Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on September 23, 1889 · Page 1
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, September 23, 1889
Page 1
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/ i- yj ? VOLUME 8. STEELING. ILLINOIS, MONDAY, SEPTEMBERS. 1339. NUMBEE 0, & N. W. TIME TABLE. tiO!KOBA8T. Atlantic K* ..... 2:42 a. m aterliug Pas»...«:S» a. ro. » Pacific Kx ...... 2:22 a. m HterllliK Pas3.8:OU p. m. r g ; 5» ;i. T™. L!m!tf"IP»""<.4-'W p. m CHuton" "••""" 1:M p. m IcilntonFass 1 :i:i p. m. Denver " 8:40a.m,'|Denver " 8:53 " FBXIOHT TRAINS THAI CABBY OOINO BABT. OOIHO WEST. N, ijj ........ . ..... 8.15 p. m.lNo. B5....-~....7»40 a, m W,>; 4ii _____ ...... 6:50 a. m. No. 17..... — 10*2 a. m rni<UPftplllH.IKr.TftW * OIW.V {! R UlUV.IUSy »IU«!II»MM*«M «V 1'JXOV/S ii! •!« LA. BELLE FKANC-K ^assing Through Another Crisis in Hor History. PARK UKDEB MILITARY GUARD, ilotnrn* from YrRtm-tlny'* Klertloni Are Very ITrnlcrUlvi—-Tl<« Outlook !» Fnr Another \Vnt(,rloo for I?oulnnK o1 —Tlio Oenoral Vrulmbly Rnce''«*lnl In n X'nr- Man Ultlrlct —Mnnjr Rn-tinlloM Neo«Bary— \ Turbulent r'op"l'* c " ^t>-o:id In tho Citpitul uml tiio Tronps on Iho Qul Vive Tor llevolntlcin. LONDON, S->pt 23.—Tho Paris correspondents cf tho London press describe tho interest shovn in yesterday election as the most general ever notieed on any occasion of the kind. It Boema.l to be tho popular feeling in tho French cupltnl that a genuine crisis had hoen reached. A common remark was that UK- day was tho most important lor France sincu tho day of Sudan. The anxioty to obtain returns indicating the result throughout tlio provinces was very inarkjd, Mid cvejy scmp of news bulletined at tho leading newspapers offl.-os last night was eagerly scanned by largo crowds of people. Tho Pe<ipla Were Sponklns. Tho eloctluti was conspicuously an expression ot the popular will, and in this respect it differed from many previous French elections, which, were raoroly the registration by the - people of n result already achieved by their leaders. >mlol for ]ir.::iHiinj; HI; riant, the govern- GOING KABT. I OOtNO WKBT. 8—Passenger 6:80 R.m.|3S—Passenger 4:20p.m. 7G-Freight,....«:« p.m.|«—Freight ......5KX> a.m WE8T. ARR1VB 7» -Fa8Benser...9:OOp.ra. 77-Freight. 8:10 a.m. AURIVE as— Passenger 10 :3u s-m. 12 -Fre!guf......6:!tOp.m. Passenger No. 86 connects with trains east an* west on Clinton. Brandi: with 0. K. I & P. K. H. it Kock Island east and west; with main line lor points west. Council BluHs, Omaha and beyond and lor Kansas City and points beyond. -SPECIALTIES.— The Finest, Most Durable, and holds Its stfape the best of any whip In the market. StaiH Capt Sweep. Too Easiest Dumped, Easiest Eun- ulng and Latest Improved Sweeper made. Fancy Patent, per sack, ?1.EO. Half Patent, " 1.40. " ' Some of the oldest realdents^of this city claim this to be the beat flour they ever used In the State ol Illinois.! CJream I>ai8y and. JR oiler in stock. Tli« clergy of Montmartre yesterday ordered prayers In Boulangor'g favor. The workmen in the Montmartre district deposited their ballots early and departed immediately without exchanging views with thoir follows. Ths demeanor ot tlio electors throughout the day was quiet nnd there was no crowding at the polls. Aftor the closing ot the urna tboro was some eiciteintint in various parts of the city, especially in tho bourse. • A Riot Nipped In tlio Hucl. Here tho different parties paraded the streets, tho Boulanglsts singing popular refrains. There was a great uproar at the offices ot Tho Prosse, whore on announcement of Boulanger's victory In Montmartre was displayed on a transparency. The news was received with mingled cheers and hoots by the rival contingents, and as a row seemed Imminent the police and mounted guards charged upon aud dispersed the crowd. Several persons were arrested. Turlii Under Guard. Paris last night was under guard. The boulevards were occupied by ihe military and travel was cut off in the main