Covina Argus from Covina, California on March 28, 1908 · Page 3
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 3

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 28, 1908
Page 3
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f local Events. V--^---------<SteBtf«^r----------------- -• First class chicken bone, 100 Ibs. ?2.50. San Gabriel Valley Company. Mrs. L. M. Jeffries of Hotel Woodward, Los Angeles, was visiting friends in Covina on Saturday last. The Rev. Isaac Jewell of Colton, formerly pastor of the Methodist Church here, has hern seriously ill this sveek with pneumonia. The Covina Co. will pell you a lot in the Covina Vilia tract aud advance you twice as much money as you p_ay for the lot to build a house. Dr. and Mrs. (model! and two sons spent the week end at Kedondo. Mrs. Goodell will remain two weeks visiting friends. W. T. (Jretr.K, brother of Mrs. G. ! N. A'tsvood, has returned to Nevada i First class chicken bone, 100 Ibs. , 2.50. San 6aUriel Valley Milling Company. Place your spare cash in the Covina Valley Savinps Bank, a safe investment at 4 per cent. Lost Between Covina and Glendora on (!rand avenue a ladies' white sweater. Leave at this office. J. C. Thompson has gone to Ventura to look after his ranch interests at that point. Miss Byrrl Reynolds is spending the week in Los Angeles, the guest of relatives. Geo. W. Sturdivant has sold his interest in the tailoring business of Rchumm A- Hturdivaiit to his partner, Mr. Schunun. Mrs. have Mrs. Jennings and guests, Hall and daughter, Miss Laura, returned from t'atalina, where have been spending the sveek. Food sale today from 2 to 0 p. m. bv Holv Trinity Guild at McLood's OUR AdTENS: Waroer, Wiitsel & (o. Brown & Bohri Pomona Sanitary Laundry . restaurant, after a visit of several weeks at the , sn j a( j a ( . ((1 home of the latter. T. J. Meader sold his five acre ranch on Cieuega avenue this week Cakes, ' ies, beans, A. Carnahan has been seriously ill this sveek. See new timo card of Pacific Electric railway on telegraph post in front of bank. Covina Pharmacy. First class chicken lump, 100 Ihs. 82.50. San Gabriel Valley Milling Company. Thoroughbred White Leghorn eggs for setting, $'! per 100, 11. F,. Waul, Charter Oak. Phono 12(11. tf For Rent, Exchange, Lost, Found i Miscellaneous. | Fur Hale-Work horse, about. 14011 Ibs. ,1. L. »1 otter. Il'JHp For Sale Second grade potatoes, $1.00 per sack, W. M. Warren. Telephone Homo HI00. Thoroughbred White Leghorn oggs foi setting, SH per 100. II. K. Ward, Charter Oak. Phone 1'2'il. tf For Halo Good, lich stnhlo Uian- ure. F. C. Mutter, telephone 2H,"i. U-2Sp For Sale---Comfortable, Ihe room residence it) (hie section of town, S1HOO. .1. II. Matthews, Mrs. Imocenn Cilmnrc Venico Mrs. K. J. Smith and daughters, the Misses Viola and Isabel of Los Angeles, spent a pleasant week end Dudderar. Coulson's Eag Food will make your hens lay more eggs than any other known food. 82.00 per sack. San Gabriel Valley Milling Company. J. Frank Nelson of Pasadona, formerly a prominent newspaper man of Hampshire county, W. Virginia, was in Covina this week visiting his, old friend, J. W. Carter. Mrs. A. A. Brater of Bo/eman, to A. J. Fry. The sale was uegotiat- j at tlie b ' ()me of Mr. and Mrs. F. ed by John Heath.' Miss Chole Starr of Clearfleld, Penn., has arrived-to pay an extended visit at the home of Mr. aud