Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on July 6, 1903 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 6, 1903
Page 4
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.BLOiOFFISI K*\Miir |»hy i tinMhiKl. QM. K«yM at ' 'fl^Utui^ at(i HI* InjMrtM Ij M«X:,Pro«>'\«r^ 8«rlou«, ' f -j^Uii^Uf' 'eietthift • wBIId the crowd It j the Rock creek grore fi^. ^nrpliy blt-Qeorge W, Keyes a blow cHjJb^ ' • iaw*^ oak Jractured the Jaw bone on )6th kji^es. Dr.^ Shadwlck drcJssed be man's Injoiies ind unless,tbe bot jreathei^,, 4 ^0868 blood polsonlns bjB ; : rin recover. Keyea left last night for uVa, Oklahoma, where his fatnUy re:• idldes. . ' • •• j i -Th» tronble arose so. suddenly that Ihere-.-were i)o,witn(iB8eB to-,tl^ cause \t if it f Murphy walked up to fceyes and . laid: "Do you knoyr who I lami!" ] [eyes said he did h rU "Do jfrpu know I lady |When you lee one?" Murpby 'then asked.: "I th nk I do," replied l^eyes. | Murphy stiuck Keyies on the lift cheek,with <>De hand and tben caught jhlm on the side of the jaw .' with his Tight. Heyes ' fell to the ground |and the ro^r was over. Keyes came here a few weeks ago ana eepured^^work at the new cement I .. plant JHo has a w fe and four children at Alva and expscts to bring them here to live. He sa^s he never Insult, ed^.or spoke to any woman on the , funds' an4 l8> wholly at a loss to . know why Murphy hit him. Murphy was with two laJicE and it, is ptesum- ed someone made'jiWmark to them or in his bearing thut be resented and . that he unfortuna,tely struck the wrong, man .L Keyes was sober and had not drank a drop as the doctor who attended him learned. . The victim of the| boarding on North mistake has been Jefferson and his associates spe^k v^ry^.highly of him. iHe'wi^s assisti^d to go to' his home yesterday but expei^ti and live. It is to return here hot known now whether any legal ajctlon will be taken bver the affair. : FbdrtH or July is Day." and it is a always a "Glorious 'sad but glorious" . aaay to many. Among the more seri- .Dus of the numerous' mishaps of the r<4th the following have been reported at mi office: ' ."•Alvan Whitman, the eight-year-old son of John Whitman, bookkeeper for the Lahyon Zinc Company, living at 403. West Madison, had tho'^^l luck to , shoot a blank, cartridge Into, his left ^ hand. The powder j and wad penetrat- *• ed the palm, glancing from the knuckle bones and!lodging under the \.skln. Dr. Lodge Was called and had to .cut, the hand open to remove the burned paper. -lyirs. T. J. Jones Injured. ' Mrs. T. J. Jones, |of 224 north Secondi street, met wijth an unfortunate mishap Saturday the result of the fireworks at the Jones home. Her little girl had been playing with a cane In the yard, and gotl a cap stuck in it. She-.^b^ught, It into the 4louse and Mrs. Jones attempted to pick the cap out with a pin. It exploded and some of the powder flew In her eyes, inflicting a' painful but n|>t dangerous hurt. 'jwo'Deaths Are Reported. ; - The eighteen months old son of Mr. «nd Mrs. F. B. Fish, of No. 2 South Ohio street, died a ^ew minutes after 12 o'clock Saturdayj noon of cholera Infantum, lihe reniains .were taken on[the Katy train'last evening to JBx- celaloir Springs, Mo. for burial. • Notices w«re scattered here yesterday of-the death at ran of Carl B. Keith, his home, in |Moa well known carpenter of that place, aged 65; years. Deiith came to him jSaturday And the funeral was held todlay. I The old reliable. Low- e^t prices, l>eBt quality. - Telephone i59. THE LEADER, If. W. STIVER. Oniy.OfM Ffn Fnm;.Cpirtwri. I'So &r: as tho JBt»ifittia "xa^ there jfia only one 11^" k town • r««ult at the 4th of loly, celebration and it occurred Friday eTenlng. It wak at the bam; ^Claude .Stewart east of the Richards house on Tlilrd street, Brooklyn Park. The bainB was new and. empty save foir some hay stored In the mow. It U supposed that small boys shot off firecrackers in the bam and thus Ignited it The bam was nearly a total loss but.was butir- ed foi* 1100. The fire-department made a fine run but' the alvrn was tale.: . Commissioners Are, In Session. The bbard of county commissioners met at ^he court house tbl^ -jnorning. It being the regular