Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 15, 1912 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 15, 1912
Page 8
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8 THE lOLADAILif REGISTER. TUESDAY EVENING. OCTOBER 15,1912. 1 -1 i Healthy Old Age is What ]9116IIS WORTH 74 IWtLIONS Dr. Hartman Advocates nKOLOGirAL SIKVEY TEfLLS YEAR'S PHOIH'CTIOX. OF 1 SeV here, my young .man. 1 heard you complaining t li e otiier day of being nervous sleepless brain fagged and tlie like. A young man, hardly in the .zenith of your life, cqju- plalning of lueh things! And this, is very common, too. You are not th e only one. Probably three 8.-u. Hartman, 31. D. the young men of today have just such syiuptoins .is yoii describe. What does it mean? Look at nie. 1 am eighty-two years 'old. Sound as a nut. Tough as hickory. Do not know what it is to lie tired. While 1 cannot do as mucli physical work as 1' used to when a young iiiau. 1 can do a great d^l Probably twice as nuiih as the average young man of today. , What has kepi me so strong and well? 1 will tell you. I do not use tobacco. 1 do not use alcoliolic stiui- ulauts. I do not use tea or coffee hjibitually. I go to bod early. 1 got u}K early. 1 am always doing something; someiliing that occupies my body and inind. I love to work. 1 take a cold water towel bath every morning, winter and summer. It is Uiese things that have kept me well and strong. You could l)e just as well nud strong as 1 am If you would do as I do. You nitty ask, do 1 never get sick. 'lavc I never had occasion to take med- clne at all? Yes, 1 have got sick. Sometimes I feel a little touch of climatic trouble, like cold, malarie slight catarrhal symptoms but my only medicine Is Peruna. I always keep a bottle of Peruna in the house. I keep a bottle of Peruna on my desk In my >ffice. Once In a while I take some. ! do not take it habitually. Take it mly whi -n I feel a little out of sorts. )ne swallow will perhaps be all that .vlll be necessary, but it is always landy by. It is a sorry sight to see the young Jien of today begin to peter out physically 'when they ought to be in the ?Iory of their manhood and the height jf their vigor. Kat plain foo^l. Live frugally. Give up all .weakening liab- its. Live as God intended you to live. Take Peruna when you do not feel as well as usual. If you want me to I will send you a !iO(ik which will tell you a great many more things about yourself and about matters that may. be of great value to you. Knclose a I two-cent stamp for iiostage and the book will be sent In a tjlain wrapper a ul you Will not be .roubled with aiij follow-up letters or .jdvertisemeuts. Ve -ru-na, Man-a-lin and La-cu-pla hanufact\ired by, the Perru-na Com)any. Columbus, Ohio. Sold at nil Irug stores. Prodnrtlon Less Bot Value More— KnusaN Wan Fourth With i:;,8<{l,l43.000 Cultlr Fert. SrEn.VL NOTICE:—Many persons nquire for The Old-time Perutia. They vani the Peruna that their Fathers md Mothers used to take. The old 'eruna is no)v called Katarno. If your lealer does not keep it for sale write Iso Kutanio t'ompany, Columbus, Hiio. and they will tell you all about It. STRICKEN ILL ON OIRTHDAY lliil. Hi'v. J. K. MvUT.Who \\tt» m \vars of \w Hnllles Sunday and Inipnneii. SYHIP OF FH.S IS liKST FOIt A ('llll.l> If lis l.ltlli' Tangup Is Coated, llrenlh Feverish, Stoniarh. Siinr and Htnu'U (ioorcd. Stricken 111 durinc a dinner given In lumor of his SUUh birthday at the home of his grand-niece, Mrs. T. K. Oliver, • last Sunday. Hcv. .1. K. Myler is rapidly recoverlne at the home of his son, K. W. Myler. Physicians diagnose the trouble as an attack of the "grip." Tlie I jtalienl is sitting up today and is expected to be In his u.sunl healUi in a lew days. For Ids age. Rev. .Myler