Covina Argus from Covina, California on March 28, 1908 · Page 6
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 6

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 28, 1908
Page 6
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»##»#*#**#*•##**"<•** ; Social 1Hc\vsj »#####*#*•#*#*#**** Mrs. Dnna King pave, a fnrnwell reception nt Azusn on TlmrHtlny iH<4 as n fnrowcll to Mrs. K. V. Hlc.f., who \» lenving sonn for n trip nhvuiul. The hoHlOKH WHH Hoisted in wrviiiK V>y Mrs. W. M. Oriftwoltl. MJHH Martha F. (Jarbor, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. K. Burlier, wii«. quietly marrifd lust evening nt. Uie JionH- of her parents to ]•'.. K. Over I liolt'/.er, H prominent yuunu bunnies mnri of our city. As the Argun g<;es to nre.HH on Friday evening we me unnbln to give a detailed account, or' tho wedding until next week. Mr. and MrH. Will (JriflllhN enter tninfifl n Hiirpriw! pjn-t.y coiiHiHting oi three auto loads of gnestH who or rived for dinnnr in the evening. Among the gnentH wore Mrs. VV. II. Mend, MesarB. and Mmes. Htevenson, Pierce, Wood, and Dr. Emma Cut on of Los Angeles, Mrs. Dunham of Chicago ami Mr. <md Mrs. Will Lelond and sons, Fred and Hay. In tbo evening Mr. and Mrs. Griffiths returner] with the party on a moonlight ride to the city. Lust Friday evening the young people of Mrs. Conley's C!HB« of the Christian Huriduv-«ohool held n pleasant uncial evening at tho home of tho MIHHCS Keynolds, the young mon being entertained by the young ladies. Tho houso WSH charmingly decorated with flowers, evergreens and Japanese lanterns and over eighty wcro present. Many joUy games werfl enjoyed, including a musical contest, pri/i'H for which were won by Miss Ethel HoiiHor mid Mr. West, f fhu prixe winner in another game wan Miss Illio Htanton. KefreflhmentH wero Horved and the reunion broke ni> reluctantly in time to catch the last car for home. On March 20th friends and rela- tivrsH gathered at tlio residence of J. II. Simpson on CypresH avenue to nid farewell to Mr. T. II. Hatchard, who with Jiis wife, have been upending their winter vacation in Southern California with relatives. Thoso present were Dru. Mr. and Mrs. Payne of Massachusetts, Mias Anna Ileadley, Mrs. flioo aud Herman iloadluy. Delightful plutio music was rendered by Mrs. Uritilth of Pasadena, niece of Mr, Simpson. Mr. Hatohard goes buck to Winnipug favorably impressed with this section of tho country and with the intention of arranging his uflairs •with a view of future residence here. While in Long Deach lie purchased a fine residence- lot in Alaineto.s addition. Special This Week. On this week wo are making Ta specialty on 82. 50 and 3.'i. 00 liat.s, Beautiful creations; could not be purchased in tho city stores for 10.00, Call early Monday morning before they are all picked over. MRS. LKKUKICK. Property Owners Take Notice. 1 have twenty clients who have property and cash who want acreage, and groves from '2 to 20 ncroB List your groves and acreage with me, for sale or exchange. FRANK L. FHARV, Room 0, Stanton llldg., PiicuidtJiiu. Notice to Creditors. Instate of (i. \V, Hepuer. Notice is hereby given by the undersigned administrator of the estate of G. \V. Hepner, deceased, to the creditors of, and all persons having claims against the deceased, to exhibit the .same with the neeeuvary vouchers, within four months after the first publication of thib notice to the said administrator of the above named estate, at the law office of (Jeo. I«. Sanders, Room .(2S Wilcox lluilding, I.oo Angcli's, County of hos Angeles. Stud of (."aliti'nii.i, whk'h place is hi'reby designated as the place "f liunine.