Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on July 6, 1903 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 6, 1903
Page 2
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naacjsFBcnni NO IU.' ' CHAS. p. 8COTT. Forty-ifwBr J4iw^nc&btt9ttei|with the habit of Wity which its frtendd BO much < d4ii0i ^\|Kti«flij^ apitotfr :;th*tiC8i^MK4i^^ mis.b^ InodnBteir I ent In the atttttide It ihJul taken touching the Bpecial aession iof the Legis Ift^t^^^jtbe^vc ^kllt did or shpnld hw^'^dime/i^.^ns^tency Isrthe ^ice of, iinall xblnds and -this paper has ue0^Mi^rtf^ miich about it, endeav-< ortng to iblldw the wise advise of iSm- eraon and say to-day what to-day thinks and to-morrow what to-morrow thJbjDQ^IsftTfhg small concern whether the thoogttts; agree dr' not But In 'this'! particular matter It -happens that the Register ,has been absolutely mnsist^nC It said In the'b^; ginl^ ''^t ft the br^ges could bfe reb&IlV ^thoiit additional legislation iherf^ rwoold no occasion for call- l^;.ti)^ L^gislatiire for. the reason that there, way In which It ,"^^d. contribute to the r^, Uef.'^'The sj^uatlpn. When lawyers dje<Sitel jthii^ would be neoMMry ^before the bridges could be rebuilt, the Register with perfect conSi 'stency approyfed the call 'for apeclai sessloh, but reiterated its belief that the l^fllatu^^ not under- talce ^tofefimiurse individual losers by a direct appropriation from the treas ury. When foe Legislature miet It took prooi^Iy.r the ylew this paper had ex- pr^lf^ia tt ;fJtn .duty In the premises Bo^ch f<^ co^stency. , not_ with any yrish to prcij ^i^^. I>l?IUies8 argument, but merf^' .Jto, fret on' record for future guuiao^.^a. practical working plan,we sh^^-4]A».'to, have the Oazette outline ^^^y the law it thinks the lieg- Islatdro jffhoold haye passed. How was so wholly obliterated that no «V tempt will be made to rebolM it was LliD,w(X>d, Jefferson county. ETvei ipa^e•oh.i^^ iwaii.«ithel' w^kes or washed, away entli^^ and .a||^|^te-W^her^&p th6 blidte hal iwh plirtt^d wle^^ tlie"pew town l*" to be bqllt . . . Kansas ti,so easy to govern in the| summer tinle that all the State officer^ .are planning vaioition trips'from lili weeks to twoj months, and even the clerka work qnJy from 8:30 to In Ottawa the men who takes the contract for paving the streets has to make a bond guaranteeing the pave^ ment to staiid ten years. mueh~nw>ney"ought to have been appropriated and in what manner dis- trtl«Lt «*41-3phould It have been divided pro ;. tpa. ^bng the sufferers accoring to ,ll^jnn ^an« of .their If so, wliovWOiM .do. the pro radng? If nbtyjh^T^.^bould- the amount tq which ea^ fl ^erer . Is ^titled . be determined? For example, would Mr. Bower- Eo^j^>jl^<^pnaI estimate of his loss be ,tifi^te^. or would' a commission be |^p^,nt^ to appraise It? If the BP ^^iM^on. shpuld have been in the Bh^^4^ii State loan .would the money ha^.:i}^.ngl.v.en to anyone who asked rorr |tog,on|y to those who were able to i ^e .^p^jVlty? 'Would the relief iutye^'beeji .restricted to the sutCerers Bloi ^g' t |(e' .K^w yalliely, or would .those, on .jU^^j^ae and .^he Smoky Hill and theJCpi^litrood and the Neosho have 00Bji |^Uj[ ^OT a B|jare ? Would anything ^Tfe .l&lijrpL .^^OM people down ~'''^*i(pr •county who lost all tholi- i; kj.hwl^^^j^^ other "day" jit • wotxld 'have: be^a "done for )f\jf!^Aoyt with ja large family . iififiurg,: whose I house with a! . ^.^i .^tir %a|i burned the; other day md '^howi'h ^eis were .ail stolen the aam^ nlj^tit io that she was left hom(i- Jesfl "in^. iMMinilins and, helpless? T ^el^^aoi ^tJ ^na aj^^ In spI^l-Srjsarau^ to provoke an ar- giittient Irfiejr tire Wsked In good fWth^'with ia view to ascertaining If poijsibte Vust 'Trhat klnkgOf % measure ooidtl;^ve been deylied that would have ouTled rieftef to those who need Itrifiiijto-those only, that would have glv^.'