The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on April 19, 1892 · Page 2
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 2

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 19, 1892
Page 2
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2. HUTcnrasoy DA I LT NEWS, T UESDAY , Apitfi, 19, isms* A BUILDER'S LESSON. "How elmll I n-liabll l.i iikV" Aa you Aid that habit make. As you ifulliercd you mutt loso, A» yon ykldrd now refuRe. Thread by tin-end tho strnmlfl wo twiat Till U)oy bhiil us neck oi»l wrist; Thread by thread the piulont liund Must unVwino on; free w« stand. As we bulldcd, stone by mono, Wo must toll, unlimited, atone, Till tho w»U i« overthrown. Bttt r«'mpmbcr, R » wo try, Lighter every tost ffocs by; Wading In, tbo Bticiim grows deep Toward tho center's downward sweep; Backward turn, ouch step ushors Shallower to than that before Ah, tho preclouft years wo waste Lovoling what we rained (u hasUs; Doing what must bo undone Ero content or lovo bo Won, First across tho gulf wo cast Klto borne threads, till lines aro fast And habit builds the brldgo at last. ~-John Boyle OlloIUy. A FATHER'S DREAD "Why id slio still unmarried, if she hits fio many admirers—is she ft man- hater?" "Not in tho least. Her affability toward them clearly proves her appreciation of men. The difficulty ia all with her father, who appears to suffer untold torments every time ho sees a man near her." "How very extraordinary 1 And ia she beautiful?" "Decidedly so. Beautiful, young, charming in manner, rich. What more could bo asked?" "Nothing. It is quite sufficient. I am going to go presently and pay most dovoted court to her, despito the cantankerous antics of her father." "Aro yon slinking of Miss Tullring- ham?" asked another youthful clubman, •who was sitting in the same alcove. "Wo aro." "Then I advise you to lower your voices. Young Greenwood over yonder is very desperate about her, and lie is tho sort of fellow who could be troublesome if tho occasion required it." Tho person designated, though delicately featured, was so tall and brawny that ho looked as if ho could indeed bo troublesome in the broadest sense of the term. Ho was oblivious to the conversation, however, and to all other present things if tuu expression on his face was a true index to his feelings. Ho was holding a newspaper in his hands, but it was upside down, and though he was mechanically sucking on his cigar, it had been out several minutes. At length ho pulled himself togethor with a start, dropping both paper and cigar. A hasty glance about the room satisfied him that no ono had witnessed his abstraction. Presently ho left tho clubhouse, sauntering up Fifth avenue till he reached Thirty-fourth street, where for a moment ho paused to <>yo the wavering shadows of his colossal self which a flickering electric light cast upon tho crosswalk. A few minutes later he was on a ferry, journeying toward an elegant but quiot Long Island .residence quarter. Exactly two hours after leaving tho club he was standing before a handsome house riufiug'for admittance, but with a hand whose shalciness betokened sadly unsettled nerves. Tho face of tho man into whoso presence ho was shown bore the stamp of premature old age. Aside from the deep furrows in an otherwise fresh, fair skin, his beard ami hair wero of nearly snowy whiteness. He arose with considerable difficulty, when his library door was thrown open, and a twinge of pain drew down the corners of his mouth when ho saw who his visitor was, "Again!" he said reproachfully. "Yes; I am hero now for the truth." "It has already been told you." "Only a portion of it. I want the rest." "But" "Mr. Tulkiugham, you have refused me your daughter's hand in marriage." "Yes," | "You 1;j, ve tt )so done ino the honor to j Bay that that refusal is in no sense a | personal reflection upon me." "Certainly, and I can go much further. I can also add that not only havo I no fault to find with you, but that so far as you are personally concerned 1 am altogether predisposed in your favor." "Sir, 1 spouk plainly because it is time forplaiu speech," continued Greenwood. "1 believe Miss Tulkingham to bo all that there is of chaste and holy epotlcssuess; but I shall wed her just the same were sho corruption personified. Mr. Tulkingham, I lovo your daughter, and that love is great enough to excuse and obliterate everything, no matter what, which you might think it natural "for mo to consider. Aside from my own feelings in the affair, it is my delight to Ttuow that 1 am not altogether indifferent to her, and so, whatever your objection, sooner or later 1 shall marry her." Tho old man brushed ono hand swiftly across his brow. "There ia no other way than to be plain with you," ho said, "though what will force mo to destroy your peace of mind forever. Will you not waive this