Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on December 23, 1968 · Page 7
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 7

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, December 23, 1968
Page 7
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MONDAY, DECEMBER 23, 1968 THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT- VERXON. ILLINOIS 7-A Real Turkey For Astronauts SPACE CENTER, Houston (AP) — The Apollo 8 astronauts will be up to 200,000 miles out in space on Christmas Day, but they'll still have a traditional Christmas turkey dinner. And it'll be real turkey, not freeze dehydrated. The turkey meat was prepared by the U.S. Army Natick Laboratories and packaged in airtight foil. The turkey is much THE GABLES TAVERN WILL BE OPEN CHRISTMAS DAY Special Entertainment At 7:30 BANKING AT 9 P.M. DON'T FORGET OUR NEW YEAR'S EVE PARTY DEC. Slst WISHING EVERYONE A HAPPY HOMDAY i meat that has been canned, jit's cut in slices and the astro- j nauts will eat it with a spoon. I Packaged with the dinner are ! cranberry-apple sauce, coffee and a grape drink. These items me freeze dehydrated. And to give it a festive air, the packages are tied with red ribbons. It's true that hippies have a certain air aboutt hem. Our only criticism is that it should be changed for frequently. Complete Line WINE — LIQUOR BEER — SODA HOME BEVERAGE —Free Delivery— SOT S. 12th St — 244-3007 TO: THE GENERAL PUBLIC, CITIZENS, & VOTERS OF MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS PERTAINING TO THE RECENT CONTROVERSY EAST OF MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS COMMONLY KNOWN AS "THE SUMMERSVILLE AREA/' We the undersigned are puzzled as to WHY facts as they have been given are not made public VIA the NEWS MEDIA instead of inuations. This 'hassle' has been going on for over a year and few facts, of the objectors have been made public. Now, all of a sudden, since this went through court and was presented to the City Council, there has been NO OBJECTORS — iust two on the council. Hundreds of people in this area supposedly want to join the city of ,Mt. Vernon and live under their rule; BUT two councilmen said, "sorry about that, we don't want you." At the first council meeting, both sides of this proposed annexation (represented by their attorneys) stated some of their views and reasons. Of course the OBJECTORS stepped ever so lightly on the toes of some people and was very rudely and ungentlemenly "put down" by his honor the Mayor, Mr. Joe Martin. It seemed he could not speak harsh enough and his finger was pointed emphatically. Did he not realize that when he was pointing his finger at us — he had three (of his own) pointing at himself. WE (the objectors) were supposed to be seen and not heard. Just puppets and say "yes your honor—what next your honor." This is just ONE reason the OBJECTORS did not—do not—and will not want any part of living in Mt. Vernon, Illinois. WE THE OBJECTORS put some questions to the council which we were told had nothing to do with anything. News Media, in attendance, did not mention one of them. The two councilmen—who were listening—instead of ranting and squirming, checked out some of our questions and statements and found them to be legitimate and true. It seems to us, that the news media—supposedly a neutral body—would have checked out some of the statements and made the facts public. BUT instead, they chose to take sides in the issue with the petitioners and pounce on the councilmen and accuse them of a "STALL" rather than take their word for the statement "WE WANT ANSWERS AND UNTIL WE GET THEM WE WON'T VOTE." We the OBJECTORS are fully aware of some facts that some people were going to profit by using us. Incidently ANY interested taxpayer can go to the office of Jerry Gott and ask to see the files No. 67-L-127, 67-L-195 and 68-L-92. If they can read—can see by the signatures who would be getting the "BIG END OF THE HORN." Also that there was over TWO HUNDRED OBJECTORS. The first petitions were not even written properly and we assume the people who circulated them was either ashamed, ignorant or ill advised. They had no affidavits to the fact that they carried the petitions. Yet some of these same people sure are getting blown up as being GREAT. You won't find Chester Lewis' signature on