Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 16, 1912 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 16, 1912
Page 4
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, WEDNESDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 16, 1912. The lola Daily llcgistcr | ^' v.'^^j^nim «AMK. . TNa^ela Dally Racord ami tha lola Dally i- ^ ' Index. mi BEGISTEK rUBLISHIMl CO. CIIAS. F. SCOTT. Pres. uiid EJItor F. W. .BHEW8TEK Monaser ' "Batered at the lola Po!it>rflce na Second' " Ctass sutler. .Advartlaing Rates Made Known on Appti- • , . • cation. : Official Paper Cliy of lola. Offleial Paper City «r Batcett. Official Paper St Allen County. SUBSCRIPTION RATES, i By Ciirrler In lola, Gac City. Lanyon- Villa, Cbncreto, LaHarpe and Bawett: On« Week .l'> en's On* Month ** ce"}' On« Year -W-"" yna lear ^^^^^ One Tear. Inside ouuly 12.00 One Year, ^outside county •3-00 TELEPHONES: Bustneaa Office Society Reporter Job and Bindery Uept "1 ALLEN COrMY nEI,i:<; ATK.S. A I>o»>n Sliouili -Ulriiil U H- Ai.Tipiil lural riiinfrt 'ss. A letter froin Mr. .1. 1{. Kooiiiz, chaii^an of the tiiiaiici' cuiiiniilteL' uf the Kansas Agricultural anil Industrial Congrtss. sent to .Mr. Scott, who is' one of the vlo'-iircsidiiils. is h«?r»»- wlUi published in order that the proper action may be taken by iuliTesliil parties, jis Mr. Stoti's absi-nee niak<-£ it impossible for him to act. C The letter says: I am sure that yon rejiard H :is highly Important that Allen oo^lIl ^y bt represented at the .\Rriculsuial and ludtistrial Congress at Hunhinsoii Novembei- 19 and 20. Alien county entitled to about n doZ'Mi delegates as rollows: One delegate to be s«!eetc d by lli< county board. One-deleg.Tle from each townshiii t; . be selected by the tov, iislii)i board. One delegate from each of the fann ers' institutes. One delegate fruni the lola coin ,n>ercial clni>. One delegate from iacli bank in th» county. .As you -were a member of the original conimitti.'e which arranged for the Congress, I am going to ask you to see to it that thii^e delegates are appointed at mice. Tin" secretaries of the farmers' instituies in Allen county are, A. M. Uunlaii, I'arlyle; I). W. Hamro, Humboldt; A. A. Knsniinger. Moran. C. J. .lohnsoiv, Savonburg. Please send the list of delegates se- •lected to W. Y. Morgan, secretary, Hiitchinson, and a co|)y to me. <J .4S .\M) OIL 1> AKC'HCS. lli »!it >.l 'uinin^ I 'liunMl far the Alnm- nl Thai Vky. • Alumni!of the TJnIvcralty of Kansas In Allen county have recelvt>d an iii-< vitatictt to attend the first "Homecoming" celebration In Lawrence on November 23, the day of the Kansas- MiKsruri game. Ten tbousand graduates and fortiier students of K. U .