Covina Argus from Covina, California on April 4, 1908 · Page 5
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 5

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 4, 1908
Page 5
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ocal Events. Mm. F. W. Sherwood is ill with aj bad attack of sciatica and lumbago. | ' Come, boys! The hard times are! over! Get busy and come to tbe j High School concert on May 1. ! Ralph Crook returned on Saturday last from Pomona College to spend the spring vacation with his parents. Miss Lilian Douglass epeut two days this sveek with friends iu Pasadena. Mrs. C. E. Crawford is visiting friends in tbe northern part of the state. Miss Mildred Ran bom of Los Angeles, has been spending tbe week with Mrs. Chns. Finch. ! A. K. Evans has bought a new | Mitchell runabout through the agency of R. Howland. Miss June Sides lias been suffering j from a severe case of tonsilitis dur- { ing the past week. The ladies' guild of Hoiy Trinity Church met ou Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. D. E. Huff. First class chicken bone, 100 Ibs. 12.50. San Gabriel Valley Milling 1 Company. The High School band appears for tho first time with 20 pieces on May 1. Miss Gertrude Voder of Lordsburg College was the guest of Miss Rose Hepner on last Sunday and Monday. The Covina Co. will sell you a lot in the Covina Villa tract and advance you twice as much money as you pay for the lot to build a house. Miss Evelyn DeLancey of the South Pasadena Sanitarium, left Co- Tina on Monday last, after a week's vacation with her relatives. Mrs, Felix Howes and Mrs. Lyman Farwell and baby of Los Angeles, were guests of Mrs. Ennis ou Tuesday. Mrs. Delia Arthur is moving into a small house on the property of her father, Mr. Cusbrrmn of Badillo Mrs. Blodgett of Boston, who lately arrived in Los Angeles, spent Thursday, tbe guest of her friend, Mrs. H. F. Cook. Mr. and Mrs. Von Stein and family and Mr. Purdy, all of Los Angeles, were guests of Jacob Brunjes on Sunday last. Mrs. A. H. Collins returned on Tuesday evening from a pleasant week spent with friends in Pasadena and Los Angeles. Mrs. Huukel of Los Angeles and little daughter, Pauline, spent Monday the guests of her sister, Mrs. H. Gas's. Goo. Anderson of San Bernardino and Anusa avenues, who Las been seriously ill, is now progressing towards recovery- Mr, and Mrs. J. Mofl'att and daughter Sarah of Los Angeles, who spfint last summer in Coviua, have taken rooms in the Hodges flat. A. K. Brown of the firm of Brown <fe Bohri has exchanged his auto for a span of beautiful white Shetland ponies, with harness and .surrey complete. Miss Harder of Portland, Oregon, who is spending the winter with her sister, Mr.s. Ila/zard, is visiting friends in Los Angeles and will stay over for tho Shriner Circus. Tulare County Lands: 850 to ?00 per acre with water. Undeveloped land in artesian district 120 to $40, any size you want, any kind of terms. J. II. Matthews, Covina.' Phone 500H. Mr.s. Reed of Long Bench has arrived to stay some time at the home of Mrs. U. E. Huff. Mrs. Reed, who was Mrs. Huff's nurse iu her younger days, is* welcome addition to the family. Mr.s. J. P. Sharp and daughter, Miss Hattie, aunt and cousin of Mr. S. Jessup, have arrived from "Pacific Grove, and will take up their residence with relatives in the Ualdridgo house on Sun Bernardino road. TheB. V. P. U. will give a poverty social, Wednesday evening, April 8, in the Sunday hchonl room of the Baptist Church. Everyone invited. "Come iu your rays, come iu your' tags, but not in your velvet gowns, or you'll be fined by Judge Pence. The best mu.-;ical program of the hea^on to be given by the musical department ot thi- High School. I'.vof. Fitzgerald has a gieal 'it-at in st> le for us on May 1. The fir.-.t con cert of itn kind i-:>-\ </iw-n in d;vii>a. A choius -.f 7 "< \< ic»'i, <:ii-\,i—t\<i '.f 25, piano and Land (,f 20 pities. Come aud eujos voui\-t.-l'> L-. First class chicken boue, 100 Ibs. | $2. 50. San Gabriel Valley Milling Company. Mr. nnd Mrs. Win. Thomas of 1 spent the past week with their daughter, Mrs. H. M. Biubaker. Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Billheimer nnd family of Los Angeles were visiting relatives in Covina on last Sunday. Miss Emma L. Babbitt of Morristown, N, J., was a week end guest at the home of H. G. Head ley. Miss Wilson, n teacher of Hollywood, wnp a guest this week at tho home of her friend, Miss Oilman. Dr. Payne and wife, Dr. Phoebe B. Payne, called on tourists in Pasadena this week. Place your spare cash in the Covina Valley Savings Bank, a safe investment at 4 per cent. Coviun High School is in the lend. She appears on the stage of the VVomnns Club House May 1, with the greatest concert ever in Coviua. Tbe many friends of Mrs. Lnhce will be sorry lo hear that she has been suffering nil the week with rheumatic iritis, or rheumatism of tho eyes. Mr. nud Mrs Jet/ and daughter of Los Angeles are spending the week end at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. II. M. Houser. Mrs. J. Morgan of Los Angeles spout a few days this week at the home of Mr. nnd Mrs. James Horn on Cypiess avenue. . The Fortnightly Club will meet April 1 3 to discuss "Tho Assassination of our Public Men—Its Causes and Its Lessons. " Cantata, "The Wrecking of the Hesperus," given by the High School chorus of 75 voices. Solos sung by tho best musical talent of the city. May 1. Miss Carrie Lougheed nud Mrs. Benedict nnd little daughter,- all of Los Angeles, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Lougheed ou Wednesday last, Coulsou's Ei.'g Food will make your hens lay more eggs than any other known food. $2,00 per snck. Snn Gabriel Valley Milling Company. Coulson's Baby. Chich Feed will make chicks grow nud feather quick and never get sick or die. Why do you go to the Milling Company? Be cause we get what we call for, you bet your bat. < M. N. Ovorholtzer of/ Princeton, Cal., was calling on old friends in Covina the past weak. He reports that part of the country in a prosperous condition, aud himself ns well pleased with their new homo. The younger set in our city regret the removal of Mr. Perry Payne to Albnuy, Ore.. While in Covina this young man by his sterling worth made many friends who wish him success iu his new location. Mr. aud Mrs. Wm. Ennis of Decatur, 111., who are wintering at tho Hiuman, Los Angeles, came over on Thursday to call on relatives, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Ennis of Covinn, and finding them out driving, spent a pleasant day with Dr. and Mrs. Thorne. Boy.s nnd others are warned against trespassing ou the property of Mm. Mary Cnolmnu on North Citrus avenue. The HumoM and other property on this grove have been damaged during the past fesv \venkn by mJH- jchevious boyH, and t reHpassern in future will bo vigorously pro.secutod. Mr.s. W. G. Conley and little daughter Mury ret.uin(d from a restful week at the home of Mrs. Lewis at Long Beach on Saturday last. On Friday Mr.s. Lewis entertained a number of kedlaruln friend*, including the mayor of that, city, in Mrs. Conley's hrtimr. About twenty of the friends of MJH L . Crete King invaded Jier home on Wednesday evening to give her a party, the occasion being that of her sixteenth birthday. The house was prettily decorated with fio'verH. Dainty refreshments were berved. The little lady received many pretty presents, among them 'being a gold watch from her parents. I. C. Fairly Co. reports the sale of the the east lot, 50x175, on the I Far met tract, facing East Badillo street, to A. (i. Cant; consideration, £500. This property has a building : restriction of 812. r >0. Lot, 50:< 1 :;7, on the Fairly tract, facing Han Bernardino road, to W. H. Potter, for a consideration of £<iOO. Alfco lot. on same tract to J. S. Pierre of Chase c-niniy, Nebraska, who will build in I he m-ar i'ut in L- a $5501) re->idi-nc<- on ihe pi-,pi-i-ty in September. Lot, "j!'\ 175, on i he. }';,im Phi'-c-h, II. :•.. l.i A ii, 1,e1v.e«-n ;h>- pi <j.i-.' i i;--, if Mi.-. Mei rill and (i. I-', i'ri -.t n. Con .-idf-i a! i',n toon. .'-. c .i;i i a. ! i-ah<-a'i;\ let tor the en-i:tioji of a 11 -',i on i I.e. j ' oj er' y. OUR AGTENS: Warner, Whitsel & Co. Brown & Bonn Mm Sanitary Laundry ,, th 4 e Mrs. Grace Hickeuloop'M- is sor- : iously ill with typhoid fever. i Mrs. Smith of Long Bench is visit- j ing her sister, Mrs. II. O. Mace. Mr. and Mrs. Kubidgo nud daughter of Denver were guests of Rev. nud Mrs. A. Fletcher on Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Walker of LOH Angeles are guests thi.s week of Mr. nud Mrs. Stowoll of Charter Oak. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Miller have moved into their beautiful new home ou PuiMito street. Mr. Jocelvn, the artist of Los Angeles, was tho guest this week of Messrs. Ralli nnd Ruble. Mr. aud Mrs. B. M. Given nud sou Allison took n week end trip to San Diego. Sec now time card of Pacific Electric railway on telegraph post in front of bank. Covina Pharmacy. First class chicken bone, 100 Ibs. S2.50. Snu Gabriel Valley Milling Company. Thoroughbred White Leghorn eggs for setting, $3 per 100. H. K. Ward, Charter Oak. Phono 12G1. tf Jonquin Miller, "the poet of the Sierras," wasjin Covina this week in the interest of the Los Angeles Examiner. The leading lady of "Brewster's Millions," Miss June Mnthe.t, was the guest Inst week of Prof, nnd Mrs. F. A. Fitzgerald. Horace Snodgrass has been very sick this week, threatened with appendicitis, but is somewhat better at present writing. Mrs. DeForcnt Reichnrd of Hollywood and Mrs. Austin Peck of Pomona were luncheon guests of Mrs. L. L. Katckin on Thursday last. Mrs. F. B. Senrlos, a prominent society lady of Minneapolis who is touring California, was the guest ou Tuesday of Mmos. Merrill and Howland. J. R. Adcock of Kansas City, Warder of St. Louis, nnd Misses Riggins of Los Angeles wore guests last Sunday ot Mrs. G. J. Reynolds and family. Miss Frances Fletcher, who has boc7i spending a week at the home of her uncle, tho Rev. A. Fletcher, returned on Tuesday to her home in Redlunds. Mrs. C. Crosby of Pasadena, Mrs. A. Sncrldy of El' Monto, and Mrs. E. Popplowcll and daughter, Miss Irene, of King City, Mo., woro guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Matthews on Thursday. Rev. W. E. Crahtreo, the popular rniniKtcr of the Central Christian Church of San Diego, is visiting bis Mister, Mrw. W. G. Conley, and will preach tomorrow, at both morning and evening Horvicos, at the Christian Church. Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Cook, former residents of Covina, returned on Thursday with a view of again locating with us. MI-H. Cook Is a '-is- ter of Mrs. L. G. Cornell of Center street. Since leaving us two yearn ago Mr. and Mi'H. Cook have spent their time in Kam-ns and TC.MIH, Covinn boasts of another star in her crown. Her High School, under (.he iiint ruction of Prof. Fitzgerald, is going to present the public, ia three headed concert.. A chorus of 75, assisted by our best local talent, a 20 piece- band and a 2ft piece orchestra. Enjoyment guaranteed. Miss Lottie Ohilton entertained a number of young people on Wednesday afternoon us a farewell to the Misses Gladys and Ixiith Gungwur. ,\ number of jolly games helped to PUSH the time pleamtntl.y anil letrenh niftnttt of ice crenrn, cake and punch were served. Miss Chilton was as sisted by tho Misses Leila and l.eola Ir win. The young people of Mrs. Conley'H M'ible class of the Christian Church ciijoyed a pleasant social evening on All Fools' night, in the s-ocinl hall ot the church. The games, uhich •Aiii- under Ihe management of the Mi'iis Kthel Houser and Slanton, tilled every moment with fun and . --joshe.-," and a liddJe cr nlc-.l '.•,;,a jha.-ing reatuie of the evening, 'f'.r which Misn Coll/in gan.i t the pri/e [>>'. o;at ioni v.ere in a i-cheme of »ed aud gie;;n. liet i •< ,hn,> ntr For Rent, Exchange, Lost, Found Miscellaneous. For immediate delivery of stable manure see F. E. Duddcrar. For Sale -Two ThoroughbredWltite Rock roosters. Phone 200.1. It, Thoroughbred White Leghorn oggs foi setting, S3 ppr 100. H. E. Ward, Charter Oak. Phone 1201. tf For Sale Comfortable, five room residence in fhio section of town, 81800. J. II. Matthews. Lost- A music roll, between residence nf A. P. K( rekhnll' nnd Coviun. Leave at Argus office. For Sale Second hand ranch \\agon with fruit, rack. Twomcy A- Diller. WANTHD Chickens and calves. J. C. Hnldridgo. Coviua, Cal. P.O. box 2,17. Phono 20(50. tf Buy a lot in the Coviua Villa tract and the Covinn Co. will build rnu a house on it. For Sale Navel and Valencia nursery stock. W. L. Kellnr. Phone 15055. tf To Lot, Two rooms, furnished or unfurnished. East Front, street. Phono 10">:!. Ed Blnkomoro. 