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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 24, 1889
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VOLUME 8. STERLING, ILLINOIS, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBEB 24 1889. NUMBER IPO COUNTED HIM OUT. Political Fine Work in French Republic. the ANYTHING TO BEAT BOULATTGER 0, & N. W. TIME TABLE, OOINOKABT. QOIKOWWT Atto oKx 2:<2 a. m IFaeino Ex 2:22 n. m. *^ir"• J: i." 8-?S a. :n.'s't"'-)!n^ »>?«•<.«:«> p. m. ETniui'3 VassVi-BiJ a! m. Linilt«aPass. 4:04 p.m. t'JInton Denver 1:B8 p.m 3:«0a,m.' Oilntonl'asB 1:13 p. m. 8:53 " FBETOHT TBAIHB THAT CAKBT FABBssoKJia QOINO EAST. GOINO WK8T, NJ.18— 8-18 P.m. No. SB,..N,».« 6:60.0. in. No. IV. 7:40n,m. ,..10:62 a. m. OOINOKABT. I OOIH» WBHT. S-PassongersaO ».ra. 36— Pasuenger 4 :20 p.m. 70-FfelgljL....»;4S p.m.|tl— Freight ...... 6:00a.m , ARJHTB FROM BAST. lAKRITH TEOM WEST. TO-PR«B*nger,..»:OOp.m.8a— Passenger I0 : wia,m. t. _____ ?:«|42 v.Frelght......6:80 p.m. Paseengor No. se connects with trains east and west on Clinton Brancli; With O. B.I & P. K. R. « Book Island east and west( with main line tor points west, Council BlulTfl, Omaha and beyond aurt for Kansas City and points beyond. L.UOB -SPECIALTIES.- The* Crookedness Unnoeensary, ?mt Adopted na a MeftMiro or Fmcnntlon—Tho Election Seema to TIiwo l,:»M OIB Fugitive Ctonerr»l Pretty StlfiT — Halfoilr es What Gliulntnnn Culln n "Shabby" Screed—I)o:ith of Wllltlo Colllna. LONDON, Bopt 24.—Tim Pnris correspondent of Tho Times says: The elections in Francs Sunday res ill tod in a crushing defeat for tho BaulniiglBto, who returned only twenty members, and whoso entire representation lu tho chamber after tho re-ballot- Ing will not exceed thirty-six members. The Conservatives elected Ml members, and will got thirty more. The Republicans returned 218, and will securo over 100 more, making their total strength in the chamber between 335 (ind 3(W, ngninst ffiiO or 230 representing tho whole reactionary Boulangist coalition. Tho success of the Republicans and tho defeat of tho monarchy ami Cn;3ar!sm is a bappy fact, Tho result of tho election puts an end to tho Boulanglst-Monarohist conspiracy. Tttmlnnger Counted Ont, The general belief in JPnris is that (Jon. Boulanger wn» elected in the Montnmrtro district, Sunday, and counted out. The fact that his election by a good majority was at first conceded by tho government's vpresentativea, and that there was con- 1 lidorable delay In changing tho announcement to one of defeat,""glves color to charges that are being freely made to tho effect that the ballots wore manipulated by the government's agents. Unnecessary Crookedness. The general result of tho elections shows that there was no need for tho government to resort to such desperate measures as are alleged, for Boulanger did not develop enough strength throughout tbo country to seriously endanger the continued existence of the present government Those who believe fraud, was committed,, however, point out that at tho time tho votes for Moutrnartre were counted the returns had not boon ro- ••dvciVfrtm the provinces lu sufficient nnm- bor to show how nmttor.i wore going. Tbo gnvETitninnt—WOl-Alarmed.- at ;tho strength shown by Boulanger in this particular district, and fearing that it indicated the general feeling of the country they determined to at least deprive tho Boulnngfsts of tho personal leadership of their idol. It is wortL noting that those who make this Berl- oua charge Include not only Boulangists, but men of all shades of political opinion. The Finest, Mott Parable, and holds Its shape • the best of any whip In tbe market. The Easiest Dumped,.Easiest Kun- nlngand Latest Improycd Sweeper made. Fancy Patent, per oack, $1.60. Two sacks $2.80 Half Patent. " . i.». " " £00 Some of the eldest rcsldentslof this city claim,,this to be the best flou» they ever used In the State ot Illinois.! Oream of JE»n.tent s Hun, »ai*y and. Minn. JR oiler in stock. Tin A Good Stock of Tomato Cans, Very Cheap. Also a few dozen of) SIM'S GLASS FRUIT JARS AND JELL TOMBLERS LEFT AT A CHANGE. SUCCESSORS TO O. A. Oliver. BOOKS, STATIONERY Wall Paper. S. CftEXDEft, VH1>EK KKW YOMK 9TOKB, 1* Agt!l)t for Patent Electric H Kotea of the Election. " PARIS, Sept. 24.