%.''eiujh Bul^eref the share to .*hUai l^V was entitled, and that- inJtoM not have t &zed^ bnle sufferer com kAr<SfA8>IOTES. The Topeka fieraid has safely pass> ed third birthday and is a very pros-| ous infant An Arkansas City bride and groom wishing to spend itheir honeymoon In a nice aniet place selected Fort Scott Brie is getting 80 metropolitan that the town council will pass a lew requiring bicycilists to keep off the sidewalks. A ininers' convention will be held In Pittsburg July 10th, and big preparations are being made by that town to entertain crowds from all the mining towns. ,The Marlon county farmer who suing another for calling him a japk- ass will feel mighty ' Tmcomfbrtablfe should the man^ prove it Inmates of the Hutchinson reforma;- tory are to be paid three cents a day for their work. Wonder what they will do with" so much money, j. E. House, of the Tppeka Capital devoted about half a cdimnn recently to a roast of Rev. Wright's book. That Printer of Udell's." It made mlg|ity good reading.' The Ottawa assembly opened today, for two weeks. One of the big days will-be Bryan day but it is not advertised as the big tiling of the assembly as it would have been several years ago. The news of the yacht races sent to the Kansas papers by the Associated Press is about as interesting to Kan sas people as the result of a corn husking would,be to the people of the £:astem states. At Ashland the girls and boys have had a racket and now the girls all. go picnicing alone. The bbyb are getting even, though, by claiming that the girls invariably go to a swimming hole when they go alone. Eureka girls cl^im to wear the prettiest hose of any: girls in the country but in order to prove this claim thejj will have to shoW a great many people. Watch for big bills announcing the date and place. The Topeka mail carrier whb rescued a child from under the street (Bars at the risk oif his own life was "rewarded by finding when the child was vashed up that it was his own very pretty story but people who have been t6 Topeka and rode on the cars will wonder how the child happened to get caught Jack Schall, who has been running the Troy Chief under lease for five years has vbluntarlly let go of the pi-, per and will "move to a higher altltudfe for the health of one of his boys. In his farewell remarks he says "to .my friends, goodbye, take keer o' yourself. To the other fellows, go it. fl^iV La^er^.j^ have plained k)uder ^^sm anjir others of the dereliction of the Legislature in re- foslBg to-'niake an laiiprbpriation for the rell^ of the flood sufferers; and letf^ib^Slisned report |0f the committee Bbbwis' t^'of nearly 113,000 paid Into the Lawrence relief fund only I20C2 .3S has beefTpaidlont. up to June 80. .It It^ took two; men who wercl liali'lJt'lhnndFb^'do^ a whole inatt£^'^^ipai^^ 92.000, iiow long would It Uur0 fii&^'a \ million \ dollar approprt- •tidnHbo 'iKeft'to'the peb^ple who' needed i It Is not likely that the city council ' will offer any opposition to piping natural gas to Topeka. ] Any company UutveatlstfeB ti^ bbimknl of its'lnten- tiixi and ablll^ to giVe the city na- ti^^ -.wiu; have no dlfflcnlty In obt«iii )^.;j ^e. .use of the streets and alleys for ' t ho: jpurposa^opekai !or toil the Topeka worldiu: pn a 8^ to hie ^^i^^ I B -loi ^e^B -lalw PERHAPS IT IS HERE. Eighty-nine cents for $1.25 wrappers at Rbsenberg's. Nine cents for 15-cent Madras cloth at Rosenberg's. Remember - the "Our-Way" when^ hungry