Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on September 20, 1889 · Page 4
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, September 20, 1889
Page 4
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;\OVK Samoan Princess Eiones Sterling for the week ending Friday II (.m 20, If o-f, Mhsd . tMcplit-ii \. mi!!' 1 ' 0 I,«n"I]>-:irt, Mrs. E l.m-lx Chili 1! Mnrjitiy, ,1'jhn istuil ftU'wan", K 11 Wbr-i7-l, It-iiilel VrUrlit, riH'o Funk, .tolns OauM., Mrs. F. C When calling for above letters please say "Advertised." WM. A. McCuNK. I'. M. A MAN WHO SLEEPS BY TEE TEAS. Ho Tnlcj-i Hi* Plnmli !y-Slx MnntlM — A !> Dliuti-r** linliy — Ili« r In SpclVi of Ttilr- IR'» Dnvotloa to Hl« !.'>«"•» HI* Lir« In Its ItivK-np — Th'rrr Tliou a Tnrblno Water Whfpl mml Kots Stop -OUtrr Ourtom ^ D O HOT DBLAT TO0R SUDaClUfTlCN FOB UPPtllCOTrS MAGAZINE, «M<* MW lUBdt in Ih. m»t T»nk ot monthl, public* thou tid emoplM U» pocltlon of A LEADER AMONG LEADERS. EMkntrretarOTilUlm A COMPLETE NOVEL, «l«o » l!tor>lm«Utr oTmlM. Uuwai mmttor of >n iBWrwUng .^lUrtnurtln utan. "» J*"' 1 " t »° rl P ti '"' «'«•» LIBRARY OF 12 COMPLETE NOVELS w?»ria» ulhm.fcttrtl>>r wl* AN ABUNDAKCK ^HOB?STOWESr%KMS. 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Wheat—50 to 70 Rye—:i7c. Com—Ear, 20c. Shelled, 28c. Oats—15 to I7c. Butter—10. Eggs—12c SHILOH'S COUGH nnd Consumption Cure la sold by us on a guarantee. It cures consumption. For sale by Perry .the druggist, and J.M. Bickford Bock Falls THE BEV.GEO. H. THAYKR, of Bourbon, Ind., says: "Both myself and wife ewe our lives to SHILOH'S CONSUMPTION CUBE." For tale by Perry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Bock Falls. IIORTH- ""WESTERN WB RAILWAY. OVER 7,000 MILES Of steel track in Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Dakota *nd Wyoming, pwietrates the Agricultural, Mining and Commercial Centres of the The Unrivaled Equipment of the Line embraces Sumptuous Dining Cars, New Wagner and Pullnwn Sleepers, Superb day Coaches and FAST VESTIBULED TRAINS Running direct between Chicago, St. Paul and Minneapolis, Council Bfuffs and Omaha, connecting for Portland, Denver, San Francisco and all Pacific Coast Points. ONLY LINE TO THE BUCK HILLS For Tickets, K»t»i, M»p«, Ttm« Table, and fail information, .only to any Tlclcct Agent or a* drew the Gen'! Puienger Agent, Chicago, 111. t. 1L WB1TXAS, H. 0. TOEBB, B. ?. WILSOH, SOUIA! Iwugir. Tratb lUaiger. Q«a'l Pin. Ajt. BTKBLUXtt White flannel gowns look cool; their wearers do not unless the day is frigid. Electric BltteM. This remedy is becoming so well known and BO popular aa to need no •pedal mention. All who have used Electric Bitters sing the same song of praiae.A purer medicine does not exist and it Is guaranteed to do all that is claimed. \ElectricBitterB will cure all diseases of the Liver and Kidneys, will remove Pimples, Boils, Salt Rheum and other affections caused by impure biaod. Will drive Malaria from the system and prevent as well as cure all Mftlarial ievers.-For cure of Headache. Constipation and Indigestion try Electric Bitters-Entire satisfaction guaranteed or money refunded.-Price fid eta. and 81.00 per bottle at D B. 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It is the finest medicine ever made." Jesse Middle wart, Decatur, Ohio, says: "Had it not been for Dr. King's New Discovery i'or Consumption I would have died of Lung Troubles. Was given up by dcotors. Am no win beat of health." Try it. Sample bottles free at D. B. Stickler's Drug Store. _tTanner has hied. And after what in the name of-common n«tino a tanner good for unless he._hus - hide? A ISe-w inacovery. Weakened and deranged livers, stom acha and bowels should never he acted oh by irritants like common pills, bran, etc. Mile's Pills cures liver complaint, constipation, piles, etc., by a new method. Samples free at A. B. Hendrick's or J. M. Bickford's. The time approaches when the extravagant youth realizes that he can't trade a linen duster for an overcoat. SLEEPLESS NIGHTS, made miserable by that terrible cough, Shiloh's Cure is the remedy for you. For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J.M. Bickford. Bock Falls. They are talking of John L. Sullivan for Congress. He would feel at home when he struck the ayes and noes. Penrose and Suburbx. Mrs. Frank Wilson, from