Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on September 23, 1889 · Page 4
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, September 23, 1889
Page 4
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with Malaria! .Fovprnml ,I»urnUc°, but waa cured by timely wa of ibis medicine. Am Hatisfli'il KlPotrio Hittprs paved hir) life." Mr. D. I. Wilcoxnon, of Horse Cave, Ky., :idd« a like tPsUrmuiy. sayiiigille posftively bolievea he wouHi have <lied, hn.ii it. not Iwn for I-'loo! ric Bittern. Tins great remedy will ward off, as w«>!l as euro nil Malaria IMspRR-r?, aisd for flU Kidney, i.iver and Stomach Disorders stands unequalled. Price nocts, and 31. fit D. 15. Strickler's. 'ho t'ricp. and W.lttT. A r It don't pay to run after other brands, for in the end wise bouse- — keepers settle down to the us* of SANTA CLAUS SOAP. If your grocer hasn't Santa Clam Soap, he'll get it for yon. FAIRBANK & CO.,Chicago, III. Dontspoilyour Feet with CHEAP SHOES! Tv t"m'nj>o. rPll, of Mlddinrmry. There is only one Australia. woman's paper in Arnica salve. The best salve in the world for Cuts, Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Ilhenm, Fever Sores. Tetter, Chapptxi Hands, ChilblalnR, Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and postively cnrea Piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction.'or money refunded. Price 25 cents per box. For Bale by D. B. Striokler. Seo that EVERY PAIR Is STAMPED THE BURT & PACKARD "Korrect Don't allow VOl'R dnaler to imlm off any Hubwitvite forthe c 'Kor reot Shape," aa we have arrangerl to supply anyone in the United States "who cannot get these goods of Ol'K agnnta* and. prepay all delivery charges, thus bvlngins them to your tloor wilhout extxvi "THKBuRT & PACKAHn"Korrcct.Shape" Shoes yre maile in four grades, vli., Hand-made, Hand-welt Burtwelt fcnd Machine Sewed, which Is stumped on the sole in addition to our trade-mark above. Our agents shoald carry all grades in Conffrexf, Mutton fcnd /tat for Gent's Dnys and Youthfl. PACKARD & FIELD (Successors to HUKT& I'ACKABD). BROCKTON. MASS. J. P. OVERHOLSER '?« STERLING, ILL. . One London railroad station handles 1,000 trains daily. SHILOll'S COUGH and" Consumption Cure is sold by ua on a guarantee. li cures consumption. For sale by Perry, the druggist,and J.M. Bickford Rock Falls Mrs. L. S. Plck In'!., hnd a very narrow CRRfijis from the insane asylum. For years oho was subject to lii.'mlar-he, pftlpition, spinal p»ii>,8li"eplf"wip;!s and nervous prostration. For ttirf G yenra Rhe lind con- Ttilsions, ot'on as many ns lifty a night. Abie physietnna failed to help hi>r. At last after taking that wonderful rera cdy, Dr. Miles' Restorative iservinn for six weeks, 9ho was entirely cured, ft IB H recent discovery by one of the greatest of living physicians, and is working wonders. Trial bottle free at A. H. Heridricks' or .7. M. .Hickforda' Drugstore. A pure white tarantula was caught in Loa Vegas, A. T. recently. Ita \e- mon is said to be equal to that of a rat- tleonake. i? LM'O'l!' Ui Germany pays annually about 400,OCO marks for foreign cut flowers. SLEEPLESS NIGHTS, made miserable by that terrible cough, Shiloh's Cure is the remedy for you. For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Rock Falls. A dog that baa been taught to walk backward ia owned by a Bellaire (Fa.) man. A New IH Weakened and deranged livers, stomachs and bowels should never be acted on by Irritants like common pills, bran, etc. Mile's Pills cures liver complaint, constipation, piles, etc., by a new method. Samples free at A. 11. llen- drick'B or J. M. Bickford's. A Juniata county, Pa., woman pub licly flogs her husband every time he comes home drunk. CATARRH CURED, health and sweet breath secured, by Shiloh'a Catarrh Remedy. Price 60 cents. Nasal tnjecior free. For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J. M. Blckfotdt ' Hock Falls. _ A plain gold ring was . found by a Washington, N. C., Kan imbedded In a large block of ice. (Don't Experiment. « You can't nfford to waste time In experimenting when your lungs are in - la a monthly magv nine devoted to the hygiene and care of Infanta and young children, and all that pertains to the routine of the nursery. It !s *«w in its fifth year. The Congregation- atitt recently said of it : ••RABTHOOD Meml almottt IncliflpenBabl* to ttui household la whlcb there are ronag cblidren. It 1» for tha parent* and the name, and Is packed full of Important lug- vettlons of a practical character. From personal experience of !ta uaefuioaaa, we commend tt warmly." And the Chicago Advanas : .