Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on September 24, 1889 · Page 3
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 24, 1889
Page 3
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T'\ ' £ ,V V£*' w N I>«fir to Evening; Gazette •p. TH5! KVBfflSf? t» tUMl Stall "IB OFF1C!AL PAPER O L. THE _ GI T Y -1_ Don't Look at Me but <D cc Tonight. Academy of Music. The Doeatrick Skule. • "—The Italian band again makes music for us, —Ethel, daughter of Mayor Lawrence, is quite sick. Mr. and Mra. Fred Mason have retained from New England. —Revenue Collector Held, of Freeport, waa here on business today. —The Lanark ball club defeated the Dixon club 17 to 10 on Saturday. —W1H Roark and Maurice Conboy are in Chicago seeing the elephant. —nutrition Tuttlo, who has bfibn visiting here, has returned to Omaha. —Mrs. Dr. Dyer, of Grand Rapids, Mich.. Is visiting friends here, where she formerly lived. —The Rock River conference of the Methodist church convenes one week from today at Ottawa. —A street fakir sold S417 worth of cheap jewelry on the streetsi qfJDlxon one evening last week. —Geo. D. Street, of Ellington, Conn., has been the guest of H. 8. Street, Esq., for several days. —The date of the benefit dance for P* Martin Karl has been changed to Monday evening, Sept. 30th. —Mrs. Isaac JJrossler, who resides with her son-in-law, Henry Bush, north of town, IB again very sick. —B. Frank Hoover, of Palmyra, has gone into partnership with A. F. Stauffer in the bee supply business. —Those wishing seats or standing room for the Deestrick Skula at the Academy of Music this evening will have to go early. —Mr. A. R. Hendrlcka and family will leave on the Q thin afternoon for Cawker City, Kansas, where they will visit for two or three weeks. —Those attending the Deestrick Skule are requested, to be in their seats at 7:45 p. m- and avoid the rush of seating 800 people. Curtain will rise promptly at 8 o'clock. —A correspondent writes in the interest of afflicted housewives that a cock-roach killer IB made of one spoonful of Paris green mixed with two spoonfuls of pulverized sugar. —Mr. C. W. Redfleld left this afternoon for a trip through Iowa, the I Northwest, and along the PaciBc coast, for the United States Building and I Loan Asgo'n of St. Paul.;,. .1 ,r-nb I««i1"fl, ^r, ""'I 'I'M son .Jacob f "V* conn to Mitch H P i'" on a, -—Vv. U. Sanborn, from S:m Francisco. Cal.. is the guest of his cousin, John Sanborn. —Wm. Keifsnydor was lined by Magistrate Uoltman, S'> and costs for boing drunk. — Mr. George A. Ellis hna returned from Marion, Ohio, and will begin trncUlaying for the street railway in a few days, if the rails arrive. Gsn'l Ag't Thorne has found them, and they are expected to be hare Wednesday or Thursday. —Mrs. II. M. Woodruff has gone to Genesco to attend the funeral of her mother, Mrs. Besso. For several years the aged lady, who had seen eighty summers and winters, resided with her daughter here, but last spring she wont to Geneseo to live with a son. She died very suddenly on Sunday. Mrs. Besae waa a resident of Whiteside county for over thirty years, having lived most of that time at the "big bend" of Rock river, near Lyndon. —The Denver News says; Supt. Bancroft, of the Rio Orande Western, has Instructed his train dispacthers to give newspapers all the facts they may ask for regarding train wrecks and accidents and to withhold nothing that will prevent reporters from giving authentic accounts, i Supt. Bancroft ex pects thus to avoid sensational reports that do more harm to railroads than the real facts can possibly do. Supt. Bancroft's head is level, and if the other roads would issue the same order they would have less to complain of regarding false or exaggerated reports. —Tho GAZKTTE has referred to sev era! freaks of untimely fruits and flowers and now comes T. Hi Mack with a sample of as fine black raspberries as one often sees. These, however, are not "second crop" .fruit, but a new variety originated on bis plane iroiri seed and now in full bearing for the first time. The first bloom appeared about the first of September and every tip la now a flne cluster of fruit. If this proves to bo the regular bearing season of this new variety it will certainly be a valuable contribution to our summer frutta. coming along jjst after blackberries are gone. —At the G. A- R- meeting last night there was not so large an attendance as usual, but what was lacked In number was made up in work by those who were there Comrade VanSant made favorable report of the condition of the Soldiers' Home at Quincy, to which "f . '.0 'aver .i pi ,- . ii . m.. from Lincoln, No. WO t,ni"<rr> f J ( Vi i 'tn r ' v 'it ' tli" resilience of -»<1 Av(>. conducted by tho ed he — I! • rr 11 t l' o'clock. Mr>'.