The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on April 16, 1892 · Page 6
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 6

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 16, 1892
Page 6
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8. HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, SATURDAY, APRIL 16, 1892, THE MARKETS. MON'KV ANUATOCKH, NBW YUIIK, Ai>rll 1(1. Atchison, Topeki and Santa Fe, 37W. Missouri l'aclllc, W%. Hocklnlnnfl, H7«. St. Paul. 7UV4. Union Paclllc, *U«. 'Wester* Union. IKifc. riioiiiuoii. OIIICRKI). ClUOAVO, April lfl.—[Hpueiiil advice* rcceWed by the Kaunas (Jrain and Live Stock company.]— WHEAT —lias ruled heavy nearly all day, but firmed up at the olofie on reports of considerable engagements lor lake shipments having been made here.' Charters for 210,000 bushels are known to have been made and It JB thought at least twice thitt will be TCported later. It is claimed that the export business is improving and that clearances will increase as soon as the grain now enroute reaches the seaboard, but eastern stocks are too Ught to permit of heavy shipments now. The speculative feeling is quite bearish and the market does not yield readily to bearish results. It looks liko a better purchase under HO cents than a sale. Corn and outs have shown no liltl weakness on the first appearance of warm weather and favorable seeding prospects, "ceeipts show a moderate • no reliable indication longer than before openinfr yesterday noon. Of the 1,000 filings rnudo yesterday, sixty wcrr rejected on aceount of conflict, and anxious crowd hovered bout the bulletin boards where unmoor unfortunates wore posted. Everything is reported hnrmoniouH on the lower end of the reservation. It is noteworthy that during the entire rush not one ease of drunkenness was reported. _ • increase 1 of a oonl • PnoviB-. ; one of ti ~ • a featiru The f i • active fu Easter morning, but for good reason it hns to be delayed one week longer, when the altar will be blessed and consecrated to the service of .Gad, and some visiting clergymen will bo. in attendance. * Kqnnl safTrttgp Unll. The Equal Suffrage ball which has been announced'to come off in the A O. II. W. hall in the Grand building on Monday night, will be given Tuesday night. Formal invitations have not been sent out, but the public will be waited on by the committee which has been appointed for that purpose, to sell you tickets. The cause is a good one, and merits the patronage of those Interested in the ladies being able to raise the tax on their lot on which it is intended to build a public reading hall. ' The American Steam Laundry does a cash business. Cream puffs at the Clarendon Hotel bakery, lie sure you try them, The American Steam Laundry does a cash business. i i. , market has been ii] of the year, witliou • .rest. ..g is the range of prices for Opcn'd WHKAT. May July OOBH. .Tunc — July Muy .... March.. OATS. July May March . May..... July iAHD. May..:. Jiily.... niDK. Mav..,. July.... Hlgh't. HO so :IH 38 »< iOX itSVi 27«| 2814 '47 V 10 07 V,' 10 20 0 20 U .'III r, no • a 70 LoW'st HOJi 80% OHJj 40>4 :i8(4 27K' •MY, 27 n 10 10 10 25 (I 20 ii :m i!> on n 70 CIOB'K. 7(1« 70* :i8j4 as;* 27!* 28 X 27 % 10 07!* 10 17% II 20 0 00 r. 57 H f> U7H 80 !t H0)4 3BK 40.. :i8ji 21* •28=1, 27 S I0W, 10 SSM 0 20 '.0 00 • ft r, 70 WHEAT—No^ steady: cash Hu^c; May * cS C BN-f*o: "2" ranter: cash .'IHVSJ.IUVic; April 40c: May 40)41;; .Tunc 08";c; July ilHMc OATS-Stoanj! cash 28y,c; May 28)»ffi a8 MEHS POUIC -Cash »10.00: May »10.07'/4; July S10.20. iAllU -Cash $,@fl.l7«; May J0.20® - ' r 8H.27S. IUS-t;ai)h »5.52«: May S5.B7!-', fl.22W: July 8H.27S. SHOUT III Julv 85.70. UVE-No S (lull, 74!Sc. BAULiBV—No. 2 nominal: MiiiOOc. PL.AXWKRD-NO. 1 Steady. 07i',c. TIMOTHY .SEED— prime, steady I.JIB. UUTTEH—Stcady. KUUS-Firm. WI1ISKMY--J1.18. St. J.nula. ST. mollis, April 10. WI1HAT—Lower; cash 84Hc: May M%c July 78X®78Xc; AUKURt7Hc. . oniW-Uower; cash lluv. May 00c; July ^OATS-I^ower: cash :!0J.jc: May :io«: July "'pORK-Oulct: Jobbing S10.02VJ. LAUW-Nomlnal: $o.uo. KnuHUN City. KANSAS (JlTT, April 10 Nothing <loln|j W1IBAT- CO.UN—More .active A \)ATH-U C ull': April SOJifflSOMc HUTTKlt—Weak: unchanged. EOOa-Qulet at He. HAY—Unchanged. FLAX aBKU-tlnchanKUd. 