*• No mother but mo0c appreciate Its wta« Knd helpful BURgeatlons, antlbe grateful for tie loinnfi of perplexities and the helping orerbard places which every one coma to who has the care of young children, wa oommend It to erery mother 12 the laud.' 1 Also the New Tork .Graphic : "Tb. soocew of this periodical has been mormons. It makes young mothers feel that the only subject worthy of attention I* At (act tolng recognised." Every intelligent father and mother should read It regularly. Their children wfil be healthier and happier. It will reduce the work of caring for them, nursing them, dressing them, amusing them. Letter* from subscribers frequently contain such testimonies as these, lately received : "lamgratefal to BABYHOOD; Iharoseen tmt two numbers, but have learned so much from those tbafi I feel 1 should be doing my ehUdran ft wronff If I should fall of theop- portunlty to leora more." "The h£lp It has |>e«a to us would hare astonished me had It been predicted beforehand." "Ffcyilolau a* I am, your magazine Is the most welcome periodical that oomea to my table, and IB th» one I rend ftrsc." " . of BABYHO bare subs . hundred times for the outlay by the relief and confidence it has given me In tho management of my children." You want a sample copy— PrtoeUoeot*. Or to subscribe for a year — , cal that oomea to my table, and IB th» nd ftrsc." "I cannot speak, too highly YHOOD. Daring the three years that I ubscribed to It. I have felt repaid * On our part we wish to know that yon have geen this advertisement ; and In order to Induce you to mention, this paper when writing us, We bare arranged to hare manufactured for us « large quantity of Hudnuf • celebrated Sachet Powder, and •will give a packet, free (either " Violet"; o» ••mite Lilac," as preferred), uartptioa or 15 ceuU for a atzule copy, au mention* thi* paper , (Note th* rendition. Tbe powder la In nonetuto a** premium." but IM offered simply to aid us in tracltiK the re- saluot our*avrtrtl*liig InTsrlotu part* of the couutrr. lu retail value IN about 25 eeat*.) BABYHOOD PUBLISHING 00,, B Beekman ^t. 3 New York. Do not confoand BABTHDOD with picture >book» for tti« amutrmtnt of children. It UK a in'-thntt' ma0f&8**i« — a xtunuTy help. It* list of contributor* on medical BubjecU comprise many ipociuiUU u* tbo bigiievt ja\>fc4MilonAl otftudlug. Tb« SprlngQtiM tiUae.) Union flftra: "It l^rt'ntl.i acpi.MUoawhatti)e nioto^ra of Htue bahiw »*f<i ti. do before tne excellent little mut^ailcd liAHYH'rfij wsa pubUahed. No nuniber cau bo inleneU wttlici" '* CHICAGO plO NOT DELAT. V'JU U LiPPINCOTT'S MAGAZINE, •hlch now itfl,nd% in tha front rank of monthly pablioft- lonitud occupiai tho petition of A LEADER AMONG LEADERS, Each namlwr contains A COMPLETE NOVEL, n!*o» .borml quantity of mt«oa lUnooni matter of »n intonating ted laatructiTtt nature. On* y«fcr'» tobecripUon girts & LIBRARY OF 12 COMPLETE NOVELS IT Amerionn rwlhon, tojrthor with AN ABUNDANCE IF SHOUT STOBtES, FOEM3, E6SAYS. and milton jf nausn&l intercjt to gnaernl rewon, making & Tolamt <>/ NEARLY TWO THOUSAND PAGES. Th« facwss of LirrracOTT'B stands wntiwcodifiitad U tha ftnutli of Haguino publishing, and to-jay lu fimlllu title U woloomedla every hiudflt, 7U1*««, town, &nd alt/ Hironghont th« United fiUte*. Th« betfc writers of the UQ h»T» bem necured »nd new features will, from tlm« to llnw, be t4dfd which willgiri to Lirrmcorfa A DISTINCTIVE PLACE OF ITS OWN, Amelia RSree, E<igu* Saltaa, John nabberton, £tl|rsT Faw«tt, CapUin'Charlw Klnff, U.S.A., Or»o» Kinjf, M. Elliott Se* well, 8«lin»I>ol*ro, MtorlceBmrrjmoT*, Oulilfc, aad many othurs wilt oontrttmta to IU pag«j for 1839. For fnlt proBp«ctafl, addnra Llpplncott'i M*.ffat!no,,Fliila- delpaU. 2R oeatJBinglo number. $3.00 por your, 8snd Ask Your Retailer for the JAiES $4 SHOE OB THE JAMES MEANS $3 SHOE According to Tour Needs. .JAMBS MEANS 84 8TTOE 7ia light and itylinb. H flu like n Ing porftctlyeosy the Hr«t time It If worn. It will satisfy the most Udiom. JAMfcS MEANS 13 SHOE li abwlulolv the . only shoe of its price which X. his ever t»eh placed cx- L tcasively on the market ^ In which durability • tered before men out, Si's... ,?