Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 22, 1938 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 22, 1938
Page 2
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[op Star of Hope, 1899; Press, 1927. Consolidated January 18, 1929 0 Justice, Deliver Thy Herald From False Report! Published every week-day afternoon by Star Publishing Co., Inc. C. E. Painter & Alex. H. Washburn, at The Star building, 212-214 South Walnut street, Hope, Ark. C. E. PALMER. President ALEX H. WASHBURiN, Editor and Publisher CAP) —Means Associated Press. (NEA)—Means Newspaper Eneterprise Ass'n. Subscription Rate (AhvaysOPayable in Advance): By city carrier, per week I5c; per month 65c; one year $6.50. By mail, in Hempstead, Nevada, Howard, Miller and LaFayette counties. $3.50 per year; elsewhere $6.50. Member of The Associated Press: The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the use for republicntion of all news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. Charges on Tributes, Etc.: Charge will be made for all tributes, cards of thanks, resolutions, or memorials, concerning the departed. Commercial newspapers hold to this policy in the news columns to protect their readers from'a deluge of space-taking memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility or the safe-keeping or return of any unsolicited manuscripts. Civilization Must Have A Better Solution Now that the state of Ohio has taken the life of Anna Marie Hahn. Ihe account of the lady who fed poison to a number of unsuspecting old men pre- wmbly is squard. Yet while there has seldon been a condemned to be li-.ss excuse, it is hard for anyone who read the stories of this woman's last days to keep from feeling that society used n rather messy and inefficient method of settling things. . On the surface, what happened in the Columbus death house was quite in order and fully justified. Ohio has y law providing the death penalty for first degree murder. Mrs. Kahn was duly convicted, and the highest courts tuled that she had had a fair trial: the governor quite sensibly remarked tha he coula not have commuted this sentence on any ground but one of .sentiment. The woman committed murder, apparently, for no better reason"thai to get money to gamble on the horse races. Society certainly suffered no appreciable loss when she was excuted. And yet , . . how can one read the gastly stories about the last act of the miserable drama without feeling that there must be a better wov for -ocielv to square accounts? ' * We are hardly better off today for having had the spectacle of Mrs Hahn grovelling in her cell, collapsing on the way to the electric chair scream mg frantically for help while the guards strapped on the electrodes. Nor *ho s nt th° n V° a ^ e '- er Sle<JP at " i811t '° refl6Ct °" ths woman ' s 13-year-son. fs"on|^ e i1ve"!° ^ y ° Ung mimT 3 P ' etUlS<; 0 " n h^ e that7ill°go n w\ih him Unavoidable, all this? Of course it was unavoidable. Given the laws ulat W6 have thG unHprstanHirtfr tVnt t»»A «„ , i . *- v«*wc.iowiiu.ijig uiui we nave 01 crime and punishment tlie J "^™ ct ^ e re ? ction w<l have against a "y°ne who takes human life coldly'and without passion all of this had ;o happen. Yet to admit thaat is no at aU the same as to admit that this, was the best way of settling things ?<: vr^ 1 * 1 * • '° d j^ d itself a S ainst man >' things, for hu:nan°civilization hum™ h • C ? nou . s e °«ice. It must defend itself against violence, against the loS ^T SS Pnma! "f ge t0 aC ' "" sc ™P«'o^ly in order to reach a desired vr o temL ^^ StatC ° f develc ' )mem we «>«* use violence to pre- J*^I al S? '^;? 