thing, which 1 can solemnly assure you that you will repent hearing?" Greenwood gave one hand an impatient lliit. "Go on," ho said coldly. "Twenty-live years ago, then," said Tulkingham, "1 was one of a party of •even gold seekers in the California Sierras. That year at tho beginning of winter we pushed northward into the mountains of Dormer lake. "The weather was sevore, tmd for several days the skies were laden and ominous. "Then it began snowing. Lightly, at first, but more and more heavily as tho days wore on. No person who was not 1 there ever Baw such »now. Soon it had BO cuutigod the appearance of both mountains and valleys that but for our compass we should havo been hopelessly confused. At last oven that guide to direction failed us. It was accidentally dropped by tho man who carried it, and —never recovered. "Still wo wero strong hearted, ami plunged blindly forward several dayn longer through the snow. "Helplessly bewildered, we Anally decided that our only hope was to go into permanent encampment till tho storm was over. "After wo had lieen in camp ten daya wo had to content ourselves with but ono meal, and that a small one, each twenty-four hours. A few days more and even that gave out. "Tlicn we had nothing with which to satisfy our hunger but tho moss which wo dug down through the snow and toro from the rocks, nnd the bark from tho branches of dead troes. "Soon, so awful was it all, a great distrust grow up among us. Each man feared that ho would be slain and eaten by his neighbor. After that none of us dared sleep. "For two nights and days wo stood nnd sat around that roaring flro with unclosed, glaring eyes. "Then tho end came. One after another our overstrained minds succumbed. We yelled and laughed and danced about liko the maniacs wo wore, cursing the gold which had lured us into our trouble, the mountains which shut us off from our fellow beings, the snow, the fire, God and each other. "That night, from sheer exhaustion, wo fell like stricken beeves in the snow around the fire, and whilo tho others Blept, I aroKo and took an ax and slow (hem—all of them—my six poor comrades. "And then, having killed them, I cut great chunks of flesh from their dead, helpless bodies, which I cooked and ate. "How long this fearful feast was kept up 1 do not know, but it must havo been for a considerable time, for it was many weeks after the storm had ended before some settlers found me, in a valley to tho westward, prone upon tho ground and breathing heavily. "I was picked up and nursed through a terrible fever, which followed, every moment of which I made hideous with muttered disclosures of my doubts and fears and orgies around that awful camp fire. "Two months later, as soon as I was well enough, I came back east to my young wife, but without any knowledge of my crimes. I bad no recollection whatever of tho period I described to you. Those to whom I recited its particulars at tho timo of my illness regarded everything I disclosed as mere mad ravings—the hallucinations of fever and weakness. And so it was not till my return to California, a year later, that 1 was told <v my sickbed confessions. "No sooner did I hear them, though, than it all came back to mo with the most fearful clearness—the mocking snow, the maddening hunger, tho distrust my comrades and I bore each other, the murders, tho cannibalism— everything. "Well, >tr. Greenwood, ufter I was told of my fever ravings, I went to Donner lake and searched till I found that valley of death beyond it. I still had hope that 1 might have been only delirious after all. But at the site of that wretched camp tiro was evidence beyond doubting, the bones of my murdered convra 'es, our anus, tools, all the familiar niid damning array. It was more than conclusive. I surrendered myself to the authorities, who thought me laboring under a delusion. They instituted a private investigation, but wero confronted with so many elements of doubt that they soon dismissed me with the opinion that it was a case in which the Almighty alone had jurisdiction. "So 1 left my merciful judges and camo home. "But a terrifying fear had seized me in tliat Californian courtroom which my subsequent studies, satisfied mo was only too well grounded. Mr. t*reen- wood, I have consulted every obtainable authority on tho subject of heredity, and substituting other names and places havo laid the matter beforo the most eminent specialists. Tho result in each and every instance is the same. Not ono ray of hope offers itself from any source. My daughter cannot marry, because sooner or later either she or hor children will inherit from me an appetite for human flesh!" For a brief interval, perhaps a minute, Kenneth Greenwood sat sturing at Tul­ kingham in horrified silence. The significance of what he had heard was so overwhelming that ho could not