—' Artftnrtte Junes' ^ JJcuni $3 Shoe fur Bo;i J. MEANS Sc CO., Boston. Fail lines of tha above nbaea fur calo I» J. R. BELL A SOW Hterllae. (11* cold. Dd~nbt permit any dealer to impose upon you with some cheap imitation of Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption, Coughs Colds, but be sure you get the genuine. Because he can make more profit he may tell you he has some just as good, or just the same. Don't be deceived, but insist upon getting Dr. King's New Discovery, which is guaranteed to give relief in all Throat, Lung and Chest affections. Trial bottles free at D. H. Strickler's Drug Store. Large .Bottles SI/ • _ . •' There are said to be 150,000 people in the United States who study the prescribed course of instruction of the Cbautauqua association. Tonight and Tomorrow Night, And each day and night during this week you can get at all druggists Kemp's Balsam for the Throat and Lungs, acknowledged to be the most successful remedy ever sold tor the cure of Coughs, -Croup', Bronchitis Whooping Cough, Asthma and Consumption. Get a bottle today and keep it always in the house, so you can check your cold at once. Price 50c and $1.00. Sample buttles free. la learned FrofcBBora Say. The most serious disease of the heart, says Prof. Da Costa, may occur without any symptoms. Prof. Trousseau, of Paris, states that death from heart disease is usually caused by congestion of the lungs, liver, stomach or feidneya, fromimperfectcirculBtion of the blood. Or. Miles' New Cure for the Heart is tne latest and most reliable remedy for this little understood but grave disease. It has cured thousands of cases Don't fail to try it. Ask for testimonials. Sold at A. K. Hendricks' or J. M. Blckfords' Drug Store. 1 A Chinese journal contains the intelligence that 'in America, if a man docs not smoke or drink, he is universally respected." "His pills ns thick as hand-grenadea flew, And where they fell aa certainly they slew," Was said of one of those ignorant doctors iu the early times, who might well have been called the aide-de-camp of death. The sufferer from scrofula, with sores <ia bad aa Job's, need not now curse the day he was born, for Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery will restore health and beauty, appetite and strength. Especially has it manifested its potency in curing salt-rheum, tetter, boils, car-buncles, sore eyes, scrofulous sores and swellings, hip-joint disease, white swellings, goitre, or thick neck, and enlarged glands. A number of diamonds are said to hivebeen found in a meteoric stone which has recently fallen near Novoe Urei, in Russia. The "Mother's Friend" Not only shortens labor and lessens pain attending it,-but greatly dimin- inin;» tile uaimer to iileof boi.ii moiiiBi' aud child if uaed a few mouths before confinement. Write to The Bradtfeld Regulator Co, Atlanta, (la., for further particulars. Sold by all druggists The hansom cab,"ihe London Rondola," is comparatively a new creation. The first patent was taken out by Mr. Hansom m 1834. jipijit n j;nnrl bn^lW'fl, urr-V!t:s. .Mr. awl Mrs. Lutyens. There is n forc£ of men taking up tlie old iron rails on this branch IIP- tween Walnut, n,rnt Fulton and replacing them with sff'f 1 ! ones. Supervisor J. F. Leonard twi returned from thn county scat, where ho !vna attending a of tho 1 of supervisors. J. H. Cain hn* returned from lies, -Nebraska, where ho has teen making f- short visit. The steam thresher that belonged to Joseph Shaner was sold last 1 week nt constable sale Bnd w»s bid in by the company, Elmer, son of J. C. Piiice, received a very severe kick by a horse last week. He is able to be out again. Alfred Smith and wife are attending the meeting of the Baptist associaUom at Milledgeville this week. The Ladies' Aid Society of the Baptist church will give a good square meal next Wednesday evening,, commencing at 5 p.m. and lasting nntil 8. Bill only 150. The supper will be aerv- ed at the restaurant of Misses Maxfleld & Powell. Mr. A. T. Glassburn has purchased the Ira Humphrey property and Mrs. Charles Glassburn will occupy it. J. F. Leonord has sold to Frank Da- Tis trip Hayes' property and Frank's mother will occupy it. WKUNS. POLITICS IN OXr.ATTOMy, CITY, ! am; hy, wiit'i! a j tlr in t;i'>flly trWon ro yrm ;?nit-g-i<!t.n!u! th&. lli-iji? Hi:'. .''in jinti Pi li'i. ' Tho Quclico Ontustropho. QUEHKC, Suj.t. S3.— Tbo ftiiKT/il of th" victims of Ilia recant terrible lnn-!s)i<Ie tnuk placo yesterday. Ship Inborer^, abuu . 70J strong, bended bv President Miihom'V, l"d tho precession. Then folloivo:l tho puliw fori!'> bem-lng ronlly IVi\vur« pi'e»o;itinl by the city council. The.ii 0111110 lUteon ljo:irs.