The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on April 16, 1892 · Page 4
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 4

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 16, 1892
Page 4
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6. HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, SATURDAY, APRIL 16, 1892. Farm Loans. Wc take pleasure in informing our many patrons Unit wo arc hotter prepared than ever before to negotiate farm loans. We make our own examinations draw our own papers and are prepared to CIOBO loans without delay. A GRAND SUCCESS. THE SEGOND REGIMENT BAND CONCERT WITNESSED BY A LARGE CKOWD. which will, doubtless, he very interesting, an he is one of the finest orators and most interesting speakers in the west. We Make the ordinary loan and also ncgo' Mate n» heretofore the incomparable combination life insurance loan. We are always ready to give /nil information on either plan The Insurance-Loan Bugle gives much valuable information on the subject, In u personal torview we can sometimes give yon Winne & Winne, TELEPHBIE10. U. CDRIEB HE1DE A UD Hutchinson, Kan. SUCCESSFUL SUPPER. The rrmliytarlaii Nuppor Wn» » Oomonstrii- Honor WbiitMen Cun l>«. lag? 'M ^mamiJsmAk it m mi] There was a continual surging to get in at a tabic, at the Presbyterian supper last night. The men had err dently counted the cost of. derisive smiles unci reproving looks, as well the sweets of approving glances, and determined to capture- the later, which they did, in elegant shape. The tables were Indcncd with everything to tempt, the palate, and if any one went sway hungry it was his own fault. Table No. 1, was presided over by Messrs. Menko, J,n.s]t, Stitt and Williamson. They each wore an apron and cap upon which was stamped the trade-mark of the "cow broad" soda. Bach lady present was given a souvenir of the occasion, in the form of a small package of soda. Table No. 2.—Messrs. Hettinger, linker, Owectzor and Handy. These wait- era gave a smilo as a souvenir. Table No. 3.—Ucebc, Ityker, Cornstock and Kmerson. They had a cinch on the. cake and tried to look innocent. Table No. 4.—Hall, Kellar. llrehm, and Allen. These boys had a very nice table, and, as Will Allen said, "broke fifty straight.'' Table No. S.—Taylor, Young, Roberts and Eagan. The other boys used Hngan as an ornament to attract custom for their table, and they did the biggest business of any table in the room. Table No. «.—Eii. Moore, Dick Waterfield, II. D. Winslow and CJ. h. Morrison. This table had lots of good things on it, but the boys did not do a very heavy business. Moore's diamond dazzled the people's eyes so they could not stay near him. Table No. 7—This was the "kid table," and was one of the prettiest and most extensively patronized of any in the hall. The waiters were John llrehm, l'Ycd Leldigh, Richard Price and Reed Carpenter. Table No. 8—Took the prize for so- brioty, sedatcness, (puetness, low talking, sweet smiles and general seclusion. The waitei-B did not have much to say, but they took in lots of money. The waiters were: Messrs. Taylor, Inues, ISrady and DeWitt, Dr, Ardcry looked actually dangerous us he carved meat as for dear life. A. K. Ilurrell, with a neat, little white apron on, presided at the coffee lank, and his smiles made sugar useless when it came to drinking the coffee. Uncle Abe had charge of the colored dish-washers, and performed the work in a most satisfactory manner. John M. llrehm was always on the go, and the comfort of each one was carefully looked after by him. O. K. Comstock looked too sweet to live. No wonder he got the cake. Anybody could get a cake for 810, and lie had just received an important office from the K. of P. because of his pretty walk and soldierly bearing. It is not nice, though, for the defeated fellows to suy that Comstock paid dearly for the cake. A. W. McCandless gave smiles in place of small change. It looked very natural to see him flngor tho eagle on tho silver. fcjweetser's cap and coat came ovor in the Mayflower. Tho