Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 20, 1974 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 20, 1974
Page 6
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Page Six SIDE OUNCES flOPfc <AKk.) StAft By GILL FOX STENOS WANTED 1 "Under 'OTHER,' should I mention my karate chop or save it for a surprise?" OUT OUR WAY By NEC COCHRAN 5TILL FiLLIM.3 YOUR POOL ! ^ /MO- - BUT YOU L u SOOU HAVE YOU'LL SOOW HAVE ITOVE!? ( /JET FEET ir YOU POM'T MOVE FLOWIMG IF YOU DOWT TURN I OUT' TH POOL'S GOT A HOLE X\F|K >y.» IH •"•iniiit i-M»tn»n.» !***-»"-— ^- iJ*/JJiilC'y SwfcaffitffeS&aftf 9 " ,. '• p>.>"' JU'..•:?''^"F..i;. i; /,,,; • '/i.•«•" /ft; _•''";/.,,., THE WORRY WART e 20 OUR BOARDING HOUSE By MAJOR HOOPLE UM.VAS THE HOOPLE PROBLEM-50LVING CON5I5T5 OF ANALYZING TME SITUATION, THEN ISOLATING AND TESTING ALL . VARIABLES/ AFTER NOTING HOW TME CAR WA5 TRAPPEP 1 PIP THIS MENTALLY.' NATUPALLV, 1 ESTIMATEP THE ' >v'« \ BAROMETRIC PRESSURE TO CALCULATE )HOW MUCH THE CAR WOULD SINK Y/ITH PEFLATEP TIRES! ~?^. IP RATHER J BE * PRISONER A6MN TriAN HKVE TO LISTEN rr TO THE, '' RERUN! •'."25 TRIUMPH - ^--^^^Mf ^\%)' i imp fl -, n 13 I8M t, »». Inc . IM «n US. fil 011^X1 /# \ I (- W O'LU tr EEK&MEEK Olio ACHOSS 1 fily on !,;iki' .Sutx'rior 7 . 'rrifin ari'ii^ 1.1 ThfirouRlilarc 14 Hiillimwc bir. I") Take umbraii'' Ifi Niinc\ ('lass. for in.slanc'' 17 llurmi'si' woo'l sprite 18 Wcirrl 211 Wine nip 21 Short husiness trips 23 Hox 2li I. 'ndnsr'fXM'l i 27 Tnbiil;ir> ol I he Seine .'11 Oyster product 33 nl the ;irm bone 34 Tapestry 35 I'riain sson Mi'U'wIi .'i(i Adolescent year :!7i'lace 40 Nursery rlivnie kinf! 41 Colonnade 44 Southern stale 'ah i 47 Wea pon ol war 48Hiver Islet 51 lie-iterate 5.1 Citrus fruit r>5 Handler! 5fi Wisecomiseler 57 Cubic niiMers 58 Nautical term DOWN 1 Mend, as socks 2 Iris layer liinal f 3 For fear that •lOne'Kr I CARNIVAL H l)if|i'ri'Ml (•'itnh /'inn 7 Triuonnnii'ti him Hoi (t Hurcd !) Aunt ( .Sp Kl'iicck IfltlT 11 KI'Min-ntaiA 12 l';illi(i|iii.'i''iil nmrN I!) KtUH-k 21 W;inrl«-i mi! 22 ('nml'irt in Hi'ii-l 2!i Ti'lH 'iiiiirrcl 24 Kiilticr'Kr > 25 Swiss T IMT 'v.'ir i FLASH GORDON Tuesday. August 20, 1974 By DAN BARRY 28 Neslcfl boxes 2!i fio by yacht .IfHiael'u-' .i2 I.one Scout 'iib i :l:i Toward the //•tilth :I7 I'rattk's 38 Footed vase 3!iCily in Washington 42 Cuff up 43 f{oman goddess 44 Monks 45 