2 rash OGVic; May 2BV,c. I.IVK HTOOK. CllieHfro. OHIOAUO, April IB. OATTLB—Receipts 1,600; shlpmeuts 1,000. Everything sold out at an early hour, the _ .....enta 11,000. Bulk loasuc lower, all the advance of yesterday being taken off; rough ami common »a.7ft&4.:i0: mixed and packers f4.055J4 .7n; prime heavy and butcher welghtB »4.b0@ . iiip!^iKtr4 :b00; shipments 2,000. Steady; sheep 8ft.4O4jO.a0i lambs ao.&OQ 7.00. St. l,oul«. ST. LOUIS, April 10. OATTL—V—Receipts 000. Steady at advance < .000. Market r,c|lower g ^7ft'; e ai4.^M t0 oSrtrkr y .4*0 ( la 4.70, SHBEP-No sheep, Uiuii4ttn City. KANSAS CITY, AprlUO. CAITLE—Receipts 5,700: slilnmcntsl.lOO; >tccrs were active and steady selling at «:i.2ft©0.05: cows steady jl .MWI.30; Blockis™ and feeders steady to strong $2.40® * HOOS-noceipt. 7.100; ahlpincnts 4,600: fairly active and Be lower: all grades J4.00 ©4.B7V4: bUlkJ4,4(Kit4flO. J SHEEP—Itccclplw 400; shipments quiet and unchanged. IIUTUMINHON UAKKKT. Knitter Suntluy. The church of God, ever mindful to impress upon the world her divine mission, reminds man of his duty on the way to eternity. More especially is this Die case at this time of the year when she calls upon her children to make an earnest effort to improve their condition by works of charity, earnest prayer, fnsting and abstinence. Lent s coming to a close, and on last Sunday the palms were blessed and distributed to the faithful to remind them of our Saviour's entry into Jerusalem whun the Hebrew children strewed palm branches under his feet saying llosanna to the Son of David." Next Sunday is the feast of the resurrection commonly called Buster, the day on which the Saviour, the God-man raised Himself, according to the Scriptures, from the dead, proving his divine say ing to his persecutors, when he said: "Destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up again." ThuCutholic church throughout the civilized world on that day will be found as usual bringing all her beauty and grandeur of ceremonial, with earnest prayer and sacrifice, to do honor to the risen Saviour. Heboid the Christ which was established on Easter and Pontacost. standing imperishable among the dissolving works of man, Kings and dynasties pass away. Em pires change nud are dropped from th< roll of nations. She alone survives every storm which serves to incrcas her vigor and leaves her stronger, like the oak whose weathered leuveB and rotten branches have been swept away by the hurricane's breath. Why have not men been able to destroy her? He- cause the promise of the Saviour and the spirit of truth is there, und will abide with her forever. It was hoped that the new und beautiful altar would be placed in position for the service on Knelnl at thn Chrlntlnrt Church. One of the nicest socials ever given by the Christian Endeavor societies, was held at the Christian church Thursday night. The church was crowded to its utmost capacity and a' thoroughly enjoyable time was had by all present. The programme was excellent, consisting of solos by Miss Mabel Dunlap and Harry lloVierla, recitations by Wtn. Kcffor and Lena Page, music by a quartette of young men and tho Delsarte Brill by Topsy Mulkcy and Uythella Payne. These, little folks were so heartily cheered that they repeated it. It was indeed excellent. It Is to be hoped that this society and the other societies also in the city will continue to have these pleasant socials, ns they arc always enjoyed by the public. Next Week. The Brodbol] Company is the best that has ever been in the opera house no matter what the price was. AH who miss the play "Man and Master" to-night will miss one of the grandest dramas now being produced on the American stage. It wns played by them during their visit here a fortnight ago, and by special request will be reproduced again lo-night. Standing room will undoubtedly be at a premium. Get your seals now.