Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 15, 1912 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 15, 1912
Page 4
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THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER, TUESDAY EV T0BER15,1912. Th<i 161a Daily Uegistcr Th« ioUi DiHy Record and the l'>U Dally Index. THE BEGISTEK I'UBLISIIDiG CO. CHAS. F. SCOTT. Pres. and Bditor F: fr. BREWSTER Manager Entered at the lola PosUfflce as Second Claaa il^ttcr.' Advertlsingr Rates M«de Known on Appll" cation. Official Paper City of lola. Official Paper City of Batsett. Official Ppper of Allen County. r SUBSCRIPTION, RATES. By Carrier In lola, Gas City, Lanyon- ville, Concreto, LaHarpe and Bassett; One Week 10 ^nt? One Month , 44 ct-ntf One Year J5.P0 BY MAIL: One Tear, In -iMc nuuly iZ.Oii One Year, outside county I3 .0( coNoocrs mum STORE FT. srOTT MAX CREATE.S A NEW Ur.SIXE.SS FORHIMSELF. nf -m^'k/r Trfiis to Toiintrj Wiih Oro- ri -rles and Load.of Prodnre on Itctnrn to Town. TELEPHONES: Buiilnesa Of fire 1> Buclety ReiKirliT U Job and Bindery, H) 1 • — k. r. ('<MKSKS HY .MAIL. Ext4 >n(iou I)f|>urtiiii>iit l<rlni ;<i C O II CKI' to Ilomi's oi' .Sluili-iils. l.'iilvcraity of KiiiisaK. Oct. I'l.—Tin rnlvcrsity Is coniinK i<> ili'" lioys' and men of lola who can"! conu' to the University. SiH'ci^il ••ii};iiii-<Ti(iK coiirs: C8 i*nd otlicri! of valui- to nn'iliaiiics will be sent tliroctly to tin- lioiiics of the" students tlii;; yt:;ir liy the extension department of, the I'niversity of Kansas. This work has Iieeti estab­ lished'at K. T. for three y<ars. When the apiireniioM retitrns fionuK.';'''- bis' day In the slioj) he will find in hi^ mall instruciion alons sueli lines as highway engineering, tnichanical and machine design, roads and piivemcnt^. elements of direct current electrical engineering and eUoneiitary mechanics. In addition, he may t;ike freehand lettering and mechanical drawing, railwajf surveying and railway drawing, machine drawing and practical maUietnatics. - . To answer the demand for instruction in mining engineering, extension courses are offered in mine surveying, mine engineering, ore dressing and the concentration of ores. Kxperi- m.ental. work may be c!jrri>-d on in well-equipped laboratories for I'niver­ sity credit. Information on other work and now In preparation and additional course.* in different branches ni:iy be obtained from the Repartmerit of Kxlension. A ManeUius Escape. —"My little boy had a man-elouf escape." writes P. .F r.a.^tianis of Prince Albert, fapn of Good Hope. "It occurred in the middle of tht liight. He got a very severe attack of troup. As luck wolud liavo It, 1 had a large bottle of Cliambe'-IainV Cough lieniedy .In tlie lioii.<e. After folIowiDg tlte direction.") for an ho;i! and twenty minutes he w:is througl. nil danger." Sold by all dealers. FLAIY TO THV IIAHKAS ((MMMS A|ipllra1ton for a Writ Kited by Kan- sns Ilank Wrrrbef. Toi)eka, Oct. 14.—An aiiplicatlor for a writ of habeas cori)ii.« to releaFi John A. Flack, the Abil.-ne !'.a",k .vyecker, from j:iil. was lilo,i in t!ie Kansas Sujireme court today. Thi- i - - lition asserts tliat the bringing of th' eleven additional charges is ilkga!. Right here in Ft. Scott there is a rather •unusual business being con ducted—or rather It has Its headquarters here af the lock wood hotel, says the Ft. Scott Tribune. The business Is that of John Gary, who conducts a business which may he best cotnpiehended by caUing It a traveling grocery s'ore. . Tltc general plan on'.xvhicb the business Is conducted is tbe trading of grbcerles to the r .trmers aroutid Fort Scott in rfturn for butter, eggs, poultry, and other )>ix»''.i'.ce, ;ind the selling of this pro- diici in turn tn the grocers of Fort Scott .