Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on July 7, 1903 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 7, 1903
Page 7
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THE l (y<A KEGflSTBJR, TDESDAV , , JJJljg 7 1908. 7 - Every Number to be played by tKe Band Tomorrow Night is. .Someone's Favorite. The band has had so many requests lately to play' certain pieces at their concerts that it has been impossible to fill them by only playing one request piece each evening so they have decidedto make the program tomorrow night consist entirely of requested pieces. Of all the pieces requested "Hiawatha" leads. It has a swing, to it tliat makes one feel like dancing and it has been a popular piece from the start. ' The usual collection will b^.^ taken' up tomorrow night. The following is the "reqiiest" program: fharch. Willow Grove ..... Sorrentino Waltz, Daughter of Love Bennet The Mill in the Forest ...... Elenberg Hiawatha ... Moret Sweet Old Songs Dalby Selection, Fioradora ..Stewart In a Cozy Corner Brattoa Blaze Away Two-slcp. Yesterday's Game. ' lola made it two straight from Nevada in the game played j-cstcrday af- tern'oon. The game opened as though it was to be a hotly contested one, and the visitors appeared lo_^c bav- in.t; a little the best of the argument, scoring their first run in the third and their scconJ run in the sixth inning, and during this time were holding loJa down, not giving them a look-in. In the sixth lljc lula bunch thought it about titiic 16 start something, and with two out made tholr first tally. In the sovonth. thai busy seventh which has sent a good many teams away . from lola wondering how it happened, the boys took a batting streak, and fell on Shanks' .slants, and with singles, two- and three-baggers and errors of the vi.sitors, got'four tallies marked up to them before the carnage ceased. In the,seventh and each succeeding inning the Nevada team could not score, and just to make it strong, lola took two more runs for its share in the eighth. The Nevada team played a good, snappy fielding game, and to this fact the pitcher can thank himself that no more hits were recorded against him. All the players were in the game, and until the lucky seventh, it looked as though the game had a good chance tb go in the credit side of the Nevada percentage column, but the heavy hitting of the locals was too much for them. After the sixth inning, Shanks, weakened visibly, and simply lobbed them in. and when they came over ihc boys laid to them, Stucke and Wilson getting two-baggers, and Morgan and Milsap each getting one good throe- sacks. Killilay allowcy but four hits, and kept those scattered, while after the si.xih. Shanks was hit at will. Thoro wore no very startling fcamres to the game, though UanUiicad, for Nevada, pulled down one at second ihai looked gtiod for two bases, rind Wilson at center tor lola accepted two very diflicult chances in his garden which ordinarily v\#uld have stood for clean hits. , The game marked the first ladies "day.of the jjoason. and the stand was fairly filled. The management will probably make one game in each series ladies' day. and it is hoped in this manner to induce a large attendance on these days. lola ..