«re expected back to join in the festivities to bo held on Hit. campus' In their honor. Scores of the "old boys" who were grodu;rtvd fliteen or twenty years ago .inf". who have never been back even to attend commencements arc writing in for accommodations. They all want to see how the K. V. team will handle the first football Invasion of the Missouri Tiger. \ "Homecomings" are an eE <ublisheii feature in some of the older univorsi- lies and will hereafter be anntiat affairs at Kansas. Frnternlty hbu ^es will be thrown oiien^to their nluiuni: county clubs will look after thi^ entertainment of the visitors from their locality. The*student council >Slll Bee that hospitality Is s|i <-lled with a big H on that d«.v. SIIKLHYVn .LK, ILLIXOIS. MAN. Found Kelief Fr«>ui Ei-xema After I SiilYerlnir » Twirs. I For twenty years 1 suffered from fe .7i-:aa. My skin >vonhl break tnit and itch and burn terribly. I heard of Saxo Salve and decided to tryj it. Af|ter two or three applications i fouinl [great relief .-ind before I had used one 'tube 1 was completely well. If il will ben<!lit others vvlio suffer froth eczema yoti may imbli^It my letter, as I i <e- lleve Saxo Salvo will do just wliat . MIII claim it will. -A. I'ritchet, Shelbyville. Illinois. Il is astcnishing wen to us to sei- how Saxo Salve, otir new remedy for .•!ktn affections, allays the itching, iofleiis, soothe.^ and heals the skin in all sorts of eru|itive disorders .tucli a.' or.enia, barber's ileli, ringworm, letter. i-tC. It ia guaranle<-d to lielp you—w<- heerfully f;ive back your money if it ••ioes not. -lUirrell's drug store. imors rKA.n WON MATCH. Fuel nelnjt nc ^eloped AVhere It AViU he .t|i|>m'in(cd. •fiklmonloii, Alta.. Oct. 10—.Tai;ies , Brodk*. city ga.s engineer, reports tiia! mlliluus of feit of natural utis is going to waste at I'ellcaii I'oriage, 17ii miles northwest .>f Kdmonton, wie n lie has jus( coni'ilded an investiga|i.i;i : tor the municipality. One of ilie well* sunk to" a depth of r>'J.'^ feet by tht !i dominion government iin is;t7. is i)onr 1 Ing out 4,000,01H> a day. Twelve/drill; crs are at wtfrk In the field uiuljr th^ direction of a gas exi)'.^rt. Th<ty an ^ 'sinking welJ.s fur oil. The soverpnit n' , well on which work was started .Inly G-. '1S97, began to How the following October. There WJH ; noineans, available at that time to utilize i!ie product The government approi)riated $7,000 three years airo, when an :;tiempi was .. ninde to cap the well. The plain was - to line the well with concrotei lie' fore the work was compl<ted .""hoAvever the pressure ripped out the lining and the well wjas abandoned. Mr Brodie est;iraates the pressure at more than . 'eonnoKads to the square Inch. Uefetited Hiisligeiis' Team hy a .Margin of Only «l I'InN. On the iula ISowling .MIeys last evening the two lola teams headed liy Will iloot and Dick Hnshgens played a match wliieh was hotly confeKfiil Tiowlns of the Miisligen.s team niaib- the higliest Individual score, .'ilii Dick itush'gens liiiiiself lolling an unusual ly low game. Will Itoot led his owi team, scoring ."> IK ;. The final score was- cbise '2'i>i:\ to TS-i^. Here Is the score; KOtlT TKA.H. Whitaker 147 ici 10!»—4TT Ritchie . ,ir.7 U.1 i:!,s— .lohnson .lyi Ml r .JM— I.V. Uraden I.-.l V.iT, l:.'ii—41.-. Uoot i^:: i:fj—r.oi S41 777 us.% i':;o;: lirSllOKNS TKAM. .\spinall J:M I 4.-. I :!4— MI uowhis ... i:;ii IM; I'lii— ."lit; I'elt - l.'il 170 177 _.-,I)I I'o.