Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 16, 1912 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 16, 1912
Page 5
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THE IQLA DAIliY ItEClSTER'WEDNESMY EVENftJG. OCTOBER 16. 1912. "^WffrZiBE THEYllikKINC SUCHZCFVSS ABOUT THAT BOY?'* ASKS MARQUARp*S MA I -A OopnIsM Vm, WMtem R»v«|n|M<r Unloa "Help me to stand," she directed, tripping his arm. ^ • He raised her. She Jet her foot touch the ground, winced and toppled toward him. i "There's a wood chopper's cabin JUBt ahead," she jgroaned. "CouUl— could you carry nje tliere?" blushing. Tor answer he picked her up in his arms. She threw hor arms tihoul his neck and clung to him. her hair brushing' his cheek. In sight of the hut she whispered: "Wait! l.ct nieidown a niinule." She stood Itanins aualn-'st liini. her jfull, ripe lips tcasincly rwnr. For a moment us Iw looltcd itiio lior fiUh- omless eyes, HodiKlit ft-lt tlie weakness of man for woman coming over him. To combat it, he moved farther away, supporting lier at arm's lengtli. "It would be well to leave me at (he cottage and go back for help. Look Inside, please, while I Ic^n against this birth," Flie directed. "Tliere"* probably a burglar In the voodbox or a man und»r the bed," he said lauKliingly, as he started toward the <;maKf. The maytfl- stood for a moment Upon the thresboUl and then entered As his form dls.ippc:ir<'d wliliin, there appeared around the corner of the cabin a man—tlie game warden of Lakeville. In H twinkling he had Blammed »=hut the door and thrown a great bar across it from without. "There, darn ye; I told ye I'd git ye!" he bellowed with radiant pomposity. Btdight turned angrily as th3 door closed and realized too late that the Warning given along the trail had not safeguarded hira. lie was a prisoner. Peering ihiou:.;h the dirty windowpane, an aperture not large enough to j '.i -nnit till; l):l^sii,g of a man's body, he saw Viiss l-"anjsv.orth leave the tre« against which slie had been leaning and walk leisurely toward the hotel. With the renIiz.ition that the girl had deliberately Ud him into the hands of tI;o enciiy; he gritted his teeth and then, at the thought that perhaps Jackie Yin lug l|ad planned this coup do main, Bcidight felt a ^ueer sinking of certain hopes that heretofore had htioyed up a heart yearning to take hi^h hurdles. No— a woman may ktcj a man in hot water on general iirincinles of love, but to throw him in Jail is treachery, and when a woman reaches tliat point she Is like the woman scorned—a perfect fury. ; The room In which rtcdight found himself was big and rough like.some of the words the mayor said before his sense of tlie ludicrous returned. Then. In full possession of the humor of th« situatlcn. he sat down on the , aide of the bunk and grinned. A man can grin whcntlie joke Is on him. ^^^t he seldom bccjomes boi.'sterous under; the circumstances unless he is in pub' lie. where it is always pood taste to - prove his good fellowship by blatant laughter. That the game warden had gone for help there was no doubt. Remembering the slap wliich HedlgbC had administered on the day of their flrst meeting, that worthy did not desire to taka further chances. "But if Miss Vining planned the trap, why did not the warden bring enough help with him to arrest me?'" This was the question the mayor asked himself—and gave it up. He had no way of knowing that the war- idea had sent word to the sheriff to ibe on hand—bat that functionary was at the mOTr -.rnt marooned on an Island Ave miles from tlie village with ample food sent by a kind providence in the light of the moon, but with no boat by which lie might navigate the inter- Tenlng waters. An hour passed, during which time' Bedight had sntisfled himself that wood choppers' cabins in general andj this one in particular were built with the express purpose of being better • Jalla than those possessed by the ordinary hamlet in the north country. He was securely confined—and he affably. "It Is light and airy and Jw.s easy exits in case of Are or ennui." "Very well." she replied, "repent at leisure." The mayor listened. She was going away. ".Miss Vlring." she cried. I "Yes, Mr. Pedight." . "You know very well you would de- Bptse me If I told yon