or thirsty. No. 11 Bast Madison, up-stairs. Henderson & Powell's office. I. L. Denison left for Yates Center for a' few: days on busiricss. All gloves below cost at the July clearing sale at Rosenberg's. One-third off the regular price of al shoes and slippers at Rosenberg's. Mrs. Mary Thompson t-eturned to her home in Toronto this morning. Ladles' dress and walking > skirts, one-third off the price at Rosenberg's Do not fail to bear .the Alabama Jubileo Singers sing the songs of the Southland 'at' the M. E. church nest Tuesday evening. iRemember the missionary tea at^ the home of Mrs. D. E. Bush, 813 Wash ington, Tuesday afternoon from 2 till 5 o'clock. , For forty years Dr. Fowler's Extract of Wild Strawberry has been curing summer complaint, dysentery, diar- rhbea. bloody flux, pain in the stem ach and it has never yet; failed to do everything claimed fbr it Hive you notlc^ what a riot of white clover has sprung up all over town? In yards where it never ajj- peared before and where never a seed of It was sown it is fairly taking the blue grass. And nobody Is complaip- ing. The Alabama Jubilee Singers are in Kansas- making the Chautauqua Assemblies and the entertainment committee of the M. E.-church has arranged' for them to stop off in lola and give one entertainment In the M. E. church next Tuesday evening. This will be a rarfe musical treat An admission of 25 cents is cluirged at the door. No reserved eeats. ; There was a'concert In the nortfa part of town this morning that waS^ rather moving! A long train of cattle cars loaded n^th calves stood' for some time on the Pacific tracks, hat'T ing been jtransterred frbm the 8an^ jFe here to go to Bt Louis. The calT<Ai( Jwea« ready 1 ir bresibBt and Mfeiii|j banyb^ed bl them 'kept ujst'one'--^^ Unubns^awL/ Took Two From I 'ld^and the Four Leadi^^ T^ms Are In a Close'jBunch. - ctWi 'nin»,-;^Kane:wa4, ud- iwb tlureebaggerB,' itf eV «iid a.sacriilce i^ett * attendance was As a "result of the dbuhle-heade played yesterday in every, town in the iguo bot| lola the l.^gtie standing has changed! Fort Scott's surpHsini victory in both games with Springfield will hplt the unseemly run away of Xh/s Midgets. «It bunches the four leading teams w;el] together at tj(|6 top of the list and tola hiis licetise'to consider herself as gook as the/bead The Saturday Gaines. Fort Scott wn from jPIttsbu^g by the.score, of 2 to 1- The: third ;^ictory which 'th (9" luckiest biinch in the league managed to get. ' Sedalla won threo games from Nevada by the scores, of 2-i; 4-1, 4-2. Two were postponed games and all were hotly contested. Joplin won a 2-1 game from Springfield at Springfield. Kane started to assault the umpire in the third inning and was benched. Tola shut out Leavenworth in a double-header. Morgan pitched 'the first game and Bouldin the second and both were pretty contests. The scores were: lola .0 0 0 000 2J)0—2 5 0 Leavenworth .0000 0000 0—0 5 0 lSltps^,§fon. reachifi^-4.ip»i: :Tlie scqre^First game: Ft:' Scott'.-CTiJit) 10 0 0 0 01— 3 12 i Sp'g&eld .. WQ'O OO 02000—2 8 " Batteries—Craig and Cheek; Kane .and, Sphmldt. j. .. ^dor^Secbrid gam e:' Fort Scott ...d65OO10O»—6 11 rSpringfleia .0;o0 000t.O..O-=X-.^ Batteries—Steele and Cheek; Hql ton, Kane and Schmidt . Teams Talce One Each. Leavenworth, July 5.-^Leavenwortfi and Seda .vtJmaev 29.-1 'ai stud^^i^i^fi^^Agrlcnlta ia spilt even in a double- heador this afternoon, Leavenworth winning Ithe fir^t In a ten-inning game. Score—First game: ^ Leay'wth .. 0.0 2 0 0 0 4 0 0 1—7 14 Batteries—Zeiier and Redmor Lawson and Sohrant Second game: Leavenworth 1000 0,000 0— 1 4 Sedalla . ... 