Covina Argus from Covina, California on March 28, 1908 · Page 2
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 2

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 28, 1908
Page 2
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The Covina Argus COVINA, CALIFORNIA. Kntererl at tlif I'ostofliee (>>vir);i, Cal., as .second-class matter. Puhlishiifl cvary S;i tnrr'ay by thf Co vina Ar^ns Publishing Company, Inc. One Year in advance - - ; Six Month* Three Months ... Single Copies .... ADVKKTrflKMI'.NTS: Display advertisement at reasonable rates. Prices on application. Changes made as per contract. I<iners .11: per line each insertion. Legal notices .51.'iO per inch first insertion, .~<) cents each siilis' - <|tierit. insertion. COVINA, Mnr. 2X, \'HM. MUMOH'AL TICKKTH. NON I'AK'I.'IHAN'. Trust fieg !•;. If. Lahee, IO. P. Warner, L. L. Kat.ckin. Clerk A. M. I'nner:. TreiiHiirrir W. M. OriHWold. Marshal T. A. AfoCorrnick. IX/JKPKNnKNT. TnjHt.of:M !<. C. Pollard, Kohl. Cronnhaw, (ie.o. W. Cool mini. Clerk A.M. J'enc*!. W. M. (jrinwolrl. I. (',. Kairly. Timely Rains. never r:;i;ms tnoro Uimily in Southern (California Uian t.liii HhowerH of Hie- proHcnt, wrick, amount.iii(< in all to .(!;') of an inch and KiviriK IIH for tho HOflHoti Ki.51. \ViUi (!orit,iriu<:il Hhriwor.s tin; liny unr] ^rain crop will Sift i Lincoln- Kooue veil Republican League. Sidney A. liuUor of Lns chairman of tho LOH AngoloH County Central Committee of the Liiicolrj- HooNUVclli Knpuhliean Lougnc, has called a mor.;UriK (if thnno intoroHtc.d in tho or«ani/al,ioti . oi.' a loa^uo in C'ovinii for thin oveTiiriK in tho Wo- inaijH Club HOIIHO. lie- anriuoncoN that tho meotJriK will bft fuJdrasNod \>y C. W. Hell of Pasadena and Frank H. I'VirboH of LOB AriRolriB. C'ovina h«H already a nourishing Republican Club and Uio nocoaaity for tho orgnriixution of another IH not yet apparent. Monday Afternoon Club. At the Ht-'HHlan of the above club fchiw week tho mibjoot of philanthropy WIIH dinoUHsed, MJHH Mario Wid- noy having dmi'KO of tho program. Mrs. f. L Cuok read an extremely intoroHtiiiK paper on "CauHOH of Poverty," of vvhieh H!IO (lonniders condoiiHation of population tho c.hiof, and referred to tin; charitable life of tho UaronoHB BurdeUe CouttH. Ali'H. I'. G. HtevenH unvfi an iiuoonnt of "Philanthropy of Today," Kivinj,' praise to (.ho K("i<'roHil,y of our imilU- milllonarieH, (!.spo(tially thoNO who preuent. thoir Kifl.H without "Htringn" to llu'in. In oomdudhiK who rofon'od to the ChrlHtiari foreign iiiiHwionn, which are iloiiiK NO mueh to iuurrjtiHu oi vili/iiUun and relieve dititreMH in all pai'tH of the world. MitiH Widney gave an account, of the and mothodH of the ti. \V. (.'. A. and in simple and HOII! nUrrin^ \VlinlH Hpllkll (if H|l('('illl instances <lf charity met. v, ith that or^ani/.atioii in the Middle West, The meeting next Monday will lie "reciprocity da.v" when visitors \\ill lie entertained from several <.Iher clulm of thi' \ nlle v. A Tew Lines About the Rigging F : arm and Ranch- The IJiKUm 1 ' ranch eon<-jHts <,f .ih'iiil. 750 neres. Theie ;ire t''; |!'1 or over of as fine oiatit/e dii'l lemon hind an there is in Southeri* Culifornia. 'i'hi'^ is such liind a u i' ifillint.' todfi.v, ».hf) same ipiHlit v ami helter viinalrd, for ?',',<)<\ an Hrrre About ;!50 acres is hill hind, tie best of which \H absolutely rich ii soil covered with H fine growth < f ellllarie, («I»HH find burr closer, tied today HUHtains 250 he-id nt Hfoe.k, which hsirdly make an impression ->ii the yraiH. To thoHe not infrirnied of the value of thiH hind, there tin; about. 