Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on September 20, 1889 · Page 3
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, September 20, 1889
Page 3
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¥l\e newsstands. Frli-rwo <* hod at all t OFFICIAL PAPER OF THE CITY. Don't Look at Me but J. K. Chester Tonight. Sons of Veterans. Harvest sociable in Cong'l church. Academy of Music. Standard Theatre Co. Wallace Opera House. Son of Monte Cristo. just opened bis ;F"all Stoclr of GOODS "Which is more complete than ever toe- lore. His assortment oi Eobe Patterns, Side Bands, Stripes and Plaids —Mrs. Gennie W. Elliott is in Chicago buying goods. —The Northwestern pay car will be here next Monday. .._. -The city council will have a special meeting tonight. —We are requested to state that Andrew Kitel is very 111. —The sewerage put in at Dubuque thla year will cost ©45,000. \yill over has returned from visit- Ing his parents iu Arkansas. —Burlington is dissatisfied with the granite paving recently laid. —Dave Kauffnian is here from Galesbnrg for a short visit. —The mother and sister of L. J. Young from LaMoille, are visiting him. -Parties having local items of interest are requested to send them to this office. —It is as easy for a city to go ahead as to remain asleep. Let Sterling continue to progress. —W. A. Fowler and John R. Johnson alao attended the shrine meeting at Clinton last night. —Mr. W. A. Sanborn is recovering quite rapidly, and expects to be out again in a few days. —Jathro J. Jefferis and wife, of Carroll county are visiting Geo. P. Perry and family, of this city. —llev. H. Moaher, of Polo, visited here yesterday. His brother, Ed. Mosher, returned with him, —Rev. Goodhue, of New York, is visiting friends here. He was formerly rector of the Episcopal church here. —The Wbiteslde Co. B. and L. association has just received a large new safe, in which, to keep its valuable papers. -Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Miles, of Rav- railro:>.d fare, rleepiuir berths, tm-a!?, hotel bills for four <i:iyn, (xmr?i"i. tickets to Mt. Vcrnon, etc, lias b-.-c-n made for t'ui Illinois Kniu-htn TVni- plar who. attend the Triennial Conclave at \VaFihiuEt'Hi. The train will lexve Chir-iigo nt 1:15 p, m. Friday, Oct. 4, re-ichin:; Washington at noon on the nth. —Paul C. Cramer, of Chicago, foreman of tli'i line mon who are constructing tho street railway line, waa married in this city yesterday to Miss Lillie C. "Yager, of Freeport. The wedding took place in Col. and Mrs. Watson's parlora, and was perlormed by Justice Cadwell, ot Kock Falls, at.", o'clock in the afternoon. They will remain here until the road is completed and (er- haps longer. Congratulations. • —A few days ago, on a residence street where prosperity shine?, a professional beggar woman appeared ant! sent a little boy with a Email basket from house to house to ask for food E ich basketful lie got she put into a large one she carried under her shawl They kept this up until they were or dered off the street. Our people should not be so liberal with alms seekers, for in most cases the aid is misplaced, am a class of professional beggars is foal ered. All worthy cases of poverty wil be cared for by the county. —If our- people wish this city t( grow they must induce manufactorie to come here. The Iowa gentleman before spoken of, desires to remove his business, which is the manufacture of vises, to this city on account ot the excellent foundry facilities which are given here. Tonight the investigating committee, appointed at the meeting on Saturday night, will be ready to make a report. At that meeting enough interest should be shown to get the industry here. —The Sterling Township S. S. Convention will be held next Sunday afternoon and evening in the__ Congregational church. The afternoon session ii- ;is< 'diition grounds mr P'MC" aro to l>f :>!