( Services Brown. T!i<> remains nrriv the limited' this morning-. —Tho Knight!? Templar excursion to Washington in October will not be limited to members of that order. Other persona can join tho Sterling Knights nnd enjoy the same privileges of railroad fare from Chicago, with sleeping car berth all tho way, nnd four days' board at Willard's hotel, for ?iil. All persons who winh to go an; requested to give their names to Capt. J. W. Nileson or before Saturday. The excursion leaves Chicago Oct. 5th. Parties wishing to go to New York can do so for 810 extra and return by the N. Y. Central or Lake Erie and Western roads. A rebate of 54 is marte where two parties occupy one berth on the cars. This ia a good opportunity to visit the capital and other cities of the east. Just r"fpivcd an rie^it Hn dr-ir.-iJi-iM.-y 1(? Front Clothing iloune. McCallistcr basal! kinds of fail over- 1( m ilt to c.m't —A marked copy of the St. Paul WllO OUIIAIOIO AJLV*"Vf *»w «(,.'••• ——^ f place he accompanied Comrade Reeves, and, by the way, Comrade VanSant's expense account for that trip shows that very few rations will do him when he is travelling at the expense of the Post. Comrade Parker offered the following resolutions, which wore unanimously adopted: Resolved: That the thanks of this Post be to given Mr. and Mrs. b. fc>. Lnfcens for their kindness in taking in and caring for Comrade Reeves during "unsolved: That the Adjutant be instructed to furnish Mr. and Mrs. Lukens with a written copy of these resolutions, properly attested. —Rev. Gilman Parker has decided to accept the call of ttie 1st Baptist church of Moline, and will begin his pastorate at once. He and bis family will remove thither next week. The salary voted to him is 81,200 per year. The church is in a flourishing condition in every way. A new building has been completed, the church membership andia out of debt. Rev. Mr. Parker has also had calls to Rockford and Omaha, but preferred Moline, which is near his old home. He was pastor of the Baptist church here for two years, during which time he accomplished much work, and for the past year, has been ' KOC»i . „_. Ashling Is the happy father of a girl which came Tuesday morning. 4-The business of the Sterling Mfg. Oo. is having a very healthy growth, which requires constant increasing in the size of their factory. They are now building an iron warehouse, about 43x 24 in size, and this fall intend to erect a two storey warehouse and paint shop at least one half larger than the build- Ing now used for that purpose A 14 foot lathe and a CO pound trip hammer have recently been added to the machine shop, and new hands are employed every day, almost. blTRKAKY NOTICES. "PENSIONS ron ALL," is the title under which General M M. Trumbull gives a severe lashing to the Treasury raiders, in the Octobler "Popular Sclenco|Montlily." The writer was a general in the civil war, and is anxious for the honor, as well as the due rewards, of the former soldiers, and he expresses the fervent wish that tho "pension temptation" may not "change the character or diminish the fame of the Grand Army." . Elcctricnl Dan_or&. A well known electrical engineer in discussing tho relative dangers of the various currents says that as a result of his experiments ho"l» Batiflflccl that tho continuous current, which flows steadily Jtt one direction, Is In itself perfectly safe,-at least up to a pressure of 1,400 to 1,500 volts; and that by tho uso of certaiu devices it can be made reasonably safo in Gloves nntl mitteila till you rest. Oettinger'fl Double Front (.'loth- ing House. __ 8 ~ l(; Kersey overcoats at McCaiHeU-T'B. S7U Fall and winter suitings at McCallister's. S717 J. E. Phillips & Co have on their floor a line line of Gold Coin and Iliver- side heating stoves. Call and see them and get prices. &"- t:! Mr. Geo.Pfisterer,' baker of Mr. C. Eiseie, has leased the building now occupied by G. Gassman on 3rd street, where his wife, with his assistance, will run a first class restaurant. Mr. Pfis- tor remains with Mr. C. Eiseie, to satisfy all his friends in the line of baking. Take possession first of October. 