-Jlon . l." 141 141 — 13! iiushgens - i:;it 1:10 r.':'. -;.7:. 72 -s:, •^•s.ti llecause he had been KO long a cltl- teti of Ijiwreme and so prominent at •he bar, as mayor and a.s reiire.-enta ti\e of Douglas County In the legislature and as postmaster. .Mayor Mis:)op uf Lawrence reiiiiesteil tliat all tin bii.>:iness iimises of 1-iwrence clo.-e f.>: two l;<»iir.>- yesterday at the time o; the funeral of the late (Jeorge ,1 Marker. * VKMOUU.ITIC fOLUMX •> T. O. t'aiiatsey returned from a business trip to Cherryvale this morn ing. Mrs. J. Hale who has been here visiting friends returned to lier home in CoUinsville yesterday. Soda crackers are extremely sensitive to moistur^. Before the advent, of Uneeda Biscuit the only persons who ever tasted fresh, crisp soda crackers were the people in the bakeries. Now that we have Uneeda Biscuit—we have perfectly baked soda crackers—perfectlykept. No moisture can reac^h them—no contaminating influences can affect their flavor—their goodness is imprisoned only to be liberated by you for you when you open the package. Five cents. NATIONAL BISCUIT w COMPANY ROYAL—the most celebrated of all the baking powders in the worid—celebrated for its great leavening strength and purity. It makes your cakes, biscuit, bread, etc, healthful, it insures you against alum and all forms of adulteration that go with the low priced brands. Absalutel3 ^Pure FAK.HS (JAIN A UILI.UJN A YllAK. Viihie of r. S. l-'arin Lund llu'^ lii-'d Aiunzingl}. Wasbinjilon, Oi 't Ifi.- tni |iiii -y at !he government^ di-partm^nis ri -vcal Mv fact lhat.tlie value of .American fa '-ii. land is now over forty -one liilllon dollars, an increase of twenty -ou" billion iloUars in twenty years. There are over six million farms. coviTiiii: close to nine hundn-d million .-icn s A large niajoriiy of ihesi- r:irn;s iiv worVed by iheir owners, llir sm.iil farmer, wlio nuiiibi >r in round litiiri's over live niillioiis voters. Th '-sc f.ii-n ers form the largest single i'l;:ss ]< f voters in llic rniicd States. Tie y form the batkboiic of ih«' Ameriian IK'Opie. .-^tattstics :=l:i>v. that each 01 these farms is cijiiipp-d with liuibiiMir.- •narhin<>ry. en., to ilic averafje valm of J2 ,0i'0. So thai il;e .tveraye farmer is twit only a small eapitaliyt lull is uls<» a laborer, working on the pro |:criv which hi' owns. ^ssnmini; th .ii ••:!! Ii firnnT.; 'aicilv average,; >.|.\. \\:-rf m a farmiim cdn'- niiinity inihis (oniiirv of over liiiiiv inilliDiis, or oiic-ihinl of the •iiv.' populaliiin. I aslhni:i. .Mis.-i ,Miiiiii<- K" rr i.< visilini; at To' roiilo, lie- I'li'Sl of Mr. I'ask<''.i fain- j iiy. ! Il.izel W.ilk'-r <:iw lioiiie (mm I 'n- loiilown Saturday and ••iit«-rtaiiied on . Sair.r.(I;iy i -v-iiing. Harry Iliiciicn ca|il :ired some mor> I first pii /.i -s ai th- .Miii ;iii fair. Ilc .ha.< solly^ liio' frtil; ati<i liis ho ;:s are hard ; to III al. • • ', Cliiis SlierriM froai Oklahoma i^ visiting his panius. i.i'a Slru!ik vva.-! the n^n-st of Hessii j Williams. I' M »si>- is suffering vvilii a 'cold. i John Slitltevill.' is living in Ceorgi- ; Anderson 's house m-ar M>>r.