Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 15, 1912 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 15, 1912
Page 6
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i I • THE lOLA DAILY BEGISTER. TUiESPAY EVENING. OCTOBER 15,1912. r? ByRONWlLllAM3 |^,!BedJghf puffed thoi«KhtfuU|! at Ills' tsr, U M fragrant puiipciicy cf tim bacco - vafUnK to Jnokl^ ns nbo ^'tn th« moonboam'a path, th«» ibtstTinK on ethereal boauty to her i erect flgun). | -it'was vrronr. I admit." ho eald PtilBlvely. "1 nm wlllinK to ndmlt it-^but I rtJfuse to b<ik'va that no mail, could be other than bon)iy Buch A prlvil<<}:<>. As nnn who ,.trf«d to b» iiu <'h. 1 would Ixj \\\\\- It apiitu If— Oopyt1tM1911.W^t«mKi>wt|i»p<>TCiito» wiio walked with him In "tlie" moon- IlKht. Fho was atiRry. And Jt le po»- Blhlo that, knowing his fpelln^a toward her sho was unp-lor Ptill because with thU tnflucnro shs; could not ctiro the confession sho sought. It Is likewise Iruo thtit she felt In her heart that nedlght was right In protecting tho mime of the Kirl and should be culcis'''<'d rather than scourged for It —and y<>t. when a man has almoFt told u »onian ln' U IV«H lirr. she a ri;'Iii lo i'\jii'<'( that he will do almost aMyiliii's iinas':-rc««(!n:il)le that she iK(j.-t of Ui are alike In this. ih;'l we liive to appear melodramatic (o ouriHlxes, doiim all sorts of drastic t'iiii;;s that, .slupt ov<>r. wo undo, say- in- lijiiii ^F that wc inflate with self at lliO timt! hrlni; and istlek a pin Into Intor wht'n our anlor has cooled. In thiH /iK'Od Jaikie ViiilriK seated her- i ?oir at a small wrliini; desk in her V-^Mn Bedlghf-th^vo^o ^^''^'J j asks or l,!:,:. ,K.flin.: .o handle him BOj -ftnd.the mayor»h ,-..! "I <ll< .,„.,„,, ,,„„y.;.,„jo»s for tho future. Bot^ come her« to ImiuJy words. 1' ^ wyer.ehair cease rosr<!tlMcr that I f ltt,a sense giillty of u mlBdv-itK aii- |"%blch makes It impoEsihle for mo lio'conderon you. as 1 should—but 1 frajrou not to prosuiiio' to Ju .-tlfy {oHiher presumption." j ?"^l«B yinlng piiUHed pfr«'(IIvely. ;;-''1Biit you have not utiswercd my jiig^ttpn. Mr. Bedlphi," she continued. *WhO Was the girl that camo down Pflth with you?" I f Tt'he, man drew closer to her. Tho fli|H>aUcy was gone from his voire, face was eanu 'Pt. .•^llBs Vlnlng, you have Jiifornd it I^ani guilty of conduct uiibeoom- i '-. a rfe«ntlemaii.' A few momluga } \ you rail after me In a spirit of i ilBcbief, and In the siime spirit I i niigfii you iii my ai-ms and kissed' 'U.* H- 1 have hurt you I am sin- rfely sorry, but I. too, am reapint; a. fruit .of folly. You "have chosen to :afm. yourself •with & distant de-. meanor toward ^e, you rebud my at- , l^^pts-at entering the circle of your ; j>e«l i^lf, you are "judKe" both on and . lilT: ths jbench.' distant, 'suspicious, j jiaugiit)'. Tou pursued me; I took • toil, With yov.r permissloii I promise 1 to, iforpet that you ran, but I cannot ' ttonset that I kissed j i. 'am not « toy. 1 have t-" m ser • of world. 1 1 do not know luuoh ' out love. I i fikVe been too bi;;y rj do some- i (dg, to fall in lov . or "li^e I never j ihsye hapi)eried to t .CTt the woman.; felnce coming here 1 don't know cx-i jaclly^vhat sort of an em Slave entered—hut I. do know jiannot forget the ecstasy of | the mo- 1 |njent"jwhen our lips met Tou may Scprn me and It lies •within your pow- *r-l toTdlsclpline Aie—or deftat me— ^ut t shall .not try to obliterate the iaiiHU :<>f that brief moment!" I jadkle VinlDg did not meet his eyes. Kp; her heart she felt a strange, new iteeling of elation, a softening of re- Sjentmeut, but vomcn were theorems jlotig' before mathetaaliclans struggled