Mrs. P. S. Uotts. Mr. and Mrs. Will Griffiths were invited guests O u Wednesday night at the dance given at Hotel Redondo i in honor of Admiral Sebree^ aud tho officers: of his squadron. Dr. Payne and wife. Dr. Brosvn Payne, eastern friends who have been visiting at the hotne of Herman and Miss Headley, are now guests of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Headley. Herman Headley, Miss Anna Headley, Dr. Payne and svife, Dr. Brosvn Payne, spent a pleasant day enjoying the Mount Losve trip on Saturday last. . ( ^ Miss Anna Herron, vice president of the Monday Afternoon Club, attended the reciprocity meeting of the Wednesday Afternoon Club of Los Angeles on Wednesday last. Tulare County Lands: $50 to is spending the week with the family of her cousin, L. 11. Hoot. Mrs. Clarence Menefeo spent several days this week as a guest at the homo of Mr. and Mrs. John Coolman. The Covina Valley Savings Bank offers you a safe investment for your idle funds. We pay 4 per cent. Start an account today. per acre with water. Undeveloped land in artesian district $20 to $40, any size you \vaut, any kind Matthews, Coviua. of terms. J. H. Phone 5008. Guests at the home of Dr. and Miss Herron this-week were Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Krause of Los Angeles on Sunday and on Tuesday Mr. and Mrs. W. T. McJinkin of Pittsburg aud Mr. aud Mrs. A. E. Ludwig of Los Angeles. At the regular meeting of the Eastern Star ou Tuesday evening last the following uesv members svere initiated: Mrs. Charles Mene'ee, Mr. aud Mrs. Marion Coltriu, Mr. Trueblood. Following the initiation refreshments and a social evening were enjoyed. On Friday evening, April 3rd, there will be given under the auspices of the Ladies Aid of the M. E. Church . a social in honor of tho birthday of the church. A good program svill bo rendered consisting of music, readings, and refreshments will be served in tho ladies' parlor. All members of the congregation cordially invited. The Ladies Aid of the Baptist Church met at tho home of Mrs. Gage on Wednesday afternoon, and after u •. busy afternoon spent in sewing they adjourned to tho social rooms of the | church, where, tables svere set for sup- ; per to which the gentlemen were in- j vited. After r-upper a discussion | was hold ou "Keurions for Supporting ; Home and Foreign Missions." A' social hour follosved. '< Tho Christian Church in planning to take a forward .step in the svork of foreign missions. It has resolved , to become n "Using link" in the Foreign Christian M JHsionaiy Society which means that it will raise i(!00 annually fur the support, of its own missionary. In this way it will have one pastor at home and ono in the foreign field. L.tst Sunday enough was pledged by the members present to assure the HUCCI >-H of the movement. Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Oaldridge of San Hernardini! road left on Thursday fur Los Angeles where they will be at home to thnir friends at the home of their M)ii, K. I'.. Ualdridgo of '.\:>'.\\ Arroyo Seen avenue. Fast Los An geles. [inring their absence th<-)r borne has been leased furnished to T. B. and .''i.-is Anna Walker of Pacific Grove, iiiint and uncle of S. Je.•,.