-v, nf ?>;ii(l estate Dated this 2Mlh day of, 1'Hih Thmiiii-. I 1 !, l-'inch. Administrator ot .itu-r .. ; u! e.-.t;ile (Jin. \<. Sander.-,. .iti"iiu-\ it-r M.ii< udiiiinisti atur. bohlnd \vl!h bent front rjirrylng a le^s of the mon I lie Tore and hind In tliln w.iy tli(! In (he midst of n ' the f-rejitures are rtilinex fome lo cnls) by dressing s and dexterous- le of Kv.'lmmlux of tho Way* of Hunting. Deerstnlklug among the Dogrlb \n- dlans Is manag'-d by n skillful counter- felt of the .-inlimil. Two hunters walk togelher i lie man body, the one In stag's hend. The serve very well for logs of the animal. hunters get altnosf herd 'if deer before own re of danger. The o-ilri'-h Is hunted In n similar way by the biishmi'ii of ftouth ATrlr-H. nnd (lie KsklMirw so cloye (|M!irtci - H with thr iiii-C'lve-i in veah'l.'l ly mimicking t!i<! st nnd "flopping" so rlijiractorl.-iik anlmnl. In Anstralln the natives bring the wallaby or .voting kangaroo wlililu the rnnK'' of the ;;pe;i'- by MII -jieuiliug n smrill bird's Hk!:i nnd feathers fforn the end of n long rod nnd Imitating the bird's cry.- London Strand. Farsighted Economy. ^fr.'^. VVipodunktt — Jenkinson, we ought to lake one of the first class magazines. It's only $-1 a year, and tho children are getting old enough now to have something good to read. Mr. \Vlpedunks-Ouly $•! a yo:ir! That's all, Is It? If you begin on rnngu- fines you'll think you have to keep It up. At the end of every year you'll want to Jiavo 'em bound. There's two volumes In a year. Costs $1 a volume for binding. That makes $0 a year. In ten y«nr« It's $(50. Then you'll wnnt a bookcase to hold the twenty volumes. That'll cost about $25 because you'll think It ought to bo big enough to hold | the twenty more volumes. There's $85 thrown away. Do you think I'm made of money? If you want to read tho ijiiigii7,lnen, whnt's the matter with borrowing 'em?— Chicago Tribune. A Great Telescope. A number of persons wore talking •bout telescopes, and each professed to Iwvo looked through tho "largest In the world." One after 1 linother told of the powerful effect of the respective telescopes. At last a quiet man said mildly: "I oncu looked through a tcle- ncopc. I don't know that It via.* the largest In the world. I hope It. wasn't. Hut It brought the moon so near that We could see the man In It gesticulating wildly and crying out: 'Don't shoot! Don't shootU The old duffer thought it was a big cannon that we wen; point- Ing at him." The o,ulet ntiin and so did all the rest. A niati's mtafortnno Is like u shoe— If too large. It trips him up; If ton nmnll, It pinches him.— Schedule lo. Leave Los Angeles 5:SO a. m. 7:O.S H:10 10:30 11:40 12:.SO p m. 2.(Ml 3:00 3:45 4:30 5:30 t.:45 H:.SO 11:30 JJrotlmsn Cliurclu Hiinduy-Huliiiol at 10 n. in. PreiidhidK at 11 M. m. and 7:30 p.m. Chri.Hliau WorkorH 1 mtM.'ling (5:'IS pin.. Evoryono wol- ('iiiiii' tn attend. SurviooH In thn Chnroli of lh» llnly Trinity: Fourth Sunday in Lent: Ildly Communion 7:30 a.m. Hun- di»y-Holiixil'.) :4ri a.m. MorniiiK pniyor 1 1 a. m. ; subject, "Tho Pownr of nn I'JndlcHH L»if«." KvenHimg 7:!50 p.m. 