right-angle triangles and hypote- Molly McConnell. ijntfBefl^rand all their non-nndcrstand-1 I Abie descendants, beautiful and sweet' jchannfng as they are, still i>er- it In being man's hardest problem., |i."Yojir frankness in- some things," ]Bhe said without emotion, "is as com- ^Btendable as your lack of it in otliers. I'repeat my question still anolh- tlme? Who la the girir* Is ttlie-inayor spoke firmly and with I'jd^sion. f'Ai a man uho Is at least that l^iiach of a gentleman, I refuse to an'^'^ if.i The girl has done no -wrong. y /"Mr. Bedight, on Tuesday night I {•a ;sr. one of my crowd of young ladles ^leaT^^he arbor after a clandestine ,!Dijght-meeting -with you- Tonight I IcKame to blunder up6n. you at mid- :>iai^^/again in the company of a I ls^ting ivoman. There are no others -3)^r6. asi^de from oiir party. I feel a \Ti^pbnsibility . and I must insist on ^qnr~ answering." JThe mayor shrogged his shoulders. >|^ho was she?" asked the "judge" • the fbnrth time. liy don't you asfe her yourselfr^ irjtho mayor. t ^v ;'*\7here is she?" r ;*Ttbe last I saw of her she went ?t)u-oiigh! that >door." he replied, dog- ^dlK j tvVMiss jVining. stepped toward the jilOor and'opened it. In tho farther i^dL'of.the boathouse a second door |^t^K>$-opeu and lhruui;h It the muon- t streamed, see I have beefa outwitted," an- I^T^It-J^ay I walk to the hotel with you?" ^f^ei the mayor humbly. prefer ^ R° a'.oi't-." replied i& aUone of finality, slaxting up the fic-MlEs Vining!" $;.;lt was the mayor-calling from the ~" e' stopped. ^c'fWbat Is-lt. Mr. BedisUt?" Impa- ^^Tou remember Esyins t'ifl "w^i'li lUBt be_one of your party because -Js^re no other young ladies ?"'••• tea," crisply. '."^.^mayor's vo'ec 'tc • sometbiug le ^ldTingiJn it a: he £6k«;d: id j ,6u think • of ibe colored irt.tbe "Judge," 20:iig np the path 4}d not d-vgn to reply. t Know cx- 1 , . , , , „ , •hanuncnt I 1 ih-fo lowing letter uiow that 1 :«i-'>"'-'" «f ^n* woman s Jvf., lelu'os iu 1-. Ji-.hfs dlstriet: •Siiuiriel Inn, Wis. My Maiiam: The campaign In j your district i .-f about to op»?n. Among tho caudid.ites l.s one Walter Bedight, who is running for the legislature. He will endeavor to secure the women's votes of the district. While running a race near Sguim-l Inn he dropped from his pocket the inclosed bill. which he e .vi<!Cts to introduce, if elect- I foci it my duty to apprise you of the real char.ictor of the man and trust that you w.ill act accordingly. "!?incprel.v, "(Miss) JACKIE VIKING/' Placing the letter and the bill In a long envelope, she laid the package on heT dresser and retired. Uui With the cool touch of the linen and the luxury of full repose, Jackle'c heart smote her. 'Well, anyhow." she mused, as shv dropped off to sleep, "ril hold the letter a few days longor." To be in the toils of a state's attorney is bad enough ii^ any event; but CHAPTER IX, HlBS Jaclde Yinlng went to |rooin lifter berunsatiafactpry at- ''")^'w|^_£r^ Bedlghttbiajo^ Miss Famsworth Sat Holding He? Ankle! in Both Hands. if the aforesaid attorney is a woman, oh, moKt unJoriunate Lt the man! Thursday was Mayor Bedigbt's day of attendaiuc upou Margaret Fams- worih, >*ho prosecuted the case ugulust him on the morning of his arrival, ishe t -'ulcred the arena after an earnest < oafcrenco with "Judge" Vining, who se»-med unusually dls trait and worried. "Mr. Bedight," began Uje lady attorney, in a professional tone. "1 want to get some balsam for 8 pillow thlf morning. Do you know the tree when you see It?" -y^B— I've been in the North Woods on many a vacation and am familiar with the flora, and fauna of the coon- XijI I amat your service," leBponded tbj^jaayor. — l —.