1 ?. im .P° rta "'. '«>. One of these value, HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS fc M. Re*. \J. a p»t. Off. p ... ~ By DB. MORRIS F1SHBEIN ' **——— E«l»or, Journnl of the American Medical Association, nnd of Hygein, the Wealth Magazine Unnecessary Hmrying at Work Helps Carbon Monoxide Get. in Your Blood This Is Hie fourth of a series «f five articles on carton monoxide poisoning „„„ |,ow it im.v avoided. The New York State Department of Labor has given special consideration to carbon monoxide poisoning, and has issued the following advice to be adopted when difficulties occur: 11) Keep windows up as mm-h as possible. Do not permit the engine to run and di.scnrgc exhaust gas direct- y into the air of the working room t.very workman should have a flexible tube which can be attached to the xhaust pipe, and through which the exhaust gas may be c.'irried ou(- loors. Ci> Remember that carbon morio- <idr gas hii.s no smell. You cannot .herefore, know if carbon monoxide ,M is in the air by th- smell of the eoom or by cloudines of the atmosphere. <•») If you suffer with headaches , -- with , | report the fact at once so thai the 4 Mr conditions may be investigated [ and proper ventilation established' I 0> If you do not feel, well see . a doctor at once. You may be particularly .sensitive to carbon monoxide gas. more so than the others. In that case you had better change your occupation. It is not safe for you to bo exposed to even very small amounts of the gas. Do not hurry around uneces- sanly> at your W0 rk. The more exercise you take, the more carbon monoxide gas will get into your blood. It one of your comrades faints gut him out into the fresh air at once ^ut blankets under and over him and i-urround him with hot water bottles or hot bricks. Keep him warm at all -costs or he may develop pneumonia. Persons who become asphyxiated with carbon monoxide gas are peculiarly susceptable to pneumonia Ui I tile gas company and an am- bu anee at once. You must always -all both of these, because ambulances T'e not equipped with resuscitation patient should be given artificial re- pnatmn by what is known as the Manual" or "Schaefer" method Everyone wroking j n industries vnere there is a possibility of exposure a carbon monoxide gas should be fain liar with this method of resusciat- °n. It is easily carried out Anv ne can learn ho wto do it. H e ,* hus by his knowledge be able to save someone's life. If the Schaefer method of artificial respiration does not produce results it is now a standard procedure to administer, together with the artificial respiration, a mixture of oxygen and small (inanities of carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide stimulates the brain center associated with breathing and the oxygen will help to displace the carbon monoxide fro mils combinat- A Book a Day By Bruce Catten Thimsctny, Docemb'er 22,1038 S<> You Wmit to Own n l)o(r? Lei us say that you live in » city Cor in n suburb thereof) mid Ihnt you would very much like lo own a dog but don't because you feel thnt n city is no fit place for a log to live. If nil of this is the case, then you should rened "How to Raise n Dog," by Dr. Juntos Kinncy and Ann Honeycut (Simon & Schuster: S2>. For Dr. Kinney. n prominent New Yok veterinarian, bluntly reverses the popular conception by stilting flatly that a city is 11 swell place for a dog, and that most city dogs nr healthier, happier mid inn with the red coloring matter of (lie blood and thus give the tissues of the body opportunity to recover. better eared for than country dogs. After nil, says Dr. Kinney, the clog has beeti domesticated for so-me thousands of years. He is used to artificial environment. The old urge- to chose his prey mid live » savage life in the wild