Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 15, 1912 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 15, 1912
Page 5
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. TUESDAY EVENING. OCTOBER 15.1912. of Every Purchase Considered Here Our service jnafntains ycur end of every sale, HART, SCHAFFNER & MARX, STEIN-HLOCH AND SOCIETY BRAND SUITS AND OVERCOATS represent the kind^ of styles the critical buyers of this country.are! lookint.^ for today. Look at the models lliis fall. We know j^ou will like them. All the new style Suits—Chesterfield Overcoats and Adju.-^table Cpllar Ulster> ettes. New colors, new weaves. Suits $18 and up. Overcoats $18 to $25. Plentv of other good Suits and Oveivoats nt\$10 to $16.50. .lust arrived—a new .sliipintMil of Klorshoim Shoos —the now Stride and liuster toes. I'l-ices $ 1.50 and $5.00 New thing's in every depurlineiit arearrivlnj>' daily. Do not fail to see (hem. In our new hx'alion in Famous Building;. SIIFE IMEOr EIIDS mum M SEB ES Gives Instant Re!ief, Cures and Prevents Catarrh and Cold In the Head. iWHEAT DULL IN SPITE HFIB nOKM >'S STOrKS SIIOWKI) IN( KK.VSK AM> AIDED HKAKS. i-MtU' ami illojrs Km-l|>ts lifavy aud I 'rifPs Hold Firm in tltf Fare <if the Larjrt' Sni>|>lj. The qnickfst, het-t and safest way fo care catarrh <>r a cuM in the h«'sil is by usraij s remedy that will "toutU-UiP Rpot" and do f its vriirk quickly without leaving any bad effect-s. .Kly's fn-aai Halm, whicli is applied to tht; ii.istril.s or rubbed on tho throat or <ho >t p<-ts right at tho root of tho trouble and iji ?iantly relieTes even the vorst «'aso of catarrh or cold. A lew min- ntea after aiMdii-d you can feel a loosening up in tho ht-ad, tho paia aud soreaess are gone, the Bi -n^e of tuito. siuill and hejinng come bark, aud you Icel hko a dillereat person. Ely's Cream Balm cleanses, heals and Eireugthenstho inflamed iiieiubrane.-:, takei away that stuff '-d tip fi-»-liu(;"and dull pain in the head, ri-lieve:< the lliroJtt soreuess uudhUi )i .s nasty dLscharpe which is the caiiNo ff tho dis :;usiiii;> hawking, spittint;, blowing of tho Ji 'so. aud foul breath. Hay fever viulims wlio ate mado ujir«ra1ilo lij lits of Mieczing, coiigliiug and whcc/jng pet iuslunl and pi riuuncut rclitf by the toe of this Fimjile remedy. r l>ou't»'afftrnijo(h< riiiinufc. Kly'sCroanj Balm will rcUevo yotl iimnediakly, andn fiO leut bottle will more than I'ktly work a compl'jlo euro. All Urug'^'ibtii sell it. Special Agout—S. K. Biirrell. <JHA>D n {0(;i{A >r IM.FASKS. Chicago. Oct. 1»J.—Diminished' rou- (•••rn regarding the Hulkaii war iind I 'xpeiclalions of a liberal iiipreas<- in «world slocks weakeix-d wheal prices- today. Tilt- opening was to V* off. Dec.-inbur started at to 9414 T/ ^ lo Vi lower, and kept near th«lower lever. Fine weather made corn easy. Kansas r{|T.('ntlu. Kansas City, Oct. 'l.";.—Cash Wheat, market unchanged to Ic loA'er. So. 2 hard, !»0i5l94: No. 3. SSV.f(S9; No. :> red |].it4ir« l .(»7: So. 3, !tt;ffl.<ir.. Close —Dw. S-t'xffjSHVi: May »:<%fr>4. CORN—Market irregular. ' No. 2 mixed, r,Uir,:i: No. :!. Ku-f/CS; .No. 2 white, nHfifiSV.; No. :i, 0 .')(?i (iS. Close— Oct. 4;i';; Dw. 4'.»Vf/4ya4; Mav 4'."v>, OATS—Market unchanged to '•'.