Covina Argus from Covina, California on April 4, 1908 · Page 6
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 6

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 4, 1908
Page 6
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****** ORANGE AND LEMON $10 per Acre and Cheap Transporta tion to Eastern Markets. M Ilucsteca Valley on water transportation of the Patiuca River to Tampico, the rapidly growing part of Mexico. Regular he La I.Jolsa Colony, consisting of 20,000 acres. A townsite has been laid out and tracts of 5 acres adjoining al $125,to $135 Situated in the famous to and from property. In the La J.Jolsa Colony, consisting J J r> - - ^ -. - • - . ~... ^^»-' TTii ''^^ i *"-'*^wv^^iti.i^i/t4uciji^ALia.*^i,^wt*j(iv>tca<lilJ^>lUlUgfll^L4iC)LU#>lOOCcllJn, cHlU. el! SO SU D" divisions of fifty acres each at $10 per acre. Terms, one third cash and balance in f, months and ') mo.; 8 per cent on deferred payments. Discount given on tracts of 500 acres and up. Fine hunting and fishing. For further particulars apply to Regular steamboat service each, and also sub- MATTHEWS & COMPANY, Local Agents, or MOATS, FOWLER & DIBBLE Box 168 TAMPICO, MEXICO ** ************** STORIES OF TENNYSON. •bowing Some of th« Odd Way* of tf< Famou* Poet. In the memoir* of the lute Wlllliui Alllngham, the Engllwh poet. u|>i>uut notne IntcroHtlng rciiiirtlmrenccH of Ten. •n.VHon. AJIInKhuin'H first sight of him wan nt Twickenham, whom Tennyson was then living. He HIIJ-H: "Hooii ciiino 'In a tall, broad HhoiildiM-cd, swarthy man. slightly HtoopliiK. with loose dark luilr and heard. Ho won; spni-tiidi-H 3»ud was obviously very neiirHlgliled. Hollow cheeks and (he dark pallor of Siis skin Rave him an unhealthy appearance. He \VIIH a HtraiiKO and almost «I)oetrnl tlffin-e. The {,'i'oat mini peered <-lose nt me and then shook hands cordially, yet with a profound i|iili>!nde of manner. He was then about forty- one, but. looked much older." Ill 18H(» AlIliiKhain vlullcd Tennyson at the latter's home, I''arrlu«fonl, In freshwater, Isle'of Wltfhl. One morn- Jnj? they were talking on the downs to- jzHher, and AHiiiKhain mihl thai, he fell, liapjiy. Tennyson said gloomily. "I'm tool >\i all happyvery unhappy." The »VHK >n, as Tennyson ul'ler\\ nrd explain•«<l, for his particular nnhapplness was lii:< uncertainty regarding the condlllon ( and ili'simy of man. Allingham was very anxious lo photograph him on tills visit, lull Tennyson positively fused. "You make bugs under <'yes," he said. At another lime during this visit Allingham writes, they talked •dreams. "Tennyson said: 'In my boyhood I hail intuitions of Immortality — Inexpressible! I have never been able to express them. 1 shall try some day.' 1 said that I, too, had Celt something of that kind, whereat Tennyson, being In one of his less nmlalile moods, growled: 'I don't believe yon huve. you say It out of rivalry.' " Allliifham describes Tennyson's fund- we** for strange antics, such as jumping round ami round like a pigeon, and adds, "He Is ilu> ->ulv person I ever s'iw \vho can do the most Imlircons without any of dignity." Lonfl Lived Icelanders It would Iw Interesting to know If any part of the world bents Iceland la the average lonffth of life of Its Inhabitants. It IH shown by stjjlstlcs that on an average the people of that Inland live to the age of 01.8 years, which Is very nearly double the mean duration of human llfo as It was computed a generation ago. Sweden and Norway are regarded as very healthful countries, but Iceland takes the palm In longevity, the mean duration of life In Sweden being 50.0li years and in Norway -I0.04 years. Home of Iceland's eiirtlupiakes are nerve racking; bul, on the whole, the lives of most of Us simple and Industrious tnhuhltiiuts slip along with few Incidents that unduly