California, is here visiting her father, Mr. Levl Bressler, her sisters and other relatives and friends. Mrs Wilson expects to stay here for several months before returning to her homo. Frank has the honor of holding three lucrative offices in the city where he lives and is very popular. He was well liked here. Our townsman, Jonas II. Baer, is making an extended trip through the west and is taking in Iowa, Kansas and STebraska on his route but we are not advised as to whether he is going to buy land in all these states or, not or whether he is only on a pleasure trip. There was a pleasant social dance at Nelson Jacobs last Friday evening and those who attended say that they ban a real enjoyable time. Mr. and Mrs. Jacobs know how to entertain at their house. Ob Warehime has taken a trip west and rumor says for the purpose of looking up a home for himself and -. Mr. Brown, who lives-in Mr. Kidders house,is laid up with a felon.on his hand and which gives him a great deal UTICA, Minn., Snpt. M.— Tn-nlveyc-nrs ni?o Ho'iinn Harms cam" li»vo from m-iuttmrn Illinois, win-re- ho lm,l Kn:~ sulT-nxl from mn- Inrin. Shortly after arriving nr-ro lie foinnl it impossible to keep awnk'i. Ho slept continuously '.lay ninl ni^ht for thruo years, ftnil than ro'.i-'ivi lonp; rnouirh to work in a harvest Bold pnrt of one srnsnn, when the lethargy rcturnoil. At tho <>ml of throw yours more he n^nln wnkcd up for a tow dnys, and aRnin ro- Inpned. Enrh day bo r-.'turtis to ronsciousnois for a brief season, but tho spMI of Blcopinefa at on co exerts its sway ngnin, a»>l tho man Is as oblivion? ns though it wore the sleep of death. Ho has been treated with tonlo*, quinine, and evon strychnine, but without effect. Two yoarn ago his eldest son, discouraged at tho dark prospect on tho farm, committed BuicMe, and a little Inter the second boy died. At neither time was the father able to nmUirstand tho calamity. His aged wife bus been most constant in her attentions to him. and is hia sole asdstance, HEROISM IN A DOG. He Refme« to tnuve a naming Home Until it Haby Is Savoil. INDIANAPOLIS, Sept, a).— A remarkable case of thu devotion of a dog to an infant occurred vaster lay morning during a flro in a tenement on Hil»n stivot," The Novel family occupied the honw, lint whnn the flro occurred tl ero was no one at homo except the oged mother of lira Nevel and an infant child. Some clothing hanging by the fire to dry was ignited, Tho old lady ran from the house and the flro spread toward tho cradle in which tha babe was Bleeping. When tho neighbor* collected outside the little house tho dog was seen tugging at tho cradle in a vain effort to drag it from the room. He was surrounded by flames, and, though tho door was open, he fused to leave the room till a neighbor had ru8Uod-in_ntti.l_CHrrJed__tbe_'babo out of the house. When tho dog was Bately~but&ld8~it was found that he was lirully burned, nnd his suffering win so intense tliat a policeman shot him, it being evident that he would die from his injurtc-3, ... A CHICAGO MAN'S LOVE. It I.cuiU Him to K:»pa • with a Dime Murtetiiii Hniniiiii Princess. MINNKAPOUS, Minn., Sopt. 20—Monday morning a company of natives of the Samoan island* o|>oiii3,l tui engagement at tho dime ni'usjuin hero. The party consisted of nmo t!'."!!. on<> ^VC-ninTr-purl nnn [-hilrl. Tf l^leman quite sick the past week. lina and thnt her nam;) wa!( s.bntL At the for Nat to be Sick as he is always Used I time the king was deposed by the Germans •CATARRH CURED, health and sweet breath secured, by Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy. Price 50 cents. NaSal Injector free. For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Rock Falls. That orange monopoly talked of had better be left alone. The first failure on record was caused by a reckless trust in fruit. "There was a frog who lived in a , spring, : lie caught such a could he conld not sing." _ Poor, unfortunate Batracblan! In what a sad plight he must have been. And yet his misfortune was one tha often befalls singers. Manv a once tuneful voice among those who belong to the "genus homo' is utterly spoiled by "cold in the head," or on the lungs, or both combined. For the above mentioned "croakei" we are not aware that any remedy was ever devised; but we rejoice to knowthatall human sing era may keep their heads clear