<• up. .Vo. 2 white. :{4f(,'.4V.: No. 2 mixed :« K«'ceip»s of wheat, 152 cars. Dry hora.'iiides, ~'>c to #1.2.". each. I'oiiy and colt green sailed hides,' 7r ,c to $l.r.O each. Dry llitlfs FIa«. Dry flint 2:!o per pound. Dry flint fallen 22c lb. Dry Salt, 17 cents per pound. IN'Hs. Dry fiili wool sheep pelts 12 to 14c per lb. Green salt sheep pelts I'.Os to $1.25 Green salt sliearllng 2.'. to .'.ijc e.ich. Angora goat skins to Tr.(r eadi. Tallow. No. 1 Cc; No. 2 5c. firoase. White .'•.c: yellow 4"ic. llocswax P.rieht 22 )o 29 cent.s. Scrjip Iron. Country junk, mixed iron. |T Oit to $10 per ton. Kniios Couniry .iunk hones $15.."iii to $lS.r.o. W«»l—Ktiiisii.x, \oliniska. Okltiliiinia. Ilright inediuni. 22 to 21 1-2 c U>. Dark medium. 2ii lo 22e lb. Light fine. 17 to <!» c J^^ Heavy tine, l.'i to I'c vtT >V»iil: Colorado. >cu .Mexico .V Tr.\a«i Light medium. 20 to 2:!c lb. Light fine. 17 to 20c lb. Heavy line. I'l to 17e 111. Angora moiiair. 12 inonllis 2" to 280 11). MnF MIEIIOIlNGilED" BUY FARM IMPLEMENTS CHEAPER THAN CANADIAN FARMERS. J CAMPAIGN LIE IS NAILED Investigation by State Department Give* Facts and Figures, and Michigan Manufacturing Firm Adds Evidence. "Farmers Buncoed by the Tariff," is the title of a publication industriously circulated among farmers by the Tariff Keform bureau of New York, a free trade annex of the Democratic party. It asserts that American-made farm infplementa are sold In Canada at a lower price than they are obtainable by American farmers. The purpose of the statement is to prove that the American farmers are made to suffer through the operation of the protective tariff laws. The statement Is false. Plows.; planters, cuUivalors and other farm j implements made in the United States I cost twonty-flvo per cent, more In} (Xanadu than in this country. 1 Tho free trad« advocates who try i to mislead tho American farmer, do | not know, apparently, that there Is aj I o-callcd anii-<iuinpinK law in Canada | wher»>by an American ntanufacturor • cannot sell in that country at a lower' price than at livme. ; S-lOO Nelson Piano, .ak ctise. .sro.od tone, a beautiful piano— tljfi'l just like new. Trice ^^i"c/ • New Bradley & Son Piai. • (sam- pleX beautiful plain i.iahogaii: .-ase —a masrnificent Piano. *dfiA Price. ...5P10" Good Organs, .$6, $8. $10, $15 to $50 I —I Official Facts and Figures. In addition to this, they arc also Ignorant of thu fact that the United Stutet governinrnt, through Its board of trade relations in tho state department, has niado a thorough Investigation which disproves tho false .is- serlion. It issued under dale of .May Hi. lyiO, a document entitled "Comparison of Prices of Agricultural Implements in Canada and the United j States." which shows that Canadian farmers pay more for American farm machinery than is paid by the American farmers. Here are some of the llguref: H-lnrli, steel-tx-am walking plow—price In Norlli Uukota. fJZ; pricu In Manitoba, fJS. - It-inch sulky plow with lift—price In Oiilo. Vty. price In Ontario, J55. l«-lnch Xortli I>akola sulky plow—prlc« In North Dakata; ^z, price In Mlnltoba, | men know, hfccauie th.y remember WAITING TO SHIP WOOL TO THE U. $. Australian Sheep Raisers Anxious for Democratic Victory. •N" ~ l -'roni tlu- Glass, .nv. .M.