—M. Juloa Ferry was defeated by n close vote. His brother, Albert, was elected in an adjacent district M. Clovis-Hughos is defeated. M. Blowitz, correspondent of The London Times, says the chamber will annul the election of Boulangor by a sweeping majority. Counting the papers alleged to have been destroyed, tha: Boulanglste polled 300,000 rotes in the Ssino department, against Siifl,- 000 for their opponents; but tho Republican vote shows nn increase of 117,000, compared with that of January. The Temps Bays that tha political complexion of the new chamber will bo much the samo aa that of the old one. Many new men are returned, however, and a fresh element ia added to parliamentary life. Tha republic ought to use its victory to give to ita political action a consistency heretofore lacking. , • The Liberia suya that there will be no such chungo in tho balance of power in the chamber as would have any serious influence upon the future of the republic, BALFOUR'S UNIVERSITY SCHEME. He Say* th» Proteatanto W«r« Too Fre- vloua—Glndttone'i Comment*. LONDON, Sept. 124— Balfour has written a letter to the secretary of the Protestant Alliance relative to tho establishment o{ a Roman Catholic university in Ireland. In the letter ho says: "Though I desire to tako steps to promote higher university education for Kornan Catholics, a foundatian endowment for the proposed university haa never been in contemplation by tho government. Such an endowment ia not, in my opinion, necessary. Before 'passing judgment' upon the supposed plans of- the government, tho "public ought to suspend an expression, of oplulon until the TiewBT3f"thO"B ovornm8nt are known." ' - . Ifce "Grand Old Mam" Talks. Gladstone received a Liberal deputation at Hawarden yesterday. Ha called the Irish university' scheme a "dodge" and said that the letter written by Balfour to the secretary of the Protestant alliance was tho "shabbiest part of the shabby proceeding." Doath ol Wllkl.i Collins. LONDON, Sopt 24 — Wilkie Collins, probably the beat known English novelist of the day, died yesterday morning of bronchitis at hla home in this city. Ha had boen n sufferer from the malady for several years, and for many months had been in a critical condition, several times seemingly at tho point of death. Saturday afternoon he caught a severe cold from exposure, and steadily failed until his death. Mr. Collins was born in this city in 1H24. His first work was a biog rapby of hia father, who was a painter of note, and probably his moat popular novel is "Tho Woman in White," though all of bis works were of tho bast class of flo- tioa China Meditating Ketallntion. LONDON, Hjut. 24,—-Advices from Shanghai states that tho ern|>oror of Cbina and tha supreme council arj <lob:iti:ig over * iitamorial asking fcuo expulsion at Americans from the country. The Fope Contfrututato'* Sittnulng;. LONDON, Sopt iil.—The poj.o has sent congratulations to Cardluul Munulng for the succor of the cardinal'^ nJlji-U iu soUling the dockers' strife?. v: Ifor the Uefatme »l tho Alp* ROMK, Bt-pt '.'-I —The Italian govurnmint has oi'iiui'od fn-m Knijip n immb.'r of masked toworu f'ir the defous) of tUo Alps lllinuin stato *'nlr O|i«UfJ. I^JSORU, His.. S.'pt. 24 —Tbo iitato ftilr oj»as«l y*»U-r'l«y (indor Sue iimst favor- vorabln «us| T'ne woatliar WHS nil vb- iwr» eoutil ii»-sliv. Ail il«iMrtn«i'.its ara full, siiJ ll-'» I'V C'J.!* th* <,«rt t'X'ubi- CENSUS BUREAU ORGANIZED. . Krerjthinc; K^Rfly foi- tli- flr*-nf. Work— •VV».?mtN<iTON CITY, Kept. •,!!.— Rolxrt P. Fortnr, siii.'vrint^nrlent'. nf tlio consus. has ap- polnt.