88-tO or-Jiimry ground . t'i!\t nhtits out tho and heat W.JH of luibt, very sooliiinR to the eyes. i' try thorn, see that that, trade mark "i. (-." ia on every lens. 70-:Ktw Penny por drz, at the Fair Store, op- po3ite Wallace House. 5! to I don't employ canvassers to sell pia- 1103, orgar.s and sewing machines; so that the agents commission is saved to the purchaser. Call and got prices. James Harden, 84 t6 w tl * C;»ll at E. W. Hloseorn's and get an eye tester free of charge. 70-d&w Large black hats for children, very stylish, can be found at Mrs. Geunie W. Elllott'B, 8910 In order to reduce stock will make special low prices for the next Oo days' on dry goods, notions, gloves and hoisery etc. Remember this is a bona- lied offer. Am forced to sell the goods to meet my obligations. 88-tO w-1 J- Lendman' Homctlitna Nice. If you want to make money read my "ad" In the WEEKLY GAZETTE and Standard. 88-tf Black tips, in every style, at Frey & Davis'. • • 80-10 Raised doughnuts can be had fresh from Hoss Hull's delivery wagon every morning 1 S^' 3 See our daisy line of fall hats. Oettinger's Double Front Clothing House 87 tO Ladies, call, and see the beautiful feathers, in black and all colors, at Frey &Divia'. 89-16 Chicago Exposition. The Chicago & North-Western Railway will, on stated dates, sell tickets to Chicago and return on account of the Exposition, which opevie September 4th, aad closes October 10th, at rate of one fare for tbe round trip, with 25 cents added for admission ticket. For tickets and full information apply to Agents Chicago & North-western liail- way Company. 37-13 Ilids for Sidewalk. i The committee on streets and alleys will receive bids .to build a Trinidad Asphalt walk on First avenue accord- Ing to ordinance passed by city coun cil for that purpose. Plans and specifications can be seen at office of City Superintendent of Streets. Bids must be in by six o'clock, p. m., Sept. 28th, 1SS9. Com. on Streets and Alleys. 87 tO Comfort and i;h<-cr. To many suffering hopelessly, the following words will como with comfort and cheer: Fulton. N. Y., Jan'y liO, 1889. "I was on cratches with rheumatism of the limbs and given up to die by prominent physicians. Suffered one and a half years. St. Jacobs Oil cured me. No return of pain since 1880. JOHN DE COST WOLOOTT. SEAL AND Nobby suitings at McCalliater's. .- 8717 CLOTH in every style. NEW- MAR- 3 -5 light and power systems up to 3,000 volts. As for the interrupted or pulsatory current, that ia.dangerous, whilo tho alternating .current is deadly at a very low pressure. These- conclusions are verified by the death record, for out of eighty-five fatalities, the particulars of which have been vbtained, not one was due to tho low tension continuous current, fifty-four to the pulsating, and twenty-three to tho alternating.—Boston Herald. Pioneer .Tress says that city has granted a franchise lor the building o£ an I electric street railway. Electricity is coming to the front and St. Paul is not , engaged In euangelistio work, with excellent success. He is a clear and for cible speaker and hews to the mark going to be behind other metropolitan cities. —Rev. F. A. Gregory, pastor of the Baptist church of this city, will exchange pulpits with Rev. J. T. Mason, ot Amboy, next Sunday. Rev. Mr. Mason was pastor of the church here for several years and will without doubt be greeted by a large congregation. —Never in the hiatory of the city has there been such a scarcity of dwellings of a good class, for rent The agents have many calls each week and manage to provide places, but there 10 a demand for a better class than ia to be had. Sterling will now continue to go forward rapidly and the building of more tenement houses will be a good investment. —The Sterling Mfg. Co. of Hock Falls offered one of their Famous