Covina Argus from Covina, California on April 4, 1908 · Page 4
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 4

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 4, 1908
Page 4
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The Covina Argus COVINA. CALIFORNIA. Entered at the I'ostofficc Covina, (,'al.. as sccond-clasH matter. Published every Saturday by the Co vina Argus Publishing Company, Inc. SCliSCKlt'TIONS: SI..SO .50 .0.'. One Year in advance Six Months Three Months Single Copies A DVKRTISKMKNTS: THsplay advertisement at reasonable rates. Prices on application. Changes made as per contract. Liners ,~o per line each insertion. Legal notices 51.Of) per inch first insertion, C 0 cents each subsequent in- BCrtiori. COVIXA. April 4, 1WH. ML'NKMI'AL TKJKKT.K. .VON j'Ait'nsAN. TniHleeH K. II. Lal>e,e v 10. I'. Warner, Ij. Ij. Kiite.kin. Clerk A. M. Ponce. Treasurer W. M. (iriswold. jVIarshiil T. A. MoCorrnick. INDKPKNDHNT. TniHt.cos K. C. Pollard, Kohl,. OroriHlmw, (Jeo. W. (Joolman. Clerk A.M. Pence. TrciiHiirer -W. M. firifnvold. Marshal I. ('. Fairly. [NDKPHNDKNT. Clerk Austin Warner. McLachlan Defends Owens River Project. Wnnhirigton, April 2.- HeprnHen- tiitivo Moljitc.hlan of Cnlifornia toddy fiddroNHod the JIoiiso defe.nding the C!onnec,tion of the forestry bureau with UK-, project, of fuiniHhJng LOH AngeleH vvitli witter from tho OVVCIIN river valley, which was recuntly attacked on tho floor of Uie House, by KcpreHentativo McLachlan reviewed the history of the, undertaking on which $'2H,00(),- 000 ia to be npent and claimed that, Pinohot had in every in- Htance, acted iifion the re.oommondH- t.ioriH of the majority of the Cnli- fi.-rnia delegation. Ho HO id that the wcHimt iuHlHiir.o, which involved tho refiornrnondatioMH of Forester Piiitthnt that tho Owens river valley bo converted into 11 forest re-serve, was tho result of letters sent; to tho President by every member of the delegation, with the exception of ^Representatives Kahri, Mmith and Needham, asking thnt this atop be! (liken. Mr. MuLnelilHii alHo look oc,r:iiHion to say that there was itbHoltil.ely not the least ill-feeling between l.he mornheiH of (lie Cnlifornia dolcga- tiun, and (hut Representative Smith was evidently acting in accordance with the inlerestH of certain of his (!onstit nents. "Some two yours ago, I,ON Angele.H made application for the right of way to tako water from tho Owens valley for domestic and oilier purposes, "said Mr. McLae.hlim, "and that right was given. During tho last Hummer the city of Los Angeles voted to bond itself in the amount of J'JIJ, 000,1)00 to carry out thin project. A foivist reserve known as tho Sierra National Ke.servo, is located along the eaHtern boundary of tliiil valley. "Subsequent ly the ant Imrit leu of Los Angelas laid nut a line tor an aqueduct to conduct HUH water from Owens valley to I,OH Angeles, and in order to have thai extended along I hi' river in Owens valley they rei|UCMtud President IIoosi<velt l.o withdraw from t-etl lenient, certain 'andn along the eastern liiuiiidary of tlin reservation that \\niilil include this aqueduct and thin river to the end that the water might nut become contaminated. "An application wtif made in .Fan nary, I'.MIT, for the extension ot this reservat inn and WIIH acted upon hy Hie President, \*ln.i lemponu i ly with flruw ilie pulilic, lands along this route t'l till) colt lenient. "My colleague, Itoprcscnlal i ve Smith, in duscriliiiu.' t his I ransacl inn on I he floor the other day contended that tin 1 forestry depiirtment was attempting to extend its forest userves without justice or without cause. Mr. Pnllurd nf Nehranlui stated thai he had railed u|nin Km e.-ter Pinchot. who suited that he did this a! the rei|ue>.( nf the ('iilifnrnia delegation. The delegation then prctionl in ihe House ivcre asked if they had niiidc any such iei|iieM and .slated that they hud n.ii lieeli to I he de pai'tmcnt in in'tl.e .such a rei|in-st to the lore.-ter. ''It t ralir-pii is iinu dial evi i \ mem her ot llif ('alii'.i ma delie,aii< n 1 hr except inn of NCI dli ; iin, Siiiilh and Kahn. t lie !at t er being in 1.111 o| c, had u ril li-li tliu 1'leHd. lit a-Uiiig thai tins 11 serxat ii'll hi- madi', and J'inchi t \\a> arlinu in a, c I laiicr \. il h tin 11 .jiii'-t and I In ill ii.ainl > .1 I hi 1'i'opU- n! I.' ^^ Ai g li s and u i 4i I In 1 1 'i jiiest ',1 a n.a ]• I 11 \ i ! d,' j di-Ji t-aU',ii ti i -in I 'iilitoi n i.i. 