-,!! p. Mr ai.d Mrs. lihldridi/e are among the [ii.n-.r rtsHi-nt-, of Montana, who is wintering at Hotel Lankershim, Los Angeles, drove over svith some friends of Mrs. Lance aud spent Thursday with her schoolfellow, Mrs. W. H. Collins. Herman Friedman, manager of the Coviua Peoples Store, svill let a contract next sveek for the erection of a commodious and pretty five-room cot tajzo on his property on W. Center street. P. W. Cheney, with his family, svill move next sveek into his commodious nesv home which he has erected on his property ou W. Center street. The Wells addition is one of the finest residence sections of our town. W. R. Uber, general organizer of the Fraternal Aid Association, has been spending the greater portion of the week in Coviua visiting local members. He has.also added several nesv members to the roll iu this city. Coulsou's Baby Chich Feed will make chicks grow and feather quick aud never get sick or die. Why do you go to tho Milling Company? Bo cause svo get what svo call for, you bet your hat. Mr. John Calbert, a leading merchant of Long Beach, spent Wednesday as a guest of W. B. Gammiell aud family and svas very much pleas- Coviua aud surrounding Mr. Raymond 13. Heius of Kansas City, is paying an extended visit at the home of Mrs. G. J. Koyunlds. OKCHARDISTS! See W. 11. Potter about your budding. Ho is experienced in this work. Also in i pruning. The Misses Clara Ouster and Edna Schrock of Pasadena were visitors at the. homo of Mr. and Mrs. Win. Over- on last Sunday. A large number of Coviua people attended the district conference of the Brethren church, held at Inglewood ou last. Thursday. Rev. Stephen Voder of Los Angeles was a guest at the homo of his daughter, Mrs. C. J. Brandt, over Sunday. Mrs. Lucius F. Smith, sister of Mrs. Paint, of Du Quoin, 111., with her two daughterti, have arrived to pay an extended visit in California. Frank Raymond has lo«!t for Soraas, Ventura county, where he will learn the grocery business with his brother- in-law, John Gail. The Misses Sal lie Bonuar of Los Angeles, Edith Simonds of Pasadena, and Emmalino Guernsey of New York, wore guests <of Miss Lilian Douglass on Wednesday last. On Wednesday afternoon the Homo aud Foreign missionary societies of the First Presbyterian Church hold a most delightful meeting in the parlor of the church. In the absence of the president, Mrs. Paul G. Sfov- For Sale Second wagon w ith fruit rack. Twnmey A I Ml lor. Wauled A second baud organ for use iu Knsvorth League room. Apply to Mrs. J. L. Matthews. WANTED •-"Chickens and calves. ,1. C. Baldridge, Covina, Cal. P.O. box 2:n. Phono 20til). tf Buy u lot in the Covina Villa tract and tho Covina CM. svill build ran a house- on it. * *5 Navel and Valencia imr- W. L. Kellnr. Phone ed svith country. Have you seen the Merry Widow hats at Miss Ilecknrd's? They come in all .sixes aud colors. A good assortment of material for tho ladies ol the Brethren Church, also cap goods. Store open on Saturday and Tuesday evenings. Mrs. Mary Loobriek -.san surprised on Sunday by tho arrival of her brother, .). lJ.,Ki)Muihergor of Yatc.s Center, Kansas. Mrs. Leebrick had not, seen her brother fr;r many years and nhe nope-: to get him to locate in (,'o- vina. Mr. Kosnuborgoi 1 was accompanied by Mr. Fred Parks uf thu aamo place. Among the business changes this ens occupied the chair. Mrs. Cleland of Long Bench, tho Preubytorial president, was present to install tho officers elect. Her installation address was reploto with spiritual aud practical instruction. Mrs. FnniH, the president ek-ct, was