Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 15, 1912 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 15, 1912
Page 7
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, TUESDA^ EVENING, OCTOBER 15,1912. "Her^^fter/Will Confine Mjrkrtistic AbiKty to Sjtii^fe,'^ ^ Felix io Fink. ;Fl »i«. JUSTipOK AT "WIS OUTFIT I BOUGHT FROM ANWltlCT. NOM HOfJ STAND OVER THERC AHD I 'U. DRAW taUR PICTURE.^ SAT FEUX TftAT'S A PEACH 'WE CAN MAKE A LOT OF MONEY AT-THE couHnrr FAIR. 2. WANTS—ALL KINDS FOR SALE—FOR SALE FOR SALE-FOR SALE FOR SALE—FOR SALE FOR RENT—FOR RENT WAXTKD—EXPFlllENCED \VHITK Rirl for general house work; gooil K(»K HKNT—12 ROOM IIOI'SE 1in. Hiiitiible lor rooniinji, or Kill ior geueiai ' „ wages. Address. T 35. care of Uogtst.'r. | W lutaker A: l>oiinell. FOUM LOANS WANTKD—i AM prepared to take care of Farm Loans large or small, at the Fowest rate to be obtained anywhere, rrivllege to pay liiiy amount at any Interest paying time. See iiie ami get terms and rate, before placing your loan U. 1. Thompson. Over Evans Drug Store. • WANTKIJ" MK.\ TO LEAl{N BAK- ber trade. An army of *iur graduates running phojis diipending upon us foi" barbers. Many jobs waiting. Cant be had elsewhere. Write today. Mgler Barber College, Kansas City. Mo. Tenn unlimited. W.\XTKn- A <;iHL FOR HOfSK work..or to work l.ilf a <i:iy if preferable; 41.". S. Wain;-; St. I'hcme 'Mi. \VANT\:I)—-NiiJSiNd TO 1)0: r.i2 X. Buckeye. FOR SALE—LAUCK BOOK CA.SK. «lass double d(>ors. .Vlso two fouuler tables, one 10 It and one Itj ft Uuig I'lione F. .M. Tliompson I'OR SALi: 2II1M. BISllKI.S OF winii'i applt.s l.'.e t<i .'i>'i per liiisliel S\inny Side Fruit Farm. I niile S. K .Moral), Kansas. i FOR SALi:—U O F S E FFRXIsir- inys. rui;s. linideums. trunks, suit 'i -asei jind combination liealer.s. lion- in.i:. \ .l,-frerson. Phone 12H«. FOR SALE OR KXCUA.VOE (>XE •Kood Ford Kunalioui: just what you; I want Will sell for cash or good notes i 'have \ou to offer. Call on The Allen County hUi'Sluient Co. Kelley Hotel • or tijidi- r<ir lola property nr ii; any utli.r fnwii liearby or for land Whai • liloi Iv. y>i\:\. -Kansas. FOR SALE-WHITE XANXY GOAT KrUNlSllEB ROOM AXI> BOARO wagon and harness. U.uie 11. Kl.iu- for one or4wo gentlemen. One of I.K niresl homes in the city. Inquire M FOR SALE-R CC.S. FntXITFRE Stoves. Ilic (iloi-k. Casli or paymeuis Kd llt'tininger. .Mai!i>on .\I Care of the Register. F (»l; RKXT NICELY FHRNISnEI) room for gentleman. 4o2 E Madison $-J .'.11 I'ER HAY PAID ONE LADY IX each tovvn to distribute fri'c circulars for concentrated tlavoring in tubes. Permanent position. F E. Harr Co., Chi.ago. ' FitR SALE OR TRADE—S.MALL l'- pa-senger automid)ilo. Inquire Peuu- isyl\ania Hotel. WAXTED TO IICY—FIVE OR SIX room house, close in; it must be worth the money. Phoni» :iflO. WANT—YOr TO KNOW ABOUT tlie fine.