—Junction City Times. This company appears in the opera house in this city every night next week. Scats now on sale at the opera house book store. Notlco. The Grand Union Missionary eonven tion now in session, will have in the People's tabernacle at 7:30 this evening a Bible study on Inspiration, by State Secretary Wilbur. To-morrow the 8:30 surrender meeting will be led by Fred G. Mitchell; Rev. S. F. Wilson, last year statopres ideut of the Kansas Y. P. S. C. E. will! preach at 11 o'clock. A union gospel service by Fred Mitchell at 4 p. m., and a missionary talk on Africa at 7:30, by the lnte secretary. ffeftilqunrt or*. Colin Campbell, the north end grocer, is recognized as headquarters for dried fruits, as the following prices will show: Evuporaled peuclu s 10c per pound. Very best raisins 3 lbs for 25c. Evaporated blackberries 1 lbs for 20c. Michigan dried apples 3 lb for 25e. Gallon can apples for 25c, and all other fruits in proportion. Knnter Hoclnl. The ladies of the Haptist church will giver an Easter soeiul at the church on Monday night, which promises to be one of the most novel and interesting affairs of the kind ever given in the city. You are invited. Oir for CUlciig-o. •I. A. Mulholland has resigned his position as agent for the Hock Island, at this place, and has accepted another with Jlontl it Co., of Chicago, having charge of the advertising department of the world's fair. Mr. Mulholland has been with the company as their agent at this place for about three years, during which time he has made many friends, and has been quite a success for his company. He is a rustler in every sense of the word, and will no doubt make a success, in his new field. Bond & Co. arc to be complimented for their ability to secure no valuable a man. The NRWS wishes him a pleasant and successful time in his new home. Opening Day. Within the present month the Cheyenne and Arapahoe reservations containing over 4,000;000 acres will be, by ? iroclomation of the president, opened or settlement. The reservation will contain six counties, C. I), E, F, G, and II. The counties D, E, and F, in the northwest part are nearer the Pan Handle line of the Santa Fc than any other line. Those desiring to enter these counties should purchase tickets to either Kiowa, Kan., Woodward, I. T., flig ens, Tex., or Canadian. Tex. Good wagon roads lead from all four of these points. Counties G. and U. are about midway between our Texas and Pan Handle line. Cotlnty C. can be most easily reached via Guthrie and Kingfisher, or Oklahoma City and El Reno. Those desiring to reach the eastern portion of these lands should either go to Guthrie, then by stage to Kingfisher or to Oklahoma City, thence via the Choctaw railroad, a new line having a double daily passenger service between Oklahoma City and Elkins. The Sunta Fe has issued a special folder giving much valuable information, including maps, etc.. which we will take pleasure in mailing to any address. Any information cheerfully given on application at the Santa Fe ticket office. Inquiries by mail answered promptly. J. W. TEDFOIID, Agent Santa Fe Route. I will sell my stock of Shoes FOR | i 70 CENTS ON THK DOLLAR I Mean just what I Advertise. I am going to do not want to Call at my store and convince yourself, make a grand clearance sale of shoes, as I carry them in stock in future. We are going to give away a handsome dinner set of dishes to someone. Come in and see them. The Golden Eagle Clothing House. No. 4 South Main. A. MINCER, PRQF^ % TAKE MEDICINE AND DIE! A cream of tartar baking powder—Highest of all in leavening strength— Latest U. S. Gov't Food Heport. Wear and Live! A Sound I.Ivor Make, n Well Man. Are you billious, constipated or troubled with jaundice, sick headache, bad taste in mouth, foul breath, coated tongue, dyspepsia, indigestion, hot dry skin, pain in back and between the shoulders, chills and fever, etc.'