stimulate or depress the pulse. Summer and winter the same old mull boat from kelth Hteams Into the harbor of Reykjavik every three weeks, hut very randy brings news that touches Iceland MO closely an to make excitement. In fact the little Island enjoys many of the advantages of clvlily.utlmt and avoids most of its drawbacks. Christian Advocate. Covina Valley Savings ttanh OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS A. P. Kcrckhoff, President H. M. Houser, Vice-President W. H. HolHday Marco H. Hcllman Gco. E. Anderson J. C. Hutchinaon, Jr., Cashier W. M. Griswold, Assistant Cashie: Interest Paid on Deposit Money to Loan on First Mortage Real Estate SUCCESSFU L •*" SEND FOR FREE POULTRY RAISERS USB Los Angeles Incubators EVERYTHING IN POULTRY SUPPLIES LEE'S EGG MAKER Acme Rou P Cure—S0c Postpaid HENRY ALBERS CO. 534 S. MAIN ST. LOS ANQELES The Argus Turns Out First-Class Job Printing 4» 4,4»4» 4.4,^ iv- my , us of When Teacher (of gei> tho largest city tshaggy Haired It Rises. ,Tii|ihy classi -.Nunie oil the Ohio river Pupil -- Cincinnati. ma'am, but H ain't on tin- Ohio river only part or the ilinc. 'IVaclu-r • Indeed! When- In It tho ivHt uf th« time? Shaggy Halivd Pupil- in it. Chli-a^u Tribune. 8*vago Reciprocity. Cuuntbal <^ueen -Well, goodby. dear I'm going to my sewing meeting. Cannibal King What charitable work U the meeting engaged upon innvV Can nlbal Queen We are making high necked dresses for the poor society of Louduu.- LouUuu T When Wo Were All Tenors. The primitive Inhabitants of Kurope were all tenors. Their descendants of the present time are baritones, and future generations will have semlbass voices. The voice has a tendency to deepen with age The tenor of twenty becomes the baritone of twenty eight and the bass of thlrly six. The Inferior races have higher pitched voices than the more cultured. The negro has a higher voice than the white man. Among white races the fair complex- loned man lias a higher voice than his darker skinned brother. The former Is usually a baritone or a tenor, the latter a contralto or bass. It Is asserted that tenors are usually of slender build, whereas basses are stout, but there are too many exceptions to such a rule for It to be reliable. The same remark applies to the statement tlvtit thoughtful men have deep toned voices, and vice versa. The tones of a voice are perceptibly higher before than after a meal, for which reason tenors are generally careful not to sing too soon after dinner. Pearson's Weekly. The Oreen-riaruhall Co. Pure Mixed Paints. nil their high Ki'uilt) vttnushes will give mitirtfuetinn, even to the must t*kepticul painter. Their mixed I'niiitH will stand tills coast climate longer, owing to tho fact thai the, (Jreen Marshall pure paints are com[mind of pure white lead, pure oxide of /ine, ground in pure linseed oil. Thene paints and varnishes can bo obtained here ul the ptiint and paper bluro ot Mr. U, 11. Kisllor. Why Don't You Move to Covina? •*• <*» *!» -*« ' ' ,""*.'"!!;>!l*»: e HOLLENBKCK STKKUT Covina offers you homesites at reasonable figures; miles of beautifully shaded streets; gas, electric lights and telephones grammar and^high schools in every particular above criticism; electric and steam transportation to and from Los Angeles. Covina will give you unuaum scenery that is a daily inspiration; a climate without frosts and unscaked by fogs; mountain and well water in abundance. Besides all these ideal conditions in which to live, Covina offers the best chance to the investor, the-business man, the agriculturist and horticulturist. Why don't you come here and enjoy life? THE ARGUS will be glad^to furnish anyone interested with further information. 4. 44. 4. 4, 4. 4. 4, -f-f -f -I- * •!• •!• -f -f * «f

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