is a rdmarkably vigorous man taking into account his years. .Rev. Myler was bom October i:!, ISlfi. He entered the .Methodist ministry when a very young man and became a circuit rider advancing the more important pastoraites. He spends •the winters at the home of his son In this citv. i;\ery uu)ther immedialely realizes after giving her child delicious Syrup <f Figs thUt this is the Ideal la.xatlve and physli! for the children. Nothing •Ise liegula e's the little one's stonuich. liver iind thirty feel of tender bowels so promptl besides they dearly love Avoid .S'edathe Tough Medicines. If you want to contribute directly to the occurrence o'f capillary bronchitis and pneumonia use cough medicines that contain codine. morphine- lieroin and other sedatives when you have a-cough or cold. An" expectorant like Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is what .is needed. That cleans out ' the culture beds or breeding places •• forlhe germs of pneumonia and other germ diseases. Thai is why i)neurao- nia never results from a cold when (Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is used It has a world wide re))utation for Us cures. It contains no morpliine or other sedative. For sale by all dealers FI.INkEU SrilEIUI.E. ford and Uonre rarlles .Vrmngtil for |bi> Senson. The social conttuttlei> of Ihiv Cllnk<>r Club met last IIIKIII and nuide final arrangemtiiitR for the dAiiceR and eani parties lo IKVgiven this sea8 (in.-Tliey will be given as follows: The first dance will bo given next Tuc 'Sday jHght, (lejober 2'i. I'he following dances will be given: Monday hlght. Oct. 2S. card party Monday night. Nov. 4, danco. Monday nijht, Nov. 11, card party. -Monday night, .Nov. IS, dance. . Monday night, Nov. 2h. card party. Monday night, l>e<'. 2. dance. Monday night, Dec. 9, card party. • Jklonday night, Dec. 16. dance. 'Monday night, Dec. 2.^, card party. Monday night, Dec. 30, dance. . The^music will be furnished by tho Shields Orchestra. All ihe members of the cjub are requested to be present-with their friends and start the . seaosn off with a good hig crowd. lOLA -BOWLEKS W0\. on Defeated Team from Ilnntholdt Local Alleys. lola bowlers last night took a match from Humboldt on the lola alleys by the score of 226" to 2044. The scores made were: lola. 140 144 -..—133 204 1.^9 WTiitaker . Long .... Poston _-. •Brffdeq .-. Root ir.6 1.10 lf.4 11« 174 l.-.T 120 nr. 122 173 453 394 472 M2 Schleicher Urauchor .. Muore Trego Card 780 740 74." 2267 Ilumholdt. 144 71 140 144 144 160 129 126 130 ir.l 165 12.% 126 118 469 32:. 392 392 466 its delight fill llg taste. If your c liid isn't feeling well, resting nicely. (ating regularly and acting naturally it is a sure sign that its little insides need a gentle, thorough cleansing at once. When cross Irritable, feveri.-ili. or •stomach sour, breath bad or .vour little one has stomach ache, diarrhoea, sore throat, full of d^old." tongue coated; give a teaspoonful of Syrup of Figs and In a few hours all the foul, constipated, clogged up waste, undigested food and sour bile will gently move on and out of Its little bowels without nausea, griping or weakness, and you will surely have a well, happy and milling child again shortly. With Syrup of Figs you are not Irugging your children being com- )oaed entirely of luscious figs, senna md aromatlcs, it cannot be harmful. Mothers should always keep Syrup )f Figs handy. It Is the only stoni- ich, liver and bowel cleanser and regulator needed—a llitle given today will save a sick child tomorrow. Full directions for children of all ^08 and grown-ups plainly i)rlnted m the imckage. .'Vsk your druggist forthe full name, "Syrup of Figs and Hltxlr of Senna," .irepared by the California Fig Syrup •'olupany. This Is the delicious'tust- ng. genuiiie old rellalile. Refuse uny- ihing elseOffered. KANSAS IIOKSK IM.AUI'E IJONK. Vs Myxterlnns as It Came. BheuHe Has Vanished. Topeka. Kas.. tVt. 14—The horse iilague that caused tlie death of more han twenty thousand horse^< and an ;ictunl l<).