\s far as is known there Is not anoMuT business of similar nature beli^g conducted nnywhe.-e In the i!iale—or in the er.tire country for the :natter of "hat. .Mr. Gary got ;he idea in Iiidlan.-i where he tised to live years ago. He considered for some time before Iw dei'ided to start the business in the country ai'ound Ft. Scott. When he did decide he got a small one-liorsi wagon, loaded it with grociries am made for the country. The work •iliowed signs of being a siiccss. am" Mr. Gary entered into it with more er Ihusiasm. He begun making reguI.Ti trips, twice weekly, and he soon hatl the routes established, one far e:icli That was in Jul.v, a year ago Since that time ?ilr. Gary has adder another'and larger wagon to hi.-" "caravan." The smaller wagon is devoted entirely to the carrying of one large coop for receiving clUtkens. Tb< larger wagon is - covered and hat shelves on its walls for carrying goods. The big wagon is the grocery store and it contains all kinds of groceries, vt-getables. fruits, meats, canned goods, tobaccos, candy; etc. Suspended under the wagon are sinal' coops for carrying chickens in cas; ;he large cot/p will not hold all th< chickrns received in trade. Sugar 1.' one of the important staple article- handled by Mr. Gary and he usliall.' takes a number of large sacks on eaci: trip. .Mr. Gary now makes two trips ; week as formerly. He leaves Monda> morning returning Tuesday evening :ind leaves Thursday morning return ing Friday evening. Monday night h- slays in Garland and Thursday nigh" he spends in Missouri. T )n each trii •le follows different routes, each on- of which is circuitous, so that he nev e rfinishes changing the load In hi' wagon until he is back in Fort Scoti Tlien he goes on his regular route ol •.irocery stores and sells the produc !ie has obtained. The farthe.m poli; from Ft. Scott reached by .Mr. Gary i" fourteen miles from Iiere, and is if Mi.^souri, but as his routes are circu'" ouB, each trip means many miles < • travel, Mr, Gary himself, has charge «if ih' large wagon, while his son. Chalnier i.tlends to the smaller wagon. The: have large (inanities of the commodi •leg to be carried on each trip store'" away in a store room at the Un-k wooil. WISCONSIN WOMAN'S FORTUNE THIRD PJUtnTIGXneOES ON XAUKS OF KOOSETELT AXD JOIfXs .S0.\ «J0 M-N THE BALLOT. Freed From Pain, Weakness, Terrible Backache and Despair by Lydia E. Pinkham's Compound. Coloma,'jW'is. — " Forthrcc years I was laxmbled vifith female weaknesa. irregularities, backache gains, vertiscmentof Lydia K Pinkhum's Vegetable Compound and decided to try it After taking several bottles I found it was helping mc, and I must say tJiat I am .\ew .Set of .Woo .-ic Elr-for)! iVlll Ap- |iear Jn ludependcnt Column I'n- der Thtjir Xanips. —'Extra low price.c op new and tisei' Gas and Coal iStoves, Ed Hennlnger West Madison, i Keeps Your Stove ''Always Ready for Company" A bright, clean, .qlossy stove the joy and pricl^ of every huu-sekeeper. Hnt it " hard t'» tcep a sttive nicx* and shiny — • unless Black Silk Stove Polisli is used. Here is the rc.isoi:: r.l.iik .Silk Stove Polish slides rix'/tt tothf iron. It doesn't riijt clf or Jiist oif. Its ;:!i;nc lusts four iitars longer tbe .<'.iiuc of .my other polish. Yt.u iiuly need to p«^sh one- fourth as ciftea, xctyoiir stove will l>e cleaner, Orighli r :\ni\/>e/fer tookht!