Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on September 24, 1889 · Page 4
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 24, 1889
Page 4
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It don't pay to nm nflcr otb«r — brands, for in the end wise housekeepers settle down to the use of SANTA CLAUS SOAP. If your grocer hasn't Santa Gaus Soap, he'll get it for yon. K. FAIRBANK & CO.,Chicago, III. Atu , ( liv (. o , j • x i i 1< rtnr jSith r; vilh .\ , m" r fnpfy n* v, ilH M \! mil rcu>r anr? .Taunilief, but wna cured by timfly use of this rtu'di- cine. Am satiafiptf Electric JMtters saved his life." Mr. P. I. \S"ilcoxson, of Horse Cave, Ky., adds a like testimony, fl^yinp:IIo positively b<?lipves hs would have died, find it not been for Electric Hitters. This great remedy will ward off, na well as cure all Malaria Diseases, and fur a!l Kidney, Liver and (jtornach Disorders stands unequalled. I'rieo sects. and Si. at D. B. Strickler'a. A silver bell lisa been hunpr in a tower in the village where the railroad accident to the cr,ar's train happened, and it will be tolled every dhy nt the hour of the accident. ISncklon' The beat salve in the world for Cuts, Hruises. Sores, Ulcers, Salt Kheuro, Fever bores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains, Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and postively cures Piles, or no pay required. It ia guaranteed to give perfect eatiafaction, or money refunded. Price 2i3 cents per bos. For sale by D. B. StrioUler. deer :ty a Mrs. Cleveland recently shot a in the Adirondacks. CHICAGO .RAILWAY;OTEE 7,000 MILES Of steel track in Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Dakota and Wyoming, penetrates the Agricultural, Mining and Commercial Centres of the WEST AND NORTHWEST. The Unrivaled Equipment of the Line embraces Sumptuous Dining Cars, New Wagner and Pullnr»n Sleepers, Superb day Coaches and 0 FAST VESTIBULED TRAINS Running direct between Chicago, St. Paul and Minneapolis, Council Bluffs and Omaha, connecting for Portland, Denver, San Francisco and all Pacific Coast Points. OHLUINETOTHEBlACKHIllS For Tickets, Ratal, Map*. Tlm« Tab]c« and toll Information, upply to any Ticket Agent or tub lireu the Oeu'l Puiongor Agent, Chicago, III. J. K. WHI7HA1T, B. 0, WICKS, B. P. WttOOM, flwenl IGagar. Trifle lta»g«r. Oea'IPan. Agt. W. A. F'CrWL.ER, B O HOT DELAY TOtTB SUBSCBIFTICK FOB LIPPIHCOTT'S MAGAZINE, which new itands in the front rutk. gf towntMy public* tjMUftnd Bcooplw Um position of A LEADER AMONQ LEADERS. Eachnnmlxr oooUlm A COMPLETE NOVEL.alto* literalqntntlti of mUM UAHOOOJ mtlter of «n intertstlnn Had iMtrnolln nitun. OM jMt'i nibMripUon gitci« 1IBRARY OF 12 COMPLETE NOVELS W Am«ri«i»ii «othor«, tojwtlwr with AN ABUNDANCE araUOBT STORIES. POEMS, ESSAY S,»mlm«tWri jS «auu»l lutonat to general radan, miking > Tolumo of MEARLY TWO THOUSAND PAGES. TIM iruaKa of LiPTOioon'l itudl nnprtceJentod U |b«aaiul4«f Muuino publishing, and to-day itfwtnlliu Utl« U mloomoila CTorr bimiot, Tillage, town, ud city ttmnrboot tbi VuUM States. Tba bart writer, of Uu in h»n bwi iMnnd >ni new ftntaraa will, from ttnu totlmn, In uUtd which will gir« A DISTINCTIVE PLACE OF ITS OWN. AmilU BlTC*. Eajfftr tbUoi. John Hhbhwtoa Edna rmvwU, CftpUltt Ch»rle« Kiajr, U.BJL, Oaet K!DK, M. Elliott 8«ft»ell, S«llR»Dol*t-o,Mfturio«B»rrTinor«, Oald*, manner othe» will contribute to iu p**«a for im For ' »cfcu. i4dn«w LlpplHCOtV" *Uf»«In«, PWJ»- . 26 oantM tlasl* Bumbat. (3.00 {wr j«&r. Band j>l» eopj. r A western paper gallantly remarKa that "the lady prisoners in our jail are about the most deapera e lot we have seen in a long time." She wan Completely Cured. A daughter of my customer _snJTerfd from suppressed TneriSlruatton. and her health was completely Wi'oukuu. A* my auggeaUou she used one bottle of Bcadfield'a Female llegulator, which cured her. .1. W. Heliums, Water Valley, Misa. Write The BradQeld Kegu- ator Co., Atlanta, Ga., for particulars. Sold by all druggists. Two kinds of divorces are granted n Circassia. Bythe'flrst the parties can immediately marry again; by the iecond,not for a year. The "Mother's Friend" Not only shortens labor and lessens >aln attending