and throats in tune by a timely use of Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy, and Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery, both of which are sold by druggists. Those egg-eating feats are bound tr. cause troulbe. A man who contracts to eat seven dozen eggs puts himself under a heavy yoke. Tonight and Tomorrow Night, And each day and night during this week you can get at all druggists Kemp's Balsam lor the Throat and Lungs, acknowledged to be the most successful remedy ever- sold tor the cure of Coughs, Croup, Bronchitis Whooping Cough, Asthma and Consumption. Get a bottle today and keep it always in the house, so you can check your cold at once. Price 50c and 81.00. Sample bottles free. la The straight skirts which are now to ifaabionabla measure four and a half yards around. 1#0 ladle* Wasted, Au<t too men to call on «uy dh uggiat for it free trial package of's Family Meilieiae, the great root and herb remedy, discovered by Dr. 8Uaa Lane wSate to tis» Boeky Moantains. For i!is#a«g 01 .£k4 blood, liver and it iM s jKMtmvy cuw. For iXMt&iip up Ui« cotupijtsk'sj it dwa like U, ii. Large At sUl Aspiring poets are reminded that Tennyson takes a walk of three miles every day; ID other words, the poets are invited to take a walk. __—The Xateat TerBod*— : The surprising manner in which the country i<i being swept by the great discovery of Dr, Miles for curing the many diseases that originate in the nerves is astonishing all who know the facts. Tho Restorative Nervine, a brain and nerve food, sold by A. R. Hendrick's or J. M. Bickford, cures weakness, want of appetite, exhaustion, debility from overwork, care, worry and dissipation. It takes the place of stimulants, opiates, chloral, etc., and cures all nervous troubles It contains no morphine, opium or daagarous drugs. to be stirring around. „ • Thomas Bros., Geo. and Michael.have concluded to quit farming on their own hook. Michael has hired to John P. Hey and George is around taking orders for an album. Dr. C. W. McPherson was called in several times this week to see Mrs. Benjamin Dunmore, who has been quite, sick since last Sunday and IB still under the doctor's care. John Wolf has rented Mrs. Steltzer's farm for one year, and Mrs. Steltzer intends moving to Sterling. E. M. Wade had a hog that weighed over 400 lt)3 killed by lightniner in last Friday night's storm. He intended taking it to market the next morning, but when he went out lo look at it in the morning he found it dead. Mr, Wade mus.t be a sound sleeper, for he didn't know it rained la the night until tne next morning, and didn't even hear it thunder. Will Stauffor has gone to Dixon to work at the carpenter trade with his uncle, Eph. Hess. There was a magic lantern show at Detweiler'a hall Wednesday evening, but on account of It not being properly advertised, there were but few out. Oliver Talbot took the.train at_Sterling for an extended trip through the west, on Thursday of this week. He expects to visit Kansas, Nebraska. Washington and Indian territories, before bis return, .and be says he intends to go as long as his money holds out. The German Lutheran S S. are having a picnic on this Thursday, and they are having a large crowd and good time, and the good things they are having to eat would do any one good to see, if not to eat. The Polo man, Goo. Ryer, who hauls butter and eggs from Myers' to Polo for St. John, came down on "Monday and stopped in the road north of the Center, near Maxwell's to gather hazel auto. He unhitched his horses from the wagon and put feed on the ground and supposed that his horses would stay by the feed, like sensible horses, but while he was in the timber gathering nuts, his horses went down to Mr. Myers' and he had to walk after them a couple of miles and bring them back for bis wagon, and he was mader than all the nuts done him good. Garrett Deyo has rented the Ell wood Hughes^farcni for the coming season, and so Mr. Deyo will turnout r ttTbe "a f nil Hedged farmer. left for bun Francisco- to be educated. There sho remained until a few months ago, when she wna engaged by an agent to go with aonio other natives on an exhibition tour through the country. Soon after ward she opened in Chicago. While there an American of the name of J. 8. Cottcroll fell violently in Iqvo with her, followed her to this city, nnd Wednesday eloped with her. They are supposod to have 'gone to San FranciSco, us bho boa boon desirous of returning to her native land since Malioton is again in authority. The Following Ii ii Flub Story. PlilLADKLPHIA, Sept. 