Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on July 6, 1903 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 6, 1903
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DISPATCHES INDICATE THAT POPE'S DEATH IS EXPECTED HOURLY. THE WEATHER Chicago. JuJy 6. —Missouri and Kansas—Generally fair tonight and Tuesday with high temperature, • variable winds, mostly southerly. . ADD CHI Ilulter—Creamery, 16@20; dairy; ir >(?riS; eggs, 12%@14%. SRESTOeOKEN AGED PONTIFF PASSED THE NIGHT ALMOST ENTIRELY. WITHOUT SLEEP. ed (hat those who might be ellgable candiihatcs for the chair of St. Peter would not have many regrets should the w'ay bo left open without more delay. These insinuations are energetically repudiated. s. HIS STeENem Rome, July fi.—Pope Leo is dangerously ill. Ho i.s^ suffering from a cold, with bronchial complications, which bo contractcd'Frjilay while taking an outing in the Vatican ground.'', and his condition is such as to cau.'^o gravo DESPITE ADVICE OF PHYSICIANS POPE INSISTS ON MOVING ABOUT. "No Doubt I am -Near My End, But I Want to Die in thi; Harness," He is Reported to kave Said. A8 .<i(j>oiato<l rresa Di.'^iiatch. Berlin, July O.^All Rome dispatches published hero roprcsont condition as hopeless. the pope's Associated Press DLspatch. Paris, July C.—A dispatch from Rome .«;ajs the doctor.s attending ilio l>ope informed a Vatican ofllcial con-1 fidentially this morning that if the pontiff takes nourishment hourly he concern among those nearest to him. Dr. Lapponi considers his i^aiient's health so precarious that ho spent last night within instant reach of the pope'.<; chamber. The aged pontiff, feeble but courageous, refuses to bring himself to tiie strict regime his physician earnestly presses upon him. lie insists upon Iceeping* up, in a measure, the activities of his ofllcc, which are so near to his heart, and cojmbats each new restriction jhis advi.sers would throw about him as a van.'jiiard to his health. A sn.ggo:=ii(jn made last night that consiiliaiion of iihysicians be called was met with an t^mphafic negative PRESIDENT OF FRANCE RETURNING OFFICIAL VISIT.or KING EDWARD. DEMONSmm HT DOVER MOST IMPOSING NAVAL DISPLAY EVER SEEN OFF THAT PORT. RACE RIOT AT EVANSVILLE, IND., OVER A THREATENED LYNCHING. French Cruiser Bearing Him Passed Through lines of Battleships and Cruisers 2^' Miles Long, A.'^iioct.nlwl Press rHsDatoh. Paris. July 6.—President Loubet loft here this morning on his way to Eiig land to return the recent otllcial visit of King Edward. may last for some time'but that if he and it was only after much importun- abstains from .«:o doing for only three Ing on the part of Dr. Lapponi and hours all will be over. Associated Press Disimtok. Munich, Havana. July C. —Canlinal Rampolli, the papal secretary of state, has telegraphed to Papal Nuncio here (hat the condition of the pope is grave but not hopeless. .^omc of the cardinal.s that His llolli- con.scntcd that Dr. Mazzoni bft summoned. Kven then it was his warm personal regard for (ho great surgeon tha( bnnight the ipon- tiff over, and not a reaIl7 .ation that his condition demanded any unusual step of this .sort. Associated Press, Dispatch. Rome, July C, 5:45 p. m.—For the i first time since the pope's illness took a serious turn Dr. Lai)poni ventured u) leave the V-atican this afternoon for an hour. The fact aroiised hopes. All those who have seen the pope arc| struck with his indomitable energy. "No doubt," the pontiff is reported to have said, "I am near my end, l)Ut 1 want to die in the harness." A VANDERBILT HURT. W. K., Jr., Was Investigating an Accident to His Automobile When it Exploded. Paris, July (!.