Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on July 7, 1903 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 7, 1903
Page 3
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..... .L--»> ..S~*;A i Tf re: Hammocks 99c to $2.4S The beat made goods • for ihe least mouejl. Oar Hapiinoc $2.48 are as gouij as tbe ones sole at <}.50. crry - We have been so ioriidnkiB; sS>to secure another lot of tiiose beautiful Berry Sets.' Thoi©. rSo were so di^iaiipoiated before can have them rio.w,if they come.qmc) ly. i^f^itiefs $9e to • - . • . • -f.'" "f-- 'i' Such new useful kinds too. Now is the time jou Qeed tbem.< Whether you wish the Clear Crjrstal glass or the Cblored Novelties, we can suit you. j [ ,^.-^\. y , »c^s at Interesting prices in evjerjj department. Now is the time to J)uy lAce Curtaiqs. : —V^''^' .x..>.x••:~:~^•^•:••^•^'^^ We Are u^oi tiio Watc-li I'jutnbCr y llul \V.. (::*n 1 fokS FITTING I or I : .\;;v (1 Your Stove ES. EAKtN^ I I 11)25. Kentucky, Phone 453 j The Finest Line in lb-City LOCAL NEWS. Pr. r.->rtor. J. E. Chastain. Dentist '])!•. O. II. Rushliiirl. DPTltlst. K<.<l:ii;: ;iru4 siijiplir-:: af Millrr's. .1'.i;y (l.-;uiii;r sr.;r> III IJosonlttfrg".;!. Wante<l—Men. Lnrcook Transfer N.>rr!ir!i)<":: <iiiii hupfnr'fjs. A dollar frir lilty cotifs. F.i.;!i!y-iii);>' ('••ni- Tor ?1 -f. wr:i[)pr'rp Xin - I '.iUi? I'.ir 1 ;"••<• out Mmlra^ lioth ' A. .••';i!::iit-i- v.-fni in N'rvnila Tir :i if. v.- vis;;. .Mr >' frvv- 'My to. :faanuto for a few days?', visit. Jiikb and Victor"^aTPar.?7. left this aflaiioon for their Lome in Oimril. . Itf." Dresbach ia confined to his home with a ."overe attack of .-romach troible. "ibiOMinitnr Is ladies' day at the ball p«irk, the opening day with tbe Spring- l ^eld Midget*. .*-^S- . Mrs. Annlip Classen ;^ad 'Slip' Mai'.zo Joyce reiumeil to iheir llom^! in Coffeyville this aftenioon. >^l-ifaripn E. Dood Is here visiting Geo. Baker and Mel Baker for a few days •and also Is looking for a newspaper =lpcatiOB. ri Mrs. S. D. Thompson, who ha? hofn jrLMiing her .-(jn. .Jei^s Thomii^ou. n I ri'iiiii.s f (>r Hi;!'.! ll-nil.-.v X 111/. 111!.' : ilii-- "1)1 ,1 \". .;. •• :.. • ini; iiK'r'' r-h .'i 111 her- .•" (Mn'r.i Ann!- Tf. -i or ilirty» li'.HK, rail or .1. Ji. vi.m/Ui lor <ili)<-KMi-;. A 1.;•«•.!?! .;:r..\. lnc , ;l I'lr fl' Till l .:asi -For Rent— A well fiirnirlui! rrxui.', bath room on the same Hanr. gMi'l*?- man preferred. 201^. Cott.>nwo<>.^. Losi_Sigma tie pin. Return to 309 g. Cottonwood. Reward. ".-r>:.-> n K.v--; Miiili.^on. up-.stair.^. lU^x^• Corn I'.n:l.t» wir tn l,'.-; homo In <.'?ir.;i'iiliiir afi''riii"...n.' A!i !• ••V..4 r."I "i \v t';>.-' iit. tUf .Ir.'y .V. Hryii'hi.: i-'imnvl h<~r ]in:...- ii Wi/liiM ifi!-: ii'-'rn.ri;' M'!= W. A, [V,. \i r.'Miirri. .1 i-i h.-r >ui!!i" 'l. il.i.-. lii.