.' If you have any of these symptoms your liver is out of order and your D blood is being slowly poisoned because your liver does not act properly. Herbinc will cure any disorder of the liver, stomach or bowels. It has no equal as a liver medicine. Price 75 cents. Sold by aU druggists. For the great bridge celebration at Memphis, the Kansas City. Fori Scott and Memphis Railroad company will sell round-trip tickets from all stations on this line at very low rates. The great bridge will bo dedicated on May 12. Tickets will be sold on May 10, 11 and 12, gooil to return until and including the 15th. Rate from Kansas City to Memphis and return will be S10. This celebration will be one of the greatest. events that has taken place iu the south since the war. ' It will be participated in by governors of states, members of the cabinet, prominent "ACTINA," THE GREAT EYE RESTORER AND Catarrh CURE The Blind See! CURES The Deaf Hear! 200; Nervous Prostration in Men and Women, Kidney disease, Liver disease, Tjung troubles, Rheumatism, Gout. Stiff Joints, Paralysis, Locomotor Ataxia, Writers' Cramp. Loss of Memory, Giddiness, Varicose Veins, and every other form of disease. These Garments are as puzzling to tho physicians as is the wonder-working "Actina." They cure all formB of disease after the physicians fail, whether . Allopath, Homeopath, or all the other pathies of the school. These marvelous members of the senate and house of appliances will positively cure any of tho following forms of disease: Prolap- represeututives, prominent army and B us, Spinal diseases, Gout, Rheumatism. Kidney Disease, Chronic Lame Back, navy officers and probably by the pres- Paralysis, Nervous Prostration, Loss of Memory, Dyspepsia, and nil forms of ideut and Secretary Blaine, the latter, Female Weakness or Loss of Vital Force in Man or Woman. Persons never however, not yet positive: in addition come to us until the regular physicians have failed. Prof. Wilson practiced to innumerable parades and grand at- medicine twenty-five years, but be now seeks to make amends for having given tractions, there will be a grand naval his time to so pernicious a system as "drugging poor, suffering humanity." His display by torpedo boats, gun boats patented Magneto-Conservative Garments and their marvelous effects demon- and warships. The warship Concord strate a mind of deep research. No physician enn examine the structure of is already on her way to Memphis from these appliances and not be convinced of their value. Matanza. Special train arrangements Warner Miller, Florence. Kan.—Nearly blinded and bled of his money by and full details as to the great celebra- occulists. Restored to perfect sight in two weeks by the use of "Actina." tion will be announced later. .1. E. Win, Strail. Cottonwood Falls, Kan., says: "I have tried all tho remedies Lockwood, general passenger and and a number of the so-called eminent physicians for my rheumatism. They ticket agent. 4-18 a D failed. I believe that electricity is the only remedy." A marvelous work given away free of charge. See our challenges to physicians. Address all orders to the Electric King, (Dr. Robinson), of the New York and Lorfdon Electric association, Brunswick Hotel, Hutchinson, Kansas. Mrs L. R. l'atton, Rockford, 111., writes: "From personal experience I can recommend Do Witt's Sarsaparilla, a cure for impure blood and general debility." Beam's Midland Pharmacy. WORST FORM ECZEMA Baffled Best Medical Skill for Eight I Mouths. Cured In Two Months . by Cutlcura Remedies. Thla la to certify that a child of mtno had Edema I In Ita worat form, and which baffled tho beat medical aklll that could be employed here. The little euBeror wa. wrapped Is agony for at leaat eight monthe. Blx montha of | that time I u Buffering waaalmply untold, then I began the uae of the Cu. CAMMON Produce. FI <0UA— Highest patent, JS.40: second I patent. »2.!i0: extra tine. SS .00 DlHTKlt-ln demand. Creamery S5c: Anest dairy, !i0c; Hue dairy, 15c; com tOc. EdGS—In demand, 10c. FOTATOES-Cholcc, fiCX&OOc. APPLES—81 .00ai .25 per bushel. ONIONS—In fair demand. Ited 7r,c per I bushel; home grown Spanish, »).2B per bushel. OAflBAGK—Fair, 4c per pound. TUUMIPS-In demand 4ucper liusUel. BKKTS—Steady. f>0c per bushel. SW10KT POT'ATOE3—Plenty, Jl.00, perl bushel. HAY-Bttlcd, J(i.00@5.50; loose, .1.00Q6.R0 | per ton. ;tlr«lil. WIIKAT-No. 8 soft 73c; hard one: No. 3l .HOft 07c; hard 0!>c. 1 COItN—Sue. UYB—No. ii, 05c; No. a, 110c. OA 'rs -»4e., Live Ktouk. OATTLB—Steady: Blockers »l!-M5®a.80; feeders ja.S5ia:i.'J.">; fat cows and heifers In demand. 8^.H(l©^.r>U; fat steers *:1.00® 4 .00. llOOS-Stcadv. Wagons, tops, ja.OO: car tt .10fti4.1A, SHKBP—Indemand. $0 .76(84 .00. Punltry and Wild <iuine. OHlOKBNS-ChlckensS1.76@S.00pcrdoz chicken6c per pound; ,lie;i»jjc per^smnfl: per _„._ _ pound; hens 5c . roosters v!c per pound; turkeys ^GAME-Wlla ducks Iu demand »1.00®;;.00 | perdoz.; pigeons In demand, »100 per dog.; geese Sl .0lK61.D0 per do/.. 