grasp it all at once. Presently his lungs tilled with a gasp, and then, stilling, into a moan the impulse to Bhriek out his despair, he ran out of the house and rushed swiftly away in the darkness, unmanned, hopeless, wrecked, fleeing from tho unknowable and unseen. — Pittsburg Leader. Started on Time. When the railway was first opened in a new part of India it took a long time and many a bittor experience to convince the natives that a train always started on time. Shortly after' the opening of tbo uow line & deputy commissioner sent his native servant with his letter bag to put on board the mail car. Presently tho man returned with the bag, having missed tho train. "You had not half a mile to go, and you knew that the train loft the station at 8 o'clock," Baid the angry commissioner. "Yes, truly," answered the native, in an nggrioved tone; "but, sahib, when it strikes H here the train goes from there!" Such sharp practice tho uativo hod never known beforo, and he did uot think it creditable to the company.— Tomple Bar, IVa mmeu Ifirottm auxxy when a modicino doesn't help you. It's your risk and your less. But that's tho way you havo to buy every medicine for woman's ailments, except Dr. Ficrco's Favorite Prescription. With that, there's no risk —It's 0unran'.eecJ. If It doesn't benefit or euro, In all tho chronic weaknesses, painful disorders and functional disturbances that afflict womankind, yon havo your money back. But you won't ask it—you'll bo cured. Givo ft timo, if your case is obstinate. Tho troubles that como slowly, novo to go slowly. The surest and speediest remedy is the " Favorite Proscription." It builds up and invigorates tho system, regulates and promotes tho proper functions, nnd restores ucaUli and strength. For everything that's known as a " female complaint," it's a positive specific. If you'ro an overworked or suffering woman, It's a medicino that's niado especially to help you—but you pay only for the help that ynu \)ct. On these terms it's the cheapest sold. To Old Soldier*. I shall open in a few days a real estate, locating engineer's and surveyor's office ut the new town which will be located at Ked Rock, on tho Santa Fe, thirty-seven miles south of Arkansas City. I have J. O. Stewart and others of the original surveyors of thut land in my employ. I will locate claims, re-establish corners, do the necessary improvement and filing for S2f> apiece. Forward power of attorney, and send me discharge or duplicate, and T will select good claims, and furnish diagrams of lands showing water and other advantages, with filing papers. Send check for 82K with power of attorney to me at Winfleld, Ivan., until the strip is opened. C AI'T. 3AS. W. H AMILTON. When Btbf mm Hut, we gura her CVasufae. When she was a Child, ahe cried for Cartortn. 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Even IftUej only ""' HEAD Aobsthey woniabot.lmotiti >rJ!:clcBfltotho«whfj •uifcrfromthiBdlBtrufiPlnfjcbmplalnti bufcfortu- BatslytlietrgoodiiesBdocH notondhora.nndthCteo Htho once try them will Had tUaao little pillavalu- ablo In BO many wuys^iuit Ihoy will not bo wil- Usg to do without tb>m. But after *U»lclf boaj ACHE flathebatieoe so many lives that heroIswhMa wemakeourgreatboast. Ourpluscuxoitwnllg othorsfiouot. Carter's Little Liver Pills are vory small and vory'easy to tuko. Ono or two jillla make* doao. They aro strictly voaotablo and do not grlpo or panto, but by uiolr gentle f.otlou please all woo ttselhoza. InvialantS.lmmta; flvoforfl. ***** toy druaglata errery vhero, or scut by mail* CARTER MEDIC: ME CO., New York; SMALL PILL. SMALL DOSE. SMALL PRICE A Superstitious Creature. He—You acknowledge that you—er— like me, yet refuse. She (belle of the Beason)— Yea, 1 must. Thirteen is an unlucky number. "EM" "You aro the thirteenth mau who has proposed to me, and if we should become engaged I'm afraid Bomethiug dreadful would happen." "You aro foolishly superstitions. What could happen?" "1 might murry you," —New York Weekly. At the Grand Central Hotel, Gt, Bend, Boom 5 until May 10. Kansas. Consultation Free. Mm R. L. Smith, M. D., The Eminent Specialist can tell your disease without ashing questions, or having anj' previous knowledge of your complaint. The doctor is a graduate of both the old and new school of medicine, with a practice of over 20 vears'iand will GUAR- ANTEU A CUHE in Catarrh, Bronchitis, Incipient, Consumption. Dyspepsia, Rheumatism, Cancers, AND ALL DISICAHKS I'l'X'lII.IAU TO WOMKN. KOCH is not the only medical discoverer. DK. SMITH by the aid of the microscope has discovered a sure cure for all ulcerations of the mucous membrane wherever located, and ladies who arei suffering with complaints peculiar to their sex, can be sure of a speedy- relief and permanent cure. Patients given up by other physicians are invited to call for a free