thoroughfares. Cavalry forces from Fontainobloau and Melum wore undor arms in the streets. Regiments of Infantry had possession of every coign of vantage whore a mob could possibly obtain a foothold, and a thousand soldiers were awaiting orders in tho Palais de Industrie. It was evident that Paris was not going to bo taken by surprise again in caso of un uprising, and tho government was prepared to take most extreme measures to prtsnrvo order. Ilulf the Population Abroad. At t o'clock this morning halt the population was In the streets and every tenth -man and wflinan ware reading newspapers, which were issued from hoar to hour alter 10 1 o'clock. There was much excitement. Boalangists were shouting vociferously. Crowds had gathered about tho military cordons to jeer, and to admire orators who had been forbidden to speak on tha side walks, but who mounted omnibuses and harangued tho crowds from above, and occasionally an active gendarme climbed up and raptured one in the act NO SERIOUS DISORDERS, VIEWS OF THE CORRESPONDENTS. Ttury Think tlin li"«nlt n. Wntorlon for L<">Nr>ox, S'--pt ~ii.—Tun New-i 1 Paris cor- t reinari=* upon the een<iu<mn-;silis- •<l in tho voting. H« thinks thoro lias a relative dofrlin-j ii! tii" powsir of tho Boulnngist. jmrty sinco .Tannery, and predicts that both Buulangsr nn 1 Naqint will bo ilofonto'l in tho re-ballots. Ho thinks tho Republicans will win four-fifths of tho re-ballots. M. Blowitz, tho Paris rorrospon-lcnt of of The Times, draws the conclusion that tho Reactionaries aud Hotilnngisfei combined will bo soon to have far less strength than thoy expected to develop. AN EXTRAORDINARY MURDIR. And nn Extraordinary Way to DHoovor tho Vorpctriitor. Er.Don\DO, Kus., Sept 2i.—News of a horrible crimo comes from Rosalie, In thi« county. A man and woman named E.lwarda who were working nt a farm home, were asked by Mrs. Blcomer, a neighbor, to look after tho lotter'n baby whil/ tho mother made a call. - When Mrs. Bloomer returned the bnby was missing nnd tho Edwards di clarcd thoy know nothing of its whereabouts. Mrs. El wards' actions aroused suspicion, an 1 sho was finally charged with having murdered tho child. She indignantly denied tho charge, nnd tha search was con tinuod. Tlie- IrqoMnltlon ItovlT.xl. Mr. nnd Mrs Bloomer wero satisfied in Iheir minds that Mrs. El wards bad mado fcsvny with it, anil to test rneir suspicion they Finally she was "told Hint sho was to bo banged, and had bottjr confoas'tho crime. A rope was found, tho ond placed about her neck, nnd tho other thrown over tho limb pf a troo. Just us her feot woro about to leave tho ground sho confessed that during ox- trome annoyance at tho child'j disobedience of her commands sho had killed it and given tlia body to ber husband to dispose of. Ho carried It to tho creek near by and threw it into tho water. Striinqr Up III" Hnsbnnd Nnxt. Her husband denied any complicity in tho crime, and ho, too, was strung up for a minute or two and then cut down. Ho then confessed that ho had f-een his wife hoi-self carry tho dead body of tlw child to tha crook and dispos) of it tlioiv. Ho hud nothing to do with tlio crini. 1 , ho s.iid, except to witnoss the disposalof tho body. The search was still being carrlo 1 on at latest accounts, and should the body bo found the Edwards people will assuredly bo lynched. DONE BY EXPERTS. A Real Scientific Job of Safe- Cracking. FOETY THOUSAND DOLLARS STOLEN to :=.TATE OF UNCERTAINTY yvdo AVIII sut-r I ,•••'-jA Good Stock of Tin Tomato Cans Very Cheap. Also a lew dozen ofj MASON'S GLASS FRUIT JABS AND JELL TUMBLERS LEFT • , AT I* I,.'JOHNSON'S. A CHANCE. SUCCESSORS TO O. A. Oliver. BOOKS, STATIONERY and Wall Paper. S. S. CftEXDEft, IIHC*H SB.W roua: »-ro];B, ls : Ag*at/or . Applegate'a Patent Electric Ono Riot Itcporteil In Which Iloulnnelstl Suffered — The Uatnrns. PARIS, Sept 23.