Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 22, 1938 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Thursday, December 22, 1938
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s s . S fl t4 if. i m ji Kf if •i John T* Hynn Says: Says Fascists May Capitalize U. S. Rebuff »y JOHN T. FI,YNN NBA Service Sniff Correspondent Ic-il inl?Hkn f0i "' Ctl tllt l c "n^ ki »K°f the Limn Conference would be u lact- "-•" mistake nro now saying iliey were right. April 1938: Rift Organization Bill for U. S. Defeated Lower House Rebuffs the President in Crucial Tost 204-190 ANGLO-ITALIAN BID Britain and Italy Make Up —Daladicr Head Man in Franco Clinpler Four ,,f a AlonlJi-Jiy- IMonlli Kcview of IIKI8. By VOLTA TOUHKY AI" Feature Service Writer Late one Rray, rainy April day, the Democratic Ilou.se of Representatives delivered what Speaker Bankhcad had warned woidd he a "lethal blow" to the Roosevelt administration. It voted 204 to 1%, against recognizing the U. S. government. During I lie dramatic debate beforehand. "Paid Uevere.s" had galloped | ( > Washington, and Hides Committee Chairman O'Connor, who fought the bill and later was "purged" from office, declared: "It is the biggest issue I have ever seen." That some month the President his 12th fireside dial, sprang his $'>,- Omi.000.000 spending and lending : sault on the recession. The shape of things to come in the summer and autumn was becoming clear to perspicacious politicians. There was much said, meantime, of whether the vice-president had or hadn't advised Mr. Roosevelt to "give the cattle I meaning business) a chance lo fatten." With Mnliicv Toward Some April's cables from Europe were portentous, too: Britain and Italy kissed and made up. Edouard Daladier succeeded Leon Blum as pukka sahib with virtually dictatorial authority in France. Konrad Henlein demanded indepeddence from the Czechs for Sudeten GeiWans. And in Poland and Hungary, as well as Germany, there was yammering about C/.cch frontiers. Through April's mud and blood-, Spanish insurger >s sloughled their way t othc Meditcrr. ".am, severing Catalonia from the rtst'Vi 1 die* ioyaiusis' hid, and Caudillo Franco figured the war was nearly won. In Chinas Japan took u licking at Taiefhchwang. "Liberty in Europe is being murdcr- V L> d," a laboritc lamented in London. "The prime minister is the undertaker waiting to bury the corpse." But Commons refused, li.VJ to 1!">2, to censure Mr. Chamberlain. Iieichsfuohrcr Hiltcr, meanwhile, let Germans, including ex- Austrians, vote for hi'm—and was 99 per cent successful. Babes in The News Opening ball games drew The conference holds within U agenda a mixture of ethical, fe'eo graphical and economic problems which are not easily soluble. Alway: in situations like this most of lh< speeches are made around the gren moral issues. But behind them the economic issues arc usually the ones, which dominate. The first objection lo the conference before it Was arranged was bes- ed on (he contention that the administration is not looking realistically a'l the South America with which wa.s about to confer. Ucinncriitiv Hearts Here The United Stales of America is t democratic country with a century and a half of wholehearted devotion to the principle of republican government and the great rights embedded in the Bill of Rights. The United Stales, therefore can work itself into a throughly sincere lather of hatred of the thing called fascism, which is flowing in Germany and Italy. But South America has no such history. It h n s had and still has here and there, as in Colombia, a democratic government. Everywhere it has the ex ternal appearances of republican states. But the dictator is no novelty in South America. He is no novelty there now. In Lima, where the conference meets, (hero is a dictator whose powers are hardly less extensive than those of Mr Mussolini. In a lesser degree this is true of South America's greatest stale—Brazil. To expccl Soulh America and particularly South American governments to fall on Mr. Hull's shoulder and join him in a good cry over the wrongs of democracy in Europe was a little too much, to say the least. If South America has any objections to the regime of Hitler, it will he founded on other grounds. They are grounds which have special reference to the peculiar needs of the various South American countries themselves. Trade not Founded on Affection ^ If Brazil Irades with the United Slates it is not because she loves the United States but because she needs trade as we do. Incidentally, we trade with Brazil for purely practical reasons and our love has nothing to do with it. The same thing is irue of Brazil and the Argentine's trade wilh Germany. These countries want that trade. They do not want to do anything to throw it away. But" they