<M Ilirhnni P. Il-thwell, of Nnw York, editor of Tho E'lginDi'rinp; an 1 Mining Journal, chlof special ngont to tnko charge of tha collection of the 3taI!Bl.i^ of K°l'-' (ln 'l Rllvor for tho eleventh census, and B:iird Hulbor- stadt, of Fittshurg, special agent to assist in the collection of coal statistics The work of tho census bureau ia now about org.iniz.'d. Although tho actual enumeration of tha poopla dooa not lingin until next June, yet that has becomo tho smallest part of tho work performed at tha dpconiiial census of the United Ktitos. The Btntistics of manufactures, coramorco, oto., covering a period of tori years), require the labor of a largo unmbbr of epocinl agents and an organixation of $he work''iat must bo complete and exact in order to produce the best results. In order that, tlio system of carrying on tha buslnesa of tho oDlca may bo as perfect as possible 8up.>rintemlont Porter has apportioned tlio entire work among"oighte?n chiefs of as many divisions, and tholr subordinate*. Collection of Statlntlap Began* Tho organization of tho offlco is fur In advance of what it was on thj 2llh of September tan yonrs o^o. As is well known, ifc IB Mr. Porter's purpose to complete tho work of the consua ns soon as possible nftar the actual enumeration of tho population has been completed. Ho haa for this reason finished the preliminary work, completed tho organization of tho oflieo, and Is now prepared for the collection and compilation ol statistics. In fact, tho collection oC sta tistlcs has already begun. ANOTHER ADVERSE DECISION. United Btntos Judgof) Agroe on Sitting; ftown on MlmieftotnM I$«ef I^iw. ST. PAUL, Sept 24 —Judge Nelson, in thi United States circuit court in this city yesterday morning, decided the Minnesota anti-dressed-beof law unconstitutional, Th caso vas this: On Monday, Sopt in, H. E. Barber, an agent of Armour & Co., o Chicago, was arrested at White Bear, Minn, for so' ling there for human food 100 pound of fre.ih beef which was part of nn anlma which had boon slaughtered in Chicago an which animal had not been inspected "on th hoof" in the slate of Minnesota. tenced to Jail for thirty tlnys. Ho at once presented hia petition for a writ of habeas corpus to Jndgo Nelaon, sitting lu tho United States circuit court. Tlio case was (ully argued. Tho state of Minnesota was represented by Judge Colo, the author of tho law, and tho county attorney. Judge" Nelson took tho case under advisement, and yesterday morning decided that tho law wa» in conflict with tho provisions of the constitution of tho United States, and discharged tho prisoner. MAHONE'S FIGHT. The Virginia Republican Leader on the Stump. REVIEWING THE DEBT QUESTION. CAMPBELL OF KANSAS. The Intent Suggestion fur Pcnnlon Com- missioner—MnJ. Warner. DEER PARK, Md., Sept. 24.—It is rumored that President Harrison is considering A. B. Campbell, of Kansas, for pension, commissioner. Private Bocrotary Hnlford said last night that the appointment might hang over until tbe president went back to tbe capital His Wife Will Decide. ST. Louis, Sopt 24.—Maj. William Warner arrived from Washington yesterday morning, and states in an interview that ho bos by no moans declined the office of pension commissioner. "I have nalthnr accepted nor declined," said he, "and I am now on my way to Kansas City.'whoro tho question will bo shortly settled." From an intimate Grand Army friend of Maj. Warner it is learned that tho ex-congressman will submit the matter to his law partners and bis wife. "Inconvenience" Is u Good Word* WASHINGTON CITY, Sept. 24.—Tha state department has taken 'Steps'to prevent-Hon. Frederick Douglass being subjected to any inoonvonienco in traveling, on account of of his color, while on his way to assume his duties as.minister of the United States to Haytl. The United States steamship Dispatch will convey Mr. Doug'ass from Washing ton to Fortress Monroe, a distance of a little more that 200 miles, nnd thence he will proceed to Hayti on tbe Ossipee. Mr. Douglass, in an interview, said he might be subjected to some Inconvenience while going to Fortress Monroe, and that the state department secured the Dispatch from the navy department to prevent such a possibility. _Tiie lyes-Stayner Trial. " NEW YORK, Sept. 24.