- 00 00 1 04 2 *—7 12 1 Nevada 00 1 00100 0-^-2 8 2 Batteries—Killilay and Armstroni;; Shanks and King. Umpire^ShanUs. Divide at Pittsburg. Pittsblirg, July C—Jopiln and Pittsburg cut even again today In a doubleheader, the first game resulting in a shutout for Joplin. There Were many good features in the game and both teams played hard. Score—First game: Pittsburg .. ..20401000 •—7 10 2 Jopiln .. ....0 0 000 0 0 00—0 0 S Batteries—^Lawtrier and McDonald; Ellis and Stoner. Score^Second game: Pjlltsburg .. . .0 0 0 1 0 d 0 0 2—3 7 3 Joplin ; .0 5 000 00 00—5 4 2 Batteries— Tortio and JUcDonald; liowell and Stoner. Springfield Forfeits to Fort Scott Fort Scott. July 6.—Springfield forfeited the game today, 9 to 0, refusing to permit Pop Thompson,: an offlclal umpire, to dmclate, offering oe a sub- Biltute Kane, of their team. Thonip- i son's.w6rk hero previously has been unusually good. In the Sunday games he was seriously criticised by Spring•field in every close decision, except where they were favored. Several hundred people had congregated :o witness the same and every car met on the jway to the park was loaded. All condemn the action of Springfield. Sedaiia 6, Leavteivirorth 2. ; I Leavenworth. July 6.^--SedaIia de- fjeated Leavenworth this afternoon In a game replete with sensational plays, "Dummy" Burson, of ,'Leavenworth, mad^ a home zjui in ^e fc^^th. Th^ X^TJeiiwoith VOO^^O^j^i^rljlfl^a To, the Alflici^il Br. Jr «tr«|»e doea-no.t pnbliiriii teBtimonla&i isnm lady patients ik aeira- papcm, thier^ore this ad- vertlBeiaenl is maule up wholly from testliiionials written by men Who were cored hy him, idthonsh he cares as maiiy women as men. Ke pnblliheB the names of a few of his for* mer patients who live In this Tlclnlty. Mn. Warren Cmndall. CniBdaU, Kam, Mrs. I M Cowen. Crandall, Kan. 0M**. Walter IloweU. Crandall. Kaa. ^Mra, May Caffla, Colorado Sprlnss. Calo. I T WILL paly anyone to 1^ this ad- to investigate hy in- ftoiring personally or by writing to the par-; ties whose names are; given as references. Ton wen Koiow that neither the hiisines!| referenci^s nor the former patient^ would be nntruthfuj ^ with yon... I Tbe testlmooial [letlera were writteo to lofloence Kan. Bba. Arthur Hail, L«Ror. Knn. Bfra. liUcy Scnuitan. Yatea Ccatcri Kaa. . I • flfra. Martha WlB»l«Ier. l«Ro7. Kan. g " Kn. J ..H. KontKomcry, Dearer, Col. , Mn. Frank Nefl; Barllaeton, Kan. Mra. Edward HcFadden, Nevada,' Mo. I Mra. B. L. McBlhlney, Red Oatc. In. Mrs, J. Vf. I/ecliler, Sprlnicfleld, Mo. Mra. Aaaa God^ardi Taletpiafa, I. T. Mrs. John A. Marry, l.lBcoIn. N. D. ' Mrs, Percy Wyiy, Tableqoah, I. T. Mrs. LUxle Groves Galon, Gardner, Kaa. I Mrs. Minnie Hanger, lAniar, Mo. otbers who irt afflicted, to be Cured, and not fo on Buffering. AND All Diseases of the ReictttQt €ivr^ tfnA^ A POSITIVE = E.i>. NQTREBE, M. D., Kansas Git^, M|i Jad^« ApMlkj. Sjprlsg- ;field, Mq. . ' The Fir^^ Nktlonal BasK, The First ya^iU^ fa^ Hhiisas ^ty. The Vnlon^JittMl BaaX, The q^if ^SgUMl Ifsttoa. ^IBaakV^KuHis City. Mo. . Th'e 'Xmierlc^ MaUoasI BaaH^.kan^ ''^^^ :^Wbea yon write to tbe above rcfercflces'or to aoyaf thfrj^ tita- f/96se namcai^piearteti&s circahir. elBise* eadoie 'Itsop Iiiir reply. - - ^Mra. jr. W. ScatJC, Rolla, Mo. ^ "MTB, A. K . Cathcra, Topeka, Kan. MM . X H . MUllfcan, Kaasaa City, Mo. • Mra. J. M. UuRbea, Kaasaa City. Mo. Mrs. Martha Bark. KaanaH City. Mo. Mrs. D. L. MeKlhlney. lied Oak. la. Krm, Joacyb Doallly, CoffcyTille, Kan. Mr. Bdward Watersoa, Vc, Roy, Kan. Mr. Robert Brlles, Crandall, Kan. Mr. Ralph Droara, Kansoii City, Mo. Mr. W. U. IVhitcIavT. Payettertlle, Ark. A. C Bramlitt, M. D., Deontnr, Tex. air. a. IM