have another interest. Germany has been behaving rather badly within their borders. They do not like this. They, indeed, resent it. Also this German problem has gotten mixed up in their politics. They hwve.no fear whatever Oermav. invasion. The only thing they fear is the disturbing local cffecls of certain German activities. Thi is not something they think belong in the field of inter-national tract mcnl. Critics of the conference fcl from the beginning that Mr. Hid was running into almost certain rebuff Now that has happened. Star VOLUME 40—NUMBER 60 WEATHER. Arton.saa-..R a in and warmer Thursday night; FrfdaycfedTprobably vain, warmer in northwest. HOPE, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 22. "yj.^ t AnjtvAiNSAS, iilUKSDAY, DECEMBER 22 1938 "" ' • , - ' PRICE 5c-COPY - IIAL1LENDSJREATY TnnntaliAurtt bund l. t ^+ . _*• _ ~ — o . Goodf ellow's Fund Will Take Care of Destitute Appeals Grandmother, 78, 6 Motherless Children Ponder About Santa 1 OF SEVERAL CASES Distribution of Gifts, Started—Fund Reaches $477.55 Thursday By LEONARD ELLIS A 78-year-old grandmother sat Inursday and pondered the question of whether old Saint Nick would return this year. She knew there was a Santa Claus— because in years gone by Sanja had never failed to visit her. But this time—wilh Chrislmas only three days away—she was facing a new experience, a sad, bleak situation that looked hopeless. The grandmother, 78, and feeble was not alone in her thought of record crowds. "Of Mice and Men" won the New York drama critics' prize. Women with strapless evening gowns combed their hair up instead of down and read "Fashion IsSpinach." Songs of social significance caught on. And the the news was movie most in "Birth of a Baby." ' Mrs. Oliva Dionne had another baby Yale Prof. Abraham White. IK), announced isolation from the pituitary gland of a pure protein crystal that causes the mother instinct. Jackie Coogan sued his mother and stepfather for $.1,1)00,01)1). Albanian King ijog married a half-American Hungarian countess. Henry and Clara Ford celebrated their golden wedding. Dr. Francis E. Town.send was excused by the President from ,'!U days in jail for contempt of congressmen. Socially prominent Airs. West on G. Promo and her daughter. Nancy, were found clubbed to death on a Texas highway. I'ickcts anil Progressives NLRB ordered the previous summer's steel strikers reinstated. Pickets collecting dues closed auto plants. Michigan's Gov. Frank Murphy sped home from Florida to settle a power strike. President Huo.se veil put the railroad problem up to congress. And Wisconsin's Gov. Phil La Follette unfurled a banner with a strange device—an "x" inside a circle—in the hope of rallying progressives together under it. Birds came north. Su Lin, baby panda in the Chicago zoo, died. And Gargantua, biy ape in the circus, became American Animal No. 1. Baial Put Up With Money Retrieved From Stomach TEXARKANA, Ark.-When Tcxar kana police answered a call to a downtown hotel the other night to quell ; disturbance, a woman snatched Iwo 520 bills fri/in' beneath a pillow and swallowed them before officers could stoi her. She was charged with drunkenness and her husband with drunken- nss and disturbing the peace. Then police called a physician, who poured a hoi solution down Ihe woman's throat and used a stomach pump to regain the $40 in currenccy. Wednesday police handed the couple $15 change, after they had forfeilcd bail bonds totaling $25. Wl'A Funds Near End WASHlNGTON-(/l')-In view of a disclosure that the WPA will be oul of money by February 7, scnalc and house loaders arranged Thursday lo confer with President Roosevelt on the amount of an emergency appropriation. John L, Lewis, CIO leader, de- chired one billion dollars .••ceded for relief purposes until July 1; bul estimates on Capitol Hill ranged from 500 lo 750 millions. Cotton NEW ORLEANS. - (/?i - January cotlon opened Thursday at 8.38 and closed at 8.41 bid, 8.46 asked. •. Spol collon clo.std steady throe points up, middling 8.60. Some of the following .statements are true. Some are false. Which are Which? 1. Scapa Flow is a South Sea island volcanic peak. 2. A fiiliper is a surgeon's in htrumcnt. 3. Dactylology is the jnelhod of communication between deaf, mutes. 4. A beagle is im innkeeper. 5. Ophelia i.s a eharacler in Shakespeare's play, 'Hamlet." Answers on Classified 1'uye MIND Your MANNERS T. M. Reg. U.-S. Pat. OH. Test your knowledge of correct social usage by answering the following questions, then check against the authorilalive answers below: 1. Should a man tell a girl he is dating about the "cute number" he dated last week? 2. Should ihc would-be heartbreaker boast about his conquests? 3. Ks it. good manners for a man who dances well lo keep excusing his dancing? 