-'MlJii.', 1). M K'- n wv;:;! •() HiiMliy. K ;iti . f i; .•' >.'• !i U ') J'i- ^:i.i!i.ll;i' !)• r. !^'^: yi;n!. I'i' liii.- iifihiii.. 'J'l iI'• .. I. • :! \: -i .-y- ..If i'l'i • i li'' •• (liii- 1'lii.'. i.iT iti,' M'.;:;;:ir liTloi' of JiP. sh 'i. .>l';i;u -i- ;t! i;"--''-r:tiMVV. .Mr i" ft,;;:n\ \\>\ni ;•> li''^ ill I'.M ;i:iir-' ih\< Mt 'irrnoon. MI;-- A. J. lo!': ilii.i moaiin.^ For Rent—Seven room house furnished and ready to move into, l>atp room and all conveniences. Will rent for summer—three months. Inquire ajt this office. i For Sale—A two-room house for removal, 209 South Chestnut. Strayed—Sorrel horse, weight 1,200 pounds, white face, white • hifiid feet.j Leave Howard's, livery bam and receive -reward. — ,— Combines Cleantlnoss and, Durability Any one oan brush Ifin ^i No one dan rub It off Flsstico is a pure, permanent • and porons vrall costing, and does not reqidre tajdng off to„f renewal doallkalaoniines. It is a dry powder, ready for tiae by addaig cold water and dfti Vt ] eaaly braahedon by any^o^ef „ Made in white ^and fourteen |f' fashionable tints. ^ , MTI-MLSOIIME eOl ,«UNOUPIDS.HICH..^ ^ 4MH - - * • -' - • * I WW mil pvucniii SMV u«pla card uk EVANS BROS. iJxpertMacliinest kcpclra Your Typewriter, Sewing nachines, Bicycles j Lawn Howers, Door Locks, Etc. at f.'r IC!.l.i::si!ii fm- n f,-.-,v ,i;is..;' vi.-«ii. «•;..> J"). !^;!,:riy v-ont ;o T ^radforJ. C>l \i:(!uiTi:.l. ;i f, '.v iiay>' iiij liii^'i .p;;.- l.-liili' '1r. .-s tlilil W .lll.iii^ .sMri;:. "T;.- ; l,!f,. i ^n lilo :-"e Ui'.-.-utit'r^'s. .J^rs. E. J. Jones went (o Anthoiij, Kan., for a few days' visit with friends. ^ Mrs. T. J. Neptune and Mrs. T. Cain let; this afternoon for their home in Pittsburg. Chuny lace, white Arabian and ecru insertions to match, 10 cts & yard at ilosenberg'a. i;;r; iiiiii' ^,r Wi. \'."l;vn- \•.•.'•^. 3i ;• i)v( .-•clioi.i!. Ruby Scott left this afternoon for Coffeyville, for a visit with her brother. Wlnfleld Scott. The White Mountain refrigerator if the best on the market for the money. Piiy it of Schell & Balrd. ; Only a few "more day."* and the greatest |(ri;r ;.i <<ii ;(Vr! r.ii'' :ii Xonhnips* Fili >>«-" a \hius. ..f ;)i<' iKiisr. :.frs. iiose U'ilson, of Laiiarpe. Itit this afternoon for Girard on accotmt of her father, who is veiy IlL 'Hear the Alabama Jubilee Singers at the Methodist church tonigbL Admission 25 cents ^t the iopr. Too Md NorthnipB* «re goltttng buainees. You can always depend on what yon-bought at Nmlhrupe.' Buy the White Mountain refrigerator, the best on the market for tbe money. For sale by Schell & Balrd. Mrs. L. SUndfleld left this after !ioon for Oklahoma City, where slie will visit friends for a few weeks. Schell &. Balrd handle the celebrat ed White Mountain redCdgeratprii the beet one on the market for the money. The citizens will have to getlbnsy If they want to get some of the goods jiow selling at. the closing out prices at Northrups'. Examine the program found In thl<> pspci" an:! come in hfar the?r favcriio moInuU^ .sung liy il.c .