—W. K. Vandcrbilt, jr., is confined to his lied as a result of a serious automobile accident while touring near Paris. Something went wrong with the machine and Vander- ))iU got down to Investigate. While lying in the road, partly under the machine, there was a sudden flash and an explosion, and Vandcrbilt was badly scorched. It is believed he,is not ihysic- As.sncliiti^ Press Dispatch. . • Dover. Eng., July ti.^The P'rench cruLser bearing President Loubcr, was sighted here at ndon through a double line of Hrilish battieship.i and crui.s- crs, o.\t;endiug two and a half miles long and forming the most imposing naval disjday ever seen oil Dover. The French- steamer passed in. limmense crowds lineil the sea front, wljich presented a gala aiipearance. The president arrived at Victoria in the afternoon and was accorded a great reception. He was met by the Duke of Con- naufehl. The route was lined with troops and crowds and bands pl-ayctd the Marseil' Tlie United Stales European scpiadron arrived off Dover this morning and exchanged salutes with the castle. ROOFS HORRriNG TO SCENE A MOB OF 2,000 BATTERED DOWN JAIL DOORS IN SPITE OF RESISTANCE. Company of Armed Negroes Marched Through Streets,' Shouting, "Down With the Whites." Associated Pr^ .Dispatch. Kansas City, July 6.— steady. Native steers, $;l and heifers, .^S®4.:;.=>; feeders, $2.7.5 (jr4 .50; bullsj calves, $2.ti5f/ G. Hogs—10,001), steady. packers, $5.G5 ((BJ >.i lu.TO^.'j.Ta: light. $5j60 ers. $5.7y'ft'.").8a; pigs, ?5. Sheep^l .OOO, strong. lambs, $o.:{0@tj.45. Wheat—Jiily. 07%; Sepi No. 2, hard, 71(f/.72»; No. 4. 51@51M:; rejected, 61 red, 7:5; No. ;;, 70. Cj)ni—July, 4nyi; Sepi jHeaVy, ^^Mo 70; medjnm, ?5..S,"); y'lirk- !J0@5.7p," Muttons. $3 DEAD IN YESTERDAY'S CLOUb- &URST AND FLOOD At OAK- ; FORD PARK, PA. A SCENE OE DEVtSnlTIOli CO'-i; taish] C714; pSi &G2; No. 2,1 VALLEY ' TO cas FROM OAKFORD PARK WILMERDIRG IS A WASTE; . J TO PREVENT LYNCHING. Negro Charged With Murdering Deputy United States 'Marshal Spirited Away.. Assbcl.ited Press Disp.itch. Guthrie, O. T.. July G.—John Williams, colored, has been captured in the Osage Indian nation, charged with nninlering Deputy United States Marshal J. 11. Jones, tiiere Saturday. The prisoner was moved to Shav.'nee to prevent a lynching. GIRDLED THE GLOBE. Associated Press Dispatch, ^ Rome, July G, 2:4.^ p. m.-^The pope seeiied somewhat prostrated after a rather exciting morning and is now permanently hurt though the enjoying a mnch no'^ded sleep. A '-i"-'' -ire reticent, bulletin issued this morning by the pope's phj'sician follows: '"Although his holiness passed the night almost without sleep, ho Is not no uneasy as ho was yoKterdrty. The pope haw been benefited by nu injection of dlgllnllrt and camphor and iht rondilUin <»r his chest is nornml. The,-f> is a slight cotigh, with .some catarrhal emissions. Sufficient nourishment lias been taken. The ])ulse is still weak; but not intermittent and (he temperature Js below normal. The condition of (he august patient therefore cannot be described as better, btit it is certainly no worse." Insists on Directing Things. The amelorlation in the pope's con- dirion this morning was so unnatural considering the gravity of his.illness, that'it wtis feared that possibly it was only the, last flickering of the vital flame. During this bright interval the pope rcsnmed his habits of' command and }nsisf.ed on giving orders for the preparation of the brief appointing Monisgnor Volponi as secretary of the THREE TOPEKANS HURT. Men Were Injured by Falling Cornice at Plant of Continental Creamery —One Will Die. Associated Press Di.