0 0 2 0 3 5 010—11 14 JBatteries—Bunton, Sixemorc and Redmond; Ferrlll and Schrant. Um plre—^Rosh.; Attendance—1,000. •StrtmgiYW^e to;atten:d"ii<;m ments for ihe approaching (llstrict 'C. E. convetitlon. . Rev. S.;jp, Je\jrell, of Bi^tler. Mo,, spent two days lagt week visiting rela-- tiyes here. • / 1 - ' : i • Mibs Beatner, who has been making 'yffiSr ^M |tbral Iweeks wl^h the 1^ GlasHam'SirBtarted^ for heij home In j Canada last week. ' " f^rs:'Merrill and Miss MJahde Hod^' ^e8> attended the sub-district, conference of the M. P. chtlrch at Uniontown last %eek. ; The Christian Church is peing new ly painted within Batteries—^Morgan and Armstrong;, Sizemore and Redmonds lola ......20;i00001*—4 10 2 Leavenyvorth .0 0000 00 0 0—0 4 4 Batteries—Bouldin and Armstrong; Bunton and Redmond. In the first game one of the localB was hit by a pitched ball after two men were out. The next two batters made scratch hits fliiing the bases and then Killilay stung out a blean one, and those two were our oiily scores. But the visitors were never dangee- bus and the support given the pitchers was almost perfect. The second game wo won on bad errors by Leavenworth and timely hits. Yesterday 's Games; The locals deaehred to lose yestei»- day because of the dumb, loose playing they put up for seven innings. Riscley dropped the first ball hit, a high one. Later ho'made a bad throw home which let in a score. Wilson muffed an easy one in center and let a grounder go through him. Milsap j^ropped one or two at first. Armstrong threw to bases and several times through his fault or the baseman's the bail got away. But Rpot was the star bungler. Twice he.let the first batter walk. He seemed lazy and got mad at the umpire and pitched like a town boy at times. Which was disgusting in a man who has the ability to be the best pitcher in the league. In the same game he lost bis head and allowed the bases to fill because a Nevada coacher yelled to hijH to throw to third instead of first And he slammed a ball to Army at a distance of twenty feet when he had ample time to throw straight, and then he threw wild. Nevada out-played lola all this time. But the per- ceiitagc column could not be forgotten. In'our half of tho eighth Shaumyer opened' the can with a two bagger, Scroggln got another and tho team batted around getting soVen runs. Poor little Willard could not stop it and the fielders could only run after the ball. Porter, at first base, had his foot off the bag when ho caught a ball an^he struck Umpli-e Shanks in the breast when the runner was called safe. Shanks benched him and fined him |10. But that did not cause the victory. lola's fifteen hits diid the business. For the locals Stucke played the star.fielding game, saving many a run by his clean work. The score: lola .0010 00 0 7*—8 15 4 IMIssourl Valley League Standing .Springfield .37 18 698 iFbrt! Scott ... ..........37 20 lola ... ..33 19 Joplin ... .......33 21 Sedalla ..27 27 Nevada ... ..20 34 Pittsburg ... ..19 36 Leavenworth 12 44 Nevada .. [..000210110-:5 5 ^ Batteries—Root and RnQ^trong; Willard and King. Divide at Pittsburg. First game: , ; Pittsburg ...4 00 30 201*—10 11 2 Joplin ....1..,01020010— 5 G 4 Batteries—Stinson and Calllson; Ellis. Norton, Allen and Stoner. Second game: Pittsburg ...2 01000010—4 8^ Joplin 003202031—11 16 I Batteries—Young, Stinson and McDonald; Allen and^ Stoner. Fort Scott" Wins Two. Fort .Scott;' July 5.