^s containing tho b:>dics of twenty-oiio o! tho victims. Tho funeral service took place! nt Ht Patrick's cuurch. After tho aervio'S the procession procced*v! to \Vo >d(lold ciMiietery, where tho twenty-one bodies were deposited in vnulls prior to final Interment. Some 'JJO mon wore actively working nt the dubris lust night, mid some, corpses nro expected to bo for.n.l. So far thirty-two bodies have b -en reaivere-.l. RAILWAY. OTOE 7,000 MILES Of «tea! track in Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Dakota Doming, penetrates the Agricultural, and Comrnaicial Centres of the PBTHWEST. Th« Unrivaled Equipment of tha Line embraces Sumptuous Dining; Cais, New Wagrter and Pu!lw»n Sleepers, Superb day Coaches and r^vinnmtf 1 'Mm h«,c ' direct between Chicago, St. P*ul su»d Imnrieapo'is, Osunci! Bfijfts snd Omaha, connecting for Portland, Denver, i Pacific Coast Poirrts. s,! fa 1 •* r o •! one* ••tablUhl trad* in *U pans, byf _ wb«rt U»« p»opU""i them, we wiU Mod free 10 on* 'pcrton ioMeb hx*lliy.ita« very b«*t MrrriDf-oucblii* nude in . wofld.Wtlh all tU* HUtliroeon. « will alw Mud free a complete of cor COM)? aud raloabl* art pic*. In TOlura w« uk that you Itbow what w* wind, to tboM who >y call at yoor bomt, tod after 9 b» all ihatt become your own irtr. TbU pmnd nucliSne U afuor UM Blneer ptiem*, L wbkh bar* run oat; Bcf0r% pateni* Out of 240 men passing along Main street in Cincinnati on a recent- afternoon, 210 had lost one or more of the bind buttons of their coats. THE BEV. GEO. H. THAYEE, of Bourbon, Ind., says: "Both myself and wife ewe our lives to SHILOH'S CONSUMPTION CUBE." For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J, M. Bickford, RockJFallfl. . An Edmore, Mich,, lady, 55 years of age, was six weeks making a quilt containing 18,500 pieces. CEOUP, WHOOPING COUGH and Bronchitis immediately relieved by Shiloh's Cure. For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Bock Falls. - . Nine ears of com grew In a bunch on a single stalk on the farm of John Wambaugb, near York, Pa. FITS.-All fits stopped free by Dr Kline's Great Nerve Restorer. No fits alter first day's use. Marvellous cures. Treatise and 82.00 trial bottle free to Fit cases. Send to Dr. Kline, 931 Arch St., Phila., Pa. d&w The mayor of York, Pa., has been presented with a cane made of wood from the Waterloo battlefield. Khe waa Completely Cared. A daughter of my customer suffered from suppressed menstruation, and her health was completely wrecked. A' my suggestion she used one bottle of Bradfield's Female Regulator, which cured her. J. W. Heliums, Water Valley, Mies. Write The BradQeld Regulator Co., Atlanta, Ga., for particulars. Sold by all druggists. [propen <m*ae* uckmtnti, and BOW §tll» tot 8&O. B«st. atnmfMt, moat ut*. urbioe 10 tbs world. AD hi No eupJtal «quir*d. Plalv, bHel Infraction* (lv*n. 1~boM who writ* to ue at one* can »•* cari free tb« G«M Mwinff-nwEhlD* ia U>* world. iu4 tb« H>x*t itovofworktof bitfttaitovrr «bowi» 10^Iberia America. TlttJKACO.. liot T4O. Au t u4l^ Maine. STOPPEDFREE Jiantlaui Seere*. , AT Jferv* Afft&wn*, JF\u. Kpiltptf. tte, llavAUJSUi U fciitn u dirocud. JfS Fat afcr ' s doy'M toe. Tr«.tl« «d $3 tctel botxU ftmt M ' th*r^rto**xprwcli*rfc«*fttbe)iw1i*tt ,« «, ™. Kt.mE."-'--' 5 -^-"^-'^"-'' Jt&WAi BL.TJE1 R UNNING THREE WAGONS. AU goods promptly dotivered to any part Specialty of removing bouneuoU) 1OO Ladles Wanted. And 100 men to call on any di nggist for a free trial package of Lane's Family Medicine, the great root aud herb remedy, discovered by Dr. Silas Lane while in the Rocky Mountains. For diseases ot the blood, liver and kidneys it ia a positive cure. For constipation and clearing up the complexion it does wonders. Children like it. Everyone praises it. ._. Large size package, &o cents. At all druggists'. 1 Three hundred and eighty-five crows were counted oa two trees in a eorn- geid near Uarnesville, O., receutly. SHILOH'S CUKE will immediately relieve Croup, Whooping Cough and Bronchitis. For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Rock Falls* It is estimated that the amount of gold and silver coin on the bottom of the Atlantic ocean ia about ©60,000,000. of tho city. _ , .. «i»«ls aiitl yiauoif. [inlil3y)J K. H. WIU3ASIN Exce»*ni Was* R»4»onal» Pricn*. WILL YOU cough when B Cure will giye you immediate relief. Price 10 etk, 60 eta,, and 81. For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J . M. Bickford, Itock Falla. Only one of the United States vessels now iu commission was christened by a married woman, naiaely, th« Baltimore. _ _ castta eutd Liver are scientifically Tbea« PiiiB fr^tuudtM!, nations Us action. ing iji&in so ouiumui.ijr