Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 16, 1912 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 16, 1912
Page 7
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• • • ' ' \ ' - ' • • • . . • .• 1 • • • . • . - • .... 1 . : — • —^ —-—:——1 'HE lOX^ DAILY REGISTER, ^ iVEDNEfflDAY EVENING. OCTOBER 16. 1912. "YOUR PRIZE LYING WILL BE THE CAUSE OF MY FINISH," SAYS FELIX TO FINK. SW FEUXCTWRE «»AMAN HERE AT THE FWR, TW ¥IMOS<10 HIRE AOARONER, m GOmG T&TAKE HIM AROUND AND AHOW HIM SOHE or THE PRIZE STurr AHO -TEVJLHIM^Op OREW IT, THEH1»« TXCKLE HIMFOR -TH &ooe. " ^'OOWOTMJM! OP -nsE KtNO! Professional Directory. •:• •:• •:• • •:• •> •> •> •:• ••>*••»*• • • DK. C. M- RBSS Dendst ExtractfOD without pain by tta« use of Nltrourt Oxide Ga» Uouiii Xo. 1 Northnip Bids. PLoaes—Office 653; lies. 8G2 • • •> . JIOXET TO LOWl ^111 !euJ un household gooiu, lilanos, organs, sewing mm- rhiueij. tliuuioDd5 and jewelnr. J. W. COFFEI Oilire, >'o. IIU Nortli Stnet WANTS—ALL KINDS WANTS—ALL KINDS FOR SALE—FOR SALE FOR SALE—FOR SALE FOR SALE—FOR SALE WAXTKD-KXPEKIKNfKO WMITK U.WTKH - M \N AMI WOMAN KOU Kirl for K<'i"'i;il lunis» work; >:.-><H1 ' work ;U lvniis>Iv.inin ll.-t"!. wuRos. Aihlir-si. T 3". laip of' U.'^i>f<>r. i l'<''"Hnni! or \VI!U;im iVvi.. v. i;.i->.lt. FORM LOANS WANTKH—I AM prepared to talve car" of Farm Loans Isrije or small, at t!:-' lowest rate to be obtained anywliere Privilege to pay any amount at any iutero^^t paying time. See me and net \>tf\tif am! rate, before pUu-iufi >oar loan. K 1. TUompson. Over Kvans OiuK.^tore WA.NTKIt SKWLVv; TO t>l> AT t-.omi- c'all at So ;Hii .1. i:i'rson i !\ooMi WANTKIi TO IJKNT '• DK r. •.i-v'!ii iifn!^.-: i .tt :iv;.> i.r>':'Tr.i! I' Mrs VV M WANTKD MKN TO l.KAKN liAli- ber trade. An army of our pradnaies running shops depor.ding ui-on u>- for barbers. Maay job.- waiiSni:- Tan't 'be had elfewhere Write today. Moler • Bjirber Oollese. Kansas _ City. Mo Ternl unlimited. IWAXTKD—NUUSINO TO DO; ''VI N., Bi^ckeye. WAXTEn TO iilY—FIVK OK S^lXj room house. I'.O>T- in:]!' must be wortli ! the money. Phone 3«>0. ' \VANTi:i)-u-'.<> .NM:N ANO uovs • l><'i(>:i:.' mt'Uibers of ih.- V M (" A ;» ei 'k. MKN ANi> HOYS AKK WANTKli TD • line IIP in ti.e meinliersi.M' '''e V , M. f. .\ liurintr the HP :i.!)-»r.Oiip taiii- , i'.!;i:n w":ii!i l< on this wek. ! SPKtlAL APVANTACKS CVINKI) ;' !>> jo-ninir tl -.e Y'. M C A. t !;is rj;e alons. let's in on !t in ^"^.^e.i-;^,:^.!::^'-,':^f' KOH .AL. n.KA..-,:oo.. UK,V. -a...- ...•.ul.inaaon ^ l;..n- Cun .M-e .-i.ire with :> X .lr;r.'rs..n P:.,.:.- I^y' I" ^"I -"^ : \Va.