it, but greatly dimtn- ahes the dancer to life of both mother- and child if used a few months before confinement. Write to The Bradfield Regulator Co . Atlanta, Ga., for further particulars. Sold by all druggists. A salesgirl employed by a New York dry goods house was polite and agreeable to an aged customer, who recently died, leaving her 30,500, "His pills as thick as hand-grenades flew, And where they fell as certainly they slew," Was said of one of those ignorant doctors in the early times, who might well have been culled the aide-de-camp of death. The suflerer from scrofula, with sores as bad as Job's, need not now curse the day he was born, for Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery will restore health and beauty, appetite and strength. Especially has it manifested ts potency in curing salt-rheum, tetter, boils, car-buncles, sore eyes, scrofulous sores and swellings, hip-joint disease, white swellings, goitre, or thick neck, and enlarged glands. In 1871 each lamp in London coot £4 ISsrOd; this rose to £0 68. 9d. in 1872; it s now £3. Is. 7d. for square lamps and £s 8s. lOd. for round lamps. trad* in nil pam, , piicinff oof - ' Knrtffoorltwin. _ . - — — them. wa will atm) free to on. to neb totality,Ui. rery world.with all iba attachment*. » will alao Mad t r*« . eomplcl. of oar coatly and valcabU art ipl«a. In return w. uk that yoir r whet w. Mud, to tboaa who call .t your home, and after 31 ithaaUlhall become your own • macbtae U palenta, k runout II aoli lor SU.1. with the , and Dorr Mlla foe D. Bent, atrootatt, moat oaa- .1 macbiae m lha world. All U . («. No capita) raqtdnd. Plain, fesiM fautrocttona Kivaa. IboM who writ, to ua at caca ean aa- «ara IY«« tbe M«t ••wlnr-machlns la ttw world, and tba leofMrorkaorbfrbartercrahown t»retherla America. ~ - a I£ox 74O. AuciuCa* Maine* oTMTty, This rmid nu •d« »ft«r th* Kinscr hid* b*T» mo oat; Be fen Dr. C. McLane's Celebrated LITER PILLS WfLL CURB A few doses taken at tha right time will often save a severe epell of sickness. Price only 25 cents at any drug store. Be sure and see thst Or. C. MoUNE'S CELE BRATED LIVER PILLS, FLEMING EROS., Pittsburgh, Pa., ia @n the box* Kone other ia Genuine. true IVORY POLISH for tha Toeth, fiaunnaa smt BSIATB. BLUE R UNNING THBEE WAGONS AUsiXKlapromjitlydeUveredto »ny part ofUiedty. Specially ot roraoyiug. liousefioid gttwla anil iiliutoa, Imhliyl] K. H. WILUiSiN CATARRH CURED, health and sweet breath secured, by Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy. Price 50 cents. Nasal Injector free. For sale by Perry, the drugeist, and J. M. Bickford, Rock Falls. A Massillon mother trieil to open bur son's eyes to the ugliness of the jirl with whom he was blindly in love by giving him a good strapping. He ttiinks the girl prettier than ever. l>on't Experiment. You can't afford to waste time in experimenting when your lungs are in danger. Consumption always seems, at first only a cold. Do not permit any dealer to impose upon you with some cheap imitation of Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption, Coughs Colds, but be Bttrfr-yairgetlhe genuine. Because he can make more profit he may tell you iie has some just as good, or just the same. Don't be deceived, but insist upon getting Dr. King's New Discovery, which is guaranteed to give relief in all Throat, Lung and Chest affections. Trial bottles free at D. JW. Strickler's Drug Store. Large Bottles 31. Sarah Bernhardt has become infatuated with the phonograph and will own one as soon as possible. THE REV. GEO. H. THAYER, ol Bourbon, Ind., says: "Both myself and wife ewe our lives to SHILOH'S CONSUMPTION CURE." For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J, M. Bickford, Rock Falls. . Miss Florence Bayard, daughter ef the ex-s.ecretary, is the champion lady tennis player of Delaware and of the District of Columbia. EN, Miners and Mechanics, find the IVORY SOAP the P best to wash up with after work- is'clone. It removes dirt and grease quickly, and is easily rinsed off, leaving the skin soft and smooth. IVORY SOAP floats, so if dropped into the water is not lost, for it rises quickly to the top and floats like a chip. IVORY SOAP lasts long