Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on September 21, 1889 · Page 3
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 21, 1889
Page 3
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f j _ I "I,"I, t. '•« • •• j, ^j,-.**-.jrjt. *_?./MN X^y-?*^ ,„,« m .9* -^^—..5 -^ ---.^ —is* «*p- "~^«—r •*•-«•-» ' V „> >' J , /~ & \ -SW* -wr*—"*^ "«^ — 5^ ft- ,*£ , _ j». Hjp« Evening Gazette. Tnis K ]\ r ew w,n be hft<l at Rll.tJi OFFICIAL PAPER OF THE CITY. Don't Look at Me but J. K-. Chester Academy of Music. Standard Theatre Co. Full rehearsal of ' Deestrick Skule' in G. A. R. hall, at 7 o'clock. lias j list opened his • Fall Stcclc of —Ed. McGuire, of Cedar Rapids, was here this week. —Attorney L. T. Stocking, of| Morrison, was here on business today. —About five hundred feet of the 48- inch brick sewer Is already completed. —Geo. Mohler and granddaughter will leave on the 4:20 train-for St. Paul. —Twenty three members have recently been added to the First M. E. church. —The incandescent electric light has again been adopted to illuminate the streets of Galena. The mayor cast the deciding vote. - —Trie Wbitesidc County Teachers' Association lias * voted to hoid no school exposition this year. The oratorical contest wlllVe hold at Stf-rllm,' as usual. —The Dixon Baptist Association met at MillPdgevilla Tuesday, the 17th, and continued Wednesday and Thursday. Delegates we;e present from Lena. Freeporr, Mount Carroll, Lanark, Poln. Dixon, Sterling, Morrison, Erie, Tampico and York. Tuesday was devoted to Sunday school work. The address and object lesson by Rev. J. F. Iloward was very interesting and instructive. The business of the association Wednesday commenced by election of Rev. J. F. Howard Moderator. The session was enjoyable and pleasant and very largely attended. The association adjourned to meet at Morrison next year. —According to the Rock ford Star "playing Christ appears to be a pretty good paying caper. George Jacob Schv einfurth is hashing more postal notes, money orders and bnnk drafts than any other financier In these parts. It is no uncommon thing for George J. to receive drafts for amounts from 81,000 up. They come from where congregations ef the church triumphant flourish like greon bay trees and Schweinfurth puts the long green right down Into his sanctified sock and says nothing. Three bran new angels have flown In from the east and are domiciled at Schwelnfurth's heaven. They are high flyers and wear diamonds." City Council. At the special council meeting last night, some aldermen pushed that the sewer work should be urged along more rapidly. It was^found that the non-arrival of pipe and the scarcity of brick prevented more rapid work When those materials are on the cT1o*!i?«i Pins IViuiy p^r do?., at Hie Fair positc Wallace ITmiso. A handsome cniyon portrait Call ii'nd pr-fi flpec'.mvn ntoursUm Stori'. np- St tO free. N N . Carpenter & C The handsomest sfylf-B in cloaks and jackets ever shown in Sterling, can now bo found at ,1 !'.. Cb(-Rti-r's. Meno Dt'lp has moved his tonsorial furniture from the Bell block to the basement of Lendman's building on 3rd street. He is not absent at any time ol the day or evening from his parlor, his meals being taken to him. He is a first class artist, and ensures satisfaction to all who give him their patronage. Call on hire for a^nice shave or hair cut. _ 87 12 Mrs. Woodruff has jiist returned from Chicago where has purchased a large stock of millinery goods which will be open for inspection next week. Flower pots at the Fair^Store from 5 to 20 cts. apiece. _ 84 to Mlllcdgcvllle Floor Cheaper than ever, and feed coming down, at Lewis Reit/el's Feed store. . -*• 8710 .