Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on September 21, 1889 · Page 1
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 21, 1889
Page 1
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•'.1 STERLING, ILLINOIS, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 1880. NUMBER 187. r i r*o I ; DYSPEPSIA. } S thftt. r IjpT. 'Hint we h"n we suddenly ss-si !i (inUuilleal . . T,m Bt«inii('h i'i I IIP i-».«>rvplrtrr>rn whlrh ,-K-ry fibre- mm tissue «•»«) '!»"> nou'l'.lif-rt, and any trouble wltn It In sn-ii t>'-t throughout tlifi KMole system. Among Rilown (ivapfipttoir-o two will have the same predominant »>inutonin. Dyspeptics of action mratri! r.ower unil a bilious tcmpenunf-nt arc f.nhjpctfoMleUISpR'tne.lie; those, fleshy and Dlili-Knifttlc have Coast! jiatlon.wlulo tho thin and nervous ftro abandoned So gloomy n>r«- bed In en. Borne dyspeptics are wonaerfullj forgetful ; others have great Irritability of tern '"whatever form Dyspsspsta may take, one thing " certain, TJie underlying cause is in the LI VSR, jm<! one thine more !s equally certain, no one will remain a dyspeptic who will Acidity ot th Expel ft>«l Allay Irritation. Anoint Digestion, at th« wane tlm« Start the Liver to working, ' when all other troubles Boon disappear. "My wife was a confirmed dyspeptic. 8°™ three years 050 by tbs advice of Or. Rtelner, o: AuMsta, shewas induced to try Simmons Liver Itegalator. I feel grateful lor the relief It has given her. and may all who read this and are afflicted In any wns. whether chronic or other wise* use Simmons Wver itegulator and I fee confident health will be restored to all who wil be advised."— WM, M. KnnaH, Fort Valley, Oa. See that you get the Genuine, with red Z on front of Wrapper, KUtPABBD OKLY BT J. H. ZKlIjIN & CO. Philadelphia, Fa Dr. C, McLane's Celebrated LIVER PILLS WILL CURE n r,f iba rfnht : f Jmr will often save a "severa spell of sloknesa. Prioa only 25 cents at any drug store. Be sure and seo that Dr. C. MbLANE'S CELE BRATED LIVER PILLS, FLEMING BROS., Pittsburgh, Pa. ? la en the box. iN one other is Genuine. Use IVORY POLISH for tha Teeth, PEUrCMES T1JS BOJUTK. QUEBEC'S HORROR. 'wenty-six Dead Bodies Taken Out of the Debris. THE AWFUL SCENES AT THE WEEOE. tain that there-cm be no o 1.1 nlive b&iiealu th^m. At a mpolinp; of Hi > city einncll h"!d I nit niKht a nv-njniion "•'•"'••> »d >)'' ''' voiinn tin 1 sum of f.",iMl.l towar.l th- 1 n;li-f of Ilia sulVrr- ers. ____ A DOG TAUGHT TO STEAL. The Anlmnl C«iiEl>t In tlin Act of Koh- Icknnlng Condition of Some of the Corpse* — T5io Tfirrlfole Fate of a Iteautiful Woman— A. Eijther*» Joy nt Finding Ono of Hl« Fttnilly Alli-n— The Effect of tha Cftfft*t.rr*pMn I)e«c.rll»«<l — The Unforttin- Ht6i "Warned of tha I>nnger — ProgrcM of thfl W«Ck' of Recovery. QUEBEC, Sept. 2L — The scene of Thursday night's disaster presented tic feature yesterday calculated to lessen its horror, and tha vast piles of broken rock, demolished bousps, and debris of all sorts, stretching out for 300 feet, presented an awful spectacle of devastation. Willing hands were not wanting to aid in the rescue of the victims bf the rockslida The fire and police departments, reinforced by tba officers and men of the Royal school of cavalry, labored vigorously themselves in tho-work, as well as directing the labors of a large force of man. In view of the tremendous amount of rock.-mln3lbd with the ruins the progress was Tory slow, and the wreckage has bjon largely increased since the first slide by falling fragments of rock. neicned frjm the Wreck. Four more-persona were rescued yesterday morning. They were Mrs. Mary Caldwell, Thomas Borrigan, a boy named Berrigun, and Mrs. Black. All were s.-verely bruised. Mrs. Black said her husband's body was still In the ruins, and that he was killed at the A NIGHT OF TERROR Fearful Experience in Erie Tempest. a Lake SEVEN HUNDRED PEOPLE 00 WILD. Mil., Sopt. '!!.— Aliig Nuw- foundlniid dog trained at thi >vn;a; was captured Thursday night by IVico Sergeant Sounders in tlio net of robbing a house on Pennsylvania avenue. Tho ofllu.