— The election yesterday passed off trauqulily in Paris, only a few minor disturbances being reported between early morning and nightfall Eiportafrom tho provinces also indicate that no serious trouble has occurred in the country districts. Thero was a riot in the city. of Avignon, where a crowd broke into tha Boulanger committee rooms, burned tho voting papors, and Bet flre to tho building. Thonos tha mob proceeded to the Boulangist club, breaking in tho doors, wrecking tho furniture and driving out the members ot the club. Tha Vote In Paris. In the 'first division of the department of the Seine Gnyst (Republican) has 4, 403 votes; Turquot (Boulangist), 3,088; Dospatys (Con- servativr), 3,118; Muzot (Ropublicau), 1,403; Petit (Labor) 280. Thero will be a re ballot, none of tho candidates having received tho requisite majority of votes. In St. George, Andrieux (Boulangist) haa 5,080; Berger (Republican), 2,957; Straus (Republican) 3.8W. A re-btillot Is necessary.- In the Pantheon district Naqut-t (Boulangist) has 4,5b0; Bourneville (Republican), S.770. No candiilato haa a majority. In the Faubourg St. Honoro district Pussy (Republican) has 3,a>5; Martin (Boulaugisl), 8,5^6; Serve (Conservative), 8,51L A re-ballot is necessary. The foregoing are Parisian dis- trtcta Return* from the Provinces. Returns from Hie provinces are coming in slowly. M. Thovenot, minister of justice, is elected in tbe«econd division of Lyons. Re- baJlots will bs required, and also at Bor- deaui. In tha flrsl division of Havre, Siegfried (Republican) has defeated Marchand, tho Boulaugiat candidate, The Boulangists gain two sjats by the election of*Count Grt-ffult?, a^ Mulum, and .UT'HlTfevoye, at Asnions, Iho ItSKufdstSBt-- ' ing Minister of Foreign A lluirs Soblst M. Ruuvie, minister of tinimeo, iaoIftoU'd for tho Grassa divisiun of the A I pus Maritimos, and M. Mtline, president of the chunibjr of deputies, for tie Beniirem.ont division of the Voagos. I^rttar Newti from Part*. Only flve caudidnlcu In Paris are known ill- flnituly t» have been elected, jiamely: 11. Brissoii illui-ulilicfliOV MM. BoulaiiKur and LaOucrre (R'vUii)iiit.U), Farcy and tit Martin (Boulauyisl). Urneritt lU»ut(». 2 a. m. — Ttio roturna up to this hour show i be ejection of eis(!ity-ntiiu K •publicans and Ufty-«ight aiit.-K-ptibtifuns, with uinely- threo rt-ball»ls. IMurns from tho Moiii- nmriro dwtrict !ii>licju« th-il. a ro-ballut will i.v iip<v«t>iry. It wa* fluiu^hl ut tlrst that (jtrlL Boui<Ul£tT -vvtlS v'ivCtod llK'Ve. THE FREAK_OF A FOOU. Ho Sot» Flro to » <Jiin Well Suloly to Boo the Hlace. UPPEU SANDUSKY, O., Sopt. 23 —Tho work ot tho National Gas compony, of this city, was rewarded Tuesday lost in striking a gushing gas well, the most powerful in this entire region. It was impossible to stop entirely the flow of gas, and since the find was made work has boon Roing forward to tap tho monster below tho surface and utilize tho fluid for light and power in tlia city. Hundreds of persons hava coma to inspect the well. A Witling nn Hand. ., Saturday evening a visitor, more venturesome than therrest, uuproaehod nnd tossol a lighted match toward It for tho sole purpose of seeing tho blazs. Tlio gas was instantly Ignited and sprang upward in a flame that quickly enveloped tira groat derrick and •hods adjoining. In a few moments they were reduced to a<hes, and tho groat waving stream of burning gas sprang upward uuob- ttructod. Tho light can bu toon for many miles. : • Sot Fire to tho Wood*. The atrip of woods near the well took fire, and, as it is very dry. the dimes there raged furiously, and scores of men wont to Work to pi event it from spreading further. No means of oloppiug tho blnzo at tho gas well are at hand, and absolutely nothing can be done to check It Tho community is terribly excited and in groat fear that a devastating Bre will ensu». First lln»e Fruit for Ihe Girilowa Tree. PEOIUA, H's., Sept. 23—Agangof lower Peoria hoodlums who, undar the leadership of James Mu<"key, havo for mouths been a source of terror, have brought their criminal career to a climax by the murder ot an inoffensivo old man nanv;-! Cowan for refusing to purchase drinks for tho gang. He was on lust Wednesday beaten and kicked iutoastiitoof insensibility, aud yesterday died from tho injuries. Three members of tho gang—Koriw, Hajrgorty and Hanlon— are in custody, and almost the entiro polloa force are ni-archingr the suburbs for Mnckoy. LATER.