Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 16, 1912 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 16, 1912
Page 2
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THE lOLA DAILY REGIESTER^ WEDNESDAY E^ENINd OCTOBER 16. 1912. rifsss:^ .1 "\. '!"•'.. I _-L ...iiw-iaj-jH-j - ^ . - r-. ...,U- • • -> The Master Key. There's a .palace by tli<! shor»' Of "the crouching sea. Where the salt waves rour, And the blithe winds bf; Bu« locked is wery door And the blllhe winds fiw. Nbne.comes across thj* inoorlsiinl wUh i ' the muster kr-f. There's a room tleUi loik'il by pride, And a room hy Hale, Wrath and scorn abide At my iittlnoe gjin'-- ;i-o. every door sprinss wlil.'. Blow ihe blithe winds fro. - haa rome nrrosK tiic iiiuorlMnd with tlie niasler key. On|0 CANDY OF BEST. QUALITY A iine. assortment of Fresh Candies Huyler's, Liggett's and Fenway Chocolates BURREirS DRUG STORE The Kexall Store WKST .SJI»K OF .SylMRE. THE PAlMFPnfREm WOMEN 4^ stale the Fairest of (he Fair, Art CltUr Member Herlures. TV)wn the moorland prido Urn From niy iialaiv- hall; 'Wruth In ahimti' linn dead Hy the Kray m-a wall; ThrouKli the liallM I<)VI>-H|M-(I, I ('oiino.'iliiM Winds of tlod blow fr»>«': ' „l /)Ve luiiccome aenitiH ilie inoui'i'land wl'h ilu maKier k<y! -Charlotte W. TIUHHIIIM . In \" W tlr leans Tln ^eH -Pi'iniirrat TFH' history clasw.-s nf iln> blub school are liavlPK more i.iiii 'KHdnt: nnd pnicilcul IOSNOHH than lUey havi' • every,h"<l before. . MIHH Hii'li Prlie rbelnstruetor, recently iviurn.d fron' II trip tibmad dnrinit wblcli Kbe visaed Ku^laiid, Scolianil, Frame. SWUMM"- li^Hd. Itnly anrl t3ri 'i>ic antl , IM vmive- nifs of hev l.MUney broUKli' snuu i'luht hundred 'pietnre imsi l-.irdK which'nr«' sliowji and di>ii'uiiHed in tin varlons depurtnifniH. Miss rrlci- weiii nnder the leadership of ilie I'liivcisity IVureau of Traxel which nifiUcs ii possible to visit BO jfreat a niimlxT of places In so'short a tini<> Uioaiise no lime Is lost in useli-ss wanilerInK, hotel -nrrangenieiiiii and laokliij; .afn -r bapgape, UesIdeR belnfi under ihe 1. at . or ship of experl<-med lravcb>rs «h <i know jiist what to seo and wliai to pass by.' : Miss Price is particularly entbnsi- astic about Knjiland and Scotland, where the party remained about four weeks, tvn of which wore spent in London. They were in I 'arls at thr lime of the Xatipnai holiday. .luly 14 wliich is celebrated by the ronimor people, with dances which often la.^t from! sunset to sunrise. On the twen- tyisecond of July while the mercury wall hoverinp around the TOO m -irk in lola, the Bakerjtes had a snow ball liattle on the Jvjngfrau In the Alps Of Italy Miss Price has less to say except of the wonders of the Art Oal- lerles of Flor ^nc* but the Grecian trip •was particularly interi 'StuiK btKausi of the novelty of the manner in whicli II was fakqn. The Travel Bureau maintains a yacht In tlie Medllerran, Van in .which the parties travel by iiiirht, landing in she daytime at points of inttresi alonu the coast. In this way-they visited Olymiiia. nelp?i:. Athens and several otlU-r places. There is a great deal more that mlphi bo told, for Mi .ss Price talks euter- -taininf;1y of the wonders that she .saw but she confesses that she was more •han glad to set. foot once more upon American soil. Miss Edna Keith entertained a party of friends last nisht with German luncheon. \ color «ehejne of red and whlti* was carried out Ir. the hon ^5e and tab!