Ueckeallvely, Sprlasflcld, air. W. p. Snrber, Golleire View, Web. Hr. £) J}. Klaaworthy, Little Rock, Axk. \ Bfr. J. B.' Mnilftea, Kanaas City:, Mo. air. W. M. Dnnaway, Blalratovrn. Mo. Mx, Edvrtn E. \l'llsaa« Kansas City, aio« B. O. Simon, M. Kansas City, Mo. -srr. Dan CoS, BoonevIUe, Bliss. Mr. O. Hladmaa. Island City, Mo. Mr. Wm. R. WriBht. Peoria, III. If Hr. M^ W. Johnson, Lebanon, Mo. Mrs, G. A. Smith, Sprlnsfleld. Mo. Mrs. A. M. -Bnckley, SprlnRflcld. Mo. Mrs. Geo. Ramsey, Sprlasfleld, Mo. Mrs. G. A. Thompson, Sprlnefleld, Mo. Miss Barbary Bell. Sprlnsfl«ld, Mo. Miss Jennie WelU, SprlnsBeld, Mo. Mrs. McClelland, SprlasSeld, Mo. Mrs. Eaton, Sprin^cld, Mo. Mrs. Gcrlock, Sprlnsfleld, Mo. Miss Mand Johnson, Sprlnsfleld, Mo. Mrs. J. W. Levhler, SprlneOeld, Mo. Mr. J. X.. Heckenllrely, Sprlnsfleldi Mo. ProL Hoorer, SprlnRfleld, Bio. Mr. Harry Jevrell,, Sprinsfleld, Mo. Mr. Ed. Beit. SpiinsBeld,'Mo. Mr. J. -W. Bell, Springcld, Bio. Mr. J. W. Brown, SprinKlield, Mo. , Mr. John Toraat, Sprin^eld, Mo. Mr. Stnmk, Sprlnsflcid, Mo. »Mr. Sam Sonth, SprtasSeld; Mo. Mr. W. R. White, Sprlneflald, B(o. Mr. BI. W. Johnson, Sprlnsfleld, Mo. Mrs. James Capp, SprlaBfleld, Mo. Miss Enunn Doty, SprinRfleld, Mo. Mr, Davis; Sprlnfffleld, Mo. Mrs. JaaacB, Sprlaeflcld, BIo. Mrs. Potter, Sprinsneld, BIo. Mr. Calvin Bnckley, Sprlnn^eld, Mo. Mr. Rnsacn BIyrlck. Sprlni;flrld, Mo. Mrs. W. A. BIyrlefc. Sprlasfleld, Bio. TESTiMpNiaiS. •nffered for Years Ironi Bad Case of Piles and Other Ucetal Dlaeaarn— Doctored nlth Blony of the lient Pbyalclans in the Coantry—Coablr to Obtain Relief—Advlaed by PrIeadN. ' Whom Doctor bad Treated ivltb Woaderrnl Sncrcss. tb go to lilm— Completely Cored after Three Weeks Painless' Treatroeot—Will Gladly AnsTrer Letters from Anyone AfBlct- «d Who Desires Partlcalara. Kans ;.-i3 City. Mo.. Dec 8. 1902. Dr. E. P. Notrebe. , 216-218 W. rvrcUth St.. Kan6,as City. Mo. My Dear Doctor—I am to adrt my testimonial letter to your alrnaily Lirgc list, as I know I owe my health and that of my family to your wonderful care and skllL I had sufCercd with piles for years and sot no relief from constant doctoring with many of the best physici.-ms In the countrj'. Finally I was advised by a friend whom you had cured to go to you for tn^^tment. which I did. And to my entire' satisfaction you cured me within throe Wt-eks. Tour methods of tre.TtIng rectal diseases aro cert.-iinly wonderXul, t)t.<lng almost entirely painless and not ro- Quirlni; the use of that danfreroiia druK, chloroform, whlck is so commonly used by other doctors. It is some years slnee you cured mv. of a bad case of pilc."« and ottier ree- trouble. ;jnu 1 nm now ptTfrt-tlv sound and well. T will take jileasiiro in answerinii letters from anyone who la ufllicted and may wish to know mora particulars about my rase. Any person .surf«Tiner with rectal'UisoasoB of any kind should take your treatment and no other. With best wishes for your success, I am. Vouis very truly, J. ir. C0nNK !5. 1021 I'^aco. T*. ST—1 *1Ph tT> any that Doctor ICotrehc treated savcrnl members of my family, and many umonK my friends ;ind .