u«* of r'lila. Tber A/ jUutts &iA ceiWt«>u w Wo! gGSffSatSSfe tlls»li fc-sVS ll J e (.re of No SQJB- to both .Trt mt-ety Ul*} lt» tlSH From Tnmpiro. The Ladles' Aid Society gives a pumpkin pie sociable at Mr, L. K. Brainard's tonight. A boy by the name of Chris. Rasmussen was severely kicked by a horse Tuesday at his home one mile south of town. Tbe injuries are of a severe nature, tearing away the right side of his face and knocking out a greater part of his teeth, both from the upper and lower jaw. Dra. A. C. Smith and Bur- saws dressed tbe wound. Dr. Bu'rsaws extracted fifteen teeth for Mrs. Geo. B. Jackson Tuesday. She took chloroform and-the job was done without any pain. Lookout, Jackfrost is coming. . We had quite a foretaste of his presence last night. .. Deputy Sheriff Drake is on our streets this afternoon, doing a little business for the county. There ia quite a good deal of competition among some of our aspirants for the F. O. here this week. Look out, lightning is going to strike eoon. It seems as if some of our married men would put up a few cottages for rent, as there is a great demand for houses at present. We believe it would be & good investment, Burt Oreenman ia putting a hot air heater in his drug store. He bought the heater from W. H. Harrison. Dr. Mason, of Walnut, is In town today. He served here while Dr. Smith was up the lakes' on & health trip. A young man by the name of Pearson came to town yesterday to have a broken jaw set, which was broken about two weeks ago and the first thing be asked the Dr. how much the job would cost. The bridge north of town known as the county ditch bridge has collapsed into the ditch. Our commissioners are at work repairing it. Our grain merchants are receiving a large amount of grain at present. Prof. W. T. Tuttle made a trip to Prairieviile to attend the funeral of Mcs. AnsotfThummel. Mr. Ed. Barrett, the young man that got hurt by the cars a week ago Saturday, ia still confined to hta bed at the city hotel, but is doing splondidlv at present, Geard Rogers and wife returned from a visit at Saudwicb. W. L. Washburn carries his baud in a aling juat because ha baa a fallen. The O. A. R. boya have returned from the reunion aud a.11 report b&ying had a splendid time. Itav. Morrison, late of Morgau Park, haa b«en engaged to supply tha Bap- tlstehureh for tia present' QutU) a liurabwr of our peopto wiU attend tta saeetiug of th«» 15ajitiat A**) wfaich will be fce s (i Strangled with Ills Own Illaoil. ESCANAUA, Mich., Sopt. 23.—Dolph Gaboury, for many yours a locomotive engineer on tbe Chit-ago nn 1 Northwestern railway, was Himrrinp; in pport with a friend Saturday nic;ht The Iriond received a blow on tho ni'Ki 1 . which mused that organ to bleed excessively. A doctor wnn Bent for, wlm ,.nl -.l_i>. r.-.r.i, t.-. l*:w!;, Tt": bluod fioweiTlwrltliiio lil«~thruQt;- eilliBllT}r dunlb-fjiiiii itraugnlatlon.—Oaboury mid tho doctor have boon held undor $y,000 bonds to answer to $ho charge of manslaughter. The Snltun Struck thn Right Note. ZANZIBAII, Bopt "3.— The sultan ot Zanzibar has issued an edict which empowers Great Britain and Germany to Bearch nil Z mzi bare so' dhows and other boats with the object of suppressing tho (lave traffic. Tbe c:lk't nlso declares that every person entering Z inzibar after Nov. 1 shall bo free. Not_1Vortli While Koepitig Up tlio Strike. :LANCA8TBit, I'a., Sopt. S3.—The long strike nt the Columbia Rolling mills was formally declared off at n meeting of tho Amalgamate.! association Baturday evening. Tlie strike has lusted nearly poven months, and most of thd strikers' places have boon filled with non-union men. l-:f 111^ tTint unrl-r ofilerfi from Gi>n.Mi-rril!, who li:i-l pr.iii- to Oklalinnri City, pi-i.-vi'iiliMl tlip •-•l-t> lion Two rir- Iliroo wi'c'-a n.!:o n ulmrlor .pivpurcl 1>T n enminitt^:! nutliorizi'l by tlio (cniincil was 'votivl down. Tlio original :d>nrt<'i- pwplK MM--I <vi!l-.'.l nn oli-stinn on tlio i'l.l rtmr:i»r for Sntur.liy, u^ain without Uio rrnij-.i'nl of thi! mayor nii'i rounril. I>l>pp»nil wltll Col.) SKvil. Gc-ii. M-ri'itt liciiip; up) e:il.-il to n^nln wnt ordiu's to Col. SymliM', in or thn tronps at OUlnhoina C'-ily, to prpv»nt tlio cl.'ttioii. YtsKirday itmnilng Cnpt.. D. F. Ktilo«. ncting under orilers from Col. Snyder, cnrrioii out tlio ordoi-s nt. tho point of tho liayonut bho poli-i wero opened nnd a larso crowd as-Bsniblcd. A. number of persons endeavored to vote, whon Capt. Stiles t'irew bi» rompnny ncivva tho Btrcot nnd pnv>> tlin udiniimrHl to chnrgi'. Tlu< s'rect was rloiirod in n fnw src'onilsi. Tho few who resisted wura sliS'.itly to»"!i"d witli tho bayonets of tha soldiers ai\! llioy dispirnoil on tho run. ICrpt Tll(>m Ti-otll-ie Arounil. >S'imo of tlio )i!udi.