Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on July 7, 1903 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 7, 1903
Page 6
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6 Tm loiA ByuLy itosp^ TtJMPAY, jmiY 7 j AN UNEQUALED HOME ^TE Within a few minutea' nde of lola, LaHarpe or Gas iBity, and about thlree blocks tp new Cement Plant Fresh air, healthful surroundings, rapid transit and gas make it the most desirablje location for homes in Allen county. •er TERMS:—Prices are from $70 to $100 per lot. Lots are 50x150. $5.00 down and $5.00 a month. | Location:—Electric line on t!ie soutli. lola public road on the north and just half way between Gas City and LaHarpe/ Write orchil on Ojce at Terminus Electric Line A Daughter sL^ Sioux !By GEN. CHARLES HING. tlTien tncre Mart boon iiioro or less of mysterious coming- and jroing; among the half-breed huugers -oa 'about the trailer's Btorc. and flu'sc "were thiriffB tho new post coininan'lor knew not how to inlrrproi, evt^n when infonni'il of thciii. ili; i^aSv Mrs. Hay but onco or twice. lie moved into the cjuart^-rs of Maj. Webb, posseKsinpr hinisilf, until his own should arrivx-. rf such of the nia- j(>r 's belonging^ a -s the vi<^ilance W Mistress MeCann would suiror. 11«^ fitatioried big guards fr <Hn his two Rmoll companies about the post ,and started more hard swearing among his own men, for "gt-tting only two nights in bed," than had been heard at Prayne in long months of les.s pious iK)st eimnnanilersliii). He. strove to make himsel .f agreeable t.o the ladies, left lamenting f<!r their lords, but as luck would have it. fell foremost into the clutehes of the quartermaster's wife, the dominant and unterrified Wilklns. Just what prompt -(Hl that rnergetie. and, in many ways, estimable woman, to. t-;ike tlie new major into close communTori. and tell him Jiot only what she kiiew, hut what she thought, about all manner of matters, at the post, ican never bo justly fletermlncd. But witliin t .iic lirst few days of his coming, ami ou the evo of the arrival of (ien. I'ield, Maj. Flint was In possession of the stt>ry of . how devoted young Pit.'ld h .fd been to Esther Dade, and how cruelly he had jilted her for the brilliant Mis0 Flower, "her that was pone with the Simix." The diffen -neos between her stout., veteran licgo and the smooth-faced stripHng hail given her text to Bt ^irt with. The story of the money lost hatl filtered from hcj lips, and finally that of other peeea^ dilloos, t*i th <i j-oung post adjutant, whom, a.s she said, "The mecjor ha <l to rejuice and sind to '-the front all along of his doin 's In gar'son." Dade was gone. There ^vas no man. save Wilkins to whom Moj. Flint ftlt Uiat he could apical for "confirnuiHon or denial of these stores. Dr. Waller was his senior in tho BcrvlcQ by ton years at least, and .a type of the old-timo oflieer und genil ^man • of whom such as Flint etood ever in awe. Ilc: preferred, therefore, oslio thought, to keep the doctor at o dipt.-ince, to make him f eel,tho immen.slt^- of his, the post commander 's station, and s<.>, as Wil- Hns daro not disavow the sayings of OopTilKbt, aa, by Xba Hobart Oompwiy. The etonmdk b • lats^.factor in <f life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" thail most pctf>le are aware. Patriotism can irithst^ad flungcr but not dyspepsia. The confinned dyspeptic "is fit for treason, stratagems and spoils." The . man wlio goes to the front for ms country vitb a weak stomach will be a weak soldier, and a fault finder. .A sound stomach tnakes for good citizenship as as for health and happiness. Diseases of the stomach and other organs of digestion and nutrition are promptly and permanently cured by the use of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. It builds up the body with sound flesh and .eolid muscle. . "After I received the nance WIUCB yoa eave me in rcgara. to sly treatment." writes Geo. IXimer. aq., .of 19*5 ^Puluki Street. Mtimore. Maryl&nd, "I tu<d Vour 