4-2p Have your rubber tires set by Wilson's rubber tire Hotter, tho only one of its kind in the valley. tf. Buy a lot in the Covina Villa trnct nrip the Coviua Co. will build you a house- on it. Wanted - To buy 20 to 40 shares Covina Irrigating Co. stock. Address J. B. Coulaton, Pasadena, Cal. tf The Covina Co. will sell you a lot, in the Covina Villa trnct, and advance you twice aa much money as you pay for the lot to build a house For Sale--Three Jersey cows, all giving milk, OIKS jimt fresh. Snyder ranch, near Glendora. II. J. Painter owner. Home phono 51(18. 4-2p For Sale—Eucalyptus wood cheap. Also dry eucalyptus chunks for flropluce or furnace. Bert H. Hon- drioks. Phono 1147. It We can 1 off er you the best stnblo manure at reduced prlc'ee. C. C. Cndyjftr Frank L. Hepitor. Home phono. I nrn now prepared to do nil kinds of ranch work. Good team and every fool ne.ccSKnry, W. A. Bluko- moco, Homo phono 10ft!). 4 2tip Wanted--Position an foreman on orange ranch. Competent and will give satisfaction. Address L. M. CoHiioy, Covina. For Sale -- Thoroughbred White Leghorn and Black Minorca eggs for .sotting. Mrs. J. Wilder, CyproHH avenue. Home .'ihone 10!I8. WALNUT TUHHS Bargain counter Fine, largo, healthy seed I Ings, best variety. I'rice 15c- -must ho moved. G. W. Sherwood, Fullerton, Itp The Covinn Valley Savings Hank offers you a .safe investment for your itfle funds. \Ve pay 4 per cent. Start, >>n account t odn v. OKOilAKhlSTS ! See W. II. Tot, tor about your budding. He is e.x perionccd in this \\nrk.- Also in pruning. Tulare land lai.-cs oranges, all kinds of I'ruit'-i and vegetables to perfection. Come up wii.h us on Friday and nee them. ,). H. Mat. thews, Covina. Pin ne 500H, For Hale liggs for hatching and day old chicks horn incubator from thi! following stiindaid I/red fowls: While I Jocks, White MinorciiH and White Leghorns. Young pullelhl'or sale. ileiiMin A-. Clements, K. Hadillo ! Htreet. tf | TEN DOLLARS KKWAKD for re 'turn of my dog ''Ham," hi rayed away . March 2(i; or five dollars fur authentic information of death. 1'og part 1 water kpanicl 'longer than ; long, black wavy hair a lilt In white on nnd hn-nst ; tail long, and bushy; wore a black -Inip collar with ring. John Gilman, Covina, Cal. |tn •' For Hale iiiihinc.-.-. block, 5 apartments, good in \ e'.tmi-nl cheap. .", room cottage, lot. OO/.HH close in, easy terms, < i 20(1. Ne n 'i loom modern house, all convenience.-, ;;i II healed. £'.irtOO. £50(10 in 1 , i-,i i,,i n! will pay 15 pel cent Heal. Call and -••<• o- tor the < heap'-'-il. and L.--1 lot-, in I hi- i ity J i o',m boo i i., ,', i , jo -i in. M oiK-y I o I .an. Ci.VL'.' \ I: I, U.TV CO. Ciaik - l/oogla,-. THE Covina Peoples Store j (INCOh'I'OKATKIv) OUTFITTERS TO THE WHOLE FAMILY Muslin Underwear All Kinds, All Prices, All Styles Corset Covers from I5c to S2.00 Skirts from 5(V; to $3.00 Drawers from 2.v to $2.00 Night downs from 5()c to #2.00 Don't Forget the Muslin Fine White Muslin, 3(> in. wide ;ui(l not full of starch. Worth 12,'jC to ISc per yard Special at lOc per yard The Coming Fleet firings *>ith it the assurance that our CO AST LINE rtill hat)e PROTECTION against a possible INVASION from an UNEXPECTED FOE. In the Same Way PINO-MENTHOL, by breaking up that INSIGNIFICANT LITTLE COUGH ASSURES you against a possible contraction of BRONCHITIS, CHRONIC COUGHING or CONSUMPTION, elfeutloe, harnileni anil pteaiant, n>c recammenil It iihotlc others nnil nail It lit US cents a battle. BRASS FOUNDRY and MAtill SHOP NArWACTURfRS Of Irri^tion GENERAL MANUFACTURING Thoroughly Bqnipped for All Classes of Machine Work Rotterns l''iiriii.slicd. KELLAR & THOMASON Shop and < Mlicc opposite; S. I'. Deji:i| Home I'honc 2M'» ('oviiia, c:al. Covina Pharmacy E. U. SMITH, Prop. Always RELIABLE and PROMPT Telephone \'L Emergency Call IB8 BEN F, THORPE CliMliNT CONTRACTOR Manufacturer of CKMKNT IRRIGATING PIPE o to ,<o iuv-liMs in dianK-tr-r General Cement Work of All Kinds !\'<'iiilorclc<l Coin.rctc Huilditi'.^, a Specially . .. Avnuc '; 4037

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