Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on September 21, 1889 · Page 2
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 21, 1889
Page 2
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T BE sir ga«»r. SATURDAY,.8KPTEMHER I!!, 18*9. Council Pr«re*<l!nB'i- CctjNcti. CHAMBER, Sept. 20, '80. Council met in adjourned session, w'th Mayor Lawrence in the chair. Present, Aid. Alexander, Brewer, Coalon, Gnrtisen, McCune, ^iles, Flatt, Wilson, 8. Absent, Aid. Miller, Wemtz, 2. . Aid. McCune presented a petition from Andrew Anderson asking for the transfer of his saloon license to 1. U. Giffro. .Referred to the License Aid. Brewer presented bill of Dailj GAZETTE for advertising, publishing Council proceedings, ets., $08.25, which was referred to the Com. on Printing. Aid. Platt informed the Council that the city engineer reported 478 feet of th*48m. brick sewer completed and Inspected. Aid Miller entered. CoaneU reconvened by the Mayor. Aid Alexander offered the following: Resolved, That D. L. Miller, J. P. Ptatt and Jas. A.McCuue be and are hereby appointed to make an estimate of the cost to build a sidewalk of the width of fire feet of Trinidad asphalt walk, three inches in thickness with a filling of gravel and sand six inches, from Eighth street to Fourth stree oa First Avenue, where said walks have heretofore been located by ordinance on both sides of eaid First Avenue, including the labor, materials and all other expenses attending the same and tlie coats of making and levying the assessment for the construction of the same as provided by ordinance, and report the same in writing to the City Council.' And moved its adoption. Carried. Aid. McCurse offered the following resolution: Resolved, That the City Attorney notify both the Electric Light Co. and the Street Railroad Co. not to cut or tri ii any trees except under the dlrec „ ttojLottb* Supt. of Streets. Aad moved its adoption. Carried. The chairman of the License Com. reported favorably upon the application of Andrew Anderson for a transfer of his dram shop license to F. G. Giffro, and on motion the report was adopted. Tne special committee appointed to estimate the cost of laying permanent sidewalks on First avenue submitted tiw following report: - L '~~~ r* K „ i i I f.i a a a I I §1 n To show the Line of THE JOLLY OLD MARINER. A lolly old mariner salting the sea, W«i roaring a solo end thus thundered he. . "Our ship T» as bold as an eagle on wing, . And she carries a cargo that's fit for a kin 2 j •> A careo that's welcome to peasant or pope, Our ship she is laden with IVORY SOAP. " I'M plowed alt the oceans to every port, To visit all nations and climes is my sport; We carry our goode to the ends of the world, Our trade is announced on our banner unfurled ; Seel blazoned on pennant from top-mast and rope 1 . •We bring to all people the Ivory Soap.' " From Procter & Gamble, my lads, do you mind ? We carry a blessing to elndden mankind j For dirt is « foe to the body and soul. And soap must precede e'en the gospel s control; Then hurrah I hip hurrah I for philanthropy's hope, Hurrah for the advent of Ivory Soap. " Its bars, like the truth, or a life-saving boat. Ever ri«e to the top and triumphantly Moat; As the foam on the wind-fretted billow 't is light, As the elephant's tusk it is glossy and white; The poets all praise it in measure and'trope, The ocean Is thundering-lVORY 30AP." A WORD" OF WARNING. There are many white soaps, each represented to be " just as good as the'IvoryV' they ARE NOT, but like all counterfeits, lack the peculiar and remarkable qualities of the genuine. Ask for "Ivory" Soap and insist upon getting it. -Copyright-IRSfirby Proctor A Gamble. — .,>,tn h |V, r r,! < !i 1 't!V.'