>;! ic nmplMif:itre nnd fern 1 :ttil. IOHB of moni'y, yi-t on *li" Ki'- nd-wi), ;ind it't ; lorn down. it is a ina'Ur of rrgrft lliat the grounds should be ivcrt up, for tlien there will be no ibica where ball g;\ni(-s can be l-eld, (in; for keeping HIP grounds islo client a small sum from fifty to a liun >lhnr year. Over four hundred seats wc-ro sold for the gallery alone at the Academy of Music last night and many people stood ip to witness the play "Only an Actress" by the Standard Theatre Co. The seats down staira were about half oe- •upied—making altogether a very nice audience. Mrs. Cochrnne drew the ten dollar gold piece, making three prizes drawn by her in the past ten years beside the Grove Wright property in Hock Falls. To night "The Royal Middj" and "The Little Treasure" will be given. Hoth plays are new and should draw a good house. —In some citifis of the size of Sterling, a man is licensed to go from build- Ing to building and collect the waste phper, which he can dispose of at the paper mills or junk shops. This renders it unnecessary for people to throw their waste paper on the streets or to burn it there, to which there are many objections. This is a matter for the council to consider, as many persons have spoken of it. A way should also be provided for residents to dispose of their dead leaves aud yard rakings. other than burning them, which is a nuisance to neighbors, especially tuoae with weak lungs. —The committee who were appointed to go to Clinton to investigate the milter ot the proposition by a manufacturer there, to locate his establishment in Sterling, have performed their duty and desire to'state to the public that a meeting will be held this evening at the council room, at which •arance of Third street. It is ititrnilfvl to repair nnd paint the. brick woik of t'ii- four stores, l):'.vis & Wcb- rr'n. 1>. 1!. Strict ler'v, find J'Hi O 'tlin- ei'i's double front, ami phtc: :i n*';itir.m l .v,,.,.ce around th" top on '.', A rtrefit and Mtnvenne. There is som« talk of putting pli'o glass windows i<i I>.ivis & Weber's and Slricklcr'a, and of b'iil-1- ing pormatient sidewalks in front of all for an- of them. This would add niur-h to the looks of that street, and would be a cre.dit to the owners of the buildings. Dr. Utle'y intends soon to build a one storey addition to the rear of Strick lei's, extending the store to the alley. n',- l .v ad oi >;. » 'Arpf'nt or A s For Deestrick Sknla early. Sale bo gins at n o'clock Friday morning at G. L. Werntz's store. ^ _ 85 12 Why do veople buy furniture at the Hock falls furniture store? Answer Hrcause it pays them big to do so. Dill &Co. ' W* 20r, The Son of Monte Cnsto, at Wallace Opera House. _ ___ The PccstrlcU Mknlo Arrangements have been perfected and certain local modifications made to render the programme attractive. lie sure and see the fun. This great drama will be played for the matinee tomorrow. So.oo in gold will be given away. .Leave orders _with L, L. Johnson for Choice potatoes 25 cents per bushels. " crab apples GO ...... " cooking apples 60 cents per bushel. And Tuesday choice grapes 2}£ cents per pound. SG-12 PMIMRLY imssm. Serges, Henriettas, Mohairs, Br oadLclotlne s 9 JPlannels, «&c., In all the New Shades at lowest Prices! Wool Dress Flannels bniy 21 cts. enawood.are guests of Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Ross. They are spending their honey-moon here, —Mra. Coburn, of Morrisop, mother- in-law of Dr. J. C. Teats, died yesterday at her. home. The funeral was held at one o'clock this afternoon. —Chas. E. WindQBJ, of this city, has been appointed a delegate from Illinois to the American Undertakers' association, which meets October 2nd. at Toronto, Canada. —People who have items for the paper should send them to the office, otherwise' they ehould not be disappointed in not seeing them published. Reporters can't find out everything. —Dr. George Ware, who has been spending the summer here, left today for Chicago. On Saturday, Capt. and Mrs. Vincent will join him and accompany him to Philadelphia, his home. —One week ago today Mrs. Edwards, Wife of Headmaster Edwards, of the C. & N. W., was snow balling at Leadville, Colo, her visit having taken in will consist of reports from S. S. super,- Interidents, election of oflicers and discussion of "Periods In the life of Christ with chart illustration," by Geo. P, Perry. At the evening Bos^ldc; llev. Scott, of the Christian church, will open the convention with an address on "S. S. Management," followed by Rev. Martin Po-t with remarks on the subject, "Qualification of the S. S. Teacher." The convention will then be open for any question that may bo of interest to the H. S. work. H. K. Hosteller, Sec'y. —The Keystone band had to do double duty last night. The bund made a contract several weeks ago to play two nights this week for Manager Liawrie infrentofthe Wallace Opera House. Previous to that they made an engage- uiertt with Prof. Purcell to play in front of the Academy of Music, whenever called upon. As there were entertaiu- m'ents at both theatres last night many were curious to know how the contracts would be fulillled It was done easily. President Kadel called in half a dozen of the former