<s of more than 2 million Inllars durlni: Auti^t and September, las disaimeart'd as mvsterlously as It oame. .1. 11. Mercer, state livestock commissioner, has not had a single •lew case of llie disease reiiorted to .iiii since a week ago Saturday. One •leath was reported to him from Clark county last week, but It was that of a •lorse taken sick early in the previous «eek. -Mrs. T. A. Town, 107 6th St. Watertown, S. D., writes: "My four children are subject to hard colds and I always use Foley's Honey and ^ar Compound with splendid results. Some time ago I had a severe attack of la Seventy-four million dollars was the value of the natural gas produced In this country for 1911. While there was a decrease In quantity from the output of 1910. the figures for the two years being 509.155.309.000 and 5U8, 353.241.000 cubic feet, the value of the production In 1911 was nearly four mil lion dollars greater- th^that of 1910. a gain of 4.76 per ceflf: The Increase In demand for natural gas from consumers of all kinds- according to Dijvid T. Day. of the United State Geo logical Survey. In a'report on the i)ro- ductlon of natural gas in 1911. Just published by the Surve.v, makes the supply of gas a matter of growing seriousness. Beyond question the natural gas that can be furnished in many of the fields of the United States is simply a function of the capital Invested In natural gas lines, and especially In power plants for pumping the gas. Hut the safety of such large Investments decreases In .proportion as the unsatisfied demand 'becomes Indica- iive of a failing supply. In Ohio and Indiana the yield has diminished so rapidly as to stop the In vestment of the further capital ne.-e.'- sary to increase production. Oiie Important feature bearing on tlie production of natural gas during i'.tll was 'the exce «s1ve demand for It In Kansas City- .Mo. This caused a board of imblic utilities to create a commission lii>aded by Krasiuus llaworth- State geologist of Kansas, lo Investigate the probable duralUm of Ihe supply of gas to Kansas City. In his report Mr. llaworth expresses the opinion thai a supply of natural gas sufficient for the needs of the i-lty Is not liosslble for longei^ than three or four years. I'enns.fhtinia ISrentest Cnnsunier. Pennsylvaiila was the greatest con••^timer of natural gas In 1911. with an output of ir.4.47.">.376 .0Oa cubic feel; Ohio was second- with 112.123.029. imn cubic feet: West Virginia was third, with SO .S6S.64 .'>.000 cubic feet; and Kansas fourth- with 77.S61.143 .000 cubic feet. The Kansas figure Includes uas piped from Kansas and consumed in Missouri, also gas piped from Okla- I'.oiua into Kansas and Sllssouri. In inn Pennsylvania used i 103-227..".sn.- "00 cubic feet for manufacturing and 1 0. 221. K'H.OOn cubic feet for other in- dii .strial punmsps —power, etc. West Virginia used .">0 .l30.046 .000 cubic feet fof manufacturing and l6.S68.27S.otin cubic feet for other industrial piir- no.=es. Kansas usejl 46-070.417 000 and .?.r.02.35r )-000 cubic feet for maiiiifac- t4iring and other industrial jmrposes- respectlvely. Twenly-elght Thousand AVelN. . On December 31. 1911. there were 10 .S09 productive wells in Pennsylvania. 4-7-^-" In M'est Virginia. 4.7t.7 /In Ohio. 2.633 In Indiana- and 2 .0 (i4 in Kansas. The total number of jtrrrtluc- tive wells in tlie United Stales on that date was 2.S.42S. During the last three jv-ears the separation of the more volatile grades of gasoline from natural g .