women's suffrage department was presided over by J. F. itedhcad and Dr. L. V. Cain. They often called silk, calico, but the forbearing sisters quietly corrected them, and they got along remarkably well. Tho pleasant mood might bo said concerning each one present, If npuve permitted, but wo will only add that the supper and cake-walk, at which O. E, Comstock took first honors, was n grand success, and tho ladles were amazed that the men could do BO nicely. Financially, it was a success, also, and every one IUIB U pleasant word for tho Presbyterian supper. Tho llolmi: Well Filled With lllltr.hlil.nn's Most Apprrciritlvr MliRlc I.,over»—thorn and Kncorcft Were Numerous, Loud and—Ev.trj-lmrfr Well Ploftftotl and lb» Hoys Fading Wall —SomctlilnE tif Wlitcli to reel i'rouu. The much talked of concert by the Second Regiment band came off at the opera house last night, and was a glittering success. First, the crowd wos large and enthusiastic, composed of our music-loving populace, those, who appreciate o good thing when they hear it. Second, the programme rendered wus a grand surprise to those of our citizens who have not been hearing the boys play for several months. The expressions of surprise and satisfaction fell thick and fast as tho crowd broke up and started for home. Many persons declared it the best they had ever henrd, aside from the Gilmoro concert, given here last sum mcr with fifty-four pieces. Flushed with success at being made a regimental band at tho K. of P. meeting at MePherson, as well as being selected by Washington Commaudery No. 1, of Washington, t). C, to gowith thciu to the triennial conclave of the Knights Templer at Denver in August, also bore up their spirits, and they seemed to soar a little higher into the realms of musical space thoneyerbe fore, so much so that each rendition was loudly cheered, while the soloists were lustily encored. The solos by Davis, Hawthorne Reams and Taylor were cheered loud ly, nor would the cheering subside until a second selection was rendered The onc-iirmcd Oilmore of the west wielded tho baton, and as the audience went wild over certain musical feats, his face was one perfect halo of smiles, So perfectly are the boys trained time that the graceful sweep of Steinberger's arm seemed to control not only the volume but the accent as well. The following is the programme as rendered. T. IN «. A. HimUir Sm-vlon. The Y. P, C. A. of the Kvangelica! church, corner of Tenth and Jefferson streets, will hold nn Raster service In the church to-morrow (Sunday) evening, beginning promptly' at 8 o'clock. The programme will be. ns follows: Organ Voluntary. Easter Aatticm. Prayer tly the Pamor Singing—The Vlctorous S.ivlor. Recitation—He Is Risen To-day Ml«« Maggie Starr Recitation—The True Easter-Tide.... Sadie J. Keclor Hong—O, UJamci! Sabbath Morning Select Heading The Hurlal of Moses... Butter Shore Scripture VcrseH. Song—He Is Risen. Recitation—Kanter Day Bertha Battrcll Class Recitation....' Hy the Little Ones Recitation—The "cut Hook...Marg Edmunds Duct—Hallelujah Maggie and Bltlc Starr Recitation—Easter Morning Maud Battrell Essay—Jesus Lives Mrs. A. S. Doty Guitar Solo—At Rest Mrs. Alice Remlck Kecltallou-Who Shall Roll the Stone Away.... ; C. Recitation—ChristlUsen. Win. rt. ltemlck by Class No. 5. Recitation—i a in the Resurrection. Adah Gillette Recitation—Wlessed Easter Day Elite Starr Song—Christ Arose. Recitation—Easter Day. Myrtle Shields Recitation—Easter Hells Nellie Koon Song—The True Easter. Recitation-Ring Out, O Hells Isaac. Doty Recitation—Brc Before Kasler..Gertie Todd Master Offering. Song^Sing and Pray. Benediction. Htoekliolders' AtootltiK. There will be a meeting of the stockholders of the Hutchinson and Southern- Railroad company at the company's ofliee in Hutchinson, Kansas, Tuesday, May 13, 1802, at 10 a. m. 11. A. CmtiSTv, President. CHAS. If. DAVIS, (Secretary. April 13. 