^ than it bi,^'been simjc yuu tiI^t bought it. Use BLACK SILK STOVE POLISH pn your ivitltir stove, tlielirn R |ovc<*Tga« slovo* tirtucdii Ironi v>>ur ImrUwuio vr rfmve Ucult-r. |M»iiK^oti liavi' ^Y-r us«Mt 6thtt>-. your stealer I*, •utiior/mt t'l IX' I IID J v»ur iiidnev >lu( we tn-i *ut« you wll Uf.rrv wUli Ihc tk-muu-ti ol W*r- tip -Co-dmc .weiticn wli.i iiie ii.nv u^tng lllucli S$Uk Ktnxfe (^l!i•>ll aii<l wli,i ^ay II Is lliu "ItU < LIQUID OR PASTE ONE QUALITY Pi> surr lo rrt yytrxniitiHr. Black Silk Stove Poli&li cubts^ yi>u NO mitt* than Ctie urJioary kiiitt. ; Keep your erattrs. rutisters. lonOers anJ Move , pipes briKlit anU tree Itooi rUNtinjf by USIBC K A OC atX A«J>RY»NG ENAMO- Biusb iie* Willi each can «1 eiuniei uii.'y. BtACK SlUC METAL POUSH tor Mvn- —Mr. .las V, Churrhill. ;tO Wall S' \i:burn. .V, V.. Ii:!.-; b"fn bothered wi* erioiis kidney and -bladder trmiiii •ver i-'inco he left the aiiny. and .'^av- •I dofldnd to try Foley Kidney ; il .s ihey had eurf'd so n>any people •.r soon foanil they were just the thinly kidneys and bladder are again i I he.-ilthy condition. 1 {;ladly r:*<o- >iend them." For sale af IJurrell" Drug Store. Topeka, Oet. H.—The names or "Roosevelt and Johnson" will be print ed at the head of tbe Kansas Bull Moose electoral ticket in the Independent column on the ballots used In the election .November 5. After a conference today with Attorney Gen, , . . leral John S. liawson. Secretary of and bearing down |stat« SeKsions certine<l this decision I saw an ad- i „ut to the county clerks. The armuneiits advanced by attorneys for I lie I'rogressives made It appear to the secretary of state that an action In niandanins tnlpht He in case If he refused (o certify their candidates to the Indeiipndent column. "Senator Henry Ganse, of EinporIa, and Jud«e I,. \V. Kepllnger, o( Kiin- ~>,f «/.n« «.nii I »"l"nltled to us briefs on the perfectly weir now ! and after <ar.fHlly eonslderinp and cannot thank i,|„.,„ ,ve have, as usual, followed the yon enough for what Lydia E. Pinlt-; liberal rule of construction which ham's Vegetable Cc .npound has done for, makes the rights of the voters para- me."— Mrs. JoH.N W ENTLAND, K .F .D., j mouni," saiil Secretary of Slate. Ses- No. 3, Box 60, Coloma, Wi.s. . siorss. "In rec. nt years not only the Women who are suffering from those ''S'slatutv but the courts and admln- distressing ills peculiar to their sex I''"'""•'v*- "'"'•••is have been liberalix- Ehouldnot lose sight of these facUor »^=»>'"i doubt the ability of Lydiu E. Pinkham'i Vegetable Compound to restore tlieii health. There are probably hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of women in th£ United States who have been beni-iited by this famous old remedy, which was produced from roots and herbs over ?£ years ago byawoman to relieve woman's suffering. If you sresick am', need sucii a medicine, why don't you try it ? If yon want special adrice irritc ic Lydia £.Pinkbam Medicine Co. (con IN dential) Lynn, Xa-ss. Your letter Hill be opened, read and answered by r. nonuui and held ia strict co &llileBi^ • Fir.'-t Published October L". l'.M2 I SIIKIJIKK'S I'KOCLAMATIOX OK • i.E.XEKAL KLE(TI«\. .>:a!e of Kansas. Allen County, .s.--. )ffice of Sheriff. October 7, P.U2. Notice Is hereby ^Iven that a tJen- •ral Elerlion will be held on the .'.th lay of November. Ittl2. being the f'.r.-t 'uerday in said tntrnth. at whicii tiiiie •?.ndidate.« for the fcllowlng office.^ vill be elet-ted according to the pro- isions of law by each of the variou.'