>:it., IniU'pondonL Tile Hon. .Uniie.i I'.ryce. itiiti.-<h am- bassudor to tin- rnittd States, has l .L -i -u in Australia thi:- siniinu.r. and in a receiii speech ;it .\;eib<:i:rne he cheered tile hearts of ti-.e Australian wool growers by telling lUal there .Avas pros- PL'ct of an early P; ;luction in the, .American v.ool tariff. This, he predicted, would mean a largi; increase in the wool experts from Australia to llit! United Slates. The ai !5ba .-5sador is right. That Is just what will happen if the wool tariff is lowered, and the Moulaua sheep JMooth ..=prins tooth harrow-prlco In ' 'hio aiiJ Mil hlt;an, J17; price In Ontario. $:;2. S-foot. li"-lncl) disk harrow—price In N'orth Dakota. JOS; price In Manltoh.i. $15. !v-fool. l"! .slnsl« disk Kentucky drill— piico 111 North Dakota, iV^it; price in I Aliir .iloha. »H". r l:idins ciiitivi.lor. portable nxlc- price in Ohio and .MMilgan, ^ai; prloo In Ofl- tarl... $3.S. lla.v louilrr. nike b.Tr—price In Ohio und Mlclim.wi. iirlio In Ontario. JTO. what happened in lil't .vhoa wool ivasn't v.onh anytliing and when sheep wi re worth even l^•^•s. When the Democratic menfoers of the ways and lull ;iiis coininitlee of tli.- hoase, in the recent session of congress, presented :i;i 'jr wool bill for con.-^ideratioa, they claimed that it would increase tho iin- p .-.T 's of wool into America by 100,-! pounds. j I'.iit iliere can he no inere.iso In th« ; Tomorrow at 10 a. m. $2.j50 and $3 .00 Charmuese Silk Vfaists. tomorrow only, choice $1.98 First. Kr.ide fiuin waKon-prkv [".Vorth rt <)n:.i!Hi (>tion of wool and tlie Amer- itaii grower is wondering what would li ,-om.- of i;<0.oOii.oni) pounds of his Uukutu, price In .Munltol>a, Jlitt. Evidence Offered With Proof. rVRYlM. Tll.VT TIUKKY. Hen- are .Some |{iil"< in Time I UoM th. .Some Ifiil'x ill 'lhanksi;ii!ni;. knife and fork in Kansas Cltv Llvfslnck. Kansas City, Oct. !.->.—CATTI.K, re- eripts 19.000; market st '>ady. .Native LAFOLLETTE^AU; WITH DEMOCF^i steers $7 .(iO'fi 10.75; cows and heifers "Tlie Wheel of l .iie," Drew a (Jond Crowd ,I.a>t Jiirhl. Last nipht anotlier larse house s:iw the United ' .\iiiuseinent coinpany's production of t!ie two .-ict weswrn drama. "Tlie \Vhe.>rof Faje^"".. A pr.t- ty little play of ilio solil"lnin<>,. Ilie heart story is inosi eonviriefuf; ami the comedy of tli<- sort iliat never fails to please. New siie<-ialiie..; were introduced lielwe«^ii the .M-is a'id two new reels of pictures \vir<- sliowii. Making in all an hour and a lialf of good clean amusement worth many times the price of admission churgcd. ^r'-.S-'ifTT-'O; Ftockers and feeders $4.00 'ri7 ..->o; bulls $:!.SoTi.'..:'.".; calves $5 .00 Ti 9.00. HOGS—no<eipls 11.000; market was steady to weak. Heavy $S.00fi HO.",; Hackers am) butchers $8.80^ 9.o,".; light $6..^0f/T-OO. Chicaeo I.iiesfnck. ! Chicaco. Oct. I.'-..—f'ATTI.K. re- 'ceints t;..".O0; market weak. Heeves ; $5.Cofno.«iO; stockers and feeders $4.:;5f( 7.:;o; cows and heifers $'dM<ft ] s.oo. HOGS—Rf.ceii,ts Ifi.OOd; market ' ste ;«ly to shade hiRher. Light $.S.70'(l ;!>.3r>: mixed $X.70rtia.-l^'i: hyavy $S.(;.T •fi ri..'!7'i; pigs $5.00f/.v.