-t fruit ami farming section ' -in Florida. Address H. C.. (^ates. Ar-; cadia, Florida. P. O Uox 20. REAL ESTATE FOR SALE--H"i acres of line smooth prairie land, lo- ; cati'd 4 1-2 mile-; from Collin.'-viIli>.' Tulsa Cijiiniy, Oklahorna, in the "il ami gas belt, free of all b-asos anil ti-, ties i)eifpv.t. Price $:i ."i .in» jiei- acre. Will take one half in first itior!g.!g<' note.-, or lola real < .state. .Xildri-ss W. K. Farley, llox 1127, .Muskogee, Okla. FOR SALE-^fiOOD ICE BOX AND! rook stove. A. B. Morrison, Lallarpe, ^ Kas. j RELIARLE FIRE INSFRAXCE—IX renewing your Insurance, place some of it witirt lue. I will see that ycuir tn- rerest-s are -safely guarded, by writing you in a lirst clas.s company. Besides, we need the business ami will aiiprxiate your jialronage. R. L Tliompson. IMuine 112. Over Evans Drug Snire. Fltll SALE-C ciiw s Phone III'.'. Die I: .MIL C a ; FOR RENT n K(U)M FlUNISIIED tious'' I'hoiu. or ''.'i; FUR SALE -Alicir ACRES. KENT F1R\ISIIED RES aill.. fr.iyi lola ou i...U n.a.l: p:.n un- '"Ol.i^ : 21S South street .ler plow; a siiecial snap tor i|ui<k • P''"'i" I2J" Juin at $22. ."lU per acre. Il will go'. '• soon. Who is the" first man for it yon i;ENT- T'I REE NICE ROOMS Call on The Allen County Investuieni Co., lola, Kan. K.lley Hotel Klock FOR SALE f)R TRADE SO ACRES land in S. W. Missouri. Also house and lot in Webb City for lola properly. Newby A: Co. WANTED-POSITION AS XFRSE for invalid, .\ddress "H" care Register i <ll{ SALE—2011 IIO.MKR .\NI) CAR:...:ix pi.ireons. Fine ihor> ugiibreds | (.laarlers crowded. Bargains if lak- i ;>n at once. Miss Orai-e .\cers, lola ' PigiHjnry. 24 Acers Park. ^ I FOR SALE OOOD .'^DIND AS- swried, hand picked winter apples at tl'.e (irciianl. . Harry lioekeii, .Morau, Kans.;..--. I.,:illarpe Plume TtM. F<M{ SALE ALL KINDS OF FEED at the East lola Feeil Store. K.".T :;2o ACRES HOMESTEAD IN EAST ern Colorado, to e\cliang" for lola. I«i Harpe or (las Ciiy property. Tiii..^ is a goo<l thing C-ime in and see us about it. What have yiui to offer Allen C(>unty Inve-iment Co. loia. Kan Kel'ey Hotel R!(« k .ir, s. Wa-hington. LOST AND FOUND. • LOST—COLD BAR PIN RETCRN ft Register office. (Fir.«t Published October 14. 1^12 ) KEGISTK.\Tn»\ \OTKK. Office of the CPy Clerk October 14th. KM2 Notice is hereby given tiiat l..':iiu- ning October l«t/i. i:»12. tlii- ofjii-.' will be kept open during the noon h(mr and until B' o'clock at nigi'i i.-r the r.'gislration of voters: and at I" o'clock Friday niglit. O* tober "t^ili. !be registration bo(•k^ will be iiKseil :>ir (he general ••U'cliun tt/ Uf hi'lil November .'.th. i;M2. t F ZIECLER. Ciiv CI. ;k Professional Directory. •:• <f •> <• •:• •> •:• •:• •> •:• •:• •;• •:• • Bit, {•. M. KUSS • •> . Beulist • ••• E.vtraction wiflioui pain by tba • •> use of Nitrou.s O.xitie Ous • •> Kooni ><>. 1 .Northriip Uldg. ^ •:• Phones^Oftice i>uZ; Kes. 852 • • • •:• •:• •> • •:• •:• •:• • •>••:•*-»••• MONKY TO LO.VXI • "^'ill lend on housebuld goods. 