•position. irth-Wptteni Kail- ', w,".y will, on ?tat<?d date?, HP!! tickets j to (.'hir.'ipo SIT d return on ncconnt of i the Exposition, which opcnp September j 4th, and closes <,VtoNr Wh, at rate ol out- fare for the round trip, with 2~i cents added for admission ticket. For tickets and full information apply to Apents Chicago & North-western Hailway Company. :! ^ t:! McCallis- "Wrick "Skal H«e Co. the now ad of N. Carpenter Pants from ?.i to S14 at tor's. reserved neat sa'c for "DeestncK will commencf on Fri<l»y rnorn- inir. Sept. ailii, at fl o'clock, at (JPOTRK L Wornt/'s store. Reserved scntn 00 •en;s. Admission I'M cents, gallery 2."> :ents. - :; !r ' S7 t7 Juat received an elegant line of children's Jersey suits. Oettinger's Doable Front Clothing [louse. 37 to , Given away at the Academy tonight, and a flne new play will be given, with special scenery; boat house, &c., &c. No "flies" on McCaliist«r'a suitings. J. K. Chester leads them all In nice styles in children's cloaks. Prices are down. grounds the work will be done mach faster. ' • .- _ . M. P. Masa called the attention of the council to the condition of the un finished sidewalk at the city hall, and the absence .of connection with the board walk, and of danger signal at night. A resolution was passed prohibiting the electric light and street railway construction men from cutting To the Ladles of Rock Falls and vicinity: No use going any farther than Dill * Co.'s for your millinery goods. They have as flne a stock and as flne a trimmer as you will find anywhere. If you don't believe it call and see. Dill & Co. Fall Goods. I have now my full stock of fall goods, which I will make up at prices that will suit everybody. 87 t.8 AUG. FRANK. Ladle's silk ribbed vests long sleeves 35 cents worth 50. Ladle's fleece meil- no vests and pants 40 cts., cheap at 60. Children's scarlet vests and pants 25 cents, cheap at 40. 5 hook kid gloves 75 cents. Men's suspenders 15 cents Bath towels 10 cents. Seal plush jack ets $13.00. Jersey jackets $3.50. Prices tell the story who's the cheapest. Com parlsons always result in our favor. N. Carpenter & Co. Why do people buy furniture at the Rock Falls furniture store? Answer: Because it pays them big to do so. Dill &Co. 70-lf McCallister has all kinds of fall over- coatings. 87 17 GOODS "Which is more complete than, ever "be- lore. His assortment'of Bobe Patterns, Side Bands, Stripes and Plaids has gone to Freoport^From there she will go to Louisville, and from there home to St. Louis. ~A'carpenter fell from the scaffolding of one of, the brick houses being erected by J. J. Miller on 3rd avenue yesterday afternoon and was quite badly hurt, —Twelve [soldiers' headstones have been sent here by the government and will be set up in the Riverside cemetery, at the graves of soldiers whose earthly resting place is not marked. —Miss Mary Keogh, who has been visiting her uncle, Joseph liurke, and other friends, left yesterday for her home at Canandagua, N. Y. Her cousin, Miss Annie Morris, accompanied her. —Mr. S. Robison, of Attica, Indiana, a member of Co. B, Ninth Iowa Infantry, was here yesterday, the guest of his old captain. John W. Niles. Mr. Robison was on his way to attend the reunion of bis regiment at Cedar Falls. Iowa. • —Owing to the small attendance at the citizana' meeting last night, Messrs. C.H. Presbrey and S. Patterson did not make a report on the Iowa factory. Lack of Interest of that kind on the 50 in. tricots only OOc, &Co. __ N. Carpenter Melons weighing from 15 to 40 pounds, at low prices, at G. M. Gerdes'. Gloves and mittens till you can't rest. Oettinger's Double Front Clothing House.' 