-is nisliod to another point. mvl docl:irff.l thu polls opyn tliore, but C:ipt. Stiit s doubly-qulck^d his compu ; »y to tiiist point, iiTid oli.-iireil tho stivot. M. UliisKoxv then niouiiti'd n dry jjood* box, cuilid Uio crowd arouinl him, unil told Mmm tnU'«lniin nKniiiHi.> interferencu of the military millionth B. Cnpt, Stiles theroupoc nf'iin ordcrud a fluirirc, nml brought the spooch to an abrupt termination. Tho Voters Dlnperwc. At this point Ihu B'.'conl wnnl polls wero di'clarud op'n in nnol.'U'r p:irt of tlio city. I/euvins RHiinU ut the ijlacen already cleared Cnpt. Blik-s went to tho new voting place, took fntna flri'nrms from tho room, cleared tho stre.'t, nn 1 tbrow n guard around th voting plac- 1 . At tills juncture Capt Ham mer and J. II. \Voodn, loaders of tho voters hold a consultation with C»pt. Stiles ant then calling 'the crowd toother told then that tho military authorities had Orders from headquarters to prevent .tho election and'weroonly I'boying orders, an 1 advisee them that thoy had bettor dlaporno nnd g homo. This ended tlio trouble, though the soldiora woro guarding tho plrvo nil day. GtH'H to tho Court* Now. Nino, .of tlio K'iid.;rH wore unl'sU'd on th of tin) Unili'd Hrati'B and rtisistuig tha city, government"~A'moifg thei'J'arcTCapt. Ilam- mer and Jud;j3 Brown, who'aro accused of inciting tho people to resistanco.of tho military authorities nt a tnantlng Thursday, night The matter will now go into tho courts and iiafurtliorngitatlir.i is anticipated. Four Jurors Out ot 1500 Men. CHICAGO, Sept. !i3.—The fourth week of the Cronin trial clorol Saturday with only lour jurors in tho bos. Thus far 495 raon have been excused for cause. Pwiffs Fpodiii:. I'- n?? ^'- « v«l tlinmost, olTOal hrnrflt, !rm:i 1!'. n"-.; I" fn (iliifiil boi!?, andrrin"! n-"ii!'in!T fromJripiirc blw> SWIPT'H SrBcinc 1? n Rfcat hies'-inc to humanly," ws Mr. P E. Gordon, of 7*5 Brosd ptre-ct, livllle, Tenn., "for i!. cured nn of thcnmatl°m of a very biul type, -vritli which I had been troulilr J for or four years. S. S. S. enrol me ftftfir J uid cxhnnpt£<l everything clfio. Treatlso on Blood and Skin Diseases mailed fr :•. Tim Swirr Pvrnyir Co.. nrrrwO, /-tlanlc, I"' FEMALE- B «««REGUlAl!OH! MENSTRUATION OR MONTHLY BICKHKSS mDF/£LV RESUUTtMW New Hunk Authorized lu- Mlohlgrnn. WABIIIXOTON CITY, Sc-pf. '23. —Tbo comptroller of the currency lias nntliorizni the Union JN:itloniil bnnk of j* tinke^on, Miob., to begin busincj-a, with n capital o; $10J,000. The Mnyfl-.>T*er for Sale. NEW Yonic, Sept. 23 —Francis T. TJndor- hlll, the nri-SBiit ownor-of tho yacht Muy- flower, tlio cup-winner, states that, she is for tnVj. He soys In? has no nso for hor no^v. The Wrutlier We M»y Kxpect. WABIUNaTON CITV, Sept. K).—The followln ( are tho iudtcationa for tho thlrty- aix houra from H p, m, yeatortlay: For Indiana—Wanner, fair weather, followed In extreme northern porilon to-duy by light bains, and In ivnmlmlur of the stute by Tuesday morning; Bontherly winds. For Illinois- Light rain, precciiml In eastern and extreme southern p rtlons by fnlr, sliKhtly warmer weathe-; sontht-rly winds. For Lower Michigan—Warmer, fair weather, followed In western portion by lljjht ruin; foutherly winds. . For \Vlsconrtin and Upt>:>r,Mich yan— Rain; warmer in eastern portions, cooler In western portions: southerly, ahlttinif to westerly, winds. For Iowa—Light rnln, wind shining to westerly; cooler, except in eastern portion higher temperature. Tho Sea fluree. The sea horso IB BO called because he hasn't the least resemblance to a horse, and because he is never.eeen in the sea The nama waa given him by some smart Alec who felt awfully funny that day. Some years later another smart Aleo changed the name to sea cow, but that doesn't hit any closer. They are found in rivers and lagoons instead of the eea, and they resemble cowa ua much as a stuffed woodchuck does a live lion. The principal occupation of a soa horse- cow, as we are obliged to call him, is promenading around on the muddy bottoms of muddy rivers, satisfying hia hunger on the best the land affords, and making the neighborhood highly uncomfortable for African gentlemen out fishing in their canoes. He has no ambition beyond that, and if undisturbed would let the world wag along and mind his own business. Naturalists claim that he is very docile and affectionate when in captivity, and tho day may coin o when he will replace the poodle dog as a pet. His span of life is supposed to be sixty years, but that doubtless depends a great deal on the care lie taken of himself, if the newly discovered elixir of life works as is hoped for, the sea horse-cow's days may be extended over u hundred years —Detroit Free Press. ALLEGED BASE BALL DEAL. A Scheme Tlmt t*>oks Well on 1'apor—Ih« Diamond Record. CntCAOO, Sept. 2iJ.