consultation and advice. The doctor treats all diseases of whatever name or nature, and will proform any necessary operation in general surgery when desired. Can Catarrh, be CuresdP 20 Hicks St., Utien, N. Y., Oct. 10, This is th certify tiiat I have been a great sufferer from dyspepsia, and nasal catarrh. I commenced last .lune to take treatment of Dr, Smith, and after using her remedies for two weeks my dispepsia vanished as if by magic and in six,weeks time, my catarrh was gone. As Dr. Smith had cured me after other physicians have failed. I feel that I can uot have nay too much in her praise. Any one writing or calling on me cau learn the truth of the above testimonial. Miss. II KNHY II UGOI.KS. Rheumatism can be Cured. And is no lonym* :v mystery, from two to eight weeks being- sufHtiient to remove this dread disease. Thomas G. Uroohs, Union Valley, Cortland! comity, JV. V., cured of chronic rheuiuutism in one month. He will reply to any questions by letter. .Mrs. O. I*, lienuett, 707 Dominielc street. Rome, N. Y., cured of a severe attack of rheumatism in !M liours, the third dose removing 1 the severe pain. Mrs. C. W Howick, 32 1 licks street, Utiua, N. \\, had female diseases and pronounced incurable by her family physician'wits cured hi six weeks, and is now at work in one of the cotton mills of Utica. Particulars of her case will be given at the office. Testimonials of cures in Hutchinson, CJreat llend, Garden City und other places in Kansas, given upon application at the office. K ENDMCK & B URK, have just received a mie oi spring HBST-CIASS WORK. EVERYTHtHG GUARAHTtED. ^SiMiv Hutchinson, Kansas MUSIC LESSON. 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Hutchinson KxtetkHlou. Trains. % p Leave Hutchinson. Arrive Kinsley 12:20am 1:20 p m San Franc'co & Texas Ex.. Acco'md'tion 8 341 8:20 pm 8:20 am Arrive Kinsley 12:20am 1:20 p m Leave Kinsley Arrive Hutchson. Arrrive Kansas 1 New York Limited Ex. Accom'd'tlon 4 842 4:37 a in 2:25 p m 7:50 a m 7:50 p m 4:40 iM WHY IS THE W. L. DOUCLAS 83 SHOE GENTLEMEN THE BEST SHOE IN THE WORLD FOR THE MONEY? It It a soamless shoe, with no tacks or wax thread 'to hurt tho feet; made of tho host fluo calf, at*list) and easy, aud because too make more shoes of this grade than any other manufacturer, it Qaualshand. aewed shoes costing from «4.<X) to fts .00. tfgje OOlaemilue lland -sewcd. thn finest call N*«*a Bhoo evor offered tor $5 .0dt equals French Imported slioe» which cost from as.oci to ais.uo. <RA 00 llnnd -Sewod Welt Shoe, ftna calf, stylish, comfortable and durable. The beat Ihoa over offered at tula prlco t Baiuo grade aa out* tom -macle shoes costing- from $6.00 to t9 .oo. CO SO Police tthoet Farmers, nallroad Han aPwa andLetterCarrlorsallwearthem: fluocalf, Seamless, smooth Inside, heavy three soiea. extension edge. Ouo pair will wear ayear. AO 30 Hue enlf) no better shoo ever offered at this prlco; one trial will couvluco thoae who want a shoe for comfort and aervlce. C9 33 and 89.00 tVorklogniun'. shoe, 9<a .a, are very strong and durable, Thoae who have given them a trial will wear no other make. RoVCZ' *-<.OQ rnsd B1 .T5 school shoes am DUI0 wornbytheboyaeverywher •• " No. .1 carries through Pullman and tourist sleeping cars to San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco and City of Mexico. No. 5 carries through Pullman sleepers and chair cars to Pueblo, Coloradao Springs and Denver, making connections at Pueblo and Colorado Springs with through sleepers for San Francisco and Portland, via. " (SUCCESSOR TO WW. MOE'USON.) Corner of Main and Fourth. The to buy your beef, pork, veal ami all kinds of sausage, oysters, iisli aud game. John Hurtniuu, cutter. •Tolephone 32. _ _ . yttieboyseverywliore: Uieyaali on theTr merits, a» the Increasing sales show. I carl IA <Z »U.CH>, Iliuid -sewcd shoe, best fcsHQl CO Bongola. very stylish; oqualai ^eSS Imported shews costing from «(.liHo«o.lMl. — „tadle.' !l,BO. »>M»» nod tTt.TS shoe foe Misses aro the bestflneDongola. Stylish and durable. Cautlon .-Sce that \y. L. Douglas' name aid price are stamped on the bottom of each shoe, . rrTAMM SCnSTITITTK.^I Jualst on local advertised dealers supniyi D 77^i n W. Is. OOVltUm, «r«k«on ,afia«. Sb* YOUNG- BROS. Lake. Salt ™ N ,°' 7 ^S rrles through Pullman sleeper to Dodge City and through coaches to Pueblo andDenver. -iS,™ 4 "T'es through Pullman and tourist sleepers, also chair cars to Kansas City and x, al8 ° Pullman sleeper to St. Louis. ,^I 0 ;K , carrl es through Pullman sleepers "ilfj^flrMM, st - Joaei>h ' & G. T. & P. A., Topeka, Kan. . J- W. TBDFOIIB, Agent Santa Fe Route. H'ltchlnson.HJ MIDLAND HOTEL; Most contrally located hotel in the city. NEW MANAGEMENT ENTIRELY. Patronage of traveling men ijolli't •U.t>d. Rates, $1.00, $1.25, $1.50 a Da

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