness to live on charity rather than ccc >pt n compromise. Sinoj Mnv 2'.) tho relict committee has recalvad $2,y(B, and has now on hand ?23U, while provisions to tho amount of $S,- OL'O hnve boen received, nnd aid has boen f iir- 'nhhed to 1.70J persons. There are not over 0 men in tho mines. I)ov(.'U>]iin.'til8 in Iho bon-l swindle cas« of the htnto of Lnuisiium put tho Into ntnw trcnsuror, Burks, in n bnil li^-ht. Fcrcl Ward, the "Napoleon" of the New York Imnk of which Fish wus prwiilnnt, 13 running a Gordon job press in Sing Bing prison. No cluo has yet boon found to tbo identity or whereabouts of the experts who "fcouch«l" the Iron Exchange bank at Hurley for t-(0,- 000 last 'week. An American, Bailey Allen, arrested in London, England, for a jowel robbery, has b2en convicted nnd sentenced to twelve yean' p 'nal servitude. EiRht flrcs occured in Charleston, W. Va., Tuesday morning in a few hours, and tbn people are worked up over the belief that flre-bugs nro nt work there. The skeleton of nn unknown man win found In tbo wotxls near Liitlo Willow River, Minn., Tursday. The wolves had devoured "all the fl.-sh from the bon?s. A guest at a Fulton street (New York) rostnurnnt, swnllownil hii fnlsn twith Tuos- day. They lodged in his snjophngus one! were extracted with a pair of forceps. Mrs. Rogers, proprietor of tho Rithburn house, Grand Rapids, Mich., is barricaded in her hotel and defying the sheriff, who has a chattel mortgage ho w.mts to execute. DelegntM from Snlva lor, Bolivia, Honduras and Chili to the cougresg of American natious, which is to moot at Washington next month, reached New York Tuesday morning. Wm. E. Roberts, late United States minister plenipotentiary and envoy extraordinary to Chill, has arrived home. He says that Minister Egan has many friends in tho capital of that country^ , The caso of. Ives, the C., H. nnd D. railway "Napoleon' 1 was givnn to the jury at Naw_JTork yesterday, nnd nt a late hour on oui'ociiToiTt— hfld nnt been reached and tho jury wns locked ufjfoi- tlio iilffht. ~ ........ g^Joe Kemp, ono of lim rneii~rnuplit~in the Quebec landslide, was rescued ailvb from til p debris Tuesday morning, after being imprisoned for I0t> hours. Ho will recover, although ho is 72 years old. The dead number forty-eight. Micnjah ChamntB, of Marlon, Ind., 80 years old, wns found guilty Tuesday of trifling with the nffections of Rachel M. Cor; nged 50, nnd ordered to pay tha heartbroken woman $2,000 as a salve for her wounded affections. Tho now directory of the city of Johnstown, Pu., bos just been issued. The number of deaths by tho flood is placed at 3,503. Of tho ninety-live saloons in thoplaco before the flood eighty-nine wore destroyed. A child's remains were found Tuesday, nothing but tho bones being left. This powdsir novisr vBTies. A. .mantel ct f«Bl7 strength and wholesonHjaess. Mora ecoHOMical th»n fee nnllnftry klBcSu, suirt e*a adt 6* sal* ,te. competition with the multitude of low test.short Reliht, an,n;n (>f |en Hold onIv m cano. Co.. «08 For "run-down." <U'WHf.:.t.Ml am) ov<-r«rvw1«-l women. Dr. Pierco's Vnvoriiv Pn'M-rlntlon H thobcfltof all rcHt.-irati'.-i-tomes.- It innl»otrrt Bpccinc for all those Chronic W'falfnfSioaarai Diseases pecnllur to Women: « powrrf uU P»'n- cral us well an titi'i-iii.\ tonic nnd norvln«>, it imparts vis-or nnd irt roiirct li t.> t hc«-h(sl('extern. It promptly cui-cn wealtm .'^"f Rtoiimnh.naniwa, indlffcation, bloatlns t ,wfnlc t«ck. n=-rvnt» pros- trntion, de.hlllty and nH-plriuwsB. In cltheracx. It Is carefully oompoimdcd Ur an «>xp«'rtcpce(J physician, and ar)np!o<l to womitn's (Micflte organization. Purely vf-ijctaWn nr.rt jKTfeetlv harmless in any oonrtltlfn of the "FnvorUo nnaiiiTrn * o » " '» thl< AnBAHiCJlJ forwomrn. » nntce of entlsfaetton in every «H (81.00) refundi'd. This 4r»nrsntw printed on thn lxittl<'-wnn>iXT, and faithfully carried out for many yTOrs. Fortarsf. ill!isf,vntoi Tr«itlr-fl on Women (100 pngi-s, with full dire •home-treatmnntl, »en(J U'n ct'nts tn I AiWrptw, Woui.n'a DISPKN-HARV - ~si Mn In 8t.n»>e- ""*** FOURTH POINT - Vout. oo DAILY Nww beraujc w •want i>it kttt ra*r mc*ry <«<ttt bus. TUB DAILY Niwsta a inembcrof the AraejcUtcd!?