— , —l They i?l ont on foot aldnr k patbr way that led into the wood. Once inside the forest it wound in a trail like that the calf made, through spnice and hemlock, poplar and maple.'with now and then a white birch adding a touch of vivid contrast to'the green. The girl, an enthuBltst, was walking ahead and babbling of tbe nature pictures along the way. Suddenly Bedight felt something hit htm In {be back, as though a pellet: thrown from close range, lie turned Inquiringly. From a clump of brush along the trail a woman's band waved at htm and a white paper fluttered to the path. Tnmlng. the mayor t ^traced his steps. The messenger crouched low and Bedight, having secured the message, toi^ched bis Angers tO 'hiB lips and wafted her a salutation, chaste and replete jvlth appreciation. , And then from ahead came the surprised call of Miss Famsworth. "Hurrycautioned a voice from, behind the clump of greenery. "Coming," cried Bedight. turning and forging ahead through the wood. A pair of phcasanta ~ arose with drumming whirr from beside tbe path. "There?*' exclslmed the mayor, accepting the birds as the fbundatlon for a clever ruse, "you've frightened them away." "Oh, why didn't you tell meT* reproached tbe girl, getting a fleeting glance of the brown beauties as they floated off through the trees. Bedight. with the note clutched in his hand, made reasonable apologies for his thoughtlessness and the girl, uuFUspecting, led on, ehattering de- li.uhtedly. It was a day of days to be in the wood and youth is ever buoyant and gay. Plainly the girl was in tuno with the mood of the time and the place, and like the beatitudes about her, sought to be congenial and natural. Tfie man felt himself pleased with her, for he, too, loved tl^ solitude and the hanponies of the forest. Presently she sighted a scarlet tanager and ran ahead. Bedight. waiting for the opportunity, unfolded tbe slip of pat )er. In a woman 's handwriting this warning was written: "BE CAREFTTU SHE IS TRYING TO TRAP YOU." Bedight smiled and tucked the note in his pocket. Miss Farnsworth was sittingj upon a fallen monarch of tho wood] when he caught up with her. In her hands she held a lichen that had taken her fancy. Of tbe party at Mine Host 's hotel, no girl was prettier than Mar garet Famsworth and few as Intellectual. Vivacity and spirit predomlnat- 'd and as' Bedight looked at her he did not bclItUe her ability to make things Interesting for him. She sprang to her feet as he drew near, and ran after a big brown butterfly. Bedight sat down on the log and waited. Suddenly he beard a scream, the voice of a woman In pain. Miss Famsworth sat upon the ground 'holding her ankle In both bands. Her lips were tightly drawn ind her face gave evidence of pain. "What if it?" questioned Bedight, apprehensively, going up to her and taking hold of her arm. (To Be Continue.!.) >Vt»M.i> KOO.ST.S I.M.MUO{ATIU.\. Sensational Play in the First Game of the World's Series. >liss Kdylhc RelUngton, Officfnl Kip- rescufativc of England. Edmonton, Alberta, Oct. .15.— Misis Kdythe Uellington, who repri»seiits 'lie immigration department of Kng- !and 4n Jersey, arrived in Edmonton yesterday with 14 immigrants from h^ Channel Islands. They will settle in farm lands in central Alhorta and ngage in dairying, truck-gardening ind poultry raising. This is Miss Bel- ington'fi first visit to Canada.