—James Muckey was cap urod at a late hour lust night after seven or eight hours hard work by tho police. Wlnncra oil tlio Unce Track. NEW YORK, Sopt. 23'—The winning horses at the Gravjuend-races Saturday were Fordham, Btrideaway, Magnate, Come-to-Taw, Tulla Blackburn, and Barrister. The time was not at all fust LOUISVILLE, Sept. 23.—Nevada, Brando- lotto, Kittle Cheattiam, M:vy O., Carter B., and Sisoloo were the winning horses ut the Jockey club races Saturday. CHICAGO, Sept. 23.—Saturday's races at the West Side park were won by Lizzie C., Martin Russell, Ernest Race, Contempt, and Cataline. Unknown Thlnvcs fipt Into n Sale nt Hurley, Will., and Got Aw^y with It* Con- tent-!—Tlioy Flint thfl Combination \Vhilo the Cnnhlor Ifl Absent nnd T/oavo No Ctnw Jiohlnrt Thorn—Tlio IVholti Job Coniplntcul In nn Hour nntl n Half. ASHLAND, Win, Snpt. 23.—Tim most cleverly planned, .daring, and successful bank robbvry in the criminal annals of this stat<3 was cxecA'tod at Hurley nt midnight Friday, wheu tho Iron Exchango bank was entered by robbers nnd nearly ?-10 000 in cash, left thoro for tho night by the United States Express company, was t taken. Periodically the Ashland and Germania Mining company pays off Its employes, numbering over 1,000, who work in tha iron minos near Hurley, nnd for this purpose f4l,700 was shipped from tho Ashlnnii National bonk to Hurley Friday night. Tho treasure was shipped in a doKan sacks, and upon its arrival in Hurley, a little aftor 9 o'clock, it was reiiiuvml to tliu "Iron Exchange bank in a wheelbarrow. Tho tima- lock ot thosafa Inside tho vault had boon sot and tho cash could not bs put inside of It. Tho company's agont consented to havo tho money placed in tho vault outsido tho safo for tho night It was Hot considered a deposit, rm ,I II,.<;,„-,.„(- ,,.„.. ,,I V .-.,, ,,r, r.-..T>!n^ Thny Know tho C-omljInuUon. Cashier RuyuoUh 1-uinainud in the bank until shortly after 10 o'clock, when ho left the building and went down-town with a friend. It was between this time and 11:25, when the cashier returned to retire for the night in the room which he occupies in tho bank, that the robbery was accomplished, At least two men performed the work, it is thought Tho marauders entered through a transom over tho roar door, as there was no other way tor them to got in without the fact becoming known. Tho vault door was opened without a scratch boing mndo upon it, and tho Inexplicable feature of it was that it was dono by some onp who knew the combination. Cnshlor Roynolils, however, states that no ono but hlmo'elt aud his assistant, Loonurd Perrin, knew the important sjcrot The Amount of the '*fiw«K. f * Of the $41,700 tho sum of $39,895 was taken by tho burglars. Tho remaining $1,80.) was in small silver change and too bulky to carry away. Tho cashier's theory is thnt the greatest portion of tho monoy was "planted" at a short distauco from tha bank, ns no progress could be mado by tho possessors of it • because ot its wolght. Nearly $14,000 of tho monoy taken was In gold pieces of $5, $10, and $30 denominations, and tho balance was in bank notes, scarcely any ot them being larger than twenties and moat of them ones, twoos, and flvos. Tho robbers did not leave the most minute clow to their identity. No ono saw them enU>r or leave tlio bank. They must havo been possessed of wonderful coolness) and confldonco. They evidently took tho bags containing the "swag" into Cashier Reynold's sleeping room, cut thorn ojwn to ascertain which contained gold and which silver, and then wont their way. Caphior Reynolds, when scon Saturday night, said that no ono but himself and Assistant Cashier Porrln bad ever obtained the comblna tion of tho vault door. Agont