Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 16, 1912 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 16, 1912
Page 3
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r THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER. WEDNESDAY EVENING. OCTOBER 16 1912. TheSesison'sSniartissf Cpat and Siiit Styles Are Now on Exhibition at . This Store. Introducing, a showing of the newest and best in Tailored Suits and Coats with all the best ideas of the fashion leaders combined into garments of exceptional worth and quality. The new Cutaway Jacket, in length > J 2 to 36 inches, is the latest dictate of fashion. The skirts are still narrow, but lots of them are pleated. The new fabrics lend them selves with; beautiful grace to the lines iof the new models and the results are delightfully pleasing. The very moderate prices will i)lease you. Kloifant Millinery at Prices to Please. RICHARDSON'S 113 EAST MADISON cement per day, but owing to the car abortage only Ave and six cars are being shipped. MMKET mm mmm C. R. Baxter, of Wichita, was a busi- IIVPI»HT< IIWT Tiir ! ness visitor herp this afternoon. j "-'"^ "VlU^^'vL fj J" "KV? Bert Stewart, .John .Aldrioh and Karl i " IlinKcr, o( Klccaid. were bu.-;inps» visitors iiere this afternoon . i «,(l (W Tiittle Hroke Chlriiito .Hiirkef, and SCWH) lUies Sent I>ri<es ' .lanu's X. Reid. of Chanutc. was a | ISlsitoi Iier« this niornins. Down Ten <enN, \ h'v^ ful nil t!.i- ii >'i >'<'S <if China- IJw .ji-. ;it .1 11. >•.-; S:iliin!:i.v A 1{. SIifinT is ill t'ailjlt' loiiay (iii • Ir.isiiivs.-;. Adults Children • 5c , ' - (;!'aiii:.ili' .\ii :s<: term.'; i>'as-on-! lUc..i.;i„ii,. i:tt;;!. Shows at 7s30 _ ^ ..V ^, , and 9 m'^fl A Few Choice ""'> "'• l"ii=i"'-«s. Sharp flynfl S<at5 at • iUc TONIGHT W.'vo you iricil Ht»;clisV .Mr and .Mrs. K Ii Shi.-Ids and Mr Two Reels Best Pictures and aiii! .Mis It Y. Ilarrisi>n I.ii last • the Play '"'I' liusiiH'ss usii Id Kansas i "How Women Sin" MAJESTIC THEATRE TONIC HT! Good Seats Good Machine The Best Reels SONG: "I Want My Man." . Music: Piano and Drums - I\iriii ami City l.iiuns H .M Ciin-! u f. ilRONTONS REZNORS are the Heatei-s with a reputation. Eveiy dollar invested in these ptoves yields handsome returns. Buy the stoves giving maximum heat with minimum gas. nill^i:aii; I Kiij^s.-ll I'.iistir, son of \V. it. itris: !• r. Ill ill.' CIOIH-. who vuflVrcd a sc- V. r.- at lark of i-loinaiiio poisoiiinji last Friday .-•v>-iiiiii; is rapidly iniprovini; Coal, (las and' Wood Iliaters! Comhination Coal and dits. Hot lUast and .VIr Titrhis Kroxo.MY I{.\.M;LS Burn's (.'onihinatiou Coal and dus Kanjjrt—the best made. I'rfees Itlt,'bi! theLH.WisliardHdw. -Fake IIK? lclt>iiIion<> now wliili: Villi l,a\c til.' idi-a. and call tin- Y. M. .V and 1M11 the iiian at tli<- d«'sk ' that you want to ItecoiiiP a iiiPtiibrr. '• III- nil! si'iid soiiii- one to von. Jaims \V. Rfid. of flianuti'. is in : ihi- c-jty on bitsint'ss. - i;. ii-hs <'am!y at .Miimlis Sloi-c .7ud^-.- r. K. Cory of Ft Scott, is in till' ciiy .iitcndiiiK' conn. 1 —I.:;dit's' Siiils and Coats rt'linpd and alteri'd. Button holes a siicoialty. ; .Mr- Kt-tta Convi-rs. Su2 S. Walnut .St 1 I C. i-:. I'l.