and costs but little. A WORD OF WARNING. . : There are many white soaps, each represented to be "just as good as Ihe 'Ivory' j" they ARE NOT, but like all counterfeits, lack the peculiar and remarkable qualities of the genuine. Ask for " Ivory" Soap and insist upon getting it. Coryrlntit 1SSR . *'>' I'mHor A Gamble. Be sure to go and ask alf'the parties that join the land you are buying to show you the corners of the land they own. THAT HACKING COUGH can be quickly cured by tjblloh's Cure. We guarantee it. For sale by Perry, tbn driiRgiat, nncTJ. M. Bickford, Rock Falls Miss Krom Hnlinaman. Lizzie Sheehan returned to Jdeamed Profens The most serious disease of the heart, says Prof. Da Costa, may occur without any symptoms. Prof. Trousseau) of Paria, states that death from heart disease is usually caused by congestion of the langa, liver, stomach or kidpeya, from imperfect circulation of the/olood. Or. Miles' New Cure for the Heart is the. latest and most reliable remedy Tor this little understood but grave disease. It has cured thousands of cases, Don't fail to try it. Ask for testimonials. Sold at A. R. Hendricks" or J. M. Bickfords' Drug Store. John Fredericks and his wife and Henry Williams and his wife, of Laporte, Ind., were all born on the 29th of February. The men are brothers-in- law. AS arrow Earnpe. Mrs. L. 8. Pickerell, of Mlddlebury, Ind., had a very narrow escape from the insane asylum. For years she was subject to headache, palpition, spinal pain, sleeplessness and nervous prostration. For three years she had convulsions, otten as many as fifty a night. Able physicians failed to help her. At last after taking that wonderful rem edy, Dr. Miles' Restorative Nervine for six weeks, she waa entirely cured. It ia a recent discovery by one of the greatest of living physicians, and ia working wonders. Trial bottle free at A. R. Hendricks' or J. M. Bickfords' Drugstore. A Louisville man the day after being bitten by a mosquito waa seized with convulsions, bis right side became paralyzed and he was not expected to live. Card of Xhunka. If the proprietor of Kemp's Balsam should publish a card of tbanks, containing expressions of gratitude which c'ome to him dally from those who have been cured of severe throat and lung troubles by tba use of Kemp's Balsam, it would fill a fair-sized book. How much better to invite all to call on any druggist and get a sample bottle that you may teat for yourself its power. Large bottles 5dc and $100. 4a CEOUP, WHOOPING COUGH and Bronchitis Immediately relieved by Shiloh's Cure. For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Hock Falls. _ _.. •__ Among the latest recruits to current journalism is Miss Helen Gladstone Her articles will deal with subjects of special interest to women. A New IMueovery. Weakened and deranged livers, stomachs and bowels should never be acted on by irritants like common pills, bran, etc. Mile's Pills cures liver complaint, constipation, piles, etc., by a new method. Samples free at A. B. Hendrick's or J. M. Bickford's. Chicago Monday. John Murphy spent last week in Chicago, visiting relatives and friends. Mrs. Dawson is visiting friends ia Dixon this week. Miss Birdie Ferris, who is attending school In Tamplco, spent Saturday and Sunday at home with her parents. Miss Anna Murphy, of Chicago, was the guest of her mother last week. Misses Agnes and Anna Conroy, of Tampico, soent Sunday in our vicinity. John Devlne's children are still very sick with the whooping cough. Miss Anna Sheehan is in Sterling this week visiting friends. Mrs. Hob Watts spent a few days in Tampico last week, with her mother, Mrs. Welsh. Miss Katie McCabe is visiting friends in Sterling this week. CAN'T BE CAUGHT. The daintiest baby trousseau is being prepared for Mrs. Joseph Chamberlain, nee Endicott. Many of the garments are trimmed with genuine Irish lace. WILL YOU cough when Shin a Cure will give yon immediate relief. Price 10 cts., 60 eta., and 81. For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J. M. Bicklord, Rock Falls. ~- SHILOH'S COUGH- and Consumption Cure la sold by ua on a guarantee. It cures consumption. For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J.M; Bickford Rock Falls ^Vynmlnt; Contitltutlun IVIiikera. CBKYENNE, Wy. 