Covina Argus from Covina, California on March 21, 1908 · Page 5
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 5

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 21, 1908
Page 5
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(local Events, %*- _ - - _ ^•y— •• • -- I. (J^^^^iS^^^v -- --.-""" -———.^, ^*^ ^^HBS*"^^v ift i ft I Mrs. A. H. Collins is ill. For Sale Four 4-gallon cows. William Hntne, Puente. 1 tp Dr. Shoemaker returned last week from a business trip to Alaska. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Smith of Nebraska, visited C. W. Tucker and family the earlier part of this week. First class chicken bone, 100 Ibs. 82.50. San Gabriel Valley Milling Company. It's a bother to cook when you are dressed up. Go to the Hotel Vendome. Mrs. Lloyd MoMillin of Los Angeles waa the guest of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Matthews this week. Mr. and Mrs. Lee and Mr. and Mrs. Martin of Lemon were calling on old friends in Covina last Sunday. Thoroughbred White Leghorn eggs for setting, 83 per 100. H. B. Ward, Charter Oak. Phone 1261. tf The Covina Co. will sell you a lot in the Covina Villa tract and advance you twice as much money as you pay for the lot to build a house. L. G. Vincent, who has been so dangerously ill, is improving steadily. At one time his recovery seemed hopeless. Lottie Stanton, who has been very ill with diptheria, and also suffered a serious relapse, is recovering slowly. The quarantine will soon be removed. Tbe recovery of N. J. Nelson, dangerously ill for the past two mouths, is now assured. It was only an iron constitution and good nursing that brought him through. Our citizens will rejoice to learn that David J. Overholtzer, who has been dangerously ill for tbe past seventy days, is once again able to be up and around. Tulare County Lands: 850 to •90 per acre with water. Undeveloped land in artesian district 920 to 840, any size you want, any kind of terms. J. H. Matthews, Coviiia. Phone 500R. H. J. Brittain, a former proprie tor of the Hotel Vendome, was visiting friends in Coviua yesterday. His many friends here 'will rejoice to learn that he baa fallen heir to'a substantial estate in the East. We count among our new arrivals this week, Mr. and Mrs. H. J, Henninge and son of Cedar Falls, Iowa. They have moved into the Daniels house on West Badillo street, neighbors to Mr. and Mrs. W. Q. Custer. Among the number from Covina who attended* tbe entertainment given at Lordsburg College on last Saturday night were the Misses Rose and Alice Hepner, Grace and Emma Overholtzer, and Mr. J. E. Goodson. On account of ill health, Miss Rose Hepuer has been obliged to give up her work at Lordsburg College. She would have been graduated in the elocution course at the close of ,Jthe present year's work. Report reaohea us that the going out-of-business sale, being conducted by J. F. Allen, manager for the Chicago Sales Company, on the B. F. Taylor stock at Gleudora, is proving highly successful. Notice their change of ad this week. Tho Woman's Foreign Missionary Society of tbe Presbyterian Church will meet next Wednesday in the social hall, when Miss Lilian Wood of Los Angeles will conduct a consecration meeting. The subject of Africa will be discussed by the members. Mrs. A. B. Rankin of St. Joseph, Mo., who has been visiting relatives and friends in Los Angles and Covina for several month's took her leave of Coviua this week and will shortly leave for hex home. While here Bbe was the guest of Mrs. Hibsch and Mrs. Matthews. Mr. and Mrs. S. Blum are rejoicing in tbe arrival from the East this week of a nenbew, N. SternbacL. of Orange, New Jersey, where he held a prominent place with tbe National Phonograph Company. Mr. btembaeb expects to make his borne for the present with bis relatives iu Covina. The entertainment given by the English Hand bell Ringers, under the auspies of the ladies of the M. E. Church, irj tbe Wo/nans Club House, ou Friday evening of last week was a unique and pleasing en tertainment. Every number (.n the program waa worthy of !h> esu-ores which they rereived. In addition to the inii.-i-.'al num'bers wt-te sew-i}..! well rendered K.-adiug-i by Mi-:.