Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on July 7, 1903 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 7, 1903
Page 2
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' 0nB8OBIPXIOir BATBB: » QMMoBtb • ^ TortS'tom Oenu FJTdDolUirifcnd Twenty BAD lpR|^yi#0A^ BUSINESS. ; extent^^f^a '^'Bln ^d' dollai ^i to any oil \ comptmy to Kansas. It is toterested to thv^iaSus 6a i^fi, bowever; ]ust as It is iiiitCTested Ini every Ipreat Industry: of this state. It believes that witbin the next ten y^rs Kansas will be proatp^g-more oil thiahany other ~ State .Bi -^Uiei: Union.. And because it believes we have a great oil field here It does' dot- Ti?ant "it8 development hindered by the wild talk of Irresponsible -Btock- Jobbers. Tfiese obpervatlons are called out by an-'artlcPff ^ &• recent Issue of the Boono Count J- (Iowa) Democrat, Jn which iho I 'oJlowiii? ?. io ^i -ams nre printed: | :'''Chaiuiip. Kan.'., Jimr- 27, ifio;^. .'"P. .T.Hurln.v,B (>i .'n>>, Ta.. j ^ "A well "wnfi e.h(>t nt ft,S2 f>j-oT show- Jng 4t.-feef o'l pay o!l f;in<ij| Ttx' o :i ruJsefli-lW tv<-{ in t^veniy iiiiii!;!?.-':^ f.Urr citizens of this country. But ^ if tl^e Czar declines to receive it on the ground t^at be |(eel8 amply able to conduct the affairs of, his own realm witi^out aid, >dviee PC cqnsent of jijiany other. wrtlo^, which j he' is very ' cer^hM doi wby^ the situation tlidrje- by Icistog cannot possibly bbrogarddQ as "deilcato" In the diplomatic sonso of the word. . It would metLik nothliig more than thAt this goveniln ^o^/ bad (jptpe when It not called and had Oierefore bad tbe^oor shut in its face. And thiere would be nb aJt^atiye 9coept to retire with aa mucfi grace md good temper as possible from a situation which would be a great deal more, awkward thaii^ delicate. Some deaf man can gratify a long j standing curiosity by calling at this office and telling the attraction that a railway track has for a man who i?. deaf. Three or four nearly fatal accidents; have happened in this county during the past few reason cif this peculiar practice, and the other day a man was killed near Osage City by a train which he did not hear, and which he miist have known brfore he stepped on the track he could not hear. . -' ybeing Bhot. :.TiK^ oil 1.4 of lii Five hundrfrt ^loor -lo wiitil lihot nt midnf(;fic. .In the floht. . 1.^ ih.'ijii;?! v;.il J. ii, .Mo-.-o.V C !hQnr .to, Knii:'., J\\n>:\ L'T, !:"'>". ".Tust khof a fmo \\->-\l mu\ na 'fvc.; aro f-razy. <k >i fiirry f.<-i •*•.'.}• .ili -.iii.! The woll I? fimnriK ih" \<r\ f.f.u ii: the flflil. JiituvH !•» pTuv .n O. K. ." ;• -R. T5r.-',y.-l>.1iiv:5i." Mr. Jupofo or Mr. Hr '^virl :anuh. liiu !• Is closo Icno '.iph lo iho rtll know (hnt their own leiegrnins brand them both-either as very eajsy dupes or as d6ilbfe*at^ liars.' It may happen once lit awhile that a well: is shot at _ midnlg^l but with wells bi ?Ing 'shot every daiy the declaration that five hundred people stayed up all night to see thQ; sight is too absurd f<r serious refutation; Hhe declaration that "the natives are crazy" Is equal y ridiculous! in a country, where oil wells have beoraae as' common as corhfields This paper has found out "T^' B'rith" means, and all It v .a? n dinner to" a Pre^y l>.;' iH-hii o .iil his wife. "Them '\tords i.- Hol 'W.' • nr.- -hpy mean "Sops of (;ov('nani.'• T;ir>;- are pronov what cost tlerlan need ":;ni 1 •r .'i." i,r a.s nearly that as can ho fx',:r-.'^>i; i;y Kntjlish spelling. All o? whiiMi ;>:.i! i-ne '>f the Ways i .>''1riii •.vli.aj jou don't know Is lo .".1!%. rti.-i- I".'- It ill liir- Kf^gi.,;ir. Xmv Y ;!.(.- i"'< n ^oiTa;-.: I '.ro lalkinr; jviiiiitKUfii? ilandolph Guggen li .'iTMcr i<'- !h-''>i- cinU'! ito fur mayor ! > i .o a li'i f\' :;-'a: ll'-an::; r>'i::i !n • i (i-- T ipoka Herald of P' riiirr IniTvi;^" deocrlption of Senator iii:^,!;; a-^ a I'lnn who fo'ild walk or •I .