•icn"aitit.Tncf »s—nil wltii the Mamo.wonderful success with which he did mo. I have known him for many ye.irs and can assure the nf- nicled that they can absolutely depend upon what the doctor says. Old Soldier of tbe 351h IlllonI <t Rrci- mrnt<--Contrac(ed Rectal Trouble Durinir the Civil Watw .Conaalteil Prominent Physicians la ISO-I. Advised by all that He Could Not Live Over Ten Years—Examined by the Feaalon Board of ICaoRan City, Kaa­ saa, irho Pronounced the Case n %-rry Bad One—Compelled. to Live on Cnrr- fnlly Sclevird Diet—Treated and Cured by Ur. Notrebe ^ithouC Con- flnement or I7a« of Chloroform— Now In the Beat of Ilealth—Cannot Speak too Stronjcly of the Doctor's Wonderful I KnoiTledRc and Ability- Dues not Believe there la IIH Equal In the L'nlted States in IlandUnR Diseases of .the Rectum. Kansas City. Mo.. Dec. 9. 1302. Dr. E. P. Notrebe, 216-218 W. TwrUth St., Kansas City, Mo. My Dear Friend—It alTords me Rroat pleasure to RIVU you this tesiimoni.i.1 lutter. and, I only hope that it will serve the ml.ssion for which I Intended it. That 13, to influence other unfortunate sufferers to po to you to be cured. Aa far back .a."? IRrtS -i prominent pliy- sician in St.' Louis, who pave me' temporary relief, said that I'could not live more than ten years under any circumstances. This was the unanimous viTdlet of fifteen or tirenty docfor.-? by whom I W.13 time to time treated. I was also examined bv the Pensluii Hoard at Kansas City. Kan., Just bi- fore RoinR to you. They said my cmt'- was a very bad one and insisted upon niv livlnR on a very carefully sul.ct •.! tiU-t, pnictlcallj" conflnlnc vny food to water, clear coffi -e and te.a. fresh heef. ijjjr .i. and as little broad as possible. When I went to you two years .-IRO I wn'."? an weak that i could Hi :arcfly srej t 'l y"Ur orjii -i'. anil II.'MI luen itlmrhl uti- .•lll.- to 'i'lfml In JJIV ''w'.i'-S !<'Mii 'r- irit -r-.'l-nl nf llif fl.-l^>r^- tltm-. 'i'lii- phyi'iciim Willi li.iil me uniler his cliarffc at tlif time I wi »nt tn you said tiiat I was too weak to undurgo an op- crtition. •When I first went to see you, you did not ajrrec to cure me. but you thor- ouirhly examined im; ami said you would .idvlso rao the following wi-i-k whehter or hot you x#ould undertake my case. I had little belief when I returned to you that yoif would take my cas»; and much less tluit you could euro mo. When j-ou said that piles and other rectal troubles wvre tli« iRaso of di.ibetcs and the other afnic tlons from which I had been sufferInK, I did net think it possible, because of the contrary advice that so many other physicians had given me for years. you treated mo on my second visit to'ycSlr office and apain In two weeks: One of the most remarkable fcatnrff) aboiit your msthod is that you took mc m my wretched condition nhd treated and cured me without the use of chloroform, or any anesthetic, and without continlnK or takini; me from my work a single .day. I was. In fact, able to rcsumi- my entire duties after the first treatment. 1 commenced to^ B.iln at once, and am now cnjoysnR bet- tiT health than I have.had for thirty- seven years. I am able - to carry on my work ns superintendent of the fac-' tory with comfort and My case was so extremely bad that I fec^ that in curing me you almost, performed a miraclo. I had lonR before g -ivi-ii u," ' ! !ioD« of belns cured. I know tli;ii i..> ...le wlio is arilK-ted >.MII afford to imi off ^olng' tn you a sint;!.- monicnt. 1, do not believe tl'ial tlivri- IS anoth-r'phyaldan In thu IMiilid .States who is so thornuprhly roiniie- t« nt to successfully handle sufh an e.