*? d <vorafions. red autumn leaves being particularly in evidence, The guests were entertained with .music. Those present w.^re: Miss Kdna Freeman. Miss Hazel Uutuher. • Miss Florence I .^w. Miss Maude Ifaie, Mlis Edna Keith, Mr. Tom Thompson. -Mr. L. B. Stofts. Mr. Harry Fadke. Mr. Win Black and Mr. Charles Hurst, of Jacksonville, Fla. • •> Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Kirk and Mr. -and Mrs. J. K. Powell went to Neosho Falls this morning in the Kirk auto to hear the lecturn by Ctshop Shepard of the Methodist church ai the diS' trlct conference. •I- + •:Circle number ten of ihe Methodist Ladies' Aid Society which met with Mrs. J. B. Kirk yesterday afternoon has decided to Rive a tea at the home of Mrs. O. Maior on ll)e fifth of November. •:• <• •:• The Ijoyat Daughters Sundaj- school class of the Christian church will givt an exchange in the Hobart 1>uildin!; on the south side of the stjuare next Saturday beginning at ten o 'clock. Pies, cakes, bread, salads, and other . varieties of cooked foods "«vill be furnished by members of the class and their friends and the proceeds from the sale will go to the class fund. This Is an opportunityyfor bousek^ejj-" iers to "rest from the latwr" of the- regular Saturday baking and also savt. in the matter of the nas hlU. The v\as> will Kicjiilr ap|ne (liit €f yonr pal rod- .Miss Zona Slewari i >f Kilicald, li«i> •>ni< red lilt- l.lh/.i Murtic claas, tnkint IIP the MtiMly of arilMiic pinno^wurk In with hariiivny, * •:• + Th" Srliulii;ri Trin, .MIH^CH .^^n-lli Uaiiiiall. .\mella liipp.fh and II .Hti- <i(itilr, iiri' worUiuK 'ip iHoiiii' liiuuilfi) 4e |i'v iliiiiM lor ('iiitri'i'i and Iticlla* wiirk. •:• • .Mrii (' I'.' SfclililtiH. liaH ri'iuriieil from Iniii'penileliee «lnTi' llie liiilUli )r Pawl (ii'aml |iet:i<'i- waH lonfcn'ei' u|M)n liiT ai Ihe ihliiy-llHh aiinlver- Mary mi'i'tln>: of ihe iteiieci-u uml 1 O. O. F. lodges, sill- viHii .'d ifliiijve' In Caney and ('lianiili- lieidi -e n'Mirn Ing i»>nn>. * • • 'W <' ihi Thursday and Frlilay nil thi wi'i'k ihi. Sit 'oiid • llisi rid ii»iv «ititl<ii •) flhe W U. I", will If In s .SHfiu 1- l.awrence. Kas^, Mrs. IMilllip lleiBcl' if till' loc &l t'(iri>s lia.s till' honor o he presidency of I lie ctinveiiliiiti am Mrs. Harri.-ti l .intnu is tlif siMi.'lar.* ind IIK'V will liolh ln' in atli 'Udt >ni'< riK' other ollicers arc Mrs, Anna Mil 'I'l-, of Ft, Si'ou. seni<ir vice-iiri-.'iiihnt: Mrs. Klla Cliamney, of l -awrem-e. jnn tor vice.prvsUloitt and Mrs. Iirusill: HIackburn. of t )lailn'. treasurer. Mrn Vngie Vriiii. a pasi president, als) <>i tills ciir will ;iti(-nii die < oavt atjoii • •:• •:• Mrs. J. M. Storey of Un-.o Kitn. wUt' "las ben visit in;; her sister. Mrs. .1. K Pow<>ll for several days has returnei; io her home. .Mrs. Sion'v stoiiixd here on her way from roV.insville., where :he went to visit h'?r (".iiuftht- r>wMr£. Chas. Greg^ and her new ^Taiifld .iuph- ter. Miss Maxine Kiir.aheih Creiit: <• • •;• \.