. l 'o:ii'-n'of tin: <")..: =-'k f*^'" i Oir-'iiii Cn-.irt of " !n'«-ku- f.'onnu nnd H ! «'" & i of IHimiK notice i»- h>T'<bj- irivcr, to !<>!• i""-l " .J«;ii7'i« H""t-hor, Hilt tho •!!'•:>"(' nrif-^t! <«>"- islaini-.r.! hH>-;>t<if:ir?f":"<l iiio bih '. ll , r(I ''' i ''"'v;-' MILWAUKEE BEER. "Select" "F:.v,j)ort" "SoliF.m-ia-n" ^ ^'^^•Jl^ni.VnrHdnt-'or'ih'r^'rni and " La,£r,r Recr." (A.lao Uw ti'he rin'nit Conrf of sM^^mry, io^m In tlie City. Ladies' {Fall weight Swiss Ribbed Vests 33c, actual value 50 cents. Extra Fine and Fleecy Merino Vests at 50 cents. Ladies' Fine Sanitary Wool Vests and Pants at $1.10, worth $2.00. Gent's Fall Weight Shirts and Drawers at 25c each. Scotch Grey Donblo Chested Shirts at 50c, Draw- to match. Scarlet Shirts and Drawers, at 75c each. Sanitary Wool Drawers and Shirts, doable chested, at $1.15. "!'p",t" Tonic extract of malt and hopB) WAUKEGAN ALE AND PORTER, in kf;fja and CUSPB. Opposite 0,!!. & Q. Depot, I/oca ot Street. WALLACE OPERA HOUSE! OCT. 2nd, pointed by the city council lo estimate the cost, together with the labor, material and all other expenses attending tbe same and tbe cost of making and laying an a sessment to build a side- wails ot the width of five (5) feet of J-i bituminous asphalt and }£ of Trinidad aaplialt walk, known ana accepted as Trtnldad asphalt walk, three (3) inches In thickness with a filling of gravel and sand of six (6) inches from 8th street to 4th street on First avenue where aaid sidewalks have heretofore been located by ordinance on both sides of said first Avenue, would respectfully report that we have examinsd into said matter and estimate the cost of said improvement including labor, materials and all other expenses, attending the same and the cost of making and levy the assessment therefore at the sum $3,000.00. D. L. MILLER, JAMES F. PLATT, J. A. i.'cCtrNE. On motion of Aid. Alexander the report was adopted. Aid. Alexander offered the following: Resolved: That Aaron A. Wolfers- porger, the city attorney of the city of Sterling, be and is hereby directed to "'" file in the county court of the county of Wniteside and State of Illinois a petition for proceedings to assess the cost to build a sidewalk of the width of five (6) feet of Trinidad asphalt walk, three (3) inches la thickness, with a filling of gravel and sand of six (6) inches from 8th street to 4th street on First avenue, where said walks have heretofore been located by ordinance on both sides of said First avenue in pursuance of Article five (S) of an act entitled An Act to : provide for the incorporation or cities and villages, approved April 10th, 1872, and present said petition to said county court and thereby procure tbe appointment of commissioners to assess the cost of said improvement under said act and ordinance. And moved its adoption. Carried. Aid. Brewer, chairman of the print- Ing committee, reported favorably upon the bill of the dally GAZETTE for $68.25 and moved that rules be suspended, bills allowed and order drawn upon the consolidated fund. Carried. Ayea 9. Aid. Alexander moved that the committee on finance and on streets and alleys be instructed to report at the next regular meeting of the council the amount of funds that will probably be necessary to defray the city's expenses until the first of May, 1890. Carried. The City Attorney read the following resolution: Be it resolved i By the city council of tha city of Sterling that the tax Ie vey for tha year A. D. 1SS9 for the consolidated fund, water fund, light fund, city building fund, permanent sidewalk fond, library fund, and sewer fund be Hereafter anticipated by the issuance of orders thereon for the current expenses on each of said funds for the present fiscal year properly payable from each fund. That