\l.-i;.Hitia JuViilee Singers. ^ The ijong? of the plantiatlon will b<? .4iin,2 ni iho; Mothodlst cliurch ronicht ])y jtho mii?r onit-naininfr conocft com paiiy of I ho Fiiauy South. Mr. .Ed- Wilson, forinerly. O£..I-A- llarpc, now in the genera! "roerchan-, .^IfP husihofs at KiaraiJ, ,waij in. .'own OB 'bdsinesa with the county conunis sioners today. (nrno .r i.-. ijer Jicuif in \Vilti!i' aft>''n !"rip, -Mr:., v.. K. Ta \!nr. ami tljc i;iiU ',W(|!.. in {••(.m tarnf t^'^iJ'- Tii^'^'! bavf ;»• 11 >i>»)iiiiiii; iho .'ii3nim«^r on a farm ;'.rl n 'r in (las Ciiy, ; fiirl .VrwKiii l.-- from a VIM"I of i^a wii-l,..: ill ('ulMraiici. -On lii.s v.ay h <ini<' In- .^aw \iiriir< Mail af. Pii '^hlc^^. whii a .-h '.'ii 111 \u- ri 'fi .M 'nih' rO'l to all fii.'-" frlfiii)s. . , Mr. 11. F. riiri --Ty, an fttwirnry of .'^aii f'alir., \^ \\<xf- v.iiiii;ii< up liiTairj; ol" hi.-; (iaimlitt.r. Dr. Klla H. ("liiisiy, wlio <iic.! Ii.'i,. ;>!>•« w 'l'i 'lv.-^ ai ;i\ Tlif> kA -cavaMon. for fminiiation lo:- ho ii<'w I'r<.\^}iy '>T;:iii pliurcli ii jiroc (•.'.in;; ^!(>\^iy. • .A inir ;-i/"ii 'in!,\vas linn' in liiif ;<i i .ias<' ii a ii!< ,• I'lciu (•I'liil all'r I lie n '^rci!! vvS'.n. .•^(iriricfi.Ii) fii !iii>.5 lin-.-' liirnorrow f.;r • l.r«'-.' ri 'Lcular anil iw >t t>i.>:iipou'-'i L-iim-.-;. . A : l ;.'»Mii', iiiayim; fa .-;i hal! .'iii.i .I'i is; our f ."i >or Ida sho-.iM M!>..i! lirK! iiia''», {' !.•< row or .Mi'\>:'r. 'I'iio ciiy iiiarslial;: ha\ c ronini' ic! ili< ir ii.-i of" il'i^s ii! town ami ilny foiiii .i I.ii.'i vi ar a 'liHi! .'^a ;ii. nii .'iili; r vM -ii-' /iiijii.) .'11 fii.;! Im; ;,i\ ".\ il.-^Iiaiil nil ill »<ill .l ;:.'.S, , II ,-, li |.j |.iili!< .l :a' )i ;i !y M \\\':\ li.- I'..nil.I (."r !.( I 'l 111- 11;, u iirU in '•i. 'I 'll.- li 'vi '.'Al .orvii'.r^ l -r-iiia roinliif "•i: ai ilii- lli'.ii'i'' i 'l ;iir <'li l.y Pr. I,. |). ! ..-inil.'(1 ai.- pKiviiu' |..i |.-.i!ii 'i'ln- lin.-'.i !• an <\;)Ml.-ri'-. .1 i .lai;!.;!!' .•III'! nr.ioir »nii! lii-: .'ir.' I 'tl 'ii 'liv Thri 'i- T :<.-r\ U'-• iir< !u -M 'laiiy, ' IIIP a! lit TH.. rii" a; .'I p. .'n. arii) 'ln' ia .-i ai p. ir. A '-ooil;.- lohi pf^opir aro piari- iiiiu- ill .-pi 'ii .l .--oi 'i'^ limr a! iln- Oiiawa Cli .iir .aiinn.i v.liii^li in iiov in s(\;;-iiin C )Tii> i.r ihi- \'-V:' ii; L 'li was Kr> ii Smiili, Si 'ii ill UT ^ proii.i •• ji ;'1i :t'. II-- Aiii'! .ip ifs:« nlay a;;:! iia • j">iu...i ih" H •>:-' ciii !i. '.^lii .li .'.a- ijii .'ir'v'r.-^ nn 'A--. cr .ii.nt!:- ^^:!! : ^•'\- i;:-i ni.-ri« as a.class. . No tdan or woman In the state will hesitate to apeak well of Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets after on^e trj-'ing them. They ahvny? pr.