\re you a man us a hey? W to. ii would he aitouetiier icdiier ami v('r> ad»antai;eiiiis for 'iii !i> !•.•• i.nie v. nenilier of tlie V \t c ,.\ '.vei '1; • •:• • After the business ine^tiiiir nl th< Kpworth League of llie Melhodi.^t church al the home of .Mi .<!s Cliliiic Sheue last night the nieinliers adjourned to tlie woods east ."f till' Kentucky street hrldco takins? with them a plentiful supply of niarshmallows. I I I • • ! \ "You mt'v ;.;..:! it from the hcu.-^-i i t <»lis but ji-u nee:: noi quote my name. ; My na:n «5 hr^ no'hing to d« with It and It might \.\: -.cKOrded as an eVfort in .'got In 'o print, but you cay for me tlia- I I have a studio In a town of inn.uiXi 'and I have had sti )dl<is in towns i.fl j that size for years but miwhere 'iiave II seen tiuch lenullful wnnien a.s in , lola." I And this from a member of the Kan ^ias State Art Club whU-U clo.sed Its annual session at tlie Gibson stu-' din yestevday afternoon. Thv artist who puld such a line k -ompllmeni to 'he women of loin is a resident of one >f tlie largeiT'i cltle.i In the ttute and le is fiiremosrin his line nt »>irk. tie M Well ijlialifled to Jud );e and lliiM'e- ore hU opinion is lakenAvitii i :ie l)e<t if grace, and In nil sincei Ity- "Voiir men are handMomo as well," he artist said to the "pholont'uplier in >iir town," Mr. tJllisi -n. "But iliey do o( pa.'-it file avcraiie, lliii .imir vvnin- n, al' • iliey are beauiirul " The lola Mu^ Clob PRKSKNTS EStherMayPlnmb IN Song Recital Tuesday, Oct'obcr 22nd \V TIIK I IliST ( Hi Ufll Ticki IS at IJiirrcll's Worn with Perfect Comfort by Millions of Particular People!- J iplJleH i;iid sweet poialces. which vvere roasted over the htg hditllr's \hout thirty menilieit .tii the i..ii |;iie Vere nrescul • * You will prii<lt by tal'Ini; a .l \aula ;;e f the'sjii'clal iilfer made I'll.^ wei U II llie uiiv i>i' iiieiiil'er .'i^ili) in Die Y M tV A A pieiiy liiitliday p.iriv iv.i ..4 . .1 • esterdiiy ill honor of Mlt.-- !';ve|\ti (i\ , rilieyer 's eleveiilli,'. A tuoj Olirse liillehiHin was »el >eii •>> llie liil : iiwitig guests. Kaihr .Mi i :.iuei'iiKiii.! larcell.. Uradlh hi. Hub.v Wrighi. llcs- ie Smith, l .avcriie Sniiili. Vera iuid leuluh n»'*He. Geor^iia ilewlll, IVi. 'h'lgaruo, Klhcl I'liilllps. .Mihlnii ilassi 'll, Muniie Hari. Uobeiia Glhlis. Verta Pin ley.. .Margaret l!ev .;...l. N..|- je and Uuby Usliuriie. Gladys v.svui.u y\\\ I'll MU. W'lAfi PIttiiili. is a 4imir:iliii of iimis- iial talent and ability ami in :iililltl<iii III her |i|i.|iill !nl MUill aliiiile'~. vlle piisst s''i> 'ii iLii -T i ;ruijefif1 auil nueeli lied- ' 1.^ i'l''" ein • veil, Margaret Car..!, .le.ssie l !i !lil.- 'inindl, Iva. Mary, I'.arl and l-tvelyn Ivermeyer. Misses .lulia \Vi!lia.iiison nd iPeai I .McKlasi y assisted in s r»- Ug. i The guests ciijoyeil tliemselve> 'Villi games during the .•iit'-riioon. O • The nieir .h.-'.3 of St, .lohn's .Miar s"- •iety are rtviuesteil to meet tomorro"' | ifternoon at lialf past twci -.