Covina Argus from Covina, California on March 21, 1908 · Page 4
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 4

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 21, 1908
Page 4
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The Covina Argus COVINA, CALIFORNIA. Bntercd at the Postoflicc Covina, Gal., as second-class matter. Published every Saturday by the Covina Argus Publishing Company, Inc. SUBSCRIPTIONS: 11.50 .75 .50 .0.'. One Year in advance Six Months .... Three Month* Single Copies ADVKHTISKMKNTS: TMaplay advertisement at reasonable rates. Prices on application. Changes made as per contract. Liners 5c per line each insertion. Legal notices $1.00 per inch first insertion, 50 cents each subsequent insertion. COVINA, Mar. 21, MUNICIPAL TICKKTH. NON-I'AKTIHAN. TriiHtcfH K. JJ. Lfibw), K \Vurmir, L. L. Kntukin. Clork A. M. J.'mirui. TreaHiircsr - W. M. (Jriswold. Marshal T. A. MoCorinink. 1NDKPKNDKNT. Trustees K. C. Pollard, Crenfihnw, fleo. W. Coolimm. Clork- A.M. Pftncft. 'frofiBiirer- -W. M. (JrlHWold, Marshal I. C, Fairly. At Thursday rriornhiK's HCHfdnn tho Houso of Kf.'proHontativfiH passed tho Somite rcHolntlori iiuthorixing Sefircv tary T.aft t.o establish harbor linos at Wilmington, Ban Pedro nntl Port LOH AriRolnH. Tho resolution was passed at, the requoat, of Kopreseuf.ativo Mo- La<;hliin of California. Aft'ii'i tho congreHHman from (,hfs district has Hhown that ho IH over alert to tho intorontH of tho pnople, and it* IH UI'IH knowledge that his constituents have that returns hirn to CongroHH eiioh term with tho heaviest vote on tho Kopiiblionti ticket of the banner Republican county of LOH AngolcH. MoLaohlan la for the rancher and the common people arid liia loyalty will have HH reward. The rallroadH will never monopolize the water front of our great harbor with MoLaohlan in Washington. How to Get a Government Position. If you are interested in getting into any branch of the U. 8. civil service, you can nocure information about how to proceed by calling on or writing Ban Bernardino Business College and Civil Horvice Institute. This in the only school in California making a specialty of thin line of work and aviating young people to secure government poHitimiH, examination** for which are held in Kan Bernardino. Many of these fio«M,ioii«, like Htonography, railway mail Hi.'rvloo, postofflco Httrvlfio, custom wor- vico, bookkeeping, etc., can be prepared for by taking either a personal or correspondence c.oui'He in the above school, which continues the entire year without vacation. Students ent.erlng now can bo ready fur the fall e.vaminatioiiH. Notice to Telephone Subscribers. The managei of the Covina Homo Telephone Company announces (.hat on and after April 1st, bills can only be paid by subscribers at the ofJlco of the company between the hours of H a.m. to 12 m. and 1 to fj :;!() p.m., with tho exception of the !)th and 10th of ouch month, when the citHhior may be found at her desk from 1 a.m. to H p.m. lixpreas Your Oranges. Why not send your eastern friends a box of Covina orangoH? Mvpross from Covina to ollleeu of the Wells Fargo it Co. '« KxpresH, cast of 101 Pijso, Texan: Alhun|iieri|ru«, N t , w MtUKJco or Ogdoti, Utah, will be only *:i.OO per box, or $-2.00 per half I»,,.N. W. C. Merwln, Agent. Phone SO. Entertainment, An rniei tainmont will be giv«-n b.v the Hif{h School music department, under the leadernhip .it Prof. Fit/ gerald, April '.ii, I'.HIH. The lii«h School oboni* svill yivi< Lhe c-aotntn, "The Wreck uf the Hesppru*," ay- feinted by some of our boat lornl talent. Tho bund will appear tor the J)i!>t time and give several selections. Lecture on Forestry. <)n Wednesday evening Pi'of. A. Harvey Collins, t-uperviiiing 1'iinci pal <>f (lie Coviuu schools, jja\i' an interesting unit instruct ivb lecture mi forestry In ihu pupil.s of the I'nviiiii Hi^'li School umt liu lr h it mis in tin High School auditorium. This lie tUI'e, by lei|iicsl : lias I..