-r saw tho dog trotting out of nn ailoy sopnrnting two houses. It carried in its nicmlh a bundle, which tho sergeant thought to bo rt bnby. lie pursued the dog. and the animal dropped tha bundle, which turned out to b) a fancy sofa cushion. Woiiilorina; whera tho dog cnuld have secured it, the sergeant returned to the alley and secreted lilin«nlf. lie Trio It Again. In a few minutes tho dog came back, entered the alley, and soon reappeared with a big white bundle in his mouth. The oflieer followed the animal and saw him deposit the prize in another alley some disiance away. Afttr some time tho dog retu nod for more booty, but waa captured, and Charles Essex, an occupant ot the bouse, was awakened. Mr. Eaaax at once discovered that far more had been stohjn than tho officer had seen tho dog carry away. As?nrcliwas instituted, aud a nuiiilKT of shirts, hunrlkc-rchiofa, and other articles were, found at a corner three squares off. They had beon taken out of a drawer that haJ bo.'n opon&I. ArreHto.l | ho Thief. Sergt, Saundeiabriiught the doj to the station house and inn-le an entry upon the records that Mr. Essex's hotiso hal been robbed by a dog. The policj think tho animal was trained by thieves who wore in waiting to receive the booty when fright- floor of thflir house. Whlls tho workers were t enod ofl by tlie ABBREVIATED tELEGRAMS \Vork I -SPECIALTIES.- The Finest, Most Durable, and holds its shape the beat of any whip In tte market. The Easiest Dumped, Easiest Running and Latest Improved Sweeper made. Fancy Patent, per sack, *l.OO. Two sacks 12.80 Half Patent. f. ^ 1.40. " " 4«0 Some of tne oldest resldents'Jof this city claim this to be the best flour they ever used In the State ol Illinois. Oresim of JPatent, I>aiey and Minn. JEJ oiler in stock. clearing the debris of a crumbled building t.iey discovered tho bleeding body of Joa Kemp. The man is in the most miserable condition. Both legs, bis left arm, and -several ribs are broken. Kemp will not live. Two hours latur his wife's body was taken out Her head wan almost severed from the body, and indications point to a most revolting and violent death. . A Beautiful Woman'* Awful Fnts. Further away the corpse of Mrs. Lawson, who had been greatly admired for her beauty and amiability, was extricate 1 from under a rafter, on wblob about ten tons of stone and dirt were lying. She wns smashed almost entrail* scattered about Ife'r -hulbaticl became -violently- insane after viewing the remains. I f*rpm D«nf>!itr to Krjolclng. A nian named Michael Bradley, who had I gone almost crazy when told that his family had perished" in the landslide, discovered while workliig. over the wreck of his hotis?, his 15-year-old'ddughtor still riliva His joy was indescribable. He kissed and fondled her as a, mother would her babe. It is thought the child will live. Among those under the rocks are a young couple named Nolan,:who bad been but a few weeks married. Nolan could have escaped, but lost his life trynlg to get his wife out of the bouse. Tvrenly-«lx Dead Find Its. Up Co last evening twenty-six bodies had been taken from the vast pile of wreckage. The number of seriously wounded is eighteen, but a GTflat tnan V others have baen more or less injured. The dead so far are as follows: Timothy Borrignn, Miss Allan, Chnrtcs Albln and wife, James Blat-k (10 years), William Black, Alice Bradloy (i years), Margaret Bradley (I year), Mrs. James Bradley, Mrs. Stephen Burke and her two children, Mrs. Bracken (80 year*-),Michael Deehy, Thomas Farrell, Lawrence. Fan-oil, Ajnes F.irroll, Stella Farrell, Either Mary Fitzgerald (4 years) , Joe Fltz gerald (1 year), Nora Konedv (13 years),;' Mrs, Mc-Klnnon, Miss Lane, R. Leahy and wife, Mrs. lUady. Six Little Victims. A heartrending spectacle was witnessed in the front room of tho station, where,: stretched out side by aid?, lay the bodies of six children, ranging from S to 10 years of, •age. Borne wore on their features ai calm and peaceful an expression as if safely sleep- lug In their beds, while others had tbolr' faces contoirted In agonized looks. Many woman called, to see tbenv and none left tfie; room without sobbing. Tin ,4 Good Stock of Tomatcil Cans. Very Cheap. Also a few dozen oil 'GLASS FROIT JABS ii JELLTOMBLERS LEFT AT I,. JOHNSON'S. THE SCENE OF DESTRUCTION. Deiorliitlon of tha Work of the JLamUlide —Ample Warning. It was not until morniug dawned yesterday that tba full extent and nature of tha landslide calamity became' apparent Tha rapture of the electric light wires extinguished the lataps Jin tho vicinity, the'dlsoa- ACCIDENT AT CHATTANOOGA. A Dozen llllnnl* aiul Indiana People Hurt oti Ml"ftlnit_]tUI(te.. CHATTANOOGA, Tenn , Sept. 81.