1~, or 100 aeies of very rich land in th'-j vallev which could be wa'end by the] stream ".hich ;ilv.ays run-' tbiouj/h: t.he pan! me part, of t.his ranch. Th" 1 e 7 '•} or 1 I'111 acres of vallev |a\e ne\«i | been |iii! into cut i I vat ion, nut the yrov.Ui on il shows how lieh it. i •,. and with a dam built, in this running Hlteam or with a tunnel made into the hilh, which are known to be full of water, these valleys cnri be irrigated and will produce fabulous ipiantilicH of fruits or feed. The growth of walnulH rm t,iie«.e hills in nature's linger board pointing not only to the rich lands but to the IfiHHon that, theso hill« are valiiable for trees and in the near future, ev/ui with no water, would near crops of apples, grapes and other fruits of superior ^utility, producing valuable revenue. These hills will produce at. leant 10 per cent upon the value of 81DO an acre. There in talk of or^ani/iiiK a company to take this piece of property and divide it. and sell the :'.00 acreH which run up to CJrand avenue iiito Hinall K |1() veH and to make a resort or park of the hill lands. If so this Would add many people f.o t.he citi- xeimhip of Covnia and vicinity. BATTLESHIPS OF ATLANTIC FLEET TO APFE\R IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA PORTS. Test Type of I 1 'ir-,)-(',!a:ss f<,iUic-,!iip.s Connecljcut anrl Louisiana. •*&!& Culgoa is the only method of determining the quality of. (ea. ii you are not a user of our ten, buy a pound and try it. It will stand the most exacting test of 0011- rioisseui-H of this popular drink. Our Spider Leg Jap tea at 50o, a pound is an exceptional value. This tea draws a rich amber color of fine flavor and will not turn red in the cup. U'e carry a full lino of teas, all of the last, picking; such as: UNCOLOKJCD JAPS GUN POWDEKH OOLONGS CEYLONS ENGLISH BKEAKFAST in bulk Also LIPTON'S TETLEV'S "BANDA" SCHLLING'S NEW MARK'S in package Your money back if they don't please you. Brown & Bohri GROCERS Notice to Telephone Subscribers. The mami^el nl'lhn Covina Home Telephone Company announces that (in anil after April 1st, hills can only lie paid l>> suliseriliers at the ulliee uf I lie company between (lie hours of S a. m. to 1U m. anil 1 to f> :)HI p.m., with the exeeplion of the .'Mhaud Idtti ..I' each month, when the eanhier may lie found at her desk from 1 a.m. to H p.m. Baseball. On March '.Hst Covina first team deteafed the Chino first ten in at i Chino hy a score of '.I t.o X Tho Covina High .second team was rlofeafed Ijy Chino Bocond team by H sc.oro of I 1 to 'I. Today, Mnrc.h 2Htii, Covina High plays IJ.K.C. JUental Collide at Fiesta Park, LQH Angelas. Al«<> the second team play Ponromi Hbcorid team at Pomona today. Next .Saturday, April 4th, there will he a double bender at Covina High Hchool grounds, conmioucing promptly at 2 o'clock. The Covinn first team will crane hats with Chino High. Immediately following this game tho second team will play Chino neoorid team. This is the scheduled same the team has and your attendance will be appreciated. City Business. Tins city trustees met in regular j session on Tuesday evening with Lahec, Moxlcy, potter and Kvans The Htreet superintendent reported that only a limited amount <if work had iiecn done on the roads during the preceding two \vcekn. Iiy motion 81159.7.'