'Golden Medical Discovery' according to directloiUL Afler asidg four botUes I cxiii6iderM myaelf cured, as I have not felt ony tiymptodis fdoock' Had tried almost all remedies that] I he^rd.of that were good for dyspepsia, but without nliefl Finally, I became discouraged, and to yon for advice, with the above result." |e dealer^jfto offers a substitute, for thiJi'^isooverT/'is only seddog to make his wife, even had lu» been so mind- tho stories st ^wKl. Flint was thinkli^g of them this verj' evening when Dr. Waller, hapr pening to meet him on his way from hospital, brierty said that (ien. Field phould IK; with them on the inorrow. "Ho leaves Hook Creek to-night, having hired transport .;it ion tliere. 1 had hoped our hid might be in better spirits by this time." The major answered vaguelj'. How could o lad with .ill these sins upon bis soul be in anything but low spirits? Hero was n brand to be snatche<l from the burning, a youth wl:om jirompt, stern raeai^ures might redeem and res {.<iri'. one «'ho should be t;iught the error of his wiiys forthv.ith; only,, the coming of tho member of the military committ*.'e of the house t >f n^pn-seutatlves might make" the process emb;trrassing. Thero were i >t.her ways, therefore and however, in which tlifs valuable information in the major's po.sscs- sion might K' jnit t<^ use, and of these was the major thinking, more than of i,he eonditiim of the wounded Uitl, physical or spltntiial, as homo- ward through the gh^ming he wended his way. That night the major, calling at Captn Datle's, wjus concerned to hear* that Mrs. Dade was not at home. "(Jone m-er to the lios])it .jLl with Mrs. Itlake and <ho doctor," w^^s the ex- pI;!on, and thc.-^e gentle-hearted women, it se^^ms. were striving to do something U> rousi; the Lid from the slough of de.sp'ind which had engulfed him. That ulght "Pinir Marble, Hay's faithftil biwkkeeper and clerk for many a year, u one-armed veteran of the civil war. calling, as was his invariable custom whcii the trader was :ibsont, U> le .TVc the keys of tho .safi- and desks v-ith Mrs. li:iy, was surprised to Jind her In n Hood of tears, for which she di *cline<l all explanation; yet the sight of I 'l-te, the half-breed, slouching uway toward the sfaliJes sus Marble cJo.sed the gate, more th:in suggested caiise[ for "I'ink" had long di.»:ap[)roved ai that young man. 1'liut nigiit CraH p ;>iid, the other Ftahleman. lia«i •Jc .'in-; (iali>:cd .Jerry .^uHiv .'tn, tliv b;>rkeeper, and old ^ieG ;:nn. W <'i )ir.^ 17il )frr .ian major donui. by inlerrupting tiieir game of Old Sledirc with a ilemand lor .-i qu;irt of whisky oii top of all that he had ooviously and surreptitiously lioen drinking, and b^- furtlicr indulging iu ftirioiis thJ -eats. in a' sputt<'ring mixture of Dakota French and ifrenrli l );;kol.'), when suniuiarliy l:iikt d i>\h. Tii .it nigl-.t, late as 12 o'clock. .Mrs. l !;iy. aronse <l by tht* infantile demands of the fourth oi: thv olive branch:-.^, and further disturbed by the susi >icioi!.-; growllngs and challenge of old Tonto, lliake 's veteran ii^nstilT, jx -ej -edfrom tl-e seeoTul story v.iiidow and plaiidy saw two forms in soldier overo-nts at the back fence, and wondered what the seu- tri«'s found about IJlakf's quarters to require so mtich attention. Then she ijceaii'.e axvare of a third form, rifle- Iro.-iring. and slowly pacing the curving line of the biiill —tiie sentry, be- youil doubt. Who, then, v.ere tho.^n others who hud now totally disap- pean 'd? ."^ho thought to sjK'ak of jt to Nannie in the morning, and then thought not. There were reaj^ons why nervous alarm of any kind were Iw'st aVefU;d then froni Mrs. l >lako. Hut tiiere <'ame reason .speedily' why Mrs. Kay could not forget it. .\nd that night. latf'r. still, along toward four o'clock, the persistent clicking of the telegraph instrument at the adjutant's office caught the ear of the sentry, who in tiuic stirred up the operator, and a "rush" mea<-age was later thrust int4> the h.ind t >i Maj. Flint, demolishing a day-old coGtle in the air. to the fevrri.'