-' •iditical parties of this state: Ten I'n-idential Electors! Ont! Candidate lor V. S Senator. Two Justiceri i;f tlie Supreme Court One Candidate for i ;(i\ern <»r. One Candidate for I.ieuteuant Oov- •rnor One ^tate. One One the freest V-.xpression of the voters* wishes and to reduce the possibilit.v ol mistakes to the minimum. Our inter- pretaiion is warranti-d by the statute ::Ithough ihe iiiiesiion'is new in Kansas." The secretary ol slat- alsti cerli/ied out the names of tho eight Taft electors who were put on tbe Kepublicai. ti<-ket by the .s!ale committee last Saturday. The two Taft electors nominated at the -primaries were certified out some time ago, Mr. Sessions als< certified out the names of the ten Koo.sevelt ele <-tors placed in the independent coli:nin by petitions. The Taft elector.s who will appear under the eagle on the election bulloi arc: H. F. lUaker. pfeasanton: J. E Uocock, Cottonwood Falls: Charlo H. Hrowne. Horion: John F. Delliii^r Harnett; John S. Cilmore, Fretlonfa; A. J. .Miller. Hdleville: C. W. .Miller Hayes City: Paul Ui<h, Syracuse; 1, H. Thompson, Norton; \V. A. Thoniso'i Junction City. These arc «de< tors for Itoosivelt: H.-nr.v J. Allen. Wichita; E. t; Hartbergcr. Merriaui; J. S. Killings ley, Belleville; (Jomer T. Da vies. Con cordia; I.,. W. Keplinger, Kansas City H. M. Poe, .Norton; Jesse .V. Shackle ton. Winlicid; Uiwrence T, Smith .Newton; .M. A, Sutton. Dodge City, William Allen White, Emiforia., ^ .401 Caliber Self-Loading Rifle "yv:iz is the latest and most powerful rifle cf the ro-called autcm.itic type. It has inc rc 7)' v.-cr th:in the .ciC Army rifle. This power. co:i..);ii.:d wiih lis. unequalled rapidity cf {lit, makes it e.vceptionally effective ^or hnr.tin^ i ^'rrr.e. It is simple in c r.'• :c'-'i.".::J cp:r?.tl3n and all .its •..:J.. . 1 ra.idc of Nickel SteeL Tjhe na .Ho • Vv incnt;;:.!.,-!-*'" on it guarantees it ro be s.-ttibi;.CiOry ia evert'^ way. It is sold bydeaIcr-;e ','':T '''.-/;-!C'/c. Worthlookinginto. Lend : • i. ' , 1' 'jr zH kinds of JUTS 11KE TiiH HAMMER OF THOR > •:• •:• •:• •:• •> •> •:• •:• •:• •:• • •:• •> Candidate for Secretaiy ol SHERIFF MAKTIX OI-STED. fo .Supreme Conrt Will Xoj StHnd OiTicial Mho Neslects Duly. Topeka, Oct, The St:prem Court iias i.«sued a .iudgment of oust*against Halph Martin, sheriff of Choi .'>kee' coiintv. .Martin was suspende' <ome mon'hs ago by the Suprein- Court pending final action in th" sii! brought against him nearly a year rg bv the attorney efiueral. He wa charg<d with dereliction of duty an corruption In the enforcement of ilh prohibitory law in his county. "He is cleared of the charges of lb dt'reliction in the service of process rrnd the eoinnivance at corruption,' says thr court in its opinion hande'' down today. "Hut for his omissior to take amfmative active stej)s in aii' T fthe enforceiiicni of the prohibitor.< 'aw; judcm<-nt of ouster is mnderei' against him." Tl\e attorney cenera! brought th- .<u;t to oust Martin, upon the charges of wilful neglect of duty enjoineii u' •n'him bv iaw. I 'pon a prelluiinar: hearing .Martin was suspended. \ nv ;iOn was made to set aside the oide- of isuspension on tbe ground lh:.l th •^latu;!' utliler wh!eh the action wa.' brought Is- ;inet>'islltuiion :iI. T.'ie t-m lion was overruled. —tleo T. Craddock, K>ible Ark siys: "1 was boiiiered vvliU lunibai; , for seven years s.) bad I could tu ! work. I tried several kinds of k'lliio iTiedlilne which j;avt« lue little or iv relief. Two bottles of Foley KIdiie Pills cured me and now I can do a:i- kind of work; I cheerfully recoiiiifen •hem to my friends." Hiirrell 's Dri •^tore. IHSAPI'KOVEn I. W. W. METHODS Thirty Tbunsand Amerleans Parad- Htre<>tK of awreuee, Mass. Lawrence, Mass,, Oct. 14.—Thirl • t.bousand American flags were carrii-' !'>™'»«i'„J'>'«^ ""•^^ of muddy _strce, Candidate for State Aiiilltor. Candidate for State Treasurer One C ;:ni :idate for .Attorney (ienera! thie Candidate for State Superlnten ont of Puidic Instruction. f)ne Candidale for Superlntendeir if Insurance. One Candidate f<ir State Printer. One CiincMdate for Congressman foi M-ci,nd Congre.