> .iiiri' a piMsait'. nvvenirnt of tlj*- l;ow- 'Is. iniprixe ilie app'ai'e anil .•^iiviicr- Ihen the liigecTion For >ai''' i-y fs 'l i ii:. \ -'.. •• ^ '.\: '• '' •"I:T\ • !.-->r!: vha' I. i' . i:t><, \v.:ii-( .;:;;<• .'li fnmi CMiit 'vr ha.- prir. <.ii inr!iraM«\ i.> r;i;.ioiy faiiin^ aT:.J ;!i::i h.- is nn; • \- Mecied to survive long. He Is beiug /ared for at the home of his sisrer. .Vr.^. Acnf« S'-o:;. Before Buying A, (5. McCray v.vnt to IVmlouia for a few tlay-?' visit, W. .\. ^lii'fcr loff this eftt^rnonn for hi? tvnn'o in iiijnil'uhii.. >Ir. au<! .VFi-.-T, I, Itfinan Jofi :hi-? af- !. rTuK -ii for i»i "ir )n>nio iu Ouawa. .Mrs.vML!U>' I.>if?lcoy. of .MuH>.rry. is isjiini: ilic taiaily uf Shi-ritV ivii-haril- Hun. E. \V. (.'arvor. of lOmporia. who owns laii'M ill ihis co'iiu .i., was h-ro oi: !»ii:-.i- ai '.-K today. Th»' Ciiiiil. will UH 'cr Wfilnc-silay Willi .M^-^ .l^nl<i' HH .] Alft. 1\ IViri-.'r, ai 'tin' lumif oi' .Mr-. I 'ain uii \'.'':'t', \\';"slj'i;;ci(iii' .vi'r<"'cr. .Mrr:. r, V. l'oira<'-.i.-. who has; lif-f'ti ipliiio '11 '.vi'h an an.'Kiv of lii.'ilaria. ;;!!r.;!iriy improv«.1. r->iii.(iay Mr. IVirii,'.li-^ Aa; ipiii.' al.iiiiifil i .y IKT •^om'.i: ion. Blni).-!to .lacDli;;, who liim lif."-!! ^is'itlg Mr. ;i.'.'; ."-ir.^. Jiifson W.n.-on. rt'itirnixl to lior 'homo in Wahiiii this ;Hii"-no .-in r.:ul Miss ]i;i7<'l \'.';t!.- .n ai« i'i'H'p :iii !i .-iJ. hor. « i On>' in a (in.-iiion lo ]<now .Joclaro^ no al.irui iu .oil I'« It alKiin ii!"'' (•ii> w .'Mi r. a:- ov-M-y l.asiiifi!.' i;--, d f .it'd ;>.i:«] i;r(\'in'il I'.T initiiiriii-'r;. Tin' waii-r i< >at(.l !i> lie V. liiji'i-diii'- aii'i (.•i;r''. Tho K^r 's..'r- iui"-iM'..l iioiiiiiv.-. i'. >.'ii ii" yon v.:iiii 1.1 ia!i" ill'"; olii'-i.'ij'.t wvpi i'.;r ll ii i- all ri'.;lu v.'iih rhi-.; ii.'i[;»'r. Ma^i 'T (.liio n .)i.;Lr.ii. tin- toil yiar- Dili .-.mi «.f Mr. and .\Jr;-. Italph Uoi.-- f.iii. i.f •! I" ..••'.iiiii ll siiuii -Mii -'i, i; ti liiriiinrti tin- Kiiiirili "i .hily v, 'iiM tiiatri i« hi- rlill-lisli fiiriii, .li'ii y <'M< r- 'l !iy !|.' iii..>iiiiii>f 1 M- hiid at iiiilin-Uy ;iir.i. w.»- liainii^iii a Toy pi iHl 'Jihiilt wii" li..'idi'.| WMli'.i ii'iiiik (;ip and ln-i ;iv ti" •-..i'l 1 ii/.ini' ili.'.Mi i|ic r>iiii..| lin' llii |i>' V'!'' otV, 111.' ri ;i' .•;lrilviiii; lilni ;a ;li." f .ifi licid. 'J'ii.'r wo'im! ir; a palii- I'i|! j.'.lt tuillt'l' III'. [I. tMII^MIl.ii I'll)' i*\;cn-iv.'• . iii)il;cll - t'l' :V'''ions. F<M |irr ..(.n warns--Uiiti nirn C 'i)nii;;h in I-.i-.'P Ihi .in hiisilliiK worf at work on ihr. Minliri.i/i avcntic pavintf itii:^ niorti- in^'. 'J 'i..' •anil i.«- lif'i:jtj ial.-:rn In low piac .• 'Jii otli.-r .•<ir.'t-i.'i. ('.X ..11 rici.4: •I)!! II. trill W'a-hiniiton tviiin;; a u'D.nily • !i:'.r". '.v.'i'-ii nortii .Washington la p;>,..