-js Is.suing from oil wells has become a profitable Industry of Increasing imnortance. The nidustry did not progresB as rapidly In 1911 as was expectiMl.j Undoubtedly it will eventually liecomif a settled and flourishing business, for millions of cubic feet tH gas that Is now wasted on leases mlcht be converted Into gasoline- should the demand iind price warrant It Tlie United States Geological Survey Inst year rillempted to •oiuitlle figures of itroiluctlon of gasoline from natural gas. but many plants were operated Intermlttenily and no rerords were kept t^f the oulpnt. Statements from Southi>rn producers could only be estimated. However crude the method of manufacture, a report of the quantity of gasoline produced shows an output In 19U of 7.- ''jr..s39 gnllons. with an . estimated value of $-">31'.704. .\ coi'iy of the report may be obtained free on anplicallon to the Director of the Ge^glcal Survev. Washington- D. C. TEACH SCHOOLS HEALTH. Minnesota .Is Conser»«nir th^» ChHdren liy FMuralfon. ' The State of Minnesota has engaged Dr. Ernest B. Hoag. a health expert- to travel about the state and demonstrate to the citizens that raticna! conservation of the mental and physical health children Is possible and practicable with the means already grippe and the doctor prfscribed '^o-i.^ TK,-«» „_ •ey's Iloney and Tar Compound and J' f^.''^^^ flLTilf'?/ it soon overcame the la grippe. I can always depend upon Foley's Hpncv .and Tar Compound and am sure of good results." For sale at Burrell's Drug Store. The Morse Bible class will be held at the Y. M. C: A. this evening at 6:20. All men between the ages of 16 and 99 years are cordially Invited to be present. Oh, How I Itehedt (I) Organization with a medical officer and a or rinrses; (2) organization with a school nurse or nurses only: (3) organization by the employment of a slnjple non-medical Health-Survey on the part of the teach er only. To make it possible for every community, however small. XQ jios- sess the necessary technical knowledge, the state board of health will maintain at the state capltalTi "clearing house of information concerning child hygiene, medical supervlslon- the teaching of school hygiene, and the like." 643 696 Tonight Bushgen's team test iwiUi Root' Mrs. Minnie Shira went to Carlyle thlK afternoon on builnesa. "What long nervcrueklner day.i of con- •tant torture—what iile«plewi nlBlitv oX ttrrltale acony—Itch—Itch—itcli, eoa> •tMft Itok, until It Ki -einvd that I niua: — — 1 »•« o« my T»nr ttta—then— •O-' 20<< • »ndT!5?lVir"*'~"*" -'"«"=o«"^.»'x>lhca will con-! The very first dropa of D.D.b. Pix- •crlptlon for Kcsema stopped that awful I Ul"* >'••• very moinant D.D.D. touched tlio bumInK vktn -the torture CMLHtd. A ZSo botll* proveii It. D.D.D. has been known for year* as the only Absolutely rellabU ecuro* "Rev. 8. P. CuUlBonl of Fontana, Kas. wsa In th« cttyl this afternoon between tralnB. while cnroute. to Neosho Tallf to attend the district conference. J. 4'. Tredway, of LaHarpe, went to Neosho Falls this afternoon on business. Orville Brtc1t «r. of Carlyle. was a biulness visitor her* this aftemooit remedy, for It washes away the dlneastt ••rms and leaves the skin u ciur Eealthy as that of a child. All other drucirlsu have D.D.D. Pre- •ertpUon—«o to them It you can't coma to us—but dont accept some ble proflt BUbstttuta. But If you come to our store, we ara •o certain ,of what D.D.IX will do for you tiiat wa offer you a full aisa botila on this cuaranteo:—If you do not Bnd It takes away the Itc:. - teo>— If you do not Bnd tMt ray the ttc:. AT OKOi it ooau you not » cant. ^ For Sale at Burteira Dnic Stort- - STOP SCALP ITCH Dadniff nnd Erenr Form of Senln Disease Cured Quirk hy Zemo. * Is simply wonderful how Zemo TheY. is offering membership, at reduced rates during the campaign now on which will close Saturday night at^ 10:00 p. m. You ought to become a member at this time. Take advantage of the opportunity to get a bargain. Installment Plan $10.