The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on April 19, 1892 · Page 3
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 3

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 19, 1892
Page 3
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HUTCHINSON DAILY HEWS, TUESDAY, APRIL 19, 1892. MM t ^ tr * fe i vp ^iancaTi halce and a woman caj^ew, fW mmn xitfifroubJe can cope,. ISuiibe cant wash her doBies to perfect she knovs, ^fiitaiikls Clairette Soap® N.K.FATRBANK &CO. — 5 —St Louis. HUTCHINSON, KANSAS. The only manufacturers of TABLE AND DAIRY SALT MORE MONEY, Additional Appropriation of $50,000 For Cheyenncs and Arapahoes. SECBETAltY NOBLE ASKS IT. West of New York. WESTERN, RIVERSIDE, DIAMOND, NEW YORK. DAIRY SAL.T. We our Dairy Salt equal to eithcrV the 'Ashton or Higgins imported Bait in every respect. Give it a trial and you i will ceretainly agree with us. R. S. V. P. TABLE SALT. Ask your grocer for it. It will suit you, A Letter of Indian CommlaHloner Morgan Accompaul,-* That of the Secretary of the Interior to the Secretary, of t.ho Treasury. W ASHINGTON, April Iff.—Secretory Noble, in a letter submitted by the secretary of the treasury, asks that an additional appropriation of 830,000 be made for the support of the Cheyenne and Arapahoe I udians in Oklahoma ter- rllory for the fiscal year ending' June 80.181)3. Ho says: "1 deem this a matter of the very utmost importance. It appears to me to have been a serious mistake to have made so low an estimate at first, and If this additional amount is not appropriated we shall have very serious trouble with these Indians when the want of rations is felt. Another year it maybe different, but this year all the rations formerly allowed will be needed." Commissioner Morgan, in a letter which accompanies the documents, calls attention to the inopportune occasion chosen for the reduction of the rations, as the allotments to these Indians are nearly completed, and the adjacent country will soon be opened to settlement to the whites, "which,owing to the fact that nearly all the Cheyennes are discontented with the sale of the surplus lands, and believe it was not authorized by a majority of their people, will serve as an opportunity for friction between the whites and Indians, and that everything possible should be done to keep the Indians good-natured and friendly." The amount estimated for the support of these Indians during the next fiscal' year was fixed at $1 )5,000, instead of $125,000 heretofore allowed them, for the reason that under their late agreement with the United States the sum of *1,000,000 was placed to their credit in the United States treasury, to draw interest of B per cent, per annum, the interest, 150,000, to be paid to them in cash per capita. ONKOUMHttD WITH THE OEOHRAPHy OF THIS OOUHTO W1U. 0BT«IK UUOH VAUMOtE INFORMATION FBOU A STUOV OF THIS HAP OF THE Ciucp.MIsMyacilGRy., Xbe Direct Route to mnd from CHICAGO, BOCK ISLAND, DAVENPOBT, I)E3 MOINES, COUNCIL BLD15FS, OMAHA, LINCOLN, WATERTOWN, SIOUX FALLS, MINNEAPOLIS, ST. PAUL, ST. JOSEPH, ATCHISON, LEAVENW0BTH, KANSAS CITY, TOPEIiA, DENVER, COLORADO SPRINGS, end PUEBLO. Free Reclining Chair Cats to »ud from CHICAGO, CALDWELL, HUTCHINSON «nd DODGE CITY, anil Palace sleeping Can between CHICAGO, WICHITA and HUTCHINSON. SOLID VESTIBULE EXPRESS TRAINS TARSOAP Healthful, Agreeable, Cleansing. Cures Chapped Hands, Wounds, Burns. Kto, Be move B and Prevents Dandruff, uuut.i, (iuu .nirrwjii bllll^AUU «DU X/CW V lilt, COLORADO Sl'BINGS and PUEBLO via St. Joseph, OT Kanaa* City and Tooele*. Bicurslons dally, with Choice of IUuiteJ to and from Salt Lake, Portland, Los Angeles and Ban Francisco. Tho Direct Line to and from Fifee'e Peak, Manltou, Garden of the Gods, tb« Sanitarium*, and Scenic Grandeurs of Colorado. Via The Albert Lea Route, . Fait feiTwees Trains daily bet*c*n Chicago and Minneapolis and SUl'aul, wllh THROUGH Reclining Cbair Cars FRER, to and frotu tbo» points and Kan- BUS City. Through Chair Car and Sleeper between Peoria, Spirit Lnke and Sioux Falls via Rock Island. Tbe Favorite Lino to Watertown, Sioux Kails, the gammer Resorts and Hunting and Fishing Grounds of the Northwest. „ For Tlcketo, Mups, Folders, or desired information apply to any Coupon Ticket Offlcs, or address G. ST. JOHN, JOHN SEBASTIAN, (tail Manager, • Gen'l Tkt. <fc Pass. Agt« CHZOAOO. ILL. YOURSELF 1 'MtiouW>"n «(!litiont )rrtiQ »V iK -rroatorrtw)** fyonr ilmj '.ji'.st *<"- a bottle of IBig «. It <«iti« in K few days 1 without the r.kl or jubllctly of a ldoctor. Uo ^.poJaonouB and IKutirtrntecA not to strleture. \The Universal American Cure. Manufactured by ^Tho Evans Chemical Co .l CINCINNATI, o. U.S.A. Remedies and Tieitneal for the Curt of IlrJABI 1 Call on or address the Keetey Institute of Indian Tirrltory, OKLAHOMA CIT*. O. 3?! WHITE RUSSIAN SOAP. Specially Adapted for Use in Hard WateH The Getebrafed tail Sure. 