Alexander, of the United States Express company, was not very much concerned, and said it was something that was liable to happen any time. Tho company, Alexander thought, would not placa any blame upon him There is likely to bo a question growing Out ot tho robbery as to who will suffer the loss, the bank or the express company. As the latter's agent had no receipt for the funds it can not be seen how thoy can hold tho Iron Exchange bank for the amount." The Cashier Hai an Alibi. Nobody connected with th» bank is suspected, but it is impossible to conjecture how the combination of the vault was learned. Cashier Reynolds after leaving tho bank went to the theater with Goprgott Hooper, Horeturnod to the bank in company with Mr^Jxniibard, and then tho robbery was wKvored. They stood on the corner talking, when Mr. Reynolds, happening to look up, noticed through the bank window that the vault was partly open. Alarmed at the sight, ho entered tho bank and made a hasty examination. - Ho found that tho two doors of the .vault had been opened and all the money, excepting about $ii,000 in silver, abstracted. , re> i in > po- i-rior Fri- Sure ,1 T.nnnr—O in.>ii, <>i Ohio T,iH<ri! <>;. liTOX ClTY, S.'jit. '..'-i.—Til? ports which hnvo b-">n put in circtiliiti' tho pnnl few (l:\ys in rolat inn to tini p dent's c'.K'ion of this nf ilia!, m-i:i for th. sil.ion tt rx'liKion r< mmi^inn^r Imvo iitll^r on di'siiv or iin i^iiirJ inii v Jlnj. Warner, tho secretary of ti:i' int ninl the president hrnl t!i"ir ro:if"i day ni'^lit tlio mutter !r;s l.w-n as mncJi nnd<>- ti-nnm'.'d as it •-•.as lln 'lay Hint OimmN- sioner Tanii-T sent in bis resi rnation. A XV w Mnn In Hi" lllnit. Ono rniiie which wns cuiisulered at t Ilia confYi ent-n in n very favorably way wns one that tins b.'i;n but v»ry littlo m Mit'oned in the public ili-niis-ioii of the Tnniv-'r sunrca- sinn. It. mis that nt G -n. \V. 11. Gibson, ot Tifiln, O. Uen. (Jilnon is one of UIH most popular men in Ohio, and bis appointment nt i his time would help Ibo Rupuhlican party materially in tbs c >>niii£ campaign in ihiit slato. .lint unfortunately Uen. Gibson was nuili'orof the state of O:iio many y-ars a™n at the time that his brotlivr-iii-lawembozzled somo of tlie fuml nf tiio state, nivl he en- denvoied to shield thu crimiiifil. Tbo people of Ohio pf every political faith hold Gen. GibBon in high esteem, and there would be no criticism of his appointm.M'.t in .the slat-; but there is no doulit that his appoint- mont would arouse n certain amount nf rrit- icism in other parts of tho country, an 1 so tlie choic- 1 , which at ono timo during tho con- fercnco nootnad almost certain, was not made. Tho president atiil has hopes that Maj. Warner will accept, but bis best friends iJo not think that he will. J" !'!!> i tlv lii More Honey Loft Uohlnil. HUBLKT, Wis., Sept. 33. —No clue has as yet been discovered regarding tho whore- abouts of the robbers who plundered the Iron Exchange bank Friday night. Hoi- brick, a driver ot Davis' dray line, picked up a bag containing $700 In silver yesterday morning. He turned the money over to tho otllcei ». It is part of the cash takon from the bank. Officers are watching every nook and corner of the town /light nnd day. HOW 13 THIS, BENJAMIN! Slavery oiv TIsat. Ir.t.intJ- af Y.'jiirru' WHKUUMI, \V, Va., Bopt 2i>. —Tho rocunl ilispatches from Kingston, Jamaica, giving an account of a revolt in Navnssa, In wiiich a number of Americans wore killed, have excited much interest here, becanso a colored man, Jeff Davis, n resident of Wheeling, has recently_ruturned froin_tli8 island, and tells of shocking cruelty in Iho "slaves," who are held in bowing.) in Nuvassa, The stories of cruelty and tyranny in tho island which ho told seoni to explain tho presont report of "a revolt. Ji-lT'predictod thiit, if somo Wright, bold man over got sufficient influence to become n louder of the b'neks on tho islunJ, tlioro would b-j.a general uprising and n bloody massacre. A MOTHER'S NIGHT OF