-indi-rs, of llvci'lsior Springs I was n visitor in the city yrstcrday. • —Drs. linl! & Ilnll. Osteopaths. ! Telejiliones 120, C. E. TrotK-r wi-nt to Colony this aiV'fnooii Oil biiSiiit^ss. — Kxrni hiw iniccs on new and used Gas Kiiil Co:il Stoves. E^^ IIoniiin>.'er. Wist AJadisoli. . .7. C. .Norton, of Springruld. 111.,' ^vvhii has lii'i'ii iii-n- on liusintisi: went to Kansas City this afternoon. uf Kiii'-aid. wiTi' Inn visiting par- i-nts yi'su rday iv iiii';;. while eiiroiii- to .Veoslio l-'i'lls .iitind the .Methodist collteieiu-e. , U. .\. Whitibnad went to Carlyh j tills afternoon on Itiisiiiess. C. .1. lliirris^ut-J-'arlyle. was a business visitor here this al'iernoon. Yon take advania.i^e of liie oppor- Tiiiiitv of savins money by becoiiiiiii; a iiieiniier of the Y. .M. C, .\. thi.s week. -I'livaie iimnev to loan on real estate. Addic.-s "W" care Itei^ister. Mrs. .-X. II. litintiiiKlon of Kansaf- City, who has bfen here visiting with friends returned liotne this afiernoon. - I»r. McMlllcn, rhone.< :W and 2.12. .Mrs. C. .1. .Samuels of Clay Center, who has been visitiiii; friends liere re- I I limed home this afternoon. .Mrs. .!.(;. White, of TpiK-ka. whr has been here visitinp friends, returned home this afternoon. Mrs. C F. Martin, of Olathe. who iias lutn h*-re and in l-iHarpe visiting ritiiined home this afternoon.. ' .Mr. and .Mrs. M .1. Koberts, of .lop- lin, -Mo., were visitors here today . . M .H. Teller, of Kansa.i City, \va.« here on business litis morning. .1. Tozher. of St .I.«uls, was her(. on business this afternoon. i)r .1. .1. Itavis. of Wichita, was a visitor here yusterday afternoon. C. L Wade, of Atchison, was liere on business vestenlay evening. Mrs. C. II. Simmons, of Clay Center, who has been here vlsitiUB'friend.i. returned homi' this noon. Clias. A ..Mliler of Kansas City, who has been liere on business, went to I'arsons this afternoon. Floyd .Nonh'rnp, of Chaniite. who hag been here on biie.'HnKS. returned home this afternoon. .Mrs. i) II. Boulson. of Cherryvale. who has lieen here visiting friends, returned home this afternoon. A. t". i'lorenoe went to Chanute this ifiernotm on business. .1 T. Cannon, of Humboldt, was a •;iiisine.-s visitor here this morning. A. I). C.riffin. iiolilical editor "f the Topeka Plain Oeaier. was a business visitor here this morning. .T. P Itell left for Tulsa. Okia . this afternoon for a brief \isit vith friends ] T II. Small, of Cani-y, was a busi- visitor here I his inorning. — 1 T'le II. Kenderdick. of I'etndia. bankrupfey <ase was rrled here this inorning before .liidge Cory of ; Fori Scott. 11. IJ Hard was apiioiiitiii triis- •e*'. C, A. Hanson, of Cniontown. was in the city this morning between 'rains, while enroiite to Vilas for a visit with friends. (By the Associated Pross) I Chicago. Oct. 16.— l.,ower cables ;ni!led the support from under the wheat market, the opening being a hal fcent lower. December started at and declined to i>2%. WHEAT^CIose: .luiy i<2%; Ucv !iT: May y7%. COR.N—Close: O't. r,?.%; l>ec .May :,2%>ftr,2-^. OATS—Close: Oct .;fr22% ; liec •M^; .May 34%. Kan^tas City tJrainw' Kansas City. Oct. IC.—Casii Wlieat. ;iiarki't Vi to Ic lower. .No. 2 liard. .No. 3, 88(S92; .No. 2 red, HT«-j. Close—De.