members, and made up two complete Keystone bands, of ten playera each. He took one to the Wallace House and Prof. Purcell led the other in front of the Academy of i Music. ' —The Bhriners from, this city 'who went to Clinton last night report a brilliant time. Tne occasion was the reception of forty-two candidates from Clinton and neighboring cities into the Cedar-Kapids Temple of the Mystic Shrine. The officials carried all their parapharnalia to Clinton, and the exercises took' place in the magnificent Masonic Temple. There were 175 worshippers present at the shrine, and a splendid banquet was served. Addresses were made by the Masonic Grand Commander of lawa and by Col. C. L. Sheldon of Sterling. There was mus'.c by the Clinton Quartette Club and the Clinton String Band. It was a fine affair and the generous hospitality of the Clinton people was appreciated by all. Those from this city and Morrison are members of the Medinah shrine of Chicago. —Mr. Jacob Powell, a well-known farmer residing a few miles east of this city, in Sterling township, and owner of many acres of land in Sterling and Palmyra townships, died at his home this morning, about 5 o'clock. For the past five or six years he has been fail- time they will make a full statement and report on their investigation, ft is certainly hoped that the people of Sterling will turn out in full number to he: 1 . 1 " <.!>'« vennrt.jind Jw '-prepared to tuko BomeftcUon that \vill ehaUlo our city to secure this manufacturer. It isEcertainly the best thing that has been offered very recently, that It seems possible, to pet to come here and locate, with a very small outlay of money. The class of work manufactured by this Institullon is such that will enable some of our young men to learn good trades, and It is also said that there is no doubt but what the business can be expanded, so as to employ within a short time, at least forty men and perhaps more Don't forget the time, seven o'lock this evening at the council room. Come and hear tlie report. — 'Christ" Schweinfurth drove in from "Heaven" yesterday afternonn in his new surrey and with his yellow gloves and the wind, whislling Ihrough his old-gold, sanctified whiskers, he cut a great dash. There were a pair of new "ungela" with bio; and while they did not show any white wings they were rigged out to kill, and if it were not 'or their holy character, a reporter would almost swear one of them winked at him, as if to say. "Catch on to us, we're angels. See? Don't welly high V" The only person in the party who seemed uncomfortable and uneasy was good old Farmer Weldon. He in the front seat with "Christ," and tried to look pleasant, but he waa undoubtedly suffering for the good of the cause, and trying to reconcile this high-toned rig and flashy dresses and general tone of swellis'iness with Christ's former appearance on eirth when he walked Thirty or forty of. our'best known ameteurs are on the list. Go and enjoy y(),;;.nlf un,1 aid WplltlfliKl.'iy- (!ll\h and Library Association. Performance commences at 8 o'clock, sharp.' Prices DO, S5 and 25 cents. Heserved seats at George L. Werntz' store. Ke- member the date, Tuesday the 24th. Buy the best rake made for raking leaves, of L. L. Johnson. 80-ta An unusually varied assortment at prices mitable to n!!. A careful exam- nation or my hu-fte stock is respect- fuiiy solicited. K. w. l!i.o«<.of. The reserved peat sale for "UcestricJ? Skult" will commence on Friday morn- r. Sept. 20th, at 0 o'clock, at George Werntz'a store. Reserved seats no cen'.?. Admission .Ti cents, gallery '2"> cents. - S- 1C Beautiful stock of millineiy goods at the Rock Falls millinery store. Call and see it. Dill & Co. 10-tf I M tor* Into KxpoHltlon, Clilcnzo. IU*. On Sep'ember 12th, 14th, 21st and 20th, and October 3d, 5th, 12th, 17th nnd 39ih the C. B. & Q. U. R. will sell excursion tickets to Chicago at one and oue-ttiird fare for round trip, pins twenty-live cents for admission ticket, limited, going, to date of Bale; return- in?, to and including the following Monday. E. W. Blossom has taken the agency of the "I. C." brand Spectacles and Eye glasses. These spectacles are different from ordinary glasses, in that the lenses are ground from a French Tinted Crystal that shuts out the chemical and heat rays of light, making them very soothing to the eyes. Be sure and try them, see that that trade mark "i. c." is on every lens. 70-d&w I don't employ canvassers to sell pianos, organs and sewing machines; so that the agenls commission is saved to the purchaser. Call and get prices. James Harden. 