•A the liouie if Mrs. Kills Grant, ill N. Saie street. Plans an> to he made f',>- liie ilei :i>'ti ; day dinner. ; « <• •:Miss tllive Uankins eu'ertaineii wr.a Miss 1/Oiiise Hyde yesterday aflertioon j for "tlie iiKinbers of (he P. K. (). Af-| tiT Ihe business niiTling tii.e hostesses served a dainty luiiciieoii during tin- , social hour to the following nienibers: Mrs. P. S. Mitcliell, Mrs. Boltbn. Mrs. i Watson, Mrs. Waugh. .Mrs. ijeylniiiii. ; Mrs. Kaufman, .Mrs. .Nelsoti. Mrs. 1 Northrup. Mrs. Burke ami Mi's. II M Sifers. The most popular because the best fitting:. lonKest wearing, most comfortable underwear made. 7,000,000 Munsingwear garments sold annually. DAINTY LITTLE NOLLY MUNSING * - with her seven beautiful dresses Free With Each Dnderwear Purchase We wisli lu tUanU <mr friends wim I kinilly aysisicil in tiie Imrial ef our 1 ilarlins smi. iialiili. and l{e\ iVatin-r. Itev Ve/.ie fo; ilieir kind ser \ices, Al, 11 the many l:i"ni!,-. .M. W, A. Ciiris- I rian Kn(!<a'.<>i .it tl,.-' ;' I! aiiil I^nHes'i ' Aid ci.aliel 1,1 lola rriilll buys on .No I I furnace and .MeCaieB cliapel Sunday School iif Itnrtlesvllle. oiila. f<ir tiieir beautiful floral (ifffriiigs.—.Mr. ; am! .Mrs A, f)!iie.-, ..Mr. • and Mrs. ; .loiin Oliver and fanlilv and .Mr :Nid .Mrs. C. K tUiver. BEAUTY h larcely a matter otcomplezloa Don 't M , Freckles. Tan, Sunburn or other blemlattM 1 spoil. r<n<rx i Wilson'a Freckle Cream —Kiiichs. the finest (5ei iiu'ui at .Mundis. Candy made Is III.- quickest, surest beuiitifier known. !:;.:i ::ie 'is 10 tlio most delicate skill. C 1.1 t grow li .iir fC'-iiiovM freckles and (.;• i!s ciii'iii VXI ..I1. .11 your uioiuiy back, iuois SniQ s .ii.ijjnjf in aicg Jo,^ BLACKfEET INDIANS TAKE NEWLY-WED,PALEFACES INTO THEIR TimE; CHIEF THREE BEARS PERFORMS SECOND WEDDING CEREMONY The Charm of The Bracelet was never so apjiarent as it is in the new and .very exquisite (Ijesigns which we are/now showing. T 'liey are the consiiuinia- tion of beauty and grace Designs are as diverse as taste may desire, aud include— I'L.VIX BKAfEl.KTS ; EXtJK.iVKH HU.VCELETS £nidne Turned lirarelelN DIAMOMI BItACELKTS ALL RBASONABLY PRICED! WttW) MnW'-hw U Ihe dalntieot Ihtle p.iper doll ill ViiiiT -ica. Mie has an Indltfdn.'tlil} all b;>r uttii. SUv jiNti hHK seien liciintifiil dresM-s. , M (Ih baU, irliMiS -hoo ami >li >rli !nu> li> iiiaich each die><>: all printed in colitrs uu line papi r ready l» lie ciil i>uf and lioru "wr h ;r line. (|ii !ilili llnuslittr. m-ar. Her co^.lanie-. ha«e bren de'.IuUPil lit u iiided lifhiiiii artiNi and nill of. I"er maii.i a taliiabli- sacaesnon Io iiii >lher> III little t'irN ih plauuiug nardnilic'.. i inlei- I-:M-!I drt^s iwars her pirfiif htlimr .ttiiiisiiii? I.'u- /«« .•vnil. Iteiiriunin:; iiinioirnu ai;d niiti) our >.>ipplj is exhausted. Me will die free :t .»t«JI.« .WujjsJnir ISoll riiliMil nitb.ev- ITT purch!i>e of I iideruear. It will |iai in anticipate ^iinr neeiLs nnd buy yiii 'ir winter .Uuusincwear now^ while our ass <>r}i:ienls are rmiipli-te. He' sure to bring tile little folks. .Miiitsiiignear i«> the imr.t piipuliir i.iiiii -rnear in Ihc iierld. Iieeaii .sr 'nf Ihe perfect r .a> in nhicli if fts nnd eaters the form, and because of its ,iiuusua( dunihilUy aud ua.shubiUtf. \\f consider uiir-iches fortunate tn having been selected as Ihe .UuusinK. near slon- of |lii?i rilj. Munsing Union Suits for Women At 75c,$1,.