=»tone pavement with wooden shoe? and not make any- noise. crazy be- "the nattvea*' no longer go cause a-iieiii^ one is found. Such telef^ms as, these will not misiead anybody here on th) ground. The onfir effect they have lere is to convtoce" those who read t lem that the imeir who write them are trying to ifool somebody. But a\ ray from home th^ are'likely to do m ich harm. If the company which" Mr. li :oore and Mr. Birewsbangh represent has any siook for sale In Boone, Iowa, it Is en tlrely likely that such telejrams as tbesie might Infiuence somi>body to bi^y It w;ho otherwise would lot do so. And If' anyone should buy it and should come down here and find that this particular well. Instead of producing 600 barrels a day, as, the tele grams tfoidii Imply, dpes actially pro duce npUanig but salt wate •,—as we have Weririn/owiied Is the ca|? In thig lnBtan^,~t^y would . very naturally return and tell all the r friends that th^' i^ble Kansas oil: business ;waa one gigantic fake;., ,' It is b^u^e jhe' ^reat Industry' which td 'nb# In Its infancy may be greatlyJ^ijiU'ed by such reckless mis- Btatem'di'ti . aa iEese'^ telegrams contain that the Register enters this pro- teat I • THE RUSSIAN SITUATION. Por's; tjie.metro- politto ;5eWi0fiBiBra^ the jWashing- ton dtepatc'jtep .,!^v^.. been. JCuiloi^allu- slonsj g >„lie situatjion" that would aBsfiwiien this government pre- sentejl the Jewish petition to the Czar.j All of wJMfh ^eem-s to_ his.offlce to l)^.a wholly snperfluous jexpendlt: ' ure ojf energy and good gray matter. ^ Of jjWJUjse, the outrages perpetrated - upon I ttg. Jews of Klshlneff. were •hock ^|^;an<l arouse^ a fedipg bt ah- horre|nw B D over the civilized world. But -ejiuifiyj'.of course, it Is albsolutely . nonOool ike, business of the United etatet, aigrmore than the burning of a negro at th^.jjtake In Dpla^ware the other, day, when & white 'man under - e ca<^f Jip^e ^rpumstancps wbuld^ bav^ bjeh 5lTen ,ia fair trial, Ws :the bistorss of Russia, it Is all right, of oouriBe, although as a mere matter of totemtttonfil icomlty, Its propriety is doubtfnVfer the .FJresIdient of the United fit ^B';^|0: forward tp t!ie Czar throan^'iltti regyW dlplbmstlc chan: &els the petition presented certain • The Santa Fe has sent 440 cars of flood freight out to Florence, where everybody Is honest, to have It sorted over and either sent on to its destination or destroyed according to its nature and condition. Some man up at Atchison has discovered that the Bible is of purely human origin and has printed ^ book to tell about it. It rather seems to us that we have heard of such books before. • A messagfe was sent around the world the other day In exactly twelve minutes,—as long, for example, as it would take you to walk tjiound the public square In lola,—If you hurried. How would you like to have a bank account of |3li,82G,411? Th it was the tidy little sum that stood to Uncle Sam's credit on the first day of July. KANSAS NOTES count th<; increased According to her own population of Fort Scott l',000 last year. Columbus wants a canning factory and Is looking for parties whp hav "tin" to put ife In.j. : The merry-go-round at Ottawa the 4tb made |100 per hour. That's making money at a merry gait. ] The only disipation the , citizens of Hiawatha Indulge in is the merry-go- round. BiiHard halls, bowling alleys, etc., are not allowed. The saloons pay in $C,000 a month into the city treasury of Leavenworth, which probably accounts for so mu^h eensatlonal news being sent out from that town. Oscar Bond, a shooter for the Western Torpedo Co., was arrested at Neo dosha for driving through the .slreets x^ttii iiigliSy explosive materials, lie ^avo I'otiiJ ct course. .T!.e Emporia ^per?; head their reports of the day services at the Chautauqua, "Chiggerville News." The reports of the doings out there at night Vv^ill probably come under the head of "Skeeterville Items." Ah-an Veatch, of the Mankato Monitor, has sued his contemporary for 5,000 because his "contempoi'ary called him a booby and a slob. Veatch Is easy. A good newspaper man would never blink an eye atYi little thing like that. The young woman of Garden City who has offered to marry the young man who will catch her at: the fair probably Isn't worth marrytog or some young man would have caught her long :ago.- It's/ either .th^t or she wants to get-married mighty bad. i Spmelpople tiavjc ^|oi!,<fere<l the Sfiitcdsd Uneedk Blii^irft ai^d yet it is not wondcffali It is simply the result of doing? a thing better thian'aAy one before you— •ol doing it as we)! a3 it can be doiie. That is success.' No matter where you go ybu will find some one doin^ something a little better than it'was ever done before. And lo it is with Uneed^ BJicijI^ —they are better. ' ; The flour and other things are a little better; the baker exercises a BtHebettd' skill; the caretaker of the bakery a Me better care. All this ' makes l/nc^a Btls^lt better and better. And then there is' the better way of keeping them better until they reach the table. Old bakers said the best way of packing Soda Crackers was in a barrel Old grocers said the best way of selling Soda Grackefs ti^as 1^ a*^ -jf papef" bajg; anJyci there^ Aci ^Sia better y^Y^-the sicKaiesy^ ^ It would have been usel^ to put >^ so miK^ goodness in Uneedav" Bl^lilt: and thdi s^ them but to have their fkvodr destroyed by the air; thdr crtepness ^ by damp£iess; fhdr flavor by odor and dt^ «aiid germs like comnion crackers.' And so the' Inner-seal • Package was used to keep llneedd Biscuit better than^nf cracker had ever bedi kept before. Andj it does. It keeps thein so much belter that in any climate and weather; in any stwe, you can get Uheieda^ Bi«|CuK fresh; good and wholesome* The next time you think of buying biscuit in a paper bag ftist temember there is a better way an(J it only costs a nickel tf, : ... Real Estate Transfers!' John Dickey to Fred Kettle, $5,000. nw V4, 23 -23-18. Flora Lee to Lila Gillenwater, $450, one a«re In no cor 34-24-19. Stephen Swain to E. H. Ryan, $1,000 lots 11 and 12, block 4, Bush's add to lola. Lanyon Zinc Co. to O. W. Kastner. '$lfi5, lots 9 and 10, block 11, Melrose Place. B. A. Larson to J. P. Decker, $1,600, lot 22, block 1, Elsmore. Mary B Thompson to Louis W. Hig- glns. A .J. McFarland to F. M. Eastham, $1,300, lot 3, block 3, Curdy's add to Humboldt. lola Town Co. to' Edward F. Dall, $220, lot 3, block 22. Highland Place. Emma Reed to Leo Lines, $225, lot 14; block 4, Busley's add to Lallarpe. • Geo. W. Reid to W. W. Cameron, $425. lots 15 and 16, block 5, Busley's add to LaHarpe. Henry Busley to W. W. Cameron, $450. lots 8 and 9. block 4, Busley's add to LaHarpe. NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY A FITTING TRIBUTE. A Citizen of Ida Pays a Weil-Earned Tribute. - The following public statement of a respected citizen adds one more ein- phatic endorsement of merit to the scores that have appeared before. Mrs. F. A. Rowden, of 601 N. Jefferson street, says: "A dull aching in the small of my back annoyed me for two or three weeks. Wishing to check it in the incipient: stages when I noticed Doan's Kidney Pills guaranteed to cure pain in the back from kidney complaint,' I went to C. B. Spencer & Co.'s drug store for a bq.v. If the treatment had not brought undoubted' benefit I would be the last resident of lola to publicly endorse the medicine. For sale by all dealers, price 50 cents. Foster-Mflburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y., sole agents for the United States. 