4. Is it necessary lo cover your mouth when you yawn? 5. Is il good taste to brag about a lurid pa.st? What would you do if— You arc taking a girl out for the first date with her and you arc eager to show her a good time? <a) Ask another couple lo . double-date so she will not be bored? l Iji Ask her what she would like best lo do? <cl Plan an inlercsling evening, leaving lime lo talk? Answers 1. No. 2. No. 3. No, fur he is just trying lo drijg out compliments. 4. Yes. 5. No.—and very adolescent. Best "What Would You Do" so- lution—(cK (Copyright J938, NEA Service, Inc.) She had company. Beside her sal six motherless children. They also were thinking of Christ- las. The mother of these six children died several years ago. 71i c grandmother and her son, who is the father of these six children, has been unable to obtain work—except a few days the past several months. They have come a long way on his meager earnings. They have "man- iged to get by" with the necessities of life. But Christmas is here al hand. The purse is aboul empty. It will not be ample to provide the Christmas joy that comes to most children. The oldest of these six motherless children is a youth, 15. Thc others are girls-the oldest 14 and the young- —— It's a Great Life at Lima Parley, But They have no way lo earn be unfair to publicly esl six. money. It would identify Ihis family i n need. The above is some of the mere facts ui the case, which is typical of other families which will be taken care of — thanks fund. With the major drive for to the Goodfellow's funds completed, persons who have not contributed have only three more days. They may leave their donations ul eilher Hope bank or at The Star office. The task of wrapping and distribution of gifts was underway Thursday. Some deslilulo cases wore being taken care of wilh Ihe sending of food and clolhing in advance—wilh Ihe majority of the gifts to be distributed Saturday. The Goodfellow's fund climbed slowly as only five dollars was received up to noon. The total fund now stands at $477.55. Previously reported ———— Charlie Cox Mr. and Mrs. W. J." Jones' John Guthrie Mrs. J. L. Jamison Total •§472.55 ... 1.00 2.00 1.00 1.00 S477.55 Argentina Blocks Pan-America Pact South America's Greatest Power Objects to Any "Alliance" LIMA, Peru,-(/(>,-The Argentine government balked lale Wednesday at full acceptance of the completed draft of a "declaration of Lima" proclaiming continental solidarity and co- perativc defense of Ihe Western hcm- isphero. Agreement on the measure seemed iicar when chief Argintine delegale (Continued on Page Four) Late Hours, Many Parties, Constant Changing Clothes Delegates Appear Likely to 'Be Killed by Hosts' Kindness ANCIENT GRANDEUR Pan-American Conference •Haus Touches of Spanish Formality By WILLIS THORNTON NBA Service Staff Correspondent LIMA, Peru,—The worst fate likely lo overlake an American delegate to thc Pan-American Conference is to be killed by kindness or smothered in ceremonial. Lingering traces still remain of the courtly formality which made Lima fpmous when it was the capital of all Spain's New World empire. And the Peruvians set a pace which has al- , ready made several members of the' American and other delegations holler "Uncle!" In thc first place, Lima keeps late hours. No one dreams of dining before 9, and official banquets ge started as late as 11. That means that they can't decenlly break up before 3 a. m. And the^ American dedegation has a meeting every- morning sharp on the stroke of 9. A week of that makes a tough grind. In addition, official delegates have to make more clothes changes than a vaudeville artisl, for every officiai function requires a specifi dress. One delegate from a Central American country confided he had changed into full dress (white tie) five different times at hours varying from noon to 11:30 p.m., each time to meet President Bcnavides as a member of some delegation or other. His country being one which does not provide the foral gold braid diplomatic uniform, he had to resort to tall civilian dress as the limit of formality. He enjoyed meeting the President formally the first two or three times, he said, but hoped ardently for a more informal occasion laler. All Kinds of Uniforms The Spanish viceroys of 300 years ago would be fully at home in the atmosphere of resplendent ceremonial that fills Lima in 1938. Two magnificent gold-and-red coaches turn out for the official reception of new ambassadors. Thc coaches clatter through the streets preceded by a troop of lancers in glilering brass helmets and playing flourishes on trum- phels in Ihe French manner. The slreels swarm with uniforms. Peruvian sailors in exact duplicates of the American naval uniform fool you until you remember the American' naval mission which trained