1 8710 Kersey overcoats at McCallister's. 8717 Beautiful stock of millinery goods nt the Hock Falls millinery store. Call and see it. Dill & Co. 70-tf IiitrrstnfB Kxposition. t'hlrago, !!!». On Spp'rmber 12th, 14th, 21st and 2Gth, and October 3d, nth, 12th, 17th and 19th the C. B. &, Q. R. H. will sell excursion tickets to Chicago at otoe and one-third fare for round trip, pins twenty-live cents for admission ticket, limited, going, to date of sale; return- in?, to and including the following Monday. E. W. Blossom has taken the agency of the "I, C.'* brand Spectacles and Eyeglasses. These spectacles are different from ordinary glasses, in that the lenses are ground from a French Tinted Crystal that shuts out the Chemical and heat rays of light, makingthem very soothing to the eyes. Be sure and try them, see that that trade mark "I. o." is on every lens. 70-d&w I don't employ canvassers to sell pia- os, organs and sewing machines; so hat the agents commission is saved to he purchaser. Call and get prices. ames Harden. 84 to w tl * Call at E. W. Blossom's and get an iye tester free of charge. TO-d&w drens'. SEAL, Leave orders with L. L. Johnson for Choice potatoes 25 cents per bushels. ._.._.'_' crab apples 50" " " " cooking apples GO centsper bushel. And Tuesday choice grapes 2>£ cents per pound. 80-12 The handsomest dress goods at J. K. Chester's are being sold rapidly. Call soon if you desire the best styles. Btrcots, r Bxeopt by Supt. of Streets. The 1st avenue sidewalk subject was brought up and legislated upon. A committee of three, consisting of Aldermen J. F. Platt, D. L. Miller and Jas. A. McGune, was appointed to estimate the cost of building the walks and the cost of levying the assessment. They reported that an asphalt walk, in general acceptation of the term, which includes two parts of bituminous asphalt one part of Trinidad asphalt, built five feet wide and three inches thick, with a six inch under filling of gravel and sand, built on both sides of 1st avenue, from 4th to 8th street, including the gross expenses will cost about S3 000. City Attorney Wolfers- pergerwas instructed to petition the County Judge to appoint three commissioners to assess the cost to each property ownet on the street. There was some discussion of the matter of issuing bonds to complete certain street improvements, and carry the city through until May. It was found, that after all bills not provided for by special funds, are paid, and after deducting certain sums which will have to be taken from the Consolidat- m nmmm wnucnvE, Henriettas, Brosadclothes, Flannels, &C5.9 . In mil the Hew Shades at ILowest Prices! Wool Dress Flannels only 21 cts. Best stock of Black Dress Goods in Whiteside County. •V ' "" He is'.also snowing many bargains in other departments of his mamoth stock- CALL AND £J«kvZb wi *»• w*^"*" 1 ~~ part of our citizens in regard to getting new factories bore, will never make thrown grow. —There are about fifty manufactories and shops in this city which make aoods for other than local sale. The more industries of that kind we can get the better it will be for the city. We need several hundred people here before next June, and if every man who can will aid in increasing the number and size of factories, we will get enough to swell our population a thousand or two before that time. _A concern known as the George 8, Haskell Seed Company is being organized at Rockford, with a capital stock of 830000. The Block of seed-which belonged to Mr. Haakell before he met with reverses will be bought by T jt AV, A*, mill An an ed fund, there will remain in that fond, '(of next year'u appropriation) about 81.800 to 82,000, to carry the city through until next May. It is thought by some that this will not be sufficient, and by others that the city can. get along without going deeper in debt. The Finance and Streets and Alleys Committees Jwere instructed to pre-. pare reports of the amounts needed by them to pay expenses trom now unti May 1, 1800. In relation to -the bullnlng of sidewalks in the First ward, where the rotten board walks have been removed, Aid. Platt aald It was desirable permanent walks be laid there, said that he had found a vitrefted brick with which walks can be laid five feet wide, with six inches of stone and : :;My: stock:otrfait and wltUer;over-~ coats Is" i he largest ever brought to this city and I will make them up at a very low rate of prices. 