Feed Mlllaatthe Nebraska State Fair for the best exhibit of corn. The party getting the prize sent his com to the factory at Rock Falls, where it now i». ;t consists of corn of many kinds, all ot nice quality, and all good seed corn. Any parties wishing to use some of tho corn for seed can obtain it by calling at ibe factory. -The Women's Relief Corps ar» preparations for » i Friday evening of thia vacant room in Harwell Hall M<»St at tUelr Hs.1, Wuite »ud l!hujBoel*l- Those wiahias to spend aq eajoyatds evening should not tail and wiU **» foil jus «»i Much o-w*H against evil. While sorry to have him leave here, we congratulate the church at Moline In securing him for pastor. —A possible rival of Indian corn haa been lately added to the food-plants produced ia this country. This new plant Is called sweet cassava, and is closely related to the rlcinua, or castor- beans, which it resembles, although it is a handsomer plant than riclnus. It bears very little seed, and it is not propagated from seed, but, from cuttings of the larger stems: and the roots -pro duce great tubers, sometimes, three or four feet in length, which seem to be a most wholesome article of food for rflftn or cattle. By.manufacture,_cas^ sava may be converted into starch, tapioca, and glucose, with scarcely any waste. In the tropics, cassava flour is used for making crackers or wafers, which are very palatable and will keep for months; and Florida housekeepers have used It for making bread puddings, custards, etc., while aa a vegetable it may be cooked in all ways that white potatoes are. Oa the southern border of the United States there are considerable areas admirably adapted to growing this remarkable plant as a staple article of home consumption; and Its manufacture into starch, Upio- ca, and glucose, may become a leading Industry in Florid*. Aa to the yield u«r acre, no satisfactory estimate haa b«eu made; it will probably vary grtatly miil«r various conditions. *V miigUi piau!, h&a b<wa kaewa to pio- aui.-i fifty jjuutwiii of tuutnra,. but ttii* i* ^•.Wtiou*. CwUiuiy, aowsvar, the Of Course He Wasn't. • It waa at tho shop of Herr Spithover, the erudito bibliophile, in tho Eternal City. A pretty American traveler wanted a copy of Max O'Rell's book on tho United States, and said so. Tho Herr Bibliophile glowed through his spec- tacKva 'moment, and replied with noblo scorn: "Gott in himmel, meesl Marcus AurelUis vos ncffer in der Omded Shtatcs."—Sim Francisco Argonaut. Tips. French heads, In black and colors, at Frey & Davis'. 81MO JLovely Fall (Styles. Mrs. Gennle W. Elliott has j ust returned from Chicago with a large stock of dear delighU la tnilllnery. Call and see the flne pattern h'ats, magnlllcent ribbons in all shades, and other stylish novelties. 80 " W A. O, U. W. Notice. All members of Union Lodge No. 3 are requested to meet at their lodge room tomorrow at 1 o'clock p. m. to attend the funeral of our brother George T. Reed. A full turnout is ex pocted. Members of Pearl Lodge, No 143, and Industrial Lodge, No. 5, ar invited to meet with us. I3A.AOLAFEVER.-M.-W. C. H. Ivies, Rec. . Our Immense stock of fall and winter clothing is ready for your inspection. Oettinger's Double Front Clothing House. 87 to Pants goods at MoCallister's. 87 17 Black tips, in every style, at Frey & Davis'. . 80-tO Niagara grapes on exhibition by R. B. Stodditrd at \Vrn. Wahl's agricultural store. Como and see and sample them. New goods in all the very latest novelties. Hats and bonnets in great variety at Frey & D.ivia'. 88-13 PEOPLE'S COLUMN H?~Wo will lonert three lines In tbls ool-'^a umn one time tor 10 eents, or lor 40 cents a week. Each additional line will be B cents a single In- Bortlon, or 15 cunts » week. WANTK1*. The Deestrick ( Only IQ, cents for j fines under this Heading, W ANTKD—Good houses to rent, zur. itoom J, Aciwlemy of Music. F.W.Wnl- 89-ta W ANTED—Tsvobourders can nadro.>m and good hoard at 600 Broadway.. Mrs. L. 1). Grubb. W ANTED-ImmcdiaU-ly—kitchen girl. Apply at Boynton house. 