18'.tt. tf Knster Service. • The Ijuthcrian Sunday school has prepared a special Easter service which will be rendered to-morrow evening Some.fine selections will be recited by good speakers, and at the close of the service Easter eggs will be distributed to the children in the congregation HSI PATENT iVENWORTE Try a sack of FOR SATURDAY. I^PNS ! Special Sale of Clothing* For Men, Boys and Children, in new and nobby SPRING SUITS. Wc will show yon 20 styles of men's suits at $5, elsewhere, $8 20 " " " 7, " 10 20 " " " 8, " 12 20 " " " 9, " 13 20 " ' " 10, u 15 All nobby suits, and new—no old patterns. BOYS' SUITS—fjong pants from S2.S0 up to S15. A saving of from 50 cents to S"> on a suit. CHILDREN'S SUITS—In endless variety, from 75 cents to 810 a suit. • A saving of from 25 cents to 81 on a suit. We will make each customer an EASTER PRESENT who buys a suit of us on Saturday, something you will appreciate, besides $100 cash. FLOUR. Only $1.25 per sack. SIOO IN CASH TO BE GIVEN AWAY. To the party or parties guessing the. time or nearest the time it will take our candle to burn. Th». candle is 13 inches in diameter, about 33W inches in circumference and 8 feet r. inches in height. Come and get guess tickets. Candle will be lit July i. 1«!<2- How do these prices you? strike 2 lbs evaporated pears for :;r>c lbs evaporated apricots 25c lbs evavorated apples.. • •.. Me 4 lbs evaporated grapes 25c 3 lbs evaporated prunes 25c 1 lb evaporated raspberries 25c 1 lb evaporated pitted cherries... .-'0e 4 lbs dried peaches 25e lbs dried currants 25c Call and examine our stock and see if they are not the finest and cheapest market. in the PAHT I. Overture—"Semlramide" Rossini Solo for Cornet—"Lizzie Polka".. .Uartman By Will Davis. Selection—'-Tannhauser" Wagnc Chilian Dance~"Manana" Mlssud Solo for I'etlt Clarinet — -Aula Lang Syne*' Hartrnan By Sol Hawthorne. Descriptive—"Night Alarm" Reeves SYNOPSIS—Night, calm and peaceful—Choral—The alarm; Fire' Flrci-CJalloplng of horses— Unreeling of hose—The lire Is out— The llremen's return (vocal)—Home again I'AHT 11. Overture—"Raymond" ..Thomas Solo for Clarinet—"Klgoletto" Verdi By Art Heams. Grand selection—"Robert Bruce'" Bonnlsscau Introducing, The Ulrl of Old Gaul-OnCus- nock Banks—Ye Banks and llraes o' Bonnie Doon—We'er Noddln'—Within a Mile of Ed- lnhurg Town—Brosc and Butter—A Man's a Man for a' That—Blue Bells of Scotland—The White Cockade—The Campbells are Comlu'— Annie Laurie—Scots Wha Mac Wl' Wallace Bled—There's Nac Luck About the House- Rob Roy M'acOrcgor, Oh:—Money Musk (Strathspey)—All the Blue Bonnets over the Bowler. Waltz—"Visions of Paradise" Bennet Solo for Euphonium—"Rocked In the Cra- dcl of the Deep" —Rolllnson By Bruce Taylor. Southern .loUlllcation — "The Darkle's Dream Lansing The following is the membership of the band as it appeared, and tho instruments played: •1. A. King, lib Itass. C. M. Vaughan, Eb Bass, it. h. Taylor, Euphonium. S. IJ. Uouk, Second Trombone. H. C. Taylor, First Trombone. A. ,1. Hatch, Saxophone. W. H. Shawhan, Solo Alto. George Taylor, First Alto. Will Johnson, Second Alto. C. O. Furinan, French Horn. P. .1. Weggen, French Horn. Harry Ilolliday, Solo Cornet. Will Davis, Solo Cornet. J. A. Greenlee, First Cornet. .1. M. Uirshhcrger, Second Cornet. Art Iteems, Solo Clarinet. M. Hawthorne, First Clarinet. Robert A. Ilea, Second Clarinet. S: C. Hawthorne, El) Clarinet. M. Watson. Eb Ciarinet. M. C. Vanaken, Piccolo. M. L. Ilolliday, Side Drum. Elmer May, Unss Drum. Chus. Stcinberger, JIusical Director, After last night's audience and enthusiasm, the bund boys feel that their effortsto bee tine the first band in the west arc appreciated, and they are encouraged to make upward strides in efficiency and excellence. To Old SoliUurs. I shall open in a few days n real estate locating engineer's and surveyor's office nt the new town which will be located at Red Rock, on the Santa Ve, thirty-seven miles south of Arkan sua City. I have J. O. Stewart and others of tho original surveyors of that land in my employ. I will looate claims, re-establish corners, do the neyessary improvement uud filing for 925 apiece. Forward power of attorney, and Hend mo discharge