—liuso ball circles in tho headquarter citfcs an 1 , all agog over an alleged baseball trust, «bichis to take in all tho Brotherhood players, and which will take the buBtncai out of the haxda of tho present manngors and pxit it ic now ones. Tho deal is to ba consummated after the oloso of the present season, ami it la said that every man in the Lenguo clubs, except half a dozen, among who mare Anson, Williamson and Burns, lins gone into the scheme. Tbo organization is to bo known as tho United Business association, and to bo composed of eight clnbs, as follows: Boston, N»w York, Brooklyn, Philn lelphia, Pitts burp;, Cleveland. Buffalo, anil Chicago. Of these^two—tho Brooklyn and Buffalo clubs— are not in the League. Wealth for the Expert*. The feature in tho achemo <hat suits the players is that they nro to bo gurrautoed their salaries and given a share of the profits. All expenses' ami i-ecolpls are to be pooled, and {10,1)00 of iho profits is to bo distributed DB pnz H among the clubs, tho first to get $5,00!). After this the recaipts are to be divided, tho first $80,000 ijjin£ to the Capitalists and the next $10,000T?the play era, and so on. It is wild that Mayor Grant, of New York, is one of the promoters, an i that Chicago board of tr<tda men are in the deal. Tho lAst Week's Worlt. It looks now as if tho Now York club will carry off tho pennant, tiiis year. The (JUnts have a load of 0 points over" the Boston people, and tho former are doing hotter playing than the la tier. As for Chicago, it has managed to hold fourth place, and looks as though it might continue to do so, as it lias a good lend o.ver Clevcl-md. Thoro is also a show for Anson to cuptui'u Iliii'd plnco,. but ha will hardly 4)0 bettor. Tbj rocor.ta at the end o! playing last week in 1 .' given l»Jow: National Longuo. New VorS THEY BORROW, BUT NEVER RETURN. Oh, tho Ills of this lifu arc many. • And the heart bruolclngs not u few. Pure sympathy comas not from any, It matters not inmrh what yon do. I can sometimes triuil my umbrella. Nor over Its MiiK<'rlnc» yiii-ii, ii,,< ii ;u ;.;;„•_./;..„.„; ^ „ ;,„,„„ .. They Duvet 1 , no, never return. Tho harvest may wait for tho reapers, ; The tailor may sleep o'er your clothes, Dntthevntth Is plagued with booi keepsr* —'-' And no one a cure for It knowa | The sunBhliii! ihnt KOI'J> from the mradowa, I Comes buck whrn tho frosts shall adjourn. And the leaver pluy n>;nhi with tlii'lr alimlowa, But my bonks will nuver r«turn I once had tho wisdom of a«**» wl Shut up In my gins* COHH for UKH. Now'tis gono, by Invlsllilu HtaRi's, . -^ From Murray to old• Mother Gooso •; My Euclid, I still can romombor. Like tho odor from KOIHO anuioni. urn Went out, to comu biu:k In Dfci'.mbi'.r. ' i Tlmt Deoentbitr will not return • Lend your friend, your dn^. yea, your sUwr, You will (hid tiacli sonm d:iy, no doubt: 'f But a book goos down the IOUK visui. .( And U;n to ouo nevor come-s out. Do I knovv whom I made tho loan to? l j No, but my brains I need not rhnni, '; \Vhat matters II \rhun> Uiey havn ciino toj I I know they w 1^1 Duvt>r return . , 1 • -Union ami Advertiser i nn Boston.. ..1111 i'b'.lodtliihla 117 Chfcnuo ]-J^ Olovolnnit 1 a I Indlnniipolb rj:l I'lcubuw .....l-Ji \Vuah lUk'tou 1 13 Won. 7« ,,75 ' UO 1)1 Ml Lost 40 41 57 01 65 Pr. o .63! All .51: ,50" .41) .439 A'J .1140 Western. Won. Lost. P.c otmth St. I'aul... Mln'tipolta Sionx City Milwaukee Denver Bt. Jrmupu. .403 . 3.50 L American. Won. kosl P.o IJrookiyn.. Ht. LouUi.. Atlnotlo... Baltltnore. .4TO Ctnolnnatl Coluruburf. aiis. Cltj Tliure'a No SuhMtltnto for Leather. Leather is n unique material. Thoro is no substance in any way antilogous to it. Flexibility and durability are opposite qualities that no other product possesses in such a marked degree. In the tanned skin the gelatine and tannin, tho animal and the vegetable kingdom, are com- biued in an itidisaoiublu union which will withstand tho continuous frictional wear which shoes, harness, belting, etc., are subjected to tetter than anything else, Ifc is tho ons commodity for which thoro ia absolutely no substitute. Cotton, woo!, iiiiL'ji and silk aro to some extent iiitercbttngs'al'ie; wood, iron ami Btotw ttro frequently used in iieuof each other, but, notwithstanding list* scientific r«- searah a uotbiwg tiw (.ui i.f thu ^tiat such ,i iiutu' iuh,ii>itAi,t lit tiiscovyry of the present ags, ii !uvtuite<l to sufxn'ssde tcwin*T With Mvptu.n of iirtadatuffa, nouo at i.