87-tI W ANTUD—A cabinet maker, atouee. ut Novelty Iron Works. Apply 88-13 W ANTKD-Filteen or t'entv women and Kirls, at tho Canning faclory 8812 Have you seen the brand new deliver wagon of Frey & Whitebread'sV It i certainly one at the most complete wagons for carrying pianos and organs, in Sterling, and their new store is fitted up equal, if not better, than any of tbe kind in our little city. 89-tO Ilibbnrd'a Jaheumatlo Syrup. ._!There is certainly something remarkable In this'preparation',aslt TB meeting with a success never attained by any other medicine. It never fails, if used as directed. For over twenty years I have been a great sufferer from the effects of a diseased Btomach, and for three years past have been unable to do business. Two years ago my ease waa pronounced in curable, I visited different water cures and climates, all to no purpose. Last June I begau using Hlbbard's Uheu- tnatlc Syrup (prepared by Rheumatic Syrup Co., Jackson, Mich.,) and at once begau to feel better. I have used thir teen bottles and am a well man. KtiWAiU) BAKER, Master M«ehauic and Blacksmith, aw Jackson Street, Jackson, Mich. ttlw Ladles, call and mo the btautliu frathwta, la black aa-5 aU color*, at Fte u- U« ,«U'« Tickets now on sale atG. L. Werntz's store. Don't fail to attend. Academy of Music, Tuesday evening, Sept. 24. ' 8713 Auctioneer. The Dutch and English auctioneer till alive and ready to attend to city nd country sales on short notice. Can eave orders at A. R. Hendrlck's Drug Store or at my residence on 13th avenue, north of 4th at. Charges reasonable. Give me a call. 78 37tf D. H. MEYERS, Auct. Tip*. French heads, In black and colors, at Frey & Davia'. 89-tO Raised doughnuts can -bo had fresh from Ross Hull's delivery wagon every morning. 87-t3 Fall and Winter Overcoals. My stock of fall and winter overcoats is the largest ever brought to this city and I will make them up at a very low rate of prices. 87 to AUG. FRANK. Fall and Winter Hulls. I am now ready to make up fall and winter suits at prices that are very low for the quality of the goods. 87 to . ' AUG. FKANK. Coffees are high and advancing but you can buy a good Rio for 25 cents, choice 30 cents and choice old government Java for 35 cts. or 3 Iba for 81.00. j. L. Johnson. 87-tf W ANTKD—At onco—three whom exclusive territory »111 be Riven. Address May Broa., Narserymen, Rochester, N. Tc. 80-10 W ANTED- Wild grapes, by Dr. £rankAn. thouy. Call at office. f ,. 83-U38-13 POR NAI/F~ Only 10 cents for j lines under this Heading. THOR SALE—A desirable resldonco lot InKouk Jt: Falls. Will take good horso In .part payment. J. F. Scott, Kock Falls, 111. «J-tG« J^ land"'stock % ot goods. SALE—Good Iowa, Nebraska Kansas d, stock of goods. .Business Maces for sale and exchange. Krank W. Walzer, Academy ol Music, Uoom-4 MU F OR SALE—A deuces In 4th w in In three line resi- Inqulre ot 1.1. Bush. ' 61-U BKNT. jj -'-'p Only 10 cents for J lines under this Heading. l'-A good burn, 1 at 205* WeifThl rd 1TIOU RKNT-KwcWng bouse, suitable for one ±< or two families, avobloekHtromr.O.. with 5 acres of ground. Apply 006 First Ave. 81-H mo LEASE—Power and room for mannfactw 1 in j purposes, tu ttie bull iluu lonnerly oceu- .'? - >„. * . •., ...... Address B. 0. 80-U , pied by Church & Patterson. Church, Uulutli, Minn. Gome in and see, We charge no fee, The largest and richest display we nave , ever shown. T1I "JAN TT 1? cent. • Falls. OI AL-Money to loim-SI.KW at 6 per ., on farm security. I. t. Busli. Kopit • ad-fresh rom Ross Hull's delivery wagon every norning. 87-13 It IM Cold. . I have now received a full stock of all and winter goods, which I am pre- partd to make up in the latest style md at reasonable figures. Aa I carry nothing but the best class of goods In my line 1 will guarantee to please you both in quality and price. Call in and aea if what I say is not true. JACOIS EISBLE, Merchant Tailor. SI 16 Flower pots at tun Fair Store from 5 to 20 cts, apiece. 84 t<* Floor than ever, and ioed coming down, at Lewis BeiUei'a Feed store. TRADE O. and O. Tie Choicest Tea Ever Offer*! ABSOLUTELY PURE. A MOST DELICIOUS BKVKBAQE. TltY IT. Ton «U1 a«« «>» «3f «&«• te^V *•*** ™ i * 1 B t» tho ninHKT flutPK I.*if, U-isfl trojn Ilia y.hi tmraMul Ir-.- P, S., Oo., Lt'4 l have sww "Jjv tuU uf > at 11. W. jfcKWSSiaWW, *4S* -Our plush garments ar© all warmated. They'll wear liie oair, These well-m&de

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