-though 4he has been Instrumental in sending more than 3,000 settlers to the west- '•rn provinces in the past 10 years, in the course of an Interview Miss Uellington said the adults of the Chan lel Islands work from 14 to 10 hours ' day for which they receive $4.50 a week. There Is a soup kitchen on ev- •ry corner. The men and women lenerally are hard workers, but do not &am more than enough to prtft-ide the actual necessities of life. She h:/; niet many of her countrymen in cen- ral .\lberta and the' west and all are loing well. ! , ,u .1.1 I .,f iho fiiKf wnrldV-e.ries Kaine at .\ew York Devore passed to first I.y W.-ndand l.o s'nri.d t<. steal just as ijtrry Ooyl.- dropp"d'a%wL "w'hi1 t:^J^^j::Srl^^^l^:^^\^ was a nip and r.-ek race for thin, base bet. n ... i.ali. w„.J.,.v..r. ..nnlng out. The photograph al« ..shows -Man ager McGraw on the coaching line. . LOST \ MKrH.\>H \l. KKKKI-T. f'oiilnirlinir Tompanv lluil I ndi-rl.ik- en 1(1 I'lean 7 .Mile «i of Pipe. Edmonton. .Xlberia. tVi. ir. - "I .K;*!. a mechanical fern-i. in .la -per av <-iiii' between Second stmt .•ni\ inuui- cipal power plan!. K'liiiiiiiiinii Kiuiler will please return lo suj't i'iut'-n<l ''iii National Water-main ('••aiiiti)' coiii- pany :ind reeeivi- i>w;iri|. no ii'i'S- tioiiM ask<-d." -Tlie a:;i;oinn:<ni" III v. ill aiUMar in till! elassilii'il ad tleiiariiiKiiis nt iix-il and i >ulsid<' |iapei -s :ii :i li 'W days if the "ferrei" is not I MIIIIC I III > an vvliili' Till- ('i )ni|iany. whii-li ha< .i iiiuiraet lo cli'an sevi'h ruil.s of wafi r piiK's in the business disiriei:: <ii iln <-i[y cui- ployed the m*'elianical d. \ i<t to wurk its way ihrou;:li tin- s'iiitii<tit in tli. 20 -inch mains. TIi< i.Tr- 1 siupped soni<!Wli« re The siiiierititeniient in [charge ol the work had neglected to proviifi- if Willi a leash, so it eoiilii hi, drai:^' d ba'-k or its fxael location ih-- ' I 'TMiiii' d. ill tile <'V4iit it r.'fus '-il ii^ lontiiiu"' its underground journey. Sev 'T-il <uls liave Ifeu made, tiiif s(i f:ir til'- f'!'.'! lias not b'l ii ri .utiii llnM\.-r. ill.' i'ii|<.'riiileiii|. lit is lii>|>" ill I Hell. Karrelh u Hi.lor • 'Iialilil.-. K:i-..nii n |,:isl siiriii:; ll 'mli Fnrr.lly sai .l ti.- did not know ulni li li. wmid rMii.-r .In. rilii for llie I'liii'il S '.'.i .s S .i!..ii' i >r bii.v a iiio'or ear. .-Mllinii ^ii I K- had a tiiajoriiy .if , I.r.'.-ii |iii| vot.' nv. r liis upiioti'-nt • W. 11 Tluiiiipsiiii. lor tin- llfiiKM -ralii' iKiiiiiriatinn. tn' was il .f.aiid 'riiilay I i .i' tuiuL-lii a umi iiii; ear. ('i:i,KIMtVTK mS ( K\TK>MAI I l»L' ricnie !o He tJlveii \e\t Salnnlaj In IIoiHir of (>iMii<liia Vi-.w. .Saturday rn.-r.' is a ii.ijn- s?<r |>i;ni<- .'It f'i«' i.oni.' '•; .\I;!r;.:ii Uav •! Horkf .Tl -.all.?. -.>i;:'i "f (jn •niiiown. in hmio;- of .\ir Wax'.- fa;!r <r "<;ran .'|i :i Wax." in ii.xl .l;!ni:- ary. will .•.•|.'i)ia;.' tii> l"^ lii :>iit!,ilV.i T M.' liiriiii will I. ill 111.- nail !' a • •(•I.'Sraiiiiii of Mr Wa\-- arriMil A' lin- ci'Mury ii.arli. an.' it i- I" LIXI'II now li.-r.'iu— o' Ml.' rill.- wi'.ita.-:. instead .>r waiiiui; iitilil .l.iiuii.iy V.w : |.i. ii'i- i.s lo ii.' fi-'e lo .ill v.'n v. i.^'. ;o jatlcii'l. :iltlioU!:ii .'v. '..uly 'A'IO • 1-1.III.-s is r.-'iiii's'.'d I" l .riiii; -. M:! I fill'-il i .aski: In < I'liTrii-ui'- i" Mi; 'si.n-ad wliii-ii is to l"- ii.-'il iiri:.-r li..Iiri 'e.-;. Tlie piMiiii- uo !i"ii MJ. I.-. jSegil .Mi'Kinnls ami .itii";-.-. ami ir i t\-|inl-i! !iia; tiicte will he a large • rowd iir<'-«'ni I-'ort Scott people are n\it'll 'o att'-nd. and are asked to ; lein. IM!P'-:- 'iiat t!;.' |.irnii- ii* to he-held I :i' <: H-'.'. '' '"•' ri;:i. Kt Seott Catarrh Cannot Bu Cured V.iTh i.iM \I. .\riF -I !• ', I n..\.<. a-. Ill* y ni.nol rrorb t... . .,1 .ji . . .t.,rtl. J.-. :. I ur cun^lj- 1 .11'.-):.! .i.-...-. . .,r,.; ,.(,-, • I.,' It V ..U mUSt Uko i.i .i 'I I ir \t,\\: ...i,.rt. ( .irr ts takra to- ; t. ;;i..