what^'ou are ; asking. I am flrni in my resolve not to appear In this light You may as . well go now, for I shall not answer your question." He watched her lithe form as she ' walked [rapidly, away, her head erect. | jher shoulders back, every Inch a ' iplendl^ woman. • j Scarc^ely had she disappeared when , Bedighf lienrd the bar thrown back, and a tolce whispered cautiously: "\Val(ter! Walter! The door is un- • barred. Walt until I get away!" From his dingy window Bedight j saw another feminine form saunter , leisurely up tlie trail—and this one, ; too, was slltn and fair to look upon, j a woman that any good man might | well dcslro to win. CHAPTER X. I Instead of leaving the Vicinity of j the cabin after being liberated. Be- ! dight closivl the door and replaced the bur, l"»rlfiing btick into the , bushes, he waited. An' hour passed ; and then came voices and rustling in , tile wood. Soon the game warden and \ two deputies hove info view. The warden's face was flushed with excitement as ho strode along In advance of his men. Approaching the door, ho called out: "Will ye surrender peaceable and come out o' there, er shall I come in an' git .ve?" From within there emanated no an •I 1 \ -i ! il-i $400 Nelson Piano, oak case, good tone, a be.autiful piano— just like new. Price.... A good practice Pianc old style—but good. Price rather . .$30 New Bradley & Son Pinii.v (sample) beautiful plain mahoi;aiiy citse —a magnificent Piano. ' CTIQfl, Piice ..: .^107' Good Organs, $6, $8, §10, $15 to $50 " J V. Roberts Music Co. HERBS A SLICE OF WORLD SERIES CROWD JKM.Y WON KV MAKIilAllll. Bwcriag vo 'ee. Out in the bushes, twenty feet away, Bedight waited, tensel.v. "Come on out; the door's unlocked," shouted the warden. Still no answer. "CIol darn ye; Til show ye. Come on in. fellers." buvvJed liie oHlcer. throwing open the door and dashing Into tlie cabin, followed by his depu- Mes. With an agile siying, Bedight left the clump of bushes and daslied for 'he door. The warden sa«r him coming and sprang to meet him—but too late! Slamniing the door shut, the maj'or siiot the bar home. ^ lIO'MuId hear the strenuous objec- •lons of the prisoners as he hurried i«:iy. making a detour to a farmer's itouse. wliere he hoped to secure something to eat. A ruddy-cheeked farmer's wife fed him bountifully and protested at the unnecessary size of the coin he gave her for his dinner md a basket of provisions, with which he set out for the cabin. Reaching the wood-chopper's hut. In which two hours previous he had been. a prisoner, he rapped on the door. AA'hoever's there," cried .•'n excited voice within, "let us out!" "Break the glass in the window," ilrectcd the mayor, his face illumined with smiles, "and eat out of my hand!" A growl of mingled disappointment and relief preceded the shattering of the glass. Bedight held his Casket on his left arm and began passing provl- j slons through the aperture. '•'Good grab, this, boj-e." he chuckled.'. "I serve excellent meals at both my hoarding houses. I'll bring you tobacco tomorrow night. Just you make yourselves comfortafile. How i^ould you like .a deck of cards?" It was dark when Bedight readied Squirrel Inn and slipped unobserved to his room. ^\^^en Jackie Vining came down at ] Rube Maniuard'a meUtMv Cleveland. CI. Oet. 1<;.—liutje .Msii-. iii:ar«l. She \v;r< placidly iiumutaei'U- . ;<iuard may l >e liir »;!e:,(e.- than .Napo- iiij; • jon"' in li<^v hun >l)le kitilien, and I Ipon with New York fans, but in the tii.' e\c-!reiiiont ol liir enfhii.'sia.'Jt 'in tiunible little liouie in t 'levelaiul. Oliio. l '•Uitl ^^•<>l her Imy's ^leat in-rfui i :::i !ir- where his pa and nia live. l\>- i# just .-s li.ii.Ml to iniiir-s.- .Mrs. .\lar<i\i:iril. "Tliat boy I »ick." lie i.-f no hero. ••• :.. , The elder Marquard^ are taking only a languid interest in the world'.series. The iiut t !;at their l'{>y is one I of the .s^ars of the serie.s doc.'-" not e.ic- I- Icite .theui iiarticulariy. j When the Kiilie. funDerly dulihed !"McGraw's Jll.Ono lenion." pitcliod tlie j Giants to victory in ilie gatne cil : the present woi Id'.s serie.s, friends lias- , tened to carry the ticJing.s to .Ma .Miir- Wt. Kol to cut !ie\l wiiiier. aint wi'V Wliat do I eari. alx-ut !)nll gaiiics?; Why are tln-y making i;iifh a fuss ov..