—Tho testimony for tho defense in the Ivos-Stnyner trial was concluded yesterday, tbe lost witncsi being J. H. Wilson, porter of a private car on tho C., H. and D. railroad, who swore to taking the books and seal of tho company from Cincinnati to Now York on June 1!>. Brooke, of Ivos' counsel, thon moved to acquit-the defendants, but tho court overruled the motion and Brooke then proceeded to make the closing speech for the defense. . "" •\Vhitre to Send Claim*. WASHINGTON Crrr, Sept 34.— The records and papers of the volunteer riiyisioi'of the mrmy pay department have boen transferred, by order of tbo secretary of war, to tbe office of the second auditor of the treasury. In future all inquiries relative to claims of volunteer officers and soldiers of the Florida, Mexican and Rebellion wars, will be disposed ot by the auditor, to whom all claims for bouuty, back pay, and traveling ex- peuaes should also be sent. A Poatoffioe nobbed. NEW YoBit, Sopt 24.—Sometime between midnight and 0 o'clock Sunday morning the postoffloe at Stapleton, S. L, waa eutored by burglars and the safe drilled open and rift»d of J800 in stamps and #100 cash. A number o{ registered letters wera also opened and their eontficiUs nlplan. The postmaster and his family live over the ofiice, but the thieves did their work so quietly that no one heard them. Kelson Wins the Stallion Race., BOSTON, Sept Si— The great stallion trotting raco, for tho Balch stakes of (10,000, was trotted yesterday at Beacon park before 15,(XX) pevsons. Tbe weather wa* per/eel aud tha track was in very good condition for fust time. Tho contestants were Nelson, Pilot Kuox, Aloyron, Juuo- iisoot, and Urnuby. Neisou wosj In three straigiit hitots, tils test tiinis boiug 2:1?^. The Cronln Trial. CHICAUO, 8»;pt. 2i—Soveatoxn vouirornon went nxeushi Sir cauita ta tl>a Crontn trial vrera temporarily ot tia Some Commpntd on Nepro P&minntlon — Ho Spcilltq to a Mixed Andlcnco of Hoth r»rtlo»—Senator IDniilrt Muknii' tho I»inn on tlie "Jjlttle Glnnt"—Ei-OnvBrnor Fnlmor nnd Hon. John It. Lynch Talk to Nogrors nt R|irlngfle1d, Ill«. ABINODO^T, Va., Sept. 2-t.—Ron. Mahono arrived horo yesterday morning and was greeted by a largo crowd nt the station. A .^recession wnS formed, and tho gunoral was escorted to his hotel in triumph. At tho Republican rally In tho afternoon ho made what his supporters declared to bo tho best effort of his lito in the way of spccchmnking. It was read from printed slips. Tho crowd that listened to Don. Mahone was not confined to his own political party, but hundreds of Democrats, who were curious to see tho little giant whose natno was a household word among thorn, woro present Thoro wore scores of men present wMlo Gen. Mahono was speaking, who cheared for McKinnoy without, however, sooming to annoy the general very much. Ills Views on th« Stnto Debt. In his speech Gen. Mahono reviewed tho record of the Cleveland administration, con- trusting it unfavorably with former ones of Republican presidents in respect of material prosperity. With regard to tho vital isauo— tho state public debt—he said that tho Democratic administration had increased tho state debt $5,000,000 and by their blunders hod destroyed tho vital elements of the Re- adjinter-Republican proposition of settlement Tho Democrats had invited tho foreign bondholders to a conference, convened the legislature in extra session to meet tho bondholders, and all tho time, so far from making any new proposition, had actually receded as tho bondholders advanced, showing that agreement was not their object. How to Adjust tho Difficult.?. I have never believed that the people ot this state desire a Bottlemnnt with their creditors on any other basis than thnt which rec- OKnlHod every dollar of her equitable share of tho debt of the undivided state, and that It should bo refunded at a rate of Interest that jvonlrt unable- them to meet, Its annual demands anil live. Oil tliflt tmnl*. I venture to nay, ^vith eyiiry rtmiMinuUiltlty for the