-ell delivered by I 1 : 1 "!'. C'..llins hefoio many nf i he leading i-orielii-s aini clnlis. ot tin fate. U ua.- illustrated li\ a number i'i beautiful Mi-ieopticoii \:i'>\d. Presbyterian Aid Society. There WRI fin nil rlny rnf-f'tiriK of the Pastor's Aid Society of the Pr'-fby- | t.orian Church in the church parlor Wednesdav, March 1 8. A delicious lunch v\as «erved at. noon in the dining hall. The opening of the little hngq oritainiiiK the free will offerings for the, payment on the church pews, was one of the rnoHt interesting parts of the day's pro cram. At the (dose of the count, the presi- • dent Htufed that 9 I 00 had been turned in. This announcement WHS greeted with hearty chperH. Then tho ladies all rose find reverently and feelingly sang, "Praise (Jod from Whom All HleHsingH Flow." At the close of the day's work, it. wns found that many useful am] pretty garim-ntH had been completed for the family of a church sister who, at present., in in need. A rising vote of thanks WHS extended to the retiring president, Mrs. It. M. Douglass, find treasurer, Mra. H. L. King, for their earnest mid uritlririK efforts for the Rood of the cause. The encourn^inj? rnjiortH read at tho olooo of tho rneetiiifx showed that their work had not been in VMIn. The newly elected officers for the ensuing year are: President, Miss Loulae Pomeroy; vice president, Mr«. W. M. (trinwold; secretary, MisB Virginia Knot; treafuirer, Mrs. J. F. Ohaver. Miss Keckard'g millinery parlors are open Haturday and Tuesday even- in«H. Wallace Koed, freshman at the University of Southern California, left last evening for Stanford to participate in the relay race. The tiHiial Horvicca will be held at tho Brethren Church next Sunday, to which overyotie Is cordlnllyiuvited. The "Training For Service" clase taught by Kov Conley in the Christian Church on Monday evenings, already has no enrollment of ..70. AH who desire a systematic study of the Bible are welcome; Services in tho Chnroh of the Holy Trinity, third Sunday in Lent: Holy Communion 7:30 a.m. Sunday-school 0:4f> a.m. Morning Prayer 11 a.m. ; subject, "Tho One Sacrificed for Sins." Evensong 7 :.'JO p.m. ; subject, "Tho CJoapol According to St, John. " Offertory wolo by Mm. Urunje.s. Church, K«v. \V. (!. Conltiy, piiHtor: Snnduy-Hchnol f):Jf) Tha oxorc.itH-.H of the diiy will lie of intoriiHt. Tho addroHN of tbt> will bit on "A Nainti 'From tho Uiittlt'-Koll of Fiiith" Junior Kndoavor .'1. Sunior lOntlcavor (i :30. PrutiuhiuK 7 :IJO; euhjw.t, "No Condemnation in Christ." Tho animal ofl'dring for fortii^u niiHHi;>nN will bi< taken. All ar« cordially invited to lie proNont. PruHhytorian scrviocH. .Sunday- school !l :4f). I'reaohbiK 11 a. in. by pastor; Hubjwit, "How Daniol Moved tho Ann of CJod; Ilavo \Vo tho Haino I'riviluK*' and Pownr.V" ilunior Kn- dimvor '1 p. m. V. I'.K. (J.K. (iillO. Tlitt pulpit will bu filled in tho ovou- \\\K, 7::iO, by Itov. H. U. (Sajjo, D.D., of Highland Park, who will diwruHs the Hiibjool, "Sorlptural UaptiHin. " fivoi-ybody cordially invited to thoHO NorviooH, KNpeoiiilly Htran^iTH. 1'aul (!. SloveiiH, pastor. Worship at tho Baptist Church: liifoht Hohool 9:40. Prt-aohin^ «or- vii-i>s 11 a.m. and 7:110 p.m.; morn- int' Hiibji'ot, "A Ktran«o Command and a (!reat 1'romlHe;" ovuniiiK sub- jttrl, "Tho UoHiilt of ODO Day's Work of a Kpirlt Klllod Churoh. " Uiblo nmiiiiiK .'i p.m. H.V.P.U. (5:45 p. I m. ; topio, "Tho Wino Uso ot Intlu- ••iido ;" loader, Paul Ayono. Kpociiil I muslo morning and evuninj?, All tiro lallko iHirdially wolooiiuu) x» tho moot- kpitnnipnl Church, Nov. Harry W. While, M.A., pastor. Services will be held in the new church on Sunday as follows: 11 11.111 Sermon by pastor; topic, "Man's Purl in Keliuiun." 