-:iiu,;;i'n- Ida Koi: SAUK OK KXfn\Nr,K ONK F..:.l • Itiiualout: ju-t you SVLK Aiioi'T .\<HKS. want Will ^eil tai in^h or •. <! notes •'•<•- t"la -m :."k i..;.!; (lart un- ;:.n.».iu lo ..a.r I'a'l .'U Tu- Allen I''"w ; .1 I i.ii snap foi ipiirk '.'.ui:i-.> Iliv. sni,i.!!l <".> K -ii.>'l .'u-!l a' J'J.' ".o ]••:• a'f It will o> trad- !.T lula p.i.pi-rtv ..i it: anvf^ooti i.~ r .• ;ii i man l-ir i' .':.\'V fi ..Mi!'> Ian.,' What «'3ll on Ail.:i^v Inv.-.-1la.-i.t til.-, k. lob. l<:iu.-;, ;l'o. loia Kail K.'il.-v ll..!.-l l'.p..k Va \i SALi:—WHITK XANXY GOAT wagon and harness, '..oule H. Klau- j mann. (First !'ubn.<hed October 14. P-l:; » KK(iISTIt\ri«.\ NtlTICf. ytflce of the City Clerk October Uth. I'.TJ N".'!!.-.' is hereliy givn that h -'Kin- n-nir (UI..!..T Mth.' llM.. this of:li-,. will h. kop! <>p..n dm ills' i .v n ^H >n FOR RENT-FOR RENT*! u ::rr:::L ::^!:r ^:r^^ <>'<Io<-k Fririay nf::!it. (ii holier -'irli. ;!i>- r.._-is! ration ht.nks will !»• i !..-••,I fi .r :: .. ^.tit-ral i'!i»iti. n !.•• h.M .\.;'. rii.'.-r .'.r!;. I'M'.' T F ZrK<:LKR. l-i'v Ci-rk • • ' rillLLII' UEIUELE • lOK llKNT—N'CKLY FFRXlSllKf* riM'Ui for v't-nUi'inair 4<iJ .Madison FOR SALE—FOR SALE — W.A'XT—YOr TO KNOW AP.OIT thi* finest fruit aral farming s.-cti.n KOU KKXT.-12 Kt)OM HOFSK In Florida. Addre?s H. G. Gates. Ar- • :<-^<' >ii:tab!.- !or voominv-. ov cadla. Florida. FO. Bo.x 20. . l.oardint: Whitak.'r X: Iionn-^li. FOU SALi; tiR IKAhK SMALL i;-j RK,\L K.^TATK Kii){ .SALK-l-Hi ;a-->nLfr a'ltouinl ile. Inquire IVnn-j acros ..; tin" , ..ralri.: laud, lo- syh :!i;!a llo'el, \ai — l t I-'J iiiile.. rr..:a I'ollii'.-vill'-. - : iTu '-a ,iii;>. (ik'aiio'ii .1. ;n rli-- .li! KlCLIAiil.K FIRK IXSfKANCK-lX ; •n-i ;r.- all i-M^.-s and ti- r.iiew!:i;r j'.iir insirauif- j lace .-ome ) '-es P-VI.MT I-:,.- p.-, a.-.• of it with ::.e I will see tl .at >ot:r in-i ' 'ak-' "'i.- h:-.'. iii sir-t liior 'uauo tiM'Sls a: e >af> ly sua..l.d. I'y writ-| not.'-, or lola T '-al - •^t .AdiJre-.-; W >Ru' you in aljrst ilass c..:i:paii>' H--| K Farle>. lto\ Ir::. ,\lu^k.•-•e.•, Ukla .-ides. V.'' ntt-d the b:!siness and will! acpr.ciate your patronaee. It L' FOR SAl.K—2- • HOMKK AND CAil- T;i.:;nison. Phone 15U. Over K.ans i "-aax iii:;.'or:- Kino r •...r..uah!T. >ls t»ru5 Store. .,Ou.»:*cr< ,ri.-.wl..i i;.iri;.iiii- i," tak- • .-n at om o Mi.-s tirac- .^c-rs. lola Fl)K SAl.i: -iJdOn SOI'Xl* A.>-. i'.-oon: v -4 .\cr .r- Park. s .Tt .-J. l.anil pirkul winT.r apple..; at' — — : • '<:•• o :cO :an! H.irry i;.,,kon. ' FOR SALK-H0I»<;TI:1X PILL. Kaii.-a- l.iUarp- Piiim.- T'.l . y. :ir old Inciuiro i, :a:l- uor'a l <da 1-(H; I:KVT THiiUOtCHLY .MOO • •;ti ••liili' r.' Ill house, op- blOok from lai'. I 'ia.