quarterly meeting, Tl^e -chief business of the session will b^ the auditing and allowing, of bills against tjie county, but the board does not Invite people to file late bills, they-' having made a rule that bills to be acted on must be filed before the session. Not until September will the board make the annual'tax levy. F. V. Crouch Files an Action to Com' pel the Putting of a- Phone in His Realdence. An action was begtm in the district court here Friday by F. V. Crouch to compel the lola Telephone Company to install and maintain a telephone in his residence. The company removed the one there and refused to put It back. The plaintiff claims that the company is a public servant and as such is compelled to serve the public. A writ of mandamus Is asked for to cbmpel the giving of the service and the hearing 1? set before Judge Foust at Yates Center tomorrow. It is prob able, however, that the case may oe held and heard at lola. The company will fight the case. Their contention ia that they had and 4naintained a telephone in the Crouch residence ' which he feiiled to pay rental for. ^ Their rule Is that the ser» vice must be paid for three months In advance.' It was upon Mr. Crouch's failure to pay this bill that the phone was removed. Afterwards, they say, he paid up and tendered |24, a year's rental In advance, for the phone for 1903, but they refused the money and refused to put in a phone. The' issue is an interesting one pnd lawyers are disagreed as to the I fthe phone company is like many public servants it will have to main tain the phone. STBEET ELECTIDN Adjourned Annual Meeting Held This Morning and Old Directors and Officers Were Re-elected. WiMa Yoli Want • Firat-Claai TIN OR CORNICE WORK 4de, The Tinner There was a meeting of stockhbld ers of the lola Electric Railway Company at the offices of Thompson & Thompson in this city this morning and the annual election of directors and officers was held. The time for hdlding the meeting was some months &eo, but at that time an adjournment was taken to July C, The same old board of directors was chosen and the same officers re elected. The directors are: F. V. Crouch, W. L. Barteis, A. W. Beck, F. J. .Horton, L. L. Northhip, Geo. A. Bowlus and C. M. Crouch. The officers are: F. V. Crouch, president and geiferal manager;'L. L. Northrup, vice president; C. M. Crouch assistant manager; J. F. Thompson, secretary and attorney; Geo. A. Bowlus, treasurer. ' Mr. G. W. Baumbpff. of St Louis, who built the road and lacks but a little of being able to control It, was not present He arrived a few minutes after the business had been attended to. His-feud with Mr. Crouch Is still as vigorous as of old, but thus far the latter's lawyers have bnought him oil victor. A year ago Mr.Baumhoff divided his votes at th? ^lefition and failed to land a single director. He sued to have the men he voted for seated but lost the suit Some months ago at the annual meeting Baumhofl was on hand but Crouch adjoumed the meeting before anything could be done. Had' Baumboff been present this morning be could have elected a director. The meeting was set for 9 a. \m., pursuant to adjoumment, and be appeared about 10. Mrs. Delp, who has been on an extended visit at Osawatomle, Is home agkin. According to the Kansas City Journal Jf lola wins today and Fort Scott loses lola will be In second place in the percentage oolumiiL Can we make thUi riffle. Springfield comes here Wednesday, Thursday ai^d Friday end we have five games with her. If we get in second place before'she.cpmies the duuace will, offer tti creep into first lUira, Decided Tiiat lola Centraetor Was Want- in Kansas ifbr Dabt. /•d John -F. .Page, Rough Rider, 'travel er, and sometime contractor for the cement company and patron ot\ J. W. Coffey,- has regained hhl liberty and will not be brought badE to lola. for trial. Such is 'the report broug|it^ home by Sheriff Richardson, who went after Page with a requisition from Govemor Bailey last week. : Page made the plea that a|l that he was wanted back here for"was for a debt He hired good lawyer^, one of them chairman of a state central committee In-Iowa and a close friend and supporter of the