'JO.—The heavy raini last wouk moved the eols in tho upper Dola- ware river to ninko a slid. Ion migration earlier iu tha season than usiml. AVholo colonies of c.sla came down the river lust. S itur- day and Sunday B-> thick and fast that by noon on Sunday ihu large turbine wheel in Drake's mills lit Carpenter Point was clogged with the ll.-h. They weru so parked about the whe-'l that it conld not bo --moved, and thren men workod for a day to cut thotn away with axes. It is estimate! that 8,000 eels were in tho wheel. An AldcrmunN Luck of !Nnrv<*. DETROIT, Mich., 8opt 2i>.— The grand jury fur VVayne ciunty, In session toinves : tlgato the chargui of bixill'jisin, vailed Aldor- man Utes before them y< Hterd:iy to tfstify. They asked him whnt i.e know ub iut Juno rtp- pointmeuts, in whic'i UIITO tiro churjfe.H of crookedness, and iho aldtTinnn promptly fainted away, aii<l. "us resuscitated only aft.'r half an hour's work. I1U h.o; of nerve hns created a H^nsatlun uinong. tho rest, of tlui alleged boodloiu Ulmitly Und In it Cuve. , PIHEVILLB, ^Ky , Supt. SO. — Tue*l:iy n party of bun era diai-ov/rad 0:1 tlio banks of the Big Study river, eight miles bolow town, a cave In which weiv fniiiid skjletons, the remains oC rifla, sovural tliom:in 1 dollars in Confederate bU.a, and $2,t>09. 45 in United States "sbln-plustors," groenb-io in and coin. It is suppo-ed they woi'a a party of soldiers los- during tho war. Thuro is absolutely no tracj as to how thay lust thoir lives. . ' _ - Iduho }'ri(]iarluK l<*r Statehoinl. BALT LAKE CITY, U. T., 8opt. 20 —Mm H Irani Uni-ll, of Malad, Idaho, bus givrn birth to thruo boys and three girls, weighing altogether tight pounds, and all bright and lively. . , • Subjects of conversation: He—You W'>meu are forever talking about your clottieg. Hhe—And you men are forever talking about yourselves. A symdterte of esitttasw h*a a te Nothlug is mote common, DOT !* fcra*, ttwn (or phf sieliuM to tell patienu la tb» Qr»t ftagaa vt hmart dlwaae that tis« tn «l»U) u» only u«rvuu», etc, »a<l of it a •Women Will Votn In Wyomliic. CHKYENNB. Wy. T., Sept. lit).— 'Jhe state- on : ;h." prumh!:'!! DirU. rtii.irrh for a t.v>y thnt nit to niiy-thinc," snirl tho old "I'vo il."io> HIT rli'ii-cM ni:il nil father ;-ot mo to d'V said P!<'k. "Thnt'-i just HIP fort nf talk you hear from thnt sort nf » I'i'.v," ]»"i'si<ti>il his KrandfH- tln-r. "H" d-K"! first, \\h«t h"'s --..-t, to do, nnd then h" sit 1 * down in th- •.hiuli' mi n summer day mid j.luys (.•ln-chcrs. Why, when I was your ngu i could hnvo covontl evt-ry one of mv twe'.ve squares .vith n silver pit-roof my own earning. I'erhnps it was bemuse 1 didn't havi- siu-li nn easy poins father ns you've got. Hut, that oughtn't to nir.ko tlio difference. A boy ought lo have It in himself, nml then it's Pure to come out somewhere." > Dick swept his linnd across the board with an impatience dm; partly to the keen criticism of himself, partly to his inward conviction that be deserved all thnt was Raid. Bui it was impnssihio to pet niipry at tho half sober, hulf jolcin;; 'words of the genial old man. "I guess you're about rijrht, grandfather. I guess it was in you mid it isn't in ine." "More's tha pity," said his grandfather, now wholly serious. "Seems to mo this isn't tho kind of a world for n boy to sit bock In nnd just do what he's told lo do nnd nothing further. Why, everything about him seems to bo saying: 'Look about you, you young lubb-'T, nnd see how everything's working with you it you'll only tnken hrxiid in it. Look at the earth nnd the isun nnd the rnhi—nil ready to bo your servants. You never see them idling around.' " Grandpa "jVeatlierliy, having said Ills i.ny, <et out with, sturdy Btrides toward hia own farm, a mile distant, Dick was stung more deeply by his words than the old gentleman Imagined. "Come, let's go' on," urged Sum Jones, a lounger'of tho neighborhood. "That was a tiptop gnnii) you spoiled." But Dick turned away from him in ill humor with himself and overy ono else. There -wns.mQCp_truth In what hud been said than IIB liked to~n"cKbtiWlBd5o.