- i;. tlty r,, FOlt I.KNT I'DIR !;oO.M MOH- .rii ho 'i-.-: pa .-l syeei. S.- .\1 L |i-.,-k-:. nil .V ,~v< •-•.Tcor.- V •» -» <' •> • UAIl.N'KSS A>il> SADDL££I « Ueuerul ItifpiiIriDK * UOM, South Street—lola. Ku. • • F. U B. LEATELl, M.». • Specialties: • Diseases of the Cheat ^ Diseases of C'bildreu • Pbttnef-Offlw- HI; Be». U7 • lulu State Bank BIdg. • Fiii; i:i:,\T -Ffp.N!sirr:i> RKS- taiirant and •."lu.-: "Is S.jutl. strf.-t Pa..:..- 1-2" FDR KF:XT—TMRKK SICK. ROOM.-? 71'. S \Va .>-!;iD )Hon. LOST AND FOUND. - .M-s ivt.r Uolan. IL'.ol P.iickoy.- Rd. Clvw-land. O. -MVS: ••yes. Ind .H -d I tan reiiuumi-nd F.d^y.; Honey aud Tar ("oMip 'Oind, My little l>oy had a !'id case of whoopin.;; cough s.ime tiriip.-i he vv:is blue in ih" fare. I .c-»ve liiiu Foley's Honoy and Tar Oompourd arid if had a rouiarkable effect and cured h :rri in a .s^orr time" Con'a'ns no haru.ful drugs. liurreH's Iiru? Store. T.O.CANATSEY , Expert Piaifo Timiiiir and Rcpairingr. Witk c Roberta Uualc Co. FHOHZ ttl WANTKD-I'OSITIOX AS XTRSK', SALK-ALL KINDS OF FKK!> for inva 'i.d. Address -fl" care Register " ic Kasi lola 'Fe.>d .>tore Phon.- WAXTKD AT lOLA—PIPK LIXK iOR SAI.K-R !C S Fl RXITI i.'i: teams, $4.00 to J.", up a day. 0. C Luc-, Stove--. Hit: -ti- k ra >h or payn.viits FOR SAt.K-SIX MALI-; CuLLIKS. : FDR S\'.,h'—LAR.;K !;i»OK r.\SK. fl ir :;..rithK oM; ...--ii S f ' ::la-- iluiiM.- d or- .\lsi> two counter t; irdnor. L::liarti. ':aMo-. ..p .'-i' t; and .m.- I»; ;': i.'a>: ——— •!P,..IP' F .\I TLomp.-^. n LOST- fitlL'> KAR PL\ 1 R>';;:s:er ofi'ite RMTIRN , Have you something to sell? Do you want to biry?: . Tdl your W-jnis to 20,000 People through The Reglstei ootk. Phone l^i. Kd llennin.aer. West Madi-ou. Fi)!i SALK—<: II O If K MlLCU} —W.. are s-HIni; .M..nar. Paint at cov..- p.!ot;e I :o ;i:;il I o-t IMiy r.ow .( M Rilvj IK THK PAPKR BOY FAITHS TO delirer your paper. ci!l IS and re wllJ send yoji a paper hy a special carrier, tje same e»enlBf. UUMRPE NEWS FOB TODAr FOOTBALL (JtME MITH l.KllOV TO .Mtunnnv AT .1 r. M; •:• •:•.•> • • •> •:• •> <• • <•, C T. Harris is in Klsmore todav on ! •:• <• t,u<:-;n.s.- \\' F. <'>-.v. ns ii s|-ndinc the w-e.»k ••• >'ii:i Lis d ;U--i:tor Jlrs. .lako iloko a; • •••,lho .V.iidf-rso:; ranch Rprha) i< on At llaniUt rhiirch.