— A car on the electric rni.roait, while going up Mission ridge yesterday mornin;, slipped on tho side of tho Hill, tho true!; being covered with dew. Thernr wns heavily londed and the passengers, at the bid.ling of the conductor, Jumped cilf. Tho parties injured wore all visitors in attendance at the reunion of Wildcr's brigade. 1.1st of Ilio \Vonnd«ri Pooplo. Tl... r,.ll.M, .i,.:. le ... tUf *lCf*>ot»> {lll-nll. A1 TH Mary AdTmisT'i n ji rreiTl ii forrinl1 y, probably fntnr; Mrs ; M, -J,— Garrison; -badly- Injured; Capt O.ven Wiley, badly injured internally; William Munford, bend badly cut; Mrs. A. C. Addison, seriously bruised; L. F. Miller, faca hurt; Wasa Banford, slightly injured—all the above from Casey, Ills.; Mrs. D. H. Massoy, shoulder dislocated and ankle sprained; Samuel A. Reavos, knee and shoul'U-r sprninod—both of Princeton, Ind.; J. H. Clark, ankle sprained, ar.d Mrs., J. H. Clark, wife of above, shoulder and ankle sprained—both of Owensville, Ind.; G. W. Parker, Bunker Hill, Ills., and W. P. Applegate, Hnz»l Doll, Ilk, slightly hurt. The Company Not to lilnme. . Tho injured were all brought to the city, and the officials of (ho roud are doing all in in thoir power w relieve them. Tho track was reported ill good condition Thursday night, and the accident occurred on tho first trip yt'Storduy morning. The railroad company is exonerated from all blame by the passengers on the cars who escaped injury. -. ' On tli« Knee Coarsen. " CHIOAOO, Sept. 21.—The winning horses at the races ou tho West Side course yesterday were: Romaine, % mile, 1:02}^; Monsoon, % mile, 1:01}$; Woodcraft, % mile heats, in last two of turee. heats, l:.lfi}£.and l:lf'Ji! Tudor, % mile, 1:28; Dave Hennesy, Ji mile, 1 :\f>%. LouisvjLLB.'Sept 31.— The races at'the Jockey club meeting yesterday resulted as follows: Queen of Trumns, 1 mile, l:4j}£; Cast Steel, Jt mile, 1:17"^; iJeer Lodge. % mile, l:lfi>i; Heron, \}i miles, 2:13^; bi- lence, X mill '> 0;5l Mi Dolllkons, X mile, 0:50; New Castle, % mile, 1 :!M. : NSW YoRk, Sept 21.—The racing events at' Obrnvesend yesterday were captured in the following Order: Oregon, }{ mile, t):50; Taragon, !X miles, 2:10; Bella d'Or, 11-10 Rifles, l:4l>; Gregory, % mlio,4:17; Auranla. '%milo, 1:2%; Mute, % mile, 1:10}^. Chicago Pntu Up Her Money. CHICAGO, Sept. 21.—The a lano committee of the world's fair promoters announce that J.j.OOc.OOU has boon subscribed by citizens here, and that'another 15,000,003 cau be had when wanted. Tho work of having the plans drawn up for the buildings will begin jrigbtaway. Encouraging reports are re- ll-.o Heavy Sons Flood tho Upottn with SU l->«t of Wntnr and the P.-twHnnccrs Ho- coma Frantic with Four—Men Lo«o Thiilr DTRnhooil mid Women Strooii, Willie Kvnryboily Wonrn I.lle-PrBnorv- em, and Looks Out for Nnmbor Ono. DfrrnoiT, Sept. al.—Seven hundred panic- stricken passengers on the steamer City of Detroit passed through n period of peril Thursday night which they will never forget Men and women ran back and forth in terror as the water poured through openings iu the ship and rose with fearful rapidity, and all tied on life-preservers in anticipation of a desperate battle for life in the angry waters. When tho boat loft Cleveland for this port Thursday evening there was but little sign of tho terrible storm raging over the lake, . ' . Attach of the Mad Waters. No sooner bad the boat passed tho breakwater than she was struck on th» port side by a heavy wave that fairly lifted the great craft out of water. A moment later one of tho windows on the port side of the main deck was battered in by the angry waters, Ind