!, the total tax levy for library purr-OHca, was transferred to t.he library account. The following demartrlN were allowed and ordered paid: Marion Hall, SUI.50; .1. ,1. Willmgham, | Sti.'JH; L. M. Uiiller, $18;. O. C. i Logiie, $-.2'.!.!>(). The city alliiniey asked for a con t inualion of limn on li^lilin^ contract. The tieasurer's report ylinweil lia! ani'e in the treiiMiirv of Si'itl'Jii. !iH. The street speaking ordinance VMIS read a second time and passed hy a full vote. The attention of the ISoard \vns di- reeled to the dangerous manner in wliirli some of the doors in churches, halls, school buildings, and oilier |i\idlie places hung, and mi motion the city attorney \SUH instructed In draw and present an ordiniinee governing the exits of puhlid liiiililiiigs and providing I'm' tietler lire protec tion. The quest ion uf the erection of a temporary juil and the purchase of steel Cells \vari discussed l>llt no definite act ion uas taken. Good Groceries We carry a fresh stock of staple and fancy groceries. Our !;j t *4 vegetables are the best to be had. Our teas and coffees are jl| excellent. A large stock of canned goods, pickles, olives, hams, bacon and bakery goods. Try our butter. The Depot Oroeery ROBT. CKENSHAW, Prop. SOMETHING NEW! Are you interested in Saving Fuel and Labor In your home?. If so, come and see demonstration of a DETACHABLE RETORT OIL BURNER FABRICK'S HARDWARE STORE 0 ss Vour NV'li.V not M'inl ypiiii' i>ash>rii Iricnils a lio\ ot ('o\iua oiaii^i 1 .'.'.' lv\ press ti'niii Covina to otlici'H of thr \\clls l^'arKi- A- ('o.'s Exprt'ss. t-a^t of K.i i'iiso, Ti'\as' Alhurip'eiipii', Ni-w Mexii'n en- ( l^dcn, (Mali, \\ill In- only ?'{. (Jii J..T hu\, Hi' J-'J.IHI per half l»i\. \S'. C. -Miiwin, Aynil. I'hi'iir hU. Glendora Furniture Store Attention Please! If you are in need of any house furnishings it will pay you to get prices of us before buying. We have the goods, all kinds, and at very low prices. We can save you money if you will give us a chance. Phone us about window shades. See us about Undertaking and Embalming Latest Methods Cant ol I hank.s. U nh hcartl'rlt iliiuiKs v. c di-.-ir.' t., e.xpri'^s ''ill 1 sint'iTi' a| i ri'i'iatli li ''I 1 In- s> lil| .il li\ iilnl I-in.lin -•, ti-i|t|ci t>il ui liming the illin-.s.-i .unl iii>alh n| <;iir l>c!o\ i i' !,u~l .mil ami i.ii I 1-1. Mi-. I., <i. \ inci'iil and liin;ily. An Irish Night. l.a^l Satuiday evening C>d. and Mrs. !•'. M. Chapman rnyally enter laimd the members of the Amphinii Society ill the Palmetto ranch, their palatial home nil I'y press avenue. Il uas an evening devoted to Ire land und the decui a| inns Uere ill .ice.u-d u ith the program. Mr. ii. M. (ii\en lead a uitly paper, in the Irish difilti't, I'(\ie4vlii^ (he life of Thomas Muoie. The iiitisical I i»n i.t ( lie | i. «i aie, iuclndrd a .-nlo by Mrs. .). M. \Vhlt.-el, .icro/ni allied by Mi-'. Andiew Mc.\ lit n, s,i!o t.v Mr. 11. I.. .Niui>hall, aecomi allied l.y Mr.-. .Ii !ui Hump'-, a .-.d.. I \ Mi-s La l-'etra of ( .li ndoivi, and a \ i, i in .-• do Iiy ( Ii ant t'liai u.ctli. The h -itr» Uas as.-isled .it the li lleshineht laldes by Mi'-., (i. 1 ). ,!,i, iiings and Miv? M. Su;iU\aht. O Everything guaranteed as represented. Goods delivered anywhere in the valley free of charge. SKIAIEAR PROPRIETOR Phone 166

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