—-lie, a boy of 14, had never raised his hand to do it tiling that was not required of him, and thvj requirements had been very moderate. He had attended school through thu school season, doing light work Uio while, and in tho-eum- mer had engaged in tho farm work in tho easy going r style his grandfather had alluded to. "I guess it Is just as ho says," mused Dick as ho carried tho checker" board into tho house. "Thero isn't many u boy about here that doesn't begin to look out for earning a bit by the.. tin,...he !« nu O M M« I nin. Thorn, old checker hoard; I'm -getuiig-too-uwi'uliy- fnnd of you, Vuumay goluto that corner, and stick there, for nil of mo, until I have shown grandfather I'm good for something— if I can." . Dick strolled thoughtfully out into the fields, wondering in what direction ho had better turn his energies. There was plenty of work all about him and ho know well that his father would hlro him nnd, except In tho matter of tho light duties which he always exacted from his sons, would pay him a fair price for his work. "What's all thnt going on over iu Deacon Blaisdell's fallow?" Ho.hod walked until ho had reached tho boundaries of bis father's farm, when his attention was attracted by a wonderful amount of whooping and hallooing a littlo way beyond. -- —-. ----• "It's a drove of cuttle—and a big drove, too. Bud business if they (ret into*tho fallow." . He made his way out to the road, which was now lllled with tho cattle pressing on through tho dust. Deacon Blnisdell's fallow was not fenced, and tho drovers wore making their best effortSito keep tho restless herd from straying among tho logs and bushes. -,. It would be unliko a farmer's boy not to offer his mite 'of help iu such an emergency. Dick took his stand in the thinly manned line, and by dint of persistent shouting and brandishing of branches gave valuable aid. In the course of time tho drove hod passed by, with the exception of one lively steer which had mode its way far Into the fallow. 'Til give you fifty cents if you'll got that critter out for ino," said the drover to Dick. "Hoi that'll do for my nest egg," said Dick to himself. "I'll do it, mister," ho added, aloud. Picking his way among briers and bushes until ho got the steer between himself and the road, by a littlo clever maneuvering and a good deil of. activity,"ho Irefore^loug sue-* ceedvl in sending tho animal trotting after the refit of tho herd, now some distance down the road. And then Dick came, out of breath, up to a wagon driven by one of th« drovers to receive his well earned pay. "Poor thing," ho said, looking at a calf which lay in tho wagon, gasping as if in great suffering. "Is it sick I" "Not so that, as overdriven," said the man. "We hod only u fow such young onej —fact is, I don't hold to taking such, but it is such a likely ono I thought it might worry through. ButI guessitain't got much chance in this hot sun, and I can't wait for it to get shade. Say," ho added, pausing with the half dollar in his hand, "s'pposin 1 you tako it for your pay." "I wonder if It'll live?" said Dick. "Well, I don't say for sure 'twill," said the man. "You will have to tako your chances at that. It's only that if you manage to bring it 'round it's well worth flvo dollars to lie much of tho Ms leisure nnimnl "IT Ms hmid* vnnr- 1 on \vhal h" h.'ul for it. Hut hi- priil" tilwa. him nud such n w.iy out fj-mu under ll then ho had nntlertnki-n. His pi'-f ?,t<x'k wai dnlng well, ineri'.'i'-ni'-c; in beauty with n rapidity «liich h< most sr.o from day to dny, nn< grow the less he fell inclined to part with it Winter taxeii him still more severely. was then nt tending seh'x'l. nnd tlmo found thnt It tool; nearly all In the short days to provide for the support of his fast prrowin;; nnimnl. ','Dou't work tli'.' boy ti mother, one day. "It won't hurt him n bit," said father. "Tho vim he's showing, tho steady Mirk to it that it's bringing out of him is worth ft long sight m.oro than tho cnif Is." "Eight you are," raid grandfather. "No, it won't hurt him. Ho get' a littlo time, to tako a game of checkers in the evening, don't hef "Sometimes, when lie doesn't have study," said mother, laughing. "Ho takes too much after you, father, to let tho checkers go." The calf quickly outgrew her cnlfhood, developed into a dainty ytitmg heifer, full of grace and