the paddlcboz bulKbcads bad begun to fpring and a small stream oozed in around them. Tho passengers, by thin time wore very much frightened, and the more timid took down life-preservers and put them on. Tho news of tho bulkhead springing soon reached tho saloon deck, and when tho bulkhead gave way with a crash a few minuted later, a scene of terror followed. The Duckn Flooded. The water wns forced into the boat with every motion of the paddles, and rose rapidly in the after saloon on the main dock. Tho ofllcers' apartments and the ladies' saloon was quickly flooded. Very soon after this the starboard paddlebox gave way, and tho height of the water mcrcaand materially. Although holes were cut in the gunwales to lot tho stream run out, it was impossible to stay on the main deck. Tho water rose until it was fully six and a half feet deep and swept back Into the after cabin in'o. solid wall. • A I.lttli- Sr During this terrible- nituaiion the piiiwoi!- gers-woro clustered In the saloon panic- stricken. Ono man rushed up and down tho Cabin shouting at the top of his voice: "We are lost; the boat is sinking." This made A CHANCE. {SUCCESSORS TO CX A. Oliver. BOOKS, STATIONERY and.WalllPaper. ter having occurred about an boor after nightfall. A howling ttopest throughout the night that washed into fury the water of the river, with a thick intermittent rain, went to make up one of' tho moat dismal Of times. IiovQtnotion through the afflicted district was impossible without the aid of torches, and was oven then exceedingly difll- culU* street that winds around the bass of the cltjorlcl .wad plleil with millions of cubic feet of rocU of all siaea, gome nearly as large an a houa'. Might Have Occurred Long: Ago. When daylight came the enormous cavity from which the destroying avalanche bad fallen, startled everybody. It had left a plain, smooth surface behind it, showins that a 'very visible saation of the rock tnSgbt have betin detached long ago had the locality only been subjuoted to inspection. The cavity in question actually extends right under tba foundation wall of the southeast corner of the terrace. This part of Quebec's favorite resort has been closed to the public, and appai cjitlyjiot a dayjtoo KOODOOS » large 'cleft In tiie'fock is visible behind the wooden |v|ntform. In other nfighborlug masses of nverhanging rock large seams also exist, and men who worked all night under the shadow of tboUiU'at'iifng'evll shuddered yesterday oiorniug at, thuilrst sight of the danger which had pvarbung them. notify of 3?lme to Get Away. Osorge Blayden wua ataadiug near Berri- gan'a door for »oma .time before the fatal rock descended. "It is useless for us to deny," he said last evening, "that wa had ample warning given in of tho disaster. I waa standing talking to poorNoUn and Parrell, who are now iU-a<i, «nd with Perry, whoa portions of the r.x-k foil nt interval* of hlxiut five hiftiut-.-a, Bratju siinall quantities, ttien mon) (>rol'u.i,ily. Afior tba sseondsUde accuned ISH d i.i WM tiiuo fisr in to move, aad inaii»a«i !.•> «,-t .MWiiy... Nolitn might h«v» douu the mini 1 , but ran wtohia houao U> call hu «iff," »f ih* Ikbuutur. loeived from all sections of the country ex- cspt New Ypi-k and the extreme east and northeast Alfred Billinzs, of Naw Orleans, and F. M, Gilinore, of Kentui ky, were In the city yesterday, and said their states were solid for Crib-ago, und The Const Review of Philadelphia, a leading insurance journal, cornea out in an editorial in favor of thia city for the fair. Marshall Field yesterday subscribed $100,000 to the fair fund. Thr<-9 IlllgHiiils Crelinteil. VlKNNi, Sept. 21.—The Political Correspondence publishes the following story: In the Servian village of Losowiks, recently, a body of gendarmes surrounded and sot fire to a bouse In which a parly of brigands had taken refugf. Tho leader of the band, who waii a woman, uudjtwo other members perished in the fl iiuos attur making desperate efforts to tight their way out. The other members of the baud weru captured. One giradarnie wag killed, Colored Baptist*. —IKOIAKAFOLtay-Ind.-,- Septr m,.