governor. County Attorney Clifford and' a firm of Iowa lawyers, represented Kansas and the plaintiffs In the case. If it were true that the crime charged was simply debt the law says no man shall be arrested in one, state and carried back to another. Governor Cummins invited the attorneys to his office and listened to their arguments and as a result .of that hearing ho held that Kansas had no claim on Pago save that he was a debtor and refused to honor the requisition. The lola men {.think there was some political pull In the' deal, as a gubernatorial compaign Is now on in Iowa. Page was turned loose. Of course if he is caught In Kansas or any other state but Iowa it may be possible to arrest him again. Page, it will be remembered, built the store room for the'cement company In Bassett. He drew the money to pay his men and skipped out with it leaving the company: liable to the men for the bills. He also bought a watch of J. W. Coffey o\a the Installment plan, paying $1 dovlrn and agreeing to pay the other |30 in install ments. The one dollar wis all he ef er paid. It will thus bo. seen that there was a dual charge of crime against Page and if ho is simply guilty of be tng In debt and exempt from being brought back and punished the bars seem to be let down for a whole lot of defaulting. I Even Break on Babies. place when she Is^ljere. climpInK! up ourselves and pnllinsiier down, winbe ateslof fltmiM. Mrs. Frank Robinson Is home from a week's visit near Yates Center. R. B. Stevenson has for rent rooms 5 and 6 in the Stevenson building Just at dhe head of the stairs. J. W. Rymus, of Greeley, idansas. Is here visiting his daughter, Mrs.'Samuel Fitson. Too^ bad Northmps* are quitting business. Tou can always depend on what ypu bought at Northmps.' . The iltlzens will have to get busy If they want to get some of the goods now selling at the closing out prices at Northmps'. The base ball maiiagement has an ncAnced that hereafter the second game of each series ^wlll be ladles' day. On such days ladles will be ad mitted free at the ball grounds. Remember this! Remsberg's second addition' to Gas City has ibeen laid out and the plat was placed on record today. The addition Ii» north of Gas and east iof the first Remsberg addition. There are 303 lots in It TO'DlirS GIIME. In today's gamei won tyv* soorfe th» 7 to '2. :>^'i ^ly^'elMHnk ^l^^ F. W. Bfewstor Woht to; OJuuiat«| on business. ; • : AlloVer lace, 49 cents a yard at Rosenberg's. , Mr. George Vierd of, Ottawa, returned home today. Bud Miller left for his home In Ottawa this afternoon. : ' Money to kan oniarms or city property. I. H. Kasbeer. ; R. N. McMillln went to Cbanut(g.for a few days on business. Money to loan on fanna or dty property.. L H. Ka8l|^.|,a For tin work go to Ira A iiatterson, ri5 East street Tel; 63. Mrs. A. C. Campbell ^ent to Glrard for a few days on business. .For Sale—^A two-room bouse for removal, 209 South Chestnut. Mrs. L. W, Miller returned to her home in Girard this afternoon. Have you seen the latest reduction It Northrup's. quit btisiness sale. Wanted—Middle a);ed woman for chamber maid, also dining room girl Apply Hotel Thomson. R. D. Blair left this afternoon for Coffeyville for a few days on business. '. Miss Bimsca Lord went to Blackwell, Ind. Ter., to visit her mother. ; Mr. B. C. Holiday left this "afternoon for Paola for a few days on business. Ed. Murple left; this afternoon for Humboldt for a few days on business. Chuny lace, white Arabian and ecru insertions to match, 10 cts a yard at Rosenberg's. Hear the Alabama Jubilee Singers (colored) sing the old plantation songs tomorrow night. Miss Stella Long, of' Walnut, who has been visiting Miss Lula Alexan der, returned home this afternoon. 'The Alabama Jubilee Singers is one of the best attractions ever billed in ^loia. Hear them at the M. E. church Tuesday evening. Admission 25 cents. . The July meeting of the Allen Co. Horticultural Society will hd. held oh Frlay, lOth, at the residence of Mr. Lowe ,two miles east of Gas City. Pio nic dinner. All invited.