Covina Argus from Covina, California on March 21, 1908 · Page 2
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 2

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 21, 1908
Page 2
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A Wonderful Work Took Place Here Last Saturday and All of This Week M. L. Decker & Co., Owners of the B. F. Taylor Store Great Going Out~of~Business Sate GLENDORA, CALIFORNIA The house w;is packer) full of people from one end to the other. The whole city ami community is awake to the situation that THIS IS A BONA.FIDK GOING OUT-OF-BUSINESS SALE. With present owners it's not a question of profit or original wholesale cost, but sacrifice ami unload the entire stock within the specified thirty days. We are sacrificing all along- the line pouring cannon balls into the prices at a fearful rate. Notion Department The whole shooting match in the notion department is before you. Baskets are full, shelves are full and counters are full. The whole business is before you. Commencing with needles, going down to pins, walking up the aisles and picking up bargains everywhere. Whether it is ribbons, embroideries, corsets, kid gloves, laces, neckwear, knit or muslin underwear, combs, hair brushes, or anything you ever thought of in the notion line. We have got them here and we have them at a saving to you and your family of 30 to 50 per cent. Shoes We are still 'piling out shoes, putting more of them in bins, on the counters and convenient places for you to look them over, where you can examine each and every pair. You will see that stamp here on them made by honest hands, and we are telling you the truth when we say to you that you can come very near fitting the whole family out in shoes for what you pay for pair elsewhere. Whether it is shoes you want, for your wife, your mother, your daughter, the babies, or any body, they are here for you and they are here ot PRICES THAT ARE TALKING OUT LOUD. Men's and Boys' Department In the men's and boy's department the prices are doing- the work with equal results. Ties, four-in-hand ami teck, collars, kerchiefs, suspenders, underwear, hosiery, hats, gloves, overalls, working and dress shirts all piled out bearing the GREEN TAG SLAUGHTER PRICES THAT MOVES THEM. Extra Trousers 300 pair men's extra trousers ranging from the moderate mixed to the finest woolen weaves. An extra green tag price slash on every pair to move them with the balahce of this big stock. Dress Goods and Wash Goods Did you ever see such crowds as gather ground our piece goods counters and see them buying •right and left on all sides. Everybody busy picking out patterns. They were wrapping- them up like chain lightning. What was the cause of it? It was simply buying dress goods at the GOING OUT-OF-BUSINESS SACRIFICE PRICE. Remember the Date-Sale Commenced Saturday, March 14th, Closes Saturday, April llth Again we bid you welcome every day. If you have not already been one of the many who have taken advantage of this great money-saving opportunity, why not? A visit to this store will be greatly to your advantage. The B. F. Taylor Store, Qlendora. Cal. . L. Decker & Co., Owners Store Open Evenings The Chicago Sales Company Conducting Sale REPUBLICANS IN RALLY Enthusiastic Opening of ;New Headquarters of County League. the Los Angolea TimeH of March 15th: Bubbling ttiithuHiuNm attended tho opening rally of the Republican cam •'' paign, when prominent citi/erin and inemberH of the party throughout tho 'county gathered iu large nuinhern IHH(, night to aHHJHt in the dedication of the new hoadquartorH of the Republican League <;f LOH Angeles county, at No. ]!<2 Bonth Spring Htreot-- the rnoniH formerly , occupied by the Jonathan Club. Thero \VI\H such a jam that all thoHe who Nought admission could not enter at the mime time. They went in and out in rolaya. The candidacy of William H. Taft fur the I'retddency was heartily in- domed, and every mention of bin name was greeted with great applause. It had been hoped thai Ciov. 'Illicit might be present, but he did not arrive from the Kant. H|H name was greeted with acclaim, however, and there was abundant evidence of tho esteem in which he in held by local members of the party. Judges, prominent meinhorti of the bar, leading bnnineHH men the bone and Hi now of the boat citi/eiiHhip joined in doing honor to national and Htate Icadom an their iiamcH were mentioned by the varioiiH upeakeru, and through the entire meeting and the informal reception lhat preceded and followed it, indicated in no un- miutakable way lhat the Republican jiarty of thin part of California is in the fra.v to uphold the principles that have made that oigani/.ation invincible in the pant. Herbert. L. Cornish, vice president f the league, acted as temporary chairman of the meeting. "Just a word regarding the Kepuldican Lea guo ol L'.is Angcleu County," he mud. 'The league was not urgani/ed to fciippori any one man for ulllce; it vsah iini formed in the inleresis of itn.\ parlii'iilar person. It \\iis foimed !