—The national convention of colored Baptists concluded its annual session here Thursday. Tha Rov. E. K. Lotio, of Savannah, Go., delivered au address on tho subject of Baptist unity, in which ho said that out of 3,000,000 Baptists in Iho Unite I States, l,!ilB,2r3 weljB negroen, although when tho emancipation proclamation was issued there were but SOJ colored Baptists. A J!rltl>li W»r»lllp Wrecked. HALIFAX. N. a, Br^ 21.—Tho warship Uly wus wrecked in tuj straita of Belle Isle Thursday night She was n steel venal ot 720 ton* register accT 830 horse-powor. Particular* h.ivo not yut been received. The uavul authorities hovo received only meager luteiligDOe, ,'. Thu survivors are cu board the waruMpE:iii.'nU'l. Savontn«n werVdruwuixl. tho passongei-s oven more tcrriflad, and the officers of the boat wore finally compelled to confine the excited man. Tire male passengers seemed to bo more frightened than the women, but many of the latter lay about In swoons on the cabin floor. An Eye-Witness Tallin. J. Shen, whoso home is in. Youngsbown, O., sold: "It was terrible. I never expected to reach shore alive'. A number of us stood on tho stairs lending from the saloon to the main deck nnd watched tho water rise foot by foot until wo wore driven buck tip-stairs. We thought that it was only a quest!on of time when tho water would reach tho flros, and we would be at tho mercy of the storm. The boat plunged and groaned horribly, and one passougor, a large man, went crazy with fear, end run hither and thither yelling, and adding greatly to the terror of tho rest of us. Every One for Illmnnlf. 1 "Every man and womivn had on a life-preserver, and in some cases persons would put on two or thrno of them. Many of the passengers lost ell self-possession, and did nothing but walk up and down the cabin, sobbing nnd cry Ing. Every one seemed looking out for himself, and gave no thought to his neighbor, except in isolated cases, where two persons might be seen in each other's arms, wil h their faces blanched with fear. The officers did oil they could to quiot the passengers, and if they were themselves afraid they did not stow it much beyond set lips." The Cuptnln's CominoiiU. Capt. D. H. McLaughlin, who was in command of tha toat, shows plainly the effects of bis trip. Pesaid: "The boat's crew behaved splendidly. The force of the waves drove in ibe ^bulkheads on both sides and caused tho water to rise in the after part of the vessel. The storm was terrific and the •waves higher than I over saw before." The marks on the paint of the lower cabin show that the water at times was over a man's head. Great holes wore knocked in the side of the boat to let the water run out. Two days, however, will suffice to remove nil traces of the terrible storm which'placed 700 lives in peril. _ Bunic for Killing an Officer. MOORHKAD, Minn., Sept. 21.—Thomas Brown wua hanged at Moorhead, Minn., at 4 o'clock yesterday morning, for the murder of a policeman named Poull, on Oct. 17, of last year. Brown made a sale of his body some time ago to a doctor of this city, the purchase price being $10, to be given a certain young lady for whom ho seems to hold a high regard. Brown was in his 24th year and a very hard character. In spite of the low prohibiting detailed accounts of hangings in the newspapers, tho "Twin, City" papers published full accounts. "'ill !>• li'K'.m Monday on a cog- whtM'l railffiji-l up l'ik';'s p-"f\k. Thnr nrn funr K»publi'-an ranrti'infea for tho postnrislci-ahip of Puna, UK Archl>i---h"p WiilBh is having an immense palace built fur him<*t>U in Dublin. Snow whitened tho hills nt Gulf Summit, Broom > county, ^ T . Y., Friday rnj»rning. A shipment of wheat direct by u-iuer from Piiluth to (Jrent-Britain wns niniio Friday. . One mnii "as futility and four others •» rlonsly hurt at. Danville, Conn., Friday by the full of n bridge. B.>b Younger, who died in tho Minnesota penitentiary a few days ago, was burie.1 tu-nr Kiinsis City, Mo., Friday. Julius D.