has been pretty well bred out of him. He has been living in cities quite as long as man lias, aivl lu> is every bit as acclimated. To be 'sure, the metropolitan dog owner must know how to care for his pel-how (<i feed him, |, ow to ,, xc ,,.. rise him. how to train him so that he wilj fit into city-life. But the job is pretty simple, and this book provides an excellent blueprint for it. "How to Hnis-en Dog," then, is n useful sort of book. It should bi- added Dint it is nU 0 a plonsnnt, slyly humorous one, with a James Thurbei-ish air which is not entirely due to the fact that Mr. Thurber has provided it with n perky set of illustrations. WAR i JMV V If you've declared W ar against Homo of those odfls-aiul-eiuls that are clotterinR up your home, it's time to do simc-thing about it. A Hope Star Want Ad will fight the battle for you—{Hid win! It gels results fast and very cheaply! • Said Yoitr Clarified Ad hi/ Mail or Hrhuj lo Hope. OUR BOARDING HOUSE ...with... MAJOR HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY YOU'VE BEE MISSED DOWM /XT THE CWL«e>CLLJB LATSLV, MA^OR-^-TM' BOYS H/XVE <3OT SO USED TO YOU UOT BEiW AP?OUSJD THAT IHEY'RE JlNaUN 1 7HEIP, CHAMQE RfQHT OUT LOUD iKJ THEIR -17 POCKETS/ EcSAD, HUBERT*^-MV TIME HAS BEBM ABSORBED WITH /v\v MEW AMP STARTLIMG IWVEMTION—v -JHE MAr.E OP DETAIL. AMD RESEARCH THAT IS REQUIRED WOULD SWAMP THE AVERAGE IMTELL-ECT AMD A SCIEMTlST OP MY REPUTATION CAMWOT AFFORD ~TO FORGE A PRODUCT THAT EW- coMpA'SSesTHe'SLicjHTesT FLAW -DURIMC5 MV 30 YEARS IM THE FIELD OF IMV/EKJTI^E SCIENJCE / FAILURE HAS WEVER SULLIED i" ESCLTTCHEOM / By J. R. WILLIAMS E TALKS BIGGEST INVEMTIOMS IM THE WORLD- 12-22. FOR SALE-7 week old pigs. 3 months old pigs. Male Hog Service Ramsey. 21-3tp • FOR SALE - Holiday Specials — Shampoo Set and Dry 35c; Oil Shampoo and Set Dry 65c; Manicure 35c- Eye Brow, Lash Dye and Arch 50c- Cocktail Facial 50. Stuart's Beauty Salon, Phone 752. Jan 7 Pd. FOR SALE?— Steinway Grand, slightly used, Big Saving, Home size, almost perfect condition. Beasley's, Texar- kana - l3-to-24 T- "_ _ Lost LOST: One bay pony-mare 6 years old, about 750 pounds, good shape, and one black mare mule, about 10 years ?i d jf lbs ' Strayed fr01 " farm near McNab. Reward offered. W. F. Gilbert, Washington. 20-3tp "The More You Tell the Quicker You Sell" • You Can Talk to Only One Man • Kant Ads Talk to Thounvid* SELL-RENT BUY OR SWAP All Want Ads cash in advance Not taken over the Phone One time-2c word, minimum 30c Three times w Six t,mes-^c word, minimum 90c On?mSn^& ' Rates are for continuous insertions Notice minimUm 50c NOTICE—Specials. Guaranteed Oil Permanents $1.50 and up; Shampoo bet and Dry 50c; Lash and Brow Dye 40c. White Way Beauty Shop, 119 Front Street. IM-Dec-30c JAPANESE ROYALTY HORIZONTAL 1 The wife of the' Japanese emperor. 12 Melody. 13 Native. 14 Flat round plate. 16 To slay. 17 Public storehouse. 18 Too. 19 Island. 20 Rhythm. 21 Wild cherry. •22 Bashful. 24 Part of foot. 25 Wrathful. 29 Scandinavian. legend. 02 Light brown. '33 Duet. ^•5 Moccasin. -35 To deem. 37 Clan group. 38 Fury. •iOPrayers. 44 Sloping way. (Answer to Previous Puzzle) 48 Dinner. 49 To run away. 53 Bitter herb. .54 Seed covering 55 Engine. 56 Gaseous element. 57 Her husband. Emperor 58 She married him when he was of Japan. VERTICAL 1 Goddess of discord. 2 Flour factory. 3 Most pallid. 4 Foe. 5 To surfeit. 6 To mention. 7 Back of neck. 8 Vigilant. 9 Proverbs. 10 Measure. 11 Bones. 12 Her eldest son, Crown Prince . 15 She has little with the Japanese people. 23 English ivy. 26 Knock. 27 Cuckoo. 28 Demure. 30 Monkey. 31 Aperture. 36 Metallic alloy. 37 Recoiled. 39 Oleoresin. 40 Indian nurse 41 Elf. 42 Couple. 