8410 w U * Call at E. W. Mossom's and get an eye tester free of charge. 70-d£w Auctioneer. The Dutch and English auctioneer still alive and ready to attend to city and country ssiles on short notice. Can leave orders at A. II. Hendrick's Drug Store or at my n?sidence on 13th avenue north of 4tn St. Charges reasonable. Give me a call. 78 37tf _~D...lLMEYEHH,.Aiict. Chil- tdrens'. ii SEAL P:L{JSH, AND a-the Matinee. PEOPLE'S COLUMN C L. O T H •»» in every style. NEW-.' will Insert three lines In this nmn one time lor 10 eenw, or lor iO oenw a wueh. Each additional line will be 6 cents a single Insertion, or IS cents a week. WASiTKO.- KETS, Best stock 61 Black Dress Goods in Whiteside Oounty. He is»also showing many bargains in other departments of his mamoth stock. \i CALL AND SEE. several cities in the west besides Web ster City, Iowa. —Pavell. Myers, of the First ward, has a strawberry garaen at his real dence,"where a large second crop of berrias iasgrowing. The berries are large and luscious, and he has had them upon the table several times. —The Northwestern depot buildings are to be connected by an el*ht inch eewerpipe with the avenue B brick aewer. The pipe has already been laid. City .water service is being placed in the depot. —Clinton News: Engineer Dan White is home from the northwest, whore he has been running an engine. Dan is one of those Mystic Shrinera and helped greet the Mystics from the east. Of course J. U. Johnson, of Sterling came down-he always does wheu there's anything to eat, and af ter he did justice to the banqufet he w*at home with Daa and snto the p»a try the first thins, till U loo*a lik* » ing in l:ealth, his system gradually wearing out, and during the past few weeks he had been quite sick. Mr. Fowell settled in this locality In the fa'l of 1845. He was born Jit?. 10, 1314, in Dntchess county, New Ywkf ind was the eldest of eight children, lio re eived a good education at the college at Lima N. Y., and studied medicine in a well known college in Philadelphia. lie did not become a practicing physician, however, but soon came west and mrehaseda farm, quarter section of and, east of town, which has since been ncreafied to about four times that amount On his home place he erected a 810,000 mansion lit teen years ago. lie was married to Elte» (Coraoodeu) Brown, widow of Joseph Browu, April 15,1803. He leaves no children. Mr. Powell was a man of generous na tura and liberal views, but very positive in his convictions, lie took much ntertssl in public attain!, but nsver de aired any oftiuo of any kind, ile spent most of his time iti th« msmagement of l;U ftirtus, until 5at«ly, whou during hta fAilSti« health, Uwat) ii.ulle9 dsvolv id about footsore, weary and so patient— the meek and lowly Nazariue. Farmer Weldon very clearly showed that he wished he were riding in his old farm wagon, on top of a load of corner potato*! instead ot cattm* a .dash in the new-tangl d rig— Roulcfard Register. —Theodore J. Hyde, of Dixon, is well known by many of the young society people of this city. The follow ing extract from the Dixon Telegraph will be read by many sympathizing friends:" One week a,,»o last Tuesday Theodore J; Hyde, son of J. N. Hyde, who has for several months been employed as a travelling agent, suddenly disappeared from Creator, this Slate, and bus not been heard from since. It Is roported that j' before he disappeared Mr. Uy;e talked of going to Mlnonk, but b',8 not been seen there and nothing <MS been hoard from him since. Tt'/fact that he left samples of his goi'-Ia (stationary) that he was sell- in^ jprrad ready for -tho-lnspection-M customers, gives a particularly alarm- ng aapnet to the case, aud causes much alarm among his relatives aud rlends for fear lib has been murdered. We understand, furthermore, that he waa liable to have had considerable noney with him. However this may je, there is much alarm felt In regard to Mr. Hyde, aud his brother. Arvine, is now in search of some clue as his whereabouts. Thursday evening |he At the Academy, tomorrow. S5.00 in gold given away. Mrs. W. 8. Frey and Mary Milnes, of Frey & Davis,-left for. Chicago this morning to buy their fall slock of goods. Miss Ella Van Horn will meet them there and return Saturday eVenlng ready to meet her old customers Monday. .* 85 t3 Two line New'Plays At the Academy tonight; "The Hoyal Middy" nnd "The Little Treasure." Don't miss these plays. Harvest Social. Next Friday, the 20th, at Cong'l Church. Comic programme No charge PT admission. Supper 25c, from 0 to 8. Good music '-- _ 81 to Just what, you want, all kinds of light and heavy gloyes and mittens at L. L. Johnson's. . 