$1.25up to$3 Ladies' Pants and. Vests at ... 50c to.$1,.50 each Munsing Union Suits for Children At.^Oc. 75c, .$1 and $1.25 Child's Pants and Vests at 50c and 75c each LEGALS. ;: ' 'I I I of Allen County. Kansas, duly appoint-; ' ed and qualified as guardian of the es- , tate of Klizab^tli Shepherd, of Allen i County. All parties interested in .>;aid ; .".nate will take notice and govern ; thei'iselves aeilordingly. ' \ L\. It. SIII:PII!-:I:I>. tli)l-lt;-j;!-::i>. j Guardian. li'irst pul.lished t»ct. 16 l".«12> iiuisK <o.v«:tftRi-:.vT NO. 3. nraiitiiie r-qiial riKlns nr.d privileges tt U <iiiii;ri. I!« It risclvod by the I.eBl.s!:ilure of the State ui K,tiis;is. two-lhlrds of the icen-' i i-i,.,'!,',! 1,. •.•aeh tluus« thereof cui eurriinj Unrein: Tbai til. loli.iwdig (ir<i|i«»/t(on to amend i _ til'- e.,n.siu -.:tii .!i i .f stale of Kansas be ' \»tli'e of AppolutUieul—.Vduiinislrator li.ii. nau.-ly: In llie Jimttek- of the estate of J. li 1 s-oiiiHi 1. The rii;ht'» of citizens of the ilaun late of ivllen Coiintv. Kans. , , l .'il'- of Kan .sa .s tu vnie and hold oftiee i XflTII'l-' M' i l>l>lll\Tli KNT ! shall iivl iK. deulrtl or alirldceU ou ttc- . *; "/, '."-^ ,» ,i (, ..uiit ut n^t. i Notice is heiteby given, that on the I S '-e. 'ihis iiruiwisiiiun shall lie sob- 1 1st day of October. A. 1). 1«I "J the iin- ; ...iii.U to iiio e | ,j| ihl9 swte at the j jersigned was by the Probate Court of • • il i.i.-ctiot. '\=..f't'=-<^-:'^V.!;-*'^'xhl °amtnd ^ent^Allen Coumy. Kansas, duly a\.i.oini.- ;:Very'\V!'';:As^?'';h \i '!\-be^kr.o':.;S°fn™^^^ qualified ds Administrator of th ' • • • "-'-'Estate of J. U- Haun. late of Allen County, deceasled. All parties interested in said Estate will tatc notice and govern theniselves accordingly. FLOKKNCK E. IIAUN, iifflclal Isiliot by il..-> followine tlUe: ••Aoi<hdniei:t to the con.^tltntion granting e<iual riKbts »nil iirlvllejje.'* to-women." :i '.«I the viite for or asainst such amend- inei:t shall li« taken as provided br law. S."-. 3. Thlsi am.ndment. if adopted. sliall .be knovn U" .-action 8 of anicl« 5 of !h- ronstitution of th6 state of Kansas. Kee. 4. Thla rctnliition shall take effect Mill be In fnrve fr')in and after Its pub- lic.Tlion ill th" st .Ttute l<ook. Passod the ll'iiine February 7. 1911. I 'a.s.'f.-il th'? Sernite Fetirimry 8. 1911. APITOVMI February 9. I 'jlL I I r.-i.y nrtily thut liie forogoInK I.>« a Irii- .-ii'l n.rr.-.i r.ip.v .f ori;jiiiaI Ilouite ' •.K 'cijir .T!! Ke>„Jijiii,!i Nil. 3. now on tile III Il;\' ••tin*-. • CI IAS. H. SESSIONS. Se.r-tary of Slate. '7i-r.i—IVI 7 14 :i-:s~(»»-i-ii-is-2i I iii).2-'.i-ii;-:r. I First Published October 1012.) Xotlce of .Vpiioiiitnieiit (>u;irdlaii. ' ?tate of Kansas. Allen County, ss. i in the matter; of the estate of M. J. I Frishman. late of Allen County, <Can- .VOTICE OF APPOI.VTMENT. , .Notii -f Is Hereby f ;iven. That on Ii e i.'.rA day of September. A. D.^ ^ i ;)12. the undersigned .»as by the Pro- j hate Court of Allen County. Kansas, i duly appointed and qualified as Guar-," dian of the Ei^tate of .M. .1. Frishman. of unsound mind- of Allen County. All parties interested in said estate will take- notice and govern themselves ,accorainsly; j. A. FRISHMAX. • 10)-9-16-23 Guardian. FL(J)KK: iioi-it;-i'3-so. Adininistratri.v. Call on Us This liuntingi season promises to b..