- thai t:<iy Dirk?" iniiuired tlif fond nm-' \\ur. Siie was barely t -nou^h interest-, e<l ill tlii> liiunn In a..-k U I HIUI the score.| On I"-inj; fold tiiat hi.>i pitching I'iiltin WM^; scintallating and iiiagnUi-| ei.-iil. .she replied. "Oh well, that's no- Ihini; nitich. Hiit I expect his pa will like to hear of it wl-.en he gets lionie." gratitude. I'll send you the Jolllest big bos. of candy In Chicago as I pass through." J "Thank you," she said, her eyes danalng. "I'll leave the selection to you." An lour later Bcdigltt. astride .1 Rood 1 orse, was galloplns toward Hordcau. a railroad crossing ten miles to theinorth. .-Nrrlving at the >tat!oi> f-he sen: a lelpgr.ini. ate a tv;.i(-..l meal at a typieal country hnt'^:. aivl started back. lie reached the cror-s roads, at Cleo Summers. dusk and let his tired mount leisurely homeward. plod Saturday mornlug broke clear and six Jext momlngfo take a constitu- j tense after a swcherii;^ night. The tional before break: ast ' the mayor . sun was copper colored and the leave* sat In an easy chair on the veranda, upon the crest, where they »tro wont smoking his favorite pipe. to bow and cjfittsey to the zeihyrs "Will you kindly tell Mlsa Mason breath, hung listless In thoi fhinimer that I am waiting her commands?" jng heat. .•\t breakfast, none lookec 7"° "7"'"'.,r =A ',iiL'«no'ihn« he asked easily, with no trace.of re- refreshed and -Mino Host coinplalnc-c r?,,^ ? sentment in his Toic'e. of drougi.t. l-aulinc. the conk, whose to liberate mm. "I was going to liberate you this eggs were always so:Mioiitd to a A voice from without suddenly 8*^^ 1 corning," she said, aimply. trying to ^creatJjy ela5ticlty and w',ose toast wa- bim hope. It was a voice he knew •well—the voice of Jackie Vlnlng. "Mr. Bedight," queried the voice, "are you there—Inside the cabin?" "No, Miss Conspirator," replied the xaayor, vlndictivel.v, "I'm up on the roof playing solitaire." •^111 you tell me which ,of the glrla "was with you last night?" demanded Miss Vining. "If so, I will Jet yott out." "Oh. I like It In here," replied the miiyor, enthusiastically, "ifs a nice, 4iulet place, no hooks to bait, no mound builders to cxca^-ate. no runaway horses to Chtch, no balsam to pick. nothlDg to do but relax and think of the perfidy of one's fellows- feminine gender." "I 'm glad you like It," responded the "Judge," with a wbolesome flavor In her voice, "and I 'm sorry to advise you thfit the warden and reinforce; snenta are about due. ' Wouldn't. It be wiser to .help me protect a thought- IsM girl and go free Ihaa to be con- tnnr and go to Jatir* -I like the Jan at Lakeville even bet- hide her surprise. ! ever golden brown and de!i' iou? "Oh, I got out last night,' thank j fretted the forhier ium bhie-.Mack you. I'lp particular about my own globules surro::ndcd by lo .Ttljrry gela bed. Never could sleep well in a | ti„e_ while the latter was liurno-j anr: strange bunk," laughing. i desiccated to a h:-.rd-tack conditicii de- After breakfast Alice Mason, thejcidedly disappointirg to her usually girl appointed by the court to defend ^ellghtca followers. The thermometer, Bedlgbt on the occasion 6t bis trial, lo intents and purijojies. was called him aside. i basely' ambitious a.s to seeiningiy tiave "As your attorney, I am led to offer '^o otjher desire than to climb higher you your freedom today. I want to | gnd higher In Its relentless rUe. go to Lakeville for some cold cream,) -Conie on.(Mr. Bedight," exclaimed and If you will ride to the Four Cor-; jij^iy McConnell. "row me over to ners with me. I will let yotf'escape to t Warelbaum'a Pointr I want to sketch your own devices. It Is not always Veck's cabin, the remaining relic that an attorney can vouch lor "his of what was once the oldest trading client^ but. I am wUllnR ta take post In the state. >^t is tumbledown .,. J ^ and ramahaokW and will make a fine c^ce on you.' conlldenUy. "And be- , ^ - ^ ^^.^^ sides, these girls have been badgering ^ ^^^^ rellecUon In the ' She came down to the dock, her black eyes dancing In anticipation, liedight packed her outfit In the prow of tho boat along with the lunch basket, held the Ireat firmly against the dock as she put her dainty foot upon the stern seat, and dipped gracefully Into iiositlon. a magazine imdcr lier arm and a camera slung across her shoulder. .