or duplicate, and 1 will Beloct good claims, and furnish diagrams of lands showing water and other advantages, with tiling papers. Send check for $35 with power of attorney to mo at Winfield, Kun., until tho strip is opened. OAIT. ,1AS. W. HAMILTON, Utioorution Kervloot. Joe Hooker Post ban secured Col. J. W. Johnston of Oklahoma City to deliver an address on Decoration Day, Removed. Emerson Carey has removed his South .Main street office one and one-1 half blocks south on the Rock Island | tracks, where he will be glad to sell you coal, lime or cement or buy your | cow hides, horse hides or big jaw cattle or dead hogs. d3&w4t THE . South Main. Kuclal Science, next, meeting ot y ^jj*. LEADERS OF i* LOW PRICES IN CLOTHING-, MENS FURNISHINGS & HATS SAVE YOUR. • DOLLARS { BY TRADING " WITH US SAVEYOUR >DOLLARS< r BY TRADING WITH US SAVEYOUR. ^DOLLARS I r BY TRADING 1 WITH US SAVE YOUR, • DOLLARS< BY TRADING 1 WITH US The next, meeting of the Social Science club will be held at Ft. Siott, on May 5-0' A grand time is expected.' A number of persons from the city will | attend the meeting. Davis Will I'lav. Professor Will Davis will play tin organ for the Easter services at the Presbyterian church to-morrow. THE Hutchinson; Music COMPANY. DEALEHS IS Onleial Ktiiteinviit Of the llnanclal condition of the Valley state bank, at Hutchinson, state of Kansas, at the close of business on the 21)th day of March, inn:;. RESOUHCES. Loans $300,444 Overdrafts * Real estate Furniture and tlxtures Expense account Bonds Cash and sight exchange Total J205,;i4S 4H LIABILITIES. Capital stock paid in 8100,000 00 Surplus and protits 12,20 (1 00 Deposits 1/53,081 Hi) Total 8205,348 40 State of Kansas, County of Reno, as. I, C. B. Wililey, cashier of said bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement is true, to the best of my knowledge and belief. So help me God. V. B. WILFLKY, Cashier. Subscribed and sworn to before me. this OUi day of April. 1H02. C. L. BOWMAN Notary Publ... . tfy commission expires on.the 2Dtb dav of September, 1S02.) Correct. Attest: .1. L. PKNSY, 1 J. M. MOLKBY, VDircctors. WM. E. HUTCHINSON, ) 1,805 20,000 00 2,00!l III! Ill) «7 8,000 110 32,088 53 Pianos and Organs. (leneral agents for southwestern Kansas for Chickering, Sterling, Emerson, Schubert Bush & G-ertz^ PIANOS. Farrand & Votey —and— Chicago Cottage ORGANS. 0.1. Galliher, LIVERYMAN. Fine rigs, stylish teams md the finest funeral :arand white hearse i a che state. Write for terms and prices. HUTCHINSON, KANSAS. H UTCHINSON OPERA HOUSE. "W. A. LO:E, Manager. I Street earn at tht* d nor after entertainment | 1-WEEK-1 COMMENCING M0NDAL^ PEIL 18. Honclulio, Colelvoy, Honoloteo RODBOL L. The great Greek facial artist, and his company of players, in a repertoires of Standard Dramas and Latest Comedy Successes'. Prices, Imk SPECIAL—Eaoh lady accompanied by an eBcort with one paid ticket -will be admitted free to see the grand opening programme Monday night. ROCKAWAY AND LANDEAU FOR WEDDINGS AND CALLING. 101, 103 and 105 Sherman street. Telephone 37. J. ££. Jet '. 2PX_j.&. r X 1 £j, The Grocer and Baker, Keeps constantly on hand a tine line of Teas, and a full line of Groceries. NO. 113 NORTH MAIN STREET, HUTCHINSON, KANSAS. " Telegraph Orders G-iven Prompt Attention. Are as ilexible and dainty as the flu est turn. Are the easiest walking shoes made, the cork acting as a cushion to the foot. Are tho most healthful shoes made, as cork is a non-conductor of heat and cold. Kadics wearing them need not fear cold, damp or rough walks. The cork is socurcd in a pocket, which is sewed in with the scum, holding it firmly in place, and is guaranteed not to work loose or ourl up. For gale by YOUNG BROS. latchiasoD Undertaking Co. F. S. MITCHELL, Funeral Director and Brabalmer. 10 South Main. Open Day and N1;V Garden Seeds. Garden Seeds. Garden Seeds. L. G. DUPLER, IE OF HUTCHINSON. 22 SOUTH MAIN. We sell D. M. Ferry & Co.'s celebrated bajjk seeds. v THE BEST IN THE WORLD.

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