-sli.nal Districi. One Candidate for Sra'e Sena.<.';' 'ourteenth Senatorial District, One'candidate for Keiiresentan'vc or Twentieth Distric;. One Candidate for .ludge. Thir;> U'venta .ludicial District. One CanOIda^e for Cniiniy Clerk. One Candiiiate for Couniy Ticii.- irer. One Candidate for Uegister of Decls One Caafiidafe for Coiin:y .Attorne; One Candidate for Probate Judge. One Candidate f-jr Sheriff. One Candida:e for Coroner. One Candidate for County SuiiPrir endent of Public Instruction. One Candida'e for County Survryoi Oacl Candidate |f;ir Cnunty .A.-.'-e^sci One Candldote for Cbirk of the Dis^ rict Court, One Candidate for C<utn;y I 'omuii- ioner. Se :;ociI Oistrio;, 0,-:c Cand'da'e f(>r C<.iin;v Comini; •oner. Third DiMrlct. ' Two Cand'd.nte.s for Justices of I!; 'eace. in Kacli Townsliir> and Citie •f Sc'-ond Class, Two Candidates for Constaiilej i •'.ach Ti>wn.iiii> anil Citie- of Seeon ."lass. On- 'ee. On" One •irer. Vi-'fs of uuallflcd I 'lenors of thi 'oiintv will be re -eiveil al/1he follov. Mg precltH -ts: S »uu-!< or .\ii;;iber <)f Privlncts. IJ •at ion: Polls will !e open from S o'.-ior . Ill until 6 oVb'fk -11 111. IIOOVEK KEKK. Sheriff ItltKAhS COI.D l> FEW HOIKS. .•ir>l Do>e of I'apeN Cold r«ni |MMin Kelietes All .HNerj. Afler ihe very first dose of "Pai>e' 'edd CtMiipoiiud" you distinctly fei he cold breaking and all the dlsagre< lie gripi .e syiiiptonis leaving. It is a iKislfIxe tact that a < < ".ipe's Colli Compound taken evei. wo liours uniil three consecutiv OSes ate taki n will cure grippe o leak up the most severe ci>lil, ellh< • the head, cliest. buck, .stomach <• inilis. It promptly ends t ;ie. 'iiost iiiiserab: (adache <|iillne>,,>;, bead and no.v luffed up, feverishness. sn »K >/,ing. soi roat. i',iiining of th;- nose miicoc :t;irrlial dir-hatgts. soreness, stif ••ss and r!;euipatic tw.iiges. Take tifis M (iiiilerfi;l Compo-:nd ;i' knowledge tliat tUere i.^ itothin .SI- in the world which will cure yoi ,id or end grip 'ie misery as pri-nipt :-.d without any other assistance ' id af'er efTccts iis a I'.'.-cent pac! j,c _cf Pape"s Cidd Conii»o:ind. whii • y druggist (an supply. It contaii > (jiiinine. He sure you get what yo .-k for—accept iio substitute, Iteloni 1 every Ijoiiie. Tastes nici —ac ently. M.iteriat furn sliel r..r ihi,^ lolumn •omes from the County Ciiiuiiiillee and .'he |):iily l;<'c;st'-r is in i(..ui.'-e re • poiislMe ;iir any tta;<'iiient a|>peatii>K iiiiler this heading •\ : iuiilar coluuii. \ill lie llevolrd l<» t.'l- KepUldical.S. rile IJeitisler is i> s :pi>nsi*.jb- only (»f ':• own ••liiiorial expression.-; DK>IO( HATIi TIIKKT. .>a(iviial Ticket. For President—(lov. Wi -.xlrov. Wil-. .lU. .New Jersey. For Vice I 'ri 'sidcnt—tlov. Thomas •' :. .Marshall. Ii!(!iana. Presiilential EbeiKrs—Francis Ml 'atter.son. Vat. s Center; Anders Sor-: nsen. .McPb* r .-:t )n; K. II. Chi, Smith! enter; .Mfred y.' Wooster. Erie; .'i, . . Itybce. C.arn<-lt; Jiiiiie.s W. Clark I •real l;-nd;* llira :ii K Fulton, Hat:-! ler; Cha.- K. Hants. .Vle.'veru; l .-aat-' TBE NORTHRUP NATIONAl BANK lOI.A, KANSAS X OVEi: FOKTV VKtUS OF <0\SKKT\TIVE UANTil.Vf.' I.> lOI.A Depvsiiory for IJie lulled Sialis. Slale ui Kansas, and Allen/Cuonty K J MIl.l.Kl!. Pie>i(l .:it .MKI.VIN FHONK. Cashier i; .1. COFFEY A:. St la.-iiier CAPITAL $.JO,000.00 OFFM KIJS: K I,. NOKTHRl.'P. Vice-Prest. F A. i \t)l:TllKi:p. Vice-PresL D. P. NOICTIIICi:Ji< Viiv PresL SURPLUS $20,000.00 von: in .-^i-XEss .*^)i.irjTED Interest Paid on Time Depo-Us Stifely Deposit Boxes for Rent I.<HM;K MEN WILL PAKADK. lo I. .Magilt. ( <.;i;ii,;;; Ksag- C.ty. Stale • Fur r. S .'