Covina Argus from Covina, California on April 11, 1908 · Page 5
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 5

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 11, 1908
Page 5
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Vote early on Monday. Born, to Mr. and Mrs. O. L. DeGroot, a bouncing son. Dr. and Mrs. J. D. Reed and a party leave on Monday for Han Diego to witness the arrival of the fleet. First class chicken bone, 100 Ibs. 12.50. San Gabriel Valley Milling Company. Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Evans left on Thursday morning for an auto trip to visit relatives in Highlands. Miss Belva Shively oi Lordsburg spent Sunday in Covina the guest of Miss Grace Overboltzer. C. H. Stanton spent Thursday and Friday at Chino, tbe guest of his brother, W. E. Stauton. Mrs. Anna Ross of Latbrop is visiting relatives and friends in Covina. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Rench, who have been visiting relatives in Pasadena, returned to Covina on last Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Albright and two children of Los Angeles, were guests last week end of Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Huff. Mrs. Plant and sister, Mrs. Smith, and two children, leave today for Sari Diego to stay n month and see the fleet during its stay there. Mrs. J. L. Berry with her little daughter, Mildred, spent the week end at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. N. D. Mussey. Mr., and Mrs. Sylvester Ratekiu and son Loren, of Lordsburg* were guests on Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Ratekiu. Mrs. W. M. Robinson arrived from Minnesota this week to make a protracted visit with her daughter, Mrs. P. W. Cheney of Center street. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gangwer, who have been making Covina their homo during the past year, left on Thursday for their eastern homo in Illinois. Messrs. Oscar Miller, Clarence Allison and Geo.Grifflths were among Covina people who attended the Sbriners' Circus on Wednesday evening. J. M. Jensen of Tampico, Mexico, was the guest of Mrs.' Fred Preston last Sunday. Mr. Jensen is president of the company for wbicb Mi. Preston is working and brought good news of the latter. S. L. Spencer was unable to fill the Noble Grand's chair at the regular weekly meeting of the Odd- fellows on Wednesday on account of an attack of lumbago, from which be has been suffering for several weeks. Dr. Geo. D. Jennings has as his guest this week Dr. G. F. Tidyman of Ennis, Montana. These two medical men were college chums and served side by side through tbe Cuban campaign. A. M. Seeley and Rev. J. W. Utter, who two years ago purchased ol tho Covina Irrigating Company 10 acres of vacant land in the San Dimas wash, sold the property this week for 31000 cash. First class chicken bone, 100 ibs. 82.50. Snn Gabriel Valley Milling Company. Place yonr spare cash in the Covina Valley Savings Bank, a safe investment at 4 per cent. The Misses Mabel and Gertrude Smith spent tho week end visiting friends in Pasadena. Mrs. E. P. Warner has been ill this week with a bad case of la grippe. OUR AOTENS: Warner, Whitsel & (o. Brown & Bohri Pomona Sanitary Laundry • The Misses Arigeloty and Sioski were luncheon guests <,f Mrs. Fr Preaton on Thursday last. The three ladies are rehearsing for a concert to be uiveu .shortly in Los Angeles, Miss Sieski being a soprano singer of much note. Mr. and Mrs. Lotten and sisters, Mnies. Robinson and Kavanaugb, have left to spend tbe summer at Long Bench. During their absence they have rented their home to a family named Moore, new arrivals from Arkansas, who will probably locate in Covina.. Tbe flna this week ;i:-( papers have- been signed transferring tho sixteen : -M-n\e of Kiibt. T. Lovell, t our c.ii y, to Mr. (.'bar I en '.!:•. v-. it 11 bis v. ile is a re- \'i;l till,lit , 111 i 11 u Thoroughbred White Leghorn eggs for setting, 83 per 100. H. E. Ward, Charter Oak. Phone 1261. tf Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wolfe arid Mr. arid Mrs. Joshua Corvell of Stockton, were guests at the Blauchard home on last Sunday. Mr. A. R. Brown made a flying trip to Butt.e valley tho first of tlio week to look after his mining interests at that place. Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Reynolds of Chicago arrived yesterday to pay an extended visit at the home of relatives, Mra. G. J. Reynolds and family. Guests at the home of the Rev. Harry White on Wednesday last were bis cousin, Mr. Walter L. Mc- Langbliu of Minneapolis, and father, the Rev. Jas. A. White of Pasadena, Miss Marie Thompson leaves on Saturday for Ensonada with a party of friends. They will accompany tho fleet as far as San Diego on board the steamer Paul Kerckhoff. Coulson's Eag Food will make vour hens lay more eggs than any other known food. $2.00 per sack. San Gabriel Valley Milling Company. Mr. Albert Shearer went north this week to attend to his business in- :erests. During bis absence Mrs. Shearer expects to remove into her beautiful new homo, which is about completed. , Tbe condition of the .Rev. I'anc Jewell of Colton is causing his friends grave alarm as there is no change for tbe better, lie has boon ill about four weeks with pneumonia. Coulson's Baby Cbicb Feed will make chicks g;»;w aud feather quick and never get sick or die. Why do you go to the Milling Company? Be cause we get what we call for, you bet yonr bat. Mr. Chas. Boxall of Ontario palled this week on his old friend, W. H. Collins, who came from tbe same town in England. Mr. Boxall will be in Covina several days attending to some work at the foundry. Dr. Payne and wife, Dr. Phoebe B. Payne, who having been visiting friends in Covina, have left for Santa Barbara. They have bought land in Lower California and may eventually locate there. Week end guests at tho home of Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Huff are Professor Leonard Bigbam, principal of one of tho Pasadena schools, Miss Margaret Waite of Long Beach and Miss Laura Caldwe.ll. Mr. aud Mrs. H. E. Wolfe of Stockton, Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Cowell of Mantcca, Cal., and Miss Ann Cowoll of Los Angeles wore guests thin week of Mr. and Mrs. Ohaver and tho Blancbard family. A large party of Coviu'i Cantons and their friends motored over to Santa Ana on Thursday to take port in the parade of the (Irani] Army encampment. Among tbe number were Mr. and Mrs. Ohaver, Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Griffiths and (laughter. Mr. I. D. llonser, Mr. Mebnert, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Cnoluian and Messrs. Stiosnider and Fry, The Sunday-school of the M. F. Church held their annual picnic on Saturday last at Chapman Heights Ranch. About sixty m\. down to luncheon, enjoying tbo many dainties provided by the ladies. In the nfler- noon many of the party climbed to t ho top of Hi;//nrd's 1'eak, un.joying the snp-ib view "f .sixteen |O\VIIH P LAN to take dinner at the VENDOME to -morrox'. Special music. For Rent, Exchange, Lost, Found Miscellaneous. For immediate delivery of stable manure see F. K. Puddorar. Thoroughbred White Leghorn eggs foi setting. &3 per 100. H. 10. Ward, Chart or Oak. Phone 1 'JSfi 1. tf For Hale—Comfortable, five room residence in fine section of town, 81800. J. II. Matthews. For Sale -— Second hand ranch wagon with fruit rack. Twomcy A- Oilier. For a stylish hair cut or an easy shave patronize tbe Asher barber shop. Baths in connection. tf WANTED—Chickens and calves. J. C. Baldridge. Covina, Cal. P.O. box 2:37. Phono '20(10. tf W. C. For Sale icry stock. )0o5. tf See new time card of Pacific Oloctric railway on telegraph post, n front of bank. Covina Pharmacy. First class chicken bone, 100 Urn. 2,50, San Gabriel Valley Wood of guests of Blackmail expect to To Lot, Two rooms, furnished or int'iiriiialicd, Kant, Front, Ht.reet. linno 10')!!. Ed LUnkonioro. -l-lHp For Kent- HOUHO on tho Lovell Iiuiuiro of TlioinaH Lovrll, nth street, Loritf Hcach. Up Halo A safe family horse ood siiiRln bn^KJ' '""I lianioHM anoli. •J5 W. For vit.h H or 870, Vote early on Monday. Rooms to rent—See Mrs. Hibscb, Cottage Drive. Miss Juliette Von Stein wns a week ond guost of hor friend, Miss Mcta Brunjea. Mr. and Mrs. E. U. Smith entertained Pasadena and Los Angeles friends with a luncheon at Levy's in Los Angeles on Tuesday last. Mrs. Sherman of Los Angeles was the guest this week of her aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Anderson of Park Place. W. H. Kendall of Clay Confer, Kansas, father of F. J. Kendall and Mrs. Chtts. Madison, and brother-in- law of Mrs. Kistler, is visiting bis relatives for a few weeks. Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Northfleld, Minn., were their obi friends, tho family, this week. They locate permanently in California. Tularo County Lands: 850 to 800 per acre with water. Undeveloped land in artesian district $'20 to 840, any si/e you want, any kind of terms. J. H. Matthews, Covina. Phone 50QR. Owing to the anticipated arrival of tbe fleet on the 18th inst., tho next, meeting of tho Covina Valley Farmers' Club,which would come on that date, has been postponed for one month. The Laides Aid of the Methodist Church held a very successful birthday social in their new church building last night. An excellent program was rendered, consisting of readings by Miss Minnie Sisson and Mrs. Shaffer, piano solo by Neta Reynolds, clarionnt solo by Ben Sisson. At the close of the evening refreshments were served. Tho voluntary birthday donations amounted to 861.57. An auto party composed of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Riggins, two daughters and son of Los Angeles, tbn Misses Byrd, Vic and Anna Reynolds, Augusta and Bess Sanders, and Messrs. L. B. Riggins, Jerome and Irven Reynolds of Covina, J. R. Adcock and Raymond HciiiH of Kansas City, Mo., made a trip on Mon day from Covina to Riverside anc San Bernardino. On returning the party was entertained with a dinner at tho homo of Mrs. G. J. Reynolds. « Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Goo. B. Scolleld, on Saturday, April 4, an other bouncing boy. A glance at. Mr. | idle funds. We Scollold's fa on as ho came down l.own ! Start an account. I this week told the story; it \\un a study in serene happiness. Not only was joy reflected in his face, but the rapidity with wbicb lie walked i convinced all that he bad one more to provide for. Mother and child arc doing nicely, and Ibo Hiiiisliine brought into tho home by this little new arrival will more than compensate the father for a 111 tie extra hns- tlo, Buy a lot in the Covina Villa met and tbe Covina Co. will build •an a house on it. Navel and Valencia nur- W. L, Kellar. Phone C. C. Home Inquire nt thin olllco. Hnvo your rnbliur ttircH set by Wilson's rnbbfr tiro Hotter, tho only mo of its kind in the valloy. tf. Uny a lot in (he Covina Villa tract tnp thi' O<|,vitia Co. will build you a lonsn on it. The Covina Co. will sell you a lot in tbo Covina Villa tract and advance you twice as nuiuli money HH you pay for .the lot to build a house Wo can offer you tho heat Htnblu manure at reduced pricetJ. Cady or Frank L. Hcpuor. pbone. I am now prepared to do all kinds of ranch work. Good team and every tool necessary, W. A. Blakemore, Homo pbone 1083. 4 25p Wanted — Position as foreman on orange ranch. Competent and will give satisfaction. AddrcHH L. M. (JoHiiey, Covina. For Halo — Thoroughbred White 1 Leghorn arid Ulitck Minorca unit* for HottiiiK- ' Mrs. ,1. Wholer, CypreHH avenue. Home phono 1008. Wanted — fJirl for ^onera! housework for family of two. Mrs. K II. Smith, oorner Fourth and Sail JJor- narilino. Found On Citrus avenue yostor day a lady's tan c.lot.h cape. Ownoi may have same by calling at post olllco and \niy\i\u tbu c<int o>! thii liner. The Covina Valley Savings Hank offers you a safe investment for your pity 4 per cent. lav. OUCIIAKDIHTK! See W. II. Potter about your budding. He is experienced in liii.H work. Aino in aiifl raimiH oranges, all IruitH and vegetables to Come «ip with us on Toliue l kinds of perfection. ! i i will inrli.'l:- \..,-a! -..(• -. l,> ' '.. M Lulu llai i i-i ai.ii 11 i-i.i- U iid i> .Mi>. .Johi, i'l ui. ]•-!. Mi.-- V. ul-<.. v'U «• j i :ul ILL:.-!. i - PROVIDENT MUTUAL BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION PAYS on I year Term on month!'/ b.'ii Friday and w-n (hewn, (.'ovina. (''ur Sale J <l chi''l'h lr»iu i llowing htiiinJiii Kock', V, bite day o the f While While Mile. I 'ill eel. TI.:I III II '• Ma rrl, I ir 1,1 •. ;,i i-1 H Covina Peoples Stored ^ I tdL W (tNTOKI'OKATKI>\ H^ 1 (TNCONI'OKATKD) OUTFITTERS TO THE WHOLE FAMILN Muslin Underwear All Kinds, All Prices, All Styles Corset Covers from 15c to $2.00 Skirts from . . . : 50e to $3.00 Dniwcrs from 25c to $2.00 Niyht Gowns from SOc to $2.00 Don't Forget the Muslin Fine White Muslin, 3<> in. wide • and not fnli ol" starch. Worth 12,'jC to 15c per yard Special at lOc per yard BRASS fOUW and MACHINE SHOP MANUFACTURERS Of Ui ~* GENERAL MANUFACTURING Thoroughly Equipped for All Classes of Machine Work Reittorns KM i m;itc:i Kiiriiisli(:il. them. ,J. M. Mat Phone r,(J08. gH for hatching and culialor from 1 bi ed fowls : Minon-iiH ami I'L' 1,11 I I'-th for KELLAR & THOMASON Shop and Office oppooile S. I'. llf\>(>\ Home I'lionc 2W Coviilii, C;ii in ,% ( 'leiui , I, M : )•.. I Covina Pharmacy E. U. SMITH, Prop. Always RELIABLE and PROMPT «! 12 Lim'Ti^'Mcy Call IK'iK I •!• t I i *> *• .l~v I I—-a I I 1 i 111 V.../ --I '-.. t; :.'• 'I K II:,', ;i,.l !:• y ;-,i!:i!h, .lai,-.c.- : 1 ii; eb'-l ! I i ill b. ,il-;' i "jV'i'hr l;..i., i \-,. \ hlll-i -.Oil, M I ' .Mi'--i -. :-,,ii;l,i.i ii J. M. HUNTER, Manager n.5 S. i'.r Ci.MiM' CON M CHMiiNT IRUKiATINCi PIPK i , t • , ,» , i n • ,i i< ' -- i : J ' 1 1 -i ni< • t • I General Cement Work of All Kinds KVinfonl'-'l ('"in irt.c Kuililinjf . a S[n-i.i.illy -tu.s;. 1

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