AGONY And n Moth<ir-ln-I.uu''ii IIoHrtlcs*noss— A Gotham Pollrp Station Incident. NEW YORK, Sapt -3 —Mary Mullins, aged 20 year?, entered a station houso oarly yesterday morning with a dead babo In her arms, and told a sad story of destitution and suffering. Her husband, a stereotypes, lott her alxnit three months ago to look for work in tho country, and sinco then sho has not heard from him. Mrs. Mullins wont to live with her mothor-in-law, but wns turned out of doors Saturday night, and walk>d tho streets until yesterday morning with her child Tho baba diod during tho night of cold and exposure. Tho mother was committed to tho caro of tho charily commissioners. A GOTHAM EDITOR'S PERIL. . John k. ItrpuillnlM Tlint tetter Announo- (\\C I'oiltlciil A*l>ir>ltloilR. NEW YniiK, Kept. '.':!.—A Boston special to The World says that John L Sullivan, bo- foro his departure, said that tlio'lalo about' his intention to run for congre*) wns all nonsenso and that ho ivjver wrote, tho letter announcing his candidacy. Tho lottor appeared in Tho Sun anil ho said that ho would mako tho oditor of that pap;r rotract it A Siiplio-tml Mm-diTBr Arrentoil. CHICAGO, Sept !£>.—A man named Purdy has been arresteil at MunsHel.l, O., on charge of being tho murderer of tho nun whoss body wns found in th3 brush n>ai South Chicago last week. It has also boon discovered that tho murdered man's namo is Roininger. Purdy had a ring aud a rovolver In his possession and tho Miss Kyurs, whoso address was found in Keinlngei's pocket, ideiitiflad both as tho property of tho latter. Tho caliber of the pistol was the same, as that of tho bullets in Reiningor's head. Another -piece of evidence is provided by a rifla which ho sold back to tho man ho bought it from. On tho stock of this riflo spots of blood woro found. Information was received at police headquarters last night to tho effect that Pordy had agreed to come hero without a requisition. The Tithor'n I-lfe I» Not a Ifuppy One. LONDON, Bopt .23.— The bitter feeling in Wales over the tithe q lestion shows no sign of abatement Tho oftleo of tithe collector just now is by no means nn easy ona to fill, nor even a safo ono. In various places streets and houses are barricaded, and it is a task of great dilllculty for tho collectors to roach tho persons of whom thoy ara .to demand tithes. Thoy are then likely to find that thoso whom they are seeking havo fljil, as tho approach of tho official is heralded from afar by means of guns and horns. A !!(-.(>;<• «-!,i, S.M vir, WASIMM.TDN I:.Toil- r-h-ipl. -r s.'iviiv» s-rvici- will li« t!i.> n-tn-d of tho !ifo- olfnic t!»> AH.inlic ouiHt Brii-f tel^sTsohic r.'ports nro nil that have yet I'*. 1 * 1 !! nT'ivrtl here, Imtfrom thi-s-? it can l«> gntlierod that Inin^h'^iis cf livi-i^ nivl th^nsrijiil-? of dollars worth rf prop.-rty hav • bo-!n nivol through tl).' i ITm-is of tho crews at the various li!'.»- r.nving stations. Nothing libo tho wimo luiintier (if rescuon wiihiu a p<jrU>I covero'l by n single storm has evor bia'oro l.pen ncTomplishod in tlm history of tha lifo- saving service of any country. A Few of tho Dptnil*. Along tlm co;is of Mas.saciuisotts nineteen ve^R'is in distress wore reached Iiy thff lifa- s-ivint; crews and either a93i*t,Hd or thnir crows tnken BBhoro. Thirty-five pnrsons were resciieil along tlint conHt. Along tha Rhode Island const two crows, a£!^™.?atiiig nin.o men, wero rescued. Sovon crews, comprising t.vronty-fonr persona, woro rescued on tho coast of Now Jersey. At tho Dalawara breakwater twenty-two veSRols in distress wero assisted and 1(H persons taken ashore. AtCnpoHr-nry three stranded vessels wore reached nnd twenty-four lives saved. A Counterfeiting City Marshal. TOLOKO, Ills., Sept 23.—Agangof countor- foitcrs has boon broken up et Bidnoy. Othq White, city marshal of Sidney, who is accused by his son of being the leader of tho gang, hns escaped, but Penny and Kissinger aro in jnil nt Urbana, and Randall, a negro, Is lockod up at Springfield. Constable Bans, of Homer, was fined $'.IS by Justice Claris for M-n- <!"'