\»rimc eas" a;i yon handled for n»Willi bi >st wish«?s for your c-niuinuei! success, I am. Your friend. JOS(:i«II UICICFTTS. • Supt. Mlllikan-Mullown<'y Saddlery Co Hanker nod CapltaKat AV^tca of 111'^ Wnnderfnl and Unrxprrted Cure— Ilnd Suflcred Many Years from Itor- tal .discn.-int—Trcoted Tiilb Man; Promlncat Physicians—Unable tc Obtain Relief—Loat Faith in Doc­ tors—Ilad Given up, all Kope' nf' Ever Ilelns Cured—Advises Hi* Friends that Doctor Notrebe Will do nil He Promises—Cured TITO Years Ago. Russell, Kan.. Dec. 15, 1902. Dr. B. P. Notrube, 216-218 W. Twelfth St.. Kansas City, Mn. My Dear Sir—After. sufTerinR for ye.ars with rectal trouble.' 1 was pfr suaded by friends to no to Kansas City in October, 1901. to consult with yo-.i I had little faith In doctors, havln,-; been treated by many of thorn ami havinp: received no- porihanent benclit Hut after consulting with you, and you had Bivcn me a "thoroiiErh examination. I was convinced thnt I had met .i doctor who was honest and who undt-r- stood his work. So T placed niysolf under your care and you began treal- infj me In Novraehcr. 1901. I am pleased to state (hat I havp improved constantly over since. My rvct.-il trouble is entirely cured .ind I am feoling belter than I toavo for years. I take pleasure in recnmmendlnR ynii to any-who arc sulTerinR: with rectal trouble, bellevlnBT that you can do all that you isay you can do for the afflicted. Resp<?ct fully yoiir.s. CII.V3. P. COPELAND. J. T . Caldwell Cured WItbont Vse ni Chloroform or Deteallon from flna- iaess—Suffered Over Seven Vcam From Piles |||id Flatnia—Case Pror, nonoeed lacnrable by Blaay Prominent Physlelaas—Had Given up Ilopr of Recovery-^SnrQalacd and DeliKht- ed at Wonderfnl Cnrr^Wlshen to lafloeace Others Who Are ACfltctrd. Kansas City. Kan., Jan. 8, 1903. Dr. E. P. Notrgbe. 21(1-218 W. Twelfth St.. Kfinflaa City, Mo. Dear Sir—I wiah my crat- itud» and HatlBfactlon (or the able and (irofe.islonnl manner' In which vou treated mo in my tllness. Havlns b(!eii a sufferer for about seven yaars with flslula and plle.i. I had almost Riven up tho hopo of ever beinK myself ajjnln-.tny health Benorally was jrroat- ly impaired: but much to my surprise and Krsnt delight you have accomplished for me what so many physl- cl^s had pronounced imposs ble and tORCther with the fact that dnrini; th«' time of treatment I was able to attend to ray business affairs, makes mc doubly Rratcful to ytiii and very appreciative of your ability as a physi- cinn and surgeon, I hope It will be the Rond fortune of others who have sufTered as I have, to become your patients. Wlshlni; you unbounded success. I am. Tours truly, J. T. CALDWELL. : A Hedlcal Stadeat Snflered With Ilenv-' orrboida or Plies for Vearsi-Ncrvous Ss'ntem a Complete Wreck—Invest|- snted Bletbods and Treatment fcir Rectal Dlaeaars—Placed 1 lUmnetf andcr Doctor Notrebe—Cared wtth- out Vac , ot Chloroform or Coaanc:- menc. Kansas City, Mo., Jan. r>r. K. 1'. Kotr.>be. 216-21N W. Twelfth St. Kansas Citv. Mo Pear Doctor and l-'rlend-j-For hen.•lit of! tvlu> ari,> suHerin.i! frK>ni S, 1903. the ite a fo ^v surfvred ri 'ctal illMcases. 1 wish tn wrj llru 'H rci;:irdlr.ifr my i-.TSf. ironi hfinorriiiiids for soveial yc;ir.s :inil from tlie offi 'cts of this troul 'Ii- inv nervon.s aystifin became |almost a total wri'ck. After thuroufth invi-stl- uation of many niethuda aiid| ao-cail<<d ••ur .>s of rectal*«. I was so vupy fortunate ua to meet I you. and placijd niyself under your cire. In li-ss th;Mi. tlirvc miinllisl was entirely cured, the ilLsuascd tissue h<>lnR rirmovt|l without niy l\avinii to fake ehUiroforni. or eyon li.'ini? conJinod to my ronm. tlius saving l>>.:.