-ering, of Davenport, Iowa, trio 1 to beat his nay homo by rail Friday ami was crushed to death uiider the train. Andrew Carnegie bns given an order to rebuild tbo Johnstown, Pa., library at his solo expense. The work will cost £W,000. • Italians in tbo various cities of the country Friday celebrated the anniversary of the occupation of Rome by the Italian troops. The New York commissioners of emigration have removed thirty-two employes at Ward'* Island und Dfteen lit Castle Garden. "Yankee'? Robinson, the world-renowned showman of year* ago, is buried In the cemetery at the town of Jefferson, la, Kingsnorth & Buxton's livery barn, at Sioux City, la., turned Friday morning, with sixty-ei^ht hordes. Thuloss is ?'-X),OUO, about hulf cox'erod by insurance. Tbe National Miners' District assembly, at its meeting at Wilkesbarra Friday, authorized the calling of a national convention of cool nnd coke workers in January neqt. While fumigating a house 'at Enu Claire, Wis., Friday, to get rid of the germs of srna!!-pf>x, thu city oflldaU burned the building down, and the city will have it to pay for. Count do Sa'nviile and Hon. Mr. Everest, two Englishmen, left Winnipez, Man., about six monihR ago, intending to go farther north thnn Lord Lnnsdnlv. They have not been heard of since. John Gro!", who murdered his infant o'aild and was sentenc.'d at Montic'llo, Ind., to imprisonment for life, hanged blmsolf with a towel in his roll in the ]j«U at that place Thursday night. The Association of American Physicians, which has been in session at Washington City, ndj mrned Friday after electing Dr. S C. Bussey president, Henry Hun secretary nnd W. W. Johnston treasurer.' The freedom of tho city of Dublin was -conferred 1'ridny upon L'idy feannnunii, fur bur advocacy of homo rule for Trolahd. It ia the first instance in modern times of the granting of such an honor to a woman. . In tho Billinpa trial at Waterloo, la., Fri; dav, J. L Hustcd, mi attorney, gave evidence to proVo that tho i-intol found near Kmgslcy oft T tho shooting had been tampered with by some eiiemy ofjiillings. Ho also swore thai lu bourd Kingsley say bo would send Billings to h—II, or the penitentiary. Mollie Rhinehardt, a pretty German girl, was locked up by the police at Chicago Friday, on a request from her father in Milwaukee. Mollin wont to Chicago in company with Dan Moore, a negro, having run n way with him. She says' he is a nice gentleman und that she will go back to him just as soon as she. can. got nwuy from hor father again, ; , 1,i \Yhlrh n ri-in I* Inv,,',V< 1" M' m.-m. mrj ! >!-:V!!]!t»/l •a'f) ninn. :.l fno> by nil r-i in, )) inan-vj-T. Wt-'iii^-'t'iy'• V"iini^ in liv Thoni'is J'ntU'K, (i «--nil iiy r>"i! e : ' Mr, Shof'k \vn cut on tho Ti'M - 'c n: Mr. I'.itt-n'rt IW II" «!ia 1'iketi whll" s'-iite -I, ami run I I nut ii ••[<•! Ha llivilly umpi'lo 1 w.-.h P.ttt -n.nnd flooro I him. The men w.-n th-jn pejuii-.iti'il. Mr. Shook hns since- remained in his room, though it i- said ho is not B -rioiHlv- injured. The trouble bjtwi.'en tlin men er,v.v< out of tho failure of eortnin proposed lr|;i-]-iti»n 'at Albany last winter, which Mr. i^liook was pushing an 1 in which Mr. P.itten was interested. ' rrfKM In Competitive Drills. COLVMFUTH, O., Sept 21.—Tho awards liar tbo conijietitivo drill Thursday were made yesterday to the winning cantons of. the Patriarchs Militant, as follows: First prlee, clans A, $500 in cosh, Canton Marion Ko. H, Marion, Ind.; second prize, WM in cneb, Canton Occidental, No. 1, Chicago, Ills., Commanding officers—S'irst prizj, $(M in cash, Copt. David Ounder, Canton Marion, No. 6. Cl«s< B—First priz?, tr/io in cash, Canton Indianapolis,' No. 2; sacond prize, fiJOO in cash, Canton Frank, No. 05, Qer- mantown, O.; third prize, $2.XHn cash, Canton Lognnsport, No. 15, Logansport, Ind.; fourth priz-*, ?ir,'l iti rn^ii, Csnton mental, No. 2. Baltimore, McL; fifth priro, $100 In cash, Cunton Alpine, .No. 2fi, Bowling Green, O. Class C—First prize, $200, Canton Wichita, No. 5, Wichita, Kan.: second prize, $100, Canton Ottawa, No. 00, Port Clinton, O. Tho "Stokes Modal," won by the commandant of tho best drilled canton, was awarded to Copt. Gundor, of Canton Marlon, who wore it during tbo past year. TUn Base Hall Record. CHICAGO, Sept 21.