•^eiiatoi on. (.'ardeii I'iiy. Jiistiif yapieliie n .oaias .1. u.\.-i; iickel. —Will. II. Tlioui|.- Coiirt — llulubell Caiic.';<.'are for Tov.nsi'ip Ti.i Caadidat. Candidal. for T.;wns!iip Cb-rl lor Township Trea)- - Hon. .^iieli;. :d Ingii'.ls. Hepublba- :iniMi'atc for Lieutenant Cr.veinor a- ivoil in tlsc , iiv this afternoon an •111 <"is<-uss till. iMilltlcnl situation : O, .\ U Mall tonltht The mee; le nill commence at .s o\l6.k T':- uibllc genonilly ln\lttd Ladl.-s e,- e;lall\ Inviteil. .\ Loir I'll Ihe Trerk —ef the favi exiire.=s nvans serio: oubb- aiu-ad if not removed, so do. (SB of appetite. It liicans lack of v ility, loss of strength ami iierve wc; If apix'titi- fails, take Eleclr itters quickly to overcome the cant >y toning up the stomach and ciirii. ,ie Indigestion. .Michael llesshelni< t Lincoln, .Neb. It id been sick ovi .:ree years, bp; si.\ bottl.-s of Elei ric" l5itt(;rs p;it him rigiit on his fe gain, Tliey have helped tliou.snnd hey give pure blood, sinui:; nerve iddle. iCihpori.i; .\, i: K'-eves. Dodg .it.v. Oovernor—Ceo, II. Hodges. i)!atlie. I-iei:( Cfnerrior—Frank I.. Driftoa )^age City. Secretary of S'ali' —Iturt'E. Ilrown, .a »v re nee. State .\iulitor—Perry Clemens, i-f la'iiilion. State Tr. iL-iirer I'. K Uiiighlii.. larysvilb-. All y f;.n.raJ —C, i:. Utile olatb Sept, of Public liistructiou— I, lloweii. I'itlslitnr.. Supl. of Insiirane,--Carl J. Peteron. iola, S!;;t!> Printer—Wini.:!ii P Fed.-r. if "rent Itend. Congr.e-snian. L':id Dist.—.los. Ta;-art. Kansas City, Kans. ::Tt:i ,lii(lj:-:al |i;.-t - f'har'.fs .Ap:. lola. Kans. t^tate Sen.iior. H'h — l'::::: 'i in lo!;i. Kaii>. Kepres'^uialive. Z'I'A idst.—I. \V ',••.11., Ilufiibiddt. Kas. ' Coanly TirteL County Clerk—Ciias. Frce;;« r-j:. Kls ,o.e. Eldorado Kaffir Com Caniiial j ILne Fraternal Featnre. I Kldurado. Kas . O't. 14.—.More tSiaii 2 lodge iiiembers ot l:iitl«-r county I will I articipaie in li .e liiu fraterna! !..ira..'e i;;i ,'!is l:u:li-r <-i >un;y "s kriftir "irn larnital. Oi-tnber lO-K-l- i I'-;;!,:;,- i,T i .'.e ,ii .-t i .'ay l.;i?t th-tober l;-,il !er miiuty held ;;s ^.•.-.-'i l;a:rir corn i:unival, and it was .-i;'li a ixMiip!i-;e se. ic-^sthat in, laarge lieterniineil to iuaimurate i; a.-an .•ir.nui:! affair. Tiiis y.Tir lliiller ;iiodu;-:>d 12a.i,in a les of kaif:r, an ir .-Te 'ise o\er last vi -ar^s aereii;.- Ka'-h of the twenty-nine townsiiips in !>pie?enteil by a kaffir booth. Pre- ii'Iuiiis amoiintinir to <.it will he giv W. ]>. Koss. of the state school de- ;.:!rtiiienf. vL-iited the lola high school i ':iv and declares that the school Is :.n ;one the very best in the state. He 'las said the same thin.g before, but he evtra stre-is on it today, the only it.'U'roi eaiiiit ue could think of being : nee.i of larger room for the man-' ua: i:~tining and domestic science de- iMiia-enis The attendance Is large, t; .•;(• beini; some forty students from Iiie outside enrolled in ihe high school. . •n during the ca;nival on farm •.il.iis. floats, etc. Word comes from l^awreiice that i::iiier l ,.T \vvor. an lola boy. has been 1 let-led tri.-asurer of the freshman class li... iartest cias.s that ever entered ;i;e I'niversity. It is an honor highly .ipiire<-iaied bv the recipient and prob- ab'v puts vixmg l.a»yer In line for ev- I !Mnsii'.erab!e prinninence In future ''•,';:-s ursanizalions. TreasiiTer r.f .'o!;n T, Tyl.-r, irod (ligostion, .Iruggists. 0:,ly .".It ceiils at a DEAI- :\S A HAi O.VE. arnier S:nit Hersetiiief ::'.d Klllwl ne<>|:enid«. .Mu..koKee. Okia . Oct. H—The ban ild ;i r y\\r.\ lust .Saluni'V by Hem •like, a farmer, after robbing tl iw State bank ai Pril"" •. Okla . wa )day piisitiM-ly Ideatified as Jarrei iieksiiiun and tiain robber, who es ipej from the federal Jail In -Musk' ee eaily la>t June, while under •••entv-flve year .