•- f""',i- t, witlicnil wlil'lmil "Wlulo^B Invalid «",*», who uad made n partial confession of .his I'atViof'fi guilt Kx-Speakcr CnrlLiU on a Sitil Juurnoy. CHICAOO,- Sept 23. —Ex-Hpeaker, of tho bouso, John G. Carlisiis, and his wife, passed through this city Saturday evening on thoir.wny to Pokntollo, Idaho, tc^seo ason who is seriously ill The speaker's ntoy in the west will depend altogether- opens, the condition of his son. This powder norcr varies. A Btrenath and wholcsomeness. Mora than the ordinary kliidn, and can not be sold la competition with the multitude of JOB te»t, abort weljiht, amnm 01 t'liospJiatc »old o;iiy tu caiii. B<j*Ai Co., «08 Wall Ht. fc'40 (, MxA r'A^^zstT- * Tin r ms'ilv r' nn. (Ii I I iral, whit h Ii free foil n i n nl ii I i i \ u inic I)i H Tfr F >,ol i(n M Hi il li° niri nnil » wtl <1 jptf* >•». i j fair B! in liiijnit PI i IP 'ml i»Uiij it<aJtl 1 and -iiror uill 1 CM ilill hi cl ticiM n ^1 b H 1* ner* ciir"l all FlJir from lh( t i nn n | li»! I I I' till nr („ tl « i - fi Ii i i I I '( j« A 91InneHOtn Man Nominated. WASHINGTON CITY, Sept 23.— Arthur H. Baker, of Minnesota, has boon nominated by Secretary Windom for tha position of hyijrographer and topographer of the lifo saving sorvico. Dr. Baker has been connected with the service for the past eight years. Cholera Ravages In Mesopotamia* WASHINGTON CITY, B?pt US.—Consul General Pringlo, at Constantinople, in a communication to tho department of state, under dato of Aug. 3C, reportsatotal of 1,285deaths from the cholera in Mesopotamia, Gono to M«xlco with the Cnalx. DENVEH, Colo., Sopt 2h.—J. P. Williams, receiving teller ot tbo First National Bank, is reported hero to bo a defaulter to the .extent of $3,000 nnd gono to Mexico. It-iliiiitn Iivir or Ti ttir I "it I Hi> t Ilin ahltk ^c(!r 1 and «orcs nnd '•wt Ilinas, 1 ntimvd ol Ijitlisg tn or Ulc'rs Guidon Medical Dlsi-overy T.uTf TJ« ' IAJI.ITOS laiidA, Uo!- !sa«* OF , nutritlvR propcrtii-s. If tnkim tnj time. Wcnk l.iinan. Hplttlnx ot ni<xxi, Bhort- of lln-nth, (.'utsirrh In tho H«W Bron- _ Consumption (which \n rlcni. r nla of tbu lAing»), ; by fta wondcrfu} blooii - purifying, and Kor chltls"siVvi'rc"'Co"uBn8,'"AfrthmB, wd fcindred affections. It Is a soverplim remedy. It promptly nitres tho st'vcnwt CoiJKlie. For Torpid Uver, Ul\lousne83. or " Uvffl- Complain V* nyspeiwla, and indiftestlon, it Is an um-qnalMl i>>m(Mly. Sold by dr«sgls!», Vrico 81.00. or eU bottlea for S5.0U. SECOND POINT You «hoa! o DAILY itovttlictiiittltmHl co DAILY Nmvs becau»« rt*> ft, Thms w)iii.h is us lurge as a blanket. This wouldn't outt you. Yon want Bnewspa|>er at otjce convenient, complete and condensed, and s' , to overlook anytbinsE of ws'S your ne>Kl'l> 0 <' *o **? to imponancc. any \o ou ws'S wan* IJid yon read »o-anil-so to-day's paper? end bt obUg to answer, " No, I didn't ««« that," and then have bira oak you, "What paper do you rtadt" This will never happen to you if you read T»» CHICAGO DAII.V NB«^_ mfor—lte circulation in «o,ono a day— o«r a million a week— anil it costs by malt 15 CIS, a month, four months $1.00, — tfatfe*f-a aityt We are now prepared to do First-ClassIplolsteriij in all the latest styles, i Give us a call, one and ail, and if you jiave>! Re-uphoMerJDi to do we will attend to it promptly, Reynolds Bros., FUBSITUKE &TOBB, BTEBJUIJSG. HUI.ISOI8. The Chicago MuiiOJuvroit Well. OSEWPORT, R I., Sapt ffii—Tue United States cruisor Chicago having completed ber speed (rials, bad manoeuvring and turning triitU Sfttm-doy,—Tho-adlfllLoJLthojhlrjl ^RW was most untisfaotory, anl ber response to her rudder was excellent for a ship of her size. The results obtainoi have not- yet been worked out, but thoy are pleasing to tho board. Tha Vorktowu hail spoe 1 trials. At full fpowl, 101 >-evolutioug, 1S.T knots were made, which exceeds tho speed calied for by the coi.tract lier work was very satisfactory. Bolucted a Board of Slijulonj. WILKESBABKB, Pa., Sopt Ifl.