7 :HO p.m. Tho pastor will «ive the first in u series of missionary t>ter>'opliivin lectures covering the fiiuloms, nuuio of life, etc. of the natives of the vtirioua mission Ili-lil.--. This lirsl one deals with the ''Land ot ihe Ircas, '" or itesi-i i[il inn of S.nith Anierirti fiMin i'anaina In Cuj.e HI. MI. Sundiis • sclinol at ll :.'!(!. .Junior League 'I. Int. i ii.eiliat,- and Senior K[iv\i.rth Lca^ui-s i! :.'<(!. |-!v(-r\ one uelc..ii,e. \\'i? aim to make tlil.i a hi.melike i tiuicti. CHARTER OAK. Mr. arid Mrs. R. F. Scott, who la'ely came from Chicago, Mrs. Scott being a daughter of Mr. and Mr«. fl'iyt, have rroved in fjlendora. Mrs. (IT<IH* of Los Angeles V.HS the guest on Sunday of Mrs. (irntinm and le't her con Albert to visit and attend school here, Mrs. C. L. Cflrtney has been railed to Pomona by the serious illness nf her father. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Barf.lett and son and the father of tl:« former spent H T ew days thin week at the home of Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Sf.ovve.ll. liert, Torrey of Sari Dimas, who WHH formerly /anjevo here, died on Thursday after a long illness of rheumatism and heart disease. Mrs. KniftHt Montgomery entertained about, ten of her lady filends on Friday afternoon. The house was prettily decorated and dainty refreshments were served. IRWINDALE. Robert Edgar, who is (suffering from a severe attack of pneumonia, is on the road to recovery, although fit ill very weak. Mrs. I), Keichard has been visiting relatives in Hollywood this week. There is an epidemic of mumps in this district, several children having been sent home from the school. fJuests who enjoyed a turkey dinner at the hcime of Mr. and Mrs. K. E. Leech on Sunday last were Mr. and Mrs. John Hoskin of Alden, Iowa, Dr. and Mrs. Sweet of Los'An- geles, Miss Helen Hatfleld of Pasadena, and Messrs. Stokeley and J. Lonergan of fireenwater, Cal., the latt'-r being a nephew of the host. Miss Mamie Peet of Lm Angeles is visiting at the home of Miss May Coffuian. The Misses Ida Carleton and Gail Leech are spending the week end with friends in Los Angeles. Our Fish Department (s Replete with Good Things for the Lenten Season The Bathroom as an Investment. Have you ever considered that the money spent on a modern bathroom is a wise investment ? No doubt you have given the matter more or less thought and have arrived at a conclusion. " ' We would like to express our views on tht subject, and en that account cordially invite you to call on us if interested. We handle the celebrated "gtaixfetKi" Ware, the best material made. Let us- quote you prices. W|. S. SI D ES, Plu mbe r Good Groceries We carry a fresh stock of staple and fancy groceries. Our vegetables are the best to be had. Our teas and coffees are excellent. A large stock of canned goods, pickles, olives, haras, bacon and bakery goods. Try our butter. The Depot Grocery ROBT. CRENSHAW, Prop. Salt Mackerel Salt Sal in on Salt Cod (middles) Canned Salmon (in all grades) • Canned Sardines (in oil and mustard) Crosse & Blackwell's Kippered Herring Beardsley's Shredded Codfish Bayle's Boned Herring (in glass) C. & B. Potted Yarmouth Bloaters Brown & Bohri GROCERS SOMETHING NEW! Are you interested in Saving Fuel and Labor In your home? If so, come and see demonstration of a DETACHABLE RETORT OIL BURNER >• n f • • • .• * ** * FABRiCK'S HARDWARE STORE i .t I Glendora Furniture Store Attention Please! If you are in need of any house furnishings it will pay you to get prices of us before buying. We have the goods, all kinds, and at very low prices. We can save you money if you will give us a chance. Phone us about window shades. See us about Undertaking and Embalming Latest Methods Everything guaranteed as represented. Goods delivered anywhere in the valley free of charge. EIMEARS €? I i PROPRIETOR Phone 166

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