- Fold. The audience went a^a> with a feeling that they had rt-i-ri w-1 .-e\<-ral tiiues tbeir money's ui.itn. First class chicken bone, . 100 Ibs. 2.50. San Gabriel Valley Milling Company. Place your spare cash in tho Covina Valley Savings Bank, a safe investment at 4 per cent. Miss Charlotte Leland of Pomona was the guest on Sunday of Mrs. Will Griffiths. Mies Ida Vaughn of Cypress avenue is visiting at tho home of her sister, Mrs. J. Morgan, in Los Angeles. The. Amphioo Club will meet tula evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Chapman. Mrs. F. M. Douglass-of Hollywood spent Monday as the guest of Mrs. W. P. Watts. Mrs. C. E. Crawford letf on Wednesday for Stockton where she will spend two months visiting relatives. Mrs. Arthur Eckies of Redondo was up visiting tbe homo folks this week. Remember tbe Ladies Exchange and ice cream social today, at the J. C. Sanders real estate office. Mrs. H. W. Snodgrass and Miss Cora McKirahan are ill wilk ton- silitis. Mr. and Mrs. John Brunjes went into Los Angeles on Thursday evening to bear the famous soprano, Mme. Lilian Blanvelt. Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Watts aud Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Douglass attended the meeting of tbe Farmers' Institute at Whittier yesterday. Mr. H. L. Grieves, of Northfleld, Minn., was a guest last week of his old time friends, Mr. and Mrs J. S. Eckies. , Tbe ladies of the Christian Church invite you to the ice cream social at the J. C. Sanders real estate office this afternoon and evening. These days remind you of summer and of the delightful refreshments the Cbristian Church ladies will serve you today. Mr. and Mrs. Miller and children and the former's mother of a Fayette, Indiana, and Mrs. Oeborn of Whittier, were guests yesterday of Mrs. J. M. Whitsel. Levi Johnston and wife of Los Angeles and Theodore Johnson and wife of Marshalltown, Iowa, were guests last Thuraday of Mr. and Mrs. W. P.' Watts. " ' ' £ The Southern Pacific has decided to close the Charter Oak depot July 1. It is more (ban probable that the postofflce will be discontinued at thfl same time. ( Dr. Nicheler and W. G. Benedict, both of Pasadena were, iu Covina on Monday last looking at ranches with a view to buying, and were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Watts. Mrs. and Miss Ball of Buffalo, N. Y.. are house guests for the week eud of Dr. and Mrs. Jennings. Mrs. Jennings is entertaining with a luncheon in their honor today. A party consisting A. P. Korck- boff, Col. F. M. Chapman, T. F. Griswold, Geo. N. Atwood and D. E. Huff attended tbe Farmers' Institute at Whittier yesterday. They went across country by auto. / Mr. and Mrs. Will Grifilths are going into the city every day to rehearse for the Shrinero' circus. Mrs. Griffiths will be one of the queen's attendants aud Mr. Griffiths will be one of tho riders. Have you seen the Merry Widow bats at Miss Reukard's? They come in all sizes tyul colors. A good assortment of material for the ladies of the Brethren Church, also cap goods. Store open on Saturday aud Tuesday evenings. Another new family came to town on Tuesday, Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Benjamin, who with their children have moved into the I)eWitt resi dence on East Center street. They moved here from Hollywood, having purchased twenty acres of alfalfa on tbe Baldwin tract to the south of town. The Argus extends to them a hearty welcome. Four of the local telephone girla {claimed they had a grievance and j walked out on Saturday. Manager Houser said he had no difficulty in filling the positions and the subscribers never knew that there had ! been a ripple on the system. Today ! there is no scarcity of help in any : line of business. Mr. and Mrs. O. ('. Kirby have moved to CoviuH and are now occupying tbirir hondsorne new home on the S an Hernardin.) road. Their'b in probably the handfef/ h;jnaglow in niir city. -Mr. Kirby is a wealthy mining man, having lar^b pi.pertioH in Jjiit't- C'.unty. It 'Aill hi- romem beied that they bought live acics frum J. M. Smith upon which they have built thi-ir h itue. They v. i 11 hi; ii dt-cri(-'l accini-jtion to tho h ,cial lift- •,( <.ur