'Jffertdry HO!O by Mr. Mur- Hlmll. Chrlstiun Church: Rov. W. (J. (]onl«y, pastor. Bmuhiy-Hoh«nl 0:1 fi. Lord'H Hupper 10:40. Union nervlcu ttt V/omtuiH Club HOUHO 11. .luninr Kndoavor 3. H«nior Kudonvnr (5:ill). ProHchiuK hy pastor 7 :HO.'rt, "HcM'iptural Uaptinm." Hjuuiial miiHlu. A (Mirditil woU-umo to nil, JMi'tliodi.Ht KorvicoH: Tho MotliD- diht Clnirch will unitn with tho other (dnirtilioH of tho city in tho Woman.s C'hih UOUHB ut 11 o'ulook to hour tho iiddroNH by Dr. Chapman of the antl- Hitloou \vurk. Tim other sorvicos of Ihi< day will bi> held in the church IIH umiiil. Kuuduyschool at 9-,',U>,. .Junior Ltmniin 3, Intcrnu'diati' and SIMI- inr l.oaKUPH ut li ;'IO. Kvouiii^ MVT- vico ut 7:30 with a ncrnnm by thn pastor mi "Haul Tiuios." HIUT.V \\'. White, puutor. Win-ship ut thn liuptist I'hiiu'.h: liiblo Huhool '.l;l!"i. Nn tiorvico.i at I 1 as v\c have u uuiuti worvico ut the \\iiinans Chili lluiiM'. HiLle leiidini: ill :: p. in. |lt. V. I' I', ut (I :!;") p. m Tu|-lc, ' '!•' i^iier.-i in Service. '' Leader, Mr.-*, S. \\ . llano. l'ieachili|4 ,-i r\ ice.s u? T :'!0 p.m. Subject, "i 'i i,\ <M -siiiii. " llev. Thomas .Moody, a rt'lunied missiniuiiy from Africa, will npi-ak at tin- HaptUt Church on "African MihsdoiiM*' l-'riday evi-ninn ut 7 :30, April 3. All me cordiiilly I invited to hear (mi.. i I'roobyteriiiu .services: Sunday «eiioid 11:45. At II <iVlickii uninii 1 :uo jj. in. ! tjervice at tho \\uniuiis Club lluuac 2:i«i with Dr. Chapman Junior Kndea j 3:11) voi 3. V.l'.S.C. K. i!:30. (iiia|nd i 4:i'S . M-i\ici' 7:30. Subji-ct, "'I'lie \\'uv 4.^o I,,i Salvutiun and Man 's Ti-' at nii'iit of 5:'^ it." I'ruycr meetiiig Thui.sday 7:'Ui »i:30 All s(ruii)ji>rta and friends n^'tt cordi 7:5o | ally invited t" attend any ut the hi-r 10:UO i vices. 1'uul Ci. Stevens, l Ustur. Home- Seekers' Excursion Every Thursday i Over 300 acres < fine grape, garden and poultry land : Nov.- is ih<- tlv tin c to sec Beaumont ; iirifl .-i-ln i tin- h<-st lailfl. H) planting; no-.v y, n .ret ih«- bet cfit of the spring i r. JJIM '1 > < .«i: ;i<TI:S are ]• vel, rlo*e in JUKI .-idjoin bind-, upon which water iv devc-i. .peel at Ui feet. Purchani'rs may develop their own individual water | sti|>;ily ;iiul he atisoliitely independent! of conditions everywhere. The la ml is pronounced hy experts as unsurpassed for the flaming Tokay and all other fine table grapes.produc- iritf the pick earlier arid of a higher quality than at any other point in this section. Choice of level acres $90 and up On very easy terms. Don't overlook the importance of Beaumont city lots right now when HO many are seeking' safe and profitable investment. If you have already bought farm, fruit or grape land at Beaumont, dout wait too long to secure your city lots for a town residence.- Remember that the lots purchased only a few years ago at Riverside. Redlanda and other fast growing cities are worth up in the thousands now. History will repeat itself at Beaumont. Do you-re"alize that we can s-ell YOU a city lot f>Oxl6Q,equiv- alent to a-quarter acre, with graded streets in f;ont, and 20 foot alley in rear,with water piped direct, and with magnificent shade trees 30 to 60 feet high. For $85 and up On small payments. For health and honicsec-kers in the finest climate in Southern California, for live investors who appreciate this rapid-growing section i.f the State, city lots at Beaumont big profits. Come in for tickets and go Thursday on our special excursion train. If you can't come in, mail this coupon for information: Reo Automobiles THE CAR OP" SERVICE Ask any of the many Reo owners C. H. Eycr, Pretticli-nt. Hcuumont Lund and Water Company 226 Mercantile Place, Los I'lcaHo send me literature fro«f rnKarcling Beaumont and the fruit lands In aauie. Also state wnnt rute« you inuke from here. Name • Ailtlrena *#^^*###########* * # * Say! . ffiancbcr You are conducting a big business—more money invested than many buaiiieas houses—do a good deal of correspondence, don't you? Do vou always have suitable paper handy when you wish to write? Do you know that we can furnish you with the very best of writing paper and envelopes, neatly printed with your name or the name of your ranch, place of residence and date line, cheaper than you can secure tablets and envelopes in small quantities? This will make your correspondence businesslike and more convenient. COVINA ARGUS, PRINTERS PRICES Touring Cnr with top. .? 