dcuhirii-- tion, a satisfactory disposition of tills question can bo effected; but no man who honestly desires a llnal settlement of It would ex- peel, much less doflln', that I should Btuto how, bv what 1/vWful jiroceBD, It mmt be effected, for straightway the Democratic managers would say, "Mo, too." My competitor seems anxious that I should enlighten hlm'on this great question, but ruat experience has demonstrated such lamentable Incapacity on the part of his associates to deal with-this andothor questions a irootluR tho Interests of the people that 1 forbear W indulge his sollol- tudo. Ho then said that the Republicans loft $1,500,000 in the state treasury; that tho Democrats had since collected $13,000,000 in taxes and added »5,000,000 to tho state debt, nnd he wanted to know what had become of the money. Negro Domination. Ho dwelt at length on tho cry raised of negro domination, but said it was not tho ghost oJ tho negro in politics ho was discussing; Ho said there was no reality in it Tho negro was hero to stay. Ho was the life-saving power to all industries and pursuita His labor contributed to the wealth and power of this commonwealth, and the more tho citizens contribute to his enlightenment tbe moro they would enlarge their prosperity. Gen. Mahono discussed tho tariff, and said oil ex-President Cleveland that ho was a bigger man than his party, bo- cruse he had convictloua - • A Democratic Interruption. When Gen. Mabone was introduced there wag great cheering, but ho had proceeded not more than a dozen sentences when on tho outskirts of the crowd thero was a racket like horses trotting over the floor. It was a gang of fifty men leaving in a body as if by preconcerted arrangement. Some excitement beginning to manifest itself, Chairman Somers interposad and advised the audience to be patient, as it was a Democratic trick. Gen. Mahona then wont on with his speech. Senator Daiilol'c Speech. At the Democratic meeting Souator Daniels made his chief issue on Mahoue's personality. He said Mahono had taken six characters and in every one had proven false —as a Confederate soldier, when he voted against removing a comrade's disabilities;—»n—»—raUi-oad_nro8i!lent, In which he had wrecked tho roads anil tho state's Interest in them; as a Democratic leader, when ho sold out here to Senator Cameron for boodle; as a Keadjuster, when ho did not ralan a linger against federal violence; as a friend of the workingmen, when ho employed scab printers on Tho Richmond Whitf and Imported engineers to run Virginia, railroads, and now as a Republican, whoa he Is trying to fool the old-Issue llepub leans. S.natorDan- iol Bald thero was no Republicanism iu it. The essence of tho contest was Mahonelsm and he was using tho tariff'as » curtain before the stage to keep tho people from Booing what was going on In the green room •"«»»-"» <- '••- tw^nty-~cvon yr^r^ '"TO I tn!<l you t Jimm 1 -* ft!',<! f'lurvition nn-1 yo;tu-n^!>) bo nil rk-lit. W ran all -si-p IU» wimli'vful oluui;-" thai, h:n li'.'cn m:»lo in HIP j,it'll f.'V yr:ir*. You wove- poor then ii'nl hardly ilim-d pf<Tr'«o yo.jr riirhtK. Som- ho ly )u;-<hi-'l ni * ovi-r in'rc t he np^ro (Towl. Th<-y rai 1 1 \v!i-< your fri' and wa« tu li->lp ymi. 1 (li;l r.o: I toH j-mi what yiiu wanttMl wai ;)ro'j!v"<—m-nt'il pro ir; 1 -^ [o cnltiyate mnnhonfl anil wmiwnlnHM. ThrV nii-tlen'! you \vho H ly yon hi'lnu-j to any partv. You ni-ii free mm. Yon Inve tlnvr^ijhi to vote a^ j'tin plc.'i^o. ay lorn; an you ki-i'V within thn licmn'i" of 111.' law, nnd you am answerable to Aliniirhly Uo 1 and nobody clue. Parties lire pfriihin^ p^x-ry day. you are not. Vote ai you ph-ase. \Yhilo you have yoteR politleiiiiiH \vant to UH • yon. ,Mr. I.yiu'ii Raid tlHM'e v.-t-rn n Ce\v rolc'nMi Drnnocrats. There nre pnn>e cohtiolnr.'d Dontoerats In this stain and lhf> number will inrrea^p. Aa vou (,';-t rid tin-so olil prnju<lii-p< of tliepnst yon \vlll think a^ you plivtse, nnd 1 look to tho time when you shall all be Democrats. U'-n. P.ilmer'H ruinurk? woro recoivod with mingle;! applnus-j and hisst'S. •'' S MARKET;. (JIlOlllt'.f'Tl-, PM 111' fn -in •lie I H h:. do i- I -r. tit.:iilli..