—Never in the history of this city has there been such an exciting contest of baseball as this afternoon, when 700 Springfield fans saw their Midgets defeated in two'games,' one of them eleven innings. The two-games were brilliant with star plays. In the secbnd' game Horton. whb commenced to pitch, was hit in the head the first time-up and rejired after pitchfajg iKlf of the thIM Gi9 635 61 500 370 345 21 "A fine edition of "Robinson Crusoe' has been sold for £151. On an average 700 British subjects are bom every yeat* at sda. •A person can now go from New York to Seattle on Puget sound, in four days. , It is estimated • that every man walks two miles a day, if only stirring about his room br oillce|. Women are forbidden to be employed as barmaids or in liquor stores lu any capacity by the Bengal l<^glslatlve' 'council. • » ' . In pulling dpwn the old cathedral of Metz a strong box has been found containing coins and watches valued att £120,000. Kilkenny Castle is one of the oldest inhabited houses in the world, many of the rooms being much as they were 800 years ago. When a man is done as he would dp by he always raises an Inconsistent howl. When the finger of suspicion is pointed everybody thinks that the finger Is crooked. The path of life cannot be-called rosy one when corn cure signs can be seen all'aWng the way. The man who sleeps on a $500 brass bedstead doesn't get any sweeter rcdt than the man who sleeps on a dollar cot ' ^ . ; When a bride takes a man for better or worse she always raises a kick- when she learns that he belongs to the better class. Dusty, Rhodes—"Weary, does yer like yen roast beef rare?" -Weary Will—"Dafs de way I always takes it. Dusty." NEC^HO FALLS. Obituary: Mrs. Rollins, daughter of Mr. and Mrt. Hamond, died at her bomenoar Vernon, Monday," Jon 's 29 file loaves a devoted husband' and .•awhig children to mourti the loss of •Bar wife ind mother. Her parents, ji^QT and brothers all have the sincere sympathy qf our community. Mrs. Laura Dale expects to movb to lola Wednesday. ' Miss Bertha Cox is yiaiting rela tives; at Northcot this week. Mrs., Bert Creason, of lola, visit ed relatives here the past week. The Gas City.ball team played Neosho Falls Sunday: Neosho beat 0 to 10. i Mrs. Will Chambers spent Tuesday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. ,Will Osborne. - ' " « Mrs. Miller expects her sister ffbm Oklahoma soon to make her an extended visit. MI^.' Miller is an Invalid and, confined to her bed. Mrs. E. Fender has been her nurse for some time. She now will take a vacatlbti and rest ^ Mrs. Sherman Zink and childreii'of Yatfes, Center are visiting her parefata, Mr. and Mrs. Win.'Rashar and others this week. Mrs. Art Williams; came over Snn' day from Center to spread the day with home folks. . ^ Mr. Laurence Martin, Mr. Ralph Coglazier left Tuesday for the great wheat harvest In Western Kansas; Our celebration here will be Just a social picnic for everybody. Come and haire'a ^bod old fashioned plcrSc dinner In the woods. Geo. Malcom -is having his house painted. Mr. Geo. Kelcy Is doing the worlt — :Joi ^tBhe '.waa cbllis^. vMlBB ©ftiyssi^Ing visited her 3lfltar; Eiiiiiri>ugan last week. ;f -•^} }mbs and Miss-jESdlth Jed to ola iast'jwe^k ating to make arrange- Harlan Taylor retiirned nols last Friday. from lUi- Hls wife! and children win remain there for ja more ex-jlijj who was tended visit. Mfss Minnie Thompson, dangerously ill :much of tl e time for more- than a month, is now convalescent. •-" •: r ' Mrs. Chas. McCormack s pent a few days last week with her friend, Mrs. Swisher, cast of LaHarpe. : P. J. McGlashan has been suffering from repeated attacks' of isthma ^nd has been seriously 111. Carl Keith, yrho has beei so long ill,' was gaining miich to the Joy of his family and friends, but' of late has;| been decided Ix 'wOrse. |^ Mrs. B." M. Adams, of Mound City, spent last Wednesday anjd "Thursday in Moran and