4 pianos, organs, sewing ua- ^ cbiucK, dioiuond? and Jewelry. •. J. Vi. COFFEY • OiTire, >o. 110 Sortli Street • •:• • •> <• <• •:• • <• •:• ••:••>*<••*•• •> • •> I'lIILLir HEIUELK • •> • > ll.VR.NKSS AVD S .imiLEBT • •> (^t'Utrnil Uepulrlng • * • •> 110>;i Soutli street—Tola, Kaa. • • •> •:• <• •:• •:• * <• •:• •> ••:•<•*•• ^ • • <r * * * • • • • F. I.. B. LEAVELI^ M. D. • <• Specialties: • > , I.'iseases of the C^hesl • > l^'seases of CbildreQ • •:• Vbaavs-ihTue 147: Reu. 117 •, •:• lola State Bank BIdg. • •> • •> <• «• <• •> •:• <• •:• -Mrs? Peter llolan, I'.u .kev^ Kd. Clevelanil. O., say.s: "Yes. ind >-ed / can recommend l.'«dey'>; Honey and Tar Compound. My little boy had o bad case of whooping cough some limes he was blue in tb" face. T g :«ve him Foley's Honey and Tar Conii>oiiril :ind It had a remarkable effei -t and cured him in a short time." Convi 'us 1(1 harmful drugs. Burrell's Drug Store. TO. CANATSEY Expert Piano Tiuuiif and Repairing:. •With RoberU Uusic Co. PHONE 411 FOR SALE SIX MALE CdLLIES. four inonihs old: ST ,w each. .S. C. Oardner. Lall.ari.e. FOR SALE CHEAP- t:OOI) DRIV- ing or general purpo.~e mai-e vvitli foal, about or lu years old; 301 .\' Washington, lola —Mrs Paul Wehllng. ."•It; Smith St , '; Peoria, III., bad kidney ainl bladdev I trouble. Willi terrible backache and ; pain* across the biii.s. .lust he.inio-. her condition. She further savs: "I was also very nervous, bad headaches and dizzy spells, and was fa.-t getting worse when I took Foley Kidney Pills j :ind uow all iiiv iDJiible); ar-- ciiieif Fidey Kidui 'V Pill.s have done mm ii for iiif I s44all always reruuiuieud ' WOULQf UKE $100,000 pF. HER M0NE9 • - We ;ire .selling Monarclj Paint ai actual lo-I I'.uy now. .1. II. Riby. ;lieiii " Store. For I'.aleal Burrell's Drug! I UHWIPE NEWS FOR TflBHYlf* n\i.i, Fws I;ET I{K<;JSTI:K IUI- l.KTINS tiK THE (JAMES. .lust rc.-oiveda solecl line of -*j .Mii.i.EK-KEi.i.EK'.s nioro- LATES uud BO.N HONS. Mr. and Mrs. Turner to Illinois -High SCIKIVI Foot Ititll Team ^im•s to IliiinlMildt FrMii.v. •ir 4i \\> also carry a full lini' of the ji'lebrated Douglas Choco- laie for your apiiroval. .\ trial is tin- best introductory. » ATEK.S & DA>FOUTII Drutrs and Jewelry. LAIIARPE. (Vi A largo num- %-v3r**w3f*w3^***g:3-* ber of base ball fans anxiously :.v.:iiT ' ' the returns from ill-. Boston-New York .a^ames each afternoun. .\ r.uml er i-f • y •»• calls are made to tiie Ri-gister off ice, ^1 during the afti moon and by the help* of central th by innings. —f;ee. Ilir.-^s lurlleaiers The be.=t ; line in ,fown. I .Miss Nenil; Bii.;;ev will entertain game is almost received S U- V V * i»o Yor SLEEP wn.u lier Sunday f:..hool cia-s of liie Bajitist cV:iir !; this ) in liunor of her birthiiay ana;vor.-.ary T;:e i)ar;y will gt> io the farm on a hay rack. Dr. F. S., Halm and Ben .Shaul motored to lola vi'.-terdav Mr. and Mrs. .1 H \Mlson. of lola. nre spending the wi ek with their daug.iter. .Mrs. Tiioinas l.eighty. and family —Second .'land wagon for s.ilo. Pick it uii—a bargain. A. H. Hines. Mr. and Mrs. William Turner '.eft yesterday .noon for an fxU'n<i<.