them. Regular Peruvian army troops in a uniform exactly duplicating the French training. Police, in a smart khaki gelup with red facings and red-lined capes at night, suggest their Italian supervision, especially one body of special shock police who wear the sombrero with the front of the brim cul away in Ncapolilan slyle. Smart Argentine sailors from thc cruiser Almirale Brown, in white duck trousers, blue blouse and English-type hat, roam the town, whiIt- through the holel lobbies stalk Ar- gentinian officers in hussar coals and thigh-length patent leather boots. Peruvian naval aviators, and cadets Are Weakening .., ..., v ^ mm ., J Notifies France Tunis Agreement 'No Lojiger Valid' Mussolini Tears Up Agreement as to Italians in Tunisia 'Berlin Protests Ickes' bpeech— -Reminded of Own Bitter Tirades BERLIN, GormanyH/RHA strong German protest over a speech by Secretary of the Interior Harold L. Iddes attacking dictators was submitted to the acting Secretary of State by the German charge d'affairs in Washington, * was earned Thursday in foreign office circles. ? uarters said Germany re. 11 tatement as " impu!ient ©Run-Off Primary Vital, Says Bailey Confusion Would' Follow 1 Failure to Enforce New Amendment LITTLE 'ROCK the forthcoming legislature to* run-off primary law would cause "ut- cr confusion in the administration of our election laws." A' constitutional amendment adopted at the Wovemhpr cmnnv^i «i__i- . pass a ,,, genera! electio » Pro- that only candidates receiving a V ° te new amend- Bailey said that another ..... „ ment transferring jurisdiction over probate 'matters from the county to the chancery courts probably would ne- increase in the number of Coster's Suicide NotebPlaintive Swindler. Puts Blame on Others in His Farewell Message (Continued on Page Three) Little Girl, Seriously Asks SantaJJpare Her Life Scores Rally to Mercy Parade in Giving Blood to 101 ear-Old Girl Confined in Nashville, Term., Hospital Avarit asked Santa Claus to give her life—and scores rallied to the good saint's aid with offers of the blood the 10-year-old girl must have if she is to see other Christmases. The hospital where Gladys lies a victim of aplastic anemia, a lethal blood disease, made public this simple, oral 'lelter lo Santa Claus': "I don't want Santa Claus lo bring me anything this year except something to make me well. Doctors explained that "something to make me well" is blood for repeated transfusions through the next few Weeks. The Nashville posl of ih e American f husky Legion- narics to the hospital for tesls. Bul others were touched too, and firemen, policemen, plain citizens by Ihe dozen joined Ihi.s mercy parade. Many were lesled and attendants said Gladys was assured thc fighting chance plenty of blood can give. One of the donors gave blood in a transfusion and more such operations will follow as needed—dozens more, perhaps, before Ihe final answer is known. As for her nol wauling anything else, kindly Nashvillians refused lo lake thai seriously and dozens of dolls and loys and other gifts were heaped about her bed in ihe children's ward. bornPhdipMu,,,;,-;;,-^:^ note made public Thursday "Bankers, lawyers, audiiors. ; ,p- iried , auditors, ap praisers and incompetent high-salarie The amazing swindler who shot himself to death i,, his Connecticut home when his activities were discovered said lie company which he headed should have been in receivership at the time of its crash one year after reorganization. Mrs. Wallace Rogers, of McCaskill, Dead Mr.s. Wallace Rogers. 40. wife of a McCaskill merchant, died Sunday in Cora Donncll hospital at Prescott after a short illness. She was buried in friendship cemetery the following dav with the services in charge of the Rev W. H. Stmgle.v. Baptist minister. Mrs. Rogers is survived by her husband, tw,, children, a daughter, Willie •ray. and a . . _ . Lo,\ie Pardcn; her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Bub Stone, two brothers, Windale and Pal Stone. » « «• They Write Books, Too SOUTH BEND, Ind.MV-Thc "Fighl- mg Irish" of Notre Dame univcrsitv university claim also to be the "writing Irish. Twenty texlbooks written by professors at (he university are on sale in the school book slore here. Republicans Hit TVA Investigation WPA Funds Nearly Exhausted—New Amount Is in Dispute W A SHlNfTO r\T, (/i~*\ A t~> i . ' ' **. i tCpu ul li'ilj] charge of a one-sided investigation '^"^...? h ™ A »y to the possi- Bailey disclosed that the assembly would be asked to authorize payment of Havel expenses for revenue depart- n ent employes on a mileage basis eliminating use of state-owned automobiles. Bailey asserted that the proposed drivers license increase from 35 to 50 cents would not mean addcd taxation io» thc 1937 compulsory repealed car inspection i i • i *uoj_jt:i;uur law which requires payment of $1 annually He made no recommendations on either proposal. ate I -1. ., •* "•* n»u JJUA; bility of further congressional clebu "ii the unsettled, many-sided controversy over thc Tennessee Vallcv Authority (TVA). Three minority members of the .senate-house committee which concluded the lengthy inquiry Wednesday asked more funds for a "complete" siiuly. Force Chinese Aid by U.S.and British Chiang Kai-Shek Threatened to Turn to Russia of Dictators HONGKONG, British Crown Colonv -i.