'J'., Sept, 24 —Tho con. Btituttoual rouventlon yesterday decided upon a board of arbitration to Kittle ell strikes. Fur^ign police aro excluded. Rail woys are to transport only employes and their farm ies freo of charge, and must not dlscrlmin.Ve in making rates. " SLEEPLEISS NIGHTS, made miserable by that terrible cough, Shiloh'a Gore ia the remedy for you. For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford. Bock Falls. Gerster san« recently io riarlin. and the critics write that her voice was ia very good condition. The wife of Gen. Boulanger still lives i» the deepest seclusion at Versailles. Her acquaintances are usually careful not to mention her husband's name in her preseuco. Hlbbard'a Kheamntle ana Liver Pills These Pills are scientifically compounded, uniform In action. No griping pain so commonly following the use of Pills. They are adapted to both adults and children with perfect safety. We guarantee they have no equal in the cure of sick headache, constipation, dyspepsia, biliousness, and, as an appe tlzer, they excel any other preparation. -Never buy land of any person with* out first having a good lawyer investigate aud pronounce the title clear. The Spartan Virtue'of fortitude Most be possessed in no ordinary degree by those who bear the pangs of rheumatism without complaint. We have never heard of such au individual. But why not, ere tho life long martyrdom begins, extinguish the germ of this atrocious malady with Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, the efficacy of which as a preventive of the disease, as well as a meana'of relieving it, is well established aud amply attested, during the last thirty-five years, over professional signatures f It expurgates from the blood those acrid 'principles which beget the pain and inflammation char aoteristic of.tbis complaint, which, it should be recollected, is always liable to terminate life suddenly when it attacks a vital part. The Bitters also expels the virus of malaria from the system, remedies dyspepsia, kidney com- plalnt.^constfpation and~ biliousness," quieta the nerves, and invigorates the whole physical organism. tths • Never work in wells or at any other work that endangers your life, it matters not how much you can make. • Impure Blood, Cause ot JUhnaraiatiBBt HOW IT SHOULD BE TKKATEO TO EFFECT A PKRMANEHT COKE. The supreme importance of purifying the blood and of restoring the diseased liver and kidneys to healthy action has indeed made this subject one of great study, the results of which have enabled us to present to tte sillict- ed, Hibburd's Kheunmtic Syrup, s combination of tba Deal known remedies. Prepared b/ Rheumatic Syrup Co,, Jackson, Mich. By cures unprecedented It has proven its light to tiie UU» ot "The Greatest Blood Pmi.'ier iusd Kidney and Lifer ever tluwovered." We auy ttittdiciTit 1 to sfu/w an at b< k H}<« iife» that whle& kss b*«tu j.H»tir- a tt&a ' Crushing Stone. -~A, peculiar industry has sprung up near Albany.since 1883:. that of supply- tog crushed stone for asphalt and macadamized roads. The quarry from which the stone ia taken is operated night and day. One thousand tons of rock a day are crushed and 250 cars are used In transporting the fragments of rock to all ports of the country.—New York Tribune SHILOH'S CURB will immediately relieve Group, Whooping Uough and BronchitlB. For Bale by Perry, tbe druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Bock druggi Falls' Protection of Furniture. Alaspcr Yorlck— Been laid off all sum mer, like the reat of ua? Inu Himwel (joyously) — No indeedy; had a snap all season. Giving parlor readings at a Cape May hotel. Alasper Yorick — Take up collections? Inu Himwol — Not much; salary from the houso. A. Y. (incredulously) — Ya-as; for what? I. H. — Keeps the guests out of the parlor, — Burdette in Brooklyn Eagle. Jforeed to Leave Home. i Over 60 people were forced to leave their homes yesterday to call for a/ree trial package of Lane's Family Medicine. If your blood ia bad, your liver and kidneys oat of order, if you are constipated and have headache and an unsightly complexion, don't