city. OUR Warner, Whitsel a (o. Brown & Botifi Pomona Sanitary Laundry See new time card of Pacific Electric railway on telegraph post in front of bnuk. Covina Pharmacy. First class chicken bone, 100 Ibs. $2.50. San Gabriel Valley Milling Company. The ladies of the Christian Church invite you' to the ice orenm social at the J. C. Sanders real estate otUce this afternoon and evening. Geo. Simoonoff, Covinn's popular cobbler, finds business so rushing that he has found it necessary to hjre a helper. Tomorrow n new time card will go into effect on the Southern Pacific, but no official time cards have yet been received. However, trains 1(5 and 19 will be discontinued. Clmton Hntobinson of the Coviua Transfer, sustained painful injuries to bis ankle on Monday by the falling of n heavy drum of oil on his foot while unloading at the rear of Warner, Whitsel & Co.'s grocery. The wife of J. S. KUUH, of Los Angeles, is reported as very low. Elder 'Chomberlen of tho local Brethren Church, went to Los Angeles Thursday aud administered tho rite of anointing according to the mode of the church of which the sick Indv is a member. Mrs. W. H. Stoufer, with her 'daughter and son-in-law, Mr. aud Mm. Morgan, were visiting Covina friends yesterday. Mrs. Ston r er is enjoying excellent health and expects to spend the summer with one of her daughters in Minneapolis. The members of Coviua Camp, W. O. W., entertained last evening a number of their Los Angeles brethren from LaFiegta Camp. They were accompanied by Past Head Counsel Foley and other prominent Woodmen. Tbe party name out on a special electric car, returning at a late hour. J. C. Nale, proprietor, of the Covina Planing Mill, on account of ill health^ finds that it will bo impera- ti ve for him to seek a new location at a higher altitude. Ho will either close or sell the business. His business has prospered ever since he has been in Covina, but for some reason the climate does not seem to agree with him. At fi late hour List night the condition of Robert Edgar of Irwindnlo showed a decided change for the better. Early in the week it was feared that there would be a fatal ermiuatiou to an attack of pneumonia. The attack was tho result of lying on the ground to rest at the A/.usa Irrigating Company's reeoi- voir. He became very warm in pumping his motorcycle, which was out of repair, and ho unconsciously fell to sleep while resting. Edgar is one of the beat known men of the valley aud every citizen is rejoicing iu his assured recovery. Public Reception and Millinery Display. Madam Genotte Peake, up-to-date milliner of Azusa, will have her early spring millinery opening Wednesday, March 25th, at which time she will have on display all the new creations in ladies' headwear. All tho ladies of the valley are respectfully requested to attend. Hours from 2 to 9 p. in. Refreshments. It ZFORSAtEi, ^— *m . M&frHJ^MJkM' •« -WP* ^nrwss-w* Just One Half the money you "blow in" foolishly, if invested in a bank account would noon put you on "cany street." You owe yourself the protection a Savings Account will afford you. If you are upending all you earn it ia unfair to yuurseif arid thoi*e who may be dependent on you. You have noticed the manner in which umnll amounts expended counts up in a mounth a part of such expenditures aaved will allow you to have an account at this bank. Start with a dollar hafe money iu the hank. (oviiid Valley Siviojs BM A. I'. Kcrckhoff I'n-,ifk-nt j H. M. Hollar Vice J'r.:,i(!.:nt 1 J. ('.. Hutchison, Jr ( a->hier W. M. i,ri.v.volfl Av,;. (.a.,iii..-r I'iKC'.l '1 OKS ,'A. K Kcrckboff ./. K. Kiiiott i H. M. Holier Marco H. H.-iitiun J W. H. HoliuUy (,c:o. I-;. AnuVi-v,n For Rent, Exchange, Lost, Found Miscellaneous. For Rent-— Furnished rooms. E. E. Pitts, W. Cottage Drive. 3 '21 For Sale —Work horse,' nbout 1400 Ibs. J. L. Alottor. 328p Gunther's sweets ore pure find sweet. Clapp sells 'em. Have you tried one of those Sunday dinners at the Hotel Vendome? For Sale Second grade potatoes, fl.OO per wick. W. M. Warron. Telephone Homo 3100. Thoroughbred White Leghorn eggs foi sotting, $1! per 100. H. E. Ward. Charter Oak. Phone 12(J1. ' tf For Halo Good, rich stable manure. E. C. Motter, telephone 285. 