~. SS; May 91T;fiy2. COIJ.N—.Market undianged. .No. 2 iui.\ed, t;i'a62H:: -^o. CnWiIS'-: .No. :; white. 6S;, No. C'ifi6T. Close — Oct. in; DPC. 43"6: .May ;)ATS—.Market unchanged. .No. white. .No. 2 mixed. :;2 'j^i :'.:u: . 80STDN NOSED OUH TO 2 .(Continued from imge 1) .i;t. Sr.odgruss sinj-led to left. .Mur•.:y liiiili'd out to Cady. .No runs; two lilts: no errors.- I-\ST ilAI.F—Wagner flew out to .Murray. Cady also flew out to Moray. Itedient flew out to Ui'vore. In his inning .Matliiewsoti retired the ited -•o.\ on liiree pitched balls. No runs; no bits; II" errors. Pan! Cutler scarl-1 fever. is still very low with Pees Was a busiiiejis visitor in l.all;iriie Ibis afternoon. Yo:i oU_, .. .M (• A. till; week and get UVl- iiiioniI;s of nii'iiibership for the price ( 12 months. .Mr .-.nd Mr-- .M. F. Sf.-kly who have liei n spenilinc flu; summer In ' .New- ^'nrk retiirt'.eii hotiie yesterday C;'i Flower--, chrysanihemuins yei!e<v white and la\ender. at $l..'iO iitul S'1M» per dii7en. i'lione yti.'i-." I I'e.-kl.r's tlreenhonse I .Mrs. Julia Camp, who has bc-n vi'^i; ' ing relatives in lllinoi.^ and liKiiatni. ntnrtiMl to iola y< sti rdiiy eveninc fo: a visit «i'ii..Mrs. A. WiKid anil W*". S L.Mle After a vi.-it here .Mrs. (••;mp will pro<- 1 to her home in Pas- adma. C.ilif. )il to he" a joiner to the Y till i week and " ' ''" i^amt Loan«: l<4inest Itates •I Branch Offiie of theMerriam Mortgage Co. Tupeka, Kau>i. Optional I'ayiueiits. .Nnv Time. j Will l.«t .">••'.. «>) I.„ind Value BEST I.0.1\ IX (iiC.MV i - SI-:K lOLA LAND CO. electric Wiring! Done by experienced men. Prices reasouabie. • Canfield &«Thonipson iWlth.Ihe U H. Wishard ildw" ' ' . Phone Sa. Tir. II. I,. Hendricks, Old Conrl lioiivf. Calls an-nered da} or night. Miss Uelphine TIdd, of Neosho Falls, who has been here visiting with friends returned home this afternoon. --Pre !i 0\siers in hulk. The gen- uiue Sealshipt kind. T'.ey are the lies' fse i-.> other McKinney's .Meat MarV.t. 11.". F.asl Maiiisun. I'hone 2!tl. Mrs .1 I. Molllt and c-liililr< n !"lt this afieriiiioii for Kansas City to make Till ir home. -.1 II Uiliy has I '.e fin -st line of liarlv .ai e in the cit> Mni lie'.- ready to l,:ir. e il to .\ on. MisS; Clara Fiirgi son went to, Welda thii afternoon for a visit WITII friends. I .1 H. Kiley is somng Monarci, Paint ' ' '''',7 "Ul"!?^"'" rn tZ^X' 1... ,,..t this week :si:cc.--sortothetolelldw. (o, ismak- ,.. 1 i.ii. weeK.^ ^^^^j^ ^^.^ reductions in the price* Miss .Sarah Harttnan. of Benton^"' l''^ "'"•'l V:. City. Wash., who has been here visit-!^^''^''''^L'"",''*'^^^ j ing It. C. Kdwards and friends, return- and mspeet his line of mer- !ed home this afternoon. UMan.::-e and his prices.' Si.vlh Inniufr. FlllST IlAI.F—.Merkle sent .a high fly to Hooper. Her-/.og grounded out. .Meyers walked. Fletcher struck out. .No runs; no hits; no errors. l.,AST HALF—Hooper popped out to .Merkle. Yerkes singled. Speaker was passed. Yerkes going to second, but Speaker was forced at second, when -li'tilier took Lewis's grounder and (hiew- to Doyle. Veikes went to third >ii the play. On an attempted double steal Yerkes was out at third on a thiow- irrtin .Meyers to Matthewson to llerxog. No runs; one hit; no errors. Kansas City l.he.stork. Kansas City. 0<i._lt;.