87 ia AUG. FRANK. Five Harvest ExcnrnlonB. . The Bnrllngton Route, C. B. & Q. R. R. will sell'trom principal stations on its lines, on Tuesdays, August Oth and 20tb, September 10th and 24th and October 8th, Harvest Excursion Tickets at Half Rates to points in the Farming Regions of the West, Southwest and Northwest. For tickets and further information concerning these excursions call on your nearest C B. & Q. ticket agent or address P. S. EUSTIS. Qen'l Pass, and Ticket A gent, Chicago HI. w301!2 d-ws fall and Winter Holts. I am now ready to make up fall and winter suits at-prices that are very low for the quality of the goods. 87 to AUG. FRANK. Mrs. E. Dill returned yesterday from Chicago, where she purchased an elu- gant line of millinery goods and| has them now open for your inspection at the Hock Falls Millinery Store, Call and.Inspect them. Dill <fc Co. The only flilt line of Priestley's silk f to proper Will be to attend the Deeslrick .Skule next Tuesday evening. Every body will be there. Fall and winter suitings at McCa! lister's.. ' 87 17 All wool dress flannels only 20c pe yard. N. Carpenter & Co. J. E. Phillips £ Co have on .the! floor a line line of Gold Coin and River side heating stoves. Call and see them and get prices. 87-13 .See our daisy line of fall hats. Get tinger's ttfuble Front Clothing House . ' 87 tl! PEOPLE'S COLUMN ts~Vfe will Insert three lines In this col-"-., imn ono time for 10 cents, or for 10 oenw a week. SMh additional line will be B cents a slpglo Insertion, or 10 cents » week. WASiTKU. Only 10 cents for j lines I under this W ANTED—aJlkincU of drcs«mnkln|f, ft/Mrs- Richardson, at rooms over people's Bank, Bock Falls. 'AJSTD CLOTEL in every style. W A NTED—At once—three whom exclusive territory -111 be given. Address May Bros., Nurserymen, Koclieater. N. Tt. 85-18 W ANTED- Wild grapes, by Dr. Prank Anthony. - - , Callatomce. 83-U.IW3 W ANTED—All kinds re-upholst*rlnit. Rjy nolda Bros.. Sterling. 11L - «a-tO* W ANTED—A competent b'acksmltb. to take charge ol nn published business. Inquire this week ot WO. W. Clmmberlln. 78-U FOR HA1.J- Uuy the best rake made leaves, of L. L. Johnson. for raking 80-12 Bargains in ladies' and children's knit underwear, at J. K. Chester's. Nobby suitings at McCallister's. 87 t7. Only 10 cents for J lines under this Heading. MAR- F OB SALE—A desirable residence lot InBock Falls. Will tike eood horse In part payment. J. P. Scott, Hock Falls, 111. 80-lO» F OU SALE— i. few choice Poland boar pigs: cneap, If taken soon. , . At farm W, east of Hock Falls. H.T.Shirley. 8S-t038-t4 F OR SALE-Home for nale. handy lo business. Good speculation. Another with 2 lots for ?aoo. worth *iax>. Call, for good bargains, on F. B. Hubbard. warp Henriettas, tamise, nun's veiling, drapde almas, Australian cashmeres, novelties, etc. N. Carpenter & Co. that and the company, and they will do an extensive business. The many friends of Mr. Haskell will be glad to knew that he will be at the head pf the concern He IB the gentleman who is be Ing boomed for the State treasurershlp, —The Son of Monte Cristo, at Wallace Opera Hyuse last night was given by Frank Lindon to a large house. As oo the night previous, the best