-r, ni'r-iif-l . opened .1 C 4c. v\ cloird R'ff«. if-i T.^'j", clone'! u-d I'^X'": May. I'or'K — U'.-tobor. ____ ____ Mo tariff Is involved in this state contest and they have no state issues except Mahoue, who wants to bo governor, but won't get there- Wanted a Joint Debute. Tho local Democrats were urgent for a joint discussion, and sent a letter proposing that Senator Daniel and others now hero should engage Gua, Mabone and his stuff in debate. To this Judgu Wood, tho local Republican chairman, replied that Mahone was willing to meet P. W. McKinnoy, the Democratic candidate, at any tirno. ________ G«n. Mahone's speech was received with continued cheering, interspersed with cries of "McKinnoyl MeKuinoy!" At a meeting of tho Djmocrata bald at about the same time that the Republicans were listening to Maboue, Senator John W. Daniol made a stirring address. CELEBRATING EMANCIPATION. 1'tle Ncicro Gathoiing ut Springfield, Ills. — Summary of the Addresao». SPJIIKOFIKLD, Ills., Bept, 24.— Emancipation Day wua celebrated hero by a large gathering of colored citizena Previous to tho speaking thure wua a parade, nhich made a fine appoarauoo. The orator of the day was H< n. Jjhu R Lynch, of Mississippi, llo said the negro wus inilebteit to the Republican pivty fur all lhat h,s has and all that he ia, H id that tho Demwrtttki jiarty wild thu repri"!i>iilntivu of tbo sentiment, that ItiViiUW thn ri'.^ro wa« bl«rk lie WAS rtlythu Ind'-fior of the white niiiti. rlar«vi tint a i\v.(r\i cimUt not >x< a without liiiin-^ f,ti^e t'.i hilu-liilE, fii fiUiilly siuii f*\.i-.' t« hit raoo. Other w,;ru by S..<mvuir '.. itHaus, ilev. W Roosevelt Not it Cundltlnte. U'AfiHINGTON C'ITT, Sept. 24.—Civil Service Commissioner .Roosevelt has returned from his vacntion, which bo spent in Idaho beor and deer hunting. He said in regard to tho newspaper talk about his bein; a can- ditlaiofor tho senate from N rth Dakota that tlioro wan nothing in it, nnd tho iirst lie bad heard of it wns wlipn ho camo enst. "I inny be what, in Nuw York is called a 'summer candidate.' A 'summer candidate' Is one who it- run in the iiowdjuiperw, aru! is almost elected by his friends, but when tho real election cornea on in tho fall is never heard of. No, I'm not n candidate." , THE WORLD'S FAIR OF '92. Chicago at Work with Sleeves Boiled Up —Js"ot«'S of Progress. CHICAOO, Sept. 'M.— The citizens hero are showing no weariness in the work necessary to so3tire tbe World's fair. A meeting of tho national agitation committee was hold yesterday,, at which n circular was ordered drawn up emphasizing the advantages of this ':lty for tho fair, and measures were taken to work up tho case with the congressmen id! over tlio country. Every branch of industry has ita orgouiz ition and is busy at all, times pushing tho enterprise, and if the city does not get tho fair it will not be for want of enthusias ic effort. EnrouragrliiK lld|iortil. At tho m?etlir.r IUMVO noted letters were received from Mayor Mosby, of Cincinnati; „ James L Day, of Now Orleans anil Cyrus Kitchen of tho Muadvili-, Pa., Savings bank, nil declnriiig-t!io!rlsi 1 ::!ti'--t5:C!!!s::S2.' A toll-gram from NJW • York says that Mayor Joseph" A. ijhrtKespearor of New Orleans, writes to Now York that ho cannot express any opinion ns to where tho world's fair should bo'held. The people of New Orleans are divided iu their opinions on that matter. Flower Suuncrlue* 838,000. NEW YOHK, S.ipt. 24.— RiRwell P. Flowir UUB given ?25,000 to tho World's fair committee. Tiiuru is still a groat ,doal of discussion us to whether tho site shall inclu lo any part of Central park. The site committee meets again We-lnrsd.iy. Hartford, Conn., Ii for Gotham. HJMITFOHD, Conn., Sept. 24.—Tho board of trade yesterday voted in favor of NJW York city as thu pluco for tho World's fair In IKS Tho city government last night passed a resolution tu tha nann ell-'Ct THE INFAMY OF MOB LAW. The Case oT Air. nnd MI-R. Kdwardn Gives an IHufttrntlon. EL DonADO, Kan., Sept. 24.