1'ueovlully Settled. MiNttKAPQMS, Minn., April 10.— " Specials to the Journal this morning from Sisseton reservation ure as follows: \" WATKBTOWN, 8. U. ( April lO .-The ABSOLUTELY PURE. Established by Government Tests the Standard Baking Powder. The very Giant of leavening agents. Has a larger use than all other cream of tartar baking powders combined. Prof. HAINES, of Rush Medical College, Consulting Chemist Chicago Board of Health: "1 find the Royal Baking Powder superior to all the others in every respect." Dr. H. A. MOTT, U. S. Government Chemist: "The Royal it undoubtedly the purest and most reliable baking powder made." Prof, PALMER, University of Illinois: "1 find Royal Baking Powder invariably composed of wholesome ingredients, entirely free from adulteration or impurities of any kind." SAN FRANCISCO BOARD OF HEALTH : *' In our judgment it is impossible to make a purer or stronger baking powder than the Royal." The N. Y. STATE ANALYST: "The Royal Baking Powdev it superior to any other powder which I have examined," The MINNESOTA STATE CHEMIST: " I consider the Royal one of the best baking powders made," WISCONSIN FOOD COMMISSIONER; "Royal Baking Powder is of high and uniform strength and quality; its ingredients pure and „ wholesome." INDIANA STATE CHEMIST : " Royal Baking Powder is perfectly free from any deleterious or injurious substance." Avoid all baking powders that require larger cans than the Royal to hold an equal weight. This is sure evidence of their adulteration. TICURA KEMEDIEB, in 1 two monthi the awful I dliease had ceased iia 1 vcQgeADce, and my dar* I Hug boy had reit, and to ! all appearance the dls. I •ate nad yielded, but I ! continued the medlciao for several months after ] no trace could be seen of : it oo any part of his I body. The doctors hero watched the disease with much Interest, aod could only iay "Well done! 1 ' The case was known far una wide, and everybody was much surprised. Hut | thanks to CUTIOURA KKMKDIES. Could there bo anything on earth that would cause a father to re> jolco It iarely would be when the little Innocent one could have such a remedy at hnnd. (See portiult herewith.) J. A. NZCOLES, BunJter Hill, loci. A child was brought to me with chronic eczema tbnt bud defied splendid treatment from muiiy good doctors. As a regular M. D., should huvo continued simitar treatment, but thought It useless* 8o nut It on CuTicuiua. The child Is well. 0. L. OUltNBY, M. Doon, la, Cuticura Resolvent The new Blood and Bkln Purifier, internally, and CUTICURA. the great Bkln Cure, and CUTICURA Hoir, the exquisite Bkln Beautlller, externally, In* Htantly relieve and speedily cure every disease and humor of the skin, scalp, aod blood, with loss of hair, from infancy to age, from pimples to scrofula. Bold everywhere. Price, COTICTJIU, 60C; BOAV, 'lie. ; RESOLVENT, (1.00. Prepared by the POTTER DjttJU AND CUKMICAL CORPOtiATION, DOfltOQ. *ar fiend for ,( How to Cure Bkln Diseases," 04 pagus, 60 Illustrations, and 100 tesUuioulals. *C Bkln and Scalp purified and beau titled 0 by CuTiciroA BOAP. Absolutely pure, THE BARBER. SALT BATHS. HOT OR COLfDlj^ No. 20 North Main St. • Open on Sunday 12 O'clock. WEAK, PAINFUL BACKS, Kidney and Uterine Paine and Weok. neaaea relieved In one minute by the Cuticura Anti-Pain Maoter. the only tnaUaUoeou. paln -Mlllnn punier. cusoir & WATSON. Grocery and ^ Confectionery. S15 North Main. THE AILMENTS OF IT CORES IN MAN: RHEUMATISM / SCIATICA BITES GUTS LUMBAQO NEURALGIA ) 6TIN08 BRUISES MAN-BEAST HA8 STOOD THE TEST OF for IT CURES IN BEAST: SCRATCHES HOLLOW HORN SHOULDER ROT WIN0 CALLS iWINNEY Mustang Liniment penetrates the muscles, membranes and tissues, thereby reaching the seat of disease, which is a property not found in any other liniment The**! Housewife, Farmer, Stock Raiser or Mechanic cannc £M; afford to be without it It should be kept in every household for emergencies.,* It will save many doctors' bills. For sale everywhere at 25c, 50c. and $ 1.00 a bottled

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