<ipatch. Topcka, July G.—Three cmplpyos were injured at the Continental Creamery plant tliis m.orning by a falling cornice. Frank Rosjetler and Ralph Chaut were seriously hurt but will recover. Arthur Dahlene will die. conslstorial congregation. The pope insists on staging up and walking at in(;eryals, sajing that weakness is the •wdret part of his illness against which the ijest remedy is activityi In Vatican circles thiere seems to be dissatisfaction' becauise of the rumors In circulation to the effect that those In au- thorltj^ Iruilcad of proventlbg tbo pope troti ovexiaxlttfs his fallinK itrcnglb, ha^^.for ^thdr own purposes urged -hint, ccHQtrptry. to bis pbyislqian's'advice i^^uyr^hjBr ivortton.: Ii Ma. been blot* President Roosevelt Sent Message Around the World in Twclye Minutes Saturday Night;^ Oyaier Hay. N. V.. July G—Prortl dent Roosevelt sent tlie flrs( n)«< to (lovcrnor Taft over the Pacific cable at ]0 :riO o'clorlt Saturday niglit and received (Jovernor Taffs reply at 11:19 o'clock.' At ll:2fi o'clock tlie President started his message arouiul the world to Clarence Mackay. who was with the Presi<lent in Oyster Ray. The president's mcs.sage to Clarence Mackay went by way of San FrancLsco Honolulu and Manila, and was receiv ed here at 11:.15 o'clock. Following is a copy of the telegram sent around the world bjf the new "Commercial Pacific cable of the Postal Telegraph Cable system: comphny's Oyster Bay, N. Y., July 4.—Clarence H. Mackay, president Pacific Cable Company, Oyster Bay, N. Y.r Congratulations and success to the Pacific cable, which the genius of your lamented father and your own enterprise made iHJSsible. —Theodore Roosevelt. The actual time occupied in handling the telegram which traveled a total distance of 25,S35 miles, was tweho minutes. The answer to President Roosevelt from Clarence H. Mackay,^sent around l^ho w(^rld. occupied nine and ouc-baif ininutes.and was as follows: .; To (.ho president. Oystof Bay—I tbankiyou deeply for your message, and I oarocstly bopu i^t the Paoiflc cable, jby opei\Ing the wide bori»)n of tho gi^eat Eaat, may prove a lisoful factor;to tbo commorco of tbo Unltod StA ^,T >Cl«reneo il. Mackay. THE "STRANGLER" AGAIN. A Murder Committed in Denver Last Night Suggests That He Has Made His Appca'rance. Asjiwiiitod I'rws DHpatrh. Denver.. Colo.. Jtdy G.---Mabel Brown, aged 20. was f<niiid dead In her house in .Market Ktroel this ni (uiiiiir,. Her hand.s wtVe liound and there wa^ eviileuce tliat slie bad been stran;;lel. There is no clue to liie murderer. The case strongly suggc .'^ts a series of murders by strangulation which took place in this noighboriiood some years ago. Evausvillo, Ind., July G.—Race prejudice lietv.ocn ilio blacks aiul whites l)rou.^hl on reign nl terror here Sun- (biy wiiich lias not ended. All of last niglit and all day yesterday armed niob.5 threatened tho lives of ciliztfis. Gun stores wore broken open and weapons anil aniniuniiion were taken by the lilacivs and whites. The c(mnty jail is partly wrecked, an angry mob of 2.0 <tO white .T having broken in to hunt for a Miick vic-'im. Tbo vvall was forced with a bartering ram. The. negro dives were raii.sacked and shot to jiicces in the seareh for bl.acks and an ariii'.