fall to call on any druggist to-day for a free sample of this grana remedy. The ladies praise it. Everyone likes it. Large size package 50 cents. - 2 A few miles west of Griffin is tho home of Mr. William Thrpckmurton. Mr. ThrockuaofEoiT is ""iIiiiT~pr<3[ 1 )riuTor"bT'tlre" most unique and remunerative farm in Georgia. It is tho "Lime Greek "Possum farm." ,On tho very crest of n w<;ll wooded hill is a comfortable cottage surrounded by beautiful shade lives). At the foot of tliu hill is a pretty brand), running through the very center of a ten acru jjerHiuimou grove inclosed within u hiy;h board fence. Tho persimmon tret».a are iutergpersed with a quantity of old hollow trees and hollow logs planted in the ground. WHAT AN EXl'RKT SAW. It was iu the early afternoon when we arrived, and to (he vitiinitiatcU tho farm to lv*» titi iiumiMise fruit o.rchart! (in <ib).oug whiiisii sort of fruit frtjin tho dojul limU-urf Urn j?. l.ilack ai*<m. t'.ut a|ij.H';u'aiu'i's nap, simply climbs the most convenient tree, walks out on a limb, wraps his tail ono and n half i lines around and swings bis body out into space. His legs and feet aro drawn close into his hody and Ilin horul drawn up hi-twccn his shoulders until it funiis an ulm.,.U perfect ball aud appi'ai'H to bo a great pear covered with white fnr. The sun was slowly setting below the distant pine mountains and wu were still gating at the queer objects in amused wonder when a half do/.en little'possums emerged from tho pocket of their mother, ran up her tail and commenced playing on tho limb above. In a few minuted this marsupial stretched hor head and then her foro feet out. Sho swung herself once or twice, grabbed her tail with her fore paws ttnd dinibod up it to the limb, which she caught with her claws, untwisted her t-.ftl and .nulled it up. Hardly h:ul nhu balanced herself when the half dozen young ones climt>od into her pocket and were hid from view. Sho then cliiubuil down the tree. While this was going on more than seven hundred others had awakened aud were coming down from the trees. Reaching the ground each one made for the creek, drank, and then j-au up tho hill to a pen in which they weru to bo fed. BAKED 'PO.SSUM AND 'TATERS. They were of all sizes. Sotno would barely weigh a half pound, while others would tip tho scales at thirty. Tho 'possum, when hungry, utters a sound which is a cross between a mew and a moan. Over seven hundred 'possums Wero together so thick that the ground could not bo seen between them, and tho small ones had been forced upon tho backs of the larger. All were uttering this peculiar sound, reminding ono of an army of soldiers moaning over tho death of their general, when through a gato a negro pushed a wheelbarrow, heaping full of all kinds of traah and slopa^-con- sisting of fruit pealings, vegetables, meats, bones and bread. As ho hove in sight tho scene among tho 'possums reminded one of feeding time in a menagerie. The little .ugly animals screamed and scratched and hit at one another until the negro had scattered tho contents of tho wheelbarrow over tho ground. Then, although it waa well Bcattored, all wanted to eat iu one place just like hogs, and there was considerable 1 more scratching and biting. But this did not last long, for the rations were soon consumed by tho great drove of 'possums, and they commenced to disperse, seemingly , contented, and thie time climbed the persimmon trees. 'During tho persimmon season'the 'possums aro not fed at all, for it is on this fruit they become rolling fat and ready for market. Mr. Throckinorton ships five hundred to eastern points and the cities throughout Georgia. They average him 51 each, and ho makes quite u good tbimj.out.oi. it, as they aro practically no expense to nim. In shipping to Atlanta and Gaor- gia points they are generally dressed, but the majority go to Washington and are shipped there alive. The largo shipments to Washington aro perhaps due to the average southern congressman's fondness for "baked 'possum aud 'tat*rs."— Griffin (Ga.) Cor. Atlanta Constitution. the northern!. fowei-s imr-:t, out. The rniui'nll record hore for tho snnv- l^iu'i!' of tiui". A torjimlo pr.iwed over Tii-lilo Ifarh, !