«<(. candidacy of Woodrow Wilson. Women who bear children and remain healthy are those who prepare their systems lo advaiico of baby's coming. Unless tho mother! aids nature In its pre -natal workjthe IcrisU finds her system unequal to tlie demands made upon it, and she is often left with weakened health or chronic Bllments. No remedy is BO truly a help to nature as Mother's Fiiend, and no expectant mother should fail to use It. It relieves the pain and discomfort caused by the strain on th« ligaments, makes pliant and elastic those fibres and muscles which nature is espaudlng, prevents numbness of limbs, aSid soothes tho Inflam- matioa at breast glands. The system ielng thus prei)ared by Mother'^ Friend dispels the fear that the crisis may not be safely met. Mother's Friend assures a Kpeody aud complete recovery for the mother, and she Is left a liealthy woman to cujcy thu rearing of her child. Mother 's Friend is sold at irVLg stores. Write for our free book for expect, ant mothers which contains much ; -valuable information, and many.sug- gesUoBB of a helpful nature. ^ JUDfVU) KGCinAm AtUu. CK\ j Kansas Cilv I'roduci'. ! Kansas City, Oct. ir,._BUTTER— I Creamery 29c; first."? 2"!; seconds 25; I paeklini? stock- 21 22., H.iiY-rhoice tiniothv $12.".0« 1.3.00. P.ROOM COKX— $.-,0 to $100 per ton. Lead and Spelter. St. Louis, Oct. l,=i.—Lead, market weak nl $4.y2>.j?7-l.•».-,; spelter, market weak at $7.40. Friend *I.<K'al Marki'Ls. (Produce iiuoT ;ilions furnished daily hv CoKliill ('oiiiiiiission Company). 'P.UTTKU—2Ic per pound. KO^'.S -21c per dozen. POULTKV—Hens 9c; cock.s 4c; :prinKs i'c; ducks !)c; geese 5c; tur- kevs 9c; puiiieas 20c each. HOItSt: IIIDKri—$2 .00 to $2.7.5. l!i:i-:U IllDKS—10c. ((Jraiii (luotaiions furnished daily by .Smith D. Hay.) ^ fOHN—7."'C to SOc per bushel. K.VIT'Mt COK.N-S.'c |>er bii.shel. WHKAT—•'>0c to ,*!."«• per bmihel. O.vrs—40c per bushel. HAf--$t; to $7 jier ton. , ^ . . The foUowiuK (luotations are furnished by tho R I.. Cotield Wool Commission company. r>2t> to t;;iO Live .Stock K.xcliaii}:e, Kansas City. Mo. Kniisaii rlly Hide and Wool I 'rires. tlreen salted natives No. 1 14 l-2c lb. (ireen salted.natlyes .\o. 2. 13 I-2c !b Side brands over 40 lbs Hat. 12 l-2c. Hulls. No.^l native llUi' l>''r pound. Part cured hides H-'" 'ess than cured, uncured lo less than cured. Glue bides flat, Sc lb. Calf Skins, deacon SOc to $140 each. (rreen horsehides large, $3.75 each. Green borsebides. oiediuin $3 50. - Green horsehides, smalt 12.25. ••-J .»±!.<r,»(..--;" MANY WORDS OF Contributors to the Who Believe in President Taft. Rudolph^eprecjclOk/' Uuiioli)li Si.r<Hkks. tin- wealtliy San i-'ranci.-co new.-paiier imhlislier who lendered iipponant services to Robert LaFoIlelte lielnre tlio Itepiililii an national convention la.^t .lune. has lie- conie one of U'llson's stronttesf backers in tlie Onlilen state. Spreckles r-avs that the Tat't and I«iKollet;e Ile- uuhlicans In falifornia will unite with the IiennH 'raiR next nionrli and defeat the llDosevelt eleclons in Calilornia, Kvidence to tho same effect Is given i by the (iaie Manufacturing company • of Albion, .Mich., which was specitical- i iy cliaigcd by the free trade advocates j with selling goods more cheaply to Cau-idian farmers than to American | farmers. ; The secretary and general manager of the company, under date of Aiigust ::o, 1912, wrote to