-(l visit ,af their old home in Illinoi^. They will visit at Mun.-io. Indiana.'Chilli- cc:,be. Mis.souri. and various other olAce-; before returniirc home. Tliey Will be i .'one until .latiuary. Mrs. C E. .Moader was Ixiuislmrg yesterday on Buy a .'^o! of good Springs, a Fell Mattress and a Bed of us, and wi' wil! guarante.- that .vaiu will. MAHTIN FrKMTntE sr«H{E Lallarpe . Kausa-^ , * 3- « * * 'V- « alive return.'d home yi'stefclay afternoon. The I.da 1. O O F. Lodge were a»Tr last nighi and saw the lirsi d'gi'.e w <Mk put on. Tii>'re were two I'an- ciidates, oiii- from bda and one from aere Tlie City Coiinci! Hill meet ihi.s ev.- iiiii;: is pi;;ular session. A I.I. \il {0\<,'. THEDArSOOINGSHTGIlSGinr";.'^""' i* .*J!.-, FOK I'EIOIA .NEVT <.AMES <».\.|.^ TIIE SCIMHn, tJKtMMIS. L:. i \.s'«mcliii'titr nttr - -p INSTWT I'OSTI M V The MiNlake Is Muilo by Many lola ('Itlz«>ns. :.!so 'nave the following gamos niatch- ec!: Blue .Mound on the 2".th at Blue M.iun'J am! Humboldt here the first cf .Nov ember. .1 W. Spangler and .loo Burger wi!! ^ ' :<> iola this evening .^nd see tin. 10 O F. lodge put on .second degie,- work.' ^ • , C S Venaril of tJiis city, and Mis^ called to ; ( oraiKidierts. of Ga.s City, were ;ini- vesterday on account of e-1 in iiuirriage Sunday at the bride's the serious illness of her eranddaug;!-j'loiue. will make their home ter. Miss Helen. daugSiter of Mr. and i Ui Laliarpe. Mrs. Husrh niyders. formerly of Ui-My. and Mrs M. F. Sickly, who lef: Harpe. ' i !;.Te a few months ago f -New- York Fur Sa ';e- >;:inn'- Green Bone Cut-j-.vii'; tPj. intentions of staylnc, returnter: nearly new See lline.=. i. ;.• Ijillarpe yesterday to siiend the They ir.ay return east in the Look for the cause of backache To lie cured you iiaisi know t!u'- cau^e If it's «"'ak kidneys Y 'Mi must Set the UidUi-ys woiking right. .'\ re-iibn; in t!.-is vicinity, siiow.- vou how. I CF. .\sh!i>y. stone ir.ason. 1 C, S. il:irrisi;n St • Lallarpe. Kans . says: •.\ !;;;!n in my oc-upaiiou is forced to lio .1 i;ieii deal of heavy Hf:in.u" anrt-a fi'W year< ai;.> I re.iived a severe strain, wl.icli no ilnubi. tatiitu^'.!! on my kMniy troubie I had ..-'laip. siioo! as; i':!in- across my biick and loins anil wf.s unable to stonp i/r strai.ghten. .My kidneys were disordered and the kiiiniv secretions were irregular in ;i ;:s.-„cc. rontained serllinent and were :o:ir (K'! 1 was suliject to a'tacks of di'.'./.iness and headaches, and became ;:ieatlv alarmed about my condition. Dotiti'.s Kidney Pills were finally re;-- omiiiended to me and 1 procure.| a box. They L 'uve n.e so niiicii relief from the first that I continued taking tl^em until I w, s entirely "relieved. 1 have not liait t!;e slightest .symptom of kld- nev trouble since then and irive tlie •r. to Di-an's Kiiiney Pills." For sale by all dealers. Price .'