80-12 l>ri'«scil Fowls. Fine dressed poultry on sale at all times at our cold storage warehouse on 1st avenue. Prices very reasonable. 31-to F. F. llEioKii & Co. Only 10 cents for J lines under this Heading. W ANTED—At once—three whom exclusive territory *111 buRiven. Address May Bros., Nurseryniou, Uoencstor, JJ. Y. nu-lu W A NTKU-Wld grapes, by D r . jf™i|kAn- tlmny. C:nl'ftH.nic:«. 83-tU8-t3 W ANTED— All kinds rc-uphol iiolils llros.. Sterling. 111. lsttrlii).'. Hey W ANTED—A coinjwtont b'acksmltli to take ciiar^o or iin vHinDllshcd business, lu- quire tills week ot Geo. W. Clianiberlln. 78-tt l-'OR HAI-E. Only 10 cents for J fines under this Heading. TflOll SALE—A desirable residence lot Inltock -C Falls. Will take nooil liorsu In part payment. J. P. Beott, Uock KaUa. III. . BO-iti* F OIt SALE—A few choice Poland boar pigs: ciieap, 1( taken soon. At farm 2« in ies east of Koiik Falls. 8; T. Shirley. SW038-M tnOR S ALE—Houie for Bale, bandy to business. J? (!ood sp»culallon. Another with 2 lots for S800, worth $1200. Call, for good barijalns, on F. B. llubbard. »-' 5 * F .':10 ud 20-Cents. For line opera chair seats at the Academy tonight. Two line plays given. Come early, for there is a rush for seats every night. t;iotlieH i'lns Penny per do'z. at the Fair Store, opposite Wallace House. 84 to Flower pots at thb Fair Store from 5 to 20 ots. apiece. 84 10 * GU RALE—Good, sound bay home, B yeara old In spring; o«« sl'-K'e SL i-ouls top bug- neurlyuew; (joodsiniilBluirness; allforJIVS. F.V. Itefser, Poultry House, j . "3-1° F OB SALK—Good Iowa, Nebraska Kansas land, stock of goc,ds. Business places for sale and exchau K e. Frank W. Walzer, A-aid- emyof Music, Koum'4 '"» F OK 8AL15-A bursaln In three ... Jeiices In 4iU ward. Inquire of 1.1. linn real- lush. (U-ti KOK UK&T. Only 10 cents for under this Heading. lines senta dispatcUfromMiuonk,atating that Theodore had not been at that ulaco and nothing so far could be learned oi httn. About one year sluUB Mr. II) de'd wifo died. The young couple were vory much atiachcU to euch and since her duath he has never deemed to forget lua bereavement, but seoined to constantly mouru her loss. Thla sad- BMS has beau uollcod and commvuirti upon by his frltsmU !;«reui!ow, !»ud now, ciutiuil (kv'v'i'iint, th.-it) h»v« 5 JL 'fl Tie Kast of Kawters For the "Deestrick Skule" has been completed, which includes Sterling's best dramatic talent. Don't fail to attend. "The ttreut Corn Palace," The committees ihut have in charge the arraiVgementsffof"tlie coming Com Palace at Sioux City, promise a display far exceeding any thing of the character heretofore attempted. The Corn Palace itself, built entirely of corn and grain, will tiily illustrate the agricultural re. sources of the vast area of country trib- i utary lo Sioux City, and the Internal displays will epitomize the progress aud enterprise of the hosts of earnest workers who lire pushing the development of that favored legion In which "Corn is King." To enable all to % isit thiss "Eighth Wonder of the World," tlie Chicago & Nurth-Western Hallway will Bell ex cursiou tickets to Sioux City at half ratt-8, or one fart' for the round trip. The Corn Palae* will »i en September •33d. and close October 5th, and during that period numerous special trains wi! be run for the nceauunouaLlon ot *W Tickets ami full inioriaailouean F OB RUNT—Uwel'lng house, suitable torom or two families, live liUwk« from 1'. O., will S acres of ground. Apply Mi First Ave. 81-t T in IM ASK—rower" and mom for manufactor liiu purpiscs. In tlie bull iliuj torroerly oecu pled hy Church & Patterson. Adun- Church. Uulutii, Jlmn. F1KAKVIAU F INANClAI/-Moneytoloan-»l.«Xt»t B pe cent.,oufann security. I. T. Bush. Hoi- Falls. Come in and see, "We charge no fee. The largest and richest display we have ever snown. TRADE O. and O.TEA The Choicest Tea Ever Offered. s ABSOLUTELY PURE. A MOST DEMOIOTJ8 MEVEIIAGB. THY IT. 7ct wUJ MTW ctt SBJ tlisr. tusUsy t*nt «*!» It !« tb tlll> Wat li ilcVea from »lvB»IUUly or oolnrlug ITlnitFtT On*l»t t.*AF. lM.M'-.'Hia "till I .|«»^'.W r-'o U'.'iu nH ailtill. i.»tl"!. JU1U.T. '1 I,,- ('•--'"'!:- » »""* l»'ri"« triil *.irr:uil.-a full weU-Ht. It v» aum WM luuiciil iu u»o lli*ii tliii lower £fruttw». Oriental & Occidental Tea Co., tt'&i, UeeJ <*$t*, SS SttrHay Slip, ' 11. f t W. P. S.-Our plusli garments are all warranted. They'll wear lik& These .'.*&

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