()0 Mfinhor.slii|) .Sr).()0 tlown; .$1.0(». per month $7.00 Mt^mhorshil) ^ $:;.op I I DWII ; .?1.00 per mt.nth $(;.00 MemlRM-ship $2.(K) down: $1.00 jier month $4.00 Memht'r.shij) $1.5(» dow-n; oOc per month $2.50 Mt'mher.'^hip .$1.00 down: r,Oc per month Help swell the ranks of the young men and boys of^ lola who-are standing for the highest type of manhood and citizenship. SNAPSHOTS OP THE WORLD'.S SERlJgg WPTHEWmMJINWON The \eosho irhor's Present .Six Foot Rise Mas Predicted liy Jlolcomb I.»st .Saturday. • ^tovo Yerkes. second sacker for the Boston Bed Sox, has made some sensational plays during the world's aeriea m^mtM. In the accompanylns picture he is seen slamming out a safe bit in the game Wednea- «ay,. 1 . K.\TtUTAI.>S TWO .HEETIAXi.S. It goes after dandruff. You rub a llltle of It in with tlpp of the fingers, it gets rlaht down Into tbo glands, stimulates them. NtopH the Itch, and make* the head feel fine. No. It isn't sticky! Zemo Is a fine, clear. A -anJshIng liquid You don't have to even wash your hands after using Zemo. Kansas Baptists and State A. 11. T. .V. Oather at Arkansas Cit;. Arkansas City. .^rk.. Oct. 14.—Thi' Kansas Baptist .Association began a four davs' session b^re thi.-? evening The .\nti-l;lorse Thief .Association state convention will hecln tomorrow. The Baptist convention will bring 400 delegates- and the -A. H. T. A. about J-2'10. The A. II.'T. A. will have a livelycontent for the ne.vl meeting place.; CtiffevvlUe. Independence. Fort Scott and Xewton will send large dele gatloris to fight for the me«>ting. W. D. Kreamer.-president of the local order. Is a leading candidate for state president. i UKSFUTKl) 17 Ti.MKS IN « YKAllS. Children Seurrelr Ar<|ualnted Their Father. With Chicago. Oct. 14.—Mrs. .Mary Steck- And' what a ! ley, in municipal court todayl testl- wonder It Is for ecjtema. ras^i. pimple.* i lied In the six yeara that she had been and ell skin afflictions. A 25.cent trial bottle *t Morris ft Howard's Drug Store Is gimranteed to stop any skin Irritation. 7jtmo is prenared by E. \V. -Rose Medicine Co.. St Louis. Mo., and is regularly sold by druKxista at.SI a bottle. But to proM what it will do at-trininx expatUHT Zemo is now put up to K-eeat tttal botUw. married her husband had left her forty-seven times. "He only live* with me a t\i<^. or two at a time," said Mrs. Steckley. Wc. have three children and they scarcely know their father. I have kept n record of the tlnie^e haa left me. This record shows tliat he left (ortyrseven tImea,'only to retnm for I don't wiint him lo come hear again." Sfeckiey was sent to jail. me [month. To. do^iiis it is necessary for j- le ITnited Statist Steel Corporation to ; t.irn out l.-"-2.'..C''"4t>r..'; and other steei ——• • •'-onipanies to iirodtt'ce l-l .'.i '.iKiO tons of BO.>I» ri.OTS CO.ST ^l.<KH» \ MONTH i steel ingoi.^. x- Tlie one great drawback is the diffi- Thl.--- !» the .-;orv of a weather bu- rr-i.ii iireiliitlon thai came true. Many (.1 i.'iem do. liii; a:- n i:siial th <ng. tho IHlbllr r.n'ii liiM.s <'l' the tlliie .H the 1 weather man iiii ».-<e» liis prognostli-a- ili a >ind fill- illrKi 'uniliMl keep up such a iirolongi'd. ii-'ele>A murmur that before ihir urottl over the last nils* ceases anotlni- grouch comf>s to take It* iihue. The .Vecislui rUer's stage toiiiv Is' sl.\ feot aliovo tew water mark. ' he rise Is due t > heavy rains upstream, at I>'roy. Neosho Rapids'and Eni |K .ris. y-Ijist .Salurda .v. when the .\<!'>:lio stood at zero. low: water mark; ?f.rv"r Mol'.omb iiredicted that riv- rr would rije five (eef^y Sunday, '.'he (•reiiiction was fulfilled to the n .'i That phophecy wa.