>;4n of votuiutnw iuta League scores Baturday were as follows At Chicago—Chicago B, Cleveland 7; a Wnohingtou—Washington 4, Boston 4— twelve Innings, darkness; at Philadelphia— Philadelphia a, Now York 7—six innings darkness; at Indianapolis—Indianapolis C Pittsburg U. American association, Satur day: At Brooklyn—Columbus 4, Brookly 9; at Kansas City—Kansas City 5, Ix>uis Vllle7;at8t, LouiB—St. Louis 4, Cineiuna 5; at Baltimore^Balttmore 8, Athletic 11 Suudny: At St. Ixjuls—St. Louis 6, Cincin nati 18; (it Brooklyn—Brooklyn 4, Columbu 7; QtGloucater, N. J.—AtUlotio 9, Balti more 8—eight innings, darkness; at Knns.i City—Kansas City 10, Louisville 5. Wostern league, Saturday: At St. Pau —8t. Paul 8, Bt Joseph i!; at Minneapolis— Minneapolis 7, Sioux City 3; at Milwaukee— Milwaukee B, Denver 2; at Omaha—Omah b, Dea MoliiM 7. Suiidlay: At Omaha— Omaha IX, Dos Moinea 0; at Milwaukee— (lirst game) Milwaukee 7, .Denver 4; (-ajeoii game) Alilwaulcuo 7, Douv_>r 8—Bvi inniugs. . ' A BANKRUPT LABOR ORDER. Uepurt That tho 1C. ot L. If Out of — I J «v?Um-ly to Kvul^tl. I'i'fTHUUlio, i'ti., £Vpt. i^X~—Tho £>oadt publishes a. story on rvliabl t authority to th ftfc'rt thftt the antlrw oxocutivy tmard of KiiiniilD of Labor hava !H-«U susjw>ijti«l b tmwury to |»y ibirlr e«l»riw, nl*) that a tlm giMtt^rat Ivciuivr?* with tht= JH jiiitiiijoxcQ 1 f.«j nt M< A New li.'iit for CcidHHli. The Newfoundland bait act, which >rohibits tho export of bait from tha,4 aland, has had a most prejudicial effect upon th'o French bank fisheries, tho pvico of flflh bait iu St. Pierre having been 'creed up to an almost prohibitive price. it is now stated that three French ships, nstcad of going to St. Pierre for baft, itted themselves out with flat bottomed, round Baskets, with" a holo tit the top. These they sunk in ''seventy to eighty 'athoms, and they wore quickly filled with periwinkles of large size. The shells were smashed on deck and tho a-awls baited with live periwinkles. Cod- iish took to these most ravenously, and the vessels sailed for France with full cargoes the first week in July, instead o£ October, as usual, thus saving three months* time and hundreds of-dollars in the purchase of bait. If this report is true, tho discovery 'will bring about a revolution in tho system under which the bank 'fisheries are now carried en. i At present the bank ftshoruicn can only , fish when they are provided with fresh bait. This necessitates frequent visits to some bait procuring coast, Uio purchase ' of bait and of ice to keep it in good con-! dition, and therefore the cost, both in time mul money, of producing bait is very great. If the bait can bo caught on , one sido of the ship and tho cod on tho' other, there is nothing to prevent the! fishermen from remaining oji tho banks during tho whole lishing season, and the i cost of a trip will bo materially reduced. As Newfoundland has now almost a monopoly of the bait trade, and her bankers are privileged by law, this discovery will. have a serious effect upon the fishing iu-j 4ustry of tho island.—Montreal Witness. Cnistod wit!) Kliimo:iit», The Buddhists in Hurinah do not cop- elder.tho qucation of oxponsa in beautifying their temples. Lk're is the deacrip-j cion of the now vuno of a pagoda, al Rangoon:. "Tho vano is about tlnvo fuot by onuanil a half foi't broad, anil ihickty crusted with precious bttmes und lovulyj fans of the red Bur:nt>ue gold, One ruby! alone ia worth G,OOU rupw3. and thera are several hunclrotl rubiivs alone on Ultirt beautiful thing. On thu lip of the irynf rod on which works tlie vtuii< is a richly carved and jjerforiitcU gold ornaaumt; called tliR Seiiiboo. It is somewhat egg Khaped nnd a foot in height, tipped by aa euonuous diainomi encirclotl by smaller ones crusted on like All over tlim es*|uisite oval,- object similar clumps of diamonds, no Blxmtt being used for this pan,"—St.I Ijouis Qlobe-Dt-inoerni. . f "S»mg nt tli» Stilrt." At u rtH'uru Kill- in Ixiiuio fttt»nusc.i**j)t of four stanza,') of Hi of Uie Shirt" brought only > Sfi" lilltil'

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