such orders express on their face that they are payable from said tax and bear interest at the rate of six per cent per annum, such interest to cease whenever the city enaaoil »h*H direct such orders, to be called in for payment and cause such notice of gacb. call to bs given by one publication in tbe corporation paper— which shall also be indicated on the f «oe of such orders. Which, on motion of Aid. Alexander, was adopted. On motion the council adjourned. J.F.BARRETT. City Clerk. Oct. 3,4,6, AND MUSICAL NOVELTY COMPANY! ls' -:- Silver •:- Comet •:• :AND: — Superb Orchestra. ie Jontf "We carry tlie Largest Stoclt of Yarns* Blankets,, Flannels, ANDWOOLMlOSIERI SUCCESSORS TO O. A. Oliver. BOOKS, STATIONERY ' and Wall Paper. DR. A. W.*BABR. OFFICE OVKK Oeiiinger's Oloihing Store. Female s&nd Children')) IHaenoeft a ttpcelalty. 8i-m,i .. , o>vr, np-tt, ii' 1 -"') n"i« by law •snd wiin-h writ i« "li'.l v""' l;I1 ''-_ „ ' " A GLANCE Throrgh our stock of cloths will" bo a revelation to yon. Enough of the extremely fashionable in fancy plaids to meet the taste 01 those who care to wear them. Plenty of the plain solid colored for dress and old age, with a great variety of the neat, qniet things that moat men choose. The attractiveness of onr gooda is mirrored in the radient smiles oi our patron.R, and shown in their tasteful apparel; JACOB EISELEP 4 MeroVmnt Tailor JKver JSliown in Sterling-. 0__J*» *** *** - V Watch for our Big Dress Qooda sale,-commencing —IN— Carl, the Outcast; Disowned and The Sea Wait Peoples' Favorites! mf of ONE WEEK, v before and "never again wiHsuch BARGAINS be offered to the public as we shall offer next week. NEW YORK STORE, Special Scenery — :AND: Elegant Costumes. Always the Cheapest. Academy of Music Block. It;. Acknowledged Stars. ONE NIGHT NOLY. jLow Prices, 10,20,306 —Tbe gUmdazd Theatre Co. did not ixava ea large a house as naaal last siigbt. Tonight they will present "The Little D«tflctJy0," wMcb will be their farewell appearance ia this city. Mr. Atktosoe, the sesaie artist ot the com- jj&ay bat been busily eagagftd for the S wsafe, p^iatiag uew aconery for pi«y,«Hd-Mr. P. T. Vafi Horn haa been herd at w«k ?ra the 1 f rsmu- a BMMSly to this pUijr. Mr. iiaisage —Mrs. George T. Elliott has gone to Chicago. —Miss Mary Durr, of Chicago, is visiting here. .--.——Mrs. Sheriff Keefer and son Harvey are visiting in this city. —The sum "crosses the line" at 2:40 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. —Miss Carrie Adams, of Sandwich, is visiting her brother, Joe B. Adams.! —The Christian church people are getting up a Merchants and Manufacturers' carnival. • —The boy evangelist is here and will preach at 10:30 tomorrow in the 4th St. M.E. church. —The Eev. Herbert C. Herring, of Sioux City, Iowa, will preach in the Presbyterian church tomorrow, morning and evening. —There will be no evening services iu most of the churches tomorrow evening, owing to tha township S. S. convention, which will hold its evening session in the Congregational church. Nearly all of tha churches and pastors in the city will take part in the ezer ciaes. —Joe Adams bad sent to him this morning a double cross of silver, which was found in an Indian grove near Waukegan. It is pronounced very valuable by Prof. Moses, State historian, and is said to be 200 years old. It is supposed to have been stolen from a Jesuit missionary. It is in Blossom's window, —A missionary tea for the benefit of the Ladle's Foreign Missionary Society of the First M. E. church was held at the residence of Dave H. Liagel last evening. There were over forty present who unjoyed the supper, the music and literary program. All had a nice cime and several names were added to the membership. —The Harvest Sociable at the Congregational church waa a novelty. The church wa* decorated with the evidences of a beauteous harvest, sii of wtisat, pumpfcias, etc. Tht» quartette to har?