—CATTi.K. re- •eipts ll.fiOD; market steady to strong. Native steers ST.iiO'f/in.T.'i; cows anti heifers |.1.2.'>f/7.."i'; stotker^ and ft eJ •!rs I J4.oO(fJ7.;.^; bulls $::.T.-.'?J.V2.'.; •alv/-s J.VOOfi'J.OO. I :tK:S—Receipts I 'M^iiO: market lOc lower. Heavy JS.S.'i'fi!t.('ii: packers and iiiti'hers SS.Ho'fin light $S .4e ^/V.Mi ChiraKo i.Mestoek. thi.ago. Oct. 1«—C.ATTI.K. re- 1 eipts 2",ui )0; mai-ket steady to l(-e lower. Beeves $.".."itl!j/ In.M.";; stockers md feeders $4.2.-iti 7J.'.": cows and heifers |2.0i)ifi 7.!ti». • HDCS - It^'ceipts 2 <;,0i 'n;. niarket was slow; Ti to l<lc lower. I.ighi $*• H'lll •<"": mixed $s.(;itr.i!• vn; ii,.a\y .'>.'. ''i!'2.': pigs J -'LOUf; 7.7.".. .{PI- III R( m IE:RF£CTIO] S MOKCUM A " warm " breakfast—^the kind that sends you out ready braced for a good day's woric— should be eaten in a warm room. Yptt lose, half th« good of the meal if yon are shiV' ering in discomfort while yoa eat it. A Perfection Smokeless Qfl Heater makes break&st a cosy meal for the whole bmily. No smolM ernoell with a Perfection. EasUy cleaned. KMOJ pottable. An onianient in any room: a Inznty in the badroomi • ncccasity in tbe attics the aewinff-room ot the bathraom. ' , " D—dm am-tmlant me wrUm fn JmaaiMi— rfrcat^a. STAra>ARD OIL COMPANY (AabanaOipwatiM) Kansas Cllj Produce. i Kansas City. Oct. li;, -I'rodm e mark i et unchanged. i OROANIZEHIIFT CLO^RI .UeelinK Called al .\. K. Hall lo Mirlil lo Slart a lounly CInh Fai orlnir the Presid) al. Lead and Speller. St Ijiiii.s. Oct. I';.-I.ead. $4 !" T; spelter, market dull at ?7 4i'. Loral Markets. (Produce quotations rurnisl; "I daily by Coghlll Coniinissfon Company) ItCTTlCK- 2U- i-er pound. Ki ICS—21c per dozen. PDi'l.TltY—Hens He; cocks 4e: •irinrJ^s Ac; ducks 9c; geese •'•<•; tiir- kevs Dc; guineas 20c eai-b. ilOUSK HIUKS—$2.»Ml to %2 BKKP HIDES—10c. (drain quotations fiirnislif-d daily by .Smith U. Kay.) COitN—7."ic to 80c per bushel. KAFFIK COU.N—.S.-,c per J'tishel WHKAT—SOc to 8.%c ler hnshel (»AT.S—4lle per bushel. II.\t--$<; to $7 per ton. (iKNKVA. Tonight :it .s o 'e'oi k at th" ('•. .\. K i a m.i ti:ii; lias bei -ii called fo' jthe iiurpose of oru.itili'.ing an' Allei. I'liunty Tall clu!).' Uieerdy a gooc many \'i>u conn y voier.s signed na-^ |iers >iiuTiifyiiig that they are for TatjJ I for President and it is the plan t< solidify this sentinuiit in the count; by organizing a ;oiinty eVnii lo worV lor the success of th" Kejiublicai President. The conibintd attacks or Pr. sidciH Taft by tile ."est -cmed bu' i.ja;l,t'd." anci-nt and honored enemy i!i • I '•'n:oer.-itr. and tlie insurreeto; >vi!l,i 'i III'.' Kepublican party, calls fo! ',i :iusii:.l show of :i united front o: of IJe |iuI 'iieaiis. Ii i.s tii-ce? s:'ry in this cani|iaii:n not only I' e liie • ne? ly in front, but to fo.i-m back to back and r-pulse the assaul froi'i til' ri-ar. Fvery voter in lol; '.vhe- C"S'i«'s to see Vv. Tuft re^iectet •^loiilii i:!k'' .the time to atiend am help i-i-.tvi ihe organization off in goo<' order 't 'VMS the burden <>,- his couvictiona hat to iiave be< n suicc'ssful he would* perform; d :i signal achievement or I he country. SIIAMK, AM> At.AIN .S1I.V.VE! Open St ^usun for Candidates and the (Jame Proves .Shy. I •:• fu Sereutli Inninfr. FIRST HALF—Matthewson sent up I high foul which Stahl muffed. He then singled but was forced at second in Uevores bt.nt. Doyle Hew out to v^'agner. Dcvore stole second. Snod- :rass was out. Wagner to Stahl. .Nr. runs: one hit; one error. LAS'l ilAi .r'—uaruaer flew out to Snodgrass. Stahl singled to left when -Murray and Fletcher let the ball drop between them. Wagner walked, Stanl .joing to second. Cady flew out to Fletcher. Henrickson batted f<ir Bedient. Stahl scored on Henrickson's ""-o lease hit, \Vagner taking third Hooper flew out to Snodgrass. One run; two hits; no errors.' Klirhlh Inninir. FlIiST HALF—Wood went into the box for Boston. .Murray out to Stahl inassisted. .Merkle grounded out via Verkes to Stahl. Herzog got a single •I right. .Movers out. Yerkes to Stahl. \"o r'lii-;; one hit; no errors. I..\ST HALF—Verkes was out when Ins grounder bouni-od from .MaMliew- son's hand to.IIer/.og who threw- the innner out at first. Speaker went out. •oyie to Merkle. Fletcher threw out Lewis. .No luns; no hits; no errors. Mnlli Innlnic. FIRST HALF—McCorniick batted for l''!ei»her. and flew out to Lewis. Mattliew-son struck out Devore walked. Doyle went out. Yerkes lo Stahl No runs; no hits; no errdrs. LAST HALF—Shafer is now playing shortstop for New York. Gardner flew out to Snodgrass. Stahl doubled to left. Wagner flew out to Iiovore. Cady flew- out to .Murray. No runs; one hit; no errors. — If you buy your hardware at .1. The Carlyle cmeiit plant is now I H Iti-ev-K. yon are sure to gel tbe low- |'V""'^ 'i!^'" j e.-t 1-iriees on the best quality. ' ijiinf." cars of I' - .! Chroulc I>.vspe))sta. » .-i — ' —JThe following unsolicited testi- SDOBi^I should certainly be sufficient fjo give hope and courage to persons « !J«fted with chronic dyspejisia: "l ve been a chronic dyspeptic for yearsi and of all tbe medicine i have taken. Chamberlain's Tablms have me more good than anything • says W. (J. .Mattison. o .N 7 Sher SL. Hornellsville. N. Y For sale b/ alt diealers. ^ done elst mas iMrs. \V. B. Murphy, who has b'.'en I 111 rt-. visiting friends returned lo Cii*a7 i nute tills afternoon. You can't afford to let this week pass bv wiihoul taking out a ineniber- ship ill the Y. M. C. A. D. B: D. Smelfzer returned Itome tliis afternoon from a business visit to j Kansas City. j It. I.. Hyde of (Jeneva, arrived here ' this afternoon on business. Hey. and Mrs. C. V. Sbuileiiberger Groceries and Meats TIIK KKST yi Al.irV .IT. TIIK IIKST PIMCKS We Deliver lo Any I'art of City R. L HART ill: .N. Washlugiun Pliune VJG Tenth Inning. FIIIST . HALF—Snodgrass w:is out. Wood to Stahl. Murray got a double int«i the left field crowd and scored on .Merkles liit. Merkle took second when Speaker fumbled the liall. Herzog fanned. .Meye,-s grounOed out. Wood to Stahl. One run; two bits; one error. I^ST HALF—Engle is batting for Wood. Snodgrass dropped Engle's fly and the batter reached second. Hoojier filed out to Snodgrass. Verkes walked. Merkle and .Meyers let Speaker's foul fall between them. Kngle scored on