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J^Baumbatdl, DrufgUt, one door aortbaf JKltltV SIMPSON, Ho talks <if luildinir nmti up in a mnttcr-ot'-facf fashion, and docs nofe si-cm tii think he luvt done atiytliiufr out of. tlip ordiitury. Among tin 1 visitors was Rinmotl. Terry, a ymmg man whom Bisluip had rolihml last Kridny night. The prisoner looked at hiin mid said: ''Am yoit the mun I held up?" IV-rry replied in the nlHrmative, and the priKoner said: "Well, 1 am Rorry." 'I'm not sorry for yon," >vns Perry's reply. "Oh. it's all right," tvas Bishop's eare- less response, "you may be here Bome day." Then he added: "Yon remember my walking you, don't you?" referring in n forced march of a block or more he had taken with his victim when he saw another man approaching. The young man said that he hud Intended to hold up Police Officer Keppler, whose beat Is near his home, and had hs not been an'ested he would undoubtedly have made the attempt, liishop says he never felt any fear in doing his work. Re said that whenever he met a man the "feeling" came over him and he "pulled his gun aud went after him." One yeur ago Bishop uus an elevator boy In the furniture, store of North, Orrison & Co. He left there and tried a soda-water fountain in a drug store, leaving tlto latter place about six months ago. His father is a commercial traveler. ' This morning he was arraigned before Justice of the Peace Worthen on one charge. that of robbing Emmett I'erry. Hearing was set for Wednesday, but to-day tho witnesses were taken before the grand jury. The boy's lawyers answered "not guilty" for him and bail was fixed at $1,000, which was not given and he was committed to ju .il. •lust before he reached the jail his lather and mother went there and instructed Jailer Kennedy not to give him either dime novels or cigarettes. North, Wherever there's hardwork for women, there it's needed. Easy washing goes , with. it. East, South, West. That's where PearHnj goes. t \ Iln Fnvors Free Trude nml Government Control of ftitllronds and thoTclnjrrapli. GRAFTON, \V. Va., April 19.—A- large gathering of farmers listened to Jerry Simpson, of Kansas, in the opera house Saturday. He pitched into the republican doctrine of protection, and said that 'the more the farmers were protected the poorer they got. He was glad that the democrats of the liouse had placed wool on the free list, and hoped the time was not far distant when there would be absolute free trade, lie favored government control of railroads and telegraph, and said that from the fluttering reports received • from the west and south he felt sure that the agriculturists would hold the balance of power in the next house. A HEAVY BAIN IN ILLINOIS. ThoUHiindK ot'Acrertof Whent l,nn(la Flooded and HrldKcR Swept Away. W HITEHALL. 111., April 19.—The heaviest rain ever known here fell last night. The Hartivel) levee, which protected several thousand acres of farm land, mostly planted in wheat, broke and the whole country is now under water. All the county bridges were swept away and all bottom lands along the streams are submerged, which means that many thousands of acres of wheat have been destroyed. The Chicago, Burlington & Quiney reservoir, which was several acres in extent, also gave way and is nojv empty. The aggregate loss willbevery large. 11111 May Withdraw. RociiESTWt, N. Y., April 19.