-i of tlnJe and the cxpenscj of a hoa- pltal foe. { It has been but a few months since I was operated on and 1 itel like a dirtercnt piTson. My ncrve.i; havi^ tin- •lergonc a ch .-tnBO seemlnRli" Impossible, to s.ay nothing of the relief fni 'm I lie local condition that Id enttrcl/ cured. Respectfully yours. SHELDON li. irEWETT. Well Known Ostcopntb Studied anil Wntcbed Results of Doctor Notrebc's Melboda ot Treatment—Says Re ' Is FlDPSt DIaKnoaticlan and Ssrgepiii In tbe Bledlcal Profejialon. «^ Butler, Mo.. Dec. 11. 1902. nr. E. P. Notrebe. 216-218 W. Twelft'h St.. j Kansas City. Mo. 1 have known Dr. E. P. Notrebe for some tlmo :ind havo watched his work nnil projrress very closely. 1 ,-idmirc his great ability in rtlapnosis and ap- [>reciate the skill with, which he hi.', '.ri -ated the croat' number! of poriple wlio.-have comu to him for help. 1 ri .'spect him aa a RcnLleman of worth ;i3 well as a skilled physician In the sense of the ivord. i 1 h.-ivo only words of prailse for him •ind his noble worlt, and [am plwas.-d u-licn 'thoso who arc physically unTor- tunafe place tliemselves under his care? your.i vory truly. HAIIRIET FREDERIpK, D. d. \cw Maa nfter Ttvo Weeks Treatmcat -SufTered Six Years front Rectal and Other Troubles—Hope Almost Lost— Completely Cured—Restored to Normal Vljtor-.4'KnlB Able i to Work— Owen nil ro the Woaderfnl Methods and Skill of Doctor Notriebe. Kan.^i.'J City. Mo., D<)c. 3, 1903. Dr. E. l: Notrebe. I 21C-21H W. Twelfth Sjt., ICiinsas City. Mo. My Dear l >i>iti .>r—1 certillnly• cannnl say too niuc-li in favor of j your tr>u'at- ment. For over six yr>,irsi I constantly liufTerud from rectal! and other troubles. life w :iR a contlnucil bui^don to me. and I often thouffHt tlint, 3Uf- ferln^ as 1 did. it would bar butter to bn dead than iillve. At times hope; almost falh-d me. but after I placsd- myself under your care, thai chanRji, yotj wrouBht In me was simply astohish- InR. In less than two wccVs after ths operation I was as well "as ever Jand able to work as I had not done' for years. I am now feellnj* better'than I have for years, for I have conjpUtoly: recovered my normal vigor. You liavc marie a new man of me. I shall never forpet what you have done for mo. and th .1t it is due to your kindness and skill that 1 havo been restored to a state of perfect hc."i'.lt:. .Yours very tnrly. D..%NIEL W. MATTHAEL = •| il3 West Z7th street. Major Charles Carp|es,. Sixty Virars .<lSc-^Sviffered aiany Ycars^ _jrrom Rectal Dlsea -ses— Treated By^Dpclor Notn -iiR Several 1'eara AK «»—P«r'«^.- ly Cur^d In Two iVedhHr^yw Fin• joylagjiicst of HeaItii--^dTiseii "Oio^e Sufferlns From Simhai''' OtseasM 'Co go tit the Doctor and be Cured. ^ i Kah.>;ns City, Mo.. Dec. 6. 1902. * Dr. E: P. Notrebe, : ., 21G-21.S W. Twelfth St.. jCity, Mt>. i My : Dear IW'ctor—1 am Rreaitly plraseil to Rive you' the following tc.s- tiniuniiil lotti-r. fur the bencflt.of anybody who may bo iaftUctcd a3 I was. bu-ciiitS.