-ii. Ml:-.. Frank I're.sioii. ol I'iitslmrg : ivas . is visilini; her sisi.-r. Mrs. F. 1! ' Ki'ilr. and .1. W. Ouiliil. She har I M-T ill Uan .'Jas i'llv visirni; iicr son. ; .Mr. iCi-rr has piirrhis<nl a farm neai ' \V.<l I'laiii; .Mil., .tiiil will niove Ii , 'aniK .r:. Tii-y hav.- iTiaiiv warn" • irii 'iids her'" vvlio liad- to see tin ni go ciUK loit rrni .'s TKKTH. WKST OK TJIK HiVKK. • tSarah I 'ri -stont. Oct. 1.-.. -i:. R. ri-<k haulid hi .v r;;;). to the Hillbe sorghum mill iiori'n-a.v of town Tuesday. Mr. and .Mrs. Isaac iiealy w.'re visiting htr son's this side of the ri\er Sunday. Wm. Hicks is hauling .his s!i;ire of the hay from his farm in Won.isor county. Our people were too liiisy to go ti' Mr. Southard's sale Tuisday. A good many of out: peo^ile nr.- ;:Mf- fering with colds during this changeable weather. The frcst does not seem to li;'vc killed much vegetation out on ili^ high iirairie land. .Mr. aifd Mrs. K. H. Burtcli wen? over to I-allarpe Tuesday. . ,C. It. I'edc lias S 'icce«'ded in getting gas to flow from his gas well again and we hope he will have jdenly ic last I'iiin all v.-intvr. Mr. Turners father and mother vis. ited him recently. Wni. .Jensen m;me his fatlier a'.slmrl visit tile first of the w >ek. There will l;e an oys'ir si!|'i-er at Wm. holiir.^ Friday nisilit iVi. IS, given by inemi .i -rs of the rniiid Brith ten churcii. Th- proceeds will b" used to liiiish )):iyitig for the ii-'W song books. Guy and Kdna Beaty started on their overland trip to Missouri Monday. Mrs. .Tones exiiects her son .Tesse here the last of this wo^k for a short visit. Harry Meaty wa.s hel),)ng Henry Be;- ty hatch the lirst of the week. Uertl-a Crook vi:it. d home folks .MiMiday. • j J. M. I'reston returned from Ms trip to Missouri Sunday evenjni;.' He says it is dr.vVr there than lier«- «nd cro|»s ar.» not so good as here. \<ir.ta> ha >i \dii|iteii tier .HeUnMl »ni K I Mil!.- il. / • 'h'iid! ell ia Ihe i-utilic seliools ct ;-"!-iv.-.ii -.;er. Vorw.'iy, are •re'ited wiliv •.'f -li'I of Aiiieric:in deni.-ii .-.(ipjiral:!.- !.v :, d-ntist who re <eivei' nis post- -railiiafi lUntal educ;:tioii in .Ir i'nitid '^ia'.es. This ye-r- two room' •.vcre littid nil as dentai clinics. Twic- •luring the school yi«sir the chiidrer are to have tiieir. teeth examined. I" ny defi'cts are found the dentist wil' hand io.the child a card to take hoTii o their parenl.s asking their consent •0 treatment, llie work to b.> done fot (he child free of charge. The' SOl children in the ;ir.;i ^rade whose teeth jre under oliservation this year wil' • ontiii'ie 10 he tn'ated when they pas. into s'lceecding grade.^. so that event ;ally tlie plan will sprrail automatica iy to the entire school system. Th< 'denial rooms .-ne open every day 9 li 11 a. m. foi^oys. and to h for girl.^' M 01: A\ H. S "KlfK ritlllAY. Haraii Sim' MidKei> (iKillinU Teams ji IM JIV uf Kher-Me. Th" Moran Viiuh se '!;!i: footbal learn wi;i he le :• • Fridi'v afternooi and I'la.v a g- r with the Midg'-'s Uist ve:'r th .Vioian p!- rs defeatet' tlie loOals ' .