<iir- tocn mlleft from here, nt 0 o'clock ln«t oven- insf, and did ;;rc.>t ilmnns;" t» Murray hall, nu iminen-sp tiencb ho'.el. The tin roof wns ofT, ilu 1 \vhulim-s aiul ilcora bui'st in, and the£ left ill n pi'ii'-r'nlly shuttered conditicin. The scrvnitts' ijrt'irtoi's nud cnr- jicnl'-r sliuj) ui'iir th'' lioiol were completely demolished. Ilrnllt of Prince O'NcI!. Prince O'Nuil, n Iny 18 yo.-trs old, wns staiiilinp; by tiie horse nn<\ lmc!;y of Lawrence HnyiifK, r.par th.i dam-in.; pnviiiou, nwnitini; the m-nvnl ot the I'vening trnin. Tho horao, vehicle dn'l b">y weru lifted into tliu nir and I lovvn nenrly ^.(0 feet to tho bench. The b iy «ns kida.l outright. A freight-enroll a sid.'trnclc wns lifted in the nir, UtrntMl ov<*r twic-.' nud lande.l on the north side of the nuiin trno!<, sixty foc-c distant, o A I'nlweiiRDr T>lil:iN r,oi>,l I,n«k. A passenger train, till-! ai 0 o'cioek, wns hnlf nn hour l;ite, ouiii^ In ol'struction^ on the trnck. Hml it nrrivo 1 0:1 time ID 1 c'ot- tugois returning from tlu city would doubt le.-is Irivo b^en 'tilled ot* seriously injuryd. The force of tlio wind wns such pieces of timber were driven through the two-inch plank fl'iorinj of the rnilro'i 1 simian and were with great difficulty extricated for tho pEi.s-mgo of the train. Tho eottng^s escaped with little or no dninnre, nnd .no H'-rUms injury to persons is ri'j.i.rli'il Iw-yi.tid tha death of the O'Ni'il boy. Tho dnirmiiB to Slurrny Hnll and Burrounillngs is estimate I nttlU,- (WO. Only Scvetlly-riTO Fuct Wide. Tho tornado covered an urea of not over seventy-five IVet in Its revolutions, and buildings.and |iersons oubido of this circle- wero imiujured. The lornado was less tlian three minutes in iluralion, and paswJ off toward the northwest. In., John H'.'l.-r. of Vir,-in cif!"/'ii:J ol that 3'.!'\>M ;. nir.;i;vii|i'nt. M nn! iy v, h Judt;^ Wnlkc!' to mnrr-.' t!io ntotrl"-)' of li;f; c!:i! ! fr^th'.-r IIT m~uv t!i:xn t 1 ^;- ai'e chil iM'n :M t. 1 !' 1 (Miirii grandfaiii! ; r, but had n the"formality of p. m.-irri-i Fnllnrn ol ll^lfonl. OlurUi- ft Co l,'tn i'h pub- & Co,, lishing liouvi of IJ-ilfo which haM a lar^o ('sinbli^hni'Mit, hero nud branches in New York an 1 Knn Fniiiciseo, fnileil yt'Ster.lay nltcrnoon. Tho nwls nra estimator nt bottvuen ?','.Ki,i)ir) nn-l ?:;i)0.000 and tho liali'iliiles nl Ir.i.Kt 5-t MI.O'W. Ths hcavirat cii'di:ors me in New York nnrl Ban Francisco. A n-c ivt>^ iias bc*eu nppoinU<l who will cc.ntinnn to piiljlihh lirilord'a Monthlr, a ininizino which tho firm hns been publishinp; '"'• »omo lima and which hns o subscrip'i'i i li-t of over 2"i,'JJO. An Incident of tho >"utlomil Gftmo. BnoOKi.Y'f, N. Y., &'|>l. L'.l.— In tho zinme ycste.dny U-tw>v:i thu I'.roi kiyn nnd Culum- bus bane ball cl-jlu (Am/rU-un nssoclacioi ) the official Hc:.i)'.) ' w/w nivfii ai Brooklyn C, Columbus ,'S— t 'i;;l'.t .'Inninst. Brooklyn hnd tied tlio ic.irii in tlu ninth inniU'T, wlion tlra- pir<) Hongli! c.ill.'d thu ^nnia on account of dnrknesu, wh MI lit! was snt 0:1 by u mob and escorted from tho Iliild "hy four police olH- cora. Ilc-nvy Sno\v cm Mutlnt Wu»liln)jton. FAHYAN HOUSK, N.. II., S pt, 1!4 —Snow tins fallen on Mount. W;u>hin;:t'>n for luu lust : five <layH. iind yi^t.-'i'.lay -murnins it n-na eighteen inches dwp. N" "'rwH-.' run in" the xiininiit Sunday n^Lu. owing to the depth Oi 1 mow, and tho trncks hnd to 1)3 shovclo,! out yesterday 1'iforo 1'ho trains could intikn tho ascent. Yeattsrdny was tlm first clear dny of this nion' h. \, A.IV till <. up fur the i> of Excellent Work *t Reasonable Prices. «THt STtRLiNG GAZETre Imitations of Old lironzo. An excellent imitation of old bronze has been introduced in some of the 'art products of that character. It in well known that the repeated applications to copper or brass of alternate wnxliua of dilute acetic acid and exposure to the fumes of ammonia result' in a very antique green bronzes; but a more rapid method of imxluciitg Una beautiful appearance baa long been u desideratum. It is now found that this may be accomplished by immersing the articles in a BolutioiTof'bH6~p"tt~rT~peri:liibnde~ of iron in two parts of water, tho tone acquiring