- I know Jf they will go to you for triuitroent. they will be cured. Yours very truly,- CHAKLES CARPLEa To Whom It May Concern: Tliii Isj to certify that I havp known Dr. Hi Pi Notrebo favorably and well for many' years and know him to ben Kent tutiui'n of honor and a surgeon of uiiiisuiki sliill and hiRh attaliiments. Somb two years Ago he operated upon me for a; very sevens case of-protruding plies. The op«ratlon Wius a Kratl- fyinR success, since which I have not noted;, a JainRle symptom of roturning tumors. iDcforc.the operation my 'Ufa was' lilmpst unbearable from pain and Inconvenienco: i , 1 am Rlad to make this statement aa a small return for his kindness. :V(jry respectfully. i CHAa fTARPLEa Asst. Custodian Custom House, Kansas City, Mo. . Major: Carples Is upwards of .sixty yeara^old and had been afflicted many years^ t[ut was cured In two weeks^ time.: » ' Physl^lnn—Watched Dr. ITolrebe's Melh.oda fdV *^lTe Vedirs—Pronoun* ces' His Treatment ot Rectal Diseases Most' Perfect There fs—Scat Many Severe Cases to the Doctor tor. Treatment. c _ Gage. Okla.. Dec 25, 1902. j Dr. E. P. Notrube. . 21i;-21S W. Twelfth St.. I Kansas City. Mo. Dear jDoctor—for the last fire yeara 1 liaVe! studied and watched with tha ;Ti 't -atest iidmiratlon tbe results of your treaUnent of rectal cas^ , - .. All- of the operations which you performed! on patients whom I placed under your care, many of whom had run tho -Aong Kauntl<>t. wl. .'^^jii -rimenter.s, rvsultud in tbe most v.'onderfuJ ' slic-" ' cess.; i , : . « I Believe j'our methods of treatment to be thu most: perfect and the most unlfornily satisfactory now In exiat-• cnce. I • Wlshtnjr you continued success in yourgt-kal an<l Rood work, 1 am. : your friend. ! EjnWlN. M. D. W -rlIrs - ot ttif Doctor's Wonderful I 'ainlPKs .1!eihod|—Suffered Many 1'raru from Rectal Diseases • 'lYenled and Pcrnianeatly Cured without the fac of Chloroform, or Deiratlon from • Bbslneas — Will GIftdiy Answer lagnlrtes' Rjesai^lift Blethods.Treatntent,'etc. ; Kansas Qty. Mo.. Dec 19, 190?. i Dt. E. P. Notrobe. A 2lG-2l.'{ W. Twelfth St., A ~ . City, Mn. Dcsar Doctor—I can certainly «ay, doctor, that !the operation you psr- forrtled "on me proved to bu most suc- ccssiful. and did not Inconvenlcnco mo at ttil. I kept rlfiht bn with my work. Every other physician that 1 consult­ ed'ftdviKcd mc that they could- not trcaii riiL- for piles without confininif mo .to iny. lieii. 1 can nssiTf , anyone : who takes yntlr treatment' tlic-ro Is no dnubt of .your beinjj :ihl< to effect a complete, a permanent and a painless cure. Any. letters sunt to me.' reicardlnR yoiir nicliiod's ot treatment., will ba chcqrfiilly answerbd. •yours reapccffnllyj ; . O W. ITARRia City ARt of WIttman Automobile Co.. 921 Wain street. ^ Dr. Notrebe will be at the FIFTH AVENUE HOUSE in BARNETT, WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY. JULY llith and 16th, and will be at the PENNSYLVANIA HOUSE in lOLA. JULY 17th and ISth. Dent faU te^Mll apd ^e ttie Dofitor at Gannett m lola. H wIR pay any one who is afflicted. 0. C;^KESNER, •.;0: Sedalia ... . .2 0 0 0 o;0 0 4 0—(5 ^ 2 Batteries—Jones and Redmond; Caies and Schram. How Nice to Be Umpire. Tbe followins "unprojudiccJ"'^- conni of a baseball game Is shcarcJ bodily from the .