<l*.. ;.li'l >--t - Ili iI'-.'. Tt>t- IH'KMI :illdi miirOUfl . -!ir; 1" MI: ..ii..'r;i . .r.- ;.- i,..t a t^iiack mnSI- 11 u:.- I." • ni- I I 'l ..i.f It... t ,r *t ptiyslrlana It •{..' •' \'-.' , r.t . <i '...r l.r. 5 .-rlptlcc). l: •! -I ' • I.' I I'.n 1- l .:...'.vr.. romblilKl '..111 t;.t-,t>.-i I'.r iii-r^. a.'iMK .lir.'.-tly oo tbe Iiri.'.II- M^r.:..'^ II' I-::.'' . "ti.l.Ni;itluIl ol XhK I :T -;r.'»,. Ill- .-^ - u'-h* V. i .l .ttrrf Ul -It- t'l .l' in .'.r.;.r ' .1 iTl. l. • n :'...'iljI.-». Irrt. I I I 111 M V .. .... rr.'|u . '1 oinlu, O. S-.M I.'. I T..-,- i-.- : . lla.. .'. i I I' . K\j rT .tX.l.i..'.. Mr. McMi'lin. Thones and fifiJ.' —J. G. Criswcll, a painter llvin,r at 10 North Mulberry St.. Hagerstown Id. states: "I had kidney trouble '!th a severe pain across niy back, nd eould hardly get up after sitting own. I took Foley Kidney Pills and oon found the pain left iny bacK. T •)uld pet np and down with ijase, a d \«! ble.dder action wa.s more regular •id normal." Try the. For sale at urreM's Drug Store. ' CEORtiE J. B.\RKE1{. K. C. Journal: The death of Hon. liorge J. Barker, of Lawrence, removes from Kansas a very strong For nearly half a century he la 5 practiced law, holding one of' the u()st enviable places at the Kansas mr. He was In the state legislature ery frequently and has tixerted a far, .eai'hing influence on the laws of the •'tate. He was an able and eloquent idvocate, an honest administrator and 1 most kindly and helpful man. No • oung lawyer ever failed to receive 'rom him a generous and'helpful re- ponse to any appeal for help or coun- el. Senator "Barker came to Kau^s rOm Wisconsin, where ho was a law tudent with Hon. George R. Peck, ormer general solicitor of the Santa j "e at Topeka. Senator Barker was a uhllc spirited citizen who through nany years gave every possible help o the state university and to the city e loved so well. He will be sincerely nourned by thousands of friends. Mrs. W. A. Jones, of Emporia, ar- ived here this afternoon to make her tome with her husband. I Mrs. Sr B.iLambr of Lawrence, who : as been here visiting friends. :retum- idibome.tjUsaftcpoo^ ; Your Brain Is a Battery Its thoughts are the sparks that set Success in motion. The simplest I'onii of battery requires three factors to make the electric spark—(zinc, copper \ and an acid.) " ' The human brain also reijuires three vital elemeiit.s to* i)ut forth. THOUGHT—water, albumen and Phosphate of Potash. • In the Brain as in the Battery, let a single element become weakeneil fi-'-ir: yesterday's use and les.sened activity follows. Therefore, in order to keep a i>;oo<i workini? brain or atld to iis power, one absohitely must food which contains albumen and Plitjsphate of Pota.-^ii. Why not do a bit of thinking now? Water and albumen exist plentifully in every-day food—Pho.^phate <jf is often lacking. That- missing element exists freely in the outer coating of'wheat and barley, but the miller of wliite bread flour throws it out it makes his flour brown instead of white. Grape-Nuts FOOD Made of choice wheat and malted barley, retains the ricH braiii-lniilding I^osi)hate of Potash required by Nature for supporting bright brains and active minds. Pure! Wholesome! Api)etizing! This food is partly pre-digested and quickly ab.sorbed. A morning dish with cream provides force for accomplishment that many a man has come to know and appreciate. Common Sense goes a long way toward making Success. To eat right often means to be right.. "There's a Reason" POSTXJM CEREAL CO., LIMITED, BATTLE CREEK, MICH.

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