-(l coinjiany of drilled l)lacks ir.arcliod tlirnugh tlie streets threatou- iiig the lives of all whiles. The gov ernor ordered out the troops to protect property ajid quell the dis urbaiice. At daylight iliis morning ]u() arinc'l wliiio men started for :i powil-jr magazine near the city to secure explosives v.-ilh which they Ic- clared thoy would blow up Die eiiliro negro colony of Baptist town, a suburb of the city. Today all is quiet. The tronlile which has lieen brewing for months, came to a crisis Frid.xy, v»-heii hoe Brown, a negro, shot anti killed Patrolman Massey, wlio. was trying to arrest him while iient on ulie murder of a man with whom ho had qu.-^rreled. Tiireats of vengeance were followed by the surnuinding of the jaii. The negro was secretly renioveil from the city yesterday and taken to Vinciiuies. Patrolni .TJi Massey died in terrilde. lagony and yesterday morning crow<Is refused to credit the statement of ofiicfals tiiat the negro was not in and liecMmo threatening. Twenty- five policeincu were moltoiized in tho jail and repulsed the first attempt to force an emrance alter the gates were crushed in. A teienhone pole was used as a battering ram .ind the jail window.s gave way. A committee was apiiointoii to searcli for the negro but its report that lie v/a-s not in the jail was not believed and forcing a lireach tli<? mob iioiirod into the corridors. Finiling .its vi'"iiins gDue, tlure was a iiy of •Icill the negroes," and arms were deiiiaiuled. 1, No. 2, mixed, 4Gi/t white, 47 ',A (r('4S; No. .3. 47 Oats—No. 2, white, aS. Rye—No. 2. .".0. Hay—Choice timothy, prairie, JDiJilOl .JU. Buiicr—Creamery, 17(5j:i9; fancy, IS. Egi^.s—Fresh, 12. ' reach v$2.')0,0(iO. Reports 44V.'0%: f6n; No:i2,| A .s.'«>cl.nted Pro.'s.i Dispatch. Chicago, July G.—C:| Native steers, $4'f7 .'j .40; s| feeders, $2.75fI4.t;i); cows ?i .r,o'fi ,4 .ri(i. Hogs—21t,000. Top, 4 Wheat-July, 77'/i: obK" 7 ."i '-s; old, ij7%; Dec, 75%| May, 77%Ti; Corn—July. .W/j: Seiit., 4:\-^: May, 4' JM!^'>%. Oat.s—uJIy, 4<",-:.; Sept, 3o%: May, :i7>s. Pork—.luly. $ir,.-,u; Sep|t I.ard—July, ijs.lOTrs.lij $.S ..'iU; Oct.. S .22y::. Twenty Bodies Have Been Recovered —Property Damage $700,000— List of Known Dead. - $11; choite dairy. coinint in ttle—23,000. |toclvers^ and and heifprs, bulk, 77 Va; Sopt.. ; old, 7u%; Asso<sl.ited Press DLspatch. , Pit fsburg, Pa., July 6;—^A' message : has been received irom Jeanette, a, short distance east of here which says (hat a cloudburst struck tjjat place . last night and the Oxford - Park dani. I near Jeanette, burst, engulfing an ex- . cursidn party on troljey carsl The loss of life is reported to be from seventy-five to 100. As soon as the news, of the disaster reached Pittsburg a sjecial train wais maile up and a representatlvei of thia Ass{>Hated Press left immediately for the scene. St. J.ouis, July G.!^C P.eef steers, $.'!.7 .".®r>; stackers .arid| todies'floated by during the night, s cows 4"<1 heifers,-I feeders. $2.73(7i'l; ?2.2.'>fl4.2 .'i. Hog.s—l.r.oo. Pigs, liglijt, i ').77 >Ci$-*>; packer.-;. $r,.sitf(i)r>.90; heavy, $5.'.tOf; (J. Wheat—No. 2. rod, caij 7Gti: track, 7;>'<7SO; July, 7171: Dec, 7.j->;; No. 2, Mird, 74ff;70. Irving. Pa., Juy 6.—The greatest property damage done by the flood In Brush creek wtis in this,' vicinity, the loss falling most heavily'on the Pennsylvania railroad. The estimated loss of property at this place willTt is said, reach. $2 .")fi ,000. Rports ^loming' in show that every bridge along Brush' ittie _^4,;^00. 