«wt customs i rtoia the fltsMs, and their tKsftzs » tukrveut nature. i!*rv««ti'i —Andrew Anderson has transferred his siloon to Ferdinand Giffro. —Mrs. Isaac Brimmer and son Arthur are visiting at Clinton, Jowa, and will also visit at Davenport and Bock Island before they return. —At the De Witt fair yesterday the 2:30 trotting race was won by Maude Howe,A.D.Adam's horse, in three straight heats, she selling in the poo trom the first the favorite. She is a beauty, square mover and strong. He beat time was 2:34%. The 2:40 pace was one-sided, the pool selling strong •n Joe Fifer, owned by S. F. Gleasoi ot this city. The best time was 2:47%. —Mrs. Mary A. Clark and daughter, Kittle, of Rockford, are visiting Mrs £. L. Champlln. —A conclave of the princely order cf the Grand Orient was instituted in onr city on the afternoon os Sept. 20, by the Imperial Grand Orient, Frank Lln- don, with the following list of officers: Grand Orient, Col. W. J. Watson: Grand Vice Orient, Frank Cubitt; Grand Visier, Dr.D. J. Pollock; Grand High Priest, John isherwood;. Leeper of Parchment, Phil Rhods :eeper of Records.James McKlm; Set- inelof the Desert, S. M. Seely,; and he following Princes: Chas. Hoag, 8. S. Creider, Frank Allabangh, Frank W, Walzer. The convention will be held on First Koor day, after Kaal, during Famine. In compliment of ;he Imperial officers who instituted, it s named Lindon Conclave, Ho. 4,281. The newly made Princes pronounce the work sublime beyond expression.; Well done with good materials for Harper's, Century and all other magazines and periodicals. Fine binding for works issued in parts. AH kinds of blank books made to order and satisfaction guaranteed. Fine lea'her work a specialty. WM. BOEHNEK, GAZETTE Office DAVID WEAR/IACE'S STANDARD THEATRE CO. Supporting the CHAIISIINU LITTliK ACTRESS. Miss Blanche Slader. ANTELS TILE FLOORS AMP FIRE PLACE GOODS AT MODERATE PBICK8. We carry tbe large** and most COOTPI.KT15 stocl£ and Lit t Ie 'Dei ect lire. PRICKS ONJbV 1O sad 2Ou. Ke?erved acatn for aa!e at the usiuil place without exlra charge OHA.NQB OF rLA.Y NIGHTLY. DESIGNS n r«ntlc and JESKS'f de •>lgn» In thin country We shall bo pleaood to correspond with Intend* Ing pnroliascra or Invite Inspection of our com' plete Block. We are manufacturers. _ _, _. _. N. Hyde' has returned to Dixon from Streator, where he went in search of his massing son, Tbeo. .1. Hyde, but could Had no Very satisfactory trace which would lead to a solution of tbe mystery of his strange and sudden disappearance. The Telegraph says: Certain circumstances which were related to Mr. Hyde at Streator lead him to fear that hia son has been murdered. Theodore was last seen in Streator on Tuesday of last week, the tenth instant, by the hack driver who took him to the depot about half past five o'clock in the evening. He was intending to run down to Minonk and iring back with him a customer to look at his gooda He had spread out big samples of stationery at Streator; hav- .ug so large a line of goods it waa easier for him to bring in merchants from neighboring towns than to go through the labor of packing and unpacking so many samples at all the small towns. It appears that Theodore fell in company with a suspicious character, a large man, who pretended to be a commercial traveler but appears upon investigation to be a gambler. His name Wfc are requested not to publish, This gambler, J. H. Hyde informs as, on thu way to tha tram with Theodore stated that he was going to MinonJs:, but it appears that n'e was not seen there that night, It appears that be haa.rjslnce been seen at several county fairs in that section of the State and with him young man, generally much ta:, wtiwse deaeriptiOB ted friend* at first to im&$ln« that is tcight l» but it w*B £t»uutjS Church Sotlces. Services In t!