beauty in the eyes of many beside her proud owner and had settled down into tho dignity of a young mntPMi, when one evening Grandfather Weatherby camo over and challenged Dick to n tilt nt checkers. "I'll do it, sir, but you'll l» likely to beat me all hollow," said Dick. "1 haven't played very much this long time." Ho handed tho board to the old gentleman, then stepped up to his room for n moment. Grandfather leisurely set his men find then stood in astonishment as Dick took his beat before tho board. • - ' "What—hey? What's all this?" Dick was also Betting his mpn—not, however, tho red ones that Ubiially played against tho black, but tvvelvo shining gold pieces. He sat back iu his chair and laughed nt the old gentleman's astonished faco before saytog: ."I'm a little older than you were, grandfather; when you sot your board with silver pieces, butns these nn; gold, don't you think I'm about even?" "Ho, ho!" laughed the old man. "He snid he couldn't beat mo; but I nm beat—the worst kind!" . • ' ' "It's tho price of my cow," said Dick. "Sixty dollars, and cheap onoi:;jii nt that, father says. Father's L ought her of mo, so she stays hero on tlu> farm. -I wantH [•>-.'!! 'hcToirJ'iinVTny"money into Kinnetliini; else,' but I'd linrdiy Lave tile heart .to Int. Jim 1 go away. Mother says she's tint best milker on the farm. And I've kept Umcnlf, m I'll have another cow before long." "Good for you," said grandfather, approvingly. "You've niado u good start. Now listen—my farm's too biif for such an old follow as I am to see to. I'll t;ivo you an acre off it for overy one of those gold pieces." "Grandfather, yt:u don't mean it!" exclaimed Dick. "Suc'.i land ns that of yours for five dollars nn acre" "No, I don't mean that," Kild grandfather. "You're to k-?ep your money to work tho land with, and wait till i get through. I sny I'll give you tho land Ju:.t an long ns you work it well and mako tho. Iwrft of it. You'll need it when there are so many boys ill tho family besides yourself." -.. " .... "I can't play checkers to-nir;ht, sir," said Dick, shaking his head a.< ho arose, and gathered up his money. "I'm ton much upset with my now greatness. Twelve acres! What shall I do with it! How shall I be;;inj" "You've got n cali' to begin with," said grandfather. "Hotter buy a fe.w moro and go to stock raising. When vour stock outgrows your land you can toll ;»iuu of it off. And then you'll bo ublo to buy moro laud. Only you may bo suru that for overy acre yon'wantof mo Ishull charge you full price." —Now England Homestead. WRAPPERS IUUCE size) (rai isceive t Retailer for tbo Accordiiiff to Tour Needs -TA3MI58 MKAXS 84 PTTO15 «light mid stylish. It iiu iil>en . NO " UIU5AKI N< 3 perfectly cafty tin; flrsi time it worn. Jt will fiiitlsly the most astlilloon. JAMKS Mf.AN.I ISU K11OK In Iihs t-vnrliron ]i!ncr'! rx- vriy on Uiii lii;ir:.t t'/ In which duraUillty ' cousMornl bcfuro mero out- wnri file for tlio Ucans ti Bhoc tac Boy J. niEASS 4: CO., Honton. I'ull lines of tlio above BUOOH for salt) 1)7 J. R. BELL'& SON hood convention yesterilay adopted as p irt of tho constitution a suffrage chapter. Fu- mala citizens are to vote. The severest qualifications are requirements that all elut-tors nball be able to read English, shall be full- fledged citizjUH, and have had six months' residence in Wyoming. Ballots to contain tha bamcs of all can lidut.-s will be issued by state officers. The provisions will dis.'ran- cbiso a large number of coal miners who hava for years voted. Women'* Blimloniiry Society. READINO, Pn..8-pt. 2J — A. national convention of the Women's It saionnry Society of the Evangelical association for the United States, Germany, and Jupin convened beru last night, nnd wid remain in session four days. Home raid foreign mission work, will bo• considered. Aboiit 1UO dulegatea am present from Chicago, Cievolan !, and various otlor pans of tho west, a:id from Pennsylvania, ' _-- Tho Wi'iiiiti-r We Mn^ £xg>ect..... _ WASHINGTON CITY, Kept. S.U— Tho follov/ing are tho weather iii.llrntlons for tho thirty- six hours from K |>. in, yesterday: For Indiana and Jnino'u--Warmer, fair weather; southerly winds. For Miehl :an—Fair weather, exc pi In eastern i/ortions, light rains; westerly wl sis l.l her tempcratnro. Kor Wisconsin -Fair, except' light rains In no tlua^tern porllon: touilierly winds; warmer. For Iowa—Fa.r \\euther; variable winds; warmor. THE MARKETS. STOPPED FREE Santtota .?