—F. F. PANCOAST., Secretary. At the McKinlcy Memorial, Mr. Richard D. Barret sang "Lead Kindly Light," the martyred president's favorite hymn. Hear him with the Alabama Jubilee Singers at fhe Metho dist church July 7th. Posters are out announcing the coming of the Alabama Jubilee Singers to lola. They sing at the M. E. churcfr] tomorrow night They are a strong concert company and will give a delightful entertainment The local Eagle lodge recently sent $25 to the Wyandotte lodge of Eagles to help out the relief work. This was a lodge contribution and does not count the percentage from the carnival which will make the total sent from the local aerie about $100. No man or woman in the state will hesitate to speak well of Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets aftor onco trying them. They always produce a pleasant movement of the bowels, imprbvo the apptaite and strengthen the digestion. For sale by all draggists. Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Carle came down from Neosho Rapids to spend the Fourth with friends at LaHarpe where Mr. Carle was formerly postmaster. He is .now holding the same position at Neosho Rapids and besides is running a flourishing general merchandise business. Word was received in lola Saturday that Josie Hewitt died at Garland, Kansas, last week. She formerly lived in Tola, her father being a liveryman on West street and she graduated from the local high school in 1892. The ca«se of death was quick consumption. Having leased the lola greenhouses from Mr. A. I. Harmon, I wish to announce that I shall'give the business my entire time and attention and shall spare no pains to deserve the patronage of the people of Tola and vicinity. jAll orders filled with promptness aild care.—R. O. Henderson. .Some time ago -an order was made by the posto'fflce department for an increase in salary for nearly all of the local force because of the increased work done. T^e other day a b» lated order came also which gives t^wis E. Coffleld the same increase. Th6 increase was recommended by Postmaster'Henderson. . Misses, Eunice and Beulahl Cq^ld entertained their little girl^ friencTs Thursday afternoon at their home', 405 East Lincoln, It being Miss Elunlce's eighth birthday. Ice cream and cake were served, and the little folks had a good time. Those present were: Ruth, Marie and Vivian Ollkerson, Nellie and Hazel Morris. Rujh Thoma8> Nona McClelland and Nbla Ballard.. Paul Klein, the West Madison ave- uia lumberman, has a. horse-sboe around his neck. \ When he left hia bokne at* Larned he pad a number oC with N^rada I(ri(t{v«nall debts owing l^im, and-he had Since the last issue of the'Register four births are reported and the boys and girls seem to have an even break Friday a boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Holland, of 214 south Jefferson. Saturday a girl was bora to Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Allen, of 818 south Washington avenue. Today a son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Victor King, of 613 south Third street. All three have made friends with Dr. Dresbach. Bora Sunday to Mr. and Mrs. J. Klein of 215 south Walnut,a daughter. ;Born, Sunday, July 5, to Mr. and Mrs. Carl Wisner, a daughter. The Wisners live on Deer creek. Bora, to Mr. and Mrs. William Knacker, of 308 South Third street Sunday, a boy. Dr. Lodg^i In att6n dance. The Wests Given a Divorce. The district court sat until late Friday night iy order to finish the divorce suit of Arthur and Clydia West, report of which was made in the Register Friday. Judge Foust granted the divorce, for which both were suing, but ruled that the charge of licentiousness made by the husband against the wife was not proven. The-divorce was given for fault on both sides. Mrs West was granted $500 permanent alimony, $150 attorney's fees and each side is to pay its half of the costs. MN'#PAlL TJ> HIAR THB FAAfoU^ AlabamMl^^^ Singers At M. E. Clinch l^oimorrow Evening SEE tHI5 |I»(>QRAMME Part I 1. Piano Solo J. 'Galveston Storm' MRS; Lxrhv MAPILLE HARRIS 2. Sanclus—"Steal Awny. J. ^ I XiOrfl's Prayer tfuBILEEiBlNaEHS- 3. Negro Melody. ; V...;/»*^Little Wheel RoUing-in My Heart'' Contralto Solo... .••Down WT)iere the Cotton Blossoms Grow" ! MISS ANNifi WARD 1. 5. 6. 7. . \ 1. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. ialem Just Like John" Se^o Me.o.,;.. • I ^^^^^^ ^'^ *" .....wna*« MRI S.'JAY PA.TTERSW j SKETCHES ' . r.n . . TT^.i« , 2. Yield Not to Temptation Part 3 --^ ..."SuwanceKlver" Soprano Solo. ^ , . , ^ ..."Gideon's Band" Negro Melody j -^^jJ ^-siN ^EBS * ^ „ •. • ."Alabama" Baritone Solo. .• .^v.^^• •• ^ , ,„ r "Live AnjhowTillI L.e Negro Melody......^^;-^-;^g^^^^^„3 , • "Oia Black Joe" Negro Melody...^^^-.^^-^-^-^^^j^ ; .."De Gospel Train" Negro Melody .....v^^l^^—- —• ENCOIJES "Stiinrt the Storm," "Go D<^wn'Mo^i|,*'l'^SwlnK tow .Sv Ing Along •• "Uooa News," "O Yes, 0 Yel?," "Kentucky lis Deep,'.'eto. wcct..Chariot," 'Inoli- lUlKi," ''Asleep in the ill We aell,. Bollera, ' '"r Englnett Bras* Castlnoa.' Drilling Tooli^ Qray iron Castings, Belting, Packing, lOiKI! [pla, Kilrisas. M«nalactnr«ra of FlactaliMry ...For... Mines, Snieiterp and Brick Plants; We 0t|«r.;. Ocod Workinanahlp, Prjompt OeiiVeriea, Low Price*. Oil storage :Tahkg, Automatic and Plain Gaa Separators, Sheet Ifon Wori^ Structural Wbric, Rotary Ore Roaatera, Smoke Stacks, Steel Dump Cars IMada'to Order. Pattens F«r Castiijs| a Spec&lty. Estiaiates FBriiished. Qajck IcpairWork Another Lot of Imported Woolens POOP THE VE A I R 'ROUND ' NfMliirup Building. his account. The wheat is now harvested and it run about thirty bushels to the acre land was harvested by'the men ^^hlo owed him. 12,000 bushels of fine wheat is Just like money in the bank. " There, was a yonnR woman.Mn lola Saturday as daintily dressed afij any nf them and bearing herself as prettily, only with a deeper sunliurn ion :her face than most ofj the othorji. The sunburn was deeper because ffho and a. younger sis'ter have done all thf; work on an eighty acre farm this spring, their father being an invalid, and there being no money to hii?e help, "firave girls! And they looked just as pretty Saturday as any of the rest of them. At Chahnte, which is now a dry town, some young men arranged tp opea a blind tiger at the river^for the Fourth. ^ The police made a raid and Raptured four of the men present. Several escaped by swimming the riyeri the sheriff taking a friendly ,£h'ot' at them. as . they progressed. Ths four men and scores of cases were incarcerated. They managed to-get to the liquor and distributed it to the public through the windows, later making! their own escape." Only one was recaptured. > • The council expected to have.met again Friday night but there was "no business transacted. The mieeting was called 'to consider the chin^g of contract and specifications for West Madison paving, and the substitution of something else than cinders for the basis. A good many residentii had kicked on the cinders. It is said Pittsburg pavements have proV^n. excellent and cinders were useU there. Unless the Madisoa avenue folki? take immediate steps,- as' wa^ expected of them, las^ week, the contract will proceed as originally planned. Miss Pearl Miller, of HumboWt, is here visiting Miss Gertrude Cunningham, at the recorder's office. "I owe my whole life to BuruuuK Bloojfl Bitters. Scrofulous ^res cov: ered my^ body. 1 seemed beyond curf^ B. 1^ B.-has made me a perfectly well wonjan." _^MT^- Charles Hutton, Ber- villoj Mfch.^ / Your Linen much longer if we launder It. Be-, sides doin^ the best work, we pay'' ^ great deal of attention to the life of the linen. :0w soaps, our machinery, our methods are! designed to do the very finest work with the least possible wear to the gamjnt. > If yoii are not a customer, call us up and let us call for a trTaf package. We'll surely; please you. lola Steam lioodry, \ 'nne 112 ^ 5ee0^r Boggles and Before Buyine B]uy your Groceries Of us during July. We will make It profitable fori| you. We constantly endeavor to gjive our customers tbe very best service x>ossible. A satisfied c«s- tdmer is the best kind' of an advertisement. Knowi-ng this we niake your interests ours. WE OFFER TO-dAY: 2 pkgs Cero-Pruto 250 2 pkgs Emj-O-See...20c 2 fikgy^rn Krisp 20c 7 D. C. Sdap 25c lO^f pkg OupiNavy Soda 03e 20:o4 pkg Our Navy Soda.. 05c ilb, ilb. and 1 lb cans F. Bros. Baking Powder. C,^ 10 and 15c aboot 400' acres of wl^eat credited to

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