called to the chair and responded to the request of the society svith a few well chosen words. A vocal trio by MIIUJH. Stevens, Hull' and Knnis was a feature nf tho meeting, followed by the consecration service led by Mit,h Lillian Wood of LUH Angelen. This i gifted woman from the depthH of it | heart burning with love for Christ j and humanity, mado very manifest.: tho presctncn of the Holy Spirit, All : present wore touched by the power ol her witnoHH and joined must eiirnent Iy in the conHeciatiou prayer. Mis'li Gilmuro closed the meeting most fittingly svith a splendid rendering j of Kipling's "Kece'-.sioiittl. lv '• For Sale scry stock, lit) f>f), tf To Lot Two rooms, furnished or unfurnished. Fast, Front ulri'ot. Phono 10,"):!. Fd Blakomoro. •! 2p Have your rubber tiros set, by Wilson's rubber firo Hotter, tho only .1110 of its kind in the valley. tf. Buy a lot, iu tho Covina Villa tract, utp tho Covina Co. svill build you a bouse- on it. Wanted -To buy 20 to -10 shares Covina Irrigating Co. stock. Ad dross J. B. Collision, Pasadoua, Cal. tf The Covina Co. svill sell you a lot in tho Covina Villa tract and advance you twice us much money HH you pay for the lot In build a house Wanted Second hand mosvor and horse rake. Write or call on T. I). Benjamin, East Center street, Covina. Fourth door cast of Citrus avenue. Itp For Sale—Three Jersey cows, all giving milk, one jnet fresh. Snyder ranch, near Glendora. H. J. Painter owner. Homo phone 510H. 4-'2p For Sale — Thoroughbred Whifo Leghorn and Black Minorca eggs for Hotting. Mrs. J. Wholor, Cypress avenue. Homo phono 10118. Tularo laud raises oranges, all kinds of fruits and vegetables to perfection. Coino up with us on Friday arid BOO thorn. J. H. Matthews, Covina. Phono fillOH. Wanted - -Furniwhed IIOIIHO or rooms for family, no small children. In or out of town. Also want work for moil and boy. Addreas W. M., euro Cos'ina Argus. 1 tp Special sale on iumo hushes and lo quat freoH. Wo can SHVII you money on nursery stock. COVINA NUUSKKIKH. •i. "H Lower linddock ranch. THE 9 Covina Peoples Store ^i i ^5 (INCOKVOKATKP) OUTFITTERS TO THE WHOLE FAMILY | Muslin Underwear w All Kinds, All Prices, All Styles Corsot Covers from 1;V to Skirts from S"r to Drawers from 2iV to Ni^'bt vlowtis from SOi' to Don't Forget the Muslin Fine While Muslin, 3(> in. wide and not full of sliitvli. Worth \2 ' .-c to 15e per yard Special at lOc per yard $2.00 iro.OO S2.00 $2.00 The Coming Fleet Kr'mas with it the assurance (hat our CO AST LINK Milt hat)c PROTECTION a possible INVASION from an WNEX.PKCTKD 1'OK. In the Same Way PINO-MENTIIOL, by breaking tip that INSIGNIFICANT 1JTTLK COUGH ASSURES you against a possible contraction of BRONCHITIS, CHRONIC COUGHING or CONSUMPTION. llcliiu e((ectltle, hfirtttlt'U ninl plentanl, M>C recommend It iibinle olhcm and sell ll at 2S cent* u buttle. BRASS MM id MA(HI SHOP MANUFACTURERS OF week s\u noli- the di.-.holul ion of parl- ncriihip ol Fairly A- Pollard, real estate deab rs. Mr. Fairly retains the dflicc '.i ihe old firm and .Mr. K. j C. Pollard enieiH into part ner-hi p '• J{Jgt QflC Hi cl 11 with J. C. ii iichihr' n, with >,Mii e.- j fe two duurw v-.esL ot bin toriner location. S. liliim, of Cypress avonuo, n prominent MaMin, went to LOH Ant,' eleH on Tuesday to attend lodge. Kalslon Lodge, No. Il.'l, F. A A.M. Jnvko.d Sunset Lodge to confer the decree. Some '-i'-H) were present, and the. work was s-plend id l.v o.xernpl iflt-.d and it••((!!