any of these petitions, BUT if you can get him to give you better and more answers than he did his council—then you can see through the ice. It looks—from our side of the fence—that if you can't answer the questions, don't go to the meeting. Mayor Martin read a letter from our County Chairman, Mr. Charles Waite stating the road in question would be built by the county and turned to the city. This would be using the COUNTY TAXPAYERS money and motor fuel tax money. This letter said the funds were appropriated. DOES THIS MAKE SENSE?? He also read one from a gentleman from Effingham saying this was true. Of course these two letters may have been read in the same manner as the one we ask him to read from our Honorable Congressman, Kenneth J. Gray. This letter has never been mentioned and we guess it was because the Mayor said he hadn't got one, but we had a copy. Then this newspaper published the fact that Mr. Jack Trotter, County Road Commissioner and part owner of Construction Materials, said bids on this road would be let next spring with work to begin June 1 and be completed in August. This road is to be like the "Tolle road" and we are all aware of how long that took. Granted, this particular road is not as long, but then maybe the contractor could have used the "city garbage truck" that made that dry run the other day, since we were supposed to have been in the city by that time. Most people traveling that fast would have been caught and fined. 150 stops, with simulated pickups, in 59 minutes is rather unbelievable, even to an eighth grader. As for this road— WHEN are they planning on obtaining the right-of-way? ANOTHER UNANSWERED QUESTION. We assume their plan is like some others—build the road and worry about permissions later. IN OUR OPINION — the taxpayers of Jefferson County and the City of Mt. Vernon, had better wake up and smell the smoke. It seems that most of the people we elected to look after our affairs and spend our tax money for the good of the electors, have forgotten who put them in office, (or have they?) It appears they are thinking—what can I do for myself, while I've got the chance, rather than what would my electors want. We would sincerely suggest that the news media get a TRUE picture of this situation—publish the FACTS and get off the two backs that are trying—against great odds—to look after the interest of the citizens of ,Mt. Vernon. WE DOUBT THEIR POCKETS ARE LINED WITH ANYTHING BUT COTTON CLOTH. Signed by. Citizens and Landowners of The "Summersville Area" E. L. Mahnke, Geo. Beck, Virgil Moore, John Downey. Helen E. Bayer, Geo. D. Boster, Arthur Cooper, John V. Hutchison (Paid Adv.) Bridge Lesson How Blackwood Variation Works By Oswald and James Jncobv NORTH 2* *KQ103 VA105 • AQ972 + 2 WEST (D) EAST 4b 8 2 A J VKJ962 VQ874 • 103 •J865 I + K1087 *AQJ9 SOUTH AA97654 V3 • K4 + 6543 Both vulnerable • West North East South j Pass 14 Pass i Pass 4* Pass 4N.T. Pass 5* Pass 6 4 Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—* 2 Oswald: "Remember the old, story about the man who just i happened 1 to bring his bass viol i along for the weekend?" Jim: "When the American team goes to Brazil next May for the World Champion- ship matches they will have their i bass viols or specialized bids ! along with them." Oswald: "The average player shouldn't bother with' most of these bids, but in international play you need them. Why don't you tell me about the Billy Eisenberg and Bobby Golman ver- son of Blackwood?" Jim: "They figure that they will always have some idea about their partner's ace holding. Hence, the five- club response shows no aces or three; five diamonds shows one ace or four five hearts two aces and nothing extra, and five spades two aces and something e xtra. Hence Billy Eisenberg's five spade response on today's hand "JUNKANOO" is the magic word meaning carnival time all over the Bahama Islands. Celebrated on Dec. 26 and New Year's Day, the colorful parade starts with the pulsating beat of drums rising to a crescendo. The costumes are magnificent, with row upon row of fringed tissue paper topped with eye-catching headdresses or "rotesque masks. This one depicts "Humpty Dumpty." Succeeds Paul Tierney WOMAN TO TAKE TOP ICC POST IN JANUARY WASHINGTON (AP) Man's career becoming executive sec- shows two aces plus something