| :lia; lir... moiiiui <.'.il| ail havf 1'.' lir-.1 ill .'invxNay atid iOiiyin.-fr ^^..'..< r l .y liir-,'!!.'.-!;. T'^f- o>;ra\a'in? "ii 'Mc iWii blocks lu M '•\:': ^k'v.i. Vr^ irii("> i- ali .'i 'ii {:iii.-.fM-d on Mn'ii.-i I; fUi 'l v!;Ji tin- 1 i('i;|>uii'iii, .i'.;!i.!- aiii" ihc (•ori;rai .*-nir.- '.'vpi.".-; rn.-Li tjiin!::.-- ri::h' a -i ^an.. 'Ml-'' I.-;.'! Tif.iff.rry ro:nj;:.?..)- .-^C'cm^ 10 (liU 1 .! .i!i. ii;r ri.i;!-| .'i::!i:;'a; '"'jt: rji.'!;.' i;ni. w)i.-:t f:.'ik up ili." w.r'u ff '!iak!n- <> f-nrw; ;i-prin?;- Th<~l...\i! :ad.' has i,-'o.:;:)!.- lariiv a? r,j' 'IIII ^o.!a i'i,i:i'!i:i;^ ptoti".- w.-r<' ..nly ; )') i-iad f. riii (.)f it'" iiii'.ss Riadp by jfiE following itfcmis ^aFe alL^jg^,!: "^lean desirable ^o <^8^; ^ no J5 »cbn(|^ , >r job lots: iJof Men's Underwear!____ all sizes, in ^b!ue| plhi<;; biack aiid ' natural colors, Sp^ialprice|:2ic; . ; I lot Men's Undervvear| ail sizes and ail colors,; extra good garment, spepia! Firice4^ .1 lot Men's Negligee Sh)lrts, ffne^patterris full siz^9, special price, 45c. Men's Summer Coats and^ Ve^ts, all sizes special price $1.10. ; All 50c and 65c Straw Hats gib at 33c. Barciay-Sfiie^ds^Io Go. fl. .\n i-ra nl i I, of !l:.-iilf;-.~ (li^'l- :ii' ;^.fioii!ji iv ih-.' 4:ii .ji!o-is iin .l .k-iiv-r^i'-.. in tola. i'..riy salloii- sv< r: io Etii- 1 a. thirty L 'tili'it.^ 1(1 r.r.jn-'^iii. iwi -niy kr.'i!!.pt;s In hnii -iirr. nniT. Ci.c liiimiri'.i i :i '.>ro :;:^Ili.n^ fi>''.M havi". hi-«^i; '.-".lid h '-ro .-'.r ?.'•!?!(.• had 'h" i-r.'ani lie n" avtiilal -h'. For forty ytar.* Dr. Fowler's E).iiraf.t bf Wild Strawbecry has: been curing jnimmer . complkliit, , dysentery; diar­ rhoea, bloody tvii padn in the sfoio^ ach and it.has never yet failed to do everythlBg- claimad for it. !S .r^iVi'Il . 4 .f .Jiiv .•riii:r:>. T .vii iiiuiiiii-i P .Miss Cii&'oru .'Jitcheli. ..•ipc.-iiifiii _ lent'of the cit> schools, left this morning for l-:mporia rthe're she R.X- i .'cis to r-.L-t from her wiiin.-r'.-i w..;-. l .y f.o'.h'ii.i^ a; ;t;.- n-irinai. - :-=h-" wi'I itiki- a ir<)iir-!<- in rnaniial traiuint; iu nu In reaulueos lor Lhai (ioparimuii. In case it Is' established in connection with the local schools. ' Will IVinst, of the pbstofSee force, has two relics of by-gone days that he prizes Tery highly. They done to him from the old home in Fettiisyl- vania slnfce the death of his ftrther the bayonet qf a rifle which an ancestor of his ciCrrled tEh)tlgll the Revolutionary war and the ottier is >up of the ol.:^ style cycles fBat.*wer(j Lt.«ed in the days of '76 to harvest i:rain with. Car loads of freight continue to come in from Kansas City that aire all tevered ,wit]i -slime. C. B. ^pence^ received anotlier shipment, yesterday "ftlth a.lot of flnf. wall-paper in it. Th^ '^had stood in the water during, t^ tlood and he Is uncertain how much ^alvag^ there will be. It seems to be ^Jie accpptod Idpa that the. merchant^ ^vi: to stand ih.