darkness with length of immersion, or the materials may bo hoik'il in a strong solution of nitrate of cop|u>r. Itisiilso found practicable to Inmire the desired < effect by immersing tho articles in a solution of two ounces of nitrate of iron and the same quantity of hyposulphite of soda in half a pint of water, drying and burnishing completing tho process—New York Telegram. Florida Sponge*. The finest and boat spongca !n the world are now obtained ulonj; tht» Florida Keys. Nativu Floridia.i>tt do thu prin- cipiii KiitUuHnt;. T'hoi-i'aro sonu 1 laUnulersi also. Tho h|K>nj;u ihihcia are coaks. T!u;y cUrimt divo, but tear up the fijxmgess with ihrts) Untrd forku oo Sossg jx>lea. A Urct'k came ilovvii intut York a jiu- >-r M u,/> add tt ,J tliti bv itj .11,^, u «U't, ' 'il » ! i j i 1 ' V U i DIGGING FOR DEAD PEOPLE. Tho GrnoHomo St'iircti at Quolsc-ti — Another Ciit:t*trnj>ho KtntnltifiU. QuERKC, Sept 2-J. — Donis Borri^an, son of Timothy Borri^mi who diod on Baturiiny, diwl ycstenlny niorning. His bank was broken. Tho l.o;ly of Mm. Ili-Kinnon, who waa vlsitlns a frlond at the tiiaj of tho slide and was entombed in tli» ruins, wns found .standing erect. Ahoul -sixf.\ - m^ii oniployod by tho city are now worliing ot tho dobris with steam onginos nnd dorrii-'ka. Tho work progrcsse? rapidly. * Ijiuikhti; for Otlia.r Bnillofl. Tho following bodies nni supptBad to bo locatod wliuro other men aro working: Michael Bradk-y'd two clillJron, Thoinns Poiabciton, Joj -ICtnip, Mrs. O'Dowd, Robert Liwson'a child, Richard Maybary, wife and son, Henry IMnc t, John Honry and Wife, nn old woman visiting tho Honrya aud two sailors, nain^s u iku^WM. Persona well acqimfntnl with tho locality, however, say that tho number missing is greater. tbai> fiftOPtl. The bodies of Thomas Njlan and wifo wore found lato Samlay lockod in each other'u firms. Auother l>iingeroaH Oruok in tha ECooka Muj. Mayno, of I ho Royal cnginuors, and Bevarol other f>ngliit>era nro nmking nn ox> amination of tho turraci, 1 and tho adjoining rocks. A nowly -discovered crack rriui ^00 feet under tho soutlit'ast end of tho DuQVrin terrace, and dividun it into two • wnlgc-like segmonts. It hns widentd in three daya lii'oa] a few Inchea to five foot, and is tbo primo factor of tho dreaded second avnloncha Tho ougineerH expreas tbo opinion tlmt tho housoa in Chaniplain on both cldeB, and on thu wholo length of tho street, numbering nbout 900, should be deserted nt once. The continual chemical dissolution of tho fuco oE tho rook threatens its demolition. Another catastrophe may soon be recorded, if means are nol taken to reinovo tho occupants of the houses in the dangerous locality, Hurt; In » Novel Accident, STOJNGFIKLD, Muss., Sojit. £H. — Whilo o two-ton stone wan bimig swung into placxi yeswrday by Hnrcroos Ih'os.' workmen, it struck train No. W on the N»w York, New Haven and Hartford railroad, just as it waa crossing Main slreet, and crushed into ono of tho cars. Threo «f the | afsengors were severely injui*ui. U.iniQi Culiahtin, of Hartford, had two ribs Lrokcn and H (Jered a dislocation of tho Bboul lor. Mrs. Abbla Callahan, his wife, had lier left shoulder bruised and received a wound on tlio head. Katu Dqnnehny, ot Hoi^oltc. recoived a wound in the temple which resultu j in a concussion of tho brain. _ Acold«>nt on the North western. CHICAGO, Kept. !- ; 4. —The font stock tralu on tho WorlhwcHtorn ra Iway collid.i.l yos- terday with th« O inhn p:i«seitgor train at Flagg, a sinrtlt. bla ion fi teen mih'ft froui this city, datimgin^ butii engii! -s and killing a tramp who was stealing n ride. Engineer Priestes, of tho froiirhl ; William Buyess, of Roehelle, -Ills.; P. Metier, aud Olim Will- innia wore slightly hurt. Two Fatal Accltleuti ut Inlipeimliis. ISHPEMINO. Mich., Sept. 24.— Michael Carinu, a» Italian miner, 41; yearn old, was killed by n full of rook in C.ihmuc and Hecia mini) yesterday miming. H« leaves a widow and three children. Huus .Bjflnus, a Swede, stoloxrido ou a skip on tho Al- lowpa copjM'r min;, and fkjli od, dropping OuO f*:et. He loaves a widow and four children. _ ' ' AInn imd Wlfu Drowuod* .