- a good one. According to farmers and spprtsmeu qiutil and prairie chic-ken J will be pleuliftjl and a few ei ese have j been seen. AJ nunib»'r of banters i have been ouf but tiiey say tin- yveath-; • r is too bain y,for good hunting j Uabbiis art- scarce this year, ho*-I evt ;r. and if yo i can"t bring down the j birds you may as well stay in the of- \ lice and depend on your friends to r furnish the bifds for your Sunday i dinner. BliEATHE HYOMEI AND END CATARRH Upper left, Daisy Norrla, half-brMd Indian maid of °lwii«r} lower l«fV'X'>t«' Threa Bear* and wlf«; upper riabt. group •liewlna lirMa and proOMt l«w«r rioht, wadding ceremony. While lioaejr-jBooBloff raoeatly In Glacier Mattonai ifaxit, Bobert iieiui, Wastungton curreap.ndeot oi LeaUe'a Weekly, and bta i>rid« ot a few daya; temarly Miaa Helen Cdrbm ot Indiana, were marrted by Chief Three Bears of the Biaekfeet tribe of Indiana "Tb* atnuise weddWK ceremony was wttncaaed by a hundred tourlsta from vaHoua parta ot the tJnlud'3t«t^ aevenU eouotriea ol tn* Old World, it waa DM most nnueual ceremony ever perforned by tbe Biackteet -mbiL Tlilrty Indiana moatly paaa danccra' took partStt the ctremony. wlUeh waa part ot t)M» proe^dlnta ylnvolved ^ tn tne adopuon of Mr. #nd Ura. Helnl by ttie tribe. 2Iiss Daley Mania a beautUiiMiaK-tacwC&^atgan Indian, acted as maid ot bonOr. . Mr. Betnl's given name la "BI4ck Eagla''- and'Jds Mte vraa named "SmaU iWoman.". Tbe youuK eoapla appredata (he honor iicBtowed upon tbeay (or dnly atoMt tea persons IMTS been adopted by Uia- Uiba }a lU- iiisuin^ .. —- - - . . ... < First published Oct. 16. 1912) ^otic^ of AniKiiiitmei^t—(tuardian. ; State of Kansas Allen County ss. In the flatter of the estate of Eliza- i beth Shepherd, of unsound mind, of t-Allen County. Kansas. XOTK'E OF AI'POIXTMEXT. Notice is hereby .given, tliat on the 10th day of October. A. U. 1912. the I undersigned was by the Probate Court If you really want to get rid of vjle Ctitarrh why not .give Uooth 's IIYO-MEI ' •reatnient a fair trial. j C. B. Spencer * Co . i.-; authorized ; to refund your money if you think you ' have not been benefited, and on that j basis every Catarrh vietitu in lola} ought to start to banL-'h Catarrh this very da.v. For County Treasurer W, Ea Kewcomb COOD THINGS TO EAT! . 4 N. Wash. Phone 161 Our pi'ice.s ai'e I'ight; our tleliveries are right; our groceries ai'e right JOHN T. TYLER Pres. lola Business Coilege: Your Support Soliciteti > They Make Yoo Feel Goo4. v --The pleasant purgative effect HYOMEI is a .=oothinK. healing anil- {j.r.iiiuced by Chamberlain's Tabletft septic air made from Australian Knca- i and the healthy condltScn of body SBUi i^yplus and other antiseptics: it kills mind which they create make one fe!!,l- ; Catarrh germs and contains no iioi.son- j. yful For sale by all dealers^ • - : OU.S drugs. Simple instructioa.s for in each padtaRe.. Complete outftt, 11.00; extra bottle. 50c. —Or, O. L. Cos. Oculist.

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