• a score if -i". to 0. Tv< of the best men Xlorati 'aildast yea: are not willi the team tl ; s.-.ison, an; the MidLi ts have be-n .'.lade stronger by much iiraclice and new players The Moran team recently defeated fhi l.oiie KlPi ttaiii by a s.-.-re of 30 to 1: .~iid 'hat ie;iiii ii -eoii. idered one o' the soort on«^ in this vicinity. Th gaii.c Frijiir.y afternoon will be stag.^i at the f.iir grounds at 3:20. (.'OLDEN VALLKV. Oct. ir.—Harrv lUvken iiicked ap- ides Tuesda.v. He has taken the blue riblion this year on his fruit as well as on his bogs. Only the fanner knows how much .damage tjie frost did to crops and while in some places there ts plenty of rain the farmers in Allen.county , ar.' hauling wat< r. Mrs. F. U. Kerr returned to her ' home In lola Tuesday after a_ ^ sit of ! ; ten days at the 'Hall. Mrs. Bonert and Miss Arrie .Kerr called on Miss XeJa Monbeck Sunday ': afternoon. .Mr. Oscar Hrown returned Sunday -from Kansas. City where he attended ; ihe carnival and visited his brother, j Edear. i The Moran cemetery is being improved nicelx. Cement walks and crushed rock add greatly' to the already well kept yard. Monbeck U Buffering tritta ! This is till nnnatiirol condition - a litt'.i- rest each day a;id 5co//'« Emulsion after evv-ry imal Kives.natdre the in.ittrial to rivitorc strength. Scott's Emulsion is a strcii;4th-l>uildjnj{. curative f(irirl aiirl tonic fo o0»Teom» tocaknesa anii fatigue —cniit:iill.< till alcolv'l or drag. Il d.Ksn't stnpefv the tifiv«-;<. il iVi-ds thfni. Erp^rScnt and nortmg mothtn ahiMy -red Scoit'm EtnuUutm. <s.^>li » U-irn.-. ^^••<n^f III. N' I, I2i>. ! Material furnished for this column conies from tKe County Committee and The Daily Register Is in nowise re-j sponsible for any statement appearing 1 under this heading. A 'similar column! will be devoted to the Republicans. The _Regi8ter .is responsible only for' Its own editorial expressions. »E.lfOCKATI(' .TICKET. \ XatiennI TIrket { For President—Gov. Wcodrow Wll- .'••i.n. .New Jersey. For Vice President— Gov. Thomas R. Marshall, ludlana. Presidential Electors—Francis M Patterson, Yates Center; Anders Sorensen. .McPherson; K. H. I'hl. Smith tenter: Alfred Q. AVooster. Kric; S. C, liybee. tiarnoft; .fa:ties W. Clark lireat Uend; HIrain R. Fulton. Hanover; Chas. E. Ciants. Melvern; Isaac il. Magill. Corning; Thomas .1. (V.Seil ti.sage City. .Stale Ticket. For V. S Senator— Wiu .H. Thoiiip- .«iin. Carden City. .Iiisllce Ssipreiiie Court — Humbert Kiddle. Kiii|ioria; A. H. He»'ves, Hodg" t'ity Oijvernor—Oeo. 11. Hoi /geK, Olalhe. Lieut. Oovcrtior—Frank I.. Ilritt.ta I Osage Cit.v. ^ S«>cretary <;f Slate —llmt K. IJrowii. Lawrence. Stall' Auditor - I'erfy t'lcmeiis. ..f Hamilton. Stale Tresi.Kurer- I' K l.:uigiiliii. .\tl y Oenera'l—('. P.. Little olallie Siipt. of Public Instnn-iion—David .M '. Ilowen. P£|Isl.iirg. Siipt. of Uisuranc*!—Carl J. Peterson, lola. Slate I'rinier—William P. Feder.' of Cleat Hend. Coiigveb-sman, 2nd Hist.—.los. Taggart. City. Kans .liiilge • :tTt!( .linJicial 1 list — I "harl.