'The people of Lo«i An^elps hnve •ihown their «ood faith and deter- minntion in this matter when they have voted their money to take thin water down there in order to fu; eommodsite the actual necessities of that section." •Senator Flint, Forester, Pinchot. Representatives McLachlnn and Smith nppf'Ht-ed before Secretary of the Interior fiarfleld on his matter today. Smith alone opposed the proposition. It is believed thai .Secretary Oardeld favors the reservation and will make such a recommendation to the President. No legislation will be required, A proc- hirnation by the President will nettle the matter. Stockton Lincoln-Roosevelt League Discouraged. Stockton, April '2. The Lincoln- Uoosevelt League, which has bijen | making strenuous riffoilslo gain a! ffxithold in this city, had a meeting t.his evening but the attendance was discouraging though an effort, was made to keep the local organia/tion together until after the election thi.s fall. The majority of the membership of '.J50 is composed of those who faileri to secure some political position in the past or have a clone friendship for others who could not land a political job. It was anticipated that there would be a membership of IfiOO and that the new faction would cut, quite; a figure in politics, but many of those who at first signed the membership roll are deserting as they see that they made a bad mistake in attempting to divide the Republican party for the benefit of a few men who are in tho sorehead class and hope to disrupt, the party even If Democrats are elected. In the meantime; tho regular Republican organi/atinn is going ahead with plans for the coming state convention and county election in tho fall. BATTLESHIPS OF ATLANTIC FLEET TO APPEAR IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA PORTS. Quick Returns on Small Investments. In West Texas of late years tho paean growers have been top grafting the native pectins with the fine varieties of the Hoft shell, or paper shell pecans and so have improved the duality of nuts and also the quantity of nuts raised in the groves BO treated. Now it seems to me that English walnuts Could be grafted on tbo native walnvit trees in Southern California in the same way the Texas nut growers graft the liner varieties ot pecans on tho native stock, and HO get, a profitable walnut, grove much quicker and with a much snrilier investment of money, labor mid time than by planting. 1 see linn native walnut groves a few miles southeast of Oovina on tho hill lands of the old llollenbeck ranch, part of which is now c^wiicd by Mr. Chapman and part by Mr. .1. W. RigghiH, especially on the north side of the hills, where tho soil is exceedingly rich and where dry weath6r seems to have but little effect on any vegetable or tree growth, and since this kind of land can bo bought for HO much less money than the lands commonly lined for walnut planting in Southern Call fornia, it does seem it would pay thorn) contemplating the glowing of walnuts to study I his question of grafting on native trees and MO in tho course of a few years, if proper interest, were aroused, we might see line walnut gloves on native stock all through Southern California on lands now used only for phhture. Trim the natives up and top graft with KngliHli walnuts and get paying groves quicker, I have imide some inquiries and can lind no utie who known whether nr not it has been tried, but it can be done, I am sure. W. ,1. It. Moore, from Texas. Mountain Lion. A (deplume message on Saturday that a mountain lion had been seen in the orange groven to the east of town caused a Hurry of excitement among local spot-lumen and in a very short time after the met-sagc was re ccived nil nlgalli/ed band of Clack .shots, including t'. D. Grilllths, (Fred Midihaigh, and othei'H, left tnr I the hci lie. They trailed the ferocious least for nearly two hours through the groves and at last came upon him oiil> to discover that their informant had seen a liirue Dane di>g which had been dialled in uiitieii'a- t ion > '1 warm weather. Another Candidate. I This week Mr. Austin Warner lias' ,-lilhi Illiced hill,self a.~ all illdc| indent i candidate t'i I the ollice of City ele'k. i M i . \S a i lie i is t he | re M'nl i ncum I i n t I and luis M i \ id I. ,r t VM , tel m.--. .sweets are pure unJ :-el Is 'cm. Test Type of First-Class Battleships Virginia, Khode Island, Georgia. 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