3-28p For Sale—Comfortable, five room residence in fine section of town, *1800. J. II. Matthews. For Sale A good horse, suitable for ranch purposes. Inquiro'at Hubbard ranch. Home phone 3214. tf For Sale — Potatoes. Inquire at the office of Gritilths, Warner A- Thompson. WANTED—Chickens and calves. J, C. Baldvidgu, Covina, Cal, P.O. box 237. Phone 2000. tf Buy a lot in tho Covina Villa tract and the Covina Co, will build ran a house on it. For Sale Navel and Valencia nursery stock. W. L. Kellar. Phono 3055. tf Brooder For Sale Good an now. Enquire of Clark A Douglas, Argu Bldg., Covina. For Sale—White Rose seed potatoes. Phone 1109. tt F. C. MoCandlees. Have your rubber tires sot by Wilson's rubber tire setter, the only one of its kind in the valley. tf. Buy a lot in the Covina Villa tract anp the Covina Co, will build you n house on it. Wanted—To buy 20 to 40 shares Covina Irrigating Co. stock. Address J. B. Coulatbn, Pasadena, Cal. tf Tbe Covina Co. will sell you a lot iu tho Covina Villa tract and advance you twice as much money as you pay for the lot to build a house For Sale — Thoroughbred White Leghorn'and Black Minorca eggs for setting. Mrs. .)'. Wheler, CyproHH avenue. Home phone 10SI8. Wanted — Girl for light housework ii part of cmsh dny. One who livns at home. Corner Fourth and Sail Bernardino iivenuo. Tulare laud mines oranges, all kinds of fruits iiud vegetables to perfection. ('OHIO up with IIH on Friday and see them. .7. H. Mat- thows, Covina. Phone f>008. Special sale, on rose hushes and lo- quut trees. We can save you money on nursery stock. COVINA NUKSKRIEK, '1-28 Lower Kuddock ranch. For Sale Eggs for hatching and day old chicks from incubator from tho following Htnudiird bred fowls: White UockH, White MinorciiH mid While LeghoniH. Young pullelH for sale. HOTIHOII .V CleinttntH, 10. Ilitdillo street, tf Loht or Stolon A blue Appeal hi cyclo, double bar, high handle bar, black head bar, large Heat, Catalina single tube tiros, ' carbon duplex coaster brake, front forks slightly jsprung, nearly new. A liberal reward will be. paid fin K'toni of Name, A. E. Englohardf, Glondora, Cal. It For Sale HOUHO find large lot 11'JOO. Corner lots 100x17.0 HMO. A bargain In a block of lotn. 10 acre Valencia lanob, !i years old, 110, .000. Close in .1 acren full grown trees ttifiOO. Houses and lots to milt any purpoHb, reasonable. Come iii and liht yo property with tii. Wo have cullfe for all kindb. Money to loan. COVINA KKALTY CO. ! (,'lark AL iJougltiH. New host. , Ah we go to press v>i- leurn that the liaise of Hotel Vendome has been hold by ilH present proprietor to 1'/. ( >. T. A (ii.yrauid, 'Aho v.ilh hir. vulc. and family have been al the hotel toi a number of months. The change will v." into effect on Mondii.v. i 'I his will in no y,a.y i/iicifeic with III Am.YHtuld as a \ i-H-i inai y and pio'i ••.-. iou;tl call>; a* j/i thi past 'A 111 i ec.ei '•": prompt, at tenlii/n. THE Covina Peoples Store t (iNCOKl'ORATKn) OUTFITTERS TO THE WHOLE FAMILY Muslin Underwear All Kinds, All Prices, All Styles Corset Covers from 15c to $2.00 Skirts from .....' 50c. to $3.00 Drawers from 2Sc to $2.00 Night Crowns from 50c to $2.00 Don't Forget the Muslin Fine White Muslin, Mi in. wide and not full of starch. Worth 12}<c to 15c per yard Special at lOc per yard A "Draft, a Sneeze, a Cough, a Cold. J NSIGNIFICANT at first, but neglected may develop into something serious — BRONCHITIS, PNEV MON/A, or perhaps CONSUMPTION. Break It Vp Today rtith Harmless, soothing, effective "PINO- MENTHOL." Our ortn specialty. 25 AND 50 CENTS A BOTTLE BRASS roum M mm SHOP MANUfACTURERS or GENERAL MANUFACTURING Thoroughly Equipped for All Classes of Machine Work Khti iu ati-H Furnished. KELLAR & THOMASON Shop and Office opposite S. I'. Depjt Home I'horic 2W Covina, Covina Pharmacy E. U. SMITH, Prop. Always RELIABLE and PROMPT Telephone 12 Emergency Call II38 • BEN F. THORPE diMENT CONTRACTOR M. unit in I >irer of CEMFiNT IRRIGATING PIPE ll. ,il>'", ill diillJI<:tl.T General Cement Work of All Kinds Kvinforo'c'l r/'ijcrrtc j Yard, \Vcit (.'y\x>:•>-, A ,<;nuc ifs ;i Sjn-ri.ilt. y T <:leiill>j|ie 40.J7

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