-:- II A\ii. lol.'i. K:<li> Stale Senator, -vJlli Hist. — Paul Klein lola. Kaiis. IJ»piesoniatl-.e. roih UI M I .—.J. W liuiii, Hiiiiibiildt. !\as. Couiily 'i'ickel. Coiiiily Clerk -Chas. Freeberg, i;is more. County Treasurer—.lohn T. Tyler. Oas City. Register of IJ b—.lerrv I,. Hed- vvell. lola . Ciniiitv .•'vtioriif-y—Frank It. Furresl. lola. Probate .Judge- .». .S. Walker, li.;.-; Sherirr—.1. II. Foster. <ias. Coroner—F. I.. H. iLi-avell. lola. County Siijit.-Vide Felheri'igill. "arlyle. Co. Surveyor-S. H llartleit lola. Clerk of the District t'ourt—Udiis- 't. Hess. HnmlHddt Cou:;t.v .•Vs.setsur—Fn-.l .Scliiiiidl. of HiiiMbiildL Coltiiiiissloiier I'hil District-.1. II fJrown. .Moran. ColiiiiiiHsioaer ::rd Tiislrict —.M. ''• itiibinson. lola. (;|{VM» coMfWY ( H AN(;K. I'nsenl I'uiMilNr ('iimiiHi )y FiniMlii-s Here Thl« Week. Saturda.v marks the closing of tUv engagement of the present company .it the Grand. The week's business u'- to the present tim»' has be.'ii Mios' .salisfactor.v, the houses LTowlrf larger with each. performance of eomimny. Two more new b'lls will be presented here this wwk.. Toniiri)' ind tomorrow night will see their pro liictlon of "How W.-men Sin." a tlire.- 'lOt society drama of life in Washiiig- 'on. D. f: The company's farevvril 'dll for Frfdav and Saturdny will bi ••The Thief's Daughter." This biii is a melo-dramatic comedy ftrama. reiil«n with good clean comedy and convinc- fng'sftnations. .Vexl Week the I'nltei' Amusement tomii.-ny will present their comp.''.nv "C" openln.g on Monday nii;\t for a two wwk's engaqe- Tient. Their cast of cbaracter.^ lia." heen spoken of very highly by ihe .fop'.in press where they are now playing. MALL IIKiu: TO IIKLP Y; C. A- Slalc Seprefarv of 1ii!rh SchoM parfmont In lola. Mr. I.. K. Hall, the St.ite Secretary, for the High School Derartmenr n( ih" st ;!te work of thixO'eung Men'i Christian AsKociat.'on. will arriv" in lola this evenln.c 3rd will stay over Fr!day. Mr Htill will ajitiear befor- he' Fi -honl tenorrcw morTii-e nnd Witt meet with the higli sclioo' ".ible cTnss at thr Y. M. C. A. at noon .Mr. Hall is in Tola for the iiiirposc i>r •i -sislins the V. M. C. A. in ori »nn:z ine fhe strongest program of efliclencv ''or tl :Tt department. His hii.<!in".<!s al' the lime la to visit the towns of ffi- •ttale with'.or without Association: nnd organize associations on the order of the Associations. AYOMAN .\L.HO.ST KF.IfE.VDED. Mrs. llelieren Sami 'Pis wiillntr In Ant*- VautM hy AVIre. Wichita. K^ss.. Dri: IsV-Wbi- driv ing in an auto thronph Riverside "a'' here thl."! evening, Mrs. Rehefcn Sam- •lels. wife of Professor Siitnuels. was nlipost beheaded by a wire stretchei' across n roadway. The inach'ne fr which Professor Samuels, wife am- daughter and three friiii<r>! w«re rid tne. was "^oiDe at a fast clip when a wire caught Mrs. Samuels under thr chin. Her throat v:as cut and i' r... ouireil eleven stitches to hring th<wound together. Mrs. Hiiy.c. wif- "f a nrotninen' business, man. an* Mrs. H. Joseph, widow of a nlon'^e'. Tpin dealer, were slisrhfly injured The wire struck Mrs. Hayes on th- face and Mrs. Joseph on the shoulder Mrs. Samuels almost bit her ton=u< off. SaiinJ Values—Good Service—Courteous Trcaiaiciit "^HllSi^ are tin,- inV*:int :rji-s yoii »r:iin h/ t:;-v.ii!'4 wiili tin 1 ilC i." il dv :ilf-r. 11 J jiii .vrc (.:! v:;.;. ; iii inrni n::-.