-iiiience for holdir. ;i and r.ihbin',: llie Missouri Paclfi lall train ne:ir South Coffeyvlll. .>kla. on the night of .March "Jl. I'Jl URLS! (;iRLs:rSUREL\ TRY THIS' DQUBLfeS BEAUTY OF YOUR HAH — .,i VH You Need Is a 25-Ccnt Bottle of "I)anderine"-Hai I Gets LiLstrous, Fluffy and Abundant at Once. eqiu 1 tor use on aucomotiik 'S. Blade Silk Stove Polish Worics STERLINC ILUNOIS by 30,000 men, women and • chlldrei ! in a denionstration against the Indus trial Workers of the World.' Linin; : tlie streets through which the parad' j nassiid the, spectators stood ten deep Tbe line passed b<^neaih a ttig arcl bearing the • inscription :"For God and .country. Th»» Star and Stripes Forever, ^he Red Pla? Never. A protest agoinat the Indus trial'Workers of the World, its prin ciples and,methods." With one accord the marching: thou Bands removed their hats and sang af Ibejr ap;proBphed tbe juvb. Inimediale? Yes! Certain he joy of U. Your hai ight. wai-.v>fliiffy. abund •ears as soft, lu.-..iroufl>and .s a youug girl's after a Danderjn« air cleanse. Just iry this—nttIslet cloth with a little Danderlne anc arefully draw It through your hair tklcg one small strand at a time his will cleanse the hair of dust dir r ' lents our hair. tain? Tiiui: I wbos«- |,..,ir •„.,'. , JatU a:J .p.'^ »e.slde:, U-autriVing md be;' :tifu'! ' "•^ -'"Xtr.'r ^"^'arewmo ,a?r '"*'P "'o beauty o A delightful surprise awaiU. panic ilarljr those who-have b«ea careless. ^ hair , neglected or brittle o,- nii hair. Dande ne dl.s.stdvc8 every parllile of dan* off; cleanses, purities and Invlgu ites the scalp forever stopping itei ng and falling hair, but what w.- ilease you most will be afler a fe veeks' use of Danderlne. when ye ••ITl actnalTy see new hair—fine an iowny at first—yes—but really ne^ air growing _^11 over the scalp. 1 ou care for pretty, soft hair and tot >f It: surely get a 2S cent bottle o Oiowlton'a Danderlne from any <drut (store w jtoilet counter and Just trjr. It. Deeds—lerry I.. I{e<i y—Fr.nk 15. Forn st lola County as City. Kegisr-r •ell. I.da C<.uniy .vuorn ola. Probai.- ,hid-,.'e~ J. S. Walker, .'^heritr- J, H i--..jter. Cas. Coroner—F. I.. It. I-ea\e!l. lola. County Suiit—Vide Feiberiugill 'arlyle. Co, Surveyor—S. D Partlett lola Clerk of tbe District Comt —[.oui- U, Humboldt. County .-Xsse.ssor—Fred ^'i-.tuiidt. o; Humboldt. :;nd fiist! ill —.1. A WOrrZAK'S Wi'SOOM. The worrico mother wakes up to 'hcsr her baby's heavy breathing—a. little rcu)<h—perhaps the croup or whooping cou;;ii. She dues not want-to send for the doctor when perliaps the trouble dues not amount to much. Finally she thinks of tliat medical book her father ^Jvc her, 'lb-.- C^ummon Sense Medical Adviser, by It. V. Pierce, .VI. D. She says "just tbe thing to find out what is the matter Vith the little dear." Two inirdon houschulJs in this country own one —and it's to he had>for only 31c. in stamps—l.ObO ps^cs in splendid cloth bindin|l. A good family adviser in any emergency. It is for - either sex. This is what many womca i.-riJc Dr. Pierce—in respect to his " Fuvarits Prescription," a remedy which has made thousands of mclanclioly and rr.isercbli: wctncn cheerful and happy, by curing- t!ic painful womanly disca^tc-j which ucdcrnuinc a woman's health and strength. > •rite .1 f. v.- };•..<••• to let you know what ;;„• I. .IS di.iie !• r me." writes Mas. I-,-. ..! ::.'.( S. IleiHaN.:: Street. IJaltiniore, i<.r.-, e;aur t.> our lii.!;se I was avery'slck '..r ndvice \\ hicli was kindlv given alid ir 'T -r .