—A strong personal friend of Senator Hill, who is stopping here, says: "I am sure Senator Hill will not be nominated and I think he realizes it himself. He has been consulting with his friends as to the best course to pursue so as to put himself in line for 1898. "There was a conference in Albany not more than ten days ago, and it was seriously suggested that, after the first ballot in the Chicago convention, Gov. Flower bo placed in nomination by tho New York delegation and Senator Hill make the nominating speech." Llehtnlnrr liny Have Killed Ulm. K ANSAS CITY, M O., April 10.—Henry Aekerman, who lived at Thirty-filth street and Kuclid avenue, lell dead in the garden adjoining his residence during a thunder shower yesterday. The physician who was summoned expressed the belief that the deceased met his death by lightning. No marks wore found on the body, however. Mr. Aekerman was the owner ol considerable property in this city and Rosedale. American Tract Society's Work. W ASHINGTON, April 10.—The annual meeting of the American Tract society was held last night, Justice WiUiam Strong presiding. Secretary W. A. Rice, D. 11., of New York, mode the annual report. This.showcd that the society had issued 12,314 publications, with 0H-1,118,03. r > copies during its existence. During the year passed 1(17 missionaries had visited 117,70a families KANSAS CITY'S IlOV * DANDIT. One or Ills Victims Interviews llim -He 'Tnlka freely of Ula Misdeeds. K ANSAS CITY, M O., April 19.—John O'. Bishop, the 17 -year -old highwayman,, who lias created something ol a reign ol terror on the east side, and who, when arrested Saturday night, confessed to holding up ten men and shooting j another, is very communicative. Tho young bandit has had scores of visitors. Boy-like, he cried occasionally and was a little nervous, but hu talked freely ol his exploits. Some ol this boy's stories would be incredible were they not backed, up by indisputable evidence, jyet he does not toll thom in a ooastful w»; TUB TAJVBV COUNTY OASES. Two of tho Prisoners lllsehnrjrod nnd Two Hold I'uiler Honda. OZAKK, Jfo., April 19.—The habeas corpus case which has been pending in the probate court of Christian county for the past three days, in which the Taney county prisoners were petitioners,closed Saturday afternoon. Enos Isaacs and James Stewart were discharged. O. G. Taylor and Mat Bay were admitted to bail under a bond of $1,000 each to await the action ol the grand jury. Circuit court will convene at Forsyth April 25, when another effort will be mado to obtain a clew to the parties who lynched Bright and murdered Deputy Sheriff Williams. Kx-Scnrttor JCvarts Losing l!U Kyenlffht. NEW Y OIIK, April 19,—It isnowstatcd that the affection of the eyes which has troubled ex-Senator Kvarts for three years is incurable. Sir. Kvarts' eyesight is constantly failing and at the present time he does not read any paper or writing of any kind. He has withdrawn from business and society and sees few, if any, visitors. He has no pain, but simply an inability to see properly. There is still no immediate danger of losing his sight altogether. St. Juocplt Couuclliiieu In Hirilnfr. ST. JOSKPII, M O., April 19.—The now city council is a tie, eight democrats and eight republicans. When the council was sworn in to-d.iv, the democratic members bolted and are now in hiding, presumably in Kansas. The cause of this action was the absence of one democratic member. Easy washing and belter washing; Washing- th;ii do '.;:ii.. v . wear out the clothes, or hurt the; hands or fabric, or tin.: the washer. Washing that saves money but costs no more than the wash*When it does all this and more, is it any wonder that Pcarliuc goes ? A nd it. c/ors go. 11 goes to the help of millions of women every day. But there are some who won't be helped. And they're: the ones who need it most! l'eddlcrsand some grocers will tell you. " this is as good a-." or "the same as Pearlinc." IT'S l-'ALSE— but what a pull for Pcarline. £. i 3 B JAMES PYI.E. New Yorlr. ing that wastes it Blowing HUTCHINSON STOCK YARDS CO., Are Doing a General Yard Business. Amplo accommodation for cattle, hogs and sheep. This company's yaids have direct connection with all railroads running into Hutchinson — five roads. AS A STOCKER AND FEEDER MARKET these yards offer superior inducements. Best distributing point in the west. All parties wanting stockers and feeders should try this market. Information furnished upon Application. BENJ. W. LAPP, General Manager. 