—Following are Lengue scores yesterday: At Chicago—Chi cago 5, Cleveland 7—ten innings; at Indian apolis—Indianapolis 0, Pittsburg 10; a Washington City—Washington 3, Bos ton 4—eight innings, dnrlintes; utr"M phia—(first game) Philadelphia'!, Niw York 5; (second game) Philadelphia 4, N.-w York 4—six innings darkness. American associa tion: At Philadelphia— Athletic 1, Brooklyn 4; nt Kansas City—Kansas City 0, St. Louis C. Western league: At St. Paul—St. Paul 11 St. Joseph 3; at Minneapolis—Minneapolis 18, Bloux City 3; at Milwaukee—Milwaukee ft, "T)niivnP.-B;-nt .Ornnh"— Omnhit competition wi lit, a.umti t < ) tio»pli»!e W O Hy !«i PMIS. J.wTAI. . 406 Wai! Su. -> -w Sorte For "run-clown," ili'bllltiitctl find women. Dr. Plrrcn's Fuvorltc Prescrtytton IB the best ot all »fit.vro.tiv<> tniilfSj U'iBspetnnt Sneclflo (or all thnse r. 1 hriwlC'W«ikmtB<'»ancl Dioeascs peculiar to Women: n imwfffnijjfen- era! as well as inVrine, fe'nlo urn! EffvfisF, « 1 mpnrta v I gor an <1 *f rcri a«i Hi t UP « hi >fe systnit. It promptly euros wcakn(*« «f Broairwh. W**' luAlffcstion. bloatinpr-wrnk'6B»-fr«». tratlon, debility and (sli-plt-ssnt-ss, In ritJicr wsXj It is carefully compmrnflpa b*«ii cKpfrtenoeil physician, and ndnpUHl to womim'9.,dcBMto organization. .Purclr. vr^^tnhlo arid jK'rfcctly harmlcse Inany conciltK.n '' - - ' Uoti" In the only, for w/imi'n. coM t>Y , UlltTCr » t"»»*« v « *»»» antee of Entia1'actK>n In ttv<*? caete, sm frtoe ($!,W> rcfundc-iS.-n'hla. riBmat'H-. I"printed on tho bott.l« i -wroni>ffr, and i carried out for ninny S^*" 1 ^. _, „_„. „. For lanrc. IHimtrntcrt TrenWw «n Dt86S«« \OS Womon (100 ptioos,-B-lth full idlrect^sM for home-trc»tnK>ritV, nond ton centain »tjm|«. Address, Woiu.D'8 DISPRKBAJ»« . WMHOM. nra Mnln BtiwfL TtM«ri,ln,N T. FIRST POINT You shoold re»dTHii<:mc»- GO DAtLY NRwa ItctauTvc jfne- raxct it txfiensilf. Yon matt HeTecleit n Site In the Parks. NEW YOKK, Sept 21.—The site for the •world's f nlr of 1892 was selected by the rite and building ' committee yesterday afternoon. It embraces that plot of land from Ninety-seventh street to Oae Hundred and Twenty-sevo \th ?troet, and frcm Fourth avenue to the North river. Morningsido nndr Riverside parks are included In this area.but that portion of Central park above the reservoir will not b3 used unlns* it is found to bo absolutely necessary. ybu'Vc Til yvll c;ift no-lv Oxford K'ity. T«2 CBIIHGQ !>*«.* Hows c»ui bat ODO eait (Kt copy- it'* ao cheap you can'i afford to loie time waiting for a weekly. You ought ID know abounhmg* when lh*y happen— -Hot *wcek later. You iivt ; tu. «h« nineteenth ceiuury, la the jreatett section of the greatest country on the c»rth, and you can't ai- ford to be left behind. Reniemtrr— Its circulation is jso.roo a day — over a million a week— and it costs by n»B 15 cts. a month, four monUisjStiOO,— «itn ct*t Ami Thin In Cuilcipctioutt NonwAi.K, Conn., Sept. ;21.—The front door of tho residence of Cnpt. Pierce, a well- known townsman, was einbcllisliei with Inrgo posters yesterdttV moniing, warning him to leave politic* or leave the town, and skulls, cr sa-br>iifs and other Whit<f Cap devices served to lend force to the warning. There is no clue to the identity o.t the guilty parties. Deuth of a Noted Labor Leader. BROOKLYN, N. Y., S.-pt. 31.—John G. Caville, t\ former prominent labor leader, died in Bt Mary's hospital lost -night of a ,complication of dlsjase*. Ho was 33 yearn old. Ho was izenoral auditor of the K'lights of Labor in 1885, and later was secretory or District Assembly 4», K. of L., in New York. Utnh Commlmilim Conference. CHICAGO, Sept. 21.—The members of th« Utah commission' began n session yesterday at the Lelaud hotel in this city to prepare a report on the changes necessary to-insuns a ft eo and impartial administration of law in &&t territory. , Gliulstonc'K View of the Matter. LONDON, Sept. 2L—Gladstone writes that ha regards Secretary Balfour'a Irish university endowment scheme as a lightning conductor, intended to divert tho stroke that would otherwise fall upon tho Parnell commission. Tli« Weather We May Expect. WASHINGTON OITV, Sept. 21.