Speaker's drive to right and on the tlirowin Speaker trjok second, Verkes going to third. Lewis walked and the biises were filled. Yerkes scored on (Jardner's sacrlllce fly to Ikrvore. Two runs; one hit; one error I Dorothy Calll Oct. 11;. —AVe are liaving line fall weather but are needing rain badly. P. B. Spicer, of Parsons, was a guest of D. D. Spicer over Sunday. .Miss Marie Smith, of lola visited her parents over Sunday. Mrs. Sadie McKiernan of Iola visited at O. F. .Millers over Sunday. Miss Lotta Yowell.aud .Miss-Olive Taylor attended teachers' meeting in lola Saturday. .Mrs. Martin of Neosho Fails was a guesi of .Mrs. .lohn Rces over night Thursday. .Mrs. C. H. Kees. Ilev. Fisk and Mr. and .Mrs. George Perkins were business visitors in Neosho Falls Saturday. .Mr. .Miller's health is a little improved this week. .Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Colglazier have gone to honsekuejiing in .Mr. .\rcher s house. Mrs. Delia lycavltl gave a party for her Sunday School class Tuesday evening in honor of Roy t^ampbell. . Arthur Perkins left Wednesday for Hollis. Cloud County. w-i;ere be >vlll work for a few months. The Santa Fe depot Is getting a In-w eoat of paint this week. SCHKAXKS .MIM» SHAKKV. Year- C (• Thompson, of Kvansville. Ind.. who has been here on business, went to Chanute this iifterneon. Mr-;. W. II. Ultle of Coffeyvllle. who has l.een here visiting friends, returned home this afternoon. .yrs. H. C Westerly, of Tulsa, Okla , w-hi> has beta hero visiting friemls, weit to Chanute this afternoon. II. T Hitchcock, of Thayer, who has been hi re on business for the Sons & Daughters of .lustice.- went to Chanute this afternoon. Mrs Will Tobey went lo Girard this afternoon for a brief visit with relatives and friends. Sneelhearl Ilrowned Several .Itro on (-en. Sliiruui. .Milwaukee, Oct. 1-5.—The death o! his sw-eelheart.. who was btiriied t( death on the steamer G<-ne.-a! Slocun" in .Nt-w- York hartiur severel years agf ,)r )b .ibly unb.iianced the mind of Johi .-^1 Schrai.k taJk.-d freely to newspaper men .-ind jail attaches today. Asked il he had ever had a swei-theart he immediately stated that he had and her name w-as Elsie Zeigler, but, he add ed: "She went down on tho General Slo- irnm and I have never felt right since.' The -assassin e.xtolled the virtues o' Elsie Zeiglpr who, he said, was r betimiful girl and whom he had planned to marry when everything was right. "Have you ever lu.d another sweetheart?" asked i!ie reporter. ".No." said Sciirank. "that w-ould not be ri::ht to Elsie. "When she went uow-n on the Gen '•r:i; SlOcom T though of suicide ano did not k^iow how I coifld live without Iii-r. I resolved to be true to Elsl»- and have never had another swe «'t- heart." Shrank insi?te<l again today Miaf : vi.sioii in which I'resident .McKinleV .-iY >|'e .-ired to itim ciiised him to shoot th • Colore!. S.-Iira:ik !oo>'-d little Ih- worse *for a ;:i'.'!'t slM-nt In :i cell at the centrllT station. He was given a -sandwich -" hieh hej;..e -lithonsh he said his ap- pe 'ile was I ot very keen. "H-)W i !n you feel?" Schraiik was iisk '-d I ' — "Oh. prji tiy well eonshierin^ cvery- tliii 'U." h^ a'lswered Me ai,i>eaied unpreturbed over thi pruiiable i-< iineiKc of the shoot in.e He t:i!k"il r:il 'onal !y. He said he us- iUa!'y vo'ed th.' Denir.cratic ticket, bui j ih-il S 'iii;etiir.'