1 Remember the name—DOAN'S— and take no other. . BOSH & LEFFLER, Watchmakers and Opticians. Watches,. Clocks, Jewelry, Musical and Kodak Supplies: Spectacles 2!5c to $1.00. Watch repairing a specialty. West Side. lola, Kansas. PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS.! A. V. LODGE, Physician and Surgeon. Chronic diseases successfully treated. Office over "Our Way" restaurant. -, Phone 461. Res. 901 East St. Office Phone 147. 42 Then the Young Man "Cussed." Th^. Centervllle Record tells of aj^ young man who has for three yeaAMf been corresponding with a young woman in Minneapolis. He long since made up his mind that he would marry her, but never could rake up sufRcIent courage to propose. The iM.h^r <!ay he received from Minneapo- ^Ir. a pfotnre of,a fine baby. It was accompanied by a letter in which his "Intended" stated that the youngster was hers and that she had been piar rlcd two years. "My husband and: I have enjoyed your letters very much," she wrote, "but I guess you'd better ptop writing now, as I hava to spend iall my tlm«| caring for the baby." The Record, says the language the young man used |when he read the letter wbtild shock a field of oats. It does not state what he did with the. picture.—^Kansas City Journal. . Years of suffering relieved In night. Itching piles yield at'pnce to the curative properties of Doau's Ointment, Never falls. At any drug tore; 50 cehts. . Are You Going to Take a Summer Vacation r If so you i may be Interested In th)9 following ^special romid.trip rates anr nounced by t^e liUssourl Pacific; railway.- Sale dates and rates of fare only, jgive?. For. return limits and full infoi'^atip'n ca|U jon. local agent '' Colorado ahf Utah_ poiiits, Jmie X to S^t(U&ber SOth. one jfare plus 50c. Balthmiore, JM^^^P.p. E., July 17 lis, iifte tar^ jplM p Ifetoplt.' Iflich:, Be «brOi League. {4 and 15, (me fare Ipliu 12. Agency For the Other Makes Cleaned jEi .nd. Repaired III |ji III •.••Ml iiiinpiiipii!. Has Put in a Stock of.j. CAW»ETS I . rriccs Ike Ltwcil. D. W. Reid. " Jas-T. Reld. REID & REID,. i Physicians and' Surgeons. I • E3'e, Ear, Nose an^ Throat. Special attention given to surgery and all chronic diseases. Office, room 14, Northrup .Building. Phone 357. | DR. B. E. JONES, Head Physician M. W, A. . Female Diseases and Obstretrlcs Specialty.. Office over Barclay-Shields Clo. Co., Phone390, Residence 502 IS. Washington, phone 389. DR. A. N. MINEAR,. OSTEOPATH: Chronic and. Nervous diseases specialty. Ofilce over "Our Way" res- ifaurant. Ofilce phone 147. Hesidenjce phone 454. ; F. M. ANDERSON, Practical Archltisct. ; Plans,'Specifications and Estlmatfes on all classes of buildings. Special attention given to modem improvements and superintending^ Office, room 17^ second fioor Northrup Bulldlnjg. \ •,[,'• C. G. GLYNNg M. D. . , Eye, Ear, Uos9 and Throat. Office In New York Store Build Ipe- F R . M C MILLEN, Office Phone 32. Special attention given to the trcfait- mentof all CHRONIC DISEASES and biseases of.Children. i I Ofilce In Mrs. Turner's Bldg. W^eat MiMiison. Residence 219,So. Walniit. Residence Phone 232. 'ii * i» * m m «b m It » »• I m I I! and ON AT TOO SHORE. I % m: m.: * Hi m m m r m m * m m m m Attythldg in. the Eafjng Line Stekks,Cbbpijoiitlecs. Sawtiitelieit. cm\l etc. pigsrs,T^<Be«^=fMt('ffla(M,-Xio. Supplied tar the Trade , i>frect ,. • • .- . at t]|te factory or from ous delivery wagons. All delivery wagons have oui^name on t^enU, lolklce&CaldSteraseCo. ^ FRANK KIDOLB. Mgr. Pba|»ii«.^ Factory ea Wtft StrMt. I i ri. DAvifis * I UfidirtiS^

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