-h unrest anti mentai tr<nilije of tile son, was now adcied a feverish anxiety oii the father's account that so complicatctl th<' situation as to give Dr. Waller grave cause for alarm. Then it was that, ignoring every thought of l>ehavior on the part o^ ^lio young ollicer toward the gentle girl so dear to them, not only Mrs. r .lake and Mr.s. Hay. hut Mrs. Datle herself insisted on iK -iiig madcs use of—insisted «ui permitt ^i 'd to go to his bedside and there to minister as only women can, to tho Miffnring nnd dist.resse<l. Waller thought it over and sticcumlied. The lad was no longer dcllrlou.s, at least, and If he revealed anything of what was uppermost in his mind it would be a conscious nnd vohmtary revelation. There were some tilings he Jiad said and that WaUertilone had heard, the good old dmtor wished were known to certain others of the garri- fion. and to tio one more than Mrs. Dade; nnd so the prohibition against their visiting the wounded lad was withdrawn, and nort cmly Ihe.'.e, but other, women, sympatheticrdiy attracted, were given the nt;cessary authority. There v.-as other reason for this. From the commanding ofliccr of the Bupply camp at l .'ocit .Springs II.KI conic, finally a lett^'r that was full of foreboding. Gen. Field, it saiil, was sorely injured and might not survive. If the department cortimander h.-id only beeti at Omaba or Ch<'yennc, as the an.xious father hastened to reach his son, the mishap would n"ver have occurred. The general would gladly have seen to it lha! suitable transpor- tati<m from the railway to Fraync was afforded his «ild-tlme comratli'. But. In his ab.scnce. Field shrank from appealing to anyone else. and, through the train conductor, wired ahoa<l to Eock Creek for a stout, four- "I-O.NY THArKfi IN AIU;X').\NCK HAD UKKX FOUND AT THE UlU'ER FOKD.- thelipe more piodk realized on the sale , ofliiji meritoiiras preparations. - • >'sV(jommon Sense Medical Adpler islsenO ^OBt'BO^ of istamps^ \to w apenae <rf'mailitig omfyM Semi .'2X ,^S-cetit stamps for the 1 "From Rock Creek. Wyoming. October 13. ivi—. 3:15 i>. ra. Commandiag Officer. Fort Fraync: Via Fort Laramie. Sta^ro capslecd Crook C.-uion. Gen. P *leld stTlously injured. Have wired Omaha. (Slgucd) W.VRNER. Commandlnt; Camp." CHAPTER XYIL Erents moved swiftly ;in the week that followed. Particulars of tlie accident mule team and w.-.gon, with a ennable <Mvi >r. The con<luctor assui-»'d him that .<-;uc.h things were to bo in wiwli- ness on his arrival. Team, wagon and driver certainly' were on hand, but the team looked rickety', so did the w ;igon. s «i did the driver, who had obviously been primijig for tho occa- sifini It was this rig or nothing, however, nnd in si)it-«> of a court*'oua remonstrance from the two officers nt the supply camp, who saw an<l condemned the "outfit." fJen. Field started on time and returned on an improvised trestle three hours later. Tlje "outfit" had been tumbled over a ledge Into a rocky bottom and witli disastrous results to all concerned except the one who deservetl it most— the driver. The ways of Providence are indeed inscrutable. A surgeim had l)een sent from Fort Russell and his report was such that Waller would not let it go in full to his patiejit. JThey had carried the old soldier back to caiiip and such aid as could b<» given by jthe rude hands 'of untaught yen was all he had for nearly '24 nbisra ami his sulfering had Ix-en gseat. Internal injuries, it was feared,-had been sustained, and at his advanced age that was something, almost fatal. No wonder Waller was worried. Then Flint took alarm at other troubles closer at hand. Up to this year he had been mercifully spared all personal conduct with our ludi .in wards, and when he was told by IJia sentries that twice in sueees- i^ion night rider.", had been heard on he westward "bench." nnd pony racks in abimdance had been found t the up ])er ford— the site of Stab- r 