>> biipport I In' regular K'epuld ican nominee. \\ Imhoevel 1 lie- i-i >n \ ell I ion hiiali nominate as OIH Kepubl ican 1'rebidental i-aiidivlatr thU league v.ill t-ui-pori la- it Tat't, l-'i-iaki-r nr Jli.Vhfcll. (ielitlemell, 1 I eg io ilitl'o duce to vju iJiailner \V. Lcr, who uill not us chairman of ( Mr. Lee, •whti-tis' crifth-raar»- : t>t--the- Republican County Central Committee, said, ID part: "Pour years of matchless prosperity under tho peerless leadership of Theodore KooHOvelt is about to puss into history. We are here to pledge our support to the man who Hhnll be chosen to wear the mantle of our honored President. Whether that mantel shall fall upon the shoulders of Taft (loud oheors) or any other good republican, we are here to support him. i "This will be n hard fought campaign, and it is our duty to gird on our armor mid tight. It in the duty of every loyal Republican to take the Held and exert himself to the utmost for his party and the principles whioh it represents." "It is a promising sign that, so early in the campaign, you are willing to turn out in suoh numbers, 1 ' said K. A. Meserve. "It shows that you are ready to get into line. And , it shows that you want to get into line an Republicans and Dot as the tail of any so called 'reform' kite. , We must see that we win the (joining election by the greatest majority ever known to history. We shall not be called upon simply to pile up a majority for the candidate of our party: we shall be called upon to net the seal ot our approval upon the administration whioh is now drawing to a close. "In time of war, men under tiie excitement of the moment, take delight in tmcritlcing themselves, in going to the front and laying down their lives if need be, in defense of their country. It may not be easy to hear the call of duty during tiinua ot peace, but the call is there just the Name. It is juwt as much our duty to turn out now and work for the principles which we believe iu aw it would be in time of war for us tn go to the front; there is just as much room for patriot ism now as there ever ban been. "Take can what men you neiid to the Chicago convention. Htv lhat your phitform contains planks which ntand for the policies of the Republican party. See that it represents the policies which have distinguished the party dining the past lour years. See that It indorses Roosevelt V light for letter government, tor enforcement ot the law. ''Let ulle Wold If volir « at ch w < .I'd, let it lie tin 1 standard and ttu'ie ran be but one result. Thai walchwi id should be •||uiu-.-ty. ' If y.'li ^o out toliuiiniw and the day after and \srrk Luneally, you will be looked upon with respect by the young men of thnt day wbeii-yo«alr-hair uh»ll be white and you shall be approaching the end of your time. "Gentlemen, even in these times of peace you have the same opportunities for display of patriotism that our brothers here (pointing to the members of the Army and Navy Republican League) had in 1861." (Prolonged applause, ) The next speaker Introduced was William J. tlanlon. In introducing him Mr. Lee said he is one of the younger men in the Republican ranks, one of the young men whose enthusiasm would be of inestimable value iu the coming campaign. Col. P. M. Chapman of Covinn, member of tho Governor's staff, spoke on behalf of Gov. Gillett, saying briefly: "The Governor has hoped to he here tonight to extend to you his good wishes iu person. He was unable to make connections, however, so upon me devolves the pleasing duty of representing him. It is a gre'it pleasure to see so many of you here this evening, and wo old Republicans, who have been through many a hard-fought campaign iu this State, are thankful for the enthusiasm which you are showing. It speaka well for the success ot the coming campaign. " State Senator W. H. Savage spoke in behalf of the Army and Navy Republican League. He told why the old soldiers belong to the party whioh placed Lincoln at the head of the nation, and tuld of the ideals which, through years of political strife, have kept the old party together. At the end of his talk three cheers were proposed for Roosevelt. The applause whioh greeted the cheers was deafening. J. (!. Kosstter of Pasadena made a plea for a firm stand in Republican ranks. Judge N. P. Conrey made a strong pl><a fdr unity among Republicans. lie ended his talk with the words: "William H. Taft IB the only man tltttd by training and experience to j govern this country during the next ; four years. He i-s the only man lilted to face the problems which . will be brought before our Chief Kx- ecutive. " i Cheers. ' Other speakers were Col. Albers, C. Castolman, Chaplain Aliens *********** *,* ***** *• .{ / A i * • * * # # * * * * # * * # * * * * * * * * * * # * * * * * * # * * * * * * # * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Vour Ckcbina Account IN THE Covina National Bank AND YOUR * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * SAVINGS ACCOUNT I IN THE United States Savings Bank Will give you entire * satisfaction. Why not * open one now? D. Uo A. (). M. F. Thi.rp.-, Laht-t* ami rth, I'.S. A. Futility. Thclc \\ere HniiM-!, li. Chapman, -retired, and James present flolil Covina J. M. Huiiser, Col. F. lie,. W. liriltithti, Hen L. Mutthevsb, K. 11. * * ' * * * * * # # * * * * * OKI-'ICKKS —J. U. COULSTON, Pres. DN. J. I). KEED, Vice-Pres. V. O. ENGLISH, Cashier IUKI-XTOKS J. H. Cooliuan Samuel Fesler J. L. Matthews i i?,car Miller J. N. Maurt-r li H White EVERYTHING IN HARDWARE Fine Builders' Hardware of all kinds, Tools, Paints, Oils, Glass, Stoves, Heaters and Ranges, Gas and Gasoline Stoves, Tinware, Graniteware, Rubber Hose, Cutlery, Gloves, House- Furnishing Goods. Potter's Hardware * * # # # * # W * W * * * i *: * * * ! * * * # DEPOSIT MONEY WITH AGEINT BRING FRIENDS FROM THE EAST During March ami April, Second Class tickets will be sold at very low rates from Eastern points to Southern California. For instance, from New York £55.00 and f58.00; from Chicago $38.00; St. Louia S35.50; Kansas City £30.00; Omaha $.'.0.00; Minneapolis and St. Paul S36.75; Denver $30.00; Salt Lake City $30.00, and many other points at greatly reduced rates. If desired, tickets will be furnished at any point east or north of Salt Lake City, in-the United States, Canada or Europe, if money for same be deposited with any agent of the Salt Lake Route. Pomona Office is Nearest to Covina For excellent service, beautiful scenery, through sleeping cars frotr Chicago. St. Li.uis St. Paul, Kansas City. Omaha, and Denver via Salt Lake Ciiy and the Short Line to Los Angeles your friends should travel VIA SALT LAKE ROUTE thers. ******************* Subscribe for the Brgus.

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