—Tbo atrocity of mob law is well illustrated in the case of Mr. and Mrs, Edwards at Rosalie lost week, which'was given in tliese ^patches. Tho couple were lodged in j'lil and it was only because tho county had a sheriff who would do his "duty that they were not both hung by Judge Lynch, tha authority who hangs moro.peo- plo in the United States than tho sheriff. Tho point of the above will be soon when it is told that tho child whoso disappearance gavo mob law a chance to paint itself in such devilish colors was found alive and well early Monday morning. It had apparently strayed away. Performances of the Flyers. BROOKLYN. N. Y., Bept 24.—The races at Gravesond course yesterday were won as follows: Lady Margaret, % mile, 1;03; Pontiac, .% mile, 1:01%; Huntress, 1 8-10 mile*, 2:03>£; Loviston, 1 mile, 1:42J{; Sonorlta, 1 1-10 miles, 1:51; Kenwood, % mile, 1:10#; Callentc, 1>£ miles, l:57Jtf. LOUISVILLE, Bept. 24. —Eva Wise won tho % mile raco at the Jockey club meeting yesterday in 1:11% Metal tha 1 mile in 1:4.% Brandoiette the l)^ miles in U:11K, Birthdny tho 1 1 : JO miles in 1:51% and Hopeful the % mile in 1:04. CHICAGO, Sopt 24.—Prophecy was tho winner of the % mila raco at tho West Side • park, course yesterday in l:14ji, Fauutlory of th« % mile, in l':2o. Monita Hardy of tho IJf miles in 2:C1>, Monsoon of the }^ mila in 0:43, and Longsbot of the steeplechase, short course, in 2:52%. Score* on the Diamond. CHICAGO, Sept 24 —The base ball record of League clubs yesterday was aa follows: At Chicago—Chicago ;!, Boston 8; at Indianapolis—Indianapolis 0, New York 11; at Cleveland—Cleveland 0, Philadelphia 5; at FitUburg—Pittsburg li, Washington 2—eight innings, darkness. American association: At Brooklyn—Brooklyn 2, Columbus 3— eight innings darkness; nt Baltimore—Baltimore i>. Athletic 10; at Kansas City—Kansas City 0, Louisville 4; at SL Louis—SU Louis 5, Cincinnati 1. -Western loas;u»: At Minneapolis—Miune- upolia 3, Sioux City 4. Trosiblo Ahead lor tlin llnxv Hull Deal. PiiSLADicLl'ntA, Sept 24.—John I. Rogers, secretary of tho Philadelphia bnso ball «)ub, has sent to the pniiid.'nt of tho league clubs his Segal opinion that section 13 of the on- truct now in force batwiH'ii Irngua cluba and their plnyors, and which is'known as tho "Brothernixjd contract," having hoen formulated and prepared liy that body ami accepted by the leagu % expressly secures to each cluii tho nttsoUitj ri.sht to its players' serv'ces tor the heasoti of IS'J.). , . fip--ne:l and cpLMH'fl ^.^'fjn c'.ns-vl -' ! /ie. opened fill. iTi, cUwed Jlll.'ii; Novem'iTr, oftniwd J!l ai, cl'Hcil fv.*>; January, opened S!>.!- r ', cluf^d S'.'.lT'-y. Lard —,-. opened niitl closed SI.S:IM. Live (ttor-k— Tho Union Stock Yards report* the follor/iti'z ranirn of prio-i^: Ho;;s— Marlcct. opene I ncilvc, with prices tinchanttoJ; li«lit, .f,*.W; ronKli pnckina. 8;i.n3.3 U.75; mixed lotn, saS'Tf'*.*): h(«ivy pw^kinq; and Bhipii'mjt lots, J:i.7r/ Cattle— Market Blcndr; heeves, ^l.ftftJlJ.W; cown, $I.3.k,6i.fth oiockcrs and feeders, Si.n:i;ti3.(IO; Tclan steers, Sa.:!>i'j3.(Xi. Sheep— .Market steady; mnttons, S-'L'Vl'M.fiO; we?torn range Rheep, ^5*^4.15; lambs, $-i.50®8.IX). I'roduce: Butter --Fancy Elgin creamery, 23 r UK fine dairy, 18©lBo: packlntf Btook. EUBS— Strictly fronh, 18^,18^0 per doz. Poultry— Lire hens, 7!.*T&i !>or lb; roosters, 5c; tarkevs, ftSlOu; ducks. Be. Potatoes— DOoaSl.OO per bbL Apples-Sl.OOai.W per bbl. New \orlf. K E w YORK. Sept. S3. Wheat-No. 2 red, f4MO87«'.-j No. 2 red, winter September, &4%c; do October, W^i^t; da December, £7c. Corn— No. 2 mixed cash, <u;<jc; do Pontembrr, < n M;e; do Oft<<h«r, m "-$ ri ; do November, 4 1 MO. Oats— Dull; No, i mixed cash, •XWS&Uic; do October, ffii?^c; do November, 2(i!4i-; do December, at?fr-- U)f« — Dull. Uarley-'Nominnt. 1'ork— Dull: mess,®12.75 for Inspected. Lard— Quiet; ' Oo- tel«ir, $ti.40: Beptembor, SU.LO; December. to. 13. Live Stock: Cattle-Market fairly actlvs and firm;" common, to strictly prime steers, $af>!