14.=0.00 Keo Koarlnter. 20 h. \t., 51100,<;() Ke<- Knn a bout, 27'XJ.OU Also agents for Wayne "30" 4-r,vli"dcr and Kissel car. (Jet a demon-lira tion before buying. REO Oarage COVINA HUTCHISON BROS., Props. All kinds of hauling and Furniture Moving, Specially prepared to move pianos PROMPT SERVICE. PRICES RIGHT. Office 01 Citrus Ave. (ovlN, «L Home Phone 108 Mm, Saddlery and Supplies for Horse and Stable The right goods at the right price. COVINA HARNESS & SADDLERY CO. Covina French hand Laundry Ferran & Co.. Props. t \LL WORK DONE; BY HAND Lace curtail a. fine silk*, flannels and lace ifoofls, our specialty. All work called for and delivered. Satisfaction is g-uarantcer;. If you give us a fair trial you svill not regret it. (oviiw Planing Mill J. C. NALE, Prop. GENERAL MILL WORK All kinds of jobbing carpentering and cabinet work. Store and Office Fixtures. Phone Home 1170 809 South Hill Street Los Angeles, C»l. Strong, original, practical, SUCCKSS- i'ui,. "BBT'rKKNKSS" its distinctive quality. O^en entire year—begin when ready. POSITIONS SECURED. Write us to-day. Jahnsan & INigg BLACKSMITHS ftlocksmithing sf oil Kinds Our Specialty Shop on Citrus Ave James Corbett QlaolcsmltHIng All kinds, of general and h.-.ivy 3 Howell & Howell * 3 BREAD £ i Light, Sweet V =| and Wholesome * a FRESH EVERY DAY AT fe J Brown's and Crenshaw's L Cake and Confectionery Wagon through valley daily. Celebrated Kentucky Jack "Samson" at the Chapman Heights Ranch A limited number of horses and stock rfveived for oasture. iilectrk- Curs. I.r.ive I'uvina .-v.iii .1. in. S: Ji l '/ill lo: III We manufacture Ridgers, Orange K.u'ks :i:id Box Presses HOPM shoe iiifl a Special!) Hume Phone 6.J Shop West Badi!!o St, fuvinn Q. W. MARSH Practical CARRIAGE AND AUTO !l Rainier IF YOU WANT ANY PAINTING KALSOM1NING OR PAPER HANGING doue, see me before you let your job, . Ail work guaranteed and prices: reasonable. 1'hoiie 51. Shop I'OVIXA C. H. Kistler HOME BAKERY In Its New Home that has no equal WHOLESOME, SWEET, APPETIZING Pies, Cakes, Hot Rolls O. GRINER, Prop. Shopping in Los Angeles? TAKE LUNCHEON AT COULTER'S CAPE You will find it very conveniently located, first-class in every respect, with a la carte service at modest prices. Coulter Dry Goods Company Broadway, Between Second and Third, Los Angeles FOR SALE 5000 Acres of choice orange, fruit and farming LANDS in the celebrated San Joaquin Valley On main line of railroad and near good towns. Plenty of water can be obtained. This land comprises some of the best in the valley and will be subdivided into small tracts to su it purchasers and sold at low prices on easy terms. Weekly Excursions to view Land J. H. MATTHEWS REAL ESTATE Sole District Agent Citrus Avenue Covina, Cal. We Have All Kinds of Feed —- and Seed Rolled Barley The sight of it will make your stock fat RECLEANED WHEAT CKAi KED CORN FEED MEAL MIXilli i illi'KKN FEED SEED BARLEY and WHEAT 1'K'A'I V'S ECii FOOD Eud-MORE C(H'1,TM>N Ki,l, FOC OIL CAKE BKEF SCKAl' I'.l.M'i^Sl ...,.i ^ 1 I l. r r I O l^' '!•>/>.. M- ..• v r 'I\ 01LCAK1C I'.RITS and SHELLS OD . STorK SALT INTERNATIONAL STOCK FOOD PRATTS ANIMAL REGULATOR High Grade Fertilizer Before buying call and get pricts San Gabrie /Willing Co. te&xysteG&s&Xitts^^

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