««*»*. I Tn«M» Persons. B«jto 'Dr. KL.INB'1: uf. xi.jjji-ii'8 QBKA NERVE RESTORE * Henri unnsn. a3 nm . far Hint .{fKttmt, Ftu, fpilrpni, tu>, u <ilreet«H. fa Kit afltr H t day'* H». Trchtti* ftnd _ p«tf«uu, tli«r lk£7intf exiirast eb* ir«c»lv»d. namr», P. O. tml es ] to DK. KI. UK . triftl bottle fne I* n on box whni retx cdilr«9i or Is a monthly mago- zLne devoted to tha hygiene and care of Infants and young children, and 8,11 that pertains to the routine of tho liursery; It is now In its fifth, year. The Congrtgation- dtiit recently said of it t 11 BABYHOOD Moms almoat Indlnpensftbta to th» bouxehold la whloh thoro aro young calldron. It 1> for tha parenU and tiia fiune, and la packed full of ImporttuiC sug- ReattonB of a practical character. Ifrom per- totial experience of .'.u tiseJu)Dea», we pom- mend It warmly." the Chicago Advanet: "Nomother but murt appr and helpful auggtatlous, ana bo i • No mother but murt appreciate Its wl» d helpful suggcBtlous, ana bo frrAtoful for the flolvlng of perplexities aud the holpuig JLJst of I'atentg. Granted to citizens of Illinoifl for the week ending Sept. 17th reported through the law office of O. E. Duffy 607 7th street. Washington, D. 0.: M Daley, DeKalb, disk harrow. J G Gay, Ottawa, road cart. G J Greenlee, Bolridere, grain bmd- ex. T B Jeffor, Kavenswood, vsloclpsdtj. M 0 J&faionBi 1'alnjyra, combined me- tai Bhearn and tire npsetter. J PNewburg, Bock Island, coaster. W 1) Newman , Patoka, magic book holder. ,1 P Schmueker, i'ranklia Grove, mo- tire power. J H "»*i»iB*i5, South Lyuue, drying or Granted an Aftvunce In Wages. —BKOCKWXTvim,- Pa.7—Sopt ~ ~8(k —Ther Northwestern company hat granted tho 5 couLs advancn to the miners, and 1,200 mou will reaumo work between Dugus and Brockwayville. This sjttlos evurything practically in this fluid oxrapt Dubois and Roynoldnvilje, ami they are to get an an- iwur soon' from the officials at Rochester. Block Cuu! Mlnen Succumb. BRAZIL, Jnd., Sept. 'JO.—Two hundred block coal miners at 1'vrtu' yesterday voted unanimously to accept thd 15-ceut rediictiou offered by the operators, and go to work Monday. Twenty j»r cant of the strikers am already "hlucUlengiiig" In various mlnna. 'fan iAJMUB sti ibu U iugard«d as virtually »waf:ii Cont«4t for Blood, . T., Bujit. '£!. — Ijut oveuing * cunt«*t » plae« la thl« dly Dally ac4 to wa* you, and if you lose it, you lose your fl/ty cents. You take your choice, you see. It's a fine breed," Dick was too good u farmer not to bo able to see at a glttnco the possibilities that lay in a One calf. "" . "I'll take it," he said. The man helped him with it out of the wagon, and Dick had a hard time getting it into a shady place, where ho left it lying until he could bring Bomo cool water. The poor creature would not, or could not, drink, so ho bathod its hgnd aud then sought the help of hla mother^ a reliabla^cgunBelor iu all matters pertaining to kindness to duriffi anirruils,~ particularly of tho weak and helpleiis sort. "Nothing Ixjtter than you have done," she said. "Let it lie in the shade aud rest. By and by it will take water if it ever picks up at all." She was right. Before night tho exhausted animal lifted its head and opened its eyes as U In grateful acknowledgment of Diok'a care and solicitude. After a few gw&llows of water It willingly took the warm milk which stood next iu" the list of mother's restoratives. Dick's father came around and looked at tho invalid. Dick told him its his- tarv, adding: "It's coming to Uka everything, father." "Ocod looking calf," enid father with an approving nod. "Ytw," said Dick eagerly. "I'm going to take good rare of it (ttiul ftHxi it up, and It'll uiaki! a good cow in time. 1'rf worth a good dt^iU, hwy, ift.itlu'i'1" ",-Vt my vxpviioo, 1 wjijxwur' said father. Dirk tmil not got so (M as to tiuak vi that. Hit hivt oitiv, Ur* tho woru. out amf Cmr.AOo, t-'ept. 19. tfuotatloni on tha hoard of trald to-lay wero of fu Inwn Wlieat—N.I. a Sept;inbor, opened '7>sc, c.loaj I ISJ-su: Octohor. opened TT5iifi, closed 78!;;o; Ducembur, upone 1 11%C, clo ed illjfi-.'. l.'orn—No. - Suptunibur, oponexl uii-kic, cloHo.l !«^8•-: tlctobor, opoiijil i»^96c, closed £!-^-.