>li*.HO °p l(» B)s; Texas and Colorado steers, 88.30 JJ3.05. Sheep and Lambs— A trifle weak; shoop, 8 JM3&M; lambs, 84.50^7,60. Hogs-Steady, live hogs, $4.6035.25. Odorlferooi IHowerfi of Europe. Of the 4,200 kinds of flowers which grow In Europe only 420, or 10 per cent., are odoriferous. Tho commonest flowers are tho whito ones, of which there aro 1,104 kinds. Less than one-fifth of these ore fragrant. Of the 951 kinds of yellow flowers 77 are odoriferous; of the red kinds, 84; of the 594 blue kinds, 81; of the 308 violet blue kinds, 13. Of the 240 kinds with combined colors, 28 are frnirrnnt. — Nnw. Ym-l Thli powder never varies. A ciarvel renfftb. and whol<i«omenftss. More w tban the ordinary kinds, and «an not be l®34 ttr •wmpotltlon with the multitude of low test,* weight, aiumn or pbogphale powders. Bold 0,1 (y I (i cans. BOTAL BAJtMto ?OW Co.. *08 Wall at..^ew 5(ork % 3 W/] If i ^ :vS fornn.ysciirnlilocMiOotOrttiri* O^AQFs'SSwSiSSE Symptom* of Catarrh. — HoaiJnchn. olBtnu-Uoii <>f nose, dlscUnrffst tailing Wiii> tin-out ooini'fimcfl profuse, wiil.ery. and, swrla, at others, thick, tonariotis, jnuiwus. puriltent, bloody and putrid; cy«« weak, ringing iueat, deafness, dilllcnlty of clearing throat, expectoration of offensive mtiitxT; brrath offepsive: gnwll and tnR'o !inpsiln'<!, and ocnexal ttotiiHf.y. Only Q fow of ilwau symptoms lilioly to hp present at once. ^Thousands of wises resijit laoou- Humptlon. and end In tlio prove. By its mild, wmtlilnfr. nnd lieaHni? propertte*. Dr. Rnim'a Itc-mi'dy cures the worat cages., ate. TheOrtghJai TJacqaalod aa a Uvor Pill.^ cat, easiest to take. One Cure Sick Hcndiiche,»HIl Dlizlne»"S Coiwtlpntlou, IttBitteSUWJa, BiHouSAUacks, and all derangemente of ""Snniach and txTwols. DMLvNEWsbecaiKtb'il tut ? •••-•-,- \ . Veteran'^ Appeal. Applicant—Can you help an old soldier, mum? , Benevolent Lady—Poorfellowl Here's, a dollar for you. Wero you wounded? Applicant (pocketing the bill)—No, mum, but I wuz 'mongth' missin* twice. Benevolent Lady—How terriblel When wnsit? Applicant—Jes'afore th' battles of An- tietan an' th' Wilderness, mum.—New York News. THKIUHY Nnwsgira tl«m will *Uh tHjual fairness; - "A parcyTrrjpnj magnifies one »We *nd dwarfs tfaQ other. No se&xibls nusa trcnts to betrifled with In this Euhion. The time ha» gon« by when AmtrIcaa citizens expect to Inherit their jk>- litkulopinioni. They want to Baku their own—and to do <hl« thsy waot a piper to tell them tfet truth, re- EartilciS of their am perscmal prt- ferencti. If you »re an honest man.mdepeadentarid «tlf-rc!lami» thought, rtad an honeat ami independent neWBpaper— read Tfa« CHICAGO DAILY NEWS. kmetnter—l'a circulation is 110,000 a d*y—o»« a million a week—nnd it costs by mfitl 2$ CM. a month, four month] KI.CO,—«•»«»< * «*W- "We are now prepared .to do . First-Class Upkcisteris s in all the latest styles, i Give us. a call, one and all, and if p toe ao| Re-upholsteriDi to,io we will attend to it Reynolds Bros., WK»T KNI> STORE, HTESIJHG, \J He de- Twonir ThouMHnd Uulitu-fi Out of pocket. WASHINQTON CITY, S-pt. *J4.—The oilSoitil rvport of tin 1 Iriul lilp of the Charleston has been receive 1 at- the navy dfrnu'tinout. The |»Vr,flHii's o£ the Uiikm Iron \vi>rks, of Ban KruiicUdi, which built tbo TVMI?!, will ixs alt<)ut ^i'-O.OCKj for hfsrw-iw]>vt.r UHd.jV.jlo|K!«i. S. S. <•».»•» Will »'r<.b.tlf<l, Nsw YOHK, trei't. "I,— Thu vvili of the lnUi'S. K t'uj; ««:« fll'.vl fur- pruliutt v-istar- Jay. Ailni Mr. d'x'4 ra.d and pvr**»Al<f*- tsfo is it 1 *:-.;»> I.I'H wufe'W. ti»« will i« dated M ItftjT We are handling and selling more flour than ever. Look at these brands, fjeom $2,40 to S3.IO per hundred: MAGNOLIA, GOLDEN CROWN, PEERLESS, BLUE RIBBON, CAPITAL. CREAM PATENT ! JKAN8AS WINTER, ' ' ' "•»1 *a BAIBT. All guaranteed to prove up as represented or return. save the people of this vicinity money, as»d will do il REMEMBER THE jelling nething J'ri&"» Lous MIKADO to. i «g

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