« worth real money <n the city of lola. The water t-Li- tion was told of the anticipafr-I r:.s» The t -nzineer iiuraned the ba .sins fi;li and c!'j=efl intakes before the A-A'.i-r came tin therby saving the hyif« • ic rams frcm probable injury. Partir -r; who ^v-ere taking tripsin motor boats were informed of the probable stasre of the river and This inf^. irti'icn was valuable to tbem. T 'lT" rain.< Saturday night and Sun- dav v»<-re heaviest at Neosho Ra; i-i.^ where, the rain fall was 1:90 an"! at Kmiioria where the precipitation a- moun.ed to l.SO. Kvcn heavier rains fell south )f lola .\t Oswego nearly two Inch >s or r.Tin fell. The Alleged Bvnaniltcrs Had a Secret Fund, the (•o^ernnient Says. (tilty of gftting and holding labor. The war in the Balkans already has lirttv.n thousands of foreigners back lo Kurope. WALKS IS -PKAtaiER WAtitiER." f».vford Students llnve .Selected a College .\anie for the Priiire. Ini !i:inapoIi.s. Oct. 14—The accu.<:ed iron workers in the alleged dynamite plo; siienr $!-<i<'i ),a month In l»o;t and 131u for the exi^osinns that wrecked ] jobs on wlilcb non-union labor was employed, according to allegations today, made by tho governmcni in th- trial of the forty-five iron worker.' ; l.,ondon. Oct 14-Pragger Wag- By the testimony of Mrs. H. A. Ilulljger" is fhr> name bestowed upon the of Omaha, a former «tcnographer of j Prlii;e of \Va!e.-« by his fellow students -lol.n -I. .Mc.Namara. It was shoun that-at .Magdalen Cidlege. Oxferd. where the union In 190!» and 1910 spent an he enter«»tl as ti fposhmnn .Saturday, nverageof 11 "Of a month, designated "Pragger" !> the (ia:islc Oxford on the books utider the heading of "or- slang for prince : The word Wales ganlKlng funds." Tho proicution j presented some difficulty, bui at a sol- says that tuoncy was jwld for the al-|emn conclave stmlcnt.^ It was dc- b-ged dynamite Jobs. > : .Ided that "Wagger" was ihe only —I 1- I thing possible The name given to the TIIK IMIO.VIIXJ STKFI. IMUSTHY.: prince's grandmother. Queen Victo.rla. by the Oxford collegians was "Quag- F. K. Chew, of Neosho Falls, who lias been here visiting G. \V. MIckley, returned home this afternoon. Mrs. A. J. Morton, of LaHari>e, was a business visitor here this afternoon. .Mr. anjl .Mrs. J. A. Higgins. of Seattle, Wash., who have been visiting friends in Humboldt, went to Kansas City this afternoon. IVrsent Prodnrtlon IH the (•reuleston Kerord—Scurrlty of l.nlior. New York. Oct. 14.—Stimulated by pressure for deliveries, a growing ton na^ of unfilled orders and extremely favorable weather for plant opera- titons. the steel companies .are count- In^ on breaklDs.all prodncnon rec- ger." —J H. RlleV of ITniontown. Kansas, successor to the Cole Hdw. Co, is making some big reductions In the prices of his atock. is receiving new goods ev«rT dair anTtlnvftes you to call* ^ _ on him and inspect Us line of mer- a f«w dairi. Now I tux tlitd ot hioi.'ords for crude and tlaished steel this chandlse and hi* prices... STOP HAIR FALLING TODAY —It won't cost you a cent to prove that yuu can stop fallinic hair and prevent baldness^ for C. B. Spencer & Co. will supply you with a battle of Parisian Sage and It you are not satisfied with the result, he will refund the full purchase price. The same' guarantee applies to dandruff, splitting hair, faded hair /or scalp Itch. Parisian Sage Is the mo«t delightful, refreshing and invigorating hair dressing tb the world. Jt preswres the- natural color of the hair and Imparts ttf it a glossy appearance thxt all admire. Large Bottle 50 cents a erywhare. The girl with hair (m'vntT packnie. dealers ev-. the Attbumy

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