of satisfaction was given. The scenic effoots were grand and the costumes last night were rich, Mr. Lindon has made golden oplnioiua"here and on his next visit will be packed houaea. This company is considered by many to be the best that has played here for years. The orchestra received many praises ast evening., , —Martin Karl, a man about 60 years old. who resides in a recently erected house on Summit Place, was ran over by a car wheel on the C. & N. W. about U o'clock today. He was employed as a section hand, and was tbla morning engaged with a gang of men in carrying new steel rails from a stock car to a flat ear. He was near the edge of the flat car when an engins pulled th» train lightly and ha fell between the cam. Some think! he would have fallen anyway, on account or the BwajUig of Mi* ?»» «* wafl l^P ln K *° carry. One wheel t»a °™ Wo rt * ut leg below tb* *nee. lla wa * ' I', Anthony an aBApuwwww. Kfttl la a tas fessa. gravel foundation, ani with curbing for SO cents a running; foot, or about the same as plank walk. ' He thought property owners should be willing to pay half the expanse, which wouH ba 815 per, hundred feet. The walk will last flft'y.jears, and will be a credit to the city and a benefit to the property This walk can be laid this fall, if the property owners say so. Raised doughnuts can be had fresh from Boss Hull's delivery wagon every morning' 87-t3 It IH Cold. I have now received a full stock of fall and winter goods, which I am prepared to make up in the latest style nd at reasonable figures. As I carry otblnjr but the best class of goods in my line I will guarantee to please you both in quality and price. Call In and ee if what I say is not trua. JACOB BiBELE. Merchant Tailor. 8718 Take There will be a question department in the exercises at the S. S. convention ;omorrow evening, presided over by ,he President of the Ministerial Association,. Rev. A. Scott, and all those interested In S. S. work are requested to comefiprepared to ask one question >earlng on some practical subject in S. S. work llhoumntlBm can be Currd. It has baffled the skill of our best {JRysicians and there are to-day more men, women and children suffering from this terrible disease than ever be fore, and the opinion seems universal that it is Incurable, but this is a mistaken idea for it can be cured by using as directed Hibbard'sRheumatic Syrup and Strengthening Plasters. Prepared by Rheumatic Syrup Co.,Jackson,Mich. Price 81.00 per bottle, or six bottles for 85 00; or we will send it to any address on receipt of price. tths Coffees are high and advancing but you can'buy a good Rio for 25 cents, choice 30 cents and choice old government Java for 35 cts. or 3 Its for 81.00'. L.L. Johnson. 87-tf , Used for the first time lu "The Little Detective," at the Academy tonight. Admission oaiy 10 and 20c, and a 820 gold piece given away to somebody, sure. Our Immense stock of fall and winter clothing is ready for your inspection. Oettinger's Double Front Cloth- ng House. : - 87 to Pants goods at McCallister's. 87 t7 A written guarantee with every pattern of Haskell ailk. 81.00 per yard, N Carpenter & Co. ' "The Great Corn Fslac«," The committees that have in charge the arrangements for the coming Corn Palace at Sioux City, promise a display far exceeding anything of the character heretofore attempted. The Corn Palace itself, built entirely of corn and grain, will lltly Illustrate the agricultural resources of the vast area of country tributary to Sioux City, and the internal tUlb nAiJIi——\»«JLTV*, OUtlll" M'»J .»w-~~j - J ~ old In spring; ODB single St Louis top bug- neiirlynew; goodslnqleHumes'!; alHor»17S. V..