43 Coin slit. 45 On the lee. 46 Lunar orb. 47 Confined. 50 Indian. 51 Italian river 52 To make a mistake. Services Offered SPECIALS —Permanents 51.50 up Shampoo set, Manicure 85c; Shampoo set, Eyebrow-lash dye $1.00. Vanity Beauty Shop. Phone 39, 117 Front Street - 21-26-c Wanted WANTED—Good ued wardrobe trunk Mrs. David Davis. Phone G80. 22-St-p. Salesman Wanted MAN WANTED for Rawleigh Route of 800 fa'm'ilies. Write today. Rawleigh's Dept. AKL-118-SA.' Memphis, Tenn. 22-1 tf Today's Answers to LCRANIUM CRACKERS Questions on Page I 1. False. Scapa Flow is a British naval base off the Orkney Island. 2. False. A caliper is a delicate measuring instrument. .'i. True. Deaf-mutes communicate- by a .sign language called dactylology. '!. False. A beagle is a hunting dog. 5. True. Ophelia was loved by Haink-l. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES V)EU. . HOW'M I OOIW? BOY' OF What a Life! GET SOIN' --AND IF PAT POSSE KETCHES UP WID L)£ — VOU'LL i BORM THIF^TV VE^RS 1DO SOON ,—J" \ \- ALLEY OOP By EDGAR MARTIN FOOZ-l'M SO I I'LL BE THERE 6LAD VOU / B'.IT I CJOM'T BOYS ARE ( KNOW ABOUT OOP! COfAIN&ToVHE'S GOT Ml PARTY -. , xWORRIED/ J~\ VITEO Foozy's Worried L. A BIT Lf poOH POR HIM! UPSET, AN 1 THERE'S.) HE'S JUST A MO TELLIN 1 WHAT f JEALOUS WAV H^PPEK WHEN OLD = HE WMITS OOP GITS THAT 4 SORE- } TO ACT LlKE HENO.' / A WORM, I D0^4 1 T CARE! WASH TUBES By ROY CRANE 5000 WATTGE'iSES /KV 30 BOUNDS EACH THAT'S 43'TOSIS. , ^ HOLY SWvOkE! AKJ'HAV IS I HELTON 'I he Btltun Home Demonstration club met at the home of Mrs. Victor Hampton on December 14. The meeting wa.s culled to order by the president. The scripture lesson was read by Mi.vs Cltiudie Roberts the 14th chapter of John. Prayer wss led by Mrs. S. F. Leslie. There vviis 18 answered to the roll jll. „ The business part of (he meeting consisted of assinging the homos for the club to meet in 1939. Mrs. S. F. Leslie gave a very interesting talk on the AAA program after which followed a Christmas tree which was enjoyed very much by all. The club will meet in January 1939 with Mrs. J. W. Siddons. I recommend that you .see it at least 20 times.—Bernard Shaw, approving his play "Pygmalion," in motion pictures. r •" **r- I r ••n-iV,--ivr",'-'!rs»fc, -^^^r • | \ 1 X^SJHRlHEaSa FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS He Put It Over ji-*v PINNY-WE OUGHTA BE GITTIN' CLOl WHERE WE'RE Nor OM YOUR. LIFE ' 1 LIKE TOUR SPUNK/ IF THAT WANGLE Kid IS TAKIN© ADVANTAGE OF HIS POSITION , IT ISN'T FAIR/ THEN YOU'RE NOT GONNA FIRt ME ? MYRA NQRTri. SPECIAL NURiSE THIS IS IMTERESTIWG/THE FIKiAL SHOOTIMG SCRIPT OF "WAR MURSE" ^-""'KJe tOVIELAVEffE... AKJD AT THIS "DEDICATION!.' Reinstated /" He's A RICH MANTS SON, ) Gee, BUT MY STORE < MR. CAN SET \ SIMS, AU3NS WlTHOUr ) YOU'RE THAT KIND , /A sweu. oc BUSINESS/ /ees—ER- - A FINE MAN/ / THE PRICE SHE HAS GONE UP, -5EWOR. ^Kiy^^jjiv.. L m.jft.b. U. ^ PAT. Otf.^*"; By V. T. HAMLIN I'VE WADE &OOW I'M SUCCESS? 1 CAW MAPRV C^ROL U^ViV'l ?2<SJ I'fnSTs 1 \/ ^.^ JS W ««ni I PREFER. BEING, A SWELL. EGG NOW WHAT ARE >t>u GOING TO GIVE THIS GIR<- OF YOURS FOR. CHRISTMAS Surprise By MEKK1LL WELL , YOU <X> DOWNSTAIRS \ <SOSH, MR. AND PICK SOMETHINS OUT OP ) SlMS--- STOCK-.-ANO ITS ON ME I ) HONEST? 'GEE, I SUESS I'D BETTER PICK SMELLIMfi fe^' ^^ f r ^ /, i&* ftg, IMC. T. I r ^ £ ^c ^ Ar TT^^O- "SK*$six8i 'M /MUCH S3^p»3«s w «?« B *«oSg; -6D AT LAST THIS THIWG IS BEGINNING i .!2~^ HE S&J3E.' WHATEVER THEY PROFESS TO BE, THE "DOVES OF J PEACE" ARE DEFINITELY NOT V PACIFISTS.' AND THE4R. OBJECTIVE I&.TO KEEP THE WVJOR. FROM JG THIS MEW PICTURE: ,-* By Ray Thompson and CharIes"Coll WELL.VOUWG WOMAW' WHAT IS -THE MEAM- INCb OF THIS?' m ,1

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