1 creek was washed away. Several V-: Sept;., h eIov.-.ior, 7Gy,; SiivL. The man who is lost in.thought is never found in dudo clothes. Oil Boom Breaking Out Here. The northward march of the oil fever scem.<5 to be' getting to a malignant stage here in lola. Yesterday four oil companies were organized here antl today or tomorrow two more will be charterejd. A new plan is being followed in- some of them. Instead of buying land j or paying a royalty, the owner sellsi his land to the company taking $100 in stock for each acre, thus jnaking it a co-operative arrangement. Tho companies are not yet ready for. announcement, but they have holdings that mean development from Humboldt to Neosho Falls. Another new wrlnklo In the local situaliou is the Soutlicrn Kansas Development Coiupany, chartered yesterday. N, P. Acres, Harry Thompson anil T, K{ Kellay, of lola,'and J. R. Edmunds, of Decatur. III., arc Its organizers. Ijbo eompany U not^ an oil eompany, jbut gxt>ocis to as agent for foreign corporations wbicb cannot 'do huiinau jUi' KAIIMS. A company of ;irni- ed negroes, arnusecj' by I lie race Inmb- jes!^i :ircbed iliroiigli I lie si reels shoiitw itif; "down Willi Hie wbile,^." .(iiid ihrcateniiig death to alf if ilie nifirro w .T» lyiKtiied. Thi** sliuieil a iiin!i. for Kv.n .-Jloreit by tlie wliiie .H. Tlicy wenr br<;l:eii opt. 11 and I'tii rilk-.^ .nml revolver.-; Willi uiiiuiiinitloii were sej/.i ^d. The moi) ru.shed through the streets hunting iiegroii.s. The armed company of negroes had disjiersed. All blacks had fled froni the streets and when tlie rioters failed to find their victims in ibe streets the resort of Budd Fruit was attacked and shot to pieces. From ihis time on throughout the' night there was continuous shooting. The actual fatalities aro not known. On« iiegro woman is knov,-n to be dead and a boy named Logan was shot and .seri- ou.sly wounded by a negro. The mob which went through tho streets in- halatcd r.hc negroes, did not stop to insjiect its work and" th(^ excitement :uid ccmfusiou jnevcated the houses from beiiig searched for the dead and wounded.' From Friiit's place, the whites started on a march to Baptidt town. As dawri began to break they commenced rushing pward the powder magazine. They were uiiabic to get Into the magazine and continued on to. the negro settlement. Arriving at Baptist Town tjie mod riddled the negro dives with btillets. Several persons were \^'ounded and a few reported killed. T^oiisands of shots were fired during i tho night. Tho. nogrourt after tho flr»t display' pf roslBtanco scaitcrctl and did not baUo a atant; again, iril IlcoInK in terror. One of the incidonu of tho night was the firing by npgipoe^ on ihrU wbitoB seated on tbelr front pprcb In Tblrd ijtreot. pno of tb^, negroes said:.' ^'Tbenr tit^ Corn—No. 2, cash. 48 >4; CJVJ: July, 4SV4 ; Sept., 49'^® is. Oats—No. 2, cjish, 89; 41!^; Sept., .•i3%;;No. 2, w Pork—$15.90. tan*!-$7. Lead—Firm, Firm. t 'jJtO. $4.02%. some damn white folks,' »V !'ocIhtod rre.<;.s DI.<Tj.itch. 'Jeariette,'Pa.. July 6. —^At noon to bnltchers, best "^^^ it-was estimated that the loss of life-through yestenlay 's * cloudburst and flboil at Oakford Park will reach seventy-five. Twenty bodies have bden r<?covQred. Many are foreigners and have not been identified. . Dawn broke today on a scene of d«- va.'