«elger, Poultry House. »*-to nOK SALK—Good Iowa, Nebraska Kansas J land, stock of goods. Busliies* places for sale and exchange. Frank W. Walzer, Aoid- einy ol Music, lloonvl «°tl F OH BALK-A bargain dences In 40i ward. ., In three flne real- Inquire of 1.1. Bush. • ctl-ti rou BUNT. Only 10 cents for 3 lines under this Heading. WlllUold F ~~OR KRNT-A good barn fbnent. Wtll eight horses. Kniulre of Moses Dillon. F OB KKNT-DweWng bouse, suitable for one or two families, five blocki from P. O., with 5 acres of ground. Apply 606 First Ave. 81-U T IO'LEASE^Power and room for manufactiIT lti« purposes, In the bullalng formerly occupied by Church & Patterson.. Address B.C. Church, Duluth, Jlluu. "*•" FINANCIAL. F 'lNANOIAL-Moneytoloan-Sl^W at 0 per cent., on farm security. J. I. Bush, ItooU Falls. '*•'-" KBTS, Raised doughnuts can be had fresh from Ross Hull's delivery wagon every morning. , 87 ' t3 Bid!* for »Ule« alk. The committee oa streets aad alleys will receive bids ,to build a- Trinidad Asphalt walk on First avenue accord ing to ordinanes passed by city eouu ell for that purpose. Plans and sped aliens can fee seeu ftt o»ca of CU; Suj»rlnt«nd.«»* of sttrwrta. Bids must Ladies' driving gloves at Chester's. l>o Yon. Waut Money f The way to make money and save money is to buy your watches, silverware and jewelry, of all kinds of Blos- oin. Uis stock is complete and prices ow. . • Mrs. W. S. Frey and Mary Mllnes, of Frey & Davis, left for Chicago this morning to buy their fall stock of goods. Misa Ella Van Horn will meet them there and retura Saturday evening ready to meet her old customers Monday. ___ _ 85-ts Just what you waut, all kinds of light and heavy glovos and mittens at L. L Johnson's. ^^ 8M:J Something »ew in coraots, at Chester's. Call and s«> the ^-___ ougtouta can bo had Uiws H "it's dwUvw y wagon 'si W ULtti T IUU*V7V»A V^»WJ t »•""" »—-— displays will epitomize the progress and enterprise of the hosts of earnest workers who are pushing the development of that favored region In which "Corn is King." To enable all to visit this "Eighth Wonder of the World," tie Chicago & North-Western Railway will aell ex cursion tickets to Sioux City at half rates, or one fare for the round trip. The Corn Palace will open September 2,'Jd, and close October 5tb, and during that period wumerous-spccial-tralna will- be run for the accommodation of visitors. Tickets and full information can be obtained on application to agents of the Chicago & North-Western Kailway Company.^ 3>I - t3 Amatia blankets and flannels at J.K. | Chester's. Only 10 cents for 3 lines under this Heading. M ISCELLANEOUS— Land fxcurston to the ch-ttp and beautiful lauds, o'l°» fa . T "*»; ea , f . Cousult F. B. Hubbard lor wles Gome in and see, We charge no fee. The largest and richest display we have ever snown. nay 24th, next. anil Trices. __ W ANTHD-Iiiiinedlatcly-kltcheu girl._ Ap- Tickets now on sale at.O. L. Werntz's store. Dou't fail to attend. Academy ] o£ Music, Tuesday evening, Sept. 24. S7 tii TRADE O. and O. TEA The Cktast Tea Ever Offered. ABSOLUTELY PUKE. A MOST W5UC10UB BEVERAGE. TUT FT. Ton will 58"*r ft** * c ? ciior, ftaiiitj atw vtrtt*- 11 It ihH Humiw-r OHADK I.E*r, uJokM from Auelioucer. The Dutch and English auctioneer still alive and ready to attend to city and country sules ou short notice. Can leave ordera at A, 11. Hen&rlcfc's Drag Store or at my realdMie* ot» lulh &v«north of 4th at. Charge ble. Uive »B ft call. D. il. la .ntf . Auet. ) tiurs »wl fr<« fn>m uli mluUeratlnin or coloring inattw *3he Bfcfkajjt-a are iiermetkr&ily s**A&Q «»rewu«i full vrelKht. It U » oil IB me tb^u tUa low*r gn«!a* Csdontfcl & Osddaclal Tea Oo,, , 35 13urti»g. Nip, K« t.b'ur sate 6f w. P. S.-Our plush ments are au warranted. S'wfc Th&y'U These

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