\ilanra Constitution: '•Of aJJ Jhe beastly splailers and bobtailed four flushes, the second bout between Ihc ColonelB and iho Black Sox was I In.' worst, and every bit of tho fault Kliould ho laid nt the door of that Benisplcsa piece (ff human funl^ who meanders aimlessly aliout under thd subrlquei of Mr. Brcnnan, umpire. "Dronnan is the flerceat fizzle that over disgraced jthe profession. He has neither Judgraerjt, backbone nor ability, and back of. it all hasn't enotigh gray matter on tap to feather a small flea. Talk about ye blocks, ye stooes. ye worse than senseless things, as Bill Shakespeare used to say. "Before blistering the human squash any further the giame should be given some small mention. The boyt wound pp 5 to 5. "Observe for a moment the umpire's dficds of violence and then voider hovr the Colonels ' played the game they did. I Dwia^i tile first nings Stafford. Weyhing and Matthews were benched without any cause whatever. Weyhing and Matthews were ahovcd into the coop from the side linos for giggling a bit whon Bronnan called strikes on Croxier and Wilfianis thrct» feet over their head.s. "All three of the Black SoN'a llisi runs wort due to Brennan. He reius- ed to call sirikos that were nectarine.s with juice. All during ihc game Bivn- nan wa.s trembling like a leaf lu a gale. He was the most alijeci Hpecl- Cholera Infantum. This lias long been regarded as one of the most dangerous and fatal di.s- easGs 10 which Infants arc subject. It cajt be cured, however, when properly treated. All thai i.s necessary is to give Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy and castor oil, as dirocieil with each bottle, and a cure is certain. For salu by all druggists. "I owe my wholo llfo to Burdock Bi <Kjd Bittern. Scrofujoua sorea cov- , cred niy body. I seemed heytmd cure, men of hurtianlty that ever hap|»ened jj |j ,„a,i(, n\o a iK »rfeclIy well without doubt. "Honie fanatics might like lo know something of the build and personal appearance of the roaring farce comedy who handled the Indicator. Mr. Bronnan i$ of lean and hungry makeup, withj jammed a pair of watery looking eyes back in a wrinkled countenance that closely resembles a mince pie stirred with a fork. His .ears are large and loosely hnng from a noggin that goes to a point like a oano. The top of hfs head has been closely shaved and;fairly glistens in the,sun." , similar to my own that I concluded "to so after having suffered so long, ^ut try the remedy. The result •was^wofe- thkt one bottle of medicine, costing derful. I could hardly realize that I but. a Ijpw cents, cured me." For sale was well again, or believe it could be by all "druggists. ' • R. B.t St^v^ison haa %for r^nt rooms 6 and f^^!'|lte;^|eyai$9n.))iUli^ woman." Mrs. Charlea Hutton, Bcr- villo. Mich. ... V;v Very Remarkable Cure of Oiarroea. "About six years ago for tho first time In my life I had a sudden and severe attack 6t diarrhoea," says Mra. Alice Miller, of Morgan. Texas. "I got temporary relief, bat It camo back again and again, and foi' six long yean I have auttered more mlaery and agoify than I.can tell. It waa'wone ttuiii death. My husband spent hundretv; of-dollars for physicians' prescriptions and treatment 'Without avalL Finally we moved to Bbsaue cotmty, oar present home, and oile day.I happened to see an adr^tisenkent brCh^mberlain's Colic, Cholera4Li^d Diarrhoea.Remedy with a-teBtUnagiMa/ot a-iq«n who :1|a4 —wM'iaoi liriiifiMilii Wa sell.. Boilers, • Englntf, Brasa Cattlngs, Prllllnfl Topis, Gray Iron iQaatlnfls, Belting, Packing, lola, Kansas. MuiitMiarer* oil ructalnwy . ...Par..'. lines, Smelters and Brick Pl|nts. w* oh«r... i' Qood Workinanallip, Prompt DolfveriM, Low PrlccfJ . AMWatId anii'|1 »ln [Striioiural Werlc, Bmolca StaolMi fl^al Timi Car* IPattens For Castiigs a Spedaltyi EstipateiJTijaj^ed, QMick »e^^y|^ Another Lot of Xvtp^rji^f^ gQOD THE YEAR ^i ^iy i

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