^tation along Brush creek , valley. From Oakford Park to Wilmerdirg, ; taking in the towns of Jeanette,- Pepn, Larimer, Groensburg, Irwin, Bu'rrell and Manor, the awful power of jthe rushing waters is apparent on:>II sides. The damage to property jWj^ not bo less than $700,001). while >lbo track, 4Syi track, 4t)@ | jiite, 4:Jli;44. 0. at tlie trio, liit. None of tlie SISTERS FOUGHT TH They Used a Garden Hose Spelter -7- and with these ^vords the blacks liegan firin| number of lives blotted out is stUl nn- jvhites \veTC certain, estimates running all ttfe way f.'-om ."lO to l'>0. Almost with the first streak of daylight a bureau was operi- E Fl RE. j here where the names of identifled ' dead recovered and missing were Veg- and .Saved i-stered; together with a description of Some Furniture in a Night Blaze at Kansas CityJ \.Hjii» X'r>-!iH .DiHpatch. l<:iii:.a}i (j'liy, July G.—In ^iig liin nJKlit that destroy liou .se ai. SI. .M:iry's cenu dliiiiiiice' Trom tlie center 1 lialf a (|i )/,eti .'Aij <iern of el tlic House :of lli.r Cood SI ;<M| III fijrlying HK ; flaim aid of a gardi.-ii hose. Thij ed Romf of I be furniture burning building. TRANSPORT IN TRQ The Sumner Struck an Reef Near Manila and • i Be Beached. ited Staies on board * Ma:iila, July G.—The Ui transport Sumner, havind the' Fourth infantry, struck an un charted reef and her forward liti|d filled rapidly, necessitatinj^ Several bcjng beache<l. ward plates were broken the vessel l)f her for- G. A. R. AT LAWRENCE. Washington Post Rescinds Action and Reunion Held There After All. Assoc Jatod Press Dispatch. Lawrence, July G—Washilngton post, G. A. R., h»s rescinded the passed three weeks - ago state department to reliev and city of Lawrence from union of tho Orand| Artay, bcun not for Lawrence. T^o orlgliki nut ion Wii6 taken bocau^o t not fool liko calling on tlij I^Mion .after tboir liberal st^ totbu flood, Slncu^bon d mrohants bayo mado up ibtj aebi >8«(iry mno iff' guarantee oi^u* ur. I be bodies recovered but not Identified. A revi.sed list of the identlfleii dead so far as known follows, 'but it may hi\ days before the extent of the disastercan be iletormlnod:- ,MLsH Gertrude KocfcK ag^d 24 yiiirs. Jeanette; Kato Kocfor 's jjlsler; if llie city, rU'inluK. stable boy: beorge arily froirt xvhllmtin West Jeanolto; Mrs: Levi epberd .nsi Haker, West Jeanette; John McGur- ki'v. .1 ^0 (1 40, West Jeaiietto;. George Williams, .aged ^•"J. Jeanette; "Alex. Victor.;Jeanette; Mrs. Nlgg and four childrcn,\West Jeanette; negro boy; j<laugIitor of Fred Davis, aged 1^, West' j Janetlej Mrs. Schrader. aged 70; Miss Lucy Grum, of Jeanette. The F ^Kt i )f the missing is long and inclu(ieS Councilman John C. Light and faiiiiiy, of Greensburg. a fiiv dun bd Sealf);n;it tery, .soiiul s with thq y also sav- from tho UBLE. ; Uncharted Had to'. A BRIDGE GAVE WAV. -. Precipitated Fifty People Into the Water, But Only One Was Fat, . ally Hurt. ! its Fornjer Will Be < resolution iisklng- the tho post ttliofairrc- which Ha 10 UOiit did 0 bU8ill <}Sfl bsciilnticjns numberfof Associated Press Dispatch. j . Richmond, Ind., July C—A message from Fountain (Xty says a bridge over }!«olan's Fork gave "way- tod^y precipitating fifty people into tte • vater, Luthur Horn was Ihc only on fajlaljy burt The others escaped -with.! juries. Blight in- HOBERT GROSE FREE. West PJalnee, Mo., Man : Held For Murder of John Newberr/, Clear*. ed of Charge., Aflwwiatfd Preaa PItipatolK ; ; * ' HutclimHon. Ks„ July 6.HREob«rt OruttB was cloarod of a chargo 9C mi^^ dorlng |ohn NcWb«rry. on Juije iiih and 'wa| to^lay reloa<«d. txom

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