^ loi??, ilie .whcle^aj- i^rs hc-iiiii; cx' un*! and iln^ rauroad.s ro- lu.^inp.' • Jai^on Warson I.^ now proprietor of ibe •eaisi pido billiard and pool hall jft^iiicbJic rorently bonsht from Oi 'O .I Faigu^n. Mr. F.^snson wa.- admii-' jted io|th«» ^>ar a.few M -eeks agoF and j*-iH devote hi.s time to jiw and r"di- :(icF. fir. Watson wjis on« ot flie-hei«r barbers in town but had- to give up T— . ithie work on account of his eyes. Tak- Marrled. Monday evening at'7536. ing ujji t^e billiard hall work he has at rte ^ome of thfeibrWe's eoostti. l*rsi gregain^d hi£ ey.esight, and ij* a jp?o^ ;^Uu»^ N. JeBfemm. Mr.'l^^ fMl M a^ te^|^jt**^«itr&|r jfbr -^aKof We£r Ctty;aBd J^'Ctetlatl^ IdMcit'^ fiir. Iteguioa .laadoji lot of Buy yput Groceries of.u .ss dtiring July., We will make it profitable :for youi, WeooDfitantly endetivor ; to give our customers the very"best ' service poBslbln. A aati.stioJ cws- • tomer, is the l )Bst lcina| of an a<l- verti3ea>fnt. Knowin/j this we -.make your Interests uni^. WE OFFER TO-DAY: [i 2 pkgs .Cero-]?>uto i'jc i?2t)liiT3 EgB-<:>-S©e 20c ' •J .pkp -g Horn Krisp: '106 li.bars U. C. Soap '2;'>c lO-o.'. pkg Our Navy §pda...'...O.'ic 26 O'. pkg «-»ur Xavy S^da. tiSc i ib,! i ib, I and tlb^cans F. Brc*.' IJaking Powder.... ...5, 10 and l-">c . T))»; above CODIPHHV wii: y.j >p3ar here for onr- ;>erforjaRnce -next-^ •"Friday .Xifrht, .Juiy lOtf.. This co.i-paay,^'!oes not com-j here ujiheralded,^ having played ail the i-Tincipal cities, acid is prono.tnc^d )>y press and. "pubilu of tile large c-lti ?3 as btini: one of the bes*-ortjiuji.^tl anii.givin* one of the besi jirodiiirtions o' t;ji.-» Umo-h.pnored dranii ia (i.dsianco. . —-"—-—• • = —' '• • .--.-^ — . —— r —'•'-s- - ' " i^"—" . 1 hey Travel 111 Tlieir Own Frlvisti-Paiace Car*. Co&ting $15,000. . The !i>ronrletors have ;^lv«a thi.-, producJon. a, invrui inve6i ,bro pi 'scaiiCrv. raecliauical and. .:ali:iuni ctTeobfu T :t .i <-u snof.ld h-- t,i^m 10 be appaetiaioil. At Noon and Evening of Performance rices 4 it- WM^ANYp?I.»r..Pres. J. B. CASE.|vkJe^Pre5. \ A.:B, R01SEHTS,,|^i«; ^ Capital Stock, ^50 000. DlRECTORfic Wffi.Lanyo^.sr.. .C.mofi. r.r.r. K. N'irto:-<onJ f^'f A. lUwii STOCKHOLUeRS: i.n Otv -Je, Wm. l,aayoc sr.. Ceo. K. NtoboLsoD. W S. HendrlPiiN • It. T- HcndeBsor.. .1-. u- ^ H. .\. l.OV. H. A.", A. Vi It. It. nccnci .5. EvftMBjos .j A, J. \. Bobln.'ion, i ^. • »i -,4 J. B. Ciie .>r,'!ijcr, tn] Ivoti J. 3 Frank Rijadle,. A. U^-nihlot: J. V,'. f :.!Tr»tds,, ' hi, lifiberta. ""' ' C. L. tb« root you pay! win bttv « betttr bonM than tha one

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