addressed five meetings under the auspices of thejW. C. T. JI. She was especially interested In -the purity work, and It is hoped much good will result from heij visit. Her; address at'the mothers' meeting was; especially fine and helpfu:. } List i week the entire community was shocked and pained to learn o^ the.sudden and accidental death of J T. WlUoughby. That evening the' re-j mains were taken to Beujlah, Kansas whero after the funeral WodnesdayJ they were interred. Mrs. Wllloughbyj' and Paul returned homo ]jVlday, The sincere sympathy of a host of friends is thclr's in unstinted mcBsuro in the overwhelming sorrow that has coino to them. ' ' ' Comfort Counts. In traveling. Get ih^ best—«se "The Katy Flyer," to St. Louis. Fast modem, daily. | A household necessity, |Dr. Thomas.' Eclectrlc Oil. Heals bums, cuts, wounds of any sort; cure^ sore throat croup, catarrh, asthma; never falls. THE LUCCbCk ''Storage •ndTrMWfer'Uiie. B^m 114 West Madison Avenne. Phonp»6je BUSH & LEFFLER, | Watchmakers and Opiticlahs. Watches, .Clocks, Jewelry. Musical and Kodak Supplies. Spectacles 25.c Watch repairing a specialty. lo $1.00. West Side, lola, KansasJ PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS A. V. LODGE, ; Physician and Surgeon, Chronic diseases successfully treated. Olflce over|"Our Way" restaurant .phone 461. Res. 901 East St, Ofllce Phone 14i7. D. W. Reld. * Jas.T. Reld. RElb & REID, Physicians and Surgeona Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat. S,pcclfel attention given to surgery .and; all chronic diseases. Ofllce, room ijf, Northrup Building. Phone 357. W. A. bR. B. E. JOI4E8, Head Pbyslclan M Female Diseases and jObstretrics Specialty. Office over Barclay-Shields Clo. Co., Phone39b. Residence 502 S. Washington, phone 389. ; i DRUa STORE. I Has Put in a Stock of... NEW CARPETS : Prices the Lowest. Cfteap Charley, ; New Brick, North St. Supplied to tlie Trade Dir^ at thb factory orltrom our delivery wagbns. All delivery wagons have our name on them. loU Ice & Cold Storage Co. > PRANK RIOOLB, Mcr. PhaiM|ii6. FacterreaWest;SfrMt. DR. A. N. MiNEAR, j OSTEOPATH. Chronic and Nervousj, diseases a specialty. Office over "pur Way"- restaurant. Office 'phone 147. Residence phone 454. F.IVI.IANDERSON, ' Practical ArchitecL Plans,' Specifications and Estimates on all classes of buildlngsl Special tii- tentlon given to modem improvement's and superintending. Oflice,- room l7, second floor Northrup BJiilding.^' p. C. GLYNN, M. p. Mf Eye, Ear, First Farmer-^-'TIear as' how yer city cousins hev gone back home; kinder suddint wasn't it?" . Second Farmei^"Not so suddint' as it matint hey been, fer the ole woman' fed 'ein nothing' but sponge cake fer four days afore they sorter (took ther hint." • : ; • \ • t Years' of 6uffcf|>ing relieved, in a night Itching piles yield at once iji the curative properties of Doan's Ointment. ' Never fails. At' any dni^ store, 50 'cents. DR. MclMlLLEN, { Office Phone 32. Special attention givenj to the treatment of alii CHRONIC DISEASES ami Diseases of Children. OiHce In Mrs. Turner*^ Bldg. "Vyest Madison. Residence 21s|lso. Walnut. ^Residence Fhone 232. T :j;0; Nose and Throat. Office Ing. In New York Store Buil^- The Finest L thsCity We Want to Figure ; ,;,;.Tiiat PLUMBING JOB For You. Satisfaction auaranteed. I jr n. DAViES I I riand LieeDMd jEmbalmer % Tv^nty' years experience in the lousiness. First class work guaranteed. East Side of Squaire, Phone 306. lola Agency For the Xllheri^^ J Wff ArelNotthgJWatcbPlnaaber; J •|. -. But Wef.CaaDo Yoar ^(1^ FFTTINQ r^r PuiUDAiiy eiovieto'^" i • 'SuiltheWlIe ->fy

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