.ne Fo-ier-Milbuvn Co. Buffalo. N. Y.. s.!e a:;ents for the I'nited Slates. Rememie-r tl:e tiatni-—Dean's—asd tak<> no other. STVItT AIMIVCtUT ^IN E(;t.S. Uu< r >ers Warned to Wateli Tlieirrf Stoves. Ernest Sniffli t.'clllntr Altintr Mrely. No boiling niiidr In the cup. A delIciiMi> iiiit drink, sericd iiisl.intly. Sold by ( AKI. \ HIMEK (•'.-IS. ha IIS. Mrs .ladvs Reamer, after :in ex- lend(sl s'utvv witli h |er jitir.iits. Mi- and Mrs .1 E Brennan. returned to Kansas, C;<v todav. acotu- isaiiied hiT hoii'" !.ir :i fi-w w-'cks' \i~i; .lames l.:tlh:in has gone to .-^cittle t(V!uaT<e his hotne. T'ic iiigh siliool foot ball team will go 10 Hitiiiboldl Friday and i -omjiete %vllh Ibe.high school t*aiu there. They I he'e for . ner.-il nliiin-'d '.< in;er . i-ring. .Mrs S;itu ll.nidesly will I.M to Eur- 'kti loti.orrow !or an evti-nded v'si; with her parents, .Mi. and Mr.> .lohu .Mvers. I Mrs .lohn Bacon is giiol'ially im- prov ing Vir. and Mrs Frank Bri -nnan. who the H D Smith fu- lo Bar'l»'"<vilie last * V -> %• * V V V * * 4- ^ VOtJIE 3r "A lasint: rerfiiine of flowery V bloiiill.'' This week a free sample to # a'l the ladies calling at our % store % F. A. COOKSEY •? l're.-rrl|illon Urucirisf. {night. Mrs. Smith and son will retnain '•^ihc^e during the week. \ j —For Oliisscs. see I. B. Frantz. the ^ I Optometrist, nt .-Mteberry's Restaurant w Tuesday, October 15ih 3-! a * * 3^ ? * •^ -? * s 3 * Dana Anderson and Prank Boyer went to Humboblt yesterday. Next Sunday will be Rally Pay at the Methodist church. A big rally day program is being prepared, to be rendered at the morning service hour. S. C. Gardner went t o Kansas City yesterday to meet Mrs. Gardner who i.^ on her way home from an e.vtended visit at variou? poiutji in Illinois. -Mr. and .Mrs. J A. Reeves, who were ealled to .New A'ork some time ago un account of llie death of a re|i Thirty tent> n Doxen the Limit Set In NortherII Ohio. CleVcUiud. /)ct. 14. -".\o cuits for three w.eks." is the battle rry o, ' about forty thou.sand Cleveland ami uortborn Ohio, w bo • r.- upon a campaign of ubsl-ntioe lodiiv itj. .the hoi>e of lowering ih price. ' Salurilay strictly fr< sl> eggs were quoted here at forty-thfee cents a dor. • en. Thirty cents a dor.en Is the limit thi^ boycotters have !set. and they stiy ' they won't buy unless the pric«. scales ; off to that point. Frank S is president of the "Thirty-cent Ecg Club." which for two years has registered an 'ff.t.tive | boycott protest against sky prices on the hen isroduct. He sji.vs the club, has twenty thousand members and at least that many aiympatliizers who \ will iKiin in abstaining from eggs. TP THE PAPER BOT FAILS TO ' deliver your papi>r. c:;!! 18 and we will I send you a paper hy a «necial carrier ' tlie name erenlnK. GAS CITY. fICT l.-.