Past season 46 Church part 48 f'nker state 49 Russian name 50 Sea bird 52 Auricle 54 Emmet 7W5 TIME, WE SHALL 5EE THAT you STAY! "PS/ SOMEHOW, V THE TIME- VOLI LEFT THEN. TRAVEL LAWS /1AEAM NOTHING TO HAVE THEM THE BORN LOSER ByARTSANSOM ALLEY OOP ByDAVEGRAUE By DICK TURNER IF THOSE TWO DUDES WERE WATCHING THAT TRUCK,THEN MAYBE I OUGHTA TAKE A LOOK AT IT 8-20 ,,,GADFRV/ THAT FELLA'S ARMED TO TH' TEETH.' I'D SURE LIKE TO kNOW WHAT'S GOING ON AROUND HERE.' ,..,MEBBE I'LL DO A LITTLE tiACK-TRACKING AN' FIND OUT.' CAPTAIN EASY <ZO VOUR COMPANV'-S ALL (2.EAPV TO BUV THE DEWBERRY GOUP CLAIM- P'RAPS YOU'LL BOTH BE MV SUE£ TILL THEN? By CROOKS & LAWRENCE AL6EKNOW CHAP'S SUCH A DEVIOUS- TWIT 1...WHAT'S HE UP TO?,..£OU LIKE HE'S- PHONING! €>' MATTEP PEVOW ? HMM, HOTEL CLAPEMONTi EH?... EXCUSE ME JU5T A MOMENT UH-NO MR. SHAP! AAY ER- MR. CHESTER ANP I ARE ALL SETTLEP AT THE HOTEL CLAREMOMTi "Let's get some candy we don't like so much so we can enjoy it longer!" , , , BLONDIE I he reverend, looking sadly at the collection basket, told us he's making pray- in e n t s o n t h e c h n r«.- h By CHIC YOUNG No, Gwendolyn, t It e y weren't smoking grass at tlic Boston Tea Parly. We love cookouts. They .leave us tree to enjoy the kitchen all bv ourself. 7 I TMISIK IT'S OMLy FAIR TO TELLYOU I'M NOT TME ORIGINAL WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE _^ ^ I'M SELLING THIS BOOK OF MV PLAYS SHAKESPEARE By HOWIE SCHNEIDER WINTHROP ByDICKCAVALLI .THE CuaSTiC+J CF FOPULATOU IAJ THE HI / WOPLO YOU UIKE TO JOIN THE FRIENDSHIP CLUB? THAT BOY WIU_ SINSATTHE MET COME OAY. &-2O FRANK AND ERNEST ByBOBTHAVES CAMPUS CLATTER By LARRY LEWIS THIl THfc ASSOCIATION... ... MOW THfcY WANT ON AH 1N5TAMT I INVITED YOU BACK TO CAMPUS EARLY TO SUPERVISE OUR WORK-STUDY MOVERS, BURHS YOU WILL BE IM COMPLETE CHAR5E OF RELOCATING OUR ADMINISTRATORS AND FACULTY J THANK YOUj ALWAYS WANTED ABLE TO TELL THEM WHERE TO GOJ, BUGS BUNNY MAv" I INQUIRE WHAT YOU REPRESENT^. ' IM AN AFRICAN WITCH DOCTOR.. I THOUGHT THIS \\AS i A COSTUME PARTY ' —-,/ — DONT Y. ft.. / WORRN ABOUT IT YOURSELF (ER...COME IN X BUGS/ ByHEIMDAHL&STOFFEL PRISCHIA'S POP ByALVERMEER WHAT DO YOU ^~~^<'Mgi»*. RECOMMEND FOR J^h^^. A 5INUS 'S*-'' "~ HEADACHE/ 1 7 YOU GOT OFF LUCKY HOLLYHOCK IT WAS A GRAND VACATION, THERE s NOT MUCH OF VOU TO 3uRN PRISCILLA

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