tho Tariff Ucform club denying the charge and threaten-1 ing to sue for damages unless the as-1 Portion was promptly retracted. The firm also wrote to the Republican na-' tional committee as follqws: j "Plowa. planters, cultivators and [ other farm machinery made in the. United States cost 25 per cent more,' luad. in Canada than in this country. Vou i It is rny deliherata Judgment" can stand on this statement, and if it writes a Chic.igo merchant •tliat Mr is challenged we can produce proof." " >• -T. The proof mentioned in this letter; consists of letters from retail dealers ihroughoutH'anada quoting the prices at which the proUucts of the Michigan factory are sold to Canadian f.-trmers. These fiaures agree substantially with those given in the government ptibll- cation. For instance, a planter wliich sells in Detroit for $40 costs $45 in Windsor. less than a mile away across the Detroit river, and a cultivator which sells In Detroit for $30 cannot be bought in Windsor for less than $:;6. As soon as free trade statements are subjected to the cold analysis of investigation their falsity is shown. It is an old proverb that a lie will travel seven leagues while truth isg putting on its boots. It is importaiit, therefore, that farmers who have heard the untruths of the free trr lers should promptly learn the real facts In the case. . _ - - an easy Aool under the Democratic tarilT laws. | ;,i:uin» r with th- hand over th< ' in -1!" .\early ;',0.000.00i) of that 90.000,000 is ' of the fork, p;'in down, forelin- r e.\.:;i</«.'i ri;;ht lierc in .Montana. It is no tended. viondei- tliat Knglaiid is urging tho The end of tlie drumstii-k should he eleciioii of a Democratic congrijss and: 'riminc:! to <<n»l.l>! tin- carver to liaml- tiiat London looks witli favor upon the straight .;nd unl- eijual portions tO : should be le fhem con V'l; lent!y Place the inrk;>y l.>« fore tlie carver wi:h the head to the h ft. Insert lli .f fork :'.cross the middle of CHEER I'reasthone. Cut tho skin between _ j "h" 'ji -i 'a? and thi>;h. Itend the leir Campaign Fund'"^"'" ""f ''°''>" Sarsaparilla Cures all blood luimor.«;. all eruptions, clears the coniple.v ion, creates an appetite, aids di.-rcstion, relieves that tired feeling:, jrivcs viijor and vim. it ioJay ill u.<u.>l liqui'J f.iim oi -Wouted )Ut>ieu coiled Safsatabs* The Kind of » Man He Is. A few months ago a little Polish girl at Erie, Pa., wrote this letter to I'rtsident Taft: Dear Mr. President:—.Myself and little brother aro cold and hungry. .Mother is In Jail. Wo are without food and wood. Dear Mr. President, can't ycu help us?" , What did tho president do? Kxcuse himself on thu ground of oHicial dignity, or preK )ccupallon? So. He answered the letter with his own hand, enclosing a crisp bill; telegraphed tho authorities at Erie, \Vho investigated ' the case, and before sun down returned the mother to her sorrowing children. By the way, did you ever read or hear ot Colonel Roosevelt doing a gentle, kindly, tenderhearted thing Uke that? iliroii.iiii the joint, .\e .xt cut ihrouijh tlie wine; joint from top of ilie sliouldi-r. To cut tlie lireast slan' i from the front of the lireast boti" Oti'i of the encouraging fac-j,iown toward the win?; joint, tors in the campaif-'u is tho Draw'Uie fork from tiie breast and asm expressed by the many contrib- j I'.ivide I'm' and winp. To get tlie ulors to the Republican campaign I .