-By .subscription, Supl. T. E. Osborn lias secured over $2.') to be used in per- maixnt gtimes on tlie school grounds. Swjncs. "teuler" boards and the like will be placed on the grounds for th" sm.'ilier children and aruu^ry balls and bats for the larger ones. Goals have bem erected for soccVr ball, a g:im" that Is rapidly gaiiiint; world-wide attention. .Not only will ii prove a pleasure Xo the boys '-ut is exi-'ct ;i to lower the n\imber of trtiauts Warning is hereby soimd-'d by tV city to gas consumers to keep a «do;--^ watch yn their stoves tliis wei k as it will ie'necessary to turn off th.. g:;s r:«tncr6tjs ifmes in connecting the big line. • J. L. Kauffman is reported about tlx Siime. The chief topic in the world of sport Is the New York- t3oston bus' ball games. Each afternoon calls tire put in to the Register office and the score n-celved after each inning • Willie Taylor of Bronson spent Saturday with his grand parents. Mr. and .Mrs. Clinton M.irtin. . Mrs. McBride who has bi . ii In poor health for soun tl-ue was abb- lo ni.ik<- a trip to lolti Saturday. Mrss. Perkins of North Daily sti'.;. who has been ill is greatly imiirov.d .Mrs. tj. W. Paytou coniinuts lo in;- lirove. .Mr. .ind Mrs. ,7. T. .Morgan have r<- turi!«'d from a ten days" visit tit Brim- scfi and iJedti..ld. .lake GritnUi and E::rl E-istivood V. 'ut ti. Ill 'ubold' cu th'dr litcvcbs S iifhiy. They i^eport the roads in food condition. HowMrd Davis, one of the U.'ttister c.-irrierE Is on the sick list. Wendell I Summers is •.•.ctiii... as substltulc. Ear'test Smith, who received a iiuin i her of facial woi 'tid.s Inst week as a ' result of the explosion of some catisti- ' soibi. is arain ihle lo on thi" sir >is. • C. S. Noble, of Chase, Kt'S . owner of th,. old Travis place is maViii!; :i num- • her of i"i«iiov,'!; Mr. Lowe will occupy the pl-ic!.' this y ax. .Mrs O A Chitwnod. of nav;ird v'.-- ir .'d Mr. .:nd Sirs. Otis Pitt.s yesterday. I.. P. I oig of Bronson so'-nt Sunday ; V lib h's parent?. Mr. and Mrs. S. Lone ' i.{ Travis additton. , Mrs. N. Kol' nx -'.'ivrd a Itti-r from,i Mr. Kol! «hr i.- iti Wisconsin ft thi;| bedsidt of bis U 'otlier who is seriously , ill, stating ih-'t hope for her recovery ' V as vague. • Mi:'? c^die Ball Is ey |)eete ,l today • frtiUi Wichita for a •.Isit with her !.is- f'-r. .Mrs, Thopias KeJsJieir:). r. Jay Rush ha:t gone lo Pralt county,! I .^i .'i i*i .Ji i*. **i •** %i %" %# ^ ?J? ' I'o lool' -ir a farm and may de<.id.. to • 'iiove to that county. .Mrs E E W^od r< turned to her hcrne ill Conf reto yesierJav after a I v isit in Oklahoma. Sam iHid Fr'i! Pitts, of P.roi>son, who w,...., :, ; .1; y.;v.ri !:'V. ••<i!it"-l oP' CASCilRET TONIGHT No. Sirk lleadarbe, Bi!i(>n> .Stoninrh. ViKited T«inri»e or l'<>iisll|iafed BoAvels liy .Morning. Turn the rasctils out—the headache, ihe biliusness. the indigestl<.ii. liie sick sour stomach and foul ga.«.v — turn •hem ^ ut tonight and k '-cp Ihern out .vith Cascarets. Millions of men an.! women take a Cascaret now and then and never know tin. mi.-ery cau.-ed by a Itizy liver, clogg .