— The Welsh ministerial convention of the United States in session horo Saturday, appointed the following members of the now board of missions: Rev. AV. E. Morgan, of Pennsylvania; Rev. Robert Lewis, of Now York; Rov. T, C. Davis, of Ohio; Rov. J. R. Jones, of Wisconsin; Rev. Joseph Roberts, of Minnesota, and Rev. Richard Hughes, of Missouri. • . A Drunken Negra'n Illoody Work, CHARLOTTE, N C., Sopt, 33.—A drunken nogro naiuoJ Nixon,-ran into a housi bere Saturday mul cut two negro women with a razor, One of his vU-tiina was disambowolod, and it is thought will dio. Tho woman say they never savy Nixon uulil ha rusted into the house and cotmuiHieud slashing at thoiu. P. St John, of- Kansas, addressed tho American Temperance union at dickering hall yesterday afternoon. Tho ex-governor alluded to the rtcjnt convention of liquor doalors bold in thia state and to what he characterized BS tho alliano of politics with tho rum power. Dr. I. K Funk and Joseph A. Bogardus also addressed tbo meeting. _____ _ i s. in. — M.' Fui-ry- f 10 \ '»;>•* .1 -< iv* 5>» VI illr ti M S* i ui t 'ii I'.tti \ i tja Hm in 5. It, in let are \J < «« V. T!u< Soiaior» t'aa Sot Vote, WASUIHUTON ClTf, Bept, 23.-.-In reply to qu«sitloua a« tv« wb«tb»r Uuitad Btatea »ol- dlur* on duty in th* t«rritorl»s bava aright Ut VOto {u thv' 1,1. lit 1 - at trflilsi's »t«X, 111 ll>9 nftWiUK, h irituty l'ri>.-ti_'ri>ais tiia/ha^o - G«ttiBg-K«iuiy.ta. Luavu for Uaytl. WASHINOTON CITY, Sept L'3. — Predorick Buuglaaii, the new minister to ILiyti, was a,t tho atato douartmont Situr lay rocjivlns; his fliuJ iustructioos before leaving for h in post of duty. An arrungonu t has ti.-en cffectad witU "the navy dvpartuumt wli-r«by Mr. j Pouglosa will leavo NjW York on Saturday, j S*pt & 1 , on a naval vessel. uut. Unit tt Sh««iu a ft; 1 *. K tU»rn > Mlucis £let Vi'lLVKSUAHKK, I'll-. uiV conv^iil.oa c^unpli urtl*v Oitl*. >t < wt.i > Maator workm-ui. J"'» val.ia, \t n Uiv /i , ^ u 11 &..*.Etftttjf at i.! Hi t>ui i iH,< i, s iu IK t 4 hii * 11 •>»„ *» t <>tlii«i.'r«. a»(,t. sa.- i.t-il its lub > IS, K»\ , F. M. B i I. t-, ri > .1 n , U • Death ot Ilou. Mnlnohl Krobn. EVANSVIU.E, Itid., Bapt 23.—Aftor an illness of two mouths tho Hon. Malucht Krebs diod at u;« homo in 1'otorsburg, lud., Saturday morning. The direct cnnso of death was an Intorual abscoss. Krwhs wan ona of the best known newspaper men in In- diana;bwning at tlmos papers ut Peteraburt', Viiiconnea and Washingion. In politics ho was an ardent nnd uncompromising Republican, aud always did moro than his sharo of the campaign work. Two Young Men tturnoil to Douth. .MtNKEAi'oi.TB, Minn... Sapt St.—Tbo Tribunu'a St Cloud, Minn., speaial says: Friday night about 10 o'clock tho residence of Michnul Huupt, a well-to-do (nrmer, living about three mitea from Spring Hill, In this county, w t is destroyed by flra and bbi two s.uis, Connid and Alois, ngjd n'S|>eo- lively 30 and 33 years, perished in thulluuos. Tho other m-iub-'rs of tho family birely escaped with the r livo.-i tit lli« riri) «lih Coil Oil. COLUMBIA, S. C., K.ipt. '.a—Mrs. J C. Wilson bin-in'.I to tl"Uilu Ki'i lay in Ham- well couiitv. Alr.-i. \ViUti:i vv:n pouring ken>- leno "ou s*>ni: t;jilinttM-H. \vhi;.'h weru partly ignited. Tiio oil In ilj lire and .-x.,'1 nl--i. A < yi-lUt on n LKIIB J mi-nuy. WAN 1'U.s.M'^X'O, tS-j t. x;'».—Thoain.s H-ie, -.1, atarte I fr.'iti tin- i'al- We are handling and selling more flour; tfcsr ever. Look at tliase brands, from $2.40 to $340 per hundred; ___ . • • ___ ___ ________ ___ ~~ " -GOLiDEN.qBOWJKr, PEEBLiESS, BLUE RIBBON, Thtf Illitl- irora 8dt- follow*. tho Cbica. o I (U-o hotisi at i • by wind ii' 4 un-ivK u. ilf v KANSAS WIM1PEB, M,: ' •DAISY. • • --.- to > .u i. •-.»• I U Nt' >v I U,l "i ii Hut ;! • « All guaranteed to prove np m eave the people ot this viciisity or .mtnirn. We peaa and wiSi do,lt; REMEMBER THE MIKADO MARKET, U tf are telling it&ihittf frfci A'a. 1 Mm$$- J% IS&tiH

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