j world will shrink a little bit I retary to the West Virginia Ju extra." i more come Jan. 1 when the first {d'cial. assistant state attorney Oswald: "That something ex-j woman ever to head an inde-1 funeral, legal counsel (o the tra was very good trumps and i pondenl federal regulatory j governor and stale insurance his diamond suit, including two agency takes over the top job at commissioner, of the top three honors. It made the Interstate Commerce Com- Her husband, a college sweet- it easy for Bobby Goldman to m , S sion. heart, is in private practice in bid six spades The slam based , ghe . g v , in , a Mae B] . ovvn a Washington. """J Sr5f«,^nf P ° ,n I S ,.^i thic - brunette la ^ er and bank " The Browns go to occasional fn aElute cinch" C0Urse " 1 er's daughter from West Virgin- ,vrial events but Mrs. Brown ia. .:avs "I don't go if Jim can't go Jim: "There was another gadget used in their b i dding. Norm's jump to four clubs said, 'Partner, I want to be in four,. spades even if your one- sapde ] f" ,g ' , bus , and . bar *° lines falls 10 response was a minimum and j ;lcr oy rota1lon part of my reason for getting: Atter a vear as vice chairman mere is that: I have exactly! S;ie succeeds Paul J. Tierney, one club!' " i wnc remains one of the 81-year- The $29,500-a-year job of head- with me. I made that decision iig the agency that regulates ' vv .ien we were married." most of the nation's rail, truck' Oswald: "That singleton club was certainly welcome news to South. His clubs could be ruffed 1 in dummy, if necessary and his old commission's 11 members Mrs. Brown, appointed to the TCC by President Johnson four years ago, puts in an 8-to-5 day singleton heart had to be worth ' with plenty of homework but its weight in gold." Wilberforce University was named in honor of William Wilberforce, who led the fight against slavery in the British Empire. s' ill finds time for a full family life with her lawyer husband James V. Brown daughters. She says that she has reached a basic philosophy about her work with the 10 men commissioners: "If you work hard enough at your job and do the best you can, using your best judgment, you become part, of the organization you serve. I feel I can do anything I want if I work hard enough." The ever-growing mountains and two 01 paperwork which often go nome with her for study alter Top Prices Paid Thursday, Dec. 19 at — PRICE'S LIVESTOCK MARKET Salem, III. Fat Steers 30.00 Fat Heifers 27.70 Fat Holstein Steers 25.00 Feeder Strs 29.00 Feeder Heifers 24.50 Feeder Holstein Steers 23.00 Veals 38.00 BuUs 22.50 Cows 19.00 Fat Hogs 19.50 Sows 16.25 And she's just as much at lhe famil y dinner she cooks hei " home in the man's world of SCif ' don 't faze her & uit transportation. "It's good exercise for your "Whether you're a man or a ."unci," she says. "It keeps you wtman, you have to keep up, be "'"> your toes." Wr'll informed and provide solid _ accomplishment," she says. i The trim, wcll-coiffed Mrs. A turkey's drumsticks are as I Brown went to work for the . important to turkey breeders as i state of West Virginia the year j to hungry people gathered at a i she graduated from the state i holiday feast, since the bird's ! university's law school—1947. logs tend to snap like match i She scored a number of fitsts j sticks when il grows too for a woman during her state | heavy. N A 1969 CHEVROLET AT BREHM-HANNA 1969 CHEVROLET IMP ALA White with black cloth and vinyl interior, 6-cyl., 3 speed manual transmission, head restrains, full wheel covers, white sidewall tires. FARM BUILDING SALESMAN To Be Trained For Area Sales Manager Morton Farm Buildings are hot! Earn $12,000 first year. Base pay is $7,200 plus commissions. Expense paid by company. Hospital, fife insurance, retirement, liberal profit sharing plan, two week paid vacation. We prefer agriculture degree with some sales or construction experience. Send resume of your qualifications, Do not apply in person, as we will notify you for an inerview at a later date. MORTON BUILDINGS, INC. Box 56 Fairfield, Illinois •Plus any 1961 car that you can drive to our lot. 1318 Salem Road Phone 244-3120 Our Greatest Profit Customer Satisfaction Open Evenings LOCKYEAR COLLEGE OF BUSINESS 209-221 N.W. Fifth Street, Evansvitle, Ind. 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