-iit '.vonian in a short time. AfU-r i.f •Favi .i-ite {"ri -siTiption ' I began 1 !i ::rii !v knew I -.vas in such a conditToa. i!-^wi.rk— washing ami ironinir. OKikjpg-, -My e.<n- i; y ; • lM .\i:<i T '/.ry.:.' Mil. -il .'" t!i • '.v'MTia:!. 1 v.T'.te ; made :",e ;• ta!<!ii ..r t' e ij .^f K iiipri^'it- r s ) lh;it 1 d;d i!:y n li. re'.viu':. aiKl III" wi.r-: ••u'!i. 1 '.;.r. .til nurs«><rtbre.' cbildreii-wbo I knew of the :idveut t<'n minutes )—S4) <u.v v .ii^ It. Tbe b:il>y I-- a^ fat as a biitter-liall. jir. i-;er.^e"s I av.•;;:•• l'r—-i:riotii)n i- the Ic-st ine<li<-ine for U ES. ZUCEET AND BAr.r„ ni:v •.•.i:maii t-i !:it-:: I.) all i;;y iricr.d .i.'' r.-a ia lids coiidi'-Iuu. 1 recommend it Commissioner ;irown. .Moran, Commissioner tobinson. lola. II :!rd i;>istrici-M i: NKAIM.V LOST THE DVXAMITK. Trii l.nunrh W lille James roinpauions \ Wihie» Tells of the and u >arr«n E; Indiaiiapoils. Oct,. 14 I, .Mc.Naniara and bis •eri- tossing about Ut a l.'U'ich :an Francisco with the dynainile bit- r used in explosions at l.os .\ng<*!es hey c;ime u> :tr losing ihe explosive in he ocean, Paul J. Siuparleh. owner f a cafe seven mill s from Ssm Frau- •isco. so testilied at the dynamite con piracy trial today, !!.• told of tin- 'rst aiipciiranct- of a n.isoliiK launcb lear Iti.i V-.ile on Sept.niber 2n. l!'l<> en days before the l.os Anceles Times •xplosion. in which w.Te ihrce~>ii. n nswering the descriifimi of Mc.Na- nara. F. A. Schmitt and David Caplan. ml <if the return of the launch sever- l times, Tbe other testimony of most of to- 'ay's witnesses v.-as conlinerl to iden- ifylng letters, lb" contents of which ire to bo made known later. li riironfe Djspepsfa, —Tbe following unsolicited. testi- idnlal should certainly be sufficient o give hope and courage to iierson^' fflicted with chronic dyspepsia: "I •ave been a chronic dvfoeptlc for •ears, and of all the medicine I have aken. Chamberlain's Tablets have lone ine more good than anything Iser* says W, G. Matll.'on. o,N 7 Sher nan St.. HomellsvlUe. N. V. For sale by all dealers, - y-^ ' ' ' J -" Cat «al th* wharm ceapea. with (!*• olhcn of conMcuUva d>lM. aad pracMrt Ata *t Ibii, offk* »tlh tSa vipvnia bona* omouat t.aroiii ut oppowta aar Myta ef Oictioaarr **lect*<l (which covin lh <i itrmi of iKc ,co<t ef packias, vsataM rmc O M (Mtsrr. cWLIoc. cirrk hira aaj aihar BOCMWT EXPENSE ItimtK moA r«c%'iva your clioica of tlicao -t ^co I MM L S ; * The $4>00 (I-'I^e illiistraiiir.s in f lie annoniv'emcnf; from day today.) Tu.i dictionary >? i;.' r ^.uldishril Dy the original pubr li.-h .i •{ \Veb >ttr'> divi!. r.jry or by their successors^. It-i tiie ONtv cmirviv c.^nipilatioii by the wotld's- ..;t asitlioritits fi .-11 aibnij i nivcrsities; is bound in ^ DICTiONASViiiil l.iiup I.faihiT. i!<- , f.;i:iip^d in gold ou back'and Uioxtratrri si jcs, prir.icd t >:i V.V):-, {. ^f-r, v ith red edgej and corners rounded; be-iutibd. strontT. uiiraLIe. 1'. ;Ls tl '.s gr-icral contents, there f 1912 5 are mafis aid over 6oo ;iul>i.»,t-j oc2i:!ii-.!'>- :"nii,strU-J by three- I 'F_,.... 2 . • C !d.jr plat. 5, nuni -ruilS sublet.? bv in •t:..!<.iir-, l6- pasji-S (i jSSwTJJ •* i cJiioti.jna-• har; 5 ^:i.J tlie Lit "t JiM'.i! : t tcstfisi!'. Present* Sfco'»i T this oiT: e SIX Goasecutlvo D '.:C .:^T.~-rf Coiipon* tied tha 98e I The $3.00 I i. CXK<W .he *ime i Tii t'^XO * New " tl-e h^-'*^. I Usvt ^Q^o bi'>.hns -- umcn is in X wi !h senate comers. SIX • ja-S Ceaiac«ij«a Coa |M >a» mnd tha OlC U ht prats ebth tioii J^^. •» sold pip«r lane lk>3>. bet sil a Ibe ored (dales Ire unitled. ^SOC nil chsrM _. ~ - (.oexociUnre Co<aiaa» aail lh« caU I -nil -mtm'^ . A B/ B M A: hr M «i]. 22c Cilta for PoUasa ; ^ '

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