>e Broadway M. K. church at 10:30 a. m., conducted by tbe pastor. Bev. J. B. Hamilton. Sunday school at 12 m. Services at the Christian church ft', 10 ;30 a. m., conducted by the pastor, Bet. Andrew Bcott. Sunday school at 18 in. S. C; E. at 7 p. m. Services at the English lutheran church to morrow at IDiSO a. m., conducted by the pastor Eev. E. Brown, 'Sunday school at 12 m. Services at the <th Street M. B. church at 10 -JO a. m.,conducted by Eev. W. H. .IHff, the "Boy Evangelist" Sunday school at 12. m. Young Feople's meeting 6:80 p. in. Services In Grace Episcopal ehurch at 10:16 a. m., tomorrow, conducted by HOT. D. B. Saiiford, ol Milwaukee, assisted by Eev. Goodbue, of New York. Sunday school at 9 :*6 a. m. Services In the Presbyterian church tomorrow at 10:45 a. m. and 7:30 p. m, conducted by Kev. Hubert C. Hairing, of Sioux. City, Iowa. Sabbath school at S:iS a. m. 8. 0. E. at 0:30 p. m. Services In St. Patrick's Catholic church tomorrow, conducted by the pastor, Rev. P. McMahon. First Mass, 8:80. High Mass 10:80. Sunday school 2:80. Vespers and Beuedlctlon 3:30. Services In the Evangelical church, corner of 5th street and Sth avenue, at 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m., conducted by the pastor, Bev. A. Beafele. Sunday school at 8:16 a. m. Young people's meeting at 8:30 p. m. Borrloes in the Church of the Sacred Heart tomorrow, conducted by the pastor, Rev. H. M. F«gera. First Mass at 8.00. High raws at 10:00. Sunday school at 2:00 p. m. Vespers and sacramental benediction ut 3:00 p. m. Services in the Baptist church to-morrow at 10:DU a. in., conducted by the pastor, Kev. F. A. Gregory. Sunday sutiool at 12 m. General prayer meeting at 8:t» p. m. Young jMsople'spniy- er mooting Tuesday evening at 7:30. Services at the Congregational church at 10 M a. lu. and 7 :SO p. m., conducted by the pastor. Rev. Mitrtin Post. In the evening the Union Sunday school convention will b« ueld In this church. 8. O.K. at 8:45. Bible school at 12. 307-309 WABA8H AVE., CHICAGO, HI- . From 8 x 10'SingIe -., STRICKLER'S. BOC'K -t-John Fhelpa has been quite sick, but is able to be out again. •4-Miss Nellie Stiles, of Coleta, is attending the Book Falls high School. -i-Harry Stanley is down from Freeport, visiting hia parenta, Mr. and Mrs, A. O. Stanley. -i-Mrs. A. Fox has gone to Chicago to bring home her sou Walter, who is in failing health. +-Uarda are out for the marriage* ot WU1 Faimer *ad Misa Daisy ~ which Is to oe«ur oa next Do Not Buy a Light Weight Henrietta; if You do You Will Regret It. They are not reliable, they slip and split, the filling having little or no twist, leaves them no strenp^th. All our Henriettas are Heavy "Weights. Our 50c quality is the Best Dress Fabric for the money ever shown in Sterling in all the new fall shades. We Have the Only Line oj Priestley $ Co.'s Silk Warp Hen< . *•'. riettas^ Australian Cashmeres, Novelties, §•<?. None genuine unless stamped every 5 yds. B. Priestley & Go, Barp ip Black Silk 20 io. inmireloyal at $1,00, Cheap at J1.50! 58 in. Turkej Bed Damask, warranted Fast Dje, 25c. Sold everywhere at -10c. We have the Finest Stock of Table Linen and fiapkins in Sterling. Three-Fourths Bleached Napkins $1.25 per dozen. i':,) •••Tii* boy isv&sgeliat will be »S K ehusrcb U-tairttva? avanlug *t Uts Oollars and Cliffs, JE r 'a/u.iitleroy, IMreotorie Just Opened. Call aud see our new double track railway, through trains, last time, limited. BUTTKRICK'S PATTERNS

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