-io; May, opened 3 %c, closed «^^4"^c« Oats—No. - . t?ei)tembor, opened nnd cloned.It)*'" Octobor, opened and closed 19%c: May, .oponeil i nd cloned ffiMc. Pork- Ootobor, opened S11.:H, closed 111.10; No- vombcr, opened and closed S'J.^T); January, opened S«.1U. cli sod S'-M-W. Lard-October, opened &J.8»^j» closcU £3.W. Live stock—Tho Unh»i Stook Yunls reports tho following raiigouf t'rlees: lloss—Markot opened fairly nctivo and steady; liicbt'eradcs, (fy.95a4.73; rotmli jiacklng,; mixed lots, ?a.!).'/(ft4.40; heavy packing and Mhlppinx lots.>Ol.SO. . Cuttle—Market steady t'l strong; beeves. SilitXIitvl.^'': cows, t'l-^ ll! (i2.b5; Btockerf. and fecdars. 8..U (S,;i.'«l; Texan Blears, 82.a>&a.Ul);.western rnngero, gi.COJJia.'Jo. Kheop —Market utesitly; natives, S.' ( [4.?ri; Texas and wester.i sheep, t3.GOiij4.lir; l^iuta, 5.80. . Produce:'Uutt.'T;-Fancy El«lji, ©fflo par 11); lino dairy. 18.2>lUo; iiac-klng stock. IMfij&c. Ktjjiii—Strictly ^rcsh, 10^16^*1 per doi. I'o'iltry—Ltvo liaiu, 7!-^^'* 1'^r Ib; rooa- tertt, 60; lurktiyi, UijiOo; ducks. He. PotjiU>tJ3— tiaw York. NEW YOHK, Supt, 10. Wheat—Ko. - rod wiritor catih. 84>-i-'&37U i; (lo Soptpinhor, M^a^:; tlo Octobor, Hi5^_" do Novimbur. 845s'• Corn-No. 'J mixed caah, ili'in; Ua Septumbert 41 IHC; do Octobor, 41%c. Outs—Qulo.; No. 2 mix-ill cinli, y$Yt'& 3b-)ti£:; do O. totrur, -liU' 1 'lo November, -lHi<i, Kyu—Dull, Oarlej 1 —Nominal. 1'ork—Dull; UK-siit gll ;'A<r,li.7J for nspectel. Luvti— Dull; Oi'.tolwr. S^,»), I>i'c-i.-ml(ur. 8-M7. Live Hto k: ('jilt'ti No tru-ltiiK la IHH>VO<; drott^vtl brvf, ji !ritl<- tiniH-r nutlvi- ijiiloM. .^'^ It U tt over bard placoa whloh every ono cornea to who hofl the core of young children. Wft pommeud 1C to every motber In tho loud." Also tho .New York Graphic: '"111. luoceni of this periodical hai boon cnormoui. Ic inukej young mothen feel tuat tbe oaly nubjeet worthy off attention 1A &t laat beuxff recognized." Every Intelligent father and mother should read it regularly, Their children will be healthier nnd happier. It will reduce tho work of caring for them, nursing them, dressing them, amusing them. Letten from subscribers frequently contain such testimonies as these, lately received : 'M am grateful to BAKTHOOD: Diaveaeeu but two numbers, but huva lottrncd so mucte from those- (hub 1 f ool 1 Khould bo doing my children a wrong If I >houlil fail of tlio opportunity to leflrn more." "The help It has ' been to U3 would havo afitonUhed me litMl It beoa predicted boforpbond." " 1'hyBlcloa as I am. your mnKiEluo IB the mosl welcomtt periodical thnt comes toray tablo. and 13 tha onol niad flrut." "I cannot ai>calttoonlKli)y of lUimioou. During the InreflyearB that I have Bubfioribod to U, I havo felt rojmld » bundred ttmea for tho outlay by the relief audooafidcncalthaa glreu mo agtraieut of fay chlldroxt." You want a sample copy— Price 10 oenU. Or to subscribe for a year— On our part we wish to know that you have seen this advertisement j and In order to induce you to mention this paper when writing us, Wo have arranged to hnro uuuini ootnred for us a Idrge iiuiuaUty uf Iludaut's celebrated Sachet Powder, and will give a packet, free {cither " Violet' 1 o) "White Lilac," aa preferred), ----- (quantity KHHoIcnl To~iil«t»ntly""j«>rfu5»e) ...... Uuljy's clothing for months), to every pi'i-ai>« who sends lui cither tl.fio for ayetu- 1 B6ub~ uortpliou or 15 cauts for a alnglo copy, fnul mention* »i(.i vaifr. (Nota t/ix ,,,,utut,n, Tlio jmwclcr Is fa uo»cnsutt"preitiUnji. tl but isofffred Btinply to aid ua In trucln^ tub re- B'.ntauf our auvt-rtlalnsr lavarlom partit uf Hoc countifv. Ita lotuU valuo la oboul as couu.j Addrcsa ^ BABYHOOD PUBLISHING CO., 6 Beekman St., New York. Po not couCound BimrHooD with plcturn-booka tor Ui» amuaciKfMt <»/ children. It w u TH"tn*:r#* init&iunt- — a uurrk'i'y iidp, lulUtof cuutributors i'U int'dt. si t;ubj(-cu O'.iu prices niaxiy 8i»w.!(a.iU(s of Uin liigni't-'l pfOfi:S:iiOUiil A'.£);(Ung. Tlnj ^prlUKlkld iMttMH.l Univn, ta»ys r "ft !•* really aou-.-sjiou whbtUtit inotbrmof tlitlo bahttauu-'t to du li*-f(--r« tlu- yJU'L-Mcnl flltlo ruOKttOUtf JlAhV.ffeii* Wiia (rihlltllt'-i. No milJlljor CfiUi tw UitS^J wi»'hnjt j < • " R UNNIXO TlillKK All BDOils |ironi|>C!}' WAUUN'H. .1 to »uy wsrs if ft-iuovUfi? t.S(ms:-liuUl ! K. U. \V!I,I>A-S!K

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