— Mr<. Hiffas* llotlier UejuL—Mrs. Wllht* IS >rarrlea. • ^Ve do all kinds of Wai.h <• and Clock Repair Work. We also have ;i (•o:'.:]>leie line .M •> AValclies and ri «MK> • to select from. in :i ;Mi. •*• let us show y<>ii. • WATER.X A. IHNFORTII •:• llru!;s and Ji-welrj THE DAY'S DOiNBS AT ens CITY' A iu:t.tb. r 01 out oi town op 'e nro HUSKK rONVF.KSlON.S AT THE •j -:..M..c-. • tor th- biu- f..:.,.i! IIOLLVKS.S .MEETIXi. ••• cnme lomoito.v. Sonulliiii:: nc-w— i\sTA\T rosTin •r A No ImJIins- made In the lup. -i- dc.'irion> luit drinl >pned v I.AnARrF. Of^T. 1.:.—M'. 0. Lenhah of lola, vvas :•- visitor in our city yos- terd.ay. —Ask for Marr's Puritv nri„! at •VT. S. Ford's. Everythinp Is 5n readiness for '''e i big op ^nins football game tcfmorrow.; Ijeroy -will be her.- on th-^ moraine liassen^er and the pame will bepin promptly at " nVlock. .\11 th.> busi-i ness houses will close about 2 :40 and! a line of march' will be made to the' grojinris. The foliowintr lineup •will start thec.-ime for LaHarpe: Center.) H. Limes: quarter. Meyer; riabt half,*. Lawrence: left half. Barker: full back, j IH. Busloy: r ;?ht puard, Tempy; left i guard, G. Bu.=l-y: riuht tacki*-. Kerr; 1 2eft tackle. Stepbenson; riirht end.' Means: left end, Gardner. i Tlie.W. S. Frobasco propertv in I^tn ^ - yonvilie was sole' yesterday to John • McCune. The property has bt^n in th>- hands of 'hej administrators sir.c- the death of Mr. iF*robasco. Re'.. Carlton, of Oklahoma 5? con-i ducting successful revival meetings this .we ^k at the Baptist church. Rev. Carlton is an iritorestin^ talker. The; ^-hcir is furnishinc some sxcellent' music. P. R Meador Wfis in lola yesterday, i The Ladies' Aid Society of rhe Meth- ' odi¥t church vi ill meet tomorrow and j quilt Clem Kpperscn is movinp frotn south M.iin str^^t ro north McKinley i Mrs. Rachel Bi.ccs. yesterday re-, celved the 'nd n'-wg of the death of' ht r mother .i' ('::rthare. "MP. Mrs. Bie^s wa." at th.> depnt in f.^diness ! • to g^ when th' rrrs.-ace cstr.e • After bc-inc k»pt secrer fcr .«ome days lit wa? discovered r.-?t«>rr;Ty thnt Mrs. I-aiira C. Willets of thie city i w.Ts married to Mr F.d Street of 'Vates •Cetiter some tfm" sco. >fr Street,,' . was foriner 'y a retudent of this city >>ur la n |w conduct In i; a grocer v in Yatea Ct ^ter Mrs. Str'ot will shfji her housthold goods to Yates Center •:• •:• • •:• •:• • •:• •> •> <• •> •> •> ••• ••• • ?:FEEL BOLLY, TAKE CASCARETS TONIGHT Hancer^ Hill e« tn l.alluri"' Fridaj - Nk'hl- \ Poor fun .Make Out-'.s K»e Very Itlaek. iii^funtly. CA-S rtTV. OCT. !<;—Th»- Hf.liness in'',!iii^.s which ar.- h.-ld tri-w-t-.-Uly in ( \HL \ HINTEi: -:- han*. -f THOH. H. BOWLUS, PmidfBl J. F. gCOTT, (^oUtr Allen County State Bank lOLA, KANSAS XSTABLISBED 1 QUARTER OF A CESTTBT. c:apitai $30,000.00 Surplus $40,006.00 ? Deposits ..... $550,000.00 DTEBEST FAID OS TUIE DEPOSITS SAFETI DEPOSIT BOXES FOB B89T •r DO Yor SLEEP WELL: Ruy a Sot of .c-^iod Si' n Felt Mattress ar.d a.Ped o- -i^. •*- and w. will ci'.arnt:''..r rh;!t v..;i * will f MARTIN URMina: STORK V Lallarpe ... Kan^us. j;^: A Kl-crnt i >i>\ will Iwp jour Ii»4'r, stomach and boweN clean, pure and fresh for months. S >•'< ':• i''.icU.-.bili.)usiif?s 'liz.ri- .-.In-.-s, C'lai.-d r^ii-^u'. sour las-.- am! J.lfo-4l bro.i-h—.-^'tt-ai s 'ra.i ih'-.v, to ...j torpid liv.r. d.l:.y..,l t". rm-nti:;s food. J.'in tlie bow.-^s or soar, sassy stomach. ;t;j Poisonous niafr 'locci^tl in th.- in- Xl?es'i:ps. it!'''.!.: o: b.-iiii: r-ast our of ,t!'h" s.vstet. r.-:ibr.)rt:.^d into 'h' the chur on west First street are ^iblo.-><! W'l'-i Tr> = -- jio:s.-^n rer*thes the 'hat =!!•• w-js it; (otitlnually 'iloing good. Tiier.> w. re 'hr..,. conversions I;is-t nichi and e:icb ii;ad- a talk which le Id Ih" < onirr. .sa- ti;>ti sp.ll-l.-iuad for sotue tin:.' -T L. Kauffman is soni.-wiuic !•.;;.T Mr atid .Mrs Len Ttiotn J.S of bol'ir «. -.. in T..j->vn y.-s'.rday for a Ioi-aM»>n Mrs W;n 'Ao>"lbarn w n^i;->iii^ • black . > e. but sh*^ eiupl:Htiea!ly d-n---: OBITIMRA'. K Wilkinson, dauehter of .John a:;d Nancy ^Vilkinson. was born ;n Mon'L'ttn rv county. Kansas. April 1.".. 1XS2 A' -he .is;e of V- s!:- unit»-d f'liri-il.ii! fiMr.h She was iv • r. N 'rv- ; <!e!ic-it»- brai'i ti.-su- it caas»-s cors- Si sfion and duiK throbbing, SM k ... ... ... ... ... .• a iK -r; =^ ;l!.niiiL' h.-lida.h". - • • • • • • • I Sai:-. ca '!-..rTic pills, oil and ii-iraa- - ' -iv- U<rt: a (• assait-'v.iv for .-i ilay or f.w)—yes—bur t!;.^y 'ak> •ny ki/fd of t corner of .''he b !ata.'S the sharp door. Miss Katb. Tin.- t'oman of lola was a St or .Mrs W !-; Cio':;.' .M.iid.iv W O I.-nhar' of lol.i ' r.!P-;a'-r< .1 M^iiza and daui;ht.-r :.-f' v. s- '^h*' I'^-'f and hav,. no .ff-rt up- r'' \v" Frie-ll^v"of' Lai 1.= rr„-. was in '-rr^rrv • for F'. Coiiin.-^.'Colo . for an "" l^^'-r or stomach. . th., rjty y^s-.^rdiy on bur :!:.-s-~ " ' • J.----' ' • -j-i,.. i.>,.ond dan'" of th.* season will naii- Cascarets imm'-diateiy c!'-anse and "^_^p^P oia<.;,'.s 1 B Frant.T. the r. srjlare th<^sromacb, rerwive the sour be held ir. rh.- LaHarp-' oy.era hous*- Opto:i,etri-=t.arAtteberrys Restaurant "ndiEesi.-.l z.v.i f-^rm^nr::.- food an.! Friday ni.:;hr. rirt. is A numb.-r from Tuasday. October !5ih. Mesdan:^."^ Crvrkscv and Martin wenf to th.- Anderson ranch Mon-iay on a •lUfir.g exp-dition. K. G Darfortb of D-erln?-. wf.o r«- '«»ntly !;nd*rwen'- .-^t: np«r:>tio:i wa- ahle to b<- on the .-ir.--s a niiii- .;.s y.^'.^rd-^y He w:!! visit :i' his Iroiher'f hont" hire f;>r a few w. eks T!' Th^ yon Ralph and br'd.' w-.-is :i d<cal rU-CesS. De'aili: of the . VrMlt will b- ;riven tomorrow- foul jias-s. take the '•xcess bile from h .-re wiU a'-^ni? •be ii ..r anil irrrv out of the system all of the constipated waste niatt .-r and 1 Olsons in ;h- bow-;?; \ CL .<car .-t ronii:i :t w 11 «urely sTa-eht .-n yon our by riom::.::. T!j .-y .»oik whil.. yiei sle.-p-~.. l<t-fen» \)0\ train your dri::.'2is' ;:.-'ap.- your 1. s 'o -i a ii r-U 'l >' cr liv .r Th" r."c-T'ioii ci^<n by ?>.Ir. and Mr- li.-o .Ma^son last --.rnins for tb.-ir trd inoJirhs r.-tiu..t.' to -! Mr and Mr- A r> Ar.dr.^ of Mil ir->d. are eu*-sts ar '1." T K O-'.orn hrm- tliis w.-ek -Mr. and M.>- F .V KLri -r r.::rn..! i.ts* niaht in "Ir-.r tnachin- fr.^rn Gi'.r- (...;; 'I...V hav" b -.-n '.is;.;!!': Mr Tl-:r.*-r"s par'-nt.« Mr :;nd "T-s. <;ry.i,» w r.- "n '..wr, y-.-T. ri'ay !.-•< kin;; lor 3 bo -^i.. •,, niov. '•< ralK-, .-. • V.-'.'l. .. rh'.i.- of th»- lun<.rs. .^t .. I. .v. < :; li.i:.t,.!i;,I :,n.i :w,, pf. a 'MJV \Z y..ars old ainl a Ctrl no Mi 'ir.' thre.. ye:..-s i.Tf! Mrs Kcok.T- i.^ ..l.-tn survive.! >.y !.. r nio'h- • r, ;^ o sist'T.i an-f ti- brriri:- rs Four broth.-.".-- and o:;.- -:- -.v. i r.-r,fn' a- the fin-r;i! w hi. li w,i- cf,iiir.--ted at rl-!'^ Pl»'.'.san; V;'.;;.>y chiir. !: ijy Roy. "••f->n S'i.» w.-s lat.i r.-i r»-.-.- :i; ib» \''- -.^^'.r.' Vui". .- :•• n.e-arj Sh- i- s; JU'- bur r.O' fors.)'--n. Tl o::ih b-r boiys laid ro r. : Nov h-r ^pi'ir ':-..-s for.-.'r. 1:: r, i 'i -;i ;.s <>'. ij; s" J. n. A i:\Err. Pn^id «-Bt JOE MCKIXLEY. Owfcler J. K. Slf'U, VIcp-Pri-sidenL E. C JHeCLAIX, Asst Cash. rOI.ONEI. LAN YON, Snd Tlce-PrpsJaent. State Savii^^s Bank ( AIMTAL ifii5,0W SCBPLCS «2.5<»» ' lOLA, KANSAS .We i';iy LiUrest on Time Deposits and Savings Ac- cDunl.s. Safety Depcsit Boxes Free tti our Customers. ind hand wasi-n a 1 - p; k P K. .-^ ii-, o: K- Si <..•!. i- .-ity y- rt»rd iv on ofTi.-ial J.'.;-in.-S! lit .M'.ssoj.-i V :a i.ic. i for M--S A J G...-S ;-';d d.iu!:h'<.r. .Miss UlaN.-b- .r- • \^-c'.d h"tn- o.d'V !r.>n! • V. ,...k- v:-.; ill r :".-:.urr :.::d ^V. ir ' C-'V M-> r S .M .K -I... ^ r.iiw-':. ~r. .r. r :.,'i -5, * 5- -5 « * -3^ -> V * - ; * VOfUE Sr -"A Tasine Perfume ef flowery llloOM." This week a free sample to all the ladies calling at our store. F. rOOKSET Prt.»rriptioB DrngiEfet. 3- I :• -T-—l.ari.:.:n X H nines j — Miss FIsi.- Sr.:v.-nson ient<>ri.T;n.-(.' j ^ iier Sunday school class of tii^ .M>tn'- ; odi-'t church Tutsd-iV, nlstht with a party at h^-r home nonh of town T?P' .' cLtss w. nt nut on a hay rack and rj-! [KJrt a most enjovabl» .-ver.ins , Mr. and Mrs HarW' "uss. of F'.--' more ar.' spi-ndinp the w-<ek with heri parents, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Mc-; .Vanity north of town. ' Hit'-s for M-ator- The bes' • line Jn town. ' Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Dam.-ll. .tfter a | two months-' vacation with their .son at Spnta .-Vnna and other jioints in Ca' ifomla returned home yesterday. -Another bis: danc^ is ar.nouncod for ( Frltlar night to held in the opera i hoos". <;ood music is assured. \ The household goods of Archie K« I- \ ler were shipped yesterday to the 1 famllr at Eldorado. Robert Logan was In town yesterday trying to purelias.^ a bouse to \r ; moved to hia farm near Kiacaid. ; c. c. MCCARTY & SON Plinne ilfi S«l Sonlh St. Carriatje and Automobile Painting. • s.^'in fir F'.oriiia to Put on Rubber Tires and fio all kintls of repair work. t.o w. " r- r.r-.I • fii- I. H. r: rev f. ••] . •. • !•! L.iHarp. r. .•Hi,-, row. .All t'e [..•|Li.-;. rci.ari •= v il' .'..s*- stor. s. ' ' M.-- S" >.T.A>Iisr. r of rv.. - Tr-^-k. .'1-.-' •'• r:!_i.' w-iih Mrs r W tr.,ftc. ...T . nrou'.^ to Hirw-o<vL , >'o. •'• .--'-^ ^-r bro'i.'. !'. F^-i-iri- of T.o-k*>rt^ire III,m « * r,. s-^-^n for v.^ars Miss ?idi.- R.-.Jt e..r:i'--ir L.^t -•••»•• from Wich'''! for a v!<::':;. 'he K -l. sb^'i'T^r hrir.'-. . • Mi^e Z-'b' P:«se r.f IJ.w.^r • .s- at'iilc "h" po-tofjlc'^ rrii.s '.v. • k ] Mr? Jfsse Roberts of lo'a •^'..s .•• I r.f Mr. and M's Tom Kelsheim- '<r yes'f^rd.TV. •• ;<'>!H,- .!• \-. 'c .• _•• - :- 'i|«ir b-ij.a a.-^.-l - »\.*' i - r'r ir*:. - by tli*. btiai- •'.!. -, •::;•: i< • •:r.-rs'of'. : f-r- -•-.i-; •• r.-wr.r-l.i for ih- .-^.| ;.-. i) •• l.ictory i.r>.b'. .n : a' ••'.;.n- . ^r :it savivij. Dnlv rl .- r>I.r Ivi^r: n ^' K I' slt-^;.' r's;)-: .. " :••! ri.' - > -e? : '.-fr-hipS r..nd-r,d. or"» f>r }].••>•" for s .rr.- m- rli<"l •>( "is- ir-E !• .'*.r s.r-- r •'ast.- "h*- ••'itTi 1: tliis ii.irh.r ro.:!'! b- .'ajihit r:. 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FRANTZ TME OPTp««»T«»l9-r exclu(iv< At HanDR'ft Jtwelry Stor* m NORTHRUP MTIONAl iANf lOLA, K.\>.SA.S OVER FORTY YE\RS OF roNSKKTATlYE BANKIN& IX lOLA DrjM»l|or» for the Tniled States State-of Kansa.s, aoit Allea Coutf OFFKERS: E. J MILT.KR. President U I.. NORTHRCP. Vlce-Prest ' .MKLVIN FKDNK. Ca-h:". r F. JV. NORTIIRL 'P. Vice -PrcsC R. J. COFFEY Asst. Cashier D. P. XORTHRL 'P. Vice-Pre«t. CAPITAL $50,000.00 SURPLUS $20,000.00 TOCB BU.SINE.SS SOUCITED Interest PaM nn Time Pepft^to Safe^ I>eposft Boxes for Scirf

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