-s !» voted ihe Rcpubli |i-:.n. He rejieati'd that he wis sorry his bir.let did. not kill Koosevelt. becaus' The candidates tiver in Woodson, county are coming "tliro the rye" all -ight. The I'niontown Cicerone has a, ••vhole column of {lolitical announce-i nents. while in dear old -Allen conn-: y only one announcement has been' made—and he is a democrat. Shame! -Gas City Herald. ! Vea. verily. Shame'. And also Alas! /="urthermore Help! Shall the Repub-,' ic be allowed, to go to the bowwows? s there lo be no check on the jMili- icians? Can anybody and everybody -un for ofHce witliout paying the entrance fee? If this thing keeps on 'eviTNbody'II be doin' it." there will '>e no wholesome check on the itch for ilfice. and the [loor printer will waste his columns, v.hicb - should be filled ivith paid announcements, in priming he list of voters of the county, all -unning for office. lON'T BE AFRAID EAT WHAT YOU WANT .Kat'what you want when you want it aiid "Digestit." Tw-6 or three tab- •ets after meals digests all the food, i»revents distress., relieves indigestion 'hstantly. Brown's Digestit is a little tablet easy to swallow, absolutely harmless. It has relieved thousands '-t •and is guaranteed to please you, if not' your money refunded—50c. 01 T 0> A FALSE ALAKM. VIdnlght Kun «>f Fire Compaoj Dne fo a Scare Only. TTie fire company made a run. last midnight to Tennessee pnd Madison avenue, neariy a mile. , Someone in 'he neighborhood turned^ in an .ilarm but when 'he company airrived at the •Joint -tlesianatf d it was found thai only pPe of trash was burning. In.iiired in a Figbt. A fici-t ens'ied .Nesterday afternoon followinr -".n r.rgument between Tom apd Frank Tate and Art Burnett. Burnett wa* badly-beaten. This rnorn 'n i-a \'.arra :!T charging Ftank Tate with assault was issued by County! .\ttoniev Tavlor and Tate was arrest-i cd by I'ndersherirr Dunfee. Marc Schoenbrun was being intro- 'u-i'il about town this week and was b«l -!L' glve.i the glad' hand . when his dd frieV.ds recognized him. He has he-n in r-iliiornia for the past six nion'lis. trading off 3 fair complexion more or 1-ss lined by care, for a, r.iddy oiul creased by lines between fat rolls He and .Mrs. Schoen- •irun have enioyed their outing im- mensi ly and expect to return to lx)s Angeh s to live about the first of th-* year. She l.i now- in St. Louis visiting her family and Mr. Schoenbrun will CO tnere after a- business trip to Pi;!sliuri;. Paul Cutkr. son of .Mr. and Mrs. .\. C. Cutler. ::24 South Colb<irn is ill with scarlet fever. The home has he"n placei! under quarantine. oing to Kansas City, or • beyond, you'll find the "Katy" train the most convenient. ^ Leaves lola—- l.OS p. m. Arrives Kansas City 5.05 p. m. * TA« rvriy arrioal in^ KanM<iM City *nabU» you to muk* all thm important connccTwna thmre. The next time make the trip via Katy to Kansas City for (ATCS and anr-travel inf orniA 'ioii t^r-or writs A. A. Moaher, Ticket Agent, M. K. Sc T. Ry. Iola,

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