(1 bowels or an upset stfiiaaci? Don't put in another day of distress Let Cascatet> clean.'e and regulate vour siomac.'i; remove the sour iindi- gestf! and fermenting food and that misery-making gas: -take tile ext-ey* Idle iro!:i vour liver and carry ••:ut of ti'.e >v .-t (i;i alt 4 :ie constipated waste m ;..t ;cr and po!|son In the intestines - »Mu- Fctica Uyno and Oscar Hammenteliw Uisa jTelice J^na, the great opera star, tuta beeu ciMd' by ber "dl*. covercr", OK»r Hemmtoi^taUi. tor U0Q.0OO oo a libel diarga.' Tbm txoobM Aroa« over Mlaa Lyna'a atatme in ^ newspaper InMxrlew': Uiat ah* toad bit the famon* Oacar on the bead witb tba ; jon of -"Vaoatr*. This MA Bammerawla empbatlcallr denlea. . , Tba accompanylns plctara la tbe onlr ina ftiat baa ever bean (akea of Mlaa l4m« and tha Inpraaaailo together^ PUBLIC SALE! I will sell at Ptiblic AurtioD at the Haiin farm, i\i miles fast and 1 north of WeneTa, a miles west and - mile «i south of ( olony, on Thursday, October 17, 1912 Begiiiuinir at Kl o'clock, a. m., the following de>irrihed property; T- 1U|.' 1 -w • ti ;:;ul :t< n yoti [en you will f-el grcjt. lonighl will surely •ut by morning. Tiiey woik wtii^e >.!i; sleep. .-\ IP-cenf box fiom :ii!y drm;-'ston- iue:ins a clear '•'...:(V sweet -loiii.ich «nd dean, hea!- t;v liver and bow..| action for ni<>nt::s Cl'.i'dreii U>ve to take Cascarels be- cau-e they taste grioj—never gripe or sicken. rin-y Make You Feel Cood. --The pleasant iuirpative effect liieduced by Chamberlain's Tablets an.-l t';e healt'iy condition of body an:l i:;ind whi.-if tliey create maV" one fe-"! joviul For sale by all dealers. I HE VI» HOUSES \NI» MILES • ConsistiUK of 1 y-atPng niab- I I'lv- 'iiionfJis old iiiiib'. I bay horsi-, 4 y. ais .old. 1 roan horse eight years old. 1 ! bay n.are eight years old; 1 Jentut, i IIEAB t »F I'ATTI.i:. i These aVe No. 1 .I.'r.sey milk rows, both giving iiiilk One is a 2-y.a!-<dd heifer the other si.x years old. Some chickens. FA KM IMI'I.EMEXTS, 1 faiui wagoii. t be,.I" wagon, 2 good .j.iiitg ,-v<a!;.ii)s. 1 li I. r. I .stirring plow; cultivator.-. 1 com sled. 1 lowiiig machine. I bay rake. 1 set of double I heavy set of Single . Iiai'ii'><. 1 saddle and bridle 1 stack of tane. bay. 1 stack ot oats, not li.resheii; iuairie li.iy in barh; 1 range • ovf; 1 grindstone; 'and many other articles too numerous to mention. IK A b. tHANTJ. -THE OPTOMETRIST i TEff.MS OF SAI.E—All sums of ?l'>.e.i and under, fash in hand. All sumd 'over $10.0". a credit of y months will be given, purchaser giving note with j approved security, bearing 6'; intere.sf fn-ni date if paid when due. If.not paid when due to draw 10',> from date ot sale. 5^ discount for cash on credit Sxciualv« OiaM. Fitting apccuiuat At Uanna'a Jewelry Sion . .«;ales. Xo property to be removed until settled for. (01- r. fCEfSHOP, AuetIoiie*r. iti. K. BOWLrS, Clerk. MRS. J. B. BAM

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