- ch'ncx U \U mp..J-:i";r.:;t ':::;tt -.1 iiv. ui"! -^;:iiul-. I t'e in ti- ~-. o lli;:t tlicy iii;il;i' iM.dil. When he 'i- \<i :i .Tti I lie Manure Sprea^ler Kei :.p T-Oi.A Ccr.lury, Cum Ki."-:, cr Cloverlerif hi- Sit-; up liu; inuciiino, li. i-. it, and tiKikt-s sure tliat everything is n 'eht 1J. fori; J.c dein t-rs it. lie S1K>VV,S \nu Jiow ti> t; .li ilio inp.rhine, ti< rM .ike it l;ist li>njrc5t. In rr^ e of arcidcnt he c;:n furnish repritr part |.r'ji;iptly —rej?h .ir3 that lit. ^Jlt; jrives you service vvurth far more liiati it ro.-^tk yon. 1 Jf C inanure sprpader^ are matie in both rrtnrn and endle5.s apnui sty].--., but al! aprons run alike on lar^e rulKr.. >.iii-{iii tion n-l!t;r bearinj'r? are use<I wJic -i.-ver j-i. I C IIL.T I . rn.'ikiiisi ; the machine easyon tlu; licrt-. The f< <-d if. varialile and positivi'. 'Jhe miivliine!; jjiilv «-rize the manure and distribnte it evenly in_alii;lit or heavy coat,'as may be net lied. iJecaiise tiiey <iistiibiite inanure properly, I II CI spreaders use less titan' half as nnich mnniire a-s fork spreadintr to eover tlie same at.iount of •irotind. '1 hey make one ton of manure t;o a^ far as (WO, and do better fertilizinj^ with far Itrss labor than the olil-lashioned method. The I H C local dealer has the style and size be^t suited to your needs. See him for catalo;;uc.> and full information, oi: v.riie laternational Harvester Company o$ America Parsons tlucoruoratcdt Kans. \ I H C Service Burcu The piirpoii- c( ihi-; llur.-aii is to furnish, free rf cn.irirt- i>' . liie 1.- -t itit 'Tiii .iiioii i>>!t; oil l.fllt-r I .triiiM it >ir.i K.ivi- any woriliy <ju»-s- lioiis cimcerriuu' <i )iU. crojis. Mnd dr.iiii.^iftf; irri- FJiuiii. |.-rnii/»*rs. etc . la.ii*!- vuiir ii:i]uiri'--i >iiCcitic jiiil •..-lul ilu-iii. lo 1 II <; Service iSuicaii. Harvoter Uuiliiiii^. CliiCaCit. U S .-\ Above AH Venn's Bread ' That's All K.XLPH OUTER. r?a'r.h nijver wa^ bom at I O'-T . KaS. .Tnly 1 1910 and died pt Bartlesville Oct. 13. 1912. The remains were lab' tn rest In HisMand cemeterv Oct. H 7912. at Tola. There VSLM an anpel band in heaven That was not ouite eom'dete: So God took our little darling Ralph To fill the vacant; seat • —Contributed. . rftK fh-s olterm ct consecntiTe date*. n«d | |]iemaClUsc(neewitIllhecxpeiiMbcnas «nau9il «TasaKtappa^lauiratyJa ; 41 orOictieiMrr ectactpd (wUcb conrvn t !ie iteiss of tko coit of pacStfar. •ip »iM bom tha lactorr. ckeckinc. clerk bira and otkcr ZMUWST EXPENSE HiiQ. •ad recum ^oar cboaca of H UM Jirca I MO I U: The S4.00 (I-i'ce ilhistrrthrs in the annomn-ementsfromdiv today.) New WEBSTeKU.N 191 .2 f»rrat.-st ai;t!i"r:',icj i- .^ Ic ^'ins inivcrsii.ies; is bound hi ' iiill Limp l^athv:-. n . suinind in g"id on back and r. 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