—The followltu are tho weather Indications for the thirty- Blx bourn from t) p, m, yesterday: For Indiana — Fair weather, westerly winds: slightly witnm-r. For Lower Michigan— Slightly wnrm'i'r, fair weather; westerly winds. For 1'piwr Michigan and WUconsln— SllKhtly warmer, fair weather, wluda shifting to easterly. F«r Iowa—Fair, warmer weather; southerly wiads. For Illluols-Fuir weather; winds shining to easterly; warmer. THE MARKETS. We are now prepared to do First-Class in all the latest styles.' Give-us a call, oneaniall r aiiiif Re-uphoMerifli to do we will it Reynolds Bros., STO«K, Tilt) Odd fellow* Adjourn. COLUMBUS, O., Sept. 2L— The Sovereign grand lodge o£ the I. O. O. F. completed it* session yesterday. Topeka, Kan., was ,s£- leeted as the place of meeting on tho second Monday In September, 1800, by a vote of k£ to U3 for St. Louis. Past Grand Sira Nicholson made an address, in which ho B«id tho Odd Fellows had sent tGa.814.6tf to Johns-] town. —Tbo Daughters Rebokah oonveu lion closed to moot at Topska, Kan., at the sainn time as the grand lodge. _ Kxpre.-n Car ttobbud of »1O,OOO. FOBT WORTH, Tes., Sept. 2L— Tho Pacific .express car was robbed Thursday night of $10,000 between Echo and Belton, a branch of the Missouri, Kansas & Tuxus railway. Aaioog the paok- ng«i of money was oaa containing $3,(WO, sent by the Merchant*' National' tank of Forth Worth to the Belton National bank. . _ ' __ This Is » free Countif, TUU Is. NEW Osi.KAsa, Sopt. 81.— Tba Datnocrat's Jnrkion (ilUa.) apacial «s?»; The bittorness at tha faruiora of. this stata against the juta bug; ing trudtwMima to bo on tha incr<ika& ft roll of juto bagging belonging to Kli Uiflwrt, of ainlth county, w&» takau 1 . ' . CHICAOO, Sept. 20. Quotation* on the board of trade to-day were aa fu:lows: AVlicat— No. 'i Boptember, openort 78JSc, closed 78>iic; October, opened 78}^e, closed 78)^0; Dc-uomber, opened S0>lc, clo-.ud '.li*s-Me. Corn— No. " September, opened I2ijo, closel IHWc; October, opened IKHc, closed :i">-rto; Jltty, oiwuud 3 .J B o, closed 'XS>~:f.. 'Outs— No. - tk'iit«iubur, opened — -, close-!' i'0-i?; October, tipenod WHo, closed WMe;" Way, oiwiioil ~- r >tf closed li%-?f;c. PorK— Oetober. opened und closed tfll.OU: Movrm!:er. opened ixnd clawed $it.«x Jliyy, oimiici! mid cl..sed $H.12Hi. We are handling and selling more ever. Look at tfcsse brands^ from $2.40 to $ Live stock-Tho Union Stock Yards report* mf A ^'T^rtl' .¥ A tliefollowin-T ranifoof prUwa: Hogs-Market i.TJl £& WTil \J>S^ m -«l.f openel'full-'.y active, wltli prices 60 lower; llahtKrado.-!. SU.IX) jil.Til: ronvth packing. £3.1!) 4>l.<0; uiixul lots, j;t,8J®*..'i'l; heavy pacUlnn4— and hhip-j nt !'>W. £U5'i.M.Vi. Unttle— Murki-t Bl.-uly t) strong; beeves, poor to I fair, {».?:>("( :f.S; meiUuui, $3.w:fM.W; gooil to choice, S-t..".ii.';!.70; cows, Sl.S>ij» .OH. stockent and fec'ler.s 5 .T-'Tt^."'^ Tuxaii sto^rs, S-^.Kxiit I Miirkft steady;' muttons, ?a.lV)i'(,4.75; west- j ern slu-^-p, t^.-yVtl.Ki; lanib.^. S4 (V,i£U'0. j fiSte !>'•'' Ibi Hi"' dairy, ISjilSo:.packlnK stock. TWit-""'. !•; ;;.s-Sirii-t!y fiv^h, 16alt!>ac ysi doK. I'oiUr,' -I/.V! u: r u. r-^i^^ i>or lb; rows- Sc; tiirK.-\-i, »Jl -'•.>; liuc'ii Kc. Potatoes - Ssi.UU i»r'bbl. Atn.! <: .<-jl.OJ^l.50iiar bbl. N«'W York, ' Ssw YOBS. Kept. 2U. .' n- 1 wiiitorrailt. C-iJiiSpSTJi •( do n -So. " >ulxe,l c&sh, GOLD'EN-CliOWN, . PEERLESS, BLUE. RIBBON, CAPITA!*. . CREAM -PATENT ICANSAS WINTER, • - • ' SUN* Will Qlvv the ri>tl»il<jli>Ulii » Library. f H1I.ACKI.PH i A. Bspt 31.—A numb»r of at tho niayor'ii of- i.ici'ied to f r*!«at to tho ' ' neora- from ii$ gin and burned. N!u» of tli* Cr*w Drownod. The stsann>r tcs King's baatioa of Us b3 r»it*vv<Kl. aB it is ot l!i» ro»A. with uu- it At ft prac*U" »al! '» 800 Thursday uow gov.:M!-iu It i» thought ii''it ths Citoi). I 'Ml: ii.iV.l ti.'w U : if iM sttf».«-'-'V.« * • on rouiv rom Uiis city, to her >;l'a« W Ail guaranteed to pro\'8 up'aa represeut^d or retom. .-. jfj* save the people of tius vicinity ctonej, sn4 wll! 4o it REMEMBER THE MIKADO MARKET.r| We ar« selling n&thi»£ &si Jf& t f

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