• the ceiemonie.-i light refreshments were .-(•; v(-d and a good fratei n;.l i hue followed. There a family reunion at the home ot .J. II. Simpi-oir on C.vpresr- avcnij'i March 22nd, those piesent being Mr. and Mis. T. H. Hatcbard of \\ innipi•!-•, Mrs. MaeCoiirt and daiij.Mi'er-i. Gliice. Mabel and Mar joiie and .Niis. Giiflllh, Mr. and Mi-,. ('1, -.ti ; r MiicC.,nrt and dni^'h ler, M i •• Km i iy Sin.i ->' n, Mi •*. tht; money you "blow in" foolishly, if invested in a. hank account would soon put yon on "easy street." Yon owe yourself the protection a Savings Ac- coiuU will aftord you. If you are spending all you earn it is unfair to yourself and who may be dependent on you. You havi: noticed the manner in which small amount^, expended count••> up in a ir.ounth a parl of such expenditures saved will allow yon to have an account at thi- bank. Start with a dollar have money in the bank. WiiuVdleySwijsBuli For Sale KggM for hutching and day "Id chlcliH from incubator from the following htamlmd hied fowls: White, Rockn, White MiiuircuH and While Lei/horiiH. Voiiug piillelnfor sale. lle,nson ACli'inenlH, K. Budillo Hi reel. tf For Sale liiisinehr bloi k, 't apiirlineiil'i, ilU'esfmeiil cheup. ,"i room eotliiL'e, lot. (iOxHM in, I-HH.S terms, <i I -HO. New 7 room modern hous c.oiiveiiieiici-H, ueM iiealr-d, ^ rTidOH invefil nieni will pay I Tj p(!i p cent clear. Cull and nee tin for cheiipeHl. and bent, lolh In the city. 1 mom house to let, clone in. Money Iu loan. COVINA KF.AI/I'Y CO. GENERAL MANUFACTURING Thoroughly Equipped for All Classes of Machine Work Reitterns 7V\eido KELLAR & THOMASON and Ollic.i- opposite S. I'. l»ep.»l Covina Pharmacy E. U. SMITH, Prop. Always KELIABLE and PROMPT Telephone 12 [:mer#eru:y Call II.'^ (-,.,!„:,, having ,-.,„.• her,- ^ Vi- , ! ', .- J ,!,.,. . <a-.hier , . . . . ,\ -,.,:.< .a. ...i-r more hiij.f.y y;-ai.-, und that \\ ':rl',i i ' h and da . ... , th'-V will retiirn to Covlfia v.ith n e»-l|ei;t piai.o u.M-ic v. a-, rendcied bvi ^ j, Krr ,, k ,,,,;, j. K. KllioH. uev'fcfl Bti^n-'th ufi.-r a ie-l frcm the Mr.-. Oiilfjih and ei, j -,y,, blc le.ita H..M. Honv-r .V;,r< » H. 1 ,, ol h<.u J ..-.kb.:piriL'. tic,, i,y M.--. M^ -n.- \ '.'.'. 11. Hoil.^.y <„.-.,. Iv Anoerv,,, ,.,„:,, avng ,-.,„• e,- -, - , Mr aeo from (itMiev;., N. V. The Ait-'Us Sta [. le-on an. I daughter ol ''•• - !l ! '''; i ( ( . H nt, 1,1-,.,,, , i r _ jj,,|,es tlat they n.:i.V '-i.j.y m-.iiV M i- • O.'.'.j :~.imp ,n and M:-. J . V. ;, v . ;,] . ( , r i -. -/. old. ' '' ' ' lilrths. To Mr. find MrH. .). Andi-rnuu I iv in girln ':•>! i II born . To Mr. und MIH. Ii. K. Me i^elt ine, on U'l-d/icrdiiy, a HID. 'I'o .Mr. and Mis. L. II. Ib'i i in, Wednesday, Mar. •!'•>, (i d.iu^hli :. The fui.eial her i ice ••. '.I .bum H liar ei, a biothci r,f Me-. C. C. lJ.,|jonan. v,bose rjciitb occuned in Kueirlde, v.a-i conducled yrstiidav i<V lli'; R'-v. S. \V. (.afe, pastor ot the |;,.plist Chuieh. v,ilh i/iieinn-nt al Oakdalr cen.etei y. The tai/,il.V an- d«•( | I > . ^-iah!iil f(,r ihe at.le.,diinee of ( >.-. ma : ll ii-|,ds ill ti.e hi,I.I '.i I hl'll I.ei I ,:'.!• ' I,.I Irt. ! BEN F. THORPE CI:JVH:NT CONTRACTOR CIEMKNT IRRKiATINO PIPE i, to -iii n-,In--, in diiiini t'-i i General Cement Work of All Kinds

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