-"Hiine cut tlie 'urkey between the ' l.ody. .'iid !lie breast. ' Do not t!iake the first attemiit o"lore uuosl-^. Locate joints before %...,(,.,iM.^ lilt-. ..uuai u. mul. ..Jl, j , . ,1 I ,„ , , , ^ , ,, w . > cookiiii: li.vj niovin.c them, laft has been one of tho best prosi- 1 I (ients that the Ignited States has had in the last forty years and 1 believe tliat he deserves re-election." "We di) not need any change In the 5 residency." writes a Wisconsin con-i iributor. "and in my opi:;ii)n we are 1 not goins to have any cliaiise. Presl- i dent Taft is an honest, able and con- j scientious mun and he deserves and \v ;!l receive ft-'lection. In this locality the sentiment is coming his way." Hundreds of letters contain similai e :>.pressiQns of opinion. They show in every srctiou a strong; fe.?Iing that i President Taft's splendid ndministra i t:on has mado a dr rp impression and i that people do not want a cliange. Knd<.'avor to , form slices, for; r»ivide to serve ;each. Tne part. I' ' uncu'vetl :nvltin.:?. i Wiier .• .1 -o turkey is bclnftserired ' ' to a s. . iii'tiih .r, oarvc from on©'' .<ide (.nlj. »f. then may V,' tiunod and. : :,erved for .;n'-ther company racal. - ••• 1 Kach lur" Jii »houIu lo .-ervcd with ' fhe iTowii II n'.isi ;ttracUve aide iil>. Do r -t -se'I hnn' with a smalt atiioHiif if n iL on- i> ' ' '-i Tin less t. ii 'er cult are made more-T"' tender ii diviiled -jross the .itina. j .Avoid icow' chewing and other i down i t'acial contort ons. Wunf nwly. Tile i;,i.-ts should nev^r, glare at •1)'- i-a ,cr. •|".i. tk'llful liorti g enTOgcs tiie a|t- r V) : ,n of tl'.-:' guests while the host '•nrWs. C -sts asai ;t t'lic carver bj^ •; •i ->r .iinE; . referer"-- when asked.-^El-\ lor.i i.ockwocd i> . in Woman's i U 'grld fo.- A'^viirJ. t. I^OTIC STOVE OIL or DISTILLATE j A full supply on hand at 109 N^fth .Jefferson Avenue. President Taft's Dignified Attitude. From the Qnincy Ull.^ Whig: President Taft has old-.fa.shioned. hut n»;verthelcss admirable ideas, re- i garding the dlgility of his official sta- ! tion. He believes that it ilP bents .j B the incumbent of the high oRIce he j occupies to take the stump and argue i viih the people that they should reel.'Cl him. The^ record of his admln- j -lstration is an open bcok, and if that record does not commend him to the favor of tho country he will not go forth and importune voters to give hitu another term. Tho president's attitude Is an admirable one. Humboldt Refiningi Co. Telephone 725. IV|. Hungerford^;Agent No Deliveries Made on Less Than Barrel Loiz Dally No Trickery in Taft. From the Wilmington (Del.) News: Wo dont expect .Mr. Taft to re-1 sort to trickery, no matter to what lengths Mr. Roosevelt may feel Im-' pelied to so In that direction. .Mrs. John Kaff of Kansjis t^ity, who hiis been here visiting Mr. and Mrs. K. S. liennett. left for Longton Ihlsl afternoon. . Frank While, Proprietor. 221 Norili .lelT'^rson Tclephcne 550 AU Kinds ot Feed / Sold and Delivered o yA .ll Parts oi tlie City. Our, jirices are reasonal-Ie. .

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