's Tillage—and that others still were to be seen in the soft ground not far from Hay's cwrral, the major jwas more than startled. At this expcriOnceU Indian lighter icTt at the j post. Crabb was sent for, and im- flinchingly gave his views. The Sioux probably scattered before the squadrons sent after them from the north; had fled into the hills, and. In small bands, probably, were now raiding down toward the *I']att-e, well kno'vnng there wcr<^ew soldiers left to defend Fort Frayne, and no cavalry were there to chase them. "What brings them here? What do they hope to get or gain?" asked (To Be Contiaued.) r CAUSES OF HAY FEVER. Hyomei the Only Cure—Gives Change of Climate in Your Own Home. Fifty yenrs ago, hay fever had not been' named, but' undoubtedly people suffered Ihon as thoy do now with siornis of sneezing, profuse watering of the eyes, excessive running of the no.=-.c, inlou-so smarting and itching and .siulTed up feeling in the head. The direct causes appear to be heat, and the. pollen of flowers. Al- tliough hay' fever may occur at any .^so.isfm of the year, it is most common and seven; in .\ugu3t, and preventive ircafmcnl should- be adopted some woeivs before the time the disease is due. Prior to the discovery of the remarkable effects following the. use of Hy­ omei. the only troatihcm that gave relief to hay fever sufferers, was change of climate. The use of .Hyomei cn- ahies any one to breathe air at home which is like that of t'nc Adirbndacks, the While .Mountains or other hoalih resorts where healing balsams fill the air wj'.h nature's germ dcstroyor," ozone. Tho.ic who are subject to hay fever should begin the use of Hvomci r.t'i* • IY once and thus prevent the disease. Anj*;* ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure iu the treatment of hay fever. ; Chas. B. Spencer &. Co have seen the good effects following the use of Hronioi :n ail di.scases of the respiratory organs, and are willing to sell Hy­ omei 10 any hay fever sufterer, with tho understanding that if ii does not give satisfaction, the treatment, will, cost nothing. New Laffl|er Yard the in. K, & t. Depot 1. loIa, Kins., Jtfnc tO, 1903. To the people of lula and Allen Co0nty: The undersigned Tjtsmhet [Company has opened ap a ya^d on north Jeffeeson avenae/ad­ joining the M. K. & T. dej^t, where yotf will find a complete stoc^ on hand ai all times. ask for a share of ^oar trade And hope to merit tiic same by fair piices and good materiat Come and see as and get prices before ydtf bey. Yotfrs Resp^ctfofly, S. C. VAJNER tmnbef e©. SEE US FOR... I • 4' All Druggists Will Buy it Back. You assume no risk when you buy Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diar­ rhoea Remedy. All d.niggists ^ill re^ fiinil your money if you arc not satisfied after using it. It is everywhere admitted to be the most successfiil remedy in use for bowel complaints and the only one that neveri fails. It is pleasant, safe and reliable. Ask Your Doctor If he knows of any better laxative ancj stomach remedy thaa Dr.CaldweH's Syrup Pepsin If he is not prescribing it in his practice, he knows what it is, and if he is honest, he willsatisfyyou and us with his reply to your question; Or. CaldwriU's Syrup Piptlii is not sold in bulk, but all drug* gists sell it in 50candS1.00 bottles and refund your money if you re-, ceive no benefit. Fair, isn!t it? Ii. E. CoTcr. ill C, ^Taanah, Tenn.^ write* vndGr date or Auii;. 1.190O: "J[ have ffiied Dr. Caldwell's STTUP Pepsin In "Doth my own family And In mr pneUoc, nnd unneatwtlnsly fttatethati bBT^ irot better reaolta from it than any other form of t>ep9ln I buve used. I oofuldcr ti a tnosi exoelldat preparation." Dr. T. Jones, of Osgood. Mo., writes ander date of Oct sa. 1839: "I have nscd Syrun Pcp.sln for foxab ttrao nod And It Kives most ezoellentresultsaodltla one of tho ^reategt EeUintf-prepMntions I lun« «Ter earrted im ' Idohdt"- ' - - t I f Rubber Tire. 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