•\s the mayor took the oars he looked at her—bareheaded, her lustrous black locks defying the .sun, her full tempting lips shaping a perfect cupid's bow, a saucy little dimple ou each side of a well-rounded choek, and teeth as 'white as milk-coral through which the • laughter trilled and rippled like a tinging spring across its minty way. Surely a man might v.dl be sentenced for life to liiich a woman's , whim, while hut a day'n service wero as an hour in Naples after a hard passage! ' Molly McConn/ell had one of daring, unconventional! temperaments jthut bespoko a womait of full blood laud spirit, a being oi beauty and i grace and voluptuous 'onslancy. To jTllK man she would be all in ail, reln^ jing (jueen of his heart, laughing a( jatlinilies, scorning jealousies, holding h<m secure with her mental and phys- !ical charms. I The lake was calm and through Us l^mlrrored depths long strands of weed and marsh grass could be seen strer..m- ing upward In the shallow places. Not even a ripple stirred the surface and the sun reflected from the sheening waters., glowed heatedly upon tJie faces of the two in the boat— the girl with hair like the night and eyes of liquid velvet, the man with a sentence to serve In the Garden of Eden with a pippin as the forbidden fruit. The mayor rested on his oars and •nopped 'hls sweating brow. The girl 's •yes danced: "And now," she babbled, "you are In I iKJsltlon to appreciate the arduous :ife of the galley slave. Row.on, my man!" , "O, that this were the river of Mfe!" countered Bedight. matching the woman 's frippery. "One of the obligations imposed upon you by the 'Judge,'" solemnl.v, •'was not to propose marriage or play the role of Lothario. I trust your Intentions toward me are like the Chrlst- tnas snow—simply another layer of white purity!" "Pray do not tempt me. Eve," he said; "a boat is fully as perilous for loving as a flatior matrimony." Her merry imi|hter rippled out aerosa the waterlrom a throat as shapely as an artist's model. Her neclc. browned from the life at Squirrel Inn. vas full and moulded free of hollow dips. • (To Be Continued.) • - • ' t- • Cniudniotlier Sent -Rnlw" a Jar on Hay «i* t.'arae. liostoii. di-t. ir,.—.\ Jar of jelly won for ni.v Tl'.at may sound funny, but its the truth just the same. ^When 1 w4 -nt down to iireakfast yesterday i!!(trn!n;r the:e was a package waitin.i: ft.r me. It was from my S9-year-old grandni.itjier in Cleveland. I !iad received a lett«yr Sunday from lier and she told nie slio bad mailed a jar of apple ji -liy. I couldn't open the pack age fast enouRli. .\s soon as 1 ripped of fthc cover i dug a spoon deep into tile jar and as I swivllnwed the sweet mouthful I said to mysel*": ••Riibe. oI<l Ijoy. this Jelly w.l! be your mascot-today." .\nd it was. Withciut that Jelly ! don"t believe I would have won th< same that has ptitus back in the battle and has left a smooth patli to t !i'' world's championship. Oscar Hainmerstein. the musica! ninnacer. has brou.ght suit in Kansas i CiTy for ha'.f of tlic receii.ts of .Alisi - I-'elice I.yiine ai. ber homc-c-oniinfr con cort there recently, some $1U.00". , claiiiis t'^at she broke a contract w :b hill under w!!ic'i he was to manage f.p" concerts and reci.-ive half the re- . CCil.tS. -lilj. (.KUWI) KKE.V FOR THE «EW8i Itiiseball Battle Attracied the Bugs— Telepliotte Busy, The baseball bug .lere sure going line this alternoun. Tuey were at the Kegister window for bulletins before the game started and tlie crowd in- <-rea.sed steadily. As the score dragged along with .\e\;. York one run to the good tiie crowd -at quiet In the seventh whfen an cm r. and a doiible !jy a pinch hitter tied the score, a joyous yt!l wtnt up most of the fans seeming to. be fr -ton. And the Kegister t-^'epho-"- i> "ragetL. jl ring .?very th'rty srcpds .11 afternoon. Seldom iias so luucu interest been 'aken in a t<"rld .series ps this* year, he lead .c'l, .ng in a to keep interest aliv —Mrs. T. A. Town, 107 Bth St. Water-: owu. S. I>. writes: "My four ctaild- -eh a f f • ect to hard colds and I al•vs u <- • dey's Honey and Tar Com- ^>;ind, splendid results..