-l'i Gen. Chiang Kai-Shek has compelled the United Slates and Great iJniam to face thc issue of maintain- my a lice and independent China In talks wilh British and American ambassadors the Chinese leader made il plain that if China did iioi receive encouragement from the democracies she would turn either toward Soviet Russia or to the totalitarian states, possibly seeking easy peace tei'/nS through iConlinued on Page Four) To Select Cast in AmateurPlayHere Hope Dramatic Club to Meet at Hope City Hall Thursday Night Thursday night al 7:30 in the cilv Iiali building the Hope Amateur Dra'- inatic club will have a 'meeting to cast Ihe Booth Tarkington comedy raw nr<= " "The Travelers. Experts are agreed that "The Travel- rs is a very amusing comidy mystery and should afford forty minutes entertainment. Several years ago this play was produced m Little Rock Wore capacity houses three successive nights. The make-up and lighting arrangements arc most effective and are an important part of this production At the meeting Thursday night the various parts will be discussed and portrayed by a former member of the cast when it was produced in Little Rock Each part in the play demands quick thinking and an excellent casl should be found to portray these parts Any person in Hope is eligible to try for parts. The characters to be selected are: LaScra. a Sicilian guide. The Chauffeur, a villainous looking chop. fa Mr. Roberta, a bluff, new rich American business man. Mrs. Roberts, a nervous, youthful looking matron. Jcssee Roberta, a pretty girl of IS The Pallid Man. Marie, a (Sicilian woman. Salvatore (the man with a scar) Mrs. Slidell, a hysterical traveler. Freddie Slidell, a good looking 1 American youth. . PARIS, France.-W-The foreign office announced Thursday that the r™ 1 ™ 1 * had notifed Fr *nce the ambassador at Rome that Italy considers the 1935 Mussolini- Laval 'convention concerning Tunisia no longer valid." The convention assures Italians in e r righ tto Italian citizenship It also defines the borders between Tunisia and Italian Libya, and . the borders between Italian Eritrea and' Drench Somaliland in East Africa. Officials declined to disclose the text of the Italian comlnyunication, or to give any indication of the action France ma ytake. Great Spy Hunt LONDON,, Big. -iff) - Official -reports reaching London Thursday as- , sorted that "approximately 1,000" arrests had occurred in insurgent Spain m a great spy hunt which authoritative persons hero suggested might affect the entire course of the Spanish civil war. The arrests were a sequel to what London informpnts called "The case of the dirty shirt." The shirt in question was found in the baggage of Harold Goodman, British vice-consul at San Sebastian, when he stopped at Irun, on the French border, last Monday. Inside was "incriminating information" which led to the arrests. Reject Nazi Protest WASHINGTON.-m-Sumner Welles, acting Secretary of State, disclosed Thursday that the United States had rejected Germany's demand for an official apology for Secretary Ickes' speech in Cleveland last Sunday attacking dictatorships. Welles told Dr. Hans Thomsen, German charge d'affaires, that the request came with singularly ill-grace and impropriety from. 1 a government which so persistenlly permilted its controlled press and officials to attack American leaders, including Presidents Wilson and Roosevelt and present members of the cabinet. The German Protest Talk Took Alice CENTRALIA, lll.-(/P)_A IdnYbslone in a cemetery near Moulder, 111., reads: "Alice— first and last wife of Thos. Philip. Talked to death by friends." A Thought Men fear death, as if unquestionably the greatest evil, and yet'no man knows that it may not be the greatest good.—W. Mitford. 2 Shopping Days Till Christmas T OOKJNG BACK TO CHRIST•'-'MAS TWO YEABS AGO— U. of Wisconsin prexy Frank fighting ouster move. . . . Face of Literary Digest still red because of THAT POLL. . . . Britons stunned over voluntary abdication of King Edward. . . . P. D. R., Jr., Ul in Boston. "You Can't Take U With You" laying 'em in the aisles. . . . "Gone With the Wind" outstripping in sales the equally bulky "Anthony Adverse." . . . Sit- down strikes were spreading.

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