11 Iff COMPANY. rap Do all kinds of Transferring and Hauling. Especially preps Iron Safes and all kinds of machinery, being tho only one'fn thi tho necessary articles for the moving of heavy goods repared to move e city having TKLKtl KAl'II IC HUK VITIKS. Two masked men he'd up a Kansas City, Mo., cable ear conductor last night anil robbed him of S10. Hon. Alexauder Mackenzie, prime minister of Canada, from 1873 to 1870, died on Sunday. Receipts of wool at Boston the past week, 5,178 bales domestic and 5,071 foreign. Sales, 1,480,400 pounds domestic and 1,000,200 foreign. Col. Truman A. Morrimau, one of the best known newspaper men of New York, died Sunday. He. was a member of the Forty-ninth congress. It took just three pints of red ink to cancel the $2,000,000 of Kansas City water works bonds issued a year ago, which wen: found unsalable. In the criminal court at Kansas City, Mo., the last.indictment pending in the criminal court against ex-City Treasurer William Peake was dismissed by order of Judge White. Chief Engineer N. B, Clark, U. S. N, retired, died at his residence in Washington yesterday morning. He was the inventor of the deflective armor now used on war ships of all nations. Susan B. Anthony, in an interview at her home in Rochester, N. in regard to tho passage of a woman's suffrage bill by the New York assembly, declared that she did not believe the senate would pass the measure. On account of the small Salaries received at I'ort Dodge, la., the school teachers have nearly all ceased to instruct and many have left town attracted by higher salaries, while nearly ull those who remain refuse to teach until their salaries are raised. A terrific pitched battle occurred Sunday two miles east of Anoka, Minn. Two hundred sports from St. Paul, Minneapolis and Stillwater gathered at a tavern and started a fight between bull dogs when tho sheriff and forty deputies surrounded the building and began shooting, which stampeded the crowd, some of the sports returning tho lire. The sheriff's men i"ere finally victorious and all the sports were arrested. f e Pay Freight on Local or Car Lots and transfer it from any depot to any part of the city at reasonable rates. Years of experience in boxing and moving enables us to move Pianos and Household Goods without the least Injury. If you want to move your oftlco or household goods we can do it better for you than anyone olsd and save yo» money. No Delay un the CIIIIICKO Jllll, W ASUISOTO.N, April 10.— Mr. Sherman, chairman of the foreign relations committee, gave notice in the senate that he would Tuesday ask the atten' tion of the senate to the Chinese restriction bill. It was necessary, he said, that it should be passed within ten days, as the present legislation on the subject would, under u certain construction of it, expire some time in May. John Reynolds, aged IS, was drowned in the Kansas river, at Waiuego, Kan., on Sunday. uirs. Harrison was reported to be better yesterday morning. Storage Department- : We have the largest brick store room in the eity for storing goods. Parties leaving the city can hu#rc their goods packed by us, stored away and shipped whenever desired. This I B one of our specialties. We guarantee our work to be first-class in every respect and use tee utmost care. A reasonable price i» all we ask and a trial will convince you that we are the best. STOVE DEPARTMENT. i $SWe will take down your stoves, move them and take all the nickel parts off, oil them, wrap them in paper, oil your pipe, wrap it In paper and store them for the Beason for the small sum of 82.50, the season ending December 1, 1893. This way of taking care of stoves makes them absolutely rustproof, and. makes a small job for the man who cleans It. We do not polish stoves, far that is out of our line of business. Hope you will give us a liberal patronage. Hutchinson Transfer and Storage Co., E. R. LOCK, M anager, Office and Barn, Second Ave, East. Telephone No. 19. John Donnelly. Wholesale Liquor Dealer Handles WINE BEER A WHISKEY Kansas and ITarnilv TRADE ^ j a Specialty ^ • Write for catalogue. 429 Delaware Street, Kansas City, Mo, JE^*5 , l ' A:N, ''L o, ![ o,, l'? l,110wt,,0a "-*''DTRrJTIIS ,the n «ln TaoU. the A TasATIHK *Oli MEN ONLY." ToKoTMroeetiaAR w« will mall one

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