- Some iiue ago I iiad a severe attack of la: ?rippe and the dnrtcr i>r^scribed-^O-• e.vs Honey and T.4r (.'.^npoand and t soon overcan ,j hj la gripiie. I can ilways dep'. nu i!i>oh ..Foley a Honev ind Tar Ccuipound and am- surc| of 'ood results." For sale at Burr^U 's Drug Store. 'it I the life out of you. It's time somebody took pity." laughing. The mayor put his lips close to tbe girl's rosy ear. "Honest." be said. 'Oiopa to die. I've never bad so much fun in ail my life —bflt that bill business is dangerous, and I'd? Uke to get throogh with «be ordeal honorably. I can ose todKT> «a4 M « small wpreMion «t sxr Natnre in her inadom and beneficence has prcrrided. In her ffieat ; vegetable laboratory, the forest, a:.cnre for most of f^e ills and ulmeatsof 'Ltimanity. Work and study have perfected the Cj .npouudiag of these tio- tanicd medicines and placed them at our disposal. We rely lijxm them ' Slrst because of their ability in curing disease, tad nr^xt because Tve can use them \ritli the confidence that snch remedies do not iujaie tbe System. Among the best of thcsi remedies from the forest is- S. S. S., a medicine made entirtly of toots, herbs JII.JJK^^ and barks in sndi combin..tion as to.,make it the greatest of alt bicxxi pari£crja-:d the safest of aU tonics. It docs not contain the least pditide ot hannfnl mineral. S. S S. cr?rt .-s Rheumatisnv' CK? tarrh, S -ires and Ulc-tV. Sen; fnla, ^Malaria, Skin Diseases, Contagiotts JUood Poison and all Other diseases dependent oil impure bli .od. >As a tonic S. S. S. builds np the SJ^JHTCL by supplying a snffi- . cient amonnt of vigor anct n^or-jbrnent tbthebody. • S. S. S. al'ways cnies -without leaving any nnpleaaant or injimons effects. • j It is perfectly Safe for yonng or old. Book on the blood and any medicaL advice free.^ ~ ~ fflE SWffT SHOFIC CO, AT L &XU, GA. Here's a very email sUce of the ^ h'.g crow:', that wiinessed Thursday's | world's series game at Boatoiu More ] than 30.000 fans were in eltendance. ! ond they paid something like 'J &J.OOO j to see the Giants beat the RcA Sox by j a score of 2 to 1 , tJ.VS, .SMIKNES.S AM> IMU(;ESTI0> V.VMSH. \ placid water was almost as realistic •a, the old log-pile itself. A photograph taken when I raw the cabin . would puzzle the b (4iolder to tell which was tbe cabin and which the reflection. Today promises to be still and bids fair to afford me an opportunity to get Just tbe right atmos- Sh^ 111 be. va^z .1%. ten. minutes." >> * • • <• • * <• ••>*•> .\ r (• TI rt > K i: II: \. 1». J'ollln-' Ceneral Farm Sales: IJvcstock n specialty. Sailsfaclion guaranteed. Address, Carlyle. Ka.=. :A.. Just as Soon us "i'ape's Diapepsin" (.'omc!* in Confart With the Stom ar b all Dktre.s-i Is Uonv, "Really does." put bad stomachs in .^rder— 'TCiill .v docs" overcome iji'H- !;estion, dyspepsia, pas. heartburn and sourness in five minutes—that—just that—makes Pape's tiie largest selling stotriach regulator in the world. If what ycu^ eat ferments into stub- ' liorn lumps,'you belch gas. and'eruc-^ tale sour, undigested food and arid; , bead is dizzy and aches: breath foul, tonguecoated; your insides filled with bile anTrindi?ostib!e waste, remember t,he moment Uiiipepsin rotnes in con-, tact with th- ?<ornach'a11 such distress vaais&ts i!'s truly astonishing— almost marvelous, and the joy is its harftlessnow. A large 30-cent case of Pape's pia- repsin will give you a hundred dollars «orrt^of satisfaction or your druggist li:ind^you your money oac'c. lis (worth its weight in goM to men iijid Women who i-.-.n'i «;,^t. th-.'ir stomachs rtmilated. It beloncs in your' home—should always be ke;)t, handv , in case of P sour sick upE -t rtom'Sch ; .'luring the day or ntsht. It's the quick ; •••ft, surest and n<.o=t hi'.nnless stomach i doctoi* In the world. : ( Mr. and Mrs R- N. .Norton wvnt to Thayer yesterday aflf riuKiu for a visit ' with relatives. ' NOTICE! STOVE OIL or DISTILLAJTE A full supply on hand at 409 Norlii Jefferson Avenue. > , Humboldt Refining Co. : Telephone 725. M. Hungerford^ Agtent i No Deliveries Made on Less Than Barrel Lots Old Griffitti Feed Frank Whito, Proprietor 221 North Jefferson Telephone 550 AU Kinds of Feed Sold and Delivered to All Parts of the City, prices are ieasonible.

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