«««. This means thai itiwwMa-vlot is unEiirpawicJ. Twoo(*U>Muff live in Washington Ibc year round, and arc ticlasivtly occupied In iu service. It ,bw special cor!Wpo<ldKntathrout;fa- o«t the United Stat«, and in tho leading capitals of Europe. It has 331 people "*»'•"» m its pay roll. H tali«» between £5,500 »nd ><» per ween to pay ihem—ne*rly ^300/300 a year. It.n e)tp«ndHure> »ggre- (jale; veny nearly p,jxopxa>- nually. All ibis ousuns quaSijr. Rtmrml*T—\K circulation Is i-xflao a day- -ov« a million a we«k-and it CMU by «»ll »5 «». a month, four months $i.oa,—fnt cttila oaf* A TugilUt iUllfil l>y a Hlaw. ATLAb-fA, G;i., SfU'pt. 35.—Krn.-st Willingham, thu no^ro pusiliat, wus. klllwl by a blow from tbo lUt of Tum Brunch last night. Ttt^ nitHi vv.iro aiiiu'i-ing, >vl!-:ii Denperato Attempt at Sulclite. ELtlpOTTVILLE, N. Y., Sept 25.— News has just been received hero of a desporato"' attempt at sulciile which occurred on Saturday in the town of Ashoford. Mrs. Mary Cooley, n middle-aged woman, arose early that morning and taking her husband's knife plunged it into her side near the heart noveral times. Then she drew the blade across her throat partially severing the windpipe. She tied a handkerchief around her neck and went back to bed. Her groans awakened hor husband, who discovered what she had done and summoned a physician. Tho wounds were sowed up and tho woman may recover. The Prealdont Tulccs an Ontlngr. JDEEU PAIUC, Md., SepU :&— President Harrison nnd Senator Henry G. Davis left Deer Park at 7:30 yesterday mornlnff for Elkins, W. V«. There was a heavy rainstorm ot tho time nnd, Mrs. Harrison and Mrs. Davis, who were to have boon ot tho party, decided not to go. The trip has certain elements of hardship, as it begins and ends with a drive of thirteen miles ovor precipitous mountain, roads. During Ilia trip President Harrison will see ono of tho wild- estscctions of this country, tho mountain region of West Virginia. Am You There, Mulbtttton? ALBVQVEHQUK, N. M., Sept. 25.—A large cavo sparkling with gold, silver, and sap- phirea was discovered Monday in tho Lincoln mines at San Pedro, which has long produced ore of great value. The cave 'is about 103 foot long by fitty wide, and tho sides aro thickly studded with precious metals &ud stones, while bowlders of carbonate wore found seattero,! on tha tl'Kir, Imlluim Statu Fair Opon. INDIANAPOLIS, Sept. •£>.— The Indiana fitalti' fiii?~ opem'd' yebtorcHiy 'with tho finest display;of stock and mueb.ini.ry over rxbib- iied upon the ground* Thj largo exposition building is crowded with all kinds ol machinery and agricultural displays, and nearly all tbo northern and Wistvm states are represented by i-xhibilors. Tlioro wtw largo cro«d in nlteudance. Auolltor Itnld Ttulu Itobbnry. FOB.T WOIITH, Tex., Sept 25 — A p.-uueagar train on tho Atchison, Topeka & Bauta Fc was stopped by train roblien» eight miU's bo low, ibw I'ity lust ni^lit nicl it. ia iv|wrtoi. that llity sU-lJal li'iiit if.10,001 frani Ilia ex ,iotuiblu Ui Ivurit furtlv.-r imr.ifulari We are handling and selling more flour than ever. Look at these brands, from $2.4O to $3.10 per hundred: MAGNOLIA, GOLDEN CROWN, PEERLESS, BLUE RIBBON, CAPITAL. CREAM PATENT' KANSAS WINTER, ' I>AISY. All guaranteed to prove up as represented or return. We mesa to the people of this vicinity money, and will do it REMEMBER THE MIKADO MARKET. We are selling nothing but Jfo.l Meats. No Seconds. . . Prices Low as the Lowest. We are now prepared to do in all the latest styles. Reynold

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