-at..Joam v .S....JB, ,._&'pt__gl— Word. has reached hi*rw of tin) drowning of Crtpt, Uurant mid his wife, who wore washt-J off the deck of tho Fch"<m>T Cotti-r, of this port, while on hor w«y Iroin tlio B:iy of Fuudy tf; Now Yurk. TLe TCESU! Cipsi^ed, hut the r?st of tho crow vroro savoii. I>| 0 a In I'Vnnt of n Clinrcli. .NEW YOUK, Si'pt. -M.—Mia:* McCormtclt, of 73 West Forty -fifth str -el, .1m I sudilo i y Sunday night (n fron: of tlm cluiro.i of tha Heavenly Uest at TiM F.lth nvenu'. Co •• oner Levy, who reports tho ens.-, says thai the Rov. Dr. I'arUcr Moi^nii, i>i s or of iho church, reported thocisn. to him Kiimltty. nit[ht.. Tin-il'jtviw 1 is nf tine Inmilynnd is a friend of IJr Mm-giii. - . Tlm \Vfulh:ir \V.i Miiy lOspect. WASHINGTON OITV, Se.iit.:.'!.—The followlnt nro tho weatln-r in licntiims fqr'thn thlrty- Bix hours'from .t [>. in. yesterday: Var Indiana—Fair we ither, follnuvd by increus- iUK eloudin»'8rt and ruin; .stu ioa.iry teiunera- turc; easterly wiud-t. l''or l;tluois—Uaiu; winds Bhlftinff to wester y; lewer temperature. For Lower Mlchlif.m—Fair weather followed l>y lucrcaslns clou'llncss and rain; sta tionary temp:-rat are; variable wln'18. For Wisconsin an 1 Upper Mt.-hlgan—Ituln: winds shlftlnit to colder westuriv. For Iowa—lluin, followed by clearing, colder we\ther; northwesterly winds. , I'lgeon Klyliiu. Pigeon flying is cii" of tho drli^hts of tho Bluch country, and »• Birmingham, Eng., pajr !r gives u curioiw ui-contit of it. It is n, pnHsipn with tho workingmen, and it taken HUIIIG of Ihoin completely away from their work ' With the majority, however, it ia no more than tho ordered pastimes of the firat day of" the week. It haa developed quite u now branch of railway trallic in the district. It is tho practice of (lycra to send their birds in baskets, addressed to the station master at a particular station, with the request that he will release; them, mark on the label the time they were released and return tho basket. What is most singular is that this ia regularly done. An important trafHc hits grown up in this way, with n tariff for pigeon baskets and returned empties. Railway companies at first set their faces ngiUnst it, but finally took a more enlightened view of their own interests and of the wanta . of their customers. -They were probably Influenced by the consideration that the officials rather liked the work. In cloudy weather porters have been known to* feed birds three days before setting them free. The only inconvenience is that, where a bird fails to reach his destination, tho obliging ollicial is sometimes accused of being "(?ot nt" by n rival flier. This suggests a certain demoralizing tendency in the pastime, and the suggestion may be confirmed, by-the revival of a well worn anecdote. An aged penitent,..who iuui[loved pigeon fjjing not wisely but ux> well, was assured by his ghostly comforter or) his death becl, that they would both meet in a better place with win^s to their hacks. Tho dying man suddenly forgot his anxietiea in the ribald oflVr to "fly" the parson for a sovereign when they arrived. r • ABBREVIATED A th.'Huaiid Rmian Ji«wa Imv.i just sail«d from Odussu, Ku-iiiia, f»>r Ami.'iea. The T'risidi'nt has E iward Kuott UiiitL'd Statt'S m-ii'nhal tur thj nurth- firn district of Iowa. Tin; Unman ditluil bis diMiiiiiuK-d the rt i-tiH Grill-! 1 * to Gcrnmnv 111" !>1 t til A>-> I II MM) f>> t !> un'iit <,( Ki.ifiitM !-t,uiiii iiiaiifuMy v *mi i.w l.U.i t-Hs ut Municji of tho rolig- JIiu RUBBELI. HTIUCI;, of tlio fi^i o" JlyrJcU & Heiulcrson, Fort Smith, ArU., wiys lie wljiu-, to islil his testimony to thu tlionaomlB which have already twcn given as to Swift's Spcclfle. Ho eaya liu derived tho nioet efcjnal bc.acflt /-nm Its UM to euro paiulul boils arid eorcs resiil! in;{ Trooi Impure blood. "Swire's SPECIFIC ia a great tU'esing to human. Ity," caya Mr. 1' K. Gordon, of 7i5 Broad sttcet, Xiuhville, Tocu,, "tor it cored us 3 of of a very tad typo, with whkli I had 'or thrca or four years. B. 8. S. cured da after I ! iad extaisttd uvoj thl uj cbe. Treatise oa Stood and Sidu Diseases itsalltsl f too. TIIB Swip-r Prenprj c;\. T>ri-"i:>-. f i, Atlanta, C' -BP.ADFIELDS „,, ^ w - -=•

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