Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 2, 1952 · Page 16
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 16

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, June 2, 1952
Page 16
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THAN PlO TO yMARV GREEN r^wr r***^**wr All AN TO WK! TOSlWiHiA tFTHATWcACHE MANOTHATFEUOW KKIMPUTJNTHE ) „ tl , ygui^ffn J LJgMPUR/ ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH HQNDAY, JUNB 2, ANO ON A OlftWNT CBttTtf SHORE OP LAKE MW'» [WRMMW HAVE-9AVEOMV LIPE ASAIN" OIONT YOU? 60T US A HOW M* W6 CAN SWITCH THIS, IS 50MCTHIN6 ELSE AGAIN/ V Off 06 Fuu. OP LITTLe? 60 Off I y<S>V MMN WiTHACWPOOWN Htcrrecrive NBUTRO- ? 001% 'XO 00 WVTVv WWOW5 « V YAN6W VJ COWL VOS\>\ ft VOCVN <3CffeS>S ^COON AS! LAX DESPERATION BY MARKY1N' MARION'S DETERMINED PUR6UITJOOP SAILED OFF INTO THIN AIR WHEN HE RAN OUT OF SOMETHING BETTER TO RUN ON. OUR BOARDING HOUSE — WITH MAJOR HOOPLE OUT; OUR WAY By WILLIAMS F GREAT CAESAR, M ARTKA.' MUST VOU 6EMD ME FOR THIS 6OOK- USTOF WHENi I'M 6P£UDIM6 ALL MY IM AN EFFORT TO THOSE JEVOELS POTATOES, POUNDS — ORANGES. THREE DOZE^—DO Voo THINK I'M A CIRCOS MAM DOf^T S(?|ND THE- ^$1 VOU WAWWA SAVE THIS> MA. POM'T SOU? FLASH THOSE PA<37 ME A<3AIW.' VOU TWO WOULP PUT A BARREL WITH OWE BEAM HO IT IW COLP STDRA6E TO SAVE WA£>HIN(3 IT/ TREADS OFF.THOSE- 11 NEVJ TEETH•'—AMD J TRV TO SET PACK ^\ 6EFOR& I HAVe TIMETO RUN THE IMDIAMA SAMD DOMES THROU«3H AM HOUR SLAGS/ DON'T 6tUMBL& AND LOSE1U& CHAMGE= WHY MOTHERS SET 6RAY T/ic Telegraph'* Daily Radio Chart Mondiy JSTOo ifUO IN KO RMOX (CM) lift RC (MM) tut RO .Win IM Mf 1 W«w*s Rhythm MiHln 9onp M ftflH ft I* 48 Ne«i spwtt " MJA'I fi«»» friiwa uut ««•• 8 Mln, With OOP (ft**-) lielMi Na*tl Him CUM Mint* LewttTThAffiM rim rtv* N*Wf RM0HI ill* Center* BiUlih Jncfc gjMHB Club it Edward MWHW Bob aeddard maw DIM« MUM* Mm* HMIW J Player find* Howard Mint* Brewni Vi. Phit. Ncwi SporU r«Mi* Washington AMhUf attdfMV Bobby Battle* Bill Hick-flit Chuck NeriMi tvanlnff MHale Donald VoetDMI Band «4 Afflartea Concert Hill Nawa Melody Pattern* ai.«MM ffMH :00 Undberc D*n|eroui ins • W:48 Young P«opla'i Mr. Han ffjwk thaw r M only Nawa Orand Can. ft*. O«*B HIM* ..... Mutual NMH Woman ol Year NtWt* World Plattar Parad* Htrry render Beautiful MuMa Music Matteri Newt Ablda With Ma Nawi Blnaa N«WI: Spta Antall Show You and World B. B. Roundup Crotby Show Otnce Orch. 11 N*w* Plattar Partda *«»*-~MutM Concert raveritaa Haadtlnaa Orch, rrotlea OrehaalM Merrymakart Newt: Dawn Pat Dkwn Patrol Tuesday 6 :M Nawa ,:1S Chapal .._J:30 Time A Mf. 48 New , Tempoa New* i Bto0k«9 Newt; Market* Stookey rarm Newa Newai WMtnat Coneatt Newt; Weather Country it. Salute, Weather To« (MM Tom Sport) •unrtea BeranaaTa Newi-Wlaamaa Mutla 1:00 World Newt *:1A Weather $0 Timetable :« Newa KTawat MartM** Stookey Bruce BarrMitM Stookey Concart MedltaMoa World Newa Hymnt Newt, Rax Olivia Mutle Reveille Weather: Variattaa Sacred Heart Chapel Window BUnf Creaby Nawa, r Mi™..Bd Wllaan fhow Nawa Newt. Break. Club Al Rlehl; Newa Mutleal Clock Al Rlehl Mutleal Cloek « :00 i Alex Oreler Sporla Newt Cliff St Nancy Bruce BarrtnttoB Breakfaat Clufc Melody Maile Newe Newt: Salute Newt Varied** Newt Rex Da»tt Clock Watcher Quli Cd WIltM Newt. Break. Club Newt Al Rlehli Newa Muilctl Clock Chapel of Air 9 Welcome traveler* True Btory Double or NotMna Showcata Whispering Street* Snnn. Singer* Agalntt the Storm New* Science Hum/in New* Student Devotion* Theme* of Age* Arthur Godfrey Serenader* Ihopperi' Guide Wltemen, New* HI Nelghbaf 10 :no Strlka tt Rich Bob A Ray Dave Garroway Lone Journey Newt Break the Bank Symphony Music Maiten Ladlaa Fair Brain: Serenade Grand llaaa Queen for • Day Women In New* Rosemary Shoppert Gulda Meet the Banal Krrand of Merey Harmony Home Bargain Counter 11 New* Weather Kate Smith Meet the Menjou* Jack Berch Adv \n Melody Open Bible Victor Llndlahi Juit for Women New* Kitchen Club St u New* Concert Time Betty Crocker _ New* Melody Lane W Warren Newt Aunt Jenny Helen Trent Our Q»l Sunday Recalllt and Win Newi; Shop. O. Willis BulUnger Shnppen Guide New* Loulta Pertonalltlaa Quli 12 New* Pltyhoute Party New* John Conte Hal Frederick* Midday Concert Minute Maitara Newt Miirketii World Newa Mt Perklaa Young Dr. Malona Big Slitar Curt Mattay Cap Commentary Bandttand Revu* Vewt: L uncheon Luncheon Date Jertey ram HELLO, SWAOYSIOE BUGLE" HAVE 6OOO NEWS .' MY SOM FRKW.ES AMD L^RD SMITM ARE , &ACX HOME — SAFF AMD SOUNp ' E.X.CUSC US, FOLKS - I'D LIKE, TO TALK Jo JUNE ••-ALONE/ LET ME ooTHE TALKING, FRECKLES I'M THANKFUL YOU'RE SAFE AMD BACK HOME, Bur THERE'S SOMETHING L „ THERE- is SOMEONE ELSE/ SON. "<t>U LOOI^ AAORE LIKE A MAM WHO'S BEEN SHOT. 1HAM ONE WHOS JUSf BEEN KISSBP/ j J MM BE OeTTIIO' HEMMED UP IU a\ PEAP iKIP. AN* THEVRE 0/MNIW PN KA&l FW SOUTH TO THi CObST, THEN WB5T THRU THE C&P& •6/^LE EFC3IOW. MV 0NIV HOPE TO FIND WASH i* TO SPOT eowe cu>p TUUII. NNZRPW THP TO VOU 5MV THBRE 1 ? LOT* .BUr TWEAKS PNIV NIKH TH- COAST THEV COULPK GpT IWTO TH' G\)l? I WaVT T»»Kf W THRU TH2U lCaM, UWPERSEOWTH 1 Mueller, Newt New In Store* Doctor'* Wife Judy * Jana Newi: Melody Evelyn Winter* M. M. McBrlde Common Good Vie Damona PUno New* Muilc B>. 2nd Mr*, Burtoat Perry Maton Nora Drake Brighter Day Bandttand Review News; Luncheon Luncneon Dnle Newt-Watkar Recatu Shea) Curtain Call 2 ™ :nb :4S Life Beautiful Road of Life Young'* Family Right to Happlna Ladle* Be Seated Sacred Heart Into all the World Hilltop Houaa Native In Tone Grain; Mmle House Party Chas. Kasher PrOfrm'd for You News JJ OU »» r fSf* „ _ Fran* Parker New* Music tc Arti U. Carl Smith, New* Tom Dallay Bandstand Bandstand Newt Topi In Popa Modern Concart 3 Backstage Wlfa Stella Dallat Wldder Brown In My Route Hal Frederick* New* Masters Nawa Bread of Life World Affair* The Bookshelf Curt Hay Haden Family St. L. Matlnea Guiding Light Wilson—New* Ed. Wllaoo Newt; Bandstand Here's to Vet* News Dancetlme Song Souvenir* Melody Aecant 4 Just Plain Bill front Page Parrell Lorenro Jonea Bidder Up Bonner Newt: Bonner Muala Fttima Rotary Song Shop Children's Album The Ooan Blbta Serenade O'Brien Bhow Curt Ray Lea Adaan New* Kd Wilson News; Hecord Record Report. New* Teen Tunaa TELEVISION: KSD-TV Channel 5 MONDAY S;00 P. M.—Wrangler's Club S:15 P. M.—Space Cadet* 5:30 P. M.—Sportsvlew 5:45 P. M.—I N S Telenewt 0:00 P. M.—Kukla, Fran k Ollia 6.15 P. M.— Dotty* Bennett fi:30 P. M.—Those Tw 8:4!i P. M.—Newt Caravan 7:00 P. M.—Paul Wlnchell Show 7:30 P. M.—Howard Barlow 8:00 P. M.—Mama 8:30 P. M.—Hobt. Montgomery Theatre 8:30 P. M.—Who Said Thtt 10:00 P. M.—Studio One 11:00 P. M.—Mystery Theater 11:30 P. M.—Crime Photographer 12:00 P. M.—Film 12:15 P. M.—New* TUESDAY 7 00 A. M.—Dave Garroway 9:00 A. M,—Prologue to Future 9:30 A. M.—Arthur Godfrey 9:45 A. M.—Your Surprise Store 10:00 A. M.—Garry Moore 10:15 A. M.—Bride * Groom 10:30 A. M.—Garry Moore 10:45 A. M.—City Art Museum 11:00 A. M.—The Egg And I 11:15 A. M.—Love of Life 11:30 A. M.—Search for Tomorrow 11:45 P. M.—To the Ladle* 1:00 P. M.—First 100 Year* 1:15 P. M.—Homemaklng 2:00 P. M.—Big Payoff 2:30 P. M.—Johnny Dugan 3:00 P. M.—Kate Smitn 4:00 P. M.—Hawkins Fall* 4:15 P. M.—Buss David 4:30 P. M.—Howdy Doody M1NE\ SLITTER. \ SOXS...HO\Vl_L R O'ER EASV. I I FIX 'EMf^r-'Y AMD SE SURE I 6-2. ( POACHED IN AV,l_k:.A ^ FOR A\E. TWO \ NUTeS THIRTV ) SECONDS. AND , ^ c NO SALT.'/ WITH A' I ,, TOUCH OF \ -<i PARSLEY / (AND PLE\TV X V Oi= BUTTER,' { CARNIVAL By Dick Tm tier Stick 'Em Up "Trouble is, chief, Miss LaVcrne so completely lives her role as stenographer, she's still out on her lunch hour!" Cotton Oiais Faced With the largest cotton a op of several years coming up in Paraguay, the Ministry of Agriculture recently found itself on the spot when dropping world prices brought tbe cotton trade to a «t&nd&till, Asuncion report^. Im- said they could not profitably sell cotton bought at even the low floor prices fixed by the Ministry and farmers threatened Jo let the crop rot, rather than &ell at the low prices. As cotton is Paraguay's prime dollar earner, the Ministry and Bank of Paraguay are seeking a way out, HORIZONTAL 1 Chewing —is sticky 4 Stick together 8 Adhesive —— 12 Exist 13 Stocking disasters U Murderous frenzy 15 Salt 16 Easily angered IBConniver 20 Century plants 21 Underworld god 22 Damages 24 Scandinavian chief dejty 20 Domestic slav* 27 For 30 One who disputes 32 Equipped 34 Entertainer 35 Costly fuse Legal matters 37 Shout 39 Seth's son (Bib.) 40 Earth 41 Insect 42 Watered siiic 45 Sampling 49 Planetoid* 51 And not 52 Island* (Fr.) 53 Rid 54 Turn right 55 Cryptogeraic plant 56 Try 57 Furtivt VERTICAL lP»nt rivw 3 Musical 4 Coarsely ground hominy 5 Entice 6 Removes weapons 7 Worm 8 Caudal appendages 9 Pulpit in early Christian church 10 Rod 11 Pieces out 17 Professional course 19 Light colors 23 Rage 24 Persian poet 25 Cupola 26 Mistake 27 Publications 28 Famous